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Vote for your 2019 Brazilian Grand Prix Driver of the Weekend

2019 Brazilian Grand Prix

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Which Formula One driver made the most of the Brazilian Grand Prix weekend?

It’s time to give your verdict on which driver did the best with the equipment at their disposal over the last three days.

Review how each driver got on below and vote for who impressed you the most at Interlagos.

Driver performance summary

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Vote for your driver of the weekend

Which driver do you think did the best job throughout the race weekend?

Who got the most out of their car in qualifying and the race? Who put their team mate in the shade?

Cast your vote below and explain why you chose the driver you picked in the comments.

Who was the best driver of the 2019 Brazilian Grand Prix?

  • No opinion (0%)
  • Robert Kubica (0%)
  • George Russell (0%)
  • Pierre Gasly (13%)
  • Daniil Kvyat (0%)
  • Antonio Giovinazzi (0%)
  • Kimi Raikkonen (0%)
  • Lance Stroll (0%)
  • Sergio Perez (0%)
  • Lando Norris (0%)
  • Carlos Sainz Jnr (30%)
  • Kevin Magnussen (0%)
  • Romain Grosjean (0%)
  • Nico Hulkenberg (0%)
  • Daniel Ricciardo (1%)
  • Alexander Albon (3%)
  • Max Verstappen (49%)
  • Charles Leclerc (1%)
  • Sebastian Vettel (0%)
  • Valtteri Bottas (0%)
  • Lewis Hamilton (2%)

Total Voters: 237

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57 comments on “Vote for your 2019 Brazilian Grand Prix Driver of the Weekend”

  1. Voted for Max but Gasly and Sainz were honorable seconds.

    1. Max outclassed everyone and even survived an incredibly stupid Williams manoeuvre in the pitlane.

      If we are extremely lucky, the torrid years of merc domination are now over and the Maxwell Ver RB decade begins Aus 2020!

      1. Max has previous when it comes to extremely stupid pit late manoeuvres – Monaco anyone?

        1. to be honest not with backmarkers oh wait i had almost a deja vu.

        2. The team did this, like kubica. The driver hardly is to blame

    2. that’s fair. i went gasly because he was really outperforming his car (look at what kvyat managed…), with max and sainz also valid options. i would have gone sainz (driver of the day perhaps) just for holding off all those cars with fading tyres. great race!

    3. P20 to P3. No one else deserves the vote today more than Sainz. +17 positions, overtaking on the track and keeping cars with faster tires behind him. This time Sainz deserves the driver of the day more than anyone else, including Max. Gasly and Max, both did a great job, but they didn’t gain 17 positions. So my vote was for Sainz.

      1. It’s driver of the weekend!

  2. Verstappen top notch as always overtaking Mercedes cars to the left and right which in all fairness is what what Gasly should have been doing aswell. Still putting an Toro Rosso up where his RB belonged gets my vote for this week.

    1. Gasly wasn’t driving maxs car

      1. I think Max would drive Gasly car with the same result. I think it was the pressure what was the problem with Pierre. The crashes he had during the first test and then Dr. Marko i think that was too much he just started on the wrong foot.

      2. @carlosmedrano
        You mean that car he was wasting in the first half of the season? Lol.
        Just out of curiosity: Do you want people to keep reminding you what a failure Gasly is compared to Verstappen?
        Over 5 tenths in quali…..more than a second in racepace…..unable to overtake slower cars (which Albon seems to have no problem at all with)…, GP4 versus F1 hahaha.
        Oh, and seeing you’re Danny Ric avatar…..Gp3 versus F1! Tell us; How is his career going since he got crushed by Max?

  3. I think gasly deserves it more sainz got lucky with the safety car while gasly was in great position the whole race

    1. Carlos started from 20th … kept it cool …

    2. @carlosmedrano Gasly started 6th and was 6th before the first SC was deployed. Sainz started 20th and was 8th before the first SC was deployed.

      1. @warheart but you cannot expect Gasly to run any higher than 6th anyway, not with 2 Ferrari’s, 1 Mercedes and 2 Red Bulls still running. Throughout the race he couldn’t possibly have done any better than he did.

        Verstappen, Gasly and Sainz all performed to the maximum given their cars. If I’d be able to give three votes, those would be the ones.

        1. @mattds I agree 100%, I was answering a comment saying that Sainz lucked into his result, when he actually was just 4 seconds behind Gasly by lap 51, with Bottas still in the race. Both Sainz and Gasly drove great races and deserve their results (and so does Verstappen, but that’s pretty obvious)

          1. @warheart yeah I agree. Just pointing out that Sainz was that close to Gasly because the latter had just made another pit stop.

