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Jean-Eric Vergne enters his third season with Toro Rosso this year – here he is at the last race of 2013.

Can you think up a good caption to go with this picture? Post your suggestions in the comments and a selection of the best will appear in tomorrow’s round-up.

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99 comments on “Caption Competition 42: Jean-Eric Vergne”

  1. MatthewRacing (@)
    11th January 2014, 11:43

    Verge gets carried away with driver number selection

    1. Chris (@tophercheese21)
      11th January 2014, 11:44

      Haha love it!

      1. Winner!

    2. +1 You got there before I did!

    3. Instant win hahaha! :)

    4. Excellent.

    5. Winner :))))

    6. ++++++lol

  2. Just crashed the 100,000th front wing of the team!

  3. The Frenchman seems to be happy with his salary

  4. Toro Rosso had found an ingenious solution to Lotus’ salary issues. Here we see JEV receiving his 100,000 as promised

  5. How good am I out of a hundred?

  6. Jean-Eric Vergne pretty pleased with the amount of money Toro Rosso spent on his corrective surgery after straining both his risorius and thumb; proceeds to smile and thumbs up anyway.

    1. As Jean-Eric Vergne becomes a maths teacher he doesn’t seem to get the concept of addition(you need 2 numbers!)

  7. Not sad for a number 100,000 driver!

  8. The Vettel finger waggle counter reached a milestone recently.

  9. JEV: “Yay, I’m getting paid! For the first time ever JEV > Kimi”

  10. “Okay JEV. +100,000 seconds through the second sector. Good Job.”

  11. Jean-Eric Vergne is pretty excited after winning his career’s 100.000th thumb war match.

  12. JEV celebrates his b’day.

  13. As a product of the Red Bull Junior Team, Jean-Éric Vergne prefers his pit board messages in binary code.

        1. = 100,000

    1. Webber asked for this, but Red Bull told him the following wouldn’t fit on a pit board:


      1. @npf1 Multi 010101, Seb, Multi 010101

    2. @andae23 It’s actually the number of F1 world champions, in binary :)

      1. @enigma Indeed it is! Well spotted :)

      2. Well spotted, I wonder whether that was intentional!

  14. JEV is extremely confident with his answer & working out for the number round on Formula 1 does Countdown.

  15. As Vergne shows off his 6-figure salary, Kimi Räikkönen gets jealous

  16. So, which lucky lady wants to be 100,001 ? ;)

  17. Vergne’s personal tally of how many times he sees his former teammate smiling reaches a milestone

  18. I didn’t realise my lap time difference was that bad compared to Sebastian

  19. “Jean-Eric Vergne, come on down! You’re the next contestant on ‘The Price Is Right’!”

  20. Vergne celebrates his latest speeding fine.

  21. “Ha haa, I’m getting paid!”

  22. Vergne predicts how many points the winner of the Abu Dhabi GP will get.

    1. winner XD !

  23. Jean-Eric Vergne was the 100,000th visitor of a web site yesterday. Well, all drivers need to celebrate something from time to time or they might lose motivation…

    1. He’s celebrating his free Nintendo Gamecube Playstation 3 iPad?

  24. Gaston (@gastonmazzacane)
    11th January 2014, 13:07

    Only 100.000 more races to go, till the first win ;)

  25. Vergne wins the 2015 Abu Dhabi gp and thus the championship by scoring 100000 points in the final race by virtue of Bernie’s new x4000 points bonus.

  26. JEV celebrates as he is awarded the honour of 100, 000th retirement caused by Pastor Maldonado

  27. “Vettel was “1st” about 100’000 times this year, but I was “100’000th” once! Beat that, Sebastian!”

  28. “Hey, nice, that’s $100’000 more than Kimi!”

  29. Vergne shows Bernie the number he wants to see.

  30. Vergne shares his humble opinion on the budget cap issue .

  31. Hundred Thousand Problems, a RedBull seat ain’t one

  32. “My Waitlist number for the Red Bull seat no.2!!”

  33. Distracted by posing for the camera, Vergne fails to notice the “front wing-asaur” approaching from behind…

    1. @vettel1, “front wing-asaur” … LOL,

  34. I just drunk my 100.000th can of Red Bull! :)

    1. maybe after another 100,000 theyll put me on the real team

  35. There are 100 000 types of drivers. 31 who can’t read binary, and me!

    (Think about it…)

    1. David not Coulthard (@)
      11th January 2014, 16:15

      Ah, fantastic!

