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Vote for your 2023 Dutch Grand Prix Driver of the Weekend

2023 Dutch Grand Prix

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Which Formula 1 driver made the most of the Dutch Grand Prix weekend?

It’s time to give your verdict on which driver did the best with the equipment at their disposal over the last three days.

Review how each driver got on below and vote for who impressed you the most at Zandvoort.

Driver performance summary

Driver Q stage Q position Q gap to team mate GP grid position GP result
Max Verstappen Q3 1 -1.313s 1 1
Sergio Perez Q3 7 +1.313s 7 4
Charles Leclerc Q3 9 +0.911s 9 Not classified
Carlos Sainz Jnr Q3 6 -0.911s 6 5
Lewis Hamilton Q2 13 +0.531s 13 6
George Russell Q3 3 -0.531s 3 17
Esteban Ocon Q1 17 +0.375s 16 10
Pierre Gasly Q2 12 -0.375s 12 3
Lando Norris Q3 2 -0.834s 2 7
Oscar Piastri Q3 8 +0.834s 8 9
Valtteri Bottas Q1 19 +0.193s 18 14
Zhou Guanyu Q1 16 -0.193s 15 Not classified
Lance Stroll Q2 11 +0.692s 11 11
Fernando Alonso Q3 5 -0.692s 5 2
Kevin Magnussen Q1 18 +0.301s 20 16
Nico Hulkenberg Q2 15 -0.301s 14 12
Yuki Tsunoda Q2 14 -1.639s 17 15
Alexander Albon Q3 4 -5.329s 4 8
Logan Sargeant Q3 10 +5.329s 10 Not classified
Liam Lawson Q1 20 +1.639s 19 13

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Vote for your driver of the weekend

Which driver do you think did the best job throughout the race weekend?

Who got the most out of their car in qualifying and the race? Who put their team mate in the shade?

Cast your vote below and explain why you chose the driver you picked in the comments.

Who was the best driver of the 2023 Dutch Grand Prix weekend?

  • No opinion (0%)
  • Logan Sargeant (0%)
  • Alexander Albon (16%)
  • Yuki Tsunoda (0%)
  • Liam Lawson (7%)
  • Kevin Magnussen (0%)
  • Nico Hulkenberg (0%)
  • Fernando Alonso (33%)
  • Lance Stroll (0%)
  • Guanyu Zhou (0%)
  • Valtteri Bottas (0%)
  • Oscar Piastri (0%)
  • Lando Norris (0%)
  • Pierre Gasly (9%)
  • Esteban Ocon (0%)
  • George Russell (0%)
  • Lewis Hamilton (1%)
  • Carlos Sainz Jnr (1%)
  • Charles Leclerc (0%)
  • Sergio Perez (0%)
  • Max Verstappen (34%)

Total Voters: 137

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NB. Daniel Ricciardo has been omitted as he only participated in the first two practise sessions.

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32 comments on “Vote for your 2023 Dutch Grand Prix Driver of the Weekend”

  1. It’s hard to not vote for Verstappen yet again. Messy race, but he took the start and retook the lead and made all the right calls.
    Albon had a great quali and drove brilliantly in the race, but strategy calls weren’t great. Zhou made all the right calls but pace wasn’t great.
    Gasly had a good quali and good race, and could be my DOTW. Alonso was up there too.

    1. Ben Rowe (@thegianthogweed)
      28th August 2023, 13:08

      Zhou surely couldn’t even be in contention for this in the race alone though. I also couldn’t say he made all the right calls as he carried way to much speed for the conditions which led to him being the only driver being at fault for heavily hitting the barrier resulting in retirement.

  2. VER for DOTW with honorable mention to ALB, but DOTD is more difficult to choose between the podium trio.

  3. Alonso for DOTW. Got the early pass done and was the only credible threat to Verstappen on intermediate tires.

    Verstappen’s standards are too high nowadays. So anything except a pole and a win is not a good look imo, so Alonso takes it for me.

