Hulkenberg predicts F1 will drop Halo

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In the round-up: Nico Hulkenberg expects Halo will not be a permanent addition following its introduction in the 2018 F1 season.

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Perhaps getting rid of the current F1 logo is less about what it looks like and more about what it stands for:

Part of me thinks the only reason they want to change it so drastically, rather than just tweaking like most iconic logos do (Shell, Apple, Mercedes, BMW, GE, to name but a few examples), is to break from the “Bernie Era”.

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60 comments on “Hulkenberg predicts F1 will drop Halo”

  1. I’m not going to be surprised if there is a near-miss (something like Alonso and Raikkonen’s collision in Austria) and the FIA claim that the halo made a difference, even if it didn’t. Once the halo is on the cars, they could start crediting it with saving the drivers life in every major collision

    1. @strontium Could say the same about any of the safety devices on the cars.

      How often do you hear the HANS device or wheel tethers credited with preventing injury? And while they have clearly helped prevent injuries/deaths in many situations, There are bound to be some where they didn’t make any difference to the outcome but were still at least partly credited with been a benefit.

      As to it been removed down the road, Can’t see it happening because once on the cars it will be refined, improved & eventually replaced with something better whenever one becomes available.

      I also hear that mock-ups Ross Brawn has been showing around to teams/drivers/media this weekend of the vision for the 2021 cars (I hear they look somewhat futuristic) includes the Halo, Albeit a version that is said to look far more appealing than what we have seen thus far as it’s fully integrated into the design philosophy of the whole car.

      1. That is actually the one thing that really strikes me everytime i watch early-2000s footage. Everything seems pretty good safety wise except for this abundance of loose, flying wheels going all over the place.

        1. Even with tethers wheels do fly.
          One of Kimi Räikkönens wheels sheared off when he crashed at Silverstone 2014 and brushed past Max Chiltons helmet. Chiltons helmet had a black tire mark on its side…
          Had the tire hit him one inch to the left then his helmet would have been bounced aside like a bowling pin. He would have been killed!

        2. @mrboerns, and what is forgotten is that those loose wheels ended up killing two marshals (Paolo Gislimberti in the Italian GP in 2000 and Graham Beveridge in the 2001 Australian GP) – though all too often it seems that a lot of people here never seem to care about the welfare of the marshals.

      2. Are there any photos of the 2021 car design mock-ups

  2. ‘UAE could have F1 driver by tomorrow if they want,’ says (Ed) Jones (Gulf News)

    “The only way I’d go to F1 now is if it was for one of the top four teams. Being at a top Indy Car team is better than being lower down in F1.”

    On an unrelated note: When asked about the top four teams in F1, Jones spontaneously named Haas, Sauber, Toro Rosso, and Marussia.

    Oh yeah, and those people who keep calling the Halo a ‘kneejerk’ reaction seem to have made atypical experiences with kneejerks, because last time I checked, they don’t take 3 full years of group meetings, redesigning, and testing.

  3. Something came out tonight that isn’t a part of this round-up which I just wanted to comment on/clarify.

    Next year every car will run a 360° camera on the top of the chassis just in-front of the Halo which will provide a shot like this from an earlier test –

    The thing I wanted to make note of is that these cameras will not be broadcasting live feeds & will only be recording to internal flash media within the camera itself. To go along with these they will also have some (Again non live) 360° cameras at trackside recording for post race release.

    There going to be doing what Formula E do & making post race edits on social media platforms featuring the 360° material. For example-

    The reason the camera will be where it will be & not on the roll hoop as in Formula E is because the cars will still carry the existing live transmitting t-bar front/backward facing camera. Not every Formula E car carries a live in-car (every f1 car does) so they are able to put the 360° on the roll hoop in place of the dummy housings.

    1. That sounds really good. I’ve been thinking they should do something like this for a couple of years now

    2. @gt-racer, I’m all for that, our (NSW Australia) FTA 1 hour highlights broadcast of the BrazilGP, consisted of the 1st 16 or so laps between commercials, and then after another commercial break we got 6 +- laps of LH chasing KR, then SV crossing the line, all unedited from the original live broadcast, had I not read about the race beforehand I would have thought we had cut to a different race.

  4. I’m all for dropping the halo because it looks horrible, but for it’s significance in the safety standards, it’ll stay and we’ll be grateful for it. Seriously, anyone complaining about it should watch FIA’s press conference from a couple of months ago. They gave a very detailed analysis and it’s hard to go against their conclusions. It saves lives, it stays.

    I don’t like it, don’t get me wrong, but if it means not crying during a lonely night in the middle of October like in 2014, I’m all for it.

