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Sebastian Vettel, Red Bull, Nurburgring, 2011
Sebastian Vettel, Red Bull, Nurburgring, 2011

An unsuccessful (by his standards) weekend brought several of Sebastian Vettel’s running streaks to an end.

His progress towards record-breaking streaks of podium finishes, laps led and front row starts were all halted.

His run of 14 consecutive front row starts, which ended at the Nurburgring, is bettered by only four other drivers in F1 history:

DriverConsecutive front rowsRaces
Ayrton Senna241988 German – 1989 Australian Grands Prix
Damon Hill171995 Australian – 1996 Japanese Grands Prix
Alain Prost161993 South African – 1993 Australian Grands Prix
Nigel Mansell151986 Australian – 1987 Mexican Grands Prix
Sebastian Vettel142010 Singapore – 2011 British Grands Prix

His run of 11 straight podium finishes were halted – a mark beaten by just two other drivers:

DriverConsecutive podiumsRaces
Michael Schumacher192001 USA – 2002 Japanese Grands Prix
Fernando Alonso152005 Turkish – 2006 Canadian Grands Prix
Sebastian Vettel112010 Brazilian – 2011 British Grands Prix

And his streak of consecutive races led also came to an end:

DriverConsecutive races ledRaces
Jackie Stewart171968 USA – 1970 Belgian Grands Prix
Michael Schumacher152004 Australian – Italian Grands Prix
Sebastian Vettel132010 Japanese – British Grands Prix

He is still going strong with 12 consecutive races in the points – as is Webber – but he’s only halfway to the record held by Schumacher.

Lewis Hamilton’s 16th career win means he’s back level with Sebastian Vettel again – as well as Stirling Moss.

He also notched up his tenth fastest lap, putting him level with Graham Hill, John Surtees, Mario Andretti and Mark Webber.

Webber’s pole position was the ninth of his career. He also led his first laps of 2011, becoming the seventh driver to do so, one fewer than we had last year.

Webber finished in third place for the fourth race in a row.

After ten races, the Red Bull pair are the only drivers to have completed every lap of every race.

Pastor Maldonado and the Lotus, Virgin and HRT drivers are the only ones yet to complete a full race distance in 2011.

Adrian Sutil enjoyed his best result of the year so far with sixth place.

Fernando Alonso has out-qualified Felipe Massa in all ten races this year. He’s now been ahead of Massa on the grid for 16 races in a row.

Review the year so far in statistics here:

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    106 comments on “Vettel’s success streaks end at his home race”

    1. I wish his dominance is finally over and this continues. at least for the rest of this year. 1 or 2 DNFs would spice the championship. This year’s Red Bull is too reliable.

      Still his record is amazing considering his length of career. Just in 1.5 years he made top 5 or 3 records. Also I found out how Williams of mid-90s was good watching front rows record of Damon Hill because I don’t rate him one of the best.(not to mention Senna and Mclaren’s dominance!)

      Anyway, Now Hamilton and Vettel’s winning count battle come back to zero. I think Hamilton would be quite pleasant about it. I’m sure he would think it’s time to pay back.

      1. Only fools don’t rate damon

        1. Well I think he is quite good driver but not great.

        2. I don’t know about fools, but those who watched him race don’t rate him highly either – he was awful. The championship he won was in one of those years in which one team has the dominant car and he had JV, in his rookied year, as a teamate (and JV almost won it).

          1. I watched him and think he’s highly under-rated. But for clipping a tyre in Monza (which he admitted was his own fault) he would have finished as champion 29 points ahead of his rival, who was fresh to F1 and had a good year. Schumacher won 3 races that year so he hardly had no competition.

            He made literally a few bad starts in the era of only the top 6 getting points and suddenly has this reputation, not to mention having an engine failure out of the lead in Monaco (and I’m confident he would have won in France had Schumacher’s not gone before the start). He inherited Australia and Germany but also lost out in Portugal to a clutch problem.