  4. Euh this is very Hard Max, Alsonso and Albon are the ones really impressing us the most. I go for max…..

  5. Coventry Climax
    28th August 2023, 13:34

    It wasn’t all that long ago that many -even the majority?- of the commenters here thought Albon was rubbish.
    For a rubbish driver, he’s been doing quite well at Williams, I would say.

    Talking of which; It’s very nice to see Williams comparing decently again, after so many years.
    For the first time, I thought Sargeant was catching up, and maybe he is finding speed, or at least some of it. His crash was possibly car failure I read, but could it have been a failure he induced himself? I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt and not writing him off fully yet. Being quick to judge isn’t always the best of options.

    1. I don’t remember a lot of people saying that Albon was rubbish. I do think that his time at Red Bull was disappointing, for whatever reason. But he is really carrying the Williams team race after race. I do hope he gets another shot at the front of the grid (in a Williams would be a dream scenario).

  6. Lawson.
    Being dropped into the seat at such short notice, no experience of the track in F1 or those conditions, and he not only kept it on track, he beat four experienced drivers!

    Total respect young man.

    1. That is a very solid vote, yeah. Being dropped in the car with hardly any running at all, keeping it on track having some decent running and overall respectable pace in this sort of weather.

    2. Same here.

    3. My vote goes to Lawson as well. A mightily impressive debut, especially given the short notice and changeable weather.

      I really wanted him to finish the race, and as BasCB says, beat Magnussen, Bottas, Tsunoda and Russell in the process.


  7. Max was great this weekend but Fred was the greatest. It is always easier from the top. But what Fred did was stonking. Even a botched pitstop could not delay him. And his double pass in the first lap (was it T3?) in the lower part or the banked turn is something for the ages.
    What Albon did with the slicks in the rain impressed me too. Very poor showing from most of the rest including the Mercs, McLs and Fezza, but a decent job from Pierre Gasly who is showing Esteban who’s boss. And where oh where was Lance?

  8. Hard to choose between Verstappen and Alonso (and maybe Gasly).
    But as I didn’t like Verstappen’s overtake on Gasly, and was very impressed with the various overtakes by Alonso, my vote would (if I still had an account) go to Alonso.
    Gasly was not far behind; he did well defending against Verstappen (until he was forced off) and to keep within a few sec of the other Red Bull.

  9. Surprised so many voted for VER with the huge advantage he has. I thought it was between Alonso and Gasly really. It’s a more or less 50/50 but then there is no way most of us would have put Gasly on the podium in the Alpine. So I voted for him…just.

    1. The advantage Max had in this race was the brain in his head. Perez got onto inters on lap 1 and was 15-odd seconds ahead by the time Max had pitted. It was astonishing to see Max reel Perez in at the rate he did. A 15 second lead on the same tyres in the same car should be unassailable. Max is incredible.

      1. Agree but Checo did a really poor job also

      2. @tommy-c
        I’m not saying Verstappen was bad, but if you look at the times Norris was about as quick (in free air) as Verstappen in that phase. So the fact he slashed the lead so incredibly quickly was actually more down to Perez being really, really slow. For instance, from lap 2 up to 9 Zhou was faster than Perez

        1. This the most important thing here: Verstappen wasn’t walking on water (excuse the pun), it was Pérez who was terrible.

  10. Alonso and Gasly did well. Lawson had a very respectable outing given circumstances. Hamilton recovered well but shouldn’t have had to, and Zhou had a great opening but couldn’t do much with it.

  11. Verstappen, sure, he was good, as expected. Alonso did a great job, although his qualifying wasn’t exceptional, his race really was something.

