Max Verstappen, Red Bull, Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya, 2022

“Why won’t you let me by?” Team orders and DRS dramas on Red Bull’s radio in Spain

2022 Spanish GP team radio transcript

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Red Bull brought home a one-two finish in the Spanish Grand Prix but had to navigate a few tricky moments during the race to get there.

Max Verstappen and Sergio Perez ran second and fourth in the opening stages. However a stiff gust of wind sent Verstappen off-track at turn four, dropping him behind his team mate.

That led to the first of two occasions on which Perez was told to let his team mate by. But as soon as Red Bull did that, a DRS problem Verstappen had suffered on Saturday recurred. That thwarted his efforts to pass second-placed George Russell.

The retirement of Charles Leclerc meant the three-way scrap between the Red Bull drivers and Russell became the battle for the lead. After the trio pitted, Verstappen continued to try to find a way past Russell. Meanwhile an unimpressed Perez, whose DRS was working, urged the team to let him past Verstappen.

Rather than do that, Red Bull opted to pit Verstappen again and leave Perez on a two-stop strategy. That meant in the final third of the race Perez held the lead while Verstappen closed rapidly on fresher tyres. Red Bull intervened again, telling Perez to let his team mate by. Verstappen went on to win.

Here’s how the race unfolded on their radios.

Max Verstappen and Sergio Perez’s 2022 Spanish Grand Prix radio messages

Verstappen made no remark when he skidded off the track on turn nine, though Red Bull were quick to warn Perez about the gust of wind which had caught out his team mate.

1LambiaseMode six.BirdCar behind, Sainz.
1LambiaseDisplay eight.BirdInto our management. Display eight.
1LambiaseStraight into management.
2LambiaseOkay DRS now enabled and strat six when you can.BirdFail 91 fail, when you can.
2LambiaseWhilst you’re this close to Leclerc, Max, try to cool the car as best you can.BirdDRS enabled. Leclerc’s first lap 27.6, Max 27.5.
2LambiaseRear-left tyre leaning at the moment.BirdStraight on the management.
3LambiaseGap 1.8 behind.
3LambiaseOkay for info Max the last lap you were managing tyres more in three and nine, that’s fine for the.
4LambiaseMax just for the moment, continue to cool the car on the straights. So if you could just pull out a little bit from Leclerc’s tow.
5LambiaseGot behind three seconds. Keep the management up.BirdMain losses to Max turn five, turn seven.
6Bird27.4 for Leclerc, 27.7 for Max.
6BirdTyre temps have stabilised.
6BirdSainz in the gravel at turn four.
6BirdHe’s going again.
6BirdCar behind us Bottas at seven seconds.
7LambiaseOkay Leclerc 27.9, gap behind 4.6.BirdTyre seven, not urgent.
7BirdManagement into 10 [unclear].
8LambiaseCould I have a front wing update for the next stint, please?BirdYellow ahead, yellows.
8VerstappenAh, that’s alright.BirdLet’s get him Checo, let’s get it done.
8LambiaseTyres okay for the moment, Max.
8LambiaseThat was a large gust, entry of turn four there, Max.
9BirdCouple of cars have gone off at turn four. Getting a strong gust of tailwind at turn four.

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As Perez tried to pass Russell, Verstappen appeared on his tail. The champion quickly pointed out to his team that he felt he was quicker. Red Bull gave Perez one more chance to pass the Mercedes before ordering the switch.

9BirdThis is your chance, get it done.
10VerstappenI’m miles faster.BirdOkay Checo let Max have a shot. Let him through before four.
10LambiaseYep copy Max.PerezGive me one more lap.
10Verstappen[Unclear]BirdLet’s give him a shot now. We’ll pay back later.
10BirdThank you.
10BirdStay with him.
Verstappen spent a long time behind Russell

Verstappen’s DRS failed to deploy when he tried to pass Russell. The Mercedes driver then pitted, and Red Bull responded by doing the same, rather than leave Verstappen out to gain the position on-track.

11LambiaseStrat eight.BirdOkay back into our management, back into lift-and-coast. We really need it now.
11LambiaseMax, info: The DRS flap did not open last lap. Keep trying.BirdOkay so we bring our temperatures under control, management turn one, four, turn 10.
11PerezYeah high speed is a little bit neutral.
11BirdYeah. Copy.
12LambiaseBox and pit confirm Max, Russell is boxing as well, box pit confirm. Strat 12 in pit lane, focus on your marks.BirdOkay let’s manage the temperatures for now. So double your management for now particularly turn 10, turn four.
13LambiaseStrat eight. Okay Max, just so you are aware DRS did work on the in-lap.BirdOkay enjoy this free air.
13LambiaseRussell instructed to bring his tyres in gently.BirdB-bal four is available for a bit of stability and [unclear] for turn five if you need it.
13LambiaseInfo, Leclerc at the lead is a 28.5, his lap time.PerezWhat’s the pace of Leclerc?
13BirdLeclerc’s last lap 28.3.
13BirdPU eight position four. PU eight position four, plus two.
14LambiaseMax just to confirm it’s thermal deg, wear looks fine, thermal deg.BirdMode six when you can.
14LambiaseMode seven, Max.

