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“It shows who he really is”: Verstappen refuses order to let Perez past

2022 Brazilian Grand Prix

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Red Bull apologised to Sergio Perez after Max Verstappen refused to obey an order to let his team mate overtake him at the end of the Brazilian Grand Prix.

Verstappen moved past Perez following a Safety Car period towards the end of the race. The pair were chasing Fernando Alonso’s Alpine at the time.

As the final lap began, Verstappen hadn’t been able to catch and pass Alonso. His race engineer Gianpiero Lambiase told him he should let Perez past if he didn’t pass Alonso at the final corner.

As Verstappen approached the line without backing off, Lambiase repeatedly told him to let Perez by. Verstappen did not, and Lambiase asked “what happened?” after he took the chequered flag in sixth place ahead of Perez.

“I told you already last time guys, don’t ask that again to me, okay,” said Verstappen. “Are we clear about that? I gave my reasons and I stand by it.”

Red Bull team principal Christian Horner came on Perez’s radio to apologise for the fact he hadn’t been given his position back. “It shows who he really is,” Perez said.

(L to R): Max Verstappen, Red Bull; Lewis Hamilton, Mercedes, Interlagos, 2022
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After the race Perez said he had “no idea” why Verstappen had refused to let him past. “I’m really surprised.”

“I’ve nothing to say, really, I mean, after all I’ve done for him it’s a bit disappointing to be honest,” Perez added. “I was told to let him by that I was going to get back the position. I don’t know what was the communication with him on his side.”

Verstappen refused to explain why he had declined to let Perez pass him. “I have my reasons for that,” he said. “We just discussed that and I think it was good that we finally just sat together and talked about it and basically just move forward from here.”

He indicated he might be willing to help Perez secure second place in the drivers championship in next weekend’s season finale. “For sure if we go to Abu Dhabi and he needs the points, because they’re tied, it’s not the end of the world, it’s all about who finishes ahead anyway,” he said. “If he needs the help, I’ll be there.

“But it’s good that we talked about it now and basically cleared everything that was there why I didn’t do it.”

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Verstappen’s radio messages

VerstappenHow many laps?
LambiaseThis is the final lap, Max.
LambiaseMax, if we don’t pass Fernando on the exit of 12, can we let Checo through, please. Let Checo back through.
LambiaseDon’t worry about the DRS, Max. Let Checo through.
LambiaseLet Checo through.
LambiaseMax, let Checo through please.
LambiaseMax, what happened?
VerstappenI told you already last time guys, don’t ask that again to me, okay. Are we clear about that? I gave my reasons and I stand by it.
LambiaseInto the pit lane, please.

Perez’s radio messages

PerezThank you for that guys. Thanks you.
HornerI’m sorry about that, Checo
BirdRecharge on, Checo. Fail 84.
BirdWe’ll debrief everything afterwards.
PerezYeah. It shows who he really is.
BirdDon’t know what to say, Checo. Safety Car ruined it.
PerezYeah. What a race. We were nowhere in the end with these mediums.

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2022 Brazilian Grand Prix

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    220 comments on ““It shows who he really is”: Verstappen refuses order to let Perez past”

    1. Ouch, that was some unthinking and unthankful – childish behavior from Verstappen

      1. Dave (@davewillisporter)
        14th November 2022, 7:05

        Regardless of this inter team spat, which in itself speaks for itself….
        Max races Lewis differently to how he races Leclerc.
        If Leclerc was going into turn three there is absolutely no way in hell Max would have tried to stick it out. He would know that Leclerc would have shut the door hard and he would have backed out after a quick risk calculation.
        That’s not my opinion, that’s watching what Max does when he’s racing Leclerc vs what he does when he’s racing Lewis.
        For some reason Max is trying to prove himself against Lewis. He doesn’t need to. His 22 season has been one of the best of any driver ever, but he’s got something in his head about Lewis.
        He won’t get to Lewis’s level for some years. He has a lot to learn still. Particularly with team relationships and risk management.
        If you look back at Lewis’s career, it was almost the same except for one factor.
        Lewis never shoved it up into a corner and expected the other driver to give him quarter.
        Max has a strange expectation in that regard. He has said time and time again “He should have given me room”
        That’s “Crashstappen”
        Look at Silverstone 22. It’s a risk calculation and Lewis judged that Max had a greater risk. Max doesn’t have that tool in his box.
        Same in Monza.
        “He should have given me room”
        Exactly the same thing here.
        And his actions with Perez which is clearly payback for Perez crash in Monaco just shows he’s not a multi WC yet despite the numbers.
        He’s still an immature driver which for me is disappointing.
        He’s a great driver but his inability to move past being a rookie is frustrating.
        Max. Do better.

        1. I agree with. Horner watch your step soon you might be looking for a job.. By creating a little
          a monster out of little Verstapen. Checo you know what to do in Abu Dhabi… Go out and getting him. No Mercy

        2. @davewillisporter – I’m not disagreeing with your larger hypothesis (that Max races Charles different than Lewis), because I haven’t looked into it. But as it applies to this specific race and the incident where they touched, I’m not sure it was the controlling factor. [[ Before I get accused of being a VER fanatic, I actually prefer HAM. ]]

          When I watched it live I was wondering if Max went straight on at the corner to purposefully push Lewis wide. The replay doesn’t seem to show that. What it does show, in my opinion, is largely a racing incident. I don’t think either did anything particularly wrong, but neither gave way and 2 F1 cars into 1 space won’t go.

      2. Dave (@davewillisporter)
        14th November 2022, 7:11

        Regardless of this inter team spat, which in itself speaks for itself….
        Max races Lewis differently to how he races Leclerc.
        If Leclerc was going into turn three there is absolutely no way Max would have tried to stick it out. He would know that Leclerc would have shut the door hard and he would have backed out after a quick risk calculation.
        That’s not my opinion, that’s watching what Max does when he’s racing Leclerc vs what he does when he’s racing Lewis.
        For some reason Max is trying to prove himself against Lewis. He doesn’t need to. His 22 season has been one of the best of any driver ever, but he’s got something in his head about Lewis.
        He won’t get to Lewis’s level for some years. He has a lot to learn still. Particularly with team relationships and risk management.
        If you look back at Lewis’s career, it was almost the same except for one factor.
        Lewis never shoved it up into a corner and expected the other driver to give him quarter.
        Max has a strange expectation in that regard. He has said time and time again “He should have given me room”
        Look at Silverstone 22. It’s a risk calculation and Lewis judged that Max had a greater risk. Max doesn’t have that tool in his box.
        Same in Monza.
        “He should have given me room”
        Exactly the same thing here.
        And his actions with Perez which is clearly payback for Perez crash in Monaco just shows he’s not a multi WC yet despite the numbers.
        He’s still an immature driver which for me is disappointing.
        He’s a great driver but his inability to move past being a rookie is frustrating.
        Max. Do better.

