Caption Competition 214: You Musk be joking

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Formula 1’s longest-serving team principal – Red Bull’s Christian Horner – shared a joke with Tesla, Twitter and Space X chief Elon Musk at last week’s Miami Grand Prix.

What did the pair find time to chuckle about at the Miami International Autodrome? that’s for you to decide.

Can you come up with the best caption for this picture? Post your funniest suggestion in the comments below.

A selection of the best will feature in a future edition of the RaceFans Round-up.

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Caption Competition

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65 comments on “Caption Competition 214: You Musk be joking”

  1. Jack (@jackisthestig)
    13th May 2023, 8:40

    He’s actually yawning.

  2. You call your son what?
    Say it again, so I can spell it.

  3. You’re going to submit an entry for a F1 Team? Really?

  4. notagrumpyfan
    13th May 2023, 8:51

    Seriously, just some capital letters and a number is the name you gave it?

  5. Seriously Christian you should get a Tesla for everyday driving.

  6. Derek Edwards
    13th May 2023, 9:03

    Christian cannot contain his delight as the tiny ventriloquist operates his dummy.

    1. Biskit Boy (@sean-p-newmanlive-co-uk)
      13th May 2023, 11:22

      Which one is the dummy?

      1. Coventry Climax
        13th May 2023, 19:44

        Read again, there’s the word ‘tiny’ there. That should give you a clue.

        1. Biskit Boy (@sean-p-newmanlive-co-uk)
          14th May 2023, 8:04


  7. Elon Musk said he is once again going to buy out a well functional organization and give a golden parachute to the CEO.

    Christian Horner couldn’t hide his glee on hearing this

  8. Christian was very receptive of Elon’s suggestions of ways to improve the car.

  9. “I’m not kidding Christian, it is the breastfeeding that has made it this shape!”

    1. @nullapax That raised a titter. :)

  10. “I have heard it is possible for fathers to buy their sons a team.
    Name your price.”

    1. I think this one is very possible :) good one!

  11. How do you keep the tarmac on the grid during starts?

  12. I guess we both built spaceships…

  13. I’ll be entering F1 next year with Doge Viper.

  14. Can we not give this horrible human being more attention?

    1. Agreed, bored of hearing his whinging, oh you mean Elon?

  15. Twit and Twitter.

    (that’s the clean version!)

  16. Biskit Boy (@sean-p-newmanlive-co-uk)
    13th May 2023, 11:22

    Elon: I just bought your team and this is your new driver.

  17. “No thanks – with our junior setup, we don’t need a car that crashes itself.”

  18. You know my son could do a better job of running Mercedes than Toto

  19. Electroball76
    13th May 2023, 12:50

    I’m telling you, Christian, the future of racing is with Formula E !

  20. “…and then I said: Toto, our straight line speed is 20,000 kph even without DRS…”

  21. I can send your Red Bull car on the Red Planet! Deal?

  22. Electroball76
    13th May 2023, 13:12

    Elon liked to entertain his son with a game of “taser the leader”

  23. Elon – “After I’m done saving twitter.. I’m coming for Red bull”

  24. Roth Man (@rdotquestionmark)
    13th May 2023, 14:55

    So Christian, do you think Checo can bring home the title?

  25. Musk: Wait! It gets better. Then I told Michael Andretti that Tesla would be the primary sponsor to his F1 team.

  26. Elon “And there was one time I called an all hands company meeting and was asked what I would do about the lack of parking at the factory and I told them I’d build an electric roller coaster with an actual ‘loop de loop’. The peasants actually applauded LOL”

    1. sad part is this actually happened

  27. RB19?! What a ridiculous name.

  28. I told you Chris, you can totally buy a kid and pay with cryptocurrency. Just picked one up!

  29. I know he’s a bit young, but I’m sure he’ll make an excellent CEO for Twitter.

  30. Elon demonstrates ludicrous mode

  31. Christian, I’m desperate. Be my new twitter CEO.

  32. Musk:
    Damn its hard this breastfeed thing that my wife force me to do, my nipples are like missiles lately.

    Been there, done that…..

    1. Dude what the hell?

  33. Konstantinos
    14th May 2023, 0:31

    “ lol no way, my ego is bigger!”

  34. Ha! We built a rocket ship that doesn’t explode!

  35. After Max’s tantrums and petty name-calling I’m Baku, Christian thought it wise for Max to have a like-minded ally in the garage for Miami.

  36. And then I told Connor, I’ll take you one on one, any time, any place!

  37. Elon: I hear Dylan Mulvaney will be one of candidates when grid girls are reintroduced to Formula One.

    1. Gross.

  38. So Christian….. Are you gonna be putting Danny back in a race seat next year?

  39. Elon insisted that Christian show his son the ‘Ginger Spice’ tattoo he’d had done on the back of his throat.

  40. And I said to Wills and Kate, Prince Louis is coming with me… and here we are

  41. You made them pay a subscription for driving their own CARS?

  42. Elon: King Charles needed a thousand horsepower to get his carriage to Westminster Abby.

  43. My little son is richer than you are.

  44. “Is this where billionaire dads pay to get their kids F1-verified?”

  45. Hey Christian, i have just seen the mercs new upgrades… They have cut a hole in the floor for the drivers to push themselves along on the straights.

  46. Michael (@freelittlebirds)
    14th May 2023, 13:04

    And here comes the best part “the FIA made us pay a penalty of 7 million outside the budget.” Ha-ha-ha

  47. Throw another one. This time I promise I will catch it with my mouth

  48. Imagine the face of Toto when he finds out Max is using Neuralink to control all the car settings!

  49. Now that Twitter is more or less settled, I think I want to buy Red Bull next. With free speech must come free drinks!

  50. “… I have some suggestions for Adrian.”

  51. Richard Hill
    14th May 2023, 23:18

    ‘You know what Christian, I think Checo might well bring home the title for you this year’

  52. “What? You don’t think even my son could win a race in that car Christian?”

  53. Sergey Martyn
    15th May 2023, 11:35

    Elon, why are your nipples so hard? Hahahaha!!!

  54. Can you get me Geri’s autograph, I love the Spice Girls?

  55. Until you got close, I thought you were the kid’s father.

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