Caption Competition 29: Vettel in the RB9

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It’s always hard to get a signal from the drivers about how competitive their car is during pre-season testing. Perhaps Sebastian Vettel is giving a clue in this picture?

It’s over you to suggest what’s going on here in our caption competition.

Submit your funniest caption suggestion in the comments below and a selection of the best will be chosen for tomorrow’s round-up.

Caption Competition

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121 comments on “Caption Competition 29: Vettel in the RB9”

  1. Dont worry team, This year, its gonna be thumb rather than the finger.

  2. What’s the IQ of F1 fans that still think you passed under yellows in Brazil?

    1. I had a cough attack because I laughed so much at this! Brilliant!

  3. Sebastian Vettel contemplating which finger he will use for victory celebrations in 2013.

  4. We need a 6-wheeler!

  5. “6 more titles, please!”

  6. “That’s how I celebrated my race finish in Brazil!”

  7. Adrian Newey: Red Bull will be using six human-operated flow conditioners this year.

  8. “I give the car seven out of ten!”

    1. Are you implying he can’t count @prisoner-monkeys? ;)

  9. How many more championships?

  10. Now lets see if we can win 6 Championships with this car

  11. Sebastian Vettel on how many different helmet designs he would be using for FP1 at Melbourne.

  12. A special steering wheel of the new Red Bull car would allow to unlock a perfectly working KERS only if the driver identifies himself with fingerprint and handpalm imprints of Sebastian Vettel.

  13. Rui Pedro Moreira
    23rd February 2013, 11:44

    Horner: “How are you doing in there?”
    Vettel: “I’m okay, leave me alone. I know what I’m doin’!”
    Horner: “OMG! He’s spending too much time with Kimi…”

  14. When asked about how he thought the car handled, Sebastian Vettel was unsure whether to give the team a high five, or a thumbs up.

    1. Nick Jarvis (@)
      23rd February 2013, 12:28

      winner. this is fantastic.

    2. This amuses me. A lot.

  15. Sebastian Vettel informs the world of how many times he will say “We focus on ourselves and do our own thing,” this year.

    1. I think that and “obviously” will be closer to infiniti ;)

      1. @andae23 was that an intentional cheesy pun, because if so kudos to you! (I’m referring to how Infiniti has a double meaning)

    2. Is that 6 times per weekend or press interview?

  16. I’d give her a six out of ten, but Kinky Kylie had a much better nose!

    1. Or: “I’d give her a six out of ten, but Kinky Kylie had a much better rear” ;)

  17. Rocky: “How many victories can we get with this one?”
    Seb: “Six”

  18. Chris (@tophercheese21)
    23rd February 2013, 11:54

    “How many times are you going to change your helmet today Seb?”

  19. Where did I finish in Brazil? How many seconds away from Massa was I (roughly)? How many F1 seasons have I been in? How many years was it before Hamilton gave up on McLaren? How many years has Schumacher been out of a full time Ferrari drive? Where did Webber finish in last year’s WDC? HAHA, will be knocking them for six again this year!

  20. “What’s that Kimi? You’re off to get refreshments? Nah I’m okay for ice cream, but I could do with a Five Alive. Cheers!”

  21. 2017: “One more to match Michael…”

  22. RockyTriple world champion! High five, Seb!
    VettelNo, Rocky… High six!

  23. JimmyTheIllustratedBlindSolidSilverBeachStackapopolis III
    23rd February 2013, 12:15

    Engineer: Has the in car spanish translator and letter X adder broken seb?

    Seb: Six

  24. Vettel’s English mechanics love reminding him of the famous England-Germany football score.

  25. “Set the Purpleness factor to six, I’m feeling juicy today”

  26. 6 world champions, 5 also rans, 4 not so goods, 3 old men, 2 complete beginners and a partridge in a pear tree.

  27. ”give me six more red bull energy drinks to beat hamilton’s time on top gear!”

  28. ROCKY, STOP! My nose has been replaced by a thumb!

    1. @minnis this made me laugh so much i cried. I found it absolutely hilarious!

  29. “That’s six beers for me”

  30. Ummm rocky my fingers broken

  31. “I had dies many bratwurst für breakfast!”

  32. Newey: Hey Sebastian, how u open that Champagne bottle?
    Vettel: Like this!

  33. “Sebastian Vettel demonstrates how he has been using the force to win his world championships.”

  34. Vettel “How many fingers am I holding up?”
    Rocky “six!”
    Vettel “You walked straight into that trap, I think you’ll find that’s 4 fingers and 2 thumbs!”

  35. Vettel proves to the doubters that he does actually have more than one finger!

  36. So Seb, how many positions behind you will Mark finish in the championship?

  37. Vettel astonished to find he has 5 other working fingers!

  38. Seb: Lewis and I in 2015…

  39. vettel : ” put £6million on me winning the WDC again this year”

  40. Vettel: “Let’s finish P6 for today’s test, They’ll think we’re in trouble……*Übel lachen*”

  41. While Vettel gives it the thumbs up, Webber tries to show his dissatisfaction with Red Bull’s new two-man cockpit.

    1. GOLD

    2. Great!

    3. Anthony Bosley (@)
      23rd February 2013, 23:15

      This has go to be the winner

  42. I want this times more update than Webber!!

  43. How many drivers haven’t said their car could be good enough for wins this season?

  44. The Sunday Age, melbourne
    23rd February 2013, 13:23

    It’s a sixy beast!