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Verstappen’s DRS continued to thwart his efforts to pass Russell. Meanwhile Perez made his first pit stop, having run just four laps longer than his team mate.

15LambiaseGap 0.6.BirdPlan A.
15LambiaseDRS did not open…
15VerstappenThe fucking DRS!
15LambiaseMax when you can engine 11 position five.
16BirdBox Checo, box. Start 12 for the pit lane.
17Verstappen… not even make the fucking DRS…BirdStrat eight, strat eight.
17BirdOkay Max eight seconds in front. Reset your tools.
17BirdOkay we’ve got 49 laps to go, we’re on plan A, into our management.
17BirdOkay when you can display 10, position 11. Plus five.
18BirdSo initial laps for Max and Russell, 27.6, 27.3.

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George Russell, Mercedes, Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya, 2022
Perez lost time behind his stuck team mate

While Verstappen was frustrated forlap after lap by his DRS problems, Perez emerged from the pits and caught his team mate and Russell again.

19LambiaseOkay Max you’ve got DRS, we are watching Russell just be careful…BirdReset our switches: Display eight, tyre eight.
19VerstappenNo my DRS is not working mate.PerezWhat’s the pace for Max?
19LambiaseJust look out for Russell because he’s moving in the braking zone.BirdMax being held up by Russell. His last lap a 27.9.
19Bird20 laps complete, 46 remaining. Go mode seven boats.
20VerstappenOh my god man.
20LambiaseStrat six please Max.
20LambiaseMax try pressing the DRS after your kerbing.
21LambiaseMax I think you may have closed it last time around.BirdGap to Max five seconds, you’re reeling them in.
21VerstappenBecause I’m pressing it 50 fucking times before it opens.BirdDisplay 10, position 11. Plus one.
21LambiaseJust try one button press after the kerb.
22PerezWhat’s the pace for them?
22BirdMax this last lap a 28.2. Gap 3.5.
22BirdLeclerc’s first lap on the medium: 27.2.
23LambiaseNot sure he left you a car’s width.BirdOkay increase management for now. We’ll build some temperature margin. Use the temperatures when we need it to race.

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With fresher tyres and working DRS, Perez urged Red Bull to let him past. Meanwhile Russell’s firm defence was infuriating Red Bull, who accused him of breaking the rules, though the stewards noted nothing of concern about his defensive moves.

24PerezGet me Max out of the way so I overtake quickly.
24BirdYeah copy Checo.
24BirdSo build the temperature margin for now.
24BirdBrakes are a bit on the warm side.
25LambiaseStrat five.BirdLet’s wait at two seconds for now. We’re in a different race from them.
25PerezWhy don’t you let me by? I have very fresh tyres. I can get by quickly.
26VerstappenAh he’s moving under braking.BirdBuild the margin on the tyre temps, build the margin on the brakes, we’ll get our chance.
26LambiaseCopy that. The stewards aren’t doing aren’t doing anything about it. If it’s not you, it’s allowed, apparently.PerezWe will compromise our race, mate.
26LambiaseLeclerc travelling slowly ahead, he’s complained of a loss of power. Expecting Leclerc to pit ahead of you.BirdWe’ve got Leclerc slow in turn 10, turn 11.
26BirdLeclerc slow ahead turn 13.

As Perez continued to lose time behind his team mate, he reminded his race engineer of his earlier words that he would get payback for letting Verstappen through. Red Bull opted to bring Verstappen in for his second pit stop, which cleared the way for Perez to pass Russell, which he did quickly.

27LambiaseBox and pit confirm, Max. Strat 12 in pit lane. Focus on your marks.BirdLeclerc pitted.
27PerezCome on guys, let me by.
27BirdYou’ve still got fresh tyres, you’re going to get your shot.
27PerezI did help Max earlier, man, come on.
27BirdYeah we know Checo.
27BirdLet’s get him, let’s get him.
28LambiaseOkay strat eight, white light on the exit. Could be close to Sainz…BirdStroll just ???.
28VerstappenAm I racing someone?BirdOkay. Russell’s last lap 28.8. This is for the race lead, Leclerc’s retired.
28LambiaseYes, could be close to Sainz, racing Sainz.BirdOkay let’s get it done, catch and pass, catch and pass.
28LambiaseSainz approaching.
28LambiaseStrat five. Strat five.
28LambiaseRussell has stayed out.
28LambiaseYou have a track position. We’re in our own race now Max.
29LambiaseSo Bottas had 16-lap-old medium tyres.BirdMagnussen just in front of Russell getting blues.
29LambiaseMax, could you just introduce three seconds of lift-off around the lap? Just want to try and cool the engine for the moment.BirdThis is it, Checo, let’s get it done.
29BirdBattery is good.
30LambiaseMode six.BirdOkay let’s build this gap. PU three position eight. Plus three.
Max Verstappen, Red Bull, Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya, 2022
Rapid third stint put Vertappen on course for victory