    1. @fer-no65
      The FIA said that in the case of Jules Bianchi accidents the Halo would have served for nothing.

      1. @tifoso1989 that’s not my point. What I mean is that I don’t want to see another driver getting injured, halo or not. If this one helps in that case, great.

      2. And that’s actually reassuring @tifoso1989, because that was clear from the start: the only fix for such accidents is not to have heavy equipment near the track while the cars are going around fast. VSC is one of the things that came in to help there.

  5. Green said there was “zero” chance of the halo being dropped before the opening race of the 2018 season, adding it would need “something as big” as a boycott.

    You know to do, lads.

    1. *you know what to do

      1. That’s what you want them to boycott for?

        There are many more important issues; even within the confined World of F1.

  6. In all honesty, F1 lost its looks credibility in 2014, at least the halo is designed for a good cause, driver safety…×590.jpg

    1. 2014 !? Don’t you mean 1970.

  7. Did vegan for a couple months, not that I was binging on meat. I felt no improvement at all, as with detox diets, it’s about effort, that makes the difference. Drop the vegan thing, makes no difference or whatsoever, bad or good.

    1. @peartree there are things to be gained from making changes to your diet if you suffer from even mild intolerances or allergies. If it’s working for him, or anyone elae for that matter, then who are we to argue?

      I’ve also noticed Hamilton has been referencing his diet as being plant-based and not Vegan, perhaps to try and avoid starting discussions around the stereotypes associated with it.

      1. Also provides room if he decides one night he just has to have a steak. Followed by some ice cream. “It’s plant based, not plant only !”

        1. I’m fine with whatever diet a person wants to have and I’ve never tried to become vegetarian nor vegan, but I do find it a bit curious that if this has been so miraculous for LH, why his personal trainer(s) didn’t recommend this long ago.

      2. @sparkyamg Not arguing about Lewis. I’m arguing about the stereotypes, vegan vs vegetarian vs modern. As with detox diets it’s about what works with you, rather than because it’s a so called “super food”.

  8. If I had a giant corporation surely love to have Bernie as CEO. He didn’t spent lots of advertising yet he manage to push company value up while kept teams share high even when he was against the product format.

    1. Yeah Bernie as CEO, Trump as President, and throw in Mugabe to make it a trio.

      High standards.

      1. Didn’t Trump was democratically elected?

        1. @ruliemaulana, strictly speaking, Trump was not directly elected to his position by the US public – the US public technically vote for members of the US Electoral College, and the members of the US Electoral College then vote on whom should be elected President.

          Normally the electors vote in accordance with the majority vote within their state, or sometimes within a particular electoral district, but not all states require them to do so and, over the years, there have been instances where the electors have voted differently – for example, in 2016 we know that at least one Texan elector cast his vote in support of Kasich instead of Trump, and that vote was a valid nomination for Kasich to be awarded the Presidency.

          The US Electoral College system means that, even though Trump actually lost the popular vote – he scored 46% of the popular vote, whereas Clinton scored 48% – because of the way that votes are allocated under the US Electoral College system, he was able to win a majority of the votes from the electors and therefore won the Presidency.

          It has been a long standing criticism of the US Electoral College system that the way in which the electors are allocated means that candidates can lose the popular vote, but win enough electoral college votes to win the Presidency. Theoretically, a candidate could win as little as just over 22% of the popular vote and still win enough votes from the US Electoral Colleges to win the Presidency – whilst very unlikely to occur in reality, the fact that the electoral system would allow such a thing to happen does highlight some of the flaws within the US electoral system.

          1. just to point out the other side of the coin for the electoral college. Candidates know how the system works and plan their campaigns around it. While it does tend to push the focus to “battle ground” states, those are spread all around the country. With a direct popular vote, campaigns would shift to high population areas and everywhere else would be forgotten, so the candidates have to think about the country as a whole, not just the high population centers.

        2. Lost by 3 million votes. See the above for an explanation of the Electoral College.

        3. And so was Mugabe. But irrelevant to the (sarcastic) point I made.

        4. So wad Mugabe. What’s your point?

  9. Michael Brown (@)
    25th November 2017, 7:38

    The FIA practically forced the Halo on the teams

    1. @mbr-9, the FIA has often had to force safety changes onto the teams, even when the changes might seem like common sense – from the restrictions they had to place on teams in the 1960’s on using pure magnesium components, which caused essentially uncontrollable fires that also made it extremely dangerous for those trying to put the fire out, through to forcing the teams to move the drivers legs behind the front axle line in the 1980’s because, for years, drivers were being extremely badly injured (Regazzoni, for example, being permanently paralysed from the waist down after a crash in 1980), or even killed (Peterson) but the teams did not want to give up the centre of gravity advantage from putting the drivers legs ahead of the front axle line.

