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Rate the race: 2021 Styrian Grand Prix

2021 Styrian Grand Prix

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What did you think of today’s race? Share your verdict on the Styrian Grand Prix.

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60 comments on “Rate the race: 2021 Styrian Grand Prix”

  1. Yeah, na.

  2. 2 from me. Absolutely nothing doing.

    1. +1 utterly boring race.

  3. Boring race, but we can’t have good ones every weekend.

    Mind, I wish they realized the bonus fastest lap point is the most idiotic thing ever written in a F1 rulebook and just dropped it. They said they’d consider it if it didn’t work and the only one that’s excited by it is David Croft… It brings nothing to the racing, only gives the slower one of the leading pack a chance to recover 1 point…

    1. Agreed @fer-no65

      Far too often it simply rewards whoever has the advantage of a free pitstop, which is rarely the race winner nor is it merit based. This rule needs to go on the scrap heap… preferably along with the rule requiring the top 10 to start the race on qualifying tires.

  4. Boring race, but we can’t have good ones every weekend.

    Mind, I wish they realized the bonus fastest lap point is the stupidiest thing ever written in a F1 rulebook and just dropped it. They said they’d consider it if it didn’t work and the only one that’s excited by it is David Croft… It brings nothing to the racing, only gives the slower one of the leading pack a chance to recover 1 point…

    1. RandomMallard (@)
      27th June 2021, 15:37


      the stupidiest thing ever written in a F1 rulebook

      I don’t think it is tbh. Double points finale? No in-race tyre changes? Those noses in 2014? Elimination Qualifying? Near-total team radio ban?

      There have been a lot of stupid rules in the past. I don’t think this one is that bad. At least it can provide some jeopardy in a boring race. Sometimes.

      1. Yeah that’s a proper roll call of silly rules. But this one directly affects the championship and almost works to punish the race winner, unless he already has 20-25s lead at the end. Maybe that’s the point though. But we could do the same by shaving a point off of the take for winning the race.

    2. Yeah it’s a lark. Many motorsport championships have been decided by a point. If a mid-pack team hits a good setup and steals that point, it could hand the championship to the wrong team. It pollutes the point system.

  5. A decent-ish race, but I expected slightly more.

  6. Was ok, at least we didn’t get any artificial excitement from safety cars/red flags. Perez and Bottas was interesting to follow towards the end, some nice racing in the midfield as well to make up for the lack of a proper fight for the win.

  7. Can’t vote, but i’d rate it lower then those best singer things on tv.

  8. 6. After the chaotic start nothing too much happened. Verstappen won easly, Bottas and Perez had some fight, Leclerc overtook the half if grid with his special T4 magic. Ricciardo had techinal issue and unfortunately, Russel didn’t get score with Williams. It’s not a bad race but nothing memorable happened

    1. And you can give this a 6 after that analysis? Really?

  9. 5/10
    deserves nothing more. Disappointing race to say the least. Hoping for rain next weekend.

  10. Boring unless you’re a Ferrari fan I guess.

  11. 2. Dull.

  12. 7. I was thinking 6 but there were a lot of good overtakes and it was really only 1st and 2nd without action. Just a shame that there was nothing memorable.

  13. John Toad (@)
    27th June 2021, 15:36

    I’m thinking of suing under the ‘Trades Description Act’ for calling this a race.

  14. Hope Ferrari have solved their tyre troubles this week. Or is it just a change of surface.

  15. Oh wow that Mercedes is soooo dominant.

    Boring race. 6/10. Only rain or Safety cars could have helped Mercedes today. Redbull will get every pole and win from now on.

    1. I can only assume you’ve hated this entire era of F1 then?

    2. Davethechicken
      27th June 2021, 20:09

      Red Bull have been fastest since preseason testing if you listen to pretty much all the nonpartisan comments.
      Max has cut out the mistakes of the first few races that cost him poles and wins and is cantering to the WDC now.

    3. Oh poor Hammy fan….welcome to how the rest of us have felt the last several seasons.

  16. 10. Ferrari had great race pace and Verstappen thrashed Hamilton.

    1. Rofl oh dear, this was a ten? I can’t stop laughing at this :D

  17. 5, suprisingly boring

  18. 3. A little bit of excitement about Checo catching Valtteri and the FLAP, some interesting midfield battles, Ferrari doing more or less ok, that was it.

  19. As deResta said, the drivers are having to drop back 4s from the guy in front to optimise their race; temp wise.

  20. I enjoyed it but a lot of that is factoring in what it means for the championship. We all know Lewis will keep fighting and at some point, will start closing the gap. It feels like the first half of a movie where the hero is being placed in an impossible situation….. You need that for it to mean anything. The last few years have been like watching a 2 hour Batman movie where at no point is he in peril.