      3. I always regarded Schumcher as a poor sportsman when he made sure Rubens had the ‘move over for me’ engraved in his driver contract, but even Schumacher felt the guilt and returned the favour when he could.

        Verstappen is just ridiculous in this regard. What did he have to gain by finishing in front of Checo? This is the same Verstappen who called Checo a ‘legend’ after he defended for his life against Hamilton in Abu Dhabi, just to ensure Verstappen had a shot at the title.

        Despicable behaviour from Max. I thought the most selfish teammate on the grid was Ocon, but Verstappen takes the crown after this debacle. Max is arguably the most gifted racer I’ve come across, and its hard not be in awe of his ability, but he’s also one of the most arrogant, selfish and unlikeable personalities this sport has ever seen.

        1. It’s a dumb move even from a self-interested perspective. Max has already won the title, no one can catch his points total. He’s not giving up a race win or even a podium by moving over for Perez. Instead, by sticking it out, he’s caused some unnecessary bad blood in the team. Without Perez, Max arguably wouldn’t have won the title last year (the amount of time Perez held up Hamilton in Abu Dhabi proved crucial), and he might need him next year.

          Will Perez be prepared to give up a place, a podium, or even a race win for Max if he needs it next year? Maybe he will, but maybe not.

    2. Arrogant, narcissistic.

    3. egoistic crashtappen at its best

    4. How to ruin a working relationship in a few seconds, might cost him in the future when the Red Bull isn’t as dominant

    5. For all Max’s greatness he really isn’t the team player at all. Yet as we’ve seen Perez has been about the team every lap every weekend.

      Perez deserves 2nd in the championship but who knows what cards Ferrari will next week.

      1. I didn’t enjoy the dirty laundry in public, but I also don’t like the idea of handing over positions. If Checo wants his second place to be worth anything, then earn it.

        1. Unless you can’t win a championship unless your teamate defends like a lion. Then you take it gladly.

        2. Like Verstappen’s first title without Checco…?? C’mon

          1. Do you mean the one with Masi as his wingman?

        3. I suppose you were totally against Perez holding back Hamilton against Verstappen then in Abu Dhabi.

          It’s a team sport, that’s why there are 2 drivers per constructor, that’s why all those mechanics get the glory whenever their driver wins

        4. Checo let Max through in the first place on the condition that Max lets him through back if he cannot pass Alonso. he could have fought with Max in the first place. But he’s a team player while Max is garbage

          1. when you consider the last race of last year, what checo did for max… umm, dont expect any punishment for max, esp when they did similar thing with vettel vs webber i think? if anything, max will be patted on the back to beat checo

          2. I don’t understand these comments: what stopped verstappen from overtaking perez? Alonso flew past perez, and verstappen, who was faster than alonso, couldn’t?

            1. @esploratore1 Before the race Horner said Perez winning P2 in the WDC was now Red Bull’s top priority.

              Perez was told to let Verstappen past (doesn’t matter if Verstappen could have got past anyway) and he would get the place back if Verstappen couldn’t pass Alonso and Leclerc.

              Verstappen apparently has forgotten that without Perez holding up Hamilton in Abu Dhabi (costing Hamilton 10s of his lead), he likely wouldn’t have started this season as WDC.

        5. Do you remember last year, Checko helping Max to his World Championship holding Lewis off with aggressive defense moves. This is is what you Dutch call “stank voor dank”. Worst team player ever.

        6. Max is completely fine with team orders when they’re in his favour, which makes him a hypocrite at best to refuse to help his teammate, especially when it costs him nothing. If he objects so much to playing the team game, he needs to refuse to accept help, and object publicly to team orders to help him. If he doesn’t, he needs to show some gratitude and return the favour of he doesn’t want to come across as a childish, spoiled brat who holds his teammate and team in contempt.

      2. Perez deserves 2nd in the championship

        By asking favours from his team mate?! If you ask me, LEC deserves it more. Overall, given the car he had too, LEC performances are better. Anyway, both of them were kinda ridiculous asking the team to switch places with their team mates, also while being like 3 sec behind.

        1. I hit report sorry.
          Shame we don’t have the original Redbull team orders telling Checo to let Max past him but between 30 and 60 seconds before that pass, pitwall tells Max “OK Max, go and take some points off Alonso and Leclerc please” – the “OK” and no mention of Perez in front says to me (and Brundell) that the pass was negotiated. What are the standard terms?
          Sainz was looking forward to his podium but Chuck le Cluck had to ask.

        2. @mg1982 Apparently Perez teammate has already forgotten the biggest possible favour he was afforded in Abu Dhabi last year. Without Perez holding up Hamilton and knocking 10s off Hamilton’s lead over Verstappen, “1” wouldn’t be on a Red Bull car this season.

          1. True. I’m not saying VER is not wrong, but I’m not a fan of these ”fixed” champ positions, especially for not really important stakes. I don’t really consider F1 a team sport and I wish these kind of ”maneouvers” did not exist at all. But, since that is impossible nowadays, I just wish they were very strict, established before the season started, like a rule = all favours must be returned… so we don’t hear the drivers begging for favours in the middle of the race… ’cause not for this stuff I watch F1. Therefore, one more reason for me to be on the side that blames VER for not being a real team mate too. I’m curious what are his real reasons tho. It is speculated it’s about Monaco, that PER crashed in Quali on purpose so VER couldn’t beat his time, and PER didn’t deny it when asked if crashed on purpose by the press, while actually recognizing inside the team he did crash on purpose.

    6. I got to say I wouldn’t care at all about giving a lowly position away, looks good and feels good to help the team, a win/win situation, however I actually respect Max for being a racer. Why would you give any position away? Isn’t it race fixing?
      Max looks really bad after this one, it would be much easier to give the position. I think he should let go in these situation after all f1 is a team sport not just drivers.

      1. So do you respect Max for asking for help in Abudhabi from his teammate? Was that not fixing a race, a championship? Defending max at this point is ridiculous, his moral compass is broken. Anyone that says they respect max, after what he did today, knowing how he has benefited from Checo has no idea what respect means.

