Lewis Hamilton, Mercedes, Circuit de Catalunya, 2018

2018 Spanish Grand Prix championship points

2018 Spanish Grand Prix

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2018 Spanish Grand Prix

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12 comments on “2018 Spanish Grand Prix championship points”

  1. Hello darkness my old friend… Stars seem to be aligning for Lewis this season, good race today though but other than Australia hasn’t looked like doing much, and he somehow has a 17 point lead. Long way to go though, I don’t even care who, I just want a non Mercedes WDC! Even Bottas would annoy me as it’s /still/ Mercedes, although then we’d at least have a story of the #2 outperforming #1…

  2. It was a fun championship. This tends to happen, 1st european season and metronomy succeds. Ferrari’s imcompetence means they can’t hold or utilize a performance advantage and considering how far RB is, there’s no hope for the season. Mercedes generally operate very efficiently, and so does RB but since rb has not enough performance, mercedes will take full advantage of their performance advantage. I hope out of respect of all other teams we get back to the other tyres as the first races were interesting.

    1. Sorry, but I kinda fail to see their big incompetence so far. This is the 1st race where they messed up. In AUS they didn’t have any pace against HAM, here a lot worse than AUS (BOT would have drove into distance too if it wasn’t for the position lost at the start), rest of the season it was just bad luck + the other part of the garage has a horse half dead since 2014. You can throw at RAI any strategy you want, he won’t come on top anymore. I guess you can blame them for keeping a horse half dead for so many years.

      1. @mg1982 Räikkönen has been a much improved driver this season and completely warrants that seat. In Australia he came in 3rd, I believe. Bahrain was a non score due to an unfortunate incident. Baku was a case of much needed luck. Here too, Kimi looked on course for 4th which was the best Ferrari could get out of him. The car this weekend was simply second best. So, finishing fourth wouldn’t have been that bad. Two engines going in one weekend is too much of bad luck even for Kimi.

        1. Neah, he didn’t improve. How can he improve at… 38… and after so many years in F1?! It’s the car, it suits better his style than previous cars while VET had some issues understanding it. RAI lost speed and that’s his problem, then now VET seems to have solved his issues with this car, so he dominates RAI again. In Baku it was mostly his fault for wrecking his front wing, really lucky there was a SC period and many DNFs ahead, otherwise it would have been a poor finish for him. Then, this race, it’s a big wonder if he was fast enough to finish 4th. I highly doubt it. He was losing ground to top 3 and the RBR were right behind him, then RBR performed better than Ferrari on Mediums. So, I kinda doubt he would have managed to finish 4th, 5th or 6th seems a lot more realistic.

  3. Haas having only 19 points compared to McLaren’s 40 and Renault 41, despite having a superior car to both of them really shows how much it pays to have drivers who can deliver consistently at a high level (especially 2 of them), and experience as well.

    1. You’re pretty much right, but I think Renault has a better car overall. Renault battled for 4th best team position every race so far, not really the case for Haas. Haas has some sort of a problem with the drivers indeed, and that’s cause they’re more like VER instead of RIC.

    2. Not really disagreeing with you on that, but the possible 22 points that they lost out on in Australia (which would have them tied with Renault) was not due to mistakes by the drivers.

      1. @schooner Perhaps I was a bit unclear on this, but when I mentioned that they lacked experience, I was talking about the team, and not the drivers. Haas have never been in a situation like this before.

  4. Ben Rowe (@thegianthogweed)
    13th May 2018, 17:56

    Well it certainly would be the case that Bottas would be ahead of Vettel in the championship now, if it wasn’t for his retirement in Baku. He would also only be 5 points behind Hamilton if not for last race. The points Bottas has at the moment really make him look worse than he has been.

    1. Exactly. And HAM looks better than he has been.

  5. Had Raikkonen not retired from Bahrain and Spain, and Bottas’ tyre not failed at Baku, the championship would have looked like this:

    Hamilton – 88 points
    Bottas – 83 points
    Vettel – 75 points
    Raikkonen – 69 points

    Now this would have been more interesting.

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