“This guy is just dangerous”: 2017 Hungarian GP radio highlights

2017 Hungarian Grand Prix

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Nico Hulkenberg and Kevin Magnussen were not impressed with each other during the Hungarian Grand Prix. Here’s what they and the others had to say on the radios.

Lewis Hamilton was concerned how well his tyres would hold up in the hot conditions. His radio later malfunctioned repeatedly during the race.

Hamilton: “The rear tyres are going to die.”

“Checo did you have any contact on the first lap?”
Perez: “No. Just a little touch from Esteban.”

The Red Bull drivers tangled at the start, as did Nico Hulkenberg and Romain Grosjean.

Magnussen: “I mean if you can do what Hulkenberg did to Romain then it’s going to be a dirty race.”

To Hamilton: “Verstappen has ten seconds added to his pit stop.”

Ricciardo: “Was that who I think it was?”
Ricciardo: “[Censored by FOM] sore loser.”

The stewards investigated Carlos Sainz Jnr for an incident involved Fernando Alonso at the restart but later cleared the Toro Rosso driver.

Alonso: “OK but there should not be too much to discuss, you cannot drive against other cars, simple.”

“Lewis, radio check.”
Hamilton: “Loud and clear. Good to have you back.”

Renault invoked team orders.

Hulkenberg: “Think I’m going to take a little breather from that group.”

To Hulkenberg: “Jo has been asked to let you past. Jo is slower than you.”

Romain Grosjean had to make his first pit stop early as he was losing air pressure in a tyre.

To Grosjean: “Box, front-left is low pressure.”

“OK Romain stop the car, just bring the car in slowly, we believe we have a crossed wheel nut so just go slow, we’ll come back to you. Do you feel anything loose?”
Grosjean: “Yes.”
“OK we need to stop the car.”

To Bottas: “Currently on lap 23 we’re target plus five at the moment cut we’d like to close the gap to cars ahead.”

From an early stage in the race Sebastian Vettel was troubled by a problem with his steering.

Vettel: “Check the steering, hanging to the left.”
“Is it getting worse?”
Vettel: “I thought it’s getting worse.”

Raikkonen: “Yeah it’s OK but I’m stuck now behind Seb.”

Vettel: “Fronts are not in a healthy shape.”
“Understood, will be soon.”

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Kimi Raikkonen was unimpressed with how quickly Paul di Resta responded to blue flags on his return – and with Ferrari’s decision to pit him immediately after the struggling Vettel.

Raikkonen: “I mean if he cannot see behind then he stay on the reporting stuff.”

To Hamilton: “Chassis default 51, we’re on the backup radio now, see if you can transmit.”
To Hamilton: “OK Lewis no joy on the backup radio, we can see you’re keying up.”

Raikkonen: “I had the speed to stay out.”

Alonso solved his Sainz problem the old-fashioned way – by overtaking him.

To Alonso: “What a fantastic move Fernando. Just be careful, Sainz still very close behind. Palmer behind is on 37-lap-old options.”

To Bottas: “We believe Vettel has an issue so you can close the gap.”
To Vettel: “Try to avoid heavy kerbing.”

The pressure grew on Ferrari as Vettel continued to hold Raikkonen up.

Raikkonen: “He is going full speed? Because obviously Mercedes is catching. I have nothing I can do.”
“Understood Kimi. He has handling issues, Kimi, he is struggling with his handling.”

To Bottas: “Ferrari cannot use kerbs.”

Hamilton: “Radio check.”
“Ah I’ve got you back, Lewis, I can hear you mate.”
Hamilton: “OK man I’ve got a lot of pace now let me use it. I don’t know why the Ferraris are slow.”
“Yeah copy Lewis we’re looking into it, we’re looking into on the situation.”
Hamilton: “And this radio stuff sucks. My last tyres were perfect, I could’ve kept going.”

Mercedes arranged a position swap between their drivers.

Hamilton: “If I can’t catch them and get past I have to let him back past.”
“OK Lewis so we don’t know what fixed the radio. Just keep talking to us.”
“OK Lewis Valtteri is going to let you past into turn one. Go strat mode three. Ferraris just up ahead.”

To Bottas: “Lewis will let you go by if he can’t get past Raikkonen.”

Raikkonen: “I don’t know, I’m not in the most comfortable position, still I am, but soon.”
“Understood, Vettel has been told to push, stay with him.”

To Bottas: “Make sure you stay close to Lewis so we can re-invert the cars.”

“OK Lewis we’re going to have five laps to try and make something of this.”
Hamilton: “No pressure, then.”

Magnussen was unhappy with his penalty for forcing Hulkenberg off the track and Hulkenberg didn’t think much of his rival’s driving either.

Hulkenberg: “This guy is just dangerous.”

To Di Resta: “OK Paul we’ve got a problem with the car, we’ll have to retire.

“P1 Sebastian! One and two. Well managed. Nice drive.”
Vettel: “Grazie! Forza Ferrari. Grazie mille. Grazie ragazzi. Grande lavoro.”

