Kimi Raikkonen, Ferrari, Circuit Gilles Villeneuve, 2014

Caption Competition 54: Kimi Raikkonen

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It’s not been a great start to the season so far for Kimi Raikkonen, and matter took a turn for the worse at Silverstone where he crashed heavily at the start.

Perhaps immersing himself in a virtual environment will put a smile on his face. Can you think of an amusing caption to go with the picture?

Add your suggestion in the comments below and a selection of the best will feature in the F1 Fanatic round-up later next week.

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Image © Ferrari/Ercole Colombo

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109 comments on “Caption Competition 54: Kimi Raikkonen”

  1. After the Silverstone drama, Ferrari finally decided to upgrade their ageing T-800 model.

    1. “I wonder if you can get iRacing on this thing..”

      1. iceRacing

  2. As the re-simulate his Silverstone crash, the fear and terror he experienced is clearly visible on his face.

  3. ‘I haven’t tripped this bad since Spa 2008.’

    1. Great one. Unfortunately, not many people will get the pun on the double meaning of the word “trip”. :)

  4. Kimi Räikkönen showing the audience what he can do best: sleep.

  5. zzzzzzzzzzzzzz

    1. Becken Lima
      12th July 2014, 23:34

      I think we have a winner here!


  6. Kimi: I’ll just crash here for now.

    1. +1
      right next to Pastor


    2. “Hmm, we could race F1 virtually.. wouldn’t even have to leave the party..”

  7. “I don’t care if it’s V-Power. I just want to throw a red shell at Fernando.”

  8. “Put this thing on and no one will realise you’re asleep during your PR days”

  9. AMR (@aiera-music)
    12th July 2014, 11:24

    “The Ferrari simulator sucks..”

  10. “It’s even worse than F14T.”

  11. “Hey, was that a camera? You said you’ll leave me alone if I’ll put this thing on”

  12. I love it! I have a crash on this!

  13. I believe I can fly!
    I believe I can touch the sky!

  14. Im getting paid this year then I’m outa here

  15. Ferrari trialling their new flat nose design for 2015.

  16. Ferrari’s new upgrade to the F14 T excited Kimi like never before.

  17. “Yes yes yes, I know what i’m doing!”

  18. Kimibot… 77% charged…. Do not switch off whilst connected…

  19. V-power showing that even Raikkonen’s dreams are a weird place.

  20. “I’m just going to hide here until my contract is up”

  21. Well they’ve finally got me, for once, I don’t know what I’m doing.

    1. lol very funny!

  22. 39 Celsius is surely too hot for the Iceman!

  23. Cyborg Kimi

  24. “So that’s what driving fast feels like?!”

  25. Ferrari cleverly distract Kimi while they put Jules decals on his car.

    1. The best one for now. :)

  26. Kimi “And now?”

  27. Kimi’s attempt to upstage Alonso on the sunglasses front.

  28. Ferrari is doing some tests on the new KR-02 “Kimibot” in preparation for the German GP, since the old version got damaged in a crash in Silverstone.

  29. In an attempt to cheer him up, Kimi is seen here, judging by the position of his hands, enjoying Ferrari’s new stimulator. Heard muttering afterwards something to the effect…’hard as Armco.’

  30. Ferrari engineer: “How long do you think before he realises he’s not in the real car?”

    1. Doesn’t really make sense, didn’t look too closely at the screen ;)

  31. Ferrari show us just how far behind they are, when it comes to development, with their interpretation of ‘Google glass’

  32. Rumours suggest that there is another Rift within the Ferrari team!

    1. Chris (@tophercheese21)
      13th July 2014, 1:15

      Finally someone makes an Occulus Rift pun!


  33. OmarR-Pepper (@)
    12th July 2014, 14:52

    All I have to do for an icecream…

  34. Jack (@jackisthestig)
    12th July 2014, 15:13

    Kimi’s lap visualisation techniques are not quite on a par with Vettel’s.

  35. “Okay,I will try this Deneuralyzer,that day in Silverstone was very strange!”

  36. Kimi: “Pundits can say what they want, but I can destroy Alonso on Playstation.”

  37. Is there a snorkel for these ?

  38. Unveiling the Kimi “Interview Bot” with preloaded PR answers.

  39. Aditya (@adityafakhri)
    12th July 2014, 16:01

    After the previous version was performing slow, unreliable, and finally suffered a big crash, Ferrari reset the memory and install a new software on Kimibot. Ferrari is hoping to revive this creature performance, just like Windows did with 7 replacing Vista.

  40. “Just my luck………….it’s crashed”

  41. Don’t talk to me in the middle of a game!

  42. give me more power!!!