    2. not bad for this caption :)

  36. And this is how much money Toro Rosso spent repairing my car this year!

  37. The Toro Rosso team sends a belated happy birthday message to Bernie Ecclestone.

  38. After drinking 100, 000 cans of redbull vergne is showing good health, although his thumb is locked raised and he has a permanent grin like the joker.

    1. And his 50th set of teeth.

  39. Jean-Eric trying to attract a competitive race seat with the budget he has gathered. He looks quite confident with it.

  40. Jason Norwood
    11th January 2014, 15:37

    JEV confirms his seat with toro rosso after his euro millions numbers came up.

  41. JEV tells us the number of days he will spend as a toro rosso driver before getting the upgrade to red bull.

  42. David not Coulthard (@)
    11th January 2014, 16:14

    A rather low €100,000 wage is still higher that that of at least 1 world champion, so I guess JEV can live with it.

  43. David not Coulthard (@)
    11th January 2014, 16:22

    JEV will use cgs this year instead of SI. He starts by showing us the amount of fuel one can carry in a race this year.

  44. David not Coulthard (@)
    11th January 2014, 16:26

    In order to be able to know his fuel load this year from the pitboards without rivals being able to understand it, JEV will use cgs this year instead of SI.

  45. Mechanics: Quick pour some laxatives in his brew..

  46. Vergne shows off how little he had to pay the team for a 2014 drive.

  47. Jack (@jackisthestig)
    11th January 2014, 17:05

    The odds of Jean-Eric getting a Red Bull drive anytime soon…

  48. JEV reveals his career number, and is duly dropped by Toro Rosso as the required new spec nose was wider than allowed in the regulations.

    1. David not Coulthard (@)
      11th January 2014, 17:59

      @mathers 1×10^5 shouldn’t be too bad…

  49. Hey JEV, remember your teammate from 2013? That’s approximately how far ahead of you he is.

  50. “Vergne’s ‘100.000-reasons why I deserve that RedBull seat’-initiative was as foolproof as his 2013 car-reliability”

  51. +100000 miles to go for a real bull …

  52. Number of times I went under Marko’s desk, and what’s it got me? A white smile.

  53. “I would drive fifty thousand miles, and I would drive fifty thousand more/ Just to be that man who drives a hundred thousand miles to Mateschitz’s door”

  54. Despite a poor early showing against thousands of bored middle-aged men, JEV is nonetheless excited his simulator is finally hooked up to the online leaderboards.

  55. Starting the bidding early for a 2015 seat.

  56. David Stewart
    11th January 2014, 20:57

    This is how much money I would lose per lap if I had to pay for my drive!

  57. Red Bull on their 2014 driver decision: “So in summary we’ve got 100000 reasons not in favour of Jean-Eric and 0 reasons in favour of Jean-Eric for next season.”

  58. JEV prefers not to talk about car reliability, but instead displays signs with significant numbers

  59. And this is how many times you’ll get screwed over by Red Bull as their number 2 driver next yeat Daniel!
    Have Fun!

  60. At least I’m still here.

  61. JEV celebrating his milestone of number of times lapped this season.

  62. Breaking records in the sister team as well, this is for speeding in the pitlane

  63. JEV has proudly whittled down to 100,000 the number of negatives to being at Toro Rosso now that Ricciardo has the other RBR seat.

  64. JEV conducts a silent auction for soon to be obsolete 2013 TR body parts.

  65. JEV reaches a milestone, as he poses for his 100,000th thumbs-up picture.

  66. JEV confirms the amount of ‘likes’ he has on his facebook page

  67. The number of cans that need to be drunk before Red Bull gives you two new front wings.

  68. Offering 100000 for hit on Ricciardo

  69. JEV: This is how many time I will let Seb V. pass through me during races.

  70. And i counted this high all by may self!

  71. Ricciardo – I’m not in this photo man, I’m in Red Bull photos now!
    JEV – Dan, hey, this is how certain the lads back at HQ were that I’d get the RB seat!
    Ricciardo – How certain is that?
    JEV – 000/100
    Ricciardo – Bad luck, man!

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