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2021 Hungarian Grand Prix championship points

2021 Hungarian Grand Prix

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F1 drivers championship after the 2021 Hungarian Grand Prix

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F1 constructors championship after the 2021 Hungarian Grand Prix

2Red Bull291
7Aston Martin*48
9Alfa Romeo3

*Sebastian Vettel was disqualified for failing a post-race technical inspection. Aston Martin have served notice of their intention to appeal.

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2021 Hungarian Grand Prix

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51 comments on “2021 Hungarian Grand Prix championship points”

  1. Two weeks and three hours ago, this was an insane future

    1. Davethechicken
      1st August 2021, 16:17

      It isn’t all about Max and Lewis, rejoice in Ocon and Vettel!!!

      1. This article is literally about championship points

      2. We can walk and chew gum. F1 is in crazy town right now. A lot of it is really negative. But we have a real title fight right now and Ocon and Vettel on a Podium. Alonso battling Hamilton on track like it’s 2007. Let us rejoice.

        1. Indeed, brought me back 14 years!

  2. Both Williams scored points. What a day for them.

    1. The curse is broken! Massive celebrations.

    2. Who thought in a million years it would be Latifi leading them home though. But congrats to them. There is no way Haas scores that many points.

      1. Well, to be honest, Latifi has been the better racer of the two @dmw – he has had far less crashes, often has solid starts, while Russel tends to drop back and actually often manages to make a few places up from where he starts.

        1. @bascb Russell drops back because he starts further ahead. By your logic, Mazepin does a better job than Hamilton since he loses fewer positions.

          1. Mazepin also tends to drop almost a minute behind even his own teammate @mashiat, that is not the same thing at all. Come up with at least a somewhat reasonable comparison and we can discus that.

      2. And Alfa Romeo will have though times trying to pass Williams. I really don’t thnik they will…. But who knows

      3. Indeed, schumacher also drove well though and was battling for points with verstappen at some point, would say he deserved a point too.

  3. What was bottas thinking…

    1. Barry Bens (@barryfromdownunder)
      1st August 2021, 16:18

      ‘I wonder what happens if I do not press the weird piece of plastic with my foot that makes my wheelie wheelie go slow slow’

      But then in Finnish naturally

      1. Are you a simple? Or just broken?

  4. I saw redbull run to their simulators already, after the race they will present their findings to stewards about how ham slowed down perfectly for bottas to crash verstappen… :) it is in coming 3-2-1

    1. They will also send Albon out in old car and wet the track just to make it authentic.

    2. I’m waiting for the enraged outburst about how Bottas is desperate and an amateur etc and to read about it for a week. No? Not this time?

  5. That’s the 2021 season for you. Max only gets 1st and 2nd places, his tyre explodes being in the lead of a GP and he gets hit by a Mercedes in 1st and 2nd place position.

    Mercedes makes lots of mistakes and they lead both champions

    1. Yes. This season’s result is getting more and more farcical.

    2. +1 Totally undeserved for Max 3 races he suffered because of things he cant control. But adversity is mans greatest test and would be great to see Max bounce back after the much needed break.

    3. RBR has led still by far the most laps. They have the car. They have a fast driver. It’s neck and neck in the tables. So we have a great second half ahead of us. Take heart.

      1. Hopefully luck turns around a bit, this is insane.

  6. It’s a shame for Verstappen that he goes into the break being behind in the championship,as he got really unlucky in 3 events. The battle between Red Bull-Mercedes and McLaren-Ferrari will go till the end i reckon (and i hope).

  7. Lewis and Mercedes were lucky despite making a terrible call.

    1. The location of Mercedes garage made it super prone to incidents and unsafe releases. I thought their call was stupid but it did make some sense. They also thought there would be rain.

    2. tbf the team can’t talk to the drivers on the formation lap, and was Lewis really going to go into the pits first, on his own? He could have been bang last, and 5s behind! So only in hindsight, realistically. Then behind him once Ocon did they were all bound to follow. Credit to Ocon sure, and he reaped the reward.

      1. Unfortunately, Hamilton was stuck in that situation. Pit and get stuck behind everyone else that didn’t if they chose to stay
        out or stay out. And without the team being able to call him in, he had to make the call himself.

        That must have been the strangest feeling being the only one on that grid. I know it was a strange thing to watch.

        1. It turns out that rule doesn’t apply on a restart so it was the team’s call, but they were quite stuck anyway, being the first garage.

      2. AJ (@asleepatthewheel)
        1st August 2021, 16:46

        But what sort of system could Mercedes have been using which resulted in only their driver staying out?

        1. yes a simulation too far!!

    3. Which offered us a somewhat entertaining race. Image the outcry had Hamilton won race. Well, there is still outcry anyway.

      1. I thought f1 was a meritocracy, not the most lucky wins, guess I was wrong.

        1. The WDC is a points based championship. Most POINTS wins. The very definition of a meritocracy!

  8. Latifi out performing Russell boy that young man has talent.
    Thank you Valteri for the observation.

  9. RocketTankski
    1st August 2021, 16:54

    And with that the RB dream is over for another year..
    Mercedes are world champions yet again in 2021

  10. The championship makes sense again.
    Lewis deserves to win it.
    He’s the best driver on the grid

    1. Verstappen and RB can still win both championships. The battle is still on.

    2. Wait for it, Jorge.

    3. Hamilton is no longer the best driver on the grid: verstappen, leclerc, norris, prob russel are stronger now, he made several mistakes this year.

      1. That’s your opinion. Meanwhile, in the real world, we have Lewis leading the WDC standings. Less you forget, Lewis is still the most successful driver ever to race in F1. So while you have your opinions, statistics show them to be wrong.

  11. I have every sympathy with the many Max fans who are bemoaning his bad luck. Reminds me of Hams bad luck during 2016.
    Too early?

    1. The bad luck where he cheated and still lost the Championship
      Lewhine CHeatlton is prime Schumacher without the skill, talent and team spirit, just the dirty cheat left
      At least Nico had the decency to retire, jus sayin

      1. Hamilton cheated in 2016? I don’t get it, I don’t usually defend hamilton but seems to me he did a great job against horrible luck to get within a race of winning 2016.

        1. It’s rediculous how people are still claiming that Hamilton cheated in Abu Dhabi in 2016.

          What he did was not only in the rules, but multiple team bosses and drivers had said BEFORE the race that it was his best tactic for taking the championship, to back Rosberg up into the traffic and let him get swamped and lose places.

          Even after the race -and I believe Rosberg even said the same- the same drivers and team bosses kept the same line. That it was the only thing he could have done.

          If it had been any other driver, it would have been long forgotten by now, but because it’s Hamilton the people still bringing it up have their own reasons for holding him to completely different standards.

      2. Awww bless, are you sad?

      3. So much “Dislike mercedes noobs” coming from you.

  12. * not sure if Aston Martin have grounds to appeal, the regulation says there must be 1 litre of fuel remaining in the tank, but there was 0.3 🤷‍♂️

    1. Not exactly there was 1.44 litres left in the tank but they could only extract 0.3.

      Harsh but thems the rules for everyone

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