  10. Kimi did look like too casual in that new Turbo Track.

  11. Shame you missed the tweet by AMuS about the halo, Keith. Bottas for instance is still struggling to get out of the car in the time the FIA requires. Very dangerous.

    1. That’s why Keith included articles about Veganism and weight management ;)

    2. @hahostolze Is this what you’re referring to? Hadn’t seen it:

      It was probably buried under the endless stupid .gifs the teams insist on posting…

    3. @hahostolze I don’t see extraction been an issue with the Halo once drivers get used to it & figure out what the best way of pulling themselves up/out is.

      It’s also been brought up on Sky a few times over the year that once it’s integrated into the car design next year it will be a lot sturdier than the bolt-on version thats been trialed in practice sessions & drivers will therefore be able to better use it to pull themselves out without it moving around a bit as the test version apparently does if drivers try to do that.

      1. @stefmeister, and Tobias Grüner, the person who took those photographs, made exactly that point – that Bottas only took that long because that was the first time that he had ever practised evacuating the car with the Halo on.

        Having spoken with Bottas afterwards, and with other drivers as well, he has said that, with a bit more practise, they can meet the minimum evacuation times – so it sounds as if the complaints are over exaggerated and it won’t be the sort of problem that people are trying to portray it as being.

    4. Coming next to F1 – ejector seats.

    5. I’ve been saying this on this site and been met with derision by Halo ‘fans’. You can’t get out, and that test they did upside down (in the FiA presentation) was done with no front end of the car attached. It’s ridiculous. Of course it’s difficult for the driver to get out, it’s stating the bleeding obvious. Just by looking at it you can see it will cause issues.

  12. I just hope that we will be able to say the same thing Alonso said: “Hulkenberg was right!”

  13. I’m no fan of the halo, but it can either be introduced now or introduced at some point in the future when an F1 driver is killed by flying debris. Why wait for that to happen?

    1. Pat Ruadh (@fullcoursecaution)
      25th November 2017, 11:50

      And what if halo deflects debris towards the drivers face? Or another cars nosecone that would have otherwise ridden over the helmet a la Alonso/Grosjean? Better the devil you know.

      1. your seatbelt might trap you in a burning car, but you still wear one right? Same thing for the halo.

        1. You can undo a seatbelt, and indeed the HANS neck support clips. The same should apply for Halo.

    2. @jackysteeg, @lancer033, two drivers in an almost 70-year history of Formula One have been killed by flying objects. One driver was stricken by bird (wearing no full-face helmet) and the other by a fire extinguisher (due to a complete negligence of the track marshals). Let’s not forget that until 1996, cars cockpits were fully open.

  14. Just watched the highlights of yesterdays Race 1 of the Esports thingy. They only did a 25% race? How lame is that,… they try to be taken seriously with a fancy league and first they run on a crappy game and next they don’t even do a full GP distance. They should’ve picked iRacing, and most likely we wouldn’t even see any of the 20 guys right now as the world series there is of another level than Codemasters Need for Speed in a F1 jacket…

    1. Race distances may increase in the future, but it has to be engaging for the fans and I don’t really want to watch a full virtual GP. But 25% distance I can justify my time.

      That’s just me, but I doubt I’m alone.

  15. So, “…for health and environmental reasons…” Lewis became a vegan. My understanding is that he made this decision while flying to L.A. on his party jet.

    1. Lol…yup cows are more harmful than ‘our flights and our cars’ so I’ll proceed to change course mid-flight at will whenever I have the fuel onboard to burn.

  16. I don’t know why, but this round up left me feeling really despondent.

  17. maximum extraction time test for the drivers to exit cockpit themselves will be lifted with halo from 5 seconds to what? 10-15? interesting yesterday what Martin Brundle said, apparently in Hungary test, Kubica recorded the fastest ever self extraction time, that’s determination.

  18. Bob McKenzie clearly doesn’t understand that in the past, F1 engines were not chosen based on noise but performance. Noise was a by product. As soon as we move away from that philosophy, F1 becomes only surface deep and long term will suffer. These people really should know better but I guess I expect too much.

  19. If anyone still wants to subject themselves to more Bernie drivel this link might get past the FT paywall:

    1. That’s a link to the same article which is in the round-up, which isn’t behind a paywall to begin with.

  20. I guess that FT link doesn’t work, sorry about that. You can try searching for the title. One of the search results wil probably work…

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