Sir Stirling Moss, 2009 Goodwood Festival of Speed

Caption Competition 15: Sir Stirling Moss and friends

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Sir Stirling Moss, 2009 Goodwood Festival of Speed

The Goodwood Festival of Speed is coming up soon, so I’ve selected a picture from an earlier Festival for this week’s Caption Competition.

Here’s Sir Stirling Moss enjoying himself at the 2009 Goodwood Festival of Speed.

It’s over to you to see who can supply the funniest caption for this picture.

A selection of the best will be featured in the daily round-up.

This year’s Festival takes place on June 29th – July 1st.

Caption Competition

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  • 114 comments on “Caption Competition 15: Sir Stirling Moss and friends”

    1. Looks like I might not be able to drive as fast as I used to, but I’ve still got my charm!

    2. But then as time ran out the new Girls Aloud line up was confirmed… all together now: “I’m just a love machine”

    3. Hey Bernie, I got three! How many u got mate?

    4. remember kids; pimpin ain’t easy. Come to papa

    5. Kaltenborn, Wolff, De Villota become FIA WMC Ambassadors (

      Monisha Kaltenborn: “Women nowadays do have the competence, the self-confidence and the education to follow a professional career in any area they choose, but still they need the right opportunities to achieve their goals. The challenge now is to develop the platforms for them, so they have equal chances to show their abilities in all business areas they are interested in, which may include motorsport.”

      1. Haha. I was thinking that this doesn’t need a caption, but if it has to have one, that should it.

      2. Spot on PM!

      3. Smart, funny, topical, and with a moral undertone.

        I like it!

      4. good one PM

      5. “Monisha, don’t be shy, come join us”

      6. brilliant!

        1. man you nailed it ….hahahhaha

      7. Just for the record, this isn’t intended to be a sexist caption. I’m all for having more women involved in motorsports – I just found the contrast between Kaltenborn’s comments and this picture to be funny.

        1. Not funny, Bloody Hilarious – Every single phrase of Monisha’s has a double entendre NOW that you have made the link.

          1. @mad-eric – Did you read the entire article?

            From Susie Wolff:

            “There were not really any role models for me in motorsport when I was younger, but my mother and grandmother were both very strong, inspirational women. Certainly my mother taught me to believe that I could do whatever I put my mind to, and that’s what helped me in following a career path that other women didn’t. If what I am doing can inspire just one girl to give racing a go, then I would feel I had made a positive difference.”

            And from Maria de Villota:

            “It is very important to let other women know that with enough belief and application, you can overcome any hurdle. If I can be an F1 test driver, I am sure a lot of women can do it too. It is purely a question of talent, hard work and commitment. I gave my life to motorsport and just kept the faith that my optimism would be rewarded.

            “For women who love motorsport, it is very important to visualise yourself doing what you want to do. Being different is hard. Not having another woman around to ask is tough and your destiny really is in your own hands. Having everyone’s eyes watching your every move is a lot of pressure. But, if there is passion, then there is no option but to keep pushing. It’s like anything in life, no one is going to make it happen for you but if you work hard to fulfil your dreams, the taste of success is unbeatable. I am very proud of how far I have come because I relied only on myself to get here.”

            I’m a terrible person.

      8. Thats if they interested.

    6. “When I were a lad, our grid girls looked like these three”

    7. Stirling couldn’t hide his disappointment: he always thought crumpets came in packs of six.

      1. haha best yet i think

    8. Stirling – “So, let me get this right… there’s DEFINATELY no race tomorrow?”

      1. Carlito's way
        16th June 2012, 21:16

        Lol it’s really funny when someone makes a grammatical error and, to add insult to injury, in CAPITAL LETTERS.

    9. Moss: “I suddenly feel so over-dressed …”

    10. The Pussycat Dolls find a fourth member to replace Nicole Scherzinger.

    11. A-Safieldin (@)
      16th June 2012, 10:56

      “Ladies think of me as your experienced driver”

    12. “…and the winner is the one that comes first”

      1. Who needs a world championship when I’ve got these…

      2. + rimshot

    13. “Oh, hey, I just met you,
      And I’m not crazy,
      But I don’t know where I am;
      Won’t you help me, ladies?”

    14. ‘This guy does have money right???’

      1. Sexist yet so true. :p

      2. It’s good to be the king…or to have a boatload of money.

    15. Sir Stirling Moss inadvertently stands in a small patch of quicksand at the Goodwood Festival of Speed

    16. Today’s F1 drivers can still learn a thing or two from Sir Stirling.

    17. “Hello pretty ladies”

    18. “Well the girls are here, but where’s my number they’re supposed to be holding for me?”

    19. Moss: “If you’re having girl problems, I feel bad for you, son; I’ve got ninety-nine problems, but a b!tch ain’t one.”

    20. Todd (@braketurnaccelerate)
      16th June 2012, 11:57

      This is the best $50, that I’ve spent in awhile!

      (£32, for most)

    21. “If I ever break my leg falling down a lift shaft, I want crutches like these!”

    22. “The Merc’s a four seater you see”

    23. Moss gets ‘Pole Position’….

      1. Hehe, pole, clever.

    24. Moss: “Bernie, hit me up with one of those blue pills of yours”

      1. hahahaha

    25. Moss: ‘So you’re telling me, Bernie, that I can choose any of them I like because I have money?’
      Bernie: ‘It’s worked so well for me, you should try it, it’s good.’