        1. @gufdamm From observation, the way it works is: If Max the ‘chosen one’ does it, then it is good, otherwise, it is bad. Simple!

        2. Even as a bit of a Max fan I couldn’t agree with you more !

        3. Your comment is absolutely spot on.

        4. Anyone that says they respect max, after what he did today, knowing how he has benefited from Checo has no idea what respect means.

          Verstappen blathers on about respect for him, but simply doesn’t understand that respect is earned.
          Clearly people here can respect Perez for what he has done for the team, often to his detriment. Max however has never earned any respect and is now deeply into negative numbers.

      2. @Facetious, you ask if it is race fixing? Well, no, because F1 was always a team sport, and for many years the teams all considered the WCC to be more important than the WDC. We may not likemit when a team decides to swap round its drivers, but it certainly isn’t racce fixing. If it was a Toro Rosso driver moving out of the way to let Perez through, then yes, I’d say that is definitely race fixing, but between team mates, it is totally allowed within the rules. Of course, after today, I am using the words “team” and “mates” somewhat cautiously.

      3. Was it “race fixing” when Max was let through without a fight yesterday? What about in other races where Perez has sacrificed his own race to help Max? If it is, why are you not criticising Max for taking advantages of that without complaint? If not, where’s the difference?

    7. F1 are wishing someone else was world champion. MV has a very small supporter base outside of the Netherlands.

      1. FIA broke the rules to make him world champion last year

      2. A while ago the very same could be said about Lewis, I guess the personality type that makes you a fighter/winner is bound to make some enemies on the way. Not that attractive but it seems to work.

        1. Clear rubbish. Lewis has given aces back. Lewis has also never spoken to the team like that. I I were Perez that would be the last time I ever help Max…. I would help the team but I would never do something that would help only max. In fact I would probably make sure I took a dump in his shoes… His father is a scum and so is max.

          1. Perez’ employment relies on his ability to give advantages to Max.

          2. His father is a scum and so is max

            Probably a bit extreme.
            You could point out his father was good at crashing, and it seems to be genetic.

            1. Crashing his fist into his partner’s face, certainly.

          3. Apple will not fall far from the tree.

    8. If Horner had any courage…suspend Max for the last race….the team always come first

      1. Even if he wanted to, he can’t just suspend him

        1. If they do nothing…then Max is in total control..and it will come back to haunt them….They can if they wanted suspend him..but they wont..Christian just interviewed saying all discussed and sorted…within 30 mins..really..swapping places would put them 1 point ahead..I would be happier with that

          1. Red Bull’s hands are completely tied because Max is the hottest property on the grid and he knows it. And anyone can break a contract. The other team would even pay for it. That’s why he can behave however he chooses.

            But, yeah, wouldn’t be fantastic if they sacked Max and gave his seat to Lando. I would clap. And laugh.

            1. Would be such a surprise event, personally I think norris and leclerc are both able to compete with verstappen, everything being even, and have similar age too, hamilton probably is still up there until he starts declining, alonso is still really good for his age but hasn’t had a top car in ages, russell I’m not sure, he might be up there too, I just was expecting him to beat hamilton speed-wise more often, given the age advantage.

            2. @esploratore1

              I think Russell can be put in the same category as Norris, Leclerc and Hamilton.

              They all have their strengths.. Norris is fast and consistent in quali and raceday, Leclerc is probably the fastest qualifier on the grid, Hamilton is fast, experienced and phenomenal racecraft. Russell is a bit like Norris to me. If they were teammates there wouldn’t be much to choose between them.

              I don’t think Red Bull would dump Max for any of them.. but I wouldnt say there were no viable options if Max and Red Bull parted ways

        2. JV, why couldn’t Red Bull put a reserve driver in Max’s car for the final race? I can’t think of any contractual reason that would stop them doing that. They’d still have to pay him of course, but I’d be surprised if they were obligated to race him. I don’t think they would drop him, just saying you sounded so certain that it wasn’t even an option, and I’m curious to know why.

          1. Both parties have to be careful when dealing with verstappen\red bull: if red bull lose verstappen and don’t get another top driver they won’t win any more titles in the near future, and if verstappen has to leave red bull he might not get another top seat, since I doubt merc would want to drop any of their drivers and ferrari sainz, would be strange to go with 2 alphas and sainz seems to have some influence in the team.

    9. Funny how last year MV was so fully of praise for the defensive drive the CP did on LW that may well have been a significant factor in preventing Hamilton being able to pit for the safety car, compared to now where MV won’t give a point up that he has no need for to a team mate who is trying to finish second.

      Surely even the most die hard MV fan feels some shame in this guy

      1. Yeah agreed. Massive Max fan here and I feel so so let down. Just feels horrible! No defence, really.

      2. I don’t consider myself a die hard verstappen fan but he’s one of my favourite drivers currently, so yes, disappointment is the most suited word I think, I thought he could give it a try on alonso at the last turn, then seeing he wasn’t catching him by the finish line, brake and let perez past, that’s what I’d have done, I wasn’t sure it’d happen before watching and indeed it didn’t.

    10. Multi 21 Seb & Web.

      “Hold to the finish” – Toto before Lewis passed Nico.

      While you are all happily hating Max, remember he isn’t the first.

      1. 2nd race of the season in one case and fighting for the title in the other.
        Today, there was nothing at stake for Max, as also there wasn’t much at stake for Merc who let their drivers race.
        Max is an arrogant p.o.s and I knew this 6 years ago.

      2. Max is the champion and red bull won the constructors already for this season. What does max have to gain beside looking like an ungrateful tool? Perez gave max at least 1 of his wdcs. Max fans always ignore max’s ridiculous behaviour. It speaks volumes you can’t use Max’s behaviour to defend him. you have to throw mud on someone else.

      3. 2009 Turkish GP “Save your car, Sebastian, Mark is faster”

        *finished right behind Webber without attacking him*

        2011 Silverstone “Mark maintain the gap”

        *goes full attack on Vettel without success, after the race explains he’s real racer that will never accept an order like that*

        2012 Brazil “Mark Multi 12”

        Webber: which switch is that mate, which switch, where’s the multi?

        2013 Malaysia

        Angry Webber: MULTI 21 SEB, MULTI 21!!!