            People have this idea of Damon as rubbish mostly because of 1995 and then leave out his 1997 performances (including a 4th position second time out snuffed by reliability and that famous should-have-won in Hungary). Had Sir Frank Williams kept him he would probably have won the 1997 championship more convincingly than Villeneuve, who had a worse 1997 than Hill’s 1996.

            1. In one point I’ll agree with you: difficult to separate Hill from JV. I watched Hill getting into a top notch Williams in 1993 and doing a really poor job – even Barrichelo managed to be 2nd in 2004. Then, come 1994, he was only in a position to challenge MS because the later was desqualified in one race and had to sit the subsequent 2 races out. MS was not in the run in 1996 – I am by no means a fan of Shumi-the-Cheat, but Ferrari did not have a car to compete that year and you know it. Honest, I believe JV would have won the battle in 1997 had Hill remained at Williams. Frentzen was not a match to JV at that time, but could easily beat Hill in their years as teamates at Jordan. But 1993 is what does it for me: Senna, in that rubish, underpowered Mclaren, should never have won 3 more races and outscored him that year.

            2. difficult to separate Hill from JV. I watched Hill getting into a top notch Williams in 1993 and doing a really poor job – even Barrichelo managed to be 2nd in 2004.

              Hill in 1993 vs Barrichello in 2004 isn’t really a valid comparison. Heading into 2004, Barrichello had 11 full seasons of F1 under his belt, including 4 with Ferrari (his team for 2004). Whereas Hill’s first race for Williams in South Africa was only his third ever GP start.

            3. I like to think of Damon as a sportsman-driver put upon by the professional win at any cost,by any means drivers of the modern era.

            4. Considering the fact he was 32 when got his first real chance at F1, he was the son of a respected champion with all the pressure that brings and the way he handled the terrible circumstances of 1994 I have a lot of respect for Damon Hill. He was my favourite driver growing up.

              No one will claim he is as good a driver as Schumacher, he wasn’t although his character and sporting nature is infinitely better than Michael’s.

              However he is better than Villeneuve and all of the drivers of the mid/late 90’s who were around after Senna died and Prost and Mansell retired, with the exception of Michael Schumacher and probably Hakkinen.

              Hill’s 96 season was much better than Villeneuve’s in ’97, and given what he achieved in a short space of time I too think he gets a rough deal sometimes.

            5. My presiding memory of Hill is of him being left in Schumi’s dust. That doesn’t mean he was a bad driver, he was better than the majority of the field back then, but Schumacher made him look bad.

              He also seemed to make a lot of unforced errors, I dont know if that’s a fair statement as I dont know the stats, it’s just the impression I got from watching.

              Having said that, that stat for front row starts always amazes me, was he really that good in qualifying?

            6. People have this idea of Damon as rubbish mostly because of 1995 and then leave out his 1997 performances (including a 4th position second time out snuffed by reliability and that famous should-have-won in Hungary). Had Sir Frank Williams kept him he would probably have won the 1997 championship more convincingly than Villeneuve, who had a worse 1997 than Hill’s 1996.

              On top of all that, he has a cool first name, so… what’s not to like? ;)

      2. I agree, I think this does matter a lot to Hamilton, getting back even on wins with Vettel.

        1. I think Lewis is definitely on the brink at the moment. With his win here he’ll probably expect to challenge Vettel for the title. I think 2 aspects would really annoy Lewis. 1) Alonso getting a 3rd title and 2) Vettel getting his 2nd so early in his career.

          Lewis was the supposed wonder kid in 2007 but to be honest he hasn’t had a better season since. We all knew Vettel was good based on 2008 but just how good has surprised a lot of people.

          This weekend was just something Vettel couldn’t get together, we all knew Mark was good at the Nurburgring. the fact that Vettel come away only losing 3 points is amazing for him.

          1. i think HAM would rather see ALO getting a 3rd than VET a 2nd

            1. It’s hardly early in Vettel’s career.

              Hamilton started in 07
              Won in 08
              09 is 3rd yar
              10 is 4th year
              11 is 5th year

              06 Vettel tested
              07 vettel started
              08 vettels 2/3rd year
              09 3/4
              10 4/5
              11 5/6th year

              I hate the way people excuse his mistakes becasue hes young and inexperienced… he has been driving an F1 car longer than Hamilton ffs and yet everyonehad a go at him (and rightly so) after Monaco

            2. Agree. although many people saying Alonso and Hamilton are not good friends but I think Hamilton is less friendly to Vettel. or his way of winning.