    As a stand-alone race, probably a 4 but in the context of the season, I’ll give it a 7.

    1. Nah max and red bull gonna wipe the floor on mercedes

      1. I’m very far from convinced. Mercedes haven’t dominated for the best part of a decade by luck.

        1. I have to say I do hope they can get back into it, bc. right now it doesn’t really look it @petebaldwin (and with that I’d disagree with your reason for upping it I guess? I think tension in the championships might need a bit more view at an imminent counter to take it to the end of the season).

          But, I don’t think it was quite that dire a race, since at least Bottas and Perez got to see each other on track, and the midfield was okay if not as dynamic as usual (apart from agent of chaos Leclerc), not voted yet but I waver between 6 and 7.

  21. softer tyres for next weekend at least…

    1. Yep tyre farces by pirelli are rated highly on racefans.

    2. I wonder if they’ll still try to do a 1-stopper.

      Pit lanes at every track should be shortened as much as possible to encourage more pitstops. They could do this by cutting the track at pit entry or exit.

  22. Failure. Only the Fastest Lap War was the best part of the race.

    1. For me it was watching Leclerc work his way up into the top midfield

  23. Thoroughly average, so 5/10.

  24. 5/10. It was ok, needed rain.

  25. Gave this 5/10
    Cant believe I am saying that the Ferrari gave most of the excitement on track, both good and bad.

  26. Adam (@rocketpanda)
    27th June 2021, 16:17

    Weird to think the French GP of all things was actually more fun to watch. There wasn’t much fight at the front and that’s not interesting no matter who wins. But I will admit after years of watching Mercedes waltz off with every race it was nice watching another team do it for once.

  27. 2.
    Austria is usually pretty decent, but this was the most uneventful thing I’ve ever seen there. Just dull.

  28. I am going to give a 6/10 rating it was just an average race not that good but I would not call it a snoozefest

  29. Dutchguy (@justarandomdutchguy)
    27th June 2021, 16:46

    Kind of boring. 5

  30. 7 from me. No safety car or no red flags is always good.

    The fight for the lead was tense until the half-way point of the race, and there were several midfield battles and a recovery drive to keep the interest.

    1. Yup. It was okay.

  31. 5. Worst race of the year so far. The Red Bull Ring isn’t really a race track is it? More a training venue. One slightly tricky set of corners, the rest brake and squirt. Nice mountains though.

    1. As one of the TPs in MotoGP said about their 2 visits to the Ring this year-money talks.

    2. Yeah last year we had the benefit of them being the first races in the calendar which made them more interesting. If F1 is going to keep racing here twice a year it would be cool to bring back some of the sections of the ostereichring for an alternative layout.

  32. Guess we’ve been spoilt of late, but this race for me was bang average, a 5 will do

    1. Agreed, we have been spoilt. Went with 5 as well.

  33. lot’s of action but not in front. As Ves fan it would be a 10 but that is not the point here. As race fan a 6.

  34. The retirements robbed us of some potential interesting action in the midfield which made the race even more boring than it would have been otherwise. Bad luck for Gasly and Russell today.

  35. 5/10 (actually, it deserved a 1/10 for not trying hard to use the Westschleife, but anyway…)

    Those 600m above sea level hit hard Mercedes this time (and Hamilton wasn’t in good form this weekend). When they lose on outright pace at Silverstone, Spa and Monza, then I’ll buy all the crying that Red Bull is clearly faster.

    As for the race, both Perez and Bottas were sub par in comparison to the prime drivers. Midfield had a tight battle, and oddly Ferrari came up with a successful strategy.

    I hope it rains next Sunday.

    1. Why is it crying? Have arB and Ferrari been crying for the last 7 years then? I’m of the same opinion that there are few more races to go before we conclude RB is the much faster car. Think Max deserves alot of credit but tgeres a long way to go… looking forward to it

  36. Bit dull but Max fans wont care about that. Dominant drive from Max. Very impressive.

  37. 1 (3%)
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    8 (5%)
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    Total Voters: 173

    Went for 8 because I liked the general atmosphere of the race, with red bull for once being faster than mercedes in race pace on a regular track, ferraris made the race far more exciting with their recoveries since they were very out of position and their race pace was better than I expected, there was at least a chase by perez on bottas in the last stint, he ended up needing 1 more lap, a few other overtakes throughout the race such as raikkonen on vettel later on, perez and bottas on norris early on, overall probably a little less action than other races, so a 7 would’ve been more appropriate here.

  38. 3. Dull overall. Interesting first lap, Leclerc coming through was kinda fun, Perez/Bottas battle looked good for a bit but fizzled out.

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