Verstappen was much quicker on his fresh set of tyres, and cut around one-and-a-half seconds per lap out of Perez, who was being told to manage his rubber, as it would have to last longer on his two-stop strategy.

31LambiaseSo picture: Checo P1 now, Russell one-and-a-half seconds behind. Checo last lap a 27.9. You are 14 seconds behind Checo.BirdOkay back into our management.
32LambiaseOkay. Checo last lap 28.2, Russell 29.2, you’re a 25.9, gap to Checo 11.8.BirdGap to Russell now 2.5, keep on building it nice and steady.
32LambiaseThere are still 34 laps remaining at this race, Max, 34 laps.BirdStay on top of the management: Turn one, four 10.
32PerezWhat’s the pace of Max?
32BirdMax’s last lap, 25.9.
33LambiaseOkay that’s half race distance.Bird33 laps complete, 33 remaining.
33BirdThe lift-and-coast is good for the tyres. Keep on it.
33BirdGo at tyre six. How’s the balance?
34LambiaseMax, could you double your lift-off, please? Double the lift-off for the moment. Engine temps are coming down.Perez[Unclear]. How is the race looking?
34LambiaseThis is good Max, you’re going to be putting pressure on Russell in a couple of laps’ time.BirdYeah, in a strong position here. Sainz still in P7.
34BirdMode six when you can.
35LambiaseFail 20. Checo 28.2. Russell 29.0.BirdThis is good pace. Max’s last lap on fresh softs 26.9. Big tyre advantage there.
35LambiaseRussell is boxing, Max. Russell is pitting.PerezA status update please.
35BirdStatus 50.
35BirdEngine seven position two. Plus one.

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Verstappen realised the advantage his three-stop strategy would give him over the two drivers he was racing against. However Perez was already being told he was in a “different race” to his team mate.

36LambiaseThat would be a 30-lap stint for Russell. Three laps shy of half-race. Just manage the tyres.BirdPU two position one. Minus five.
36LambiaseSo our strategy here is to have the tyre advantage we need in that final stint, Max.PerezI run wide into seven, all okay.
36LambiaseCheco ahead a 28.4, gap six seconds.BirdBox Checo box. Strat 12 in the pit lane.
36LambiaseSo measured race pace now Max. We need solid pace without the over-slips.
37BirdStrat eight. So just covering Russell. Russell pitted behind.
37BirdOkay it’s all clear here. Strat seven. Plan A. 28 laps to go.
38VerstappenWhat tyres are they on?PerezHow far is Max?
38LambiaseBoth on medium tyres.BirdMax is 16 seconds ahead. His last lap a 26.5. But we’re doing a different race.
38LambiaseLast lap for Russell was a 26.8. I’ll keep you posted.BirdLatifi is getting blues.
39VerstappenFor them it’s going to be a long stint.BirdOkay so management, the tyres appreciate the lift-and-coast.
39LambiaseYep, copy that, Max.PerezWhat was the last lap for Max?
39LambiaseCheco same pace on new medium, Russell three tenths slower. This is really good Max, just keep this place. Russell last lap was a 27.9, some traffic.Bird26.7.
39BirdWe’re seeing quite a tailwind in turn seven. Think about the push toggle turn seven. Do a bit more management turn four, turn 10. 26 laps to go.
40LambiaseMax can I have a front wing update for the final stint, please.PerezWhat sort of pace do we need?
40VerstappenYeah, that’s good.BirdThis pace is good. Russell behind doing a 27.9.

Perez continued to ask for updates on the gap between him and Verstappen as his team mate’s final pit stop approached. After he came in, Verstappen emerged within six seconds of the other Red Bull.