              Hamilton said if he’s Senna, Alonso would be Prost to him. No place for Vettel in him. Well, he said Vettel could be Mansell to him but he wasn’t sure. I suspect Hamilton don’t think Vettel is serious rival unless he has great car.

              Alonso is already double champion and old enough to get third. However in terms of Vettel, I believe the truth that Vettel snatched the youngest champion title from him really bothered him.

            3. I hate the way people excuse his mistakes becasue hes young and inexperienced… he has been driving an F1 car longer than Hamilton ffs and yet everyonehad a go at him (and rightly so) after Monaco

              The reference to it being early in Vettel’s career was with respect to him winning a second WDC, not seeking to excuse a mistake on his part.

              It is early in Vettel’s career to be on the verge of a second title – 2011 is only Vettel’s fourth full season in F1. Alonso won his second title in his fifth full season, Hakkinen in his seventh full season, Schumacher in his fourth, Senna in his seventh, Prost in his seventh, Piquet in his fifth, Lauda in his sixth and Fittipaldi in his fourth. No one has won two or more WDCs in less than four full seasons. Only two other drivers (Schumacher and Fittipaldi) have clocked up two WDCs in four full seasons – and both of them (like Vettel) had part seasons before starting their first full years.

              In terms of career start dates, why say Vettel’s career starts with testing in 2006 whereas Hamilton’s begins with his race debut? It’s not as if 2007 was the first time Lewis set foot in an F1 car – his first McLaren test was actually in late 2004. Vettel first tested (for Williams) just under a year later.

            4. Hamilton also tested in 2006…

            5. Oh come on unovc12, this description of Vettel’s carreer is quite spacious. In 2006 he drove an F1 for a couple of laps in testing (nobody in same mind considers that as counting as F1 proper years. By this account Luca Badoer would be the most experienced F1 driver). He had 1 race in 2007. For all reasonable folks around, his first year in F1 is really 2008 – in a bottom of grid Toro Rosso, not a top runner Mclaren, mind you. And there isn’t any reasons for “excuses” either: Vettel is the current world champion and he is cleaning the floor with the competion this year. In 10 races, he won 6, got 3 seconds and one 4th. Look at how Webber is doing in the same car and you’ll see things in perspective.

          2. 2008 was Vettel’s third year in F1? Get real.

            Anyway I don’t think you can make excuses for him still being young and early in his career, it was just a mistake.

            He was bound to have a bad race at some point and if spinning off once and finishing 4th and just one place behind his nearest title rival is a complete disaster then I guess he has nothing to worry about.

            1. I personally think the difference (in regards to Hamilton and Vettel) isn’t the number of mistakes, actually, I think Hamilton seems to make more. It’s the style of mistake. Hamiltons mistakes are almost always due to aggression, which is usually regarded as being okay to the viewers. Vettel’s mistakes seem to be either just solo-loss of attention (Germany, and the 2 practice sessions) or under pressure-mistakes (canada, collision w/ webber last year), which is more off-putting to the viewers….

              That’s just my impression of the 2 drivers over the past few years. Vettel seems young and easily distracted. Hamilton seems young, not as young, but young and very aggressive.

            2. if spinning off once and finishing 4th and just one place behind his nearest title rival is a complete disaster then I guess he has nothing to worry about.

              That’s the scary thing. :?

          3. I think you are right on that.

        2. No doubt it does, considering that Vettel wasn’t even in a top flight team for 2007 and 2008!

      3. There was an interesting comment from Shumacher when Hill left Williams. Something along the lines of ” Williams doesn’t seem to know how really good he is”.

        I remember a few races where Hill could have taken races from Prost when they raced at Williams, and don’t forget for who had the most points in Senna’s last season.

