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Silverstone could rename corners to raise money

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In the round-up: Derek Warwick suggests Silverstone could offer corner naming as a means of raising revenue.

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Out latest poll is on whether F1 should adopt NASCAR’s tournament-style playoff system to ensure the championship keeps going until the final round. But even the NASCAR fans among you are sceptical:

I am a huge fan of both NASCAR and F1, but not a fan of the play-off format. I think it works ok for NASCAR for a number of reasons:

• The sport has traditionally been about the show (which I am OK with, it’s great fun to watch when you get into it)
• It’s a really long season, so it’s necessary to keep some interest at different stages
• It’s US-focused and competes directly with other season-long sports have play-off formats
• There are a lot of teams who can win and are more or less evenly matched anyway – as opposed to F1 where it would be odd to have the two Mercedes and two very inferior cars still in contention at the last round

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  • 38 comments on “Silverstone could rename corners to raise money”

    1. Well, at least if they rename Club Corner to Tesco, it would make sense. I sure hope they don’t rename Maggotts-Becketts anything awful though. The possibilities make me shudder.

      1. Copse cutter?

        1. Michael Brown (@)
          31st January 2017, 3:10

          Nah, everyone extends Copse

      2. I’m envisioning every corner named after Santander…

        1. “…and he’s gotten a great run out of Santander, they are side by side going into Santander, and he’s through and is pulling away on the run down to Santander…”

          It is ridiculous enough to actually happen….

          1. Pat Ruadh (@fullcoursecaution)
            31st January 2017, 13:12

            It will always be Abbey to me

            1. Ah, I get it, you’re hoping Santander resurrect their Abbey National brand :).

            2. Pat Ruadh (@fullcoursecaution)
              31st January 2017, 18:33

              @charlski :D

          2. Maybe if it were products it would work

            Maggotts-Becketts (corners 10,11,12) could become the “Santander 1|2|3” for example

      3. He’s almost flat through Copse in association with Northamptonshire Police, and into Maggotts From Bob’s Fishing Tackle.

      4. Easy… keep the names, but solicit brands WITH those names to invest! Here…

        Vale Denim
        Downton Abbey
        Canadian Club Distilling
        Bicester Village
        Brooklands Pet Products

        1. the Hunter Wellington Straight.

          When Kyalami returned in the early 90s, it came with a particularly lame set of sponsored corners – Budget and Yellow Pages. Derek Warwick should be able to remember to sensation of ripping through Yellow Pages (in his Footwork). They didn’t last long.

          1. Willem Cecchi (@)
            31st January 2017, 22:47

            Kyalami have returned the iconic corner names in the latest redevelopment.


    2. The corners already have names! I don’t want historic parts of the track being named after products I probably won’t buy.
      “As we see Lewis Hamilton exiting the toilet duck bend and making his way down the straight”

      1. Agreed, absolutely awful, but preferable to no Silverstone at all?

        1. I think I’d rather have no British GP than be subjected to that.

          1. @john-h for real? I would watch every GP of the year even if they were named Bernie E, Tamara E, Ivanka T, Vladimir P, you got it.

      2. I think someone at Silverstone has been watching too much Grand Tour. Will the corners they can’t sell just be referred to as “Your Name Here”?

        1. @ob1 I remember an F1 team trying that recently…..

      3. ExcitedAbout17
        31st January 2017, 7:42

        I would focus on the real issues rather than the way a circuit can make the numbers add up!

      4. Lewisham Milton
        31st January 2017, 9:49

        Toilet Duck would work well. Or Armitage Shanks. Most of the newer turns at Silverstone are shaped like U-bends.

        Just when you thought the stupid F1 ideas to get headlines and clicks had gone away with Bernie… now that he’s gone, they should turn the Wing into housing.

        1. Well…they want to tap into the American consumer market no? Lewis might soon be going through the ‘corner complex presented to you by 5-hour Energy’ instead of Maggots and Beckets.