        1. Also Webber in 2009 while losing all chances for the title: i won’t help Vettel for the championship
          Webber in 2010 after Spa or something: i’m ahead of Vettel in the championship, the team must decide…

          1. Um, just like to point out for you that it is now 2022, and Mark Webber was not actually racing Sebastian Vettel today.
            The petulant selfish tool under discussion here is Max “spoilt child” Verstappen.

            1. To be fair people have probably told you what an idiot he is….

              Just look at his dad.

            2. Many people think the whole story between Vettel and Webber can be fully described by Multi 21. But it was more complicated. I don’t know what’s wrong with Verstappen today. Maybe his father Jos who was destroyed and overshadowed by Schumacher pasted little Max into the brain that if you ever let somebody go through you are no longer a racing driver this will ruin you and Max follows the rule and that’s why the famous “NO!” and “IT’S DISCIPLINE”

              But as i said earlier there’s often the other side of the coin. Webber played a victim (using team radio, media and etc.) but at some occasions acted kinda sneaky. Who knows what is happening between him and Sergio. Is Perez the nicest guy in the paddock? I remember someone from McLaren crew saying about Perez that he was hard to work with. I think Verstappen is as rude in his actions as straightforward at the same time. So there can be something behind that.

    11. I’m a big RedBull and Max Verstappen fan…

      That was embarrassing for them and him. Max should apologise immediately

      1. Do you think an apology or punch is more likely from Verstappen?

      2. Then again, Verstappen finished only a few tenths behind Alonso. It wasn’t completely impossible that he’d sneak by on the final straight given the straight line speed the Red Bull has.

        Still, bigger picture, it probably would have been easy for Verstappen to give this (rather meaningless) gift to Pérez to keep him on board and happy to help Verstappen if he’s in a position to do so.

        1. I get that MV was close to passing ALO but that wouldn’t have benefitted PER in any way. There were 2 ways to benefit Checo and they were to pass ALO and LEC to lower LEC’s points total or to give PER the place back to boost his points total

          Once the final lap started, it would have been quite obvious that Max wouldn’t get LEC so no need to try the overtake on Alonso which would have benefitted nobody other than Max

        2. I’m not sure if it was possible, but f1 cars have great breaks, can lose a lot of speed quickly, imo verstappen could’ve tried to overtake alonso even during the straight, then once he saw it wasn’t happening, let perez by.

        3. Ops, brakes*

        4. And what good would’ve been for Max to pass Alonso? It would’ve done NOTHING in favor of Perez, it was Leclerc who needed to be passed, clearly Max was not able to get close (leave alone pass) Alonso, it was evident 2 laps before the end of the race, yet some bash Perez for being passed by the Ferraris on softs and Alonso who had a better pace than the Red Bulls so much that Max wasn’t able to pass Alonso after several laps. … smh

    12. I think Perez summed it up in that one sentence. For all of his talent and for all he has achieved, Max has already won this years championship, would it really have killed him the help the team and Sergio.
      From Sergio’s side I would remember this moment for next year when Max needs favors ha ha

    13. Absolutely pathetic.

      I can’t think of a single other driver that wouldn’t have let his teammate through in that situation (well, maybe Alonso).

      If you’re a Verstappen fan then you probably don’t care. If you’re a fan of a different driver, another team, or of F1 itself then all you can do is watch in disbelief.

      If Horner disapproves then it has to be lower than a snake’s bellly.

      1. Dutchguy (@justarandomdutchguy)
        13th November 2022, 20:16

        I can’t think of a single other driver that wouldn’t have let his teammate through in that situation

        2010-2013 Vettel

        1. Current driver! 😜

        2. LOL. *wags finger*

        3. I can’t remember a single time Vet was told to let Web through, cause he was in front most of the time. He was told not to pass once, but that was a dumb instruction considering it was 2nd race of the season.
          Webber was the one who should’ve let Seb through and didn’t, on a number of occasions.

          1. they told webber to pace down drive home safe, as they were comfortable for the win/2nd they said the same thing to seb, but he didnt pace down nor drove safely home, he just went all out. not really fair as webber complied until he couldnt when he realized

            1. @mysticus – like Horner must’ve asked Webber to squeeze Vettel at the start of Interlagos/12 whilst making wide lane for his friend Alonso to pass, huh?

              Webber was no saint, his relationship with Vettel was never cool. Multi-21 is surely just a tip of an iceberg.

            2. @niefer
              Webber was no saint… It was soured by vettel way before this. webber already said it directly that vettel is favored and will never be punished for whatever he does. Turkey 2010 for example? Multi 21 2013, interlagos 2012 way after all these happened.
              in baku race, max was fully at fault with ric crash but redbul pat max’s back well, but hey whatever rocks your cradle..

            3. @mysticus – fair enough, I won’t challenge Vettel was their pride and joy, but I won’t fool myself believing between two competitive drivers one is entirely to blame.

      2. No? What about Sainz.. It was too risky to swap places with Leclerc.. Perez should earn more to ask favours, just like Leclerc needs to earn it more, apparantly

        1. You can’t ask a teammate to give up a podium unless it’s for the title.

        2. A key difference was Leclerc was never ahead, Perez let Max by with the understanding he’d be given the place back if he couldn’t get past

          1. Verstappen had the pace to pass perez, alonso could do that, why not verstappen?

            1. Why Verstappen didn’t pass Alonso then? On the last stint Alonso had more pace than the RBR.

              It would be silly to think that Perez’s car that was lacking pace already AND was on mediums could hold off or be faster than VER car on softs, so of course VER could’ve passed PER on pure pace, but the Team order was to make it less risky, it was another – don’t fight it – order with the agreement to switch back if it didn’t pan out… welp.. it didn’t.

              So, no one is questioning if VER could pass or not PER on pure race pace, the problem is that VER didn’t honor the agreement and he is missing the bigger picture (just as you are), the RBR TEAM needed these points to pursue the 1-2 WDC finish, but VER made it personal against PER.

        3. Perez should earn more to ask favours

          Like Verstappen, you seem to have forgotten that without Perez holding up Hamilton in Abu Dhabi last year, Verstappen likely wouldn’t have started this season with “1” on his car.

          How much more does he need to “earn” before Verstappen can gift Perez one point?

      3. Apparently he is still unhappy about Checo’s crash at Monaco and still thinks it was on purpose. I’m neither a Max or Checo fan, but it didn’t look good for the team either way.

        Checo has always given priority to Max, even though we knew Max would eventually get by anyways, Checo has never made Max earn a position against him. He looked really ungrateful today. And even if the Monaco incident is true, Checo has more than made up for it with sacrificing his race to hold back Lewis and letting him by easily everytime it was asked.