  43. Improved visor, they said, I can’t see a damn thing!

  44. “When I said I wanted my Ice Cream, I didn’t realise this was part of the arrangement”

  45. In January: I can’t see how Fernando can beat me.

  46. After the accident at Silverstone, there was relief at Ferrari as tests reveal that, at 39 degrees, Kimi is still operating within the optimum temperature window.

  47. Butch27 (@)
    12th July 2014, 17:44

    Kimi Raikkonen dealing with some next level morning wood.

  48. my future seems very dark !!

  49. “This is Cool”

  50. Kimi pondering: “well, what the heck, if Luca says practice, I’ll practise..”

  51. “This is ridiculous.”

    1. “This thing runs hotter than my tyres. “

  52. “Mmm, virtual ice cream!”

  53. And here, the Red Shell Octopus is seen gripping on to Kimi Raikkonen’s face, and Kimi is demonstrating the perfect response of remaining calm and expressionless…

  54. Kimi’s Boat Party Simulator

  55. Kimi takes a look at the organisational structure of Scuderia Ferrari.

  56. “Can’t see anyone… can’t hear anyone… if this is Ferrari’s new Media Event gear, I’d like to stay.”

  57. Ferrari’s aggressive update programme revealed

  58. “Kimi Raikkonen is virtually still in the title hunt.”

  59. Zzzzzzzz…. Zzzzzzzz….

  60. OmarR-Pepper (@)
    12th July 2014, 22:07


  61. Ferrari spokesman: we’ve found that if we eliminate outside stimuli, ice cream, beer grid girls etc Kimi will become comatose instead of his usual semi conscious state

  62. If only I had Beats headphones they wouldn’t slip down over my face like these did!

  63. “The one person qualified to test whether Virtual Reality can remove barriers”

  64. Kimi: “Hmmm, I will tell the engineer that disc is not good place”.

  65. “Can somebody please switch it back to Super Mario Kart?”

  66. Kimi, just keep repeating the words on the screen “Alonso is faster than me”. Ferrari ensuring a harmonious team environment.

  67. “Only Codies can make me fast in F1 2014”

  68. These aren’t my glasses?

  69. Khalid Iqbal
    13th July 2014, 4:47

    Damn , Is that Alonso ahead of me in simulation too

  70. After Silverstone Ferrari have made the track walk mandatory, Kimi complies.

    1. Funny :)
      Virtual track walk

  71. Zain Siddiqui (@powerslidepowerslide)
    13th July 2014, 5:35

    “What I’m looking at makes about as much sense to me as the handling of my F14T.”

  72. Kimi seems unimpressed that PR duties exist in virtual reality.

  73. How long before the girls take their cloths off ?

  74. Stop it guys, you know I’ve got motion sickness!

  75. Tony Robinson
    13th July 2014, 8:30

    Why have these ladies got no clothes on?

  76. This is the faster-charging Quick-Charge version of the Kimibot charger.

    Get it for fl7,99 from Kwantum. No, no Euros or Pounds or Dollars, only Guldens.

  77. Ferrari trying to force Kimi into a special simulator, unaware that he is already asleep!

  78. Maybe I can drive my car from here, if I crash they won’t know it’s me!

  79. This thing is so cool that I just cant wipe the smile off my face

  80. Why do I have to hold this buzzer in my crotch ?
    I mean its ok. but can you put a better movie on?

  81. Shouldn’t Pedro be here doing this ?

  82. “mmmmm, I can taste the ice cream”

  83. Guys, I think this application has crashed.

  84. “All I see is Alonso’s gearbox!”

  85. Are you listening to “Things can only get better” or just enjoying some REM sleep?

  86. Oh look, in this one I’m actually beating Alonso!

  87. Lee McKenzie: Is there any way you can take your glasses off?
    Kimi Raikkonen: No!


  88. Kimi Strikes Back: “Luca, I am your driver.”

  89. Behind the visor, Kimi becomes Schroedinger’s cat. Is he asleep? Is he awake?

  90. After realising that they cannot make a competitive car, Ferrari revert to making a Robo-Driver!

  91. Kimi starts losing his control, keeps his legs closer and hands holding something (in the picture) after ferrari puts him in to virtual environment….Ferrari finds the reason why kimi crashed

  92. I was told this was a lawnmower racing simulator…

  93. I hope they have HBO.

  94. Am I in the right tattoo parlor.

  95. Is this an Indy Car simulator? I can tell Marco’s Snapple rearwing.

  96. J. M. Boneberg
    16th August 2014, 16:47

    “I can see clearly now!”

  97. Leave me Alone they are now faster than me

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