41LambiaseRussell last lap 27.3 with DRS sector one.PerezHow is the race looking? I need information.
41BirdRussell’s last lap 27.3. Max did a 27.4.
41BirdSainz back in P5.
41BirdGap to Russell now six seconds.
41PerezAnd to Max?
41BirdGap to Max 16 seconds.
41BirdGot 24 laps to go Checo.
41BirdYou’re catching Stroll, then free air in front of Stroll.
42LambiaseEngine 11 position six when you can.Bird27.1 for Max, 27.1 for Russell, it’s all good.
42LambiaseLast laps same pace for Checo and Russell.PerezDo we need more pace?
42BirdThis pace is good. Plan A, 24 laps to go.
42BirdStroll’s getting blues.
43LambiaseOkay let’s push, Max, now, push.BirdOkay, free air now. Okay Max has pitted, he’s going to slot in behind you.
43LambiaseBox and pit confirm, Max.
43LambiaseStrat 12 in pit lane, focus on your marks.
44LambiaseStrat eight, white line on the exit, you’ll be racing Russell.BirdOkay Max 6 seconds back.
44LambiaseGap behind 1.7. Gap to Checo ahead 5.6. This is also a 22-lap stint, Max.
44LambiaseCheco already eight laps and Russell nine laps on that stint.
Perez had to let Verstappen by a second time

Red Bull made it clear to Perez as soon as Verstappen got within striking distance of him that he would be required to let his team mate by. Perez was not impressed with his second order to give way, calling it “very unfair” but complied.

45LambiaseStrat five as well, please, Max. Last lap for Checo’s was a 26.9. Gap behind 3.5 to Russell.BirdThat’s 45 laps complete, 21 remaining.
46LambiaseOkay Checo last lap was a 26.8, gap is 3.3. Russell now six seconds behind, last lap 27.9. Still 20 laps remaining, Max.BirdTyre seven.
46LambiaseThis is by no means a straightforward stint either.BirdOkay you’re on a different strategy to Max. If he’s quicker, we let him through.
46PerezThat’s very unfair. But okay.
46Bird20 laps remaining.
46PerezWhat is his pace?
46BirdMax’s last lap a 25.4. We’ve still got 20 laps to go.
46BirdClosing in on Gasly, Vettel and Daniel.
47PerezWhat’s the gap?
47BirdGasly’s pitted. Max at 1.9. His last lap a 25.7.
47BirdMax is faster than us, we’re just bringing it home from here.
47BirdMax at 1.4.
47BirdOkay let Max through into turn one, let Max through into turn one.
48VerstappenOh my fucking DRS again.PerezCopy. I’ll let him by now.
48VerstappenThank you mate.BirdYeah, let him through.
48LambiaseYep. Both of you, bring it home from here. Russell last lap 27.8. Gap 11 seconds.BirdBringing it home from here. Russell 10 seconds back.
48LambiaseJust continue with the lift-and-coast, Max.

When Russell made his third pit stop, Red Bull responded with another for Perez, which allowed him to take the fastest lap of the race, scoring a bonus point. That ensured a maximum score for Red Bull.

Verstappen was told to avoid using DRS, as Red Bull were no doubt concerned the malfunctioning system could fail and force him out of the race.

49Bird17 laps to go. Stay on the management, stroke it home.
51LambiaseOkay Max race update, Russell has pitted. No threat behind until the end.BirdGo mode seven for now.
51BirdTyre six when you can.
52LambiaseMax, info: Do not use DRS when passing backmarkers ahead, please. We won’t use DRS, thank you.BirdTrack limits at turn nine on that last lap, we exceeded track limits at turn nine.
52BirdBox Checo box. Strat 12 in the pit lane.
53LambiaseInfo Max, Checo has pitted to cover Russell.BirdStrat eight. Okay this will be your shot at fastest lap. Go to strat one now Russell has also pitted behind you he’s just on the control line.
53BirdSo gap to Russell at five seconds. In front of you you’ve got Gasly at three and a half. This’ll our chance for fastest lap.
53BirdDiff entry seven, diff mid seven. You’re strapped to for now.
53BirdGo start two for now.
53BirdSo still got 4 seconds back to Russell. Okay target on the delta is -2.4 for the fastest lap.
53BirdGoing to need a bigger gap to Gasly. Take up another three seconds to Gasly.
53BirdOkay. Strat one. Mode one. Bigger gap to Gasly, bigger gap to Gasly. Okay let’s go. Mode one, mode one. Mode one. Okay fastest lap, let’s do it.
54VerstappenYou don’t think we will be under threat, no?BirdMode eight, strat eight, fastest lap. Bring it home from here.
54LambiaseNo we’re fine to the end, Max.PerezWho had the fastest lap before?
55BirdHamilton had it before. We’ll go mode nine for now.
Red Bull scored their second one-two of the season

The pair brought their cars home and scored a one-two for Red Bull. Verstappen thanked his team mate, but Perez made it clear he wanted to discuss the circumstances behind the two calls to make way for the team’s other car.