  45. Sebastian proposes new Kimi communication system.

  46. This is going to get rather tedious when I win 6 titles!

  47. C.H: “Mark for goodness sake, copying Vettels helmet design and putting number one on your car isn’t going to get Helmet Marko to like you any better, especially if you can’t do the winning finger correctly.”

  48. “Adrian, with our secret upgrade package for 3rd test, I think we can be SIX seconds ahead of the competition”

  49. rocky: “how many laps you think would the soft’s one last?”
    seb: “six?”

  50. Vettel gives the RB9 a mark out of five…

  51. I’m in the appropriate age to drink 6 Red Bulls tonight?

  52. [music]……666 the number of the beast
    Sacrifice is going on tonight …….[/music]
    seb: let me go out , i’m ready to tame the beast (RB9)

  53. SEB: RB6 right?

    Newey: no, it’s the 9 I think. Hard to tell, they all look the same.

    SEB: Whatever, it’ll do!

    1. Epic!!!

  54. Sebastian Vettel struggles to convince everyone he is infact not a member of the illuminati despite his recent success.

    (credit to @cosmas for giving me the lightbulb moment with is 666 comment :P)

  55. What the hell do u mean u built a car with only 6 revers gear!!!

  56. Of course Mark is not a number 2 driver…… Marko told me he was about number 6.

  57. 6 more bottles of the Red Bull plz.. Its Chilly outside

  58. Can u beleive that?? The Hards lasted for only 6 Laps

  59. we need six drivers in our team instead of webber

  60. NO! it goes 1 championship, 2 championships, 3 championships, this year it will be 6 championships

  61. c’mon… i need more speed guys.. still 0.6 second behind hamilton’s liana

  62. If Master Newey keeps this up I’m going for 6 consecutive titles!

  63. What…? only 6 laps before the alternator packs in!

  64. Setting “Engine Mode 6” using Adrian’s new Kinect inspired racing wheel.

  65. Stop the car I feel sick! No… Im ok.

  66. “How many sleep before next test ?”
    “Good boy !”

  67. I want a red car, I’ll take 6 less millions!

  68. Is that really how far Mark qualified behind me !

  69. “Leave me alone, I know what I’m doing”

  70. “Okay, we are up to an RB-6 level of performance. Let’s go for RB-7!”

  71. There are 6 things I can do to make this car as kinky as Kylie.

  72. *In response to being asked “How many races are you going to let the other drivers win?”*

  73. Yeah, new record, 6 laps on just one set of tires!!

  74. No Rocky!!!! I want you to give me SIX

  75. “See that?! I totally made that coin disappear!”

  76. Christian: How many laps did those tires last for
    Sebastian:(holds four fingers and two thumbs up)
    Christian: Six
    Sebastian: (Shakes head) Six seconds.

  77. “That’s right, I’ve said “To Infiniti, and beyond” six times already today.”

  78. With the competition we are likely to face, I’ll need 6 people, instead of 4, moving out of my way this year in order to win WDC.

  79. Hold the race!… I’m not done sucking my thumb.

  80. tell me again, which finger of mine Jenson hates the most

  81. I said 6 chicken nuggets…

  82. In the voice of The Count from Sesame Street.

    One world championship, AH AH AH
    Two world championships. AH AH AH
    Three world championships AH AH AH
    (Repeat and fade)

    1. Absolute gold, love this one!

      Continuing on that theme: This year’s world championship brought to you by the number “Six”

  83. trust me guys, I have this under control

  84. “OK, last year Hamilton had a 5 wheel pit-stop, this year, we OBVIOUSLY need to make it a 6 wheel pit-stop”

  85. How many times I can have sex a night?

    One and slowly.

  86. I,m going to be car 6 at the end of the year

  87. Me? 4 titles in a row? I’ll put 6 quid on it!

  88. Adrian Newey: “Where do you want me to put Webber this year?”
    Sebastien Vettel: “Sixth place!”

  89. “In the dream, the terminator came from end of 2015 to destroy me now. He said I had 6 titles by then and other fans are still saying titles don’t matter” *laughing under heltmet*

  90. “Ok Guy’s How many fingers am I holding up?”

  91. No, Sebastian. You can’t have that many, you have to share.

  92. Only 6 more to match the Meister..And you all shall call me the Purple Baron..No more baby Schumi..

  93. gib-gas-schumacher
    24th February 2013, 18:26

    Vettel giving a 6/10 for the loud fart Adrian Newey dropped as he walked passed “Stinky Susie” (Vettel’s 2013 car)

  94. No, try again Sebastien. How many cylinders does your car have?

  95. “How many sugar’s in you tea Seb?”
    “Six !!!”
    “This is not RedBull you know!”

  96. TheStigsAmericanCousin
    25th February 2013, 14:19

    “How many times Weber will stall at the start of the race”

  97. “Please be honest Vettle, just how many Tequilas did you knock down you before getting behind the wheel today?”

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