2021 Sao Paulo Grand Prix championship points

2021 Sao Paulo Grand Prix

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[raceweekendpromotion]Max Verstappen leads the drivers championship by 14 points from Lewis Hamilton after this weekend’s race.

F1 drivers championship after the 2021 Sao Paulo Grand Prix

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F1 constructors championship after the 2021 Sao Paulo Grand Prix

2Red Bull510.5
7Aston Martin68
9Alfa Romeo11

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2021 Sao Paulo Grand Prix

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27 comments on “2021 Sao Paulo Grand Prix championship points”

  1. Great drive by Lewis. A lot faster on the straight but still a commanding performance.
    Nice fighting and max gave it all. But this Mercedes is unbeatable on speed.

    1. This race was a bit more than just raw speed. Just look at Bottas. No Lewis had to judge this track to perfection to drive as well as he did. He could so easily have got caught up behind the slower cars, on a track which isn’t the easiest to over take.

      They aren’t making it easy for Lewis to get that all time 8th Championship, but today Lewis showed why he fully deserves to be GOAT.

      1. Just look at Bottas.

        Bottas did not have a PU replacement like Lewis.

        Due to speed advantage seems a bit fake. But no fault of Mercedes if legit or Lewis. The ohers are at fault for not achieving same level.

  2. Ferrari is running away from Mclaren. I’m surprised Sainz didn’t attempt the FLAP point.
    Hamilton closing his points deficit in the WDC battle was good, though.

    1. I think they knew RB were going to do it. I saw it with 10 laps to go so I’m sure it was on everybody’s mind.

      1. Probably one of the reasons rb waited till the last moment.

        1. Yep, and I suppose everyone knew it was going to happen, and thus no one else had a need to do it. Not really showing that FLAP point up as more than a gimmick though I suppose one could call it suspension and/or ‘interesting talking point’ or something. I mean, well done Red Bull and Perez sure, but meh.

  3. So HAM-VER 1-2 in the next two GPs (with no FLAP points) and it’ll be all square going to Abu Dhabi :)

    1. Such great stewarding… Sure RB got their money’s worth

  4. If Mercedes is so good with fresh engines to overcome a 25 grid penalty, I wouldn’t be surprised if they decide to put a fresh engine on both cars in all the remaining races.
    Btw, Even as a Max fan, his crowding of Hamilton and the weaving were quite low points on this year’s performances. Hopefully RB gets better next races to avoid MB to run away with the 3 remaining races and both championships.

    1. Max is the first to talk about clean racing, about how much he wants others to race clean, yet he has to be one of the dirtiest drivers on the grid.

      Blacked flag no less.

      1. Nah, black flag? You are overreacting. But I wouldn’t have been surprised by a 5-time penalty.

      2. Just remember Hamilton vs Albon, not once, but twice. He was so clean he almost ruined Albon’s career, stole two wins from him, crashing into him. They are all dirty when it suits them, but I don’t think Hamilton is the cleanest of them all, nor is Verstappen. But then, it’s easier not doing dirty tricks when you’re almost always in the very dominant car.

  5. Wow!! Who would have thought after everything that’s happened to Lewis and Mercedes that they would come back, That he would come back to win.

    Fantastic effort. absolutely once in a generation race..

  6. Now, that’s a race!


    1. “Now that’s pod racing … ” LOL

      just brilliant!

  7. VER 312.5 + 18 = 332.5 ???

  8. If Losail is as I think it is, it will be a repeat of Interlagos – twisty bits and a very long straight. Neck and neck.
    If Verstappen wins there, he’s got the title unless something happens. If Hamilton wins, he’s got the title, unless something happens.

    1. @hahostolze hahahaa sounds like one of those click-bait headlines.

      1. @omarr-pepper I don’t know what you mean, seems pretty clear to me.

  9. Looks like its advantage mercedes from now on, so..
    Assuming hamilton wins the last three races with verst coming in second for each. hamilton is champion.
    If hamilton wins two races with verstappen in second, and verstappen wins one race with hamilton in second, they will be tied in points so verstappen is champion because he has more wins.
    Not sure who will win, but Im kinda confident this will be how each one pulls it off.

    IF verstappen would have won Baku (instead of a tyre exploding) and hamilton passed perez: if hamilton wins the three remaining races with verstappen in second they wouldve been tied on points with verstappen being champion.

    1. damn nvm ignore my horrid math skills, thats embarrassing

      If hamilton wins all three races with verst in second for all three; verst will be champion (411.5 vs 393.5)

      1. or actually im correct, dunno too tired bye

        1. 😅😅😅😅

    2. Hard to say it’s advantage Hamilton because of one win and still a 14 point deficit? The only person with an advantage is Max due to the points lead

  10. Verstappen did the best that he could, but Hamilton was just too quick this weekend. Lewis had better overall pace and better straightline speed in particular (8 kph faster on the start/finish-straight without DRS).
    It seems like the championship fight will go down to the season finale in Abu Dhabi and I can’t wait for it :)
    Every error or weakness is going to decide which driver comes out on top in the end. Definitely the best championship fight since 2012 (what a coincidence =D).

    Behind them the fight for P3 in the constructor’s championship seems to be almost over. I can’t see McLaren recovering from this low (their performance should get back to normal in the remaining races though). They need to recover 11 points on average against a faster car. Ferrari could now even afford a double DNF in one of the remaining races.

    1. You are right, I don’t see Ferrari losing the 3rd place in the constructor’s championship.
      But as today’s race have proved, a lots of things can still happen. Go McLaren!

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