2010 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix: the complete F1 Fanatic race weekend review

Abu Dhabi Grand Prix

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Slightly later than usual due to the test sessions straight after last week’s race, here’s all the coverage of the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix.

Race results and reaction

Abu Dhabi Grand Prix review – Vettel grabs title as Alonso and Webber falter

Vettel unaware of championship position until last lap – Vettel race engineer kept him in the dark to help him concentrate

Abu Dhabi Grand Prix result – Vettel wins in Abu Dhabi as Alonso slips to seventh

Championship points after Abu Dhabi – Vettel wins world title in final round

Alonso’s role in Ferrari strategy revealed in pit messages – Alonso urged Ferrari to use Massa to block Webber

Drivers’ and teams’ end-of-season photographs – The class of 2010 in pictures

Branson to honour "air steward" bet with Lotus – Richard Branson to work as an air steward on Tony Fernandes’ airline

Steven’s view of the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix – F1 Fanatic reader Steven Smith was at the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix

Race analysis

Abu Dhabi Grand Prix analysis – How Alonso lost the championship in Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi Grand Prix stats and facts – From third to champion: Vettel matches Farina and Raikkonen

Detailed analysis of every team and driver in the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix

McLaren race review – McLaren rediscover their form at final race
Mercedes race review – Schumacher not blaming Rosberg for crash
Red Bull race review – Vettel ends season on a high to snatch title
Ferrari race review – Ferrari hit back at criticism of race strategy
Williams race review – Barrichello pleased with "huge move" on Sutil
Renault race review – New engines help Renault to best result of 2010
Force India race review – No points again in last race
Toro Rosso race review – Alguersuari surprised to end 14-race points drought
Lotus race review – Two wing failures for Trulli
HRT race review – HRT beat Virgin to 11th
Sauber race review – Peter Sauber praises team for 2010 recovery
Virgin race review – Glock chases Trulli before gearbox failure


Abu Dhabi Grand Prix qualifying – Vettel takes pole as Webber struggles to fifth

Abu Dhabi Grand Prix grid – Vettel on pole position in Abu Dhabi

Webber: "I just couldn’t get the pace" – Webber did his championship chances no favours by qualifying poorly

Abu Dhabi Grand Prix qualifying analysis

Abu Dhabi Grand Prix pre-race analysis – Alonso poised to wrap up title


Vettel: "It depends where Alonso and Webber are" – Vettel refused to say if he would help Webber to win the title

Practice one result – Vettel fastest in damp first session

Practice one analysis – Red Bull lead the way in Abu Dhabi

Practice two result – Hamilton tops second practice session

Practice two analysis – Rear wing tweak key to McLaren’s pace

Picture: The F1 class of 2010 – Unfortunately not all the drivers made it to the first attempt to get the F1 class of 2010 picture together

Practice three result – Vettel quickest in Abu Dhabi ahead of qualifying

Live blogs

How we saw the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix as it unfolded:

Abu Dhabi Grand Prix live
Abu Dhabi Grand Prix qualifying live< Abu Dhabi Grand Prix free practice 3 live
Abu Dhabi Grand Prix free practice 2 live
Abu Dhabi Grand Prix free practice 1 live

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