          Verstappen blocking Kimi on the ‘Like a good neighbour, StateFarm is here – straight’ at Spa as were looking from Kimi’s Verizon Onboard camara with stewards having to check the ‘Taco Bell-Telemetry graph’ to see if he was turning under braking…

          Thát’s how we are going to make F1 Great Again people!! brought to you by Liberty Global.

    3. Let’s just hope Simply Sausages doesn’t sponsor them as they did with Donington

      1. Pat Ruadh (@fullcoursecaution)
        31st January 2017, 13:34

        Muller Fruit Corner?

        1. Awesome 👏

    4. The idea that the sport’s commercial rights holders, Liberty Media, should step in to prevent the loss of a team and the two cars on the grid it supplies is a non-starter.

      After some thought I realised that yes, Manor has to go the way of all the other unsuccessful F1 teams and go, even though I think some of the blame for their demise lies elsewhere. There is an obligation for F1 to treat all their teams fairly and impartially, and I don’t mean just in the way it vets the cars and administers the rules in a race, it should also be fair in the way each team is presented to the public.
      Manor, Sauber, Force India, etc all paid their fees to race in the F1 series for the 2016 season, so one would expect them get fair TV coverage at each race, or are these teams supposed to pay extra to get their entitlement of fair TV coverage?

    5. A corner loses its identity when it starts being surrounded by endless tarmac run-offs, and not when its name changes.

      1. ExcitedAbout17
        31st January 2017, 7:46

        Well said @serg33.

    6. Fudge Kobayashi (@)
      31st January 2017, 9:41

      That Gordon Kirby article is absolute fantasy, pie in the sky, money no object, licensing no object, copyright and contract law out the window material. Akin to saying F1 needs a Senna back in the sport so lets pull Bruno back and put him on a 12month intensive unlimited mileage testing program and also allow him to take performance enhancing drugs and wrap it all up in a montage Ivan Drago style and present him as McLaren’s Alonso replacement! Um, no.

      1. @offdutyrockstar you’re right, I do love Gordon Kirby and this does all make sense… but as a wishful thinking exercise only, unfortunately. I agree with it all, just can’t see it happening. The thought of F1 Indycar is pretty cool and brings back memories of CART in the 90s when it really was seen as a de-facto F1 in the US (with Andretti, Mansell, Zanardi and Villeneuve switching back and forth, amongst other Indycar drivers testing for F1). But since then F1 has never wanted a strong Indycar because why would it want a strong competitor? No, Liberty surely would be happier to see the continuation of a week Indycar. And just rob Long Beach off them.

    7. But.. didn’t they just spend on a huge wing shaped hospitality area.
      I love silverstone but I find it difficult to accept how they can take a dive financially so suddently… or have they been in trouble for a long time. What about the BRDC?

      1. I may be wrong but, I think Bernie bullied them into a major upgrade of hospitality as part of the contract negotiations.

    8. Not sure I can deal with anymore renaming scandals if I’m honest.
      What happens when something gets called “Cornery McCorner” and it gets vetoed.


      1. Curvey McCurveface

    9. Yes, sell your heritage for some puny sum that won’t make any difference in the long run.

      Just face the music Silverstone. If you can’t afford the GP, don’t host it. All this politicking and begging really gets on my nerves. I think Silverstone as a “brand” is strong enough to survive without F1 – at least in the medium term, it’s not suddenly going to be overtaken as Britain’s premier circuit. Do whatever you need to to sort your finances, eat some humble pie, then a few years down the line see if a more sustainable deal is on the table.

      1. A good game to play on a wet Wednesday is available on the BRDC website.
        Go to the list of members and spend a couple of hours playing Spot the Tax Exile million/billionaire.

        When you have finished, any sympathy for the BRDC and its pleas for state aid are likely to evaporate.

        Certainly, F1 finances need some sorting out but for the BRDC to suggest that they ‘can’t afford it’ is a bit of a stretch of the imagination.

    10. I wish I could muster the passion to care about the potential loss of Silverstone, but it’s a dog of a track these days since the redevelopment. Sector 1 is awful, and Maggots-Becketts does not a great circuit make. Donington won’t happen–nor will Brands, so all I can do is shrug. And I live in Northamptonshire.

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