56BirdThere’s 10 laps remaining.
56BirdStrat seven. Strat seven. Nine laps to go.
57PerezWhat’s the gap behind?
57BirdRussell at six seconds.
57PerezAnd the gap to Max?
57BirdGap to Max 20 seconds.
59LambiaseSoft tyre runners obviously hit their tyres pretty hard early on. Russell already 26.8. Checo following you home as well.BirdOkay so Max’s last lap a 26.8. Russell’s lap time 26.8. Let’s stroke it home.
59VerstappenYeah I’m just going to bring it home.
60BirdSix laps to go, management to the end, stroke it home.
60BirdMode six.
60BirdManagement into 10 was nice. Same into four. Same into one. Five laps to go. Max’s last lap a 26.8.
61BirdGap to Russell seven seconds. His last lap a 27.0.
64LambiaseTailwind into turn four is as strong as ever.
65LambiaseFinal lap.
66LambiaseWell, sometimes you’ve got to do it the hard way. Well done. Max.BirdThere you go. P2, fastest lap, Max P1, great result that one. Recharge on.
66VerstappenLovely.BirdThank you for everything in that race.
66LambiaseRecharge and fail 84 please mate.PerezI’m happy for the team. But we need to speak later.
66VerstappenNot an easy start to the race put we turned it aroudn at the end. So a very good job also for the team, really good result. And also thank you to Checo, he’s a great team mate.BirdYep. Fail 84 fail.
66HornerWell done mate. Very sorry about that DRS today I know we made life a bit difficult for you. But you had great pace and great recovery after that moment at turn four. So a great one-two for the team.HornerWell done, Checo. Thank you for that drive today, that was a very, very strong drive again so thank you for playing the team game as well, well done.
66VerstappenMade it a bit more interesting at least!PerezNo worries. We’ll speak later, mate.
66LambiaseFail two please as well Max. And some pick-up on the way in if you need to.HornerIt turned out that three stop was the better option. So I think we did just run out of tyres at the end there.
66HornerI’m going to send Jo Fleet, our HR director, up today. So look after her up there, will you?PerezYep. Good job, guys. Well done to everyone. Good recovery and good points.
66VerstappenI can’t guarantee that but I’ll do my best!BirdYep, onwards and upwards, our day on the top step will come.
66BirdOkay into the pit lane. As ever, leave it in P1.

NB. Repetitious or irrelevant messages (e.g. blue flag warnings) omitted.

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  1. My favourite part of RaceFans. You just don’t get this stuff anywhere else.
    It’s so insightful and puts the selected messages we get during the race broadcast in another perspective.

    1. @sihrtogg Yeah totally agree, I don’t know if Keith himself transcribes them or where they come from. But so many times I’ve read these and the context of conversations changes hugely. Sometimes it appears it’s just timing of messages and what is happening on track at that time and sometimes you feel like they’ve left bits out purpose. Either way, it’s nice to be able to read the full dialogue.

      1. it’s nice to be able to read the full dialogue

        @bernasaurus Even if most of Max’s dialogue is unquotable BTL :oP

      2. @bernasaurus Glad you enjoy them! They’re written up by one or more people on the team, this one was done by me.

        1. Kudos to all of them for the quality analysis.

        2. I agree with the others here that while they certainly are a lot of work (I tried transcribing some in the past for the site in the early days) it’s great to read them back @keithcollantine, they give a unique insight that is hard to find elsewhere.

        3. Thanks @keithcollantine and the team!

        4. Thanks Keith. This is great!

    2. Absolutely. I love it too

    3. not sure if the favorite part at all of the site, but surely agree with you, it’s truly great.
      plus, try reading it with some appropriate music in the background, it makes it quite exciting for me

    4. ThreePurpleSectors (@)
      24th May 2022, 23:42

      If you have F1TV, you can hear the the whole communication if you switch to driver cam rather the TV directors curated sound bites. Also when you hear the curated messages on live broadcast, they arn’t synced to what your seeing on screen. It could be lap 30 in the race and they’ll play a message from lap 25. Proper drive to survive stuff.

  2. Sounds like they were intentionally keeping Checo in the dark for a lot of the race.

    1. @phillyspur Yeah, they should have informed him of their plan to switch Max to 3 stops, all with competition listening on their team radio as well, just so you know in case they wanted to react.

      Like the 3 laps, he got held up would make any difference at the end.

      1. ThreePurpleSectors (@)
        24th May 2022, 23:50

        @cobray, they engineered Checo out of the win. They wanted to maximize points for Max. The easiest way teams do this is to change pit strategy. Checo is knows he can’t win a race if Max is in contention. Foolish of him to think otherwise.

        I’m just here enjoying the hypocrisy of people justify team orders in rd.6. After we’ve had Bottas and Rosberg ridiculed for years. And their orders were in the tail end of the championship.

        1. Completely true. Isn’t it amazing how all the Max fans who have lambasted Mercedes over their use of team orders in the past are suddenly completely fine with it?

        2. Noframingplease (@)
          27th May 2022, 8:45

          @threepurplesectors @drmouse isn’t it amazing most fans like to spread non info about ‘never so early in the season’

    2. @phillyspur Kept in the dark and fed on Red Bull, as the saying goes.

