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FIA race director Charlie Whiting gets no end of driver complaining to him about this, that and the other.

What did Marcus Ericsson have to bring to his attention during the Mexican Grand Prix weekend? That for you to decide in this weekend’s Caption Competition.

Can you come up with the best caption for this picture? Post your funniest suggestion in the comments below.

A selection of the best will feature in a future edition of the F1 Fanatic Round-up.

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64 comments on “Caption Competition 140: Whiting and Ericsson”

  1. This is the chicken I hit. He should definitely get a penalty.

  2. That’s my offer for no penalty next year.. can you entice stewards with this..

  3. “…and that is how you tweet”

  4. Pat Ruadh (@fullcoursecaution)
    17th November 2017, 12:03

    Check it out Charlie… Keith has picked us for this weeks caption competition!

    1. Haha this is good

    2. Ben Rowe (@thegianthogweed)
      18th November 2017, 12:36

      I think that is the best so far!

  5. “……and this is my bank balance. I show it to Peter Sauber everyday to remind him why I deserve to race for his team”

  6. Roth Man (@rdotquestionmark)
    18th November 2017, 12:11

    Charlie: “It’s all very well showing me yourself on Wikipedia, I still have no idea who you are.”

  7. “And here is Max cutting the corner while overlapping me!”

  8. Ericsson realises that his best chance of a 2018 drive is the safety car.

  9. “See? The screen curves all the way over the sides”
    “Hmmm. I don’t like that”.

  10. See there Charlie. I WAS in the race. For a few seconds I was on this bystanders camera, even if all your feeds didnt see me.

  11. wait… so THAT’s what those blue flags mean? I always thought it was just because I drove a blue car and you guys liked it :(

  12. Jonathan Parkin
    18th November 2017, 13:00

    The BBC have revealed the Thirteenth Doctor’s costume. Have you seen it yet?

  13. Honestly, Charlie, I was 13th in Brazil and was lapped just once!

  14. “…Kitchen Porter, 40 hours per week, minimum wage with the opportunity for overtime, references required. Could I put you down as a reference?”

  15. Why should I move away for the leaders, they never did anything for me…

  16. ME: And that’s me with Kevin Spacey. Do you think he’s out of bounds?

    CW: Only if he goes off on the inside.

  17. This is picture of my dad. He was very famous Swedish Chef. Friend of Kermit and Miss Piggy

  18. You have money then??

  19. See, here’s the app, it’s called “Grand Prix Hero”; you link any bank account with at least €30 million, and then you get to be a Formula One driver.

  20. “The key to success here Charlie, is keep swiping right…”

    1. Jonathan Parkin
      18th November 2017, 18:43

      I love that one!

    2. Roth Man (@rdotquestionmark)
      19th November 2017, 0:37

      My favourite

  21. “Up yours Charlie, here’s proof I did participate the last 4 years.”

  22. Marcus: “this is the last tweet I got from Monisha. And it was re-tweeted by Guido Van de Garde.”

  23. tgu (@thegrapeunwashed)
    18th November 2017, 16:07

    Charlie: “You know I wanted one of those mobile telephones, but they didn’t do one with a separate handset.”

  24. These shades are great. You select this in the app and they raise up over your head.

  25. Joshua McGregor
    18th November 2017, 16:56

    “ Charlie, Check out my new iPhone X”

  26. Charlie, my provider is saying I went over my data allowance! Please explain to them I didn’t gain a lasting advantage so shouldn’t be penalised!

  27. Nick (@theawesomefish)
    18th November 2017, 17:49

    “I know people keep saying you can’t pay to win in F1, but I’ve just noticed this tweet from the Belgian government…”

  28. ‘look into that blue light’ ‘what’ ‘just look into that blue light’ ‘ZAPPP’
    *zombie voice* ‘you are now a worthy F1 driver’

  29. Charlie: That green line you’re pointing at is the engine temperature, the red one below it shows you were doing 81 km/h in the pit lane.

  30. Marcus: I’m proposing a new flag, here it is. Do you like it? It’s sort of like the Blue Flag, but this one allows a lapped driver to unlap themselves by having the race leaders pull aside to let the slower car pass them.
    Charlie: I’m not sure about that flag, it has a strong resemblance to a well known obscene gesture.

  31. Has extensive technical knowledge from tens of years in F1 – still requires expert help to assemble an IKEA cabinet.

    1. Ben Rowe (@thegianthogweed)
      18th November 2017, 22:50

      That is a really good one!

  32. CW: I expected there to be lemons. And two men hardly makes a party.

  33. “…and this is how I submit my deposit to secure my seat next year”

  34. Marcus: Just check out this new Verizon phone. It has unlimited data and streaming not like the other phone that I had.

    Charles: Where did he go?

  35. ..and here you can see clearly that I was inside the line..

    1. Yes, but that’s your Playstation, Marcus..

  36. “Just tap here to engage Pascal’s pit limiter.”

  37. Yamaha is developing the the Motobot for the Moto GP…

    …look fluffy kittens doing crazy things!!!

  38. This has a better engine than my car

  39. Derek Edwards
    19th November 2017, 8:14

    “Is that your Sony, Ericsson?”

    1. Love this one.

  40. Charlie: “Always tell your mother before you go somewhere”

    Ericsson: “Meeaaaaoooow”

  41. “Here’s a message for Charlie…”

  42. Does your new Swedish phone have a keyboard?
    Yes, but it only has Allen keys…

  43. “I left it in my back pocket when I climbed into the car. See how badly the screen’s cracked.”

    1. “That’s not a new angry emoji. That’s Fernando Alonso.”

  44. Charlie is particularly interested in checking out the new ‘Random Track Limit Penalty Generator’ app.

  45. “No, Charlie. The ‘1’ is the white space between the F and the red shape…”

  46. if I swipe left on Grosjean, you will can hear him complain

  47. “You just wait and see what these girls do with that cup…”

    1. Aaah! Nasty
      Still regret the day I wondered why all those people jumped out of their chair and asked google about it

  48. No Charlie, I’m Ericsson, THIS is a phone

    1. “Hey, your have an Ericsson phone!”
      “Yeah, could not get a top brand.”

  49. AntonioCorleone
    20th November 2017, 20:00

    – And here is my name.
    – Can’t see it. Where?
    – At the bottom of the screen Charlie.

  50. Try out tinder – its no too late for you – having millions on your account…

  51. No more button…. you have to swipe to answer calls

  52. Peter Stickland
    30th December 2017, 15:05

    They call it tinder, I thought it was a type of tyre mould at first

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