The full race radio transcript will be published later this week.

2017 Hungarian Grand Prix

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24 comments on ““This guy is just dangerous”: 2017 Hungarian GP radio highlights”

  1. Raikkonen: “I mean if he cannot see behind then he stay on the reporting stuff.”

    I didn’t know Kimi bothered to know who the commentators were!

    1. whoa, yeah. that was quite funny, now that you’ve pointed that out.

      1. “-And DIR is taking over MAS because whatever, guys
        -Oh, were he’s been?
        -Reporting stuff.

        There are any number of scenarios where he acquired that information 5 minutes ago.

    2. Impressed Kimi knew that too. Behind the I dont care and I dont know anything facade, the guy is very sharp

  2. <and with Ferrari’s decisionto pit him immediately > 10/10 Italian XD

  3. The Iceman can be quite brutal with his radio transmissions…

    That Di Resta comment – that’s got to burn.

  4. Paul Di Resta cost Kimi a potential chance to get close to Vettel and possibly win,

    I mean I’m not trying to be rude, I like how Paul managed to do good at Q1, but come on he is a driver with years of experience in F1 and DTM and should have either – moved out of the racing line for Kimi or checked his mirrors,

    Kimi lost 0.4secs which was vital towards the end I think.

    Also doesn’t the team radio normally update the drivers with delta times ? Enlighten me

    1. I don’t think it would have made a difference. Vettel had problems but he mentioned that mostly the left turns were tough. The most obvious overtaking spots (turn 1 and turn 2) were after right hand turns, so he was probably almost at full speed then. @redbullf1

    2. Kimi clearly sorted in behind Vettel after the pitstop, he never even tried to challenge him there by trying to make the corner his. I am pretty sure he knew very well what was expected of him, and finishing ahead of Vettel in a 1-2 for Ferrari was not it @redbullf1

    3. Fukobayashi (@)
      1st August 2017, 9:45

      We can throw around some what ifs but the reality is, nobody was going to overtake the guy in the same machinery on Sunday unless it was via a team order unfortunately.

  5. Hulk is right, Magnussen comportment was truly childish and dangerous. Taking revenge for what happen earlier with Gro is just mad…

    1. He is payed to keep Renault behind – and HUL didn’t deserve better after his start against GRO… MAG had to hold on to the 11.th to get a point by Miracle (dnf) in front. So it was quite easy to understand why HUL wasn’t allowed to overtake a few laps before end of race..who is just behind Haas in the constructors?

      These are proffs..

      1. What are you talking about, turn 1 was a completely different story and in any case you don’t put someone off track as a retaliation this is nuts! To quote GRO today, this is not nascar! If mag cannot defend properly without deliberately putting someone off, he is just a really mediocre driver…

        1. Everybody defends their position like this – Hulkenberg should know, after 10 years in F1, if taking the outside line in a corner when the cars are side by side that the car on the inside line will go as wide as possible. He could have lifted an kept on attacking. This is not new in F1 nor in any other motorsport.

    2. He just commented on that specific situation – you imply you know his intentions and simply conclude he did it for revenge? That is pretty far fedged, don’t you think?

      1. I think he did it for revenge too, just listening to his first team radio.

        1. Still implying that you also know his exact intensions and not him merely commenting on the isolated situation which happended in T1 10 seconds into the race as in: “If pepole drive like this early on, then hell breaks loose”.

          I think Magnussen would have taken the wide line no matter what regardless of who the other driver may have been
          – because that is what every driver would have done. Hülkenberg is no saint either.

    3. MAG had the inside. He is defending and choosing his line. Why this is penalized, I do not understand. If a driver is to overtake, he has to put his racer ahead of the other guy, to gain the privilege to be left space. Choosing to overtake on the outside, without this advantage, and not backing off – is the Hiulk’s fault! This is racing!
      Su.. M. Ba.. Ma..! :)

  6. How come Max gets away with more mindless driving than was attributed to Romain early on and everyone wanted him thrown out of the sport?
    If he keeps getting the kid-gloves treatment, I think it’s an obscenity, no matter who his father was in F1.
    He should learn his place in the sport just like Kvyat did (maybe). Actually, I think Verstappen and Kvyat would make great team-mates. At Sauber.

    1. If RedBull tries to do something with Max Mercedes or Ferrari will get him immediately. Ricciardo will soon be Webber2.

    2. Fukobayashi (@)
      1st August 2017, 9:46

      Cut the kid some slack, he has outperformed Ricciardo a number of times this season only for his car to go pop. The team has let him down far more than he has let down the team this season.

    3. Max gets away with more mindless driving than was attributed to Romain early on

      I don’t agree that’s true.

      I do think the FIA were wrong to ban Grosjean for the Spa crash because they said their decision was motivated in part because he’d taken out championship contenders.

    4. I do agree that Verstappen is a bit too eager and aggressive this year. But it makes no sense to put one of the fastest drivers out there in the slowest car on the grid just ‘to teach him a lesson’.

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