    3. I had more the feeling they weren’t on a 3 stop and were calculating if possible which took a while. Maybe they were checking others doing more stops or so.

      Also the remark Checo was on a 1 stop and blimy from George gave me checo was on a 1 stop and chanced it to 2 later.

    4. ferrari did it with vettel/kimi for a long time, so no worries. They are fighting leclerc and need to do the necessary

  3. Checo had to let the poor kid by so that he would finally stop whining.

    1. Noframingplease (@)
      24th May 2022, 8:09

      @spafrancorchamps glad those things didn’t happen before
      That’s not with the moaning of the other driver who’s tyres are always ‘gone’ and his competitors are always driving too aggressive.

      1. Slightly different game at play during that snippet, buddy. But appreciate the effort…

        It’s sad but predictable that Red Bull have already decided to stop their drivers racing.

        1. Can we please all grow up a bit and stop this. All teams have their no.1 and no.2 drivers. The drivers might not say it, the team principles might not say it, and it might not be in contracts. But we all know they do. You’re naive if you think otherwise.

          1. This!!! Unfortunately the Hamilton fans are still trying to find anything to slate Red Bull and Max due to last year (and George comfortably beating Lewis so far this year) without thinking that Merc have done the same thing with Lewis’s teammates since Nico left the team. And this has been going on since the beginning of F1 for all teams. Its motor racing…..

        2. Noframingplease (@)
          24th May 2022, 19:49

          @swifty oh dear, it seems memory problems between the hamster fans are spreading. Indeed, a totally different situation between wingman Bottas and Perez. Where RB has to fight for every point, and Perez is in most cases the slower one in the team, MB crushed the competition for years with their double podiums. But that was not enough for ambitious Toto. The MB needs to show that they could ruin the entire field with their 1,2 ‘s in the championship. And in those cases they even use teamorders. And when the chance was zero that the GOAT could lose his potential title, bottas may occasionally win a race.
          Indeed, totally different….but, it’s great to see the hamster fans do their homework under every RB/verstappen article here at Racefans.

        3. Noframingplease (@)
          27th May 2022, 8:57

          @swifty race 3 of the 2017 season MB started with teamorders in favor of your great OAT. Maybe do some research before blabbling with your co-fans Swifty

      2. @nofanboysplease There is a difference between issuing team orders when you’re quite a bit into the season, the championship fight being tight and one driver needs all the points he can get, compared to driving the 6th race of a 22 race calendar with only 18 points separating your two drivers and having a deficit to the championship leader of only 19 points……

        It was very unfair what RBR did to Checo. Who has actually been fighting Max this year on raw pace.

        Team orders in race 6 with both drivers having all to play for. How do you destroy a sport. And if you start accusing me of any fanboyism too, you’re damn right. I am a big F1 fan.

        1. Noframingplease (@)
          29th May 2022, 18:36

          @spafrancorchamps indeed a pity for checo. What I said earlier this isn’t a RB thing. MB gave teamorders much earlier in the season during the lewis/bottas time. The discussion isn’t about the good or bad of teamorders, its about the denying here that MB didn’t do these things in the past. They did, more often and earlier in the season.

  4. Okay you’re on a different strategy to Max. If he’s quicker, we let him through.

    At the end of a race when there are no more pit stops to play out? The ‘strategies’ were all over by then, leaving Perez ahead and Verstappen behind but quicker. There was no more ‘strategy’ to apply, unless Perez’s ‘strategy’ is actually to come in behind Max.

    1. @david-br

      The strategy was to avoid a fight. Laps after Checo was told to pick up the pace.

      Lap 46: Checo 1:26:808 Ver 1:25:456
      Lap 47: Checo 1:27:183 Ver 1:25:707
      Lap 48: Checo 1:26:915 Ver 1:25:755

      The start of lap 49 was the overtake. IMHO Not even debatable who would have won this. The team wanted to avoid the conflict.

      1. But still, at the end there is only one strategy, get to the finish line as quickly as possible.
        They couldn’t be on different strategies, other than Verstappen to fight for the WDC and Perez supporting him.

        1. But perez still made an extra stop in the end, didn’t he? There were plenty of laps to the end still, he’d have lost even more than 1.2-1.4 sec a lap by the end.

          1. That’s not a strategy, but a tactical decision to go for a FLAP when you’re a pit stop ahead of the car behind you.

          2. jff – Also something of a consolation prize (of one point) for Perez. If Red Bull are so concerned about Max maxxing his points, why not pit him to grab FLAP as well? I guess that might have been a little too much even for Checo to take.