    26. Hello! Hello! Hello!

    27. For Sir Stirling, crumpets are always on the menu.

    28. I just traded my 75 year old wife in for these three 25 year girls. Not a bad deal, right?

    29. Stirling Moss, the greatest driver never to have won a world championship …in motor racing. He’s won the world crumpet championships several times.

    30. “NOW I know why it’s called Good Wood.”

    31. “Oh girls just wanna have fun”

    32. They asked me to sponsor the first all model Le Mans team and I just couldn’t say no! I’m a racer at heart after all.

      1. Team name = estroGEN ?

    33. Suddenly the Goodwood festival of speed took on a whole new meaning…

    34. Blue pill, please!

    35. Sviatoslav Andrushko (@)
      16th June 2012, 13:50

      “Looks like there is another one?” – Stirling.

    36. “Who tha’ **** is Kate Moss?!” – Sir Stirling Moss

    37. “Tonight will be a wild ride!” – Sir Stirling Moss

    38. Whoever said “every man wants a son..?”

    39. “I have an elevator made from carbon fiber!”

    40. Let the Stirling, see the Moss!

    41. “So THIS is what James Hunt was telling me about!”

    42. “I may have never won a champioship, but this must be what Charlie Sheen’s been talking about… Winning.”

    43. Moss gets a pole for the first time in over 50 years.

    44. I wonder how I shall manage these curves..

    45. hm – perhaps a few words need to be added to the automatic filter @keith

    46. Moss
      ” Gee…this suits seems a bit tighter…”
      ” We noticed…”

    47. Would you like to see my “F-duct?”

      1. Or my double slot gap?

        1. they definetly don’t want to see his double diffusor!

      2. top man !!!! best one by far

    48. OmarR-Pepper (@)
      16th June 2012, 17:26

      I like posing for this pic much more than posing with beardy Fernando, Mark or Lewis

    49. I definitely still belong in the top flight!

    50. “With Fangio nowhere to be seen, Stirling finally managed to get his hands on some big cups”

    51. And in that precise moment Sir Stirling Moss knew he had to unleash his silver arrow once again.

    52. Chris (@eddie4102000)
      16th June 2012, 18:01

      Girls: Who is this old guy?
      Stirling: Ooh, that’s a nice car over there…

    53. So what? I may have never won the championship, but just try and take these trophies away from me!

    54. Stirling Moss “I remember when I was as fast as them guys.”
      Girls “I think he broke out the Asylum…”

    55. SlackBladder!
      16th June 2012, 20:17

      “ere, I got me uver and stuck up’er chimney”

    56. SlackBladder!
      16th June 2012, 20:22

      Serling: “Ones MI5 the others Mi6 and she’s Australian”

    57. One thing modern F1 lacks is great curves!

    58. Stirling moss: Susie!! its not what its seems

    59. Sterling presents his new idea to Bernie for increasing viewing figures and number of women drivers on the grid at the same time

    60. ‘ello girls! Now I know why they call this the “Goodwood” Festival!

    61. UK Girls Gone Wild Movie shoot: F1 Legend turns left instead of right and misses Goodwood Festival across the street.

    62. F1 Legend discovers he still has a flexible front wing.

      1. The best caption!

    63. Sir Sterling Moss at Goodwood festival convinces he has no more broken bones

    64. “Ladies, you know what they say about skinny short blokes, right?”
      – “Uhm… They try harder?”

    65. “Mercedes doesn’t have to worry. I have a stiff set up, but I’ll find a way to bend around those curves!”

    66. These are my 6 new best friends and they are going to show me how to get off at St. Mary’s corner.

    67. “if F1 2ants to employ drivers airbags, let me submit my 3 models for consideration”

    68. Girls, Max gave me the keys to his basement, shall we find out what’s in there?

    69. Thankfully Moss had decided to keep he’s on…

    70. Didnt think i would get anywhere near a lift shaft again………

    71. Stirling Moss’s Carers help him into his BRDC Pjs just as the Vigra kicks in!

    72. Stephen Higgins
      17th June 2012, 20:50

      “Who do I think I am ?? STIRLING MOSS !!”

    73. “Personally, I always wanted a Testa Rosa…but Porsche, Mercedes, and Lexus will do just fine….”

      1. Awesome…

    74. Listen up boys- you don’t need to drive grand prix cars to get girls.

    75. Those F1 boys and their chi-chi eye candy got nothin’ on me!

    76. Caution: curves.

    77. Sir Stirling Moss gives details to the press about his new job as motivational speaker for F1 drivers

    78. I can assure you girls that my gear stick is still fully operational!

    79. Of course my favourite engine that I raced with was the Climax Straight-4……

    80. [Had this picture been taken prior to F1 GP Brasil…] “Little did Sir Sterling Moss realize that he had been duped – the three lovely ‘ladies’ were actually the ‘LadyBoys of Interlagos’!”

    81. “…and Moss leaves the weekend with all there trophies!”

    82. That’s what i’m talking about, i want to be there :D

    83. This will give me good wood.

    84. ‘Take one for Flavio…..’

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