      4. I can’t think of a single other driver that wouldn’t have let his teammate through in that situation (well, maybe Alonso).

        Unless there’s something to gain, even Alonso has let teammates through.

        His behaviour when racing against Hamilton does at least have the half excuse that it’s another team and that rivalry ups the stakes in any circumstance.
        What exactly did the “arrogant p.o.s” (quoting there) need the extra two championship points for?
        Stick a knife into your team’s chances at a 1-2 in the WDC Max? What a brilliant idea.

      5. FIY, Alonso was ready to let Massa through to the podium in his last race for Ferrari. Unfortunately, Massa got a penalty. Alonso was a team player quite a few times this year as well.

        Get your opinions right next time.

        1. I’m talking about NOW.

          There’s an outside chance that Alonso wouldn’t let Ocon through.

          1. @sonnycrockett

            Ocon’s only win should be credited to Alonso’s defence of Hamilton. Alonso stopped playing good teammate to Ocon when he realised he was a mediocre and selfish pos. Ocon’s only agenda was to beat Alonso and establish himself.. something he failed to do even when Alonso passed 40 years of age.

        2. Not only did @sonnycrockett specifically state

          well, maybe Alonso

          but also

          Get your opinions right next time.

          How exactly can an ‘opinion’ be wrong?

      6. Ocon without a 10 minute chat from the pitwall.

        1. Ahah, true, that was an interesting conversation, but he did what he promised, and passed vettel immediately, then let alonso pass him without overdefending.

    14. Verstappen will get what he want : a runner up from another team to make his title more valuable, like Alonso said.

      1. CoTD

        if Perez finished 7th in WDC, the car isn’t dominant, it would be all about Max driving and he would have fought 6 drivers other than his team mate.

        I bet that was the reason he said he had…

      2. That is an interesting comment by alonso, hadn’t thought about that, there must be a reason why horner refused to tell us what verstappen gave as reason, that could be it.

        1. So it goes back to MAX narcissism, now the Team will forgo the 2nd WDC position just to make look MAX better? I respect Alonso and like his blunt comments but that would be silly to do by RBR

          I am more if the idea others have said about JV instilling the superstitious mindset to MV to not obey Team orders or be passed by his team mate whether on orders or racing as if meant the beginning of the end of his career.

    15. Verstappen needs to question what has he gained after this. I don’t see any gains here. Perez has been more than detrimental last year to his championship.

      1. I think the above is why an edit function is necessary…

        1. It would definitely be advantageous an highly beneficial to minimising the detrimental effects of erroneous messages 🤣

          1. Bet he meant Instrumental, but the typo turned detrimental to his comment

    16. Alpha Max showing beta Perez his place, you love to see it! If Perez wants to get 2nd in the championship, he should drive apparently the dominant car (we saw today how “dominant” Red Bull was, haha) faster, as simple as that. Max takes no prisoners, because he know he’s already The Greatest of All Time and he won’t yield to nobody.

      1. Rewind to alpha Max begging like a dog for Checo to hold back Hamilton last year. Anyone who thinks Max is alpha is a pitiful excuse for a man.

        1. They never remember. Beta max also thanked Perez for the assist.

          1. @gufdamm

            I love it

            Beta max

            Perhaps ‘Beta-Max VHStappen’.

            Of course it would be more fitting if a driver with the initials VHS were to surpass ‘Beta-Max’, but I think I am going to have to take up racing sims and call myself VHS for that even to have a distant chance of happening.

        2. When exacty did Max beg for anything? He rightly said Red Bull should use Perez as a moving chicane to slow Hamilton down and he thanked Perez for it who has done what his master ordered. Max is no Leclerc who’s crying and begging his team to swap places to be the first loser haha. Max is a winner through and through!

          1. So it’s perfectly fine for him to not only accept help, but to specifically ask for it, let his teammate sacrifice his own race to help him out, then refuse to show the same courtesy in return when it would cost him nothing?

      2. Nice one, almost took thought you were serious 😁

      3. The Greatest of All Time who needed the help of his teammate to be in contention to win the cahmpionship in ‘21.

        Even this year If I remember correctly on the 4th or 5th race Perez had to yield.

        Max won the cahmpionship already, has nothing to win. It just says enough what kind of person he is. And that has nothing to do with Alpha

        1. Yes, he needed a little help from Perez in the final race, because Mercedes was so much faster than Red Bull all season long it was a miracle they were tied on points before Abu Dhabi. Guess what Mercedes have been doing with their second driver? They used Bottas as a guinea pig, deliberately destroyed 2 or 3 his engines, so Sir Lewis Hamilton can have turbo engine for the last part of the championship, after making several laugable mistakes, like not turning left at Baku. It was disgusting and really showed who Mercedes, Toto and Hamilton are.

          1. Try writing a post about driver 44 without saying ‘Sir Lewis Hamilton’ in a sarcastic manner.

            I double dare you…

            1. It’s not sarcastic, unless you think Crofty and his British pals, always beacons of objectivity, using it are doing it sarcastically. Also sweety, it’s actually Sir Lewis Carl Davidson Hamilton Larbalestier, The Greatest of All Time (beaten by team mate Button, Rosberg and Russell).

            2. Yep, you’re right, no trace of sarcasm.

          2. I tough you said that Alpha Max didn’t need no help and now you say that he need it help in 2021 whattttt

          3. As usual, you managed to spin it around and made it about Hamilton. Hamilton is not a red bull driver…

          4. And the help of the Race Director. Don’t forget that.

      4. @armchairexpert Verstappen’s failure to recognise how much he owes Perez for his title last year (and Masi of course) won’t have impressed anyone at Red Bull. They’ll be working overtime to fix the damage. Notice how disliked Verstappen is in Brazil despite being a champion and undoubtedly fast? Winning respect demands more.

      5. Perez was told to let max pass. He did so. Max was then told to let Perez back in front and refused and told the team that they had to do what he asks. I am sorry but max is an idiot. Just look at the move he did in Lewis today… What reason was there for that? He does not need the points and the gap was never there…. Perez is correct. max did show who he truly is today and he is truly a complete tool… Perez has helped max massively over the last two years and he throws It back in his face. I have never seen this in F1 before. Vettel and Webber already did not help each other well before stupid things started to happen….