  5. Strange from RB to follow Russel in the pits. It would have been easier to put a few banker laps and exit the pits in front of the Mercedes.
    Then, keeping Pérez with a working DRS behind Verstappen with a faulty one is curious.
    This reminds me of Austria 2002, and I’d like to know how Checo’s fans are taking this.

    1. Yes, also found it a bad idea, knowing about the drs problem.

  6. Perez is the new Bottas, a compliant wingman.

    1. At least he’s now able to do what bottas was doing, most of last season he wasn’t even close enough to do the bottas’ job!

    2. Noframingplease (@)
      24th May 2022, 8:26

      Looking at his performance that would be the obvious choice of RB. But I can’t remember there was such a load of negativity here when Bottas wingmand Lewis in the same way for years. Even when bottas was in comparison with Perez more times faster than his teammate. I know Racefans has a lot more sir lewis fans, but this is beginning a bit hilarious

      1. There were a number of times where Lewis let Bottas past at the request of the team. There were also occasions where Bottas let Lewis past and the team said he would be paid back later and they did just that!

        1. Lee1 A number of times? Perhaps a few right? And was LH trailing in the WDC at the time? Threatened with a competitive driver in another car who had gotten the jump on the Championships? Or was this love fest of ‘after you, no no I insist, after you’ that you’re talking about between LH and VB from when they were dominating and taking 1-2’s (sometimes 1-3’s and 1-4’s)?

        2. Noframingplease (@)
          25th May 2022, 7:35

          @lee1 Funny how things are being ripped from the context. First: it’s the first time RB has a driver who can occasionally follow Max. It’s the first time they gave teamorders. And looking what that brought (in points) that was totally understandable. Reactions here: to soon in the season (but it’s more: where can we bash this evil team that robbed our GOAT from his title). Peter windsor (nevertheless also a great Sir L. Fan) explains it for you.

      2. @nofanboysplease Exactly. When VB came along to Mercedes it was all about the wonderful roses and kittens relationship on the team post-Nico. LH fans were relieved and overjoyed that LH no longer had this thorn in his side and rather a compliant non-competing teammate instead. Sure TW said a few times ‘now now if VB gets competitive the gloves will have to come off between the drivers,’ but of course one year contract after one year contract the gloves never did have to come off. And LH gets goat status by many, as does MS have that same status by many having had his teammates actually under contract to not compete. One race in a competitive season during a competitive race and Max gets the strategy nod and RBR are evil villains for it. Typical shoe on the other foot stuff.

        1. Noframingplease (@)
          25th May 2022, 7:23

          @robbie +1

      3. But I can’t remember there was such a load of negativity here when Bottas wingmand Lewis in the same way for years.

        Just look at all the “Valterri, it’s James” and the “wingman” comments from past years @nofanboysplease (and @robbie btw ;) ). There was a lot of criticism at the time. Same as now: people generally don’t like team orders, regardless of the team or drivers involved.

  7. This is why Danny Ric left Red Bull, even after he was promised equal car and equal equipment by horner.

    Unless red bull promise equal strategy, otherwise known as fair play, the promise of equal car and equal equipment doesn’t count for much when it matters on track

    1. Danny Ric has trouble keeping up with the youngsters nowadays ;-). And that already started at RBR. He just bailed out and went to a team where he was no. 1.

      Team orders are normal in F1. Any team in a championship race uses them. The stakes are just to high. I don’t understand why some make such a fuss about it.

      1. Team orders are normal in F1. Any team in a championship race uses them. The stakes are just to high. I don’t understand why some make such a fuss about it.

        Because they are awful and rob viewers of a true sporting competition. Team/Manufacturer orders directly manipulate race action and results and should be outlawed and punished heavily.

        Of course, that probably won’t ever be what actually happens, though.

        1. Real fans knows this happens and nothing will ever change that. I think they solved it very nicly no conflict at all.

          1. Real fans knows this happens and nothing will ever change that

            There’s that “real fans” fallacy again…..
            ‘Real fans’ of any sport shouldn’t accept cheating. Except in F1, apparently.

            And such manipulation certainly can be eliminated, it just won’t be – because the teams want it, the FIA accept it, and the broadcasters love the controversy.

        2. Trying to ban coaching and team orders won’t work. There are always ways around it. Fernando is faster than you.

          Red Bull deliberately gave Perez only the info he needed, and the different strategies were only the position they would finish the race in. It’s a shame to do it this early in the season, but that’s Red Bull for you – to be fair, it makes more sense when the championship looks tight.
          I guess we find out this year how willing Perez is to stand up to the team.

          1. There are always ways around it. Fernando is faster than you.

            Everyone knew what that meant, even before it was actually said.

            Again, it can be removed by controlling the data and information between car and team – but there has to be a desire from those within F1 to do it first. And there simply isn’t.