            But no, I wouldn’t say he lucked into it any more than Gasly did. Of course there was some luck involved as it doesn’t exactly happen a lot that 2 top cars take out 2 other top cars with another top car retiring. They did a fantastic job either way.

  4. I’ve been a critic of VER this season but for him for this race. He fended of HAM a few times during the race. He kept his cool when he was cut-off coming out of the pits. He ran well in qualifying, leaped out at the start, and drove extremely well the rest of way. Well done!

  5. You know with Lewis, you always have to leave him that extra bit of space…..

    1. He’s almost like a torpedo, no? I guess Seb will agree…

      That Mexico jibe came back to bite them hard.

      1. True, there’s a bit of cosmic balancing of forces to that incident. I think soft jibes sometimes stick in a person’s subconscious and they end up doing exactly the same. But who really got bitten hard was Albon.

        1. Peter Waters (@)
          18th November 2019, 15:02

          At least he doesn’t blame everybody else for the incident.

    2. during a interview he said something like now i was the torpedo… I like Lewis :)

  6. I went for Verstappen he had a good qually he drove very well in the race. Sainz and Albon had a good race as well.

  7. Max. Everyone else was mostly there due to luck or unluck.

    Hamilton impressed me aswell. All that nagging aside, commanding team strategy until that showed us why drivers shouldn’t dictate pit strategy. But nevertheless he threw everything at it with Mercedes that was to slow. This is what I want to see from multiple WDC when not in fastest car. Bottas was nowhere in comparison.

    Vettel impressed me aswell, until he unimpressed me.

    Max just had everything going his way, through much fault of his own i mind say. Honda was engine of the weekend.

  8. Whenever someone wins in the fastest car people always say they just did what was expected of them and this was no different. Max had the fastest car and won from pole. I went for Sainz because he made a one stop work which others couldn’t and started last through no fault of his own and held faster cars off to take his first ever podium.

    1. “Max had the fastest car and won from pole.”

      I think this is where you are wrong. RBR was as fast as Mercedes all weekend. The only difference is Verstappen behind the wheel of a car that is on par with the Mercedes and Ferrari. Get Verstappen the right car and he will probably dominate the grid. Leclerc is not on the same level as Verstappen. I do hope Norris and Russel will make a big big step in the future.

      1. @indiana Get half the drivers on the grid into a faster car and they would probably dominate.
        RB dominated all weekend, Merc were off pace obviously and Ferrari were…well Ferrari. The Honda seemed to have a power advantage at the high altitude. Also the Mercs just did not perform on the softs, but that does not take away from Verstappens win.

      2. Mercedes was nowhere in the straights today, I seriously doubt they were even with RBR. Case in point, Albon’s pace against the Ferraris.

        1. Mercedes was as fast as RBR… over 3/4 of the race, hence the tight gap of 1-2 sec.
          Hamilton made some costly mistakes is what cost him the possible win….

          After the pistop error by Kubica Lewis took the lead…with a car as fast as RBR he could have made a difference…though it ook him all lap to overtake Charles and had an oversteer moment in the last corner which cost him momentum on the straight… once on the straight Lewis completely overlooked Verstappen and had no time left to defend…at all. Two mistakes is what cost him the lead.
          After the re-start Lewis was back in leading position, but he restarted way to soon resulting in a long and effective tow for Verstappen… beaten twice.

          1. No they were not. Verstappen was simply pulling a gap and then maintaining the gap.

            The speed at which he could pull out a gap was massive!

      3. @indiana

        Leclerc is not on the same level as Verstappen

        The same Verstappen who barely beat Sainz in 2015? The same Verstappen who now has 3 years more experience compared to Leclerc? Impressive logic.

        1. Max beat Sainz with considerable margin… Sainz is currently leading the F1.5.
          Sainz btw is 3 years older and had 4 years more expierence in autosport in 2015.

          Leclerc has one year more expierence in autosport than Verstappen, they have raced together and both know who always was better. While Max domnated, Charles was impressive.

          If you talk about logic than do your research

      4. @indiana Nope, I’m pretty confident in my assessment that Max had the fastest car.

  9. DOTW: VER, but DOTD: SAI.

    1. @jerejj You are blaming Sainz for his car not running in quali?

      1. @f1osaurus No, the QLF-problem has nothing to do with my choice for the DOTD specifically. It’s solely about the race itself, not the entirety of a GP-weekend.