        He won 22 races which is a bit more than Ham and Vet whom I’m sure your rate as great.

        Seriously man.

        1. Well said Alex, I echo your sentiments and those of another earlier and rate Hill as the 3rd best driver of the mid to late 90’s, behind only Hakkinen and Schumacher.

          That’s awesome that Schumi said that about him. It’s sad thinking about how great Williams used to be, that downturn in the late 90’s, that resurgence a few years later, and nowadays, they’re nowhere. They can’t seem to keep a truly good driver around, i.e. Hill, Montoya, etc.

    2. On the bright side, he just beat ALO’s 2006 streak. VET has such an enormous advantage he can play it safe, be sensible and still win the championship without taking any risks. As long as the car failures of 2010 are left behind, he should romp home comfortably for the title race.

      1. in 2006 at least Schumacher had caught up Alonso rapidly later part of the season but this time even in the best case it would be 3 way battle in front of him. the worst case? His dominance revive! So they have to hope DNFs for Vettel if they want to win the championship.

      2. I find it highly ironic Ferrari gave him that with poor strategy! Although if he scores badly in the next round technically Alonso will go “back” into the “lead”, although Vettel beat his starting record before too when he had 6 wins and 2 seconds after 8 races.

      3. Comfortably can be said if there’s still 5 races to go, but nine… To me Alonso is the man to ear because he’s got a head on his shoulder – all the time, Hammy is on and off. So considering Alonso wins five of the remaining 9 races, with Vettel retiring once and finishing 3rd and 4th in the rest – Nando will come on top. So RBR have to recover quick and Vettel has to find a good setup for Hungaroring to head to his vacation with a clear mind. Bad form in two consecutive races will not give him a relaxed vacation and he’ll come back worried instead of focused.

        1. I doubt Vettel will drop off the pace like Button did in 2009 but if he did we could see a repeat of that season where so many drivers are challenging for wins, and taking points off eachother, that Vettel’s lead stays pretty big.

          1. I think Vettel can still take it, but even if he does I’ll be watching the battle for 2nd. Alonso and Hamilton are looking very strong, Webber and Button seem to be struggling and Massa has started gaining on them. It will be interesting to watch it all play out.

          2. I wouldn’t be supprised at all if Vettel came back with a pole to flag win in Hungary!

    3. First time Lewis Hamilton hasn’t got a puncture at the Nurburgring

      1. Heh, yeah I was getting nervous every time he ran over Heidfeld’s debris!

    4. Hamilton has now finished on the podium on every circuit he has raced in F1. Let’s see if he can keep the stat when we reach Indian Grand Prix.

      1. What about Interlagos?
        Im not quite sure where he finished in 2009: minds gone blank

        1. He came 3rd after starting from 18th on the grid.

    5. Let’s hope McLaren and Ferrari keep their performance in Hungary and farther down the road. Vettel is a good driver and is extremely consistent this year, fortunately his not being as aggressive as some other drivers (Alonso, Hamilton, Kobayashi…) eventually his advantage is keeping him from forcing overtakes…

      1. am i right in thinking that cars that go well in monaco usually go well at the hungaroring? If so we could see another mclaren win.

        1. They’re both high downforce circuits, but Hungary requires high aerodynamic efficiency, whereas at Monaco drag isn’t much of a factor so they just increase the wing angle.

      2. Someone posted a stat a couple of days ago somewhere on this site that Vettel has only won one race when not on pole… is this true does anyone know?

        If so that really does speak volumes. Don’t get me wrong, he is extremely quick, but racing wise that’s a poor return surely.

        1. Sorry I should have said he’s only won one race when not on the ‘front row.’

          That time he was 3rd on the grid.

        2. True indeed i believe. The one race he wasn’t on the front row was malaysia 2010, but he was leading by the first corner…

    6. Fernando Alonso has out-qualified Felipe Massa in all ten races this year. He’s now been ahead of Massa on the grid for 16 races in a row.

      This, I suspect, is why Massa’s seat at Ferrari is safe for 2012 – he can score solid points finishes, but he’s no threat to Alonso.