    17. This is still about Monaco

      1. Which is just a conspiracy theory….

        1. It is a conspiracy ran by the Max media mostly from his home country.
          And if it had one grain of salt of true it would be even worst on Max as it would mean he can’t move on from things that happened 6 months and 2 WDC ago with literally no relevance after the 2nd WDC was achieved.
          What happened today should be a big red flag on any F1 team and Horner is not the capable person to handle it.

      2. @anunaki

        Could be. I remember how furious Jos was after Monaco, and how he publicly slated Red Bull for not favouring Max for the win. He probably realised Red Bull wouldn’t have won the race if they gave Perez an inferior strategy, and that it would be unlikely that Max would finish in P1 either, as Sainz would most likely take the win, but he prioritised a few more points for Max over giving Red Bull a win.

        That says it all about Max’s relationship with Red Bull. He doesn’t race for Red Bull … Red Bull makes a car for him.

    18. Max and Christian will be refusing to speak to the media again as no one shows respect to Max and they’ll still be wondering why.

      1. Horner will talk Perez into taking half of the blame just like he did with Ricciardo after Baku ’18 when they crashed because Max did an illegal move. It didn’t matter to the team, both were at fault lol

        And people wonder why Daniel left.

        1. if to be honest, Horner will ask Perez to take all the blame and apologize to and praise the almighty Max.

      2. Indeed. If max truly had a good reason then he would say it. He knows his reason is not a sensible one… Horner normally has too much to say about things but is now silent… Next week he will be demanding an apology from other teams and blaming sky….

        1. Someone commented above that verstappen might want leclerc to come 2nd in the championship because that makes red bull look less dominant, and from what I understood this comment came from alonso, this is at least plausible, also why horner didn’t tell us the reason.

    19. Jeez Sergio, it really took this long for the penny to drop?

    20. I love big baby Verstappen. Wins 2WDC with crazy decision,huge team mate help, exceeding the cost cap and still can’t hand over a meaningless 6th to possibly help his teammate. Hope Perez saves some fireworks for next season

    21. Somehow I find it pathetic from both sides. Verstappen should have given the position as it means nothing to him. Perez should accept that he is a racing driver, and any gifted position by your teammate is an embarrassment. At least he did not speak to sincerely as Leclerc.

      1. Any gifted position by your teammate is an embarrassment

        I assume you’re referring to the gifted position where Perez let Verstappen past, right?

    22. Agree completely. Verstappen does not deserve a better teammate.

    23. Perez said it best, this shows who Max really is. A complete non issue to let your team mate past and help your team gain a 1-2 in the championship, but he can’t. The championship is sewn up and you’re exchanging places outside of the podium.

      I’m grabbing my popcorn..

      1. Besides, it’s not like Perez didn’t deserve finishing higher. He was just very unlucky with race events.

        1. And leclerc? He was winning spain for sure and fighting for the win in baku but had reliability issues, unless you specifically mean this race.

        2. Even if you mean this race, leclerc’s luck isn’t anywhere near impressive.

    24. I blame Ted Kravitz…

      1. Everyone in Red Bull should boycott Max, for a race, and not to all to him.

        1. I reckon that in the Ron Dennis era McLaren setup, Max would have spent a while as reserve driver. Assuming Ron was in a good mood.

      2. Comment of the day!

    25. Anyone who stands for VER and only likes clean battles, should remember that basically Perez interfered heavily last year in Abu Dhabi in the championship battle by taking extreme risks against one of the leaders, which basically kept HAM away from having a pit window when it mattered afterwards. VER said last year that “Checo is a legend”. So… Please!

      1. This is absolutely true, some people already forgot this small part of the race when abu dhabi is mentioned.

    26. There must be something happening behind the screens. I can’t understand why Max didn’t play the teamgame if he expects Perez to help him again next year. He got his reasons so something is going on and maybe Perez is not his teammate next year.

      1. Well, Perez is signed with Red Bull and I really doubt there’s some kind of Alpha Tauri clause in his contract. Moreover, even if Perez has such a clause, DeVries and Tsunoda would both be quite the downgrade.

        1. It happened to Kvyat, Gasly and Albon so why not to Perez. But you are right about Tsunoda and De Vries its not an upgrade at the moment.

      2. Occam’s razor, the simpler theory is the preferred one: Max is a jerk.

    27. This is how he is. How he grow up. He said: I already told you so don’t ask me again. Nothing new to discover. Special Forces attitude.

      1. But he won’t tell us will he? Is he scared he will look petulant? Special forces? Nice joke. He wouldnt last 5 seconds with his lack of team playing ability in the regular army, never mind the special forces.

    28. George drove really well this race, great to see a new race winner in F1. Pity that all of this is going to get kinda overshadowed by Max’s radio messages.

      1. I’m sure it won’t, this article is about verstappen, there will be plenty about russell in rate the race\other articles: btw, russell got maximum points, win, sprint win and fastest lap of the race, and mercedes missed 1 point for maximum: hamilton didn’t make it to pass sainz for 2nd in the sprint, an impressive haul.

    29. 100% Correct Checo! ““It shows who he really is,” Perez said.”
      Max will live to regret this. Horner isn’t a man to cross. CH is ruthless always.
      Max be aware. CH will get you for this disobedience.

      1. @wildbiker if ch to do anything, he will pat max’s back, and congratulate him and give him more red bull drink to boost his ego further up.

      2. @wildbiker

        Horner is spineless. He was when it came to Vettel, and even more so when it comes to Max. Unfortunately for Red Bull, Max is the only driver who can give a 14 or 15 wins in a season record to them, so they are unlikely to favour Perez no matter what the situation.

    30. The story is that Checo crashed on purpose in the Monaco qualy and admitted this to Marko. This cost Max pole and that’s why he didn’t want to help him. He said it already before the race.

      You got to love this

      1. OK. Max can’t remember Abu Dhabi 2021 then?

        1. Probably but I was more surprised about the story about Monaco

          1. To be clear: I don’t believe that story

    31. The spoiled brat shows his true colours, yet again.

    32. No point on what Max did…Perez should have been quick but in the end there was nothing in it for Max, clearly it’s in his nature…No excuses here, hope Next year Perez can have a payback

    33. And how exactly did Perez end up not having another set of softs? Did he have to use them earlier to test things out for Max. Like during qualifying when Team Red Bull sent the junior team out on the track with slicks to test things out? It is nice to have 2 teams.

