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Rate the race: 2020 Russian Grand Prix

2020 Russian Grand Prix

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What did you think of today’s race? Share your verdict on the Russian Grand Prix.

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56 comments on “Rate the race: 2020 Russian Grand Prix”

  1. An OK race. Not a classic, but neither greatly terrible.

    1. Counterpoint: Terrible.

  2. 7. A good solid race with plenty of action but no memorable incidents to rate hire.

  3. Only a 4 for me…..its not a good race track.And more penalties than a football tournament..

    1. About right. Very forgettable race. Will only be remembered for the penalties by the stewards.

      1. Pretty sure, HAM penalties was his own doing. Rules are rules.

  4. They should bring back tyre lottery on such softer compounds, if they are not going to go ahead with reverse order races.

  5. Pretty entertaining for a Russian GP. Carlos’ onboard was a little scary to watch. I’ll not be surprised if that wall is altered for next year. Never good to see a car pushed back onto the track into the path of others. Glad to see Daniel’s penalty was inconsequential. That was about the worst possible way to let your teammate through by Ocon… Gave it a 7 overall.

  6. The top three drivers driving in tandem 10 seconds apart (until near the end) tells you all you need to know. Deserved win for Bottas since he wasn’t the Mercedes driver who decided he’d contrive a new way of losing a race. Sometimes Hamilton is infuriating.

    1. I’d say Lewis infuriates you a lot more than “sometimes”. Only you know why.

      1. Really? I think you’re mistaken there DeanR.

        1. DavidBR – To quote Mandy Rice Davies “Well you would say that, wouldn’t you”.

          1. Funny. A Hamilton fan getting a taste of his own medicine. Irrelevant and knee-jerk personal attack hinting at racism.

  7. Was there a race on today?
    Somebody should have told the drivers.
    A solid three for me.

    1. Yep big ‘ol 3

  8. I give it one yawn out of ten

  9. Dozed off for a good fifteen minutes of it, and I even had a solid nine hours last night. 3/10 for me.

  10. Give me the news if Sochi isn’t continuing next year.

  11. Barely saw the top 5 cars, they just cruised around saving tyres. Sochi is an awful track.

  12. Barely any racing happened out there, more of a procession. At least we’ve got one of the most boring races of the year out of the way.

  13. Solid job from Pérez.

  14. Was a bit processional, and despite the penalty for Hamilton the top three remained. Wasn’t that great, wasn’t bad. Just meh, to be honest.

  15. Rock solid 1. And they have the chance to make minor changes to the track that could result in better racing. But no… they do nothing.

  16. Jose Lopes da Silva
    27th September 2020, 14:06

    The drivers keep saving the tyres, they can’t follow each other, DRS kills overtaking, the escape areas in asphalt don’t penalise drivers.
    The track design is to blame for all this, of course. No one saw the fight sequence between Norris, Albon and Gasly because they were already sleeping. 4/10.

  17. Well, as a race it wasn’t super (7/10 for me), good that we got decent looks at the diverse fights in the rest of the field, while the top three was a completely non-event on track after the restart (though Ham certainly did that bit to perfection twice, a very Hamilton sort of weekend in several ways), Bottas dominating but by default is, well, sort of appropriate I guess.

    Thought Norris fought valiantly, but to little effect (Russell same?), one could say that for Verstappen even, well done, but not possible to make the difference.

    Ocon, hm, seems to not be the best teamplayer, nor overtaker, but good at defense and snooker. Riccardo classy.

    The T2 chicane/diversion needs a new try, the way Verstappen managed that one super, but Sainz showed the risk it allows, and Grosjean also showed it wasn’t an ideal solution.

    1. Oh, Perez, Leclerc and Kvyat also doing a solid job. Those last two perhaps lucky in lap 1, but making the most of it, while Perez was solid all weekend.

      1. Eh, correction: Leclerc made his own luck, didn’t he, punting Stroll backwards into the wall – not really a shining moment, I think he might at least get harried about that a bit at the next driver meeting, after they are done grilling Hamilton on the lights and proper procedures for a bit, lol! He seems to have acquired a talent of not getting penalized for somewhat dodgy moves.

  18. Really very dull.
    This is a bad track for racing.
    Can’t quite believe that Mercedes and Hamilton messed up so badly with the practice start location. Very silly.

    But a race very much lacking in excitement, but a lot of that was the bad TV coverage.

  19. Don’t know if it’s because I find the track so dull and visually unappealing, but that felt pretty dismal. There was on-track action here and there, and a couple of passes were good, but I’m sat here now completely lacking any sort of enthusiasm for what I’ve just seen.

    Maybe if Hamilton hadn’t done those two practice starts, it’d be different. As soon as those penalties came up, any hope of a race at the front vanished.