  10. I’d give it to Sainz, finishing 3rd from 20th on the grid in a car that wasn’t great. Gasly and Verstappen were also epic. Great to see how far Honda has come since Fernando was sitting in his deck chair.

  11. Max was faultless this weekend. With solid performances like this, we can look forward to more great races with Lewis and others like Charles, assuming Seb is not in the picture (what happened to Seb? He’s now reliably prone to errors which ruins the races for drivers and fans alike). Max was in control of himself and the car in a perfect way; with a great car under him and performances like this, I really look forward to the next race and 2020.

  12. It’s easy to vote for Gasly because he was P2, but the fact is five of the top six drivers messed up to make it so. The same goes for Sainz, however take into account he started P20 and reached P8 on his own accord before being “gifted” five spots by the top drivers. 20th to 8th is damn impressive on its own.

    Still, Max won pole and then fought hard to win this race. Defended correctly, attacked aggressively but fairly. This race was for Verstappen only, and he made it happen. DOTW, DOTD, doesn’t matter because it’s Verstappen either way.

  13. Blaize Falconberger (@)
    18th November 2019, 8:12

    Max was peerless in the fizzy drinks car this weekend… I sign if things to come maybe? The way he took Hamilton was awesome… shout out to Gasly for keeping his nerve, taking advantage of his luck and keeping his nose clean to get his first podium. Great to see.

    1. And you also see the class of Lewis both kept it very clean! Just a word that Lewis drove a good race too.

      1. Solid race, but he was asleep when Max overtook him the first time, @macleod.
        Not that it would have changed the outcome.

        PS how disappointing and indecisive was Bottas X.0.
        This was probably the 1st race (since years) where we had the 3 top teams at the same level, and it doesn’t look good for Bottas if this is how he’s going to approach that new reality.

        1. @coldfly I agree Bottas seems not willing to take that extra risk to move forward, he has shown this a few time now. With a clear track he is fine, put an obstacle in the way and he is reluctant to try and pass.

      2. Indeed, Hamilton left Verstappen just enough room on track. While a few yards back Albon made the same move on Vettel, but Vettel didn’t leave him enough room to stay on track.

  14. As Saturday is part of the weekend, Gasly’s weekend is even more remarkable.
    He qualified 6th with his team-mate out in Q1; great Saturday, great Sunday, deserved podium.

    Don’t understand it that some people hold it against him that he ‘only’ improved from 6th to 2nd.

    1. Exactly, Gasly really couldn’t have done anything more. He kept 7th place behind the top teams and benefited from the incidents ahead. Kept his head cool with Lewis swarming behind him and finished it off in style. If Kvyat was any closer to him in qually and race, they would have gotten Renault in manufacturers standings.

  15. Nil votes for Kimi.
    Alfa did superbly as a team. Steering a calm course through the chaos led by Kimi :p4 and p5.
    Would have been a podium for Kimi if the McLaren chassis was not so much better than the Alfa. Credit also for Sainz’ dogged determination.

  16. Honorable mention to Sainz. He was brilliant yesterday. He’s having a stellar year, but there is only 1 driver that comes to mind who deserves DotD and DotW – Verstappen

  17. It can only be Max. An absolute champion this weekend.

  18. 20th to 3rd, first podium (ending a long drought for the team) … Went for Sainz, but Verstappen and Gasly were equally impressive, kudos to them three.

  19. Kimi for me. Outqualified his team mate, made it to Q3 and was half a second away from podium. In a Sauber.
    What a legend.

    1. You put it better than me!

  20. Verstappen won the pole and race in clearly the fastest car. As we know from Hamilton, that doesn’t deserve DOTW.

    So who else? Perhaps Bottas for triggering the crazy end game of the race? But his driving was so appalling that that feels weird.

    A lot of drivers gained 4-5 places because Vettel takes out two Ferrari’s,Hamilton takes out himself plus Albon while Bottas overheats his own car to destruction. So finishing position of midfield drivers doesn’t say much. Otherwise it would be Gasly finishing on 7th and no one would give a hoot.

    Looking at the replay of Sainz’s on-board race from last to podium I can truly say there is no one else who deserves DOTW this time. Seriously this is worth a watch (apart from the annoying music):

    1. Verstappen won the pole and race in clearly the fastest car.

      Not looking at albon. It was the driver that made all the difference.

  21. This is a hard one. Verstappen was brilliant and flawless. But Sainz was exceptional and gets my vote. He not only made a lot of passes, but unlike Verstappen, also had to defend like crazy on shot tires.

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