      1. He used them in the sprint race.

    34. What Max is not thinking about is that this doesn’t just affect Perez. What about his mechanics and all the people in the factory who’ve worked on his car? Finishing 2nd and having a team 1-2 is probably huge to them. The very least Max should do is show loyalty to all those people who may even have pay bonuses riding on championship position.

      1. Dutchguy (@justarandomdutchguy)
        13th November 2022, 20:55

        The very least Max should do is show loyalty to all those people who may even have pay bonuses riding on championship position.

        Yeah he’s just being dumb. He needs that team on his side because they are the fundation for his success. Just pointless since both championships are wrapped up and neither of them is nowhere near a podium

      2. That’s how you lose team support.

      3. To show loyalty, you must feel loyalty. That’s where it all breaks down, of course.

    35. How slow Checo is in understanding who MV is, and who Horner is. They chose Checo precisely because of his usefulness. I hope Checo regretted all the dirty tricks he’d had to do to help MV won his assisted championship last year. And how naive to believe Red Bull that they would assist Checo. Yesterday Checo was pleading and they were silent. Today, they tricked Checo to give up his place with no real intentions to force MV to give it back. Horner has no control over Max. All those “sorry” and pretend “talk” would not help. They are merely lip service. Now Red Bull even intended to cheat their own driver from a second place.

    36. Max wants Checo to finish 3rd in the Championship.

      Historically, it will make it look like he won the Championship without necessarily driving the dominant car.

      The real shame is that, for at least part of the season, that’s true.

      1. That won’t be one of the ‘reasons’ he’s talking about though.

        1. Why? It’s at least plausible, and horner denied to tell us the reason, so it must be something selfish or that doesn’t make good pr anyway.

          1. Max will never say he prefers another Team to finish as runner up instead of his teammate. NEVER will say that in public. Just think how it will be received by the Media and Fans? Plausible that he prefers other than PER to be the runner up? sure, but he will never tell.

            Two more theories:

            2) He believes in the conspiracy rumors his home media are running about Monaco and wanted to payback. But knows that revealing that are “the reason” will backfire as it would show how immature he is in holding grudge to something that happened 6 months ago especially now that the WDC is wrapped up and there is nothing else to win from his side

            3) He has been brainwashed by his Daddy in thinking that being passed by his teammate is the very worst thing it could ever happened to him and would immediately trigger the beginning of the end of his career or his luck.

            A hard Max fan could try to defend him by saying that if Sergio wants P2 he needs to earn it and be faster, blah blah blah.. but one would have to look at all the time Perez has helped dealing with opponents while Max comfortably runs ahead, catches up or gets a better pit window – whatever the case might be –

    37. Congratulations to the new owner of Red Bull team – Mr. Max Verstappen!

      1. He’s gonna do everything himself now: drive and run the team!

    38. Disappointed in Verstappen for that. He’s already won, he has no need for the points and Perez could have used them. Also it’ll screw him in future if he needs Perez’s help; there’s no reason for Perez to grant him that request now.

      1. Saving his seat isn’t a reason? He makes millions a year out of that and I’m not sure he would be able to get another minor seat if he loses red bull (but probably yes).

    39. And how many tows has PER been forced to give VER during qualifying this year?

    40. I agree it seems pathetic from Verstappen. The crowd is quick to judge who knows if there’s really something shady behind this. But even if it’s true it was unwise if not stupid moment for revenge and Max probably will face the consequences later.

    41. No wonder the football hooligan fans love him and have ruined attending certain Northern European circuits.

    42. I remember Checo being told repeatedly to let team mates through when he was at Force India and refusing (Canada one year i specifically remember but im sure there were others too), so I guess this is a little bit of karma coming his way.

      1. You’re talking about Ocon primarily and even if it’s others, it’s completely different since he and those teammates always had horrible relationships where neither side wanted to help the other. Also, at those times he hadn’t clinched a WDC with the help of the driver they were asking to let pass.

        1. And the more Ocon crashes with Alonso the more I think the problem at Force India was more on Ocon than Perez, just ask Alonso.

    43. When you saw todays podium you could see that Lewis was genuinely happy for George Russell and the fact that George had won. Of course Lewis wanted the victory, but you could see the unity within Mercedes and between their drivers. They are just relieved to finally have a car that can attack the Red Bulls and beat them on sheer pace.
      I am curious if Verstappen would have acted in the same manner today if his season had been as troublesome as Hamilton’s or George’s? Trying to make a dog of a car into a winner. Russell has done very well against Lewis this year, he was beating him in the first half of the year and now has a victory to go with it.
      I don’t think Perez walked into his Red Bull career a blind man, he knew what Verstappen was like and knew what he was getting into. He just wanted the opportunity to drive a potentially race winning car for the first time in his career and that is exactly what he got.
      It’s still not over, Sergio now knows what he has to do and he has to decide what he wants the most. If that is second in the championship then he has to be super aggressive and if that comes at the expense of his team mate so be it.
      If the rumors surrounding the reasons for Verstappen’s behavior correct, then this is something that has been brewing for a longtime between the drivers.

      1. Besides Verstappen being completeley unable to show any team order obedience… He is also much quicker than Perez.

        I don’t see Perez ever being in same class..

        Today Verstappen would fight for the win without Hamilton contact.

        1. There is (famously) no ‘I’ in ‘team’, so MV naturally wouldn’t be interested in the concept. And is he really quicker? Or does he just have all the best car bits and support? It’s clear who is the #1 driver in that team. TBF I think MV is talented and quick (and a jerk).
          MV got penalized for that contact, so whose fault is it if he caused damage to his own car?

        2. I’m not sure about that tbh, from what I’ve seen red bull and ferrari seemed to have similar pace and merc seemed to have something more.

    44. So sad this is the kind of person that becomes wdc.

      Teamplayer is not on his resume.

      1. @jureo Just wondered if you saw GR’s interview on Sky where he talks about a multiple world champion team mate? And the podium ceremony?

    45. Gonna be interesting if the Mercs are competitive next season.

      We sort of saw the 2018 Max today, ridiculous lunge (please this ridiculous any driver has a right to claim a position no matter what has to end) rightly penalised. Then his confirmation that there is no ‘I’ in team as he makes it about himself later.

      And this is just one race that went for him

      1. I’m pretty sure merc will be the team to watch next year, I think there’s more risk of a dominant merc than a dominant red bull, best we can achieve is similar cars.