    A Sochi-typical 4.

  20. BLS (@brightlampshade)
    27th September 2020, 14:17

    One of the worst I can remember, worst since that Paul Ricard debacle a while back

    1. Hopefully the Nurburgring will be better racing in three weeks.

  21. 7 or 8 – If you ignore the 1st 3 cars it was a good race

  22. Yeah not the best track but I voted a 6 because of the Albon Gasly Kyvat fight. On a good track it would be even better.

  23. 2/10. Two stars for two penalties for “brutal criminal” Hamilton. A race to forget.

  24. Formula 2 feature race yesterday was a much better event with good passing and a real battle for the lead. Today’s F1 event was one appalling fiasco after another.

  25. 8/10.
    Surprised after voting that I was at the top end of the range.
    My reason: there were some stellar fights between all (incl. Williams) the cars in the mid-field. And for once we got quite a bit of TV attention to those fights (so glad the celebs and Putin weren’t there). We do not always need a fight between the Mercedes drivers and Verstappen to have a great race.
    Sometimes I wonder what racefans really want.

    1. Yep, agree @coldfly, though I came away with one point less, it wasn’t a bad race for sochi at all, even though the top three was a bit stale after the first bits.

      1. Thanks @bosyber.
        I’m still amazed that more than 60% (currently) gave it 5/10 or less.
        If you cannot appreciate the mid-field fights (and it being shown on TV) then what are these people doing here?

        1. Maybe you can start to see why F1 is keen on trialing reverse grid qualifying races for next year, then?
          The viewer demographic is changing.

        2. I do think it might have partly been disappointment after a buildup that kept talking about how Hamilton would have a fight on his hands to convert pole to win thanks to the slipstream and/or the softs he was starting on @coldfly – I know I had to sigh when before the race that suspense was sort of dropped when I learned it was a likely penalty to default him out of that expected fight for the win.

          Just like when Bottas took himself out of contention for a win right at the start in a few previous races this year, the trick is of course to look for the racing that is happening, not the things that didn’t, but that does seem to be something that people find very hard to do.

          1. the trick is of course to look for the racing that is happening, not the things that didn’t

            I lamented it on here before; not enough ‘glass half full’ people here (or anywhere on the internet) it seems.
            But not to worry, I’ll have a marvelous day anyway ;)

    2. @coldfly Good point. It also helped to see Red Bull matching Mercedes’ lap times at the end, with Racing Point not far behind. There have been worse races.

      1. Thanks, @balue.

        There have been worse races.

        Indeed, I rated Monza lower and almost got vilified when sharing that on this site ;)

        1. @coldfly I also had the temerity to say similar then lol

  26. 6/10. Not mega exciting. I found it as interesting as 90% of the races this year to be honest – the race at the front was over fairly quickly and then a cruise in formation to the end.

  27. Very good for Sochi. I noticed MAG did a whopping 9 places on lap 1. Is there a place, where we can dig out who is the king of first laps?

  28. The mid field battle was the only interesting point.

  29. We were due a boring race, after so many terrific outings so far this year. And it came at the most boring track on the calendar. No wonder boring Bottas likes it here.

  30. Quite a big shame people are calling this the worst race of the season which makes me sure that there is a massive recency bias amongst fans. This was a slow burner but we had plenty of action and intrigue such as penalties for drivers including the leader. Wasn’t the best but decent imo. 6.5 if it was available but a 7 is fair enough imo

  31. Had a big lunch, my neighbors are not at home, the Russian GP was on. 10/10 nap.

  32. Very forgettable race at another stupid race track. Boring.

  33. Another boring russian race. Bottas winning was almost guaranteed after yesterday’s qualifying due to Lewis starting on the softs. There was a good opportunity for an awesome battle for second between Lewis and Max given the difference in start tire. But that was scuppered by Lewis mistake/stewards decision.

    That turn 2 bollard setup was stupid and dangerous. What was Massi thinking? He has definitely been a step down from Charlie.

  34. I was a bit torn in this one. Gave it a 5 in the end but could easily been a 6. Sochi never really produces good races but thus was not awful by its standards.

    There was some quite close racing in mid-field but I think nearly all the passes relied on DRS. Good drives by Perez, Ricciardo, Leclerc and the Alpha Tauri drivers.

  35. Bonus point (7) for the non-mercedes 1-2 and verstappen 2nd; literally nothing happened at the front but there were some decent midfield battles, like usual.

  36. nothing happened or the tv covering as so bad so i could enjoy the fight in the middlefield…
    Wait there were not much fights it’s hard to give numbers so i went for a 2 (qualfing was the best of Sochi for me)

  37. Richard Cantelo (@)
    1st October 2020, 7:11

    It was mediocre. Managed to snooze on the sofa for half an hour!

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