2011 German Grand Prix: complete race weekend review

2011 German Grand Prix

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Lewis Hamilton, McLaren, Nurburgring, 2011
Lewis Hamilton, McLaren, Nurburgring, 2011

Find all the F1 Fanatic German Grand Prix coverage in one place below.

From Friday practice to the post-race review plus all the pictures and analysis.

Race results and reaction

2011 German Grand Prix review – Hamilton comes out on top in three-way battle

Hamilton: ??We never expected to win?? – Hamilton surprised by Nurburgring victory

2011 German Grand Prix result – No Vettel on the podium for the first time this year

2011 German Grand Prix championship points – Vettel’s lead trimmed to 77 points

Race analysis

Vote for your German Grand Prix driver of the weekend – Pick the driver who impressed you most at the Nurburgring

Rate the race: 2011 German Grand Prix – Your verdict on the Nurburgring race

2011 German Grand Prix stats and facts – Vettel?s success streaks end at his home race

Detailed analysis of every team and driver in the German Grand Prix

Red Bull – McLaren and Ferrari ahead in Germany
McLaren – Surprise win in Germany for Hamilton
Ferrari – Alonso beats Red Bulls despite cool weather
Mercedes – Three-stopper costs Rosberg a place
Renault – Petrov dissatisfied with strategy
Williams – Unreliability still a problem
Force India – Sutil helps team overtake Toro Rosso
Sauber – Kobayashi out in Q1 but claims points
Toro Rosso – Penalties and wrong set-up for Buemi
Lotus – Trulli and Chandhok to swap back in Hungary
HRT – Ricciardo makes progress in second race
Virgin – Quiet race for Glock after extending deal

Race data

2011 German Grand Prix pit stops and tyres used
2011 German Grand Prix race history chart
2011 German Grand Prix average race history chart
2011 German Grand Prix lap one position change
2011 German Grand Prix lap chart
2011 German Grand Prix fastest laps


2011 German Grand Prix qualifying review – Webber on pole again at the Nurburgring

Webber: Pole lap ??was my complete limit?? – Webber says he couldn’t have gone any quicker in qualifying

Hamilton: Upgrades key to improved performance – Hamilton praises his team after qualifying on the front row

Buemi sent to the back of the grid – Fuel infringement costs the Toro Rosso driver

2011 German Grand Prix grid – Vettel knocked off the front row for the first time in 2011

2011 German Grand Prix qualifying analysis – Webber quickest in middle sector at Nurburgring

2011 German Grand Prix pre-race analysis – Nurburgring set for a close race even without rain


First practice report – Alonso leads the Red Bulls in first practice

First practice analysis – Alonso gives a sign Ferrari can fight for victory

Second practice report – Webber takes over at the top in second practice

Second practice analysis – Alonso says Ferrari?s pace confirms progress

Final practice report – Red Bull lead Ferrari in final practice

Season statistics

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Driver form guides

Compare every driver’s form against their team mate so far this year:

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10 comments on “2011 German Grand Prix: complete race weekend review”

  1. Great Weekend

    1. It really was.

      Have to say, Alonso has really gone up in my estimations since Sunday. Not as a driver as I have always respected his skill, but as a person. He was first to congratulate Lewis via a wave and thumbs up on the slowing down lap and then a hug and back slap once in parc fermé. His post race comments were also very classy. Aside from his cap, I was very impressed.

      He seems very relaxed and in a good place at the moment, which is good to see. More of the same please Fernando.

      1. Aside from his cap, I was very impressed.

        Haha, yeah that cap is a bit weird. Remember Raikkonen had a similar one. Looks like Massa’s stuck with a conventional one though.

        1. Is it the trucker hat style? Raikkonen can just about pull it off. Certainly more than Alonso!

      2. In Korea, such hat is called “Recruit hat” because recruits in boot camp are not allowed to bend a visor of his cap :P

      3. Such a great weekend. Even Q2 had me on the edge of my seat.

        1. One fo my favourite weekends ever, and my least favourite driver won! But I agree, Alonso has been much more pleasant recently. But I support him, so that’s biased.

  2. Great weekend of racing in Germany, now i´m really curious about the next one in Hungary, if i remenbered well, RBR was the best team by a big of margin last year.
    I´m really hoping that´s not going to be the case this year or the championship is over (almost there).

  3. I wish we could restart the season from sunday. How good would it be if we had a whole season like this race.

  4. Thanks Keith. This site was priceless when I was without internet last week while on holiday (The Portuguese are tight with their Wi-Fi!).

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