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Max Verstappen and Fernando Alonso shared the podium at the season-opening Bahrain Grand Prix last weekend, with Verstappen taking victory in dominant fashion.

But what were the pair looking at here at the post-race press conference? Can you come up with the best caption for this picture? Post your funniest suggestion in the comments below.

A selection of the best will feature in a future edition of the RaceFans Round-up.

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63 comments on “Caption Competition 209: Sole searching”

  1. LOL. This one doesn’t need a caption :-)

  2. Ben Rowe (@thegianthogweed)
    11th March 2023, 7:55

    Alonso realising Verstappen is going to miss Riccardo’s “shoeys”

  3. “Max do you remember how Ricciardo does the shoey?”

  4. Alonso and Verstappen try to understand how Aston Martin uses aero channels and ground effect on their shoe to enhance brake sensitivity.

  5. Goddamn Lewis and his chewing gum.

  6. “People talk about Stroll, but this was also my best injured performance of my career.”

  7. Alonso : “All the time you have to leave a space, my foot hurts because of the narrow cockpit”.
    Max : “Yeah, That’s what happens when you don’t leave the space”.

    1. Round of applause.

  8. Electroball76
    11th March 2023, 10:36

    So instead of Km/h, this way we can calculate feet/s

  9. Electroball76
    11th March 2023, 10:52

    “Designed in Milton Keynes”

    1. Good one!

  10. “Looks like you nailed it too today, Nando.”

  11. My team won’t listen to me😪.
    I think there’s too much toe in. What do you think Max?

  12. Mahavir Shah
    11th March 2023, 11:20

    Alonso : “For sure the graining is lower in almost everything with the new team!”

  13. See this hole worn in my shoe Max, in an Aston Martin we need to brake for all the corners.

  14. Looking for Mercedes’ quashed ambitions.

    1. Brilliant!

  15. Verstappen: “Can you smell something?”
    Alonso: “I may have stood on some Ferrari strategy on my way to the podium”

  16. This is how little I had to push to keep Mercedes and Ferrari at bay.

  17. Bend over MV…

  18. Alonso is reading quietly:
    Lance has the possibility to be world champion. He is super talented…” – OK, I’ve already said this.
    Congrats to Lance. 12 days ago, he had surgery and now he is fighting here…” – OK, I’ve already said this one, too.
    He’s my hero! He is phenomenal and it’s inspiring to see his determination and motivation.” – Oh, I almost forgot this one!

  19. MB (@muralibhats)
    11th March 2023, 14:51

    Every team I join, i tattoo their names on my body. This is where AM is tattooed on.

  20. Fernando shows Max that even after 22 years in the sport he still has the desire to be the next Shoe-Maker

    1. Brilliant.

  21. “You see this toenail?
    I call this toenail George.
    This one? this one I call Lewis!”

  22. Your Honda engine is great: look, mine was sh×t!

  23. In later years, this moment would be looked back on as a first indicator of Max’s fascination with older men’s feet.”

  24. Alonso “I have never seen my left foot so relaxed after a race, barely had to use it!”

  25. Hey, Nando, Ferrari showed big top speed in Bahrain and I’m worried for Jeddah’s Q3, would you give me a toe?

    1. Obviously, the joke is Verstappen asking for a tow, the typo ruins it!

  26. Electroball76
    11th March 2023, 16:54

    And this, Max, is the sole of a true champion!

  27. Oh, there’s still some of Alpine’s pride visible…

  28. Can you see how my soles are *crushing* Mercedes hopes?

  29. I keep 3 of my 6 tents right here.

  30. Ricardo Lopes
    11th March 2023, 18:08

    FA:- “Look Max, my left boot is new… I hardly hit the breaks…”…
    MV:- “Not bad for your “first” race…

  31. Chris Lambot
    11th March 2023, 19:10

    Max : “I appreciate you’re much more experienced, Fernando… but I’m truly convinced using your right foot for the accelerator is still the way to go” …

  32. Derek Edwards
    11th March 2023, 19:34

    It’s a much better fit than my old Alpinestars.

  33. “This is the next step in El Plan.”

  34. See that? It’s a bit of Hamilton’s ego!

  35. Dean Stewart
    11th March 2023, 19:54

    “Wish Lewis would leave that dog at home….”

  36. Max: No, that’s not what I mean when I say you have already found your feet at Aston Martin…

  37. The most obvious caption has not been made, so I will honour the sense of dignity and won’t score in from of an open goal either, lol

  38. Max – “How are your shoes doing after kicking Mercedes and Ferrari butt?”

  39. “Max, Did you know currently the longest span between World Drivers’ Championships is 7 years?”

  40. Despite Verstappen’s attentions, Alonso did not reveal his Achilles heel.

  41. Max was impressed at how little damage had been done after years of Alonso putting his foot in it.

  42. “Ottmar didn’t believe that 42 was not my age, just my shoe size.”

  43. ‘I got the call on lap 14 to box for a fresh pair of boots, but I don’t know, they look the same to me!?’

  44. “…he always had boots on! Get it? Boutsen?…You remember Thierry… never mind.”

  45. Alonso couldn’t stop with the enlaces

  46. FA: See, I can never put my foot in my mouth!

  47. FA telling MV about the unique brake tech that Aston Martin has introduced on its 2023 F1 car: “See those carbon fiber pads on my soles? Whenever I need to break hard, I just put my feet down.”

  48. Fernando discovered that even trying to stay on the same lap as the Red Bulls had been sole-destroying…

  49. If you touch it it will cost you £7500

  50. So, you’re saying I should move the lead to my right foot?

  51. Yea, looks like I stepped in some Mercedes too. How do you wipe it off?

  52. …..and that’s how we use to do heel and toe downshifting!

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