            I have no problem with putting cars on different strategies – but I do have a huge issue with actively manipulating the competition when the drivers should be driving alone and unaided. Coaching, informing drivers on laptimes and gaps, telling drivers which settings and performance modifications to make to the car, or even warning them of potential car damage should be forbidden, AFAIC.
            They did just fine without radios and telemetry before, and nobody complained about drivers being unable to understand their car or the race around them them. They got in the car, ran their own race, and got out and the end. The way a sport should be.
            The team does the car, and the driver does the driving.
            They can use the pit board if they want to communicate with each other.

            And just for comparison – the coach isn’t on the field with the players in many other sports, but they are in F1. Not just as active as the drivers, but more so.

          2. Again, it can be removed by controlling the data and information between car and team

            Banning communication during the race won’t stop drivers from having a brain and acting in the best interest of their team autonomously.

            The teams will make it clear ahead of the race what is expected of their drivers in various situations. A driver can choose to ignore that, but that’s just the same as ignoring communication during the race. “My radio wasn’t working” as DC likes to suggest.

            In this case Perez’s only chance to stay ahead for the win was to crash Max out of the race in a wheel to wheel fight. If you do that, you know it’s your last race in F1.

        3. “Because they are awful and rob viewers of a true sporting competition. ”
          And that was one of Horner and and Verstapen’s fans argument when Merc was doing it. I remember him winning about how the entertainment was robbed out of the fans bla bla bla. At least Merc had the decency to wait for the math to make sense a little latter into the season. “Thank you to Checo, he is a great team mate” M.V.

          1. And that was one of Horner and and Verstapen’s fans argument when Merc was doing it.

            It’s a completely valid argument.
            Don’t let the issue regarding who it comes from or how two-faced they are blind you to the merit of that particular point.

            Merc is no better, by the way. Neither is Ferrari, who are also famous for it. Several other teams have had runs of it too in the past.
            There should be no point in the season where it becomes acceptable, unless we can collectively all agree that F1 isn’t actually a sport at all.

  8. “If it’s not you, it’s allowed.”


  9. As with most things, it’s not a clear cut situation. There are multiple angles. Leclerc retiring as also a factor. But most of all was the blessing in disguise, the DRS issue. All the factors combined made them go for an alternate tire strategy. I feel it is largely luck it actually turned out the best strategy… Tire degradation was worse than anticipated. Probably because of the heat. Plenty of ‘cool the car’ messages down the field…

    Slight similarities with ’16, his first win? Leader(s) fell away. What is left is a battle of 2 tire strategies. And today again the (on paper) least preferred strategy appeared to be the best one.

  10. I don’t understand why Red Bull pitted Max on same lap as Russell. It probably would have been easier to overcut the Mercedes. A rare tactical error from Red Bull, I feel

  11. Maybe MV would’ve returned on the track in an unfavourable position? So bad trackposition?
    I’m not sure, just speculating.

  12. You couldn’t make it up, for years MB have been slated for this even though they let them race till there’s a clear number 1 in with a shout, RB do it on race 6 and its OK and everyone does it what’s the fuss.
    Last time I saw this much back peddling was during the Tour de France lol….

    1. @f1-ploss Except that MB ensured a clear number one from race 1’s of seasons by retaining the likes of zero-race-craft Bottas who season after season was going to be VB 2.0 and yet within a handful of races was definitely not going to be their go-to guy, yet again. VB was not there, one year contract after one year contract, to disrupt LH in any way. And he didn’t. He was there to keep the peace on the team and not be a bother. Oh, and to grab some Constructor points.

      So it’s funny to say ‘you couldn’t make it up’ when you are making up your own reality that there was racing on the team until the math said there was a clear number one. At MB that math, with VB there, started at race one.

      1. I think the 2019 opening Australian GP result shows that ‘from race 1’ is just hyperbole , but I cant think of any races this early in the season where BOT was basically told that your a tailgunner, if BOT was good enough to win the WDC then he would be allowed too. But getting back to my point, MB were rightly or wrongly lambasted for what RB did on Sunday yet all we see is back peddling mixed with ‘nothing to see here’….Now the shoe is on the other foot its hilarious seeing all these bicycles going backwards….

        1. @f1-ploss No I do hear you that some are saying ‘nothing to see here’ and for the record I don’t think I have ever been too bent out of shape about VB giving it up for LH because I expected it after seeing what little challenge he was going to present. I do think though that it can still be acknowledged, as it is being for Max with Checo, that LH wasn’t challenged by a teammate in the same (in his case generally dominant) car after Nico retired. And that adds a bit of a different element to this for some fans, no? When one team is dominant and even the one guy with the same car can’t do anything about it, it becomes more boring and predictable for many, and that is when wishes or frustrations for a better teammate and this theoretically better races arise.

  13. CHECO: We’ll need to speak later
    RED BULL: Always stay behind Max.
    No more talking.

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