      2. And don’t trust ferrari to be in the fight, at least not all year.

    46. Honestly, unless Max has caught Checo in bed with Kelly I dont see what his reasons might be. Checo is the reason HAM didnt have a free pit window and arguably is the biggest reason for his first title and also there have been many other cases, where Checo has helped Max. Gifting Checo the position would have been the right thing to do, regardless of the events of 2021 and yet still you go and do that?! As someone that has played team sports I understand the unwilingness to give even an inch, but I also believe I understand what is gratitude and following what is best for the team and today Max showed no respect for either. He is certainly talented, but has a lot more to learn and I do hope he learns his lessons.

      1. Haha yes that would be a good reason. Or maybe because his dad alway told him he will beat him up if he lets a temmate pass. But you are right he should have played the teamgame if not only for his own benefit in the future

      2. Exactly. The Monaco rumor is so stupid and petty that even if true, it makes the situation look even worse. Max would seriously hold a grudge about something so small and ignore Checo being instrumental in hid WC last year? Finally, this goes beyond worrying about the team. If all Max worries about is Max then this is the worst thing he could have done going into next year.

        1. I’m a big conspiracy theorist but I don’t believe the monaco thing, why? Perez was on a lap himself, which he ruined, 3rd place in quali at monaco with verstappen 4th is more important than a chance of pole?

    47. Verstappen was pathetic with the refusal to give the position to Perez. If he’s in a close title fight next year, it might bite him back. And I hope it will. Perez will never forget.

      1. the man did everything to help him his first wdc (pathetic massi decision apart), this man cant do 1% as much to pay him back to get him 2nd position in the standings. what a man!

    48. A lot of discussion about if Max had he resons to not let Perez through, if it was Monaco, if he is a hardcore racing etc. But what I see here is complete disrespect towards his team, his own race engineer…. the guy had to ask 4 times, even “please”… and look at the response after the race end. Horner is trying to focus this on a conflict between drivers, heat of the moment and other nonsense, but I think the team will still feel the disrespect that VES has towards his colleagues…

    49. Are they going to boycott Max Verstappen?

    50. some racing fan
      13th November 2022, 22:38

      Max’s attitude would be understandable if this was earlier in the season before he was in contention for the championship, but unless there was something going on between them before this then other than Max’s narcissism then it’s impossible to understand.

      I’m sure everyone remembers “Multi 21”, but one can understand Vettel’s position then.

    51. Everyone can say what they like about sportsmanship or lack thereof, but all the great drivers have to have a selfish streak in them to make it to the top. Verstappen, Hamilton, Alonso, Vettel, Schumacher, Senna, Prost… the list goes on. Not a single one of them has a clean slate. As the saying goes, “nice guys finish last”. David Coulthard who?

      As for this race, could MV have let SP by? Of course he could have, but I would also be asking the question of how SP found himself behind MV in the first place, given MV’s eventful race. Even allowing for the safety car closing the pack, CL also found himself at the back, yet CS managed to stay ahead.
      Also, MV had a legitimate shot at getting past FA on the last lap, so it was fair to keep pushing on.

      And like it or not, MV is one of the most powerful people in F1 now. Just as LH has been (and still is), and before him Schumacher and Senna – they put themselves in the position where they could dictate terms. Ferrari would never have given preference to Irvine/Barrichello, just as Merc never did to Bottas, and just as RBR won’t do to Perez. And why would they?

      1. The only thing I can say to that is that maybe there was the time to evaluate during the straight if it was impossible to pass alonso (he wasn’t 1 tenth behind, was 5) and in that case brake to let perez past.

    52. Oh boy, how the world changed!!!

    53. Sometimes life gives you the easiest of opportunities to appear magnanimous and yet Max still felt he needed to be in front…

      1. I mean it’s really as simple as this.

    54. In moments in life, there is something you can do, to help somebody else.

      Think about it Max.

      Or, all of us too.

      It does help.

    55. Keith and crew, Can we have thread on Ocon’s radio melt down when the team asked him not to fight Alonso?

      1. Indeed. And at the same time, Leclerc’s whinging for a free podium place.

        1. That was so shameful. ouch.

        2. As for leclerc, I think it’s better this way: no one was let by and they will play it at the last race, would’ve been annoying if a team let the other by and the other didn’t.

      2. Was reasonable though: he needed to pass vettel at the restart and did as promised, then let him by without issues when he tried to overtake.

    56. As others have said I think Checo’s comment sums things up very well. Max is a great driver but an unpleasant person.

      Checo will remember though come the right moment.

    57. It is amazing how a minority of Verstappens fans are trying to spin, whilst a majority agree that it is unacceptable.

      However, NONE of them seem to have any issues with Verstappen essentially claiming he made contact with Hamilton on purpose, so as to make sure he didn’t win the race.

      This is basically what he did and admitted in Monza last year as well.

      Utterly shameful!

      1. Would be interesting to have a poll, I believe 80% would go for verstappen being wrong, and I didn’t hear about him admitting he made contact on purpose, that sounds silly, why is it so important for verstappen that hamilton didn’t win? In monza I can understand, verstappen was already hard done by a terrible pit stop + other issues throughout the year, not here though.

        1. Contrary to much of the alleged nonsense, MV did not “admit to making contact on purpose”. He said that he expected LH to turn in on him (i.e. not leave enough room). In other words, it was up to LH to decide whether to give room or have a collision. In any event, expecting that a rival may turn in on you doesn’t mean that they are right to do so. According to the racing rules they need to give room.
          And as for the “spin”, all of the armchair experts certainly seem oblivious to the fact that they don’t actually know any of the facts. I.e. this is all about Monaco (with no confirmation of this at all – its purely speculative). Or, what is actually printed in MV’s and SP’s contracts with RBR.

          1. With verstappen, It ALWAYS up to someone else to decide. Unbelievable.

    58. I’m a Max fan, but Max, that sucks, loosing my respect, might start supporting someone else already.

    59. Yep, shows who this spoiled, entitled, unsportsmanlike brat ‘really is’, but this is rich coming from ‘you’re all bad losers over our cheating, gifted championships’ Checo!

    60. Max was already more than four seconds ahead. Therefore, I can understand his refusal.

      1. @jerejj PER only had 1 set of softs for the race which is why he was slower. Why was that? Did they team have PER run softs during practice to get data for the “team”?

    61. francesco nicolardi
      14th November 2022, 19:34

      I am surprised to see how many comments are focussing on Max and Sergio, missing that CH comes out of this story as a Mickey Mouse manager, left humiliated by his wonder boy.

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