    Gasly probably got out of the car what was in there too, I’d say Albon deserves a mention, Norris was doing really well, but the strategy as well as the cars’ lack of pace on the straight made that a moot point. Sainz was also doing a good job on Sunday, although his saturday was not there really (the car as well as the strategy is not up to it at Ferrari)

    And Lawson not even kept it on track without any icidents after being thrown in last minute, he even managed to beat Tsunoda (be it due to the penalty) and finish ahead of a decent chunk of others.

    Overall we got serious amounts of solid driving in the rain!

  12. Max under pressure performed flawlessly. In another league.

  13. Max is extracting the best from the car under all circumstances and this weekend was no different irrespective of the challenges. He could have driven more cautiously given the weather conditions. But the need to win is clearly visible. The 10th win in a row is definitely possible with this form and a hat trick of titles is not far away.

    1. I’d say winning all the remaining races is not far away. Sprint races included.

  14. The rain gave several drivers the chance to show why they’re in F1

    Verstappen is on 9 straight wins partly because of the car, but also because in these dicey situations where it could all go wrong, he makes it right every time. The gap he pulled out before the red flag was astounding.

    Gasly took his opportunities and stayed glued to the front all race: no matter what the conditions, he stayed close and pounced for third at the end

    Norris and Russell both had one of their best weekends, but sadly were hung out to dry by team strategies

    Albon entertained, swashbuckled and overtook

    Lawson would probably have been happy not to get dropped at the back — but he came in 13th! In my view he comfortably outperformed Tsunoda.

    In the end, though, it has to be Alonso. Those first couple of laps in the rain were astounding: everyone else was surviving; he was racing. He put that car in places it didn’t deserve to be. 10/10 race from a master.

  15. Addendum: Lawson comfortably outperformed Tsunoda on race-day anyway; his qualifying was what you’d expect for a newbie put in the seat with no notice.

    1. @smallvizier
      Did he?
      Don’t get me wrong, he did great. I just can’t agree with “comfortably outperformed”

  16. Many deserving drivers this weekend, including Alonso, Albon, Lawson, and Gasly. Ultimately I went for Verstappen for his relentless consistency and performance once again.

    I will say I’m just as impressed with Fernando, though I’ve always been a fan of his. His early overtakes in the wet on Albon, Russell, and Norris were just terrific.

    I know the Alonso GOAT thing is probably as overplayed by his supporters as it is with Hamilton’s, but the more time passes, the more I’m certain he genuinely belongs in the conversation (ridiculousness of the conversation aside). He and Hamilton certainly stand clear of the rest as the best of the post-Schumacher, pre-Verstappen era. It’s definitely close between them. I think Hamilton has the edge in pure pace, and he’s always been the better qualifier, but Fernando has superior consistency, race management, and especially racecraft. Few drivers have been more impressive to me in wheel-to-wheel racing. If you were to compile every driver’s best overtakes, Fernando’s list would be mighty impressive. Up there with the likes of Mansell as one of the great overtakers of all time, and his defending is terrific too.

  17. Verstappen for the weekend. Alonso for the (race) day.

  18. It has to be Max. 9 wins in a row is an astonishing feat. An honourable mention to Liam for finishing this race. I don’t know why he got that time penalty, but I’d like to believe it was an error by his team, not actually his own fault.

  19. Was a close one between Max, Alonso, Gasly and Albon for me.
    Max didn’t put a foot wrong all weekend. Alonso’s quali wasn’t spectacular.. But his pace and racecraft in that Aston on raceday was more impressive than anyone else. Gasly did a great job on both Saturday and Sunday.. As did Albon.

    Had to go with Alonso this weekend… Just because his raceday performance was immense. He got by Lewis and Norris with ease.. Beat one red bull fair and square. Honestly, if he was racing in that Red Bull this weekend… He’d probably have the better of Max as well.

  20. Has to be Max, honorable mention for Fernando Alonso, give him a car that can win championship and boy we’ll have a season like 21 in our hands.

  21. Alonso by far considering the passes he made throughout the race. Question as t o whether Max could’ve made the moves ALO did in equal machinery.

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