      1. Doesn’t give Ferrari much chance at the Constructors Championship though

      2. Alonso needs a team mate who can finish right behind him, not right all his rivals.

        Massa is just too slow, even for Nandos liking.

        1. I would actually have to agree. People said that last year Fernando was at a huge advantage because he had a teammate to play number 2 driver for him, but I think having Massa is more of a liability than an asset. Throughout the year Massa barely took any points off Vettel, Webber or Hamilton, and it was always Fernando who was battling with the front runners.

          I think its a fine line to find a teammate to Alonso. The driver has to be quick and should be fighting for podiums, and taking points off Alonso’s rivals, but at the same time, should not be a serious threat to Alonso’s WDC chances. Right now I think Felipe is unable to fight for podiums and is also nowhere close to challenging Alonso. Alonso might be partially happy with the situation, but I’m prett sure that Ferrari are considering other drivers for that second seat.

          1. ********

            You get points in the race, not in qualifying. Massa beated Alonso a few times this season. But most of the time
            – Alonso is very quick
            – Alonso gets the best strategy
            – Massa has pit stop problems (it was the fourth time this season he had a wheel nut problem. Also in Brazil last year there was this problem which cost him half a lap.)

            Massa is driving very well so far this season, but in total he had the worst car, worst strategy and slowest pitstops of the top 6.

            1. Agreed, people seem so eager to toss Massa aside, when there really isn’t a better candidate for the seat. He has improved the last couple races and were it not for getting blocked by Vettel at the start, then stuck behind Roseberg and screwed by his pit crew, I suspect he would have been right behind the leaders in a solid 4th place and may have troubled Webber by race’s end.

          2. In other words, they need a Webber there!

            1. Or Kobayashi? I think Ferrari are looking at him seriously.

      3. Massa’s performance relative to Alonso these last two years makes Ferrari’s decision to dump Kimi Raikkonen look extremely wise.

        1. On the contrary I think an Alonso-Kimi duo would have re-energized Raikkonen. Many think that Raikkonen kind of mentally checked out after winning the title in 07. I think that Massa just out performed him after that, though with Massa out for most of 09, Kimi stepped up and had the best middle season performance of all the drivers. If he had Alonso to go up against I feel confident he would have given his all, and shown that he is faster than Alonso, despite being a “less complete” driver.

    7. Jenson Button’s suffered his first back-to-back retirements since the French and British Grand races in 2008

    8. In a way, in two ways even, it’s a shame Vettel’s runs have come to an end.

      First of all, now that we haven’t witnessed a record-breaking run, all of those wins we’ve had to sit through have been for nothing.

      Second, it’s a bit sad that his first bad race of the season had to come in front of his home crowd. Although I suspect some might in fact be happy for the extra heartache this causes Sebastian, it’s not something I wish on the large home crowd.

      Finally, before anyone suggests I am absolutely mad, I am delighted by the outcome of yesterday’s race.

    9. Were there 7 different race leaders in the whole of 2010 or just up to the equivalent point this time last year?

      1. I think it might be both, Buemi led in Canada, other than that, we have had the same six doing so.

        1. sorry forgot to include Rosberg in that sentence for last year, he did that in the early races as well

      2. 2010 – pre German GP, 7 different race leaders – VET, WEB, BUT, HAM, ALO, ROS and Buemi,
        post German GP – MAS the only driver added to list above, (MAS lead first laps in GER GP, before giving way to ALO)

        2011 – 7 different leaders so far VET, WEB, HAM, BUT, MAS, ALO and ROS

    10. I can’t believe Senna did 24 consecutive front rows! I mean, I can believe it – but it really shows his dominance in qualifying, in years when there was only 16 races a season.

      1. It truly is remarkable. I love the stats on this one, just shows you how good drivers like Senna and Jackie Stewart truly were.

    11. Consecutive front rows
      Alain Prost 16 1993

      It’s surprising Mansell didn’t achieve the same in 1992.

      1. He was only off the front row in Canada that year.

        1. Didn’t Senna and Prost get all the front rows in 1988?

          1. Senna was off it once – in Britain the Ferraris conquered the front row with Berger on pole. Senna’s record streak starts from the next race and ends at 1989 last race, so he was in the front row for every race in 1989.

            Prost was not in the front row for several other occasions – Brazil, USA and Hungary.

    12. Does Webber have the record for most consecutive finishes (4) in the same position (3rd) other than 1st (held by Schumi with 7)?

      1. I already wanted to investigate it. I don’t have the time to do that right now unfortunately, that’s a lot of research.

      2. Piquet had 4 consecutive 2nds in 1987, Frentzen had 4 3rds in 1997 and Hamilton had 4 2nds in 2007.

        1. And Alboreto had four consecutive 7th in 1992 – on the days when top 6 got points.

          1. Massa also finished in fifth for the third race in a row, that has to be a record (please, he needs some good news).

    13. This was Hamilton’s 40th podium so it was rather appropriate it was a win! 80th start for Kovalainen. Also career best qualifying for Chandhok, not that that’s much to shout about down in 20th.

      1. 80th start for HAM then!

        1. Not quite, although Hamilton and Kovalainen both started at the beginning of 2007, Kovalainen has had 1 DNS in that time. Hamilton therefore has 81 starts.

    14. It’s the 46st race with no win from a national driver, Record is 64.

      1. I’m sorry, you mean a race in which the home driver did not win? When was the last time then, Massa in 2008?

    15. According to my calculation this was the 850 F1 race that was counted towards the WC

      1. Wow, that is a massive number WasiF1!

        1. It’s not that huge when you consider Rubens has participated in over 300! :P But I suppose that just makes Rubens’ career even more impressive!

          1. Whenever that’s mentioned I always remember Spa last year, so so disappointing for Rubens.

          2. It certainly does Damon!

    16. Andrew White
      25th July 2011, 10:52

      It may be worth noting the progress of a streak which is still going. It is the number of consecutive races won by the same five drivers. Hamilton, Vettel, Webber, Alonso and Button have collectively won the last 33 races, that is since Singapore 2009. This is joint third in the all-time list, equal to the Japan 2004-Germany 2006 streak (all won by M Schumacher, Montoya, Fisichella, Alonso and Raikkonen). Second on the list, at 34 races, is Belgium 1962-Germany 1965, which were all won by Clark, Gurney, Graham Hill, Surtees and Bandini. So two more races of this streak and it becomes the second longest. But there’s still a long way to go to beat the 53 races won collectively by Piquet, Senna, Prost, Mansell and Berger, from Brazil 1986-United States 1989.

      The 33-race streak also applies to the record of only three teams winning. This is sixth in the all-time list.

      1. Wow, one of the better stats to come out.

        1. Hey, those are some nice facts! How did you come up with the idea to trace that?

          I wonder who broke the longest streak. My unwikipedified laziness makes me guess it was Boutsen. Or maybe Patrese.

          1. It was Boutsen. Canadian Grand Prix 1989

            For the 60’s one Jackie Stewart’s first win was the next Grand Prix – Monza 1965

          2. Andrew White
            25th July 2011, 19:01

            I came up with the idea when I noticed the current streak. I used the official F1 site and StatsF1 and manually traced back, since I don’t have a database. I also have a few variations (four, three and two drivers, plus the teams one), but this was the most relevant one. A couple of notes; I haven’t included the Indy 500 in my results, and I am very much open to corrections since mistakes and omissions are possible.

            Also, Debaser is right, Boutsen ended the streak, while Keke Rosberg won at Australia 1985.

      2. Wow, that is extremely cool stat.
        Can we also know who broke this “penta-poly” in the previous cases?
        I know Button broke it in Hungary 2006.

        I guess this time Massa, Rosberg or Kubica are most likely to break this trend.

        1. Andrew White
          25th July 2011, 19:04

          Between you and debaser above, you’ve covered all of the ones mentioned. As for this streak, the most interesting thing is that it doesn’t look likely to be broken in the near future. Massa’s highest finish so far is fifth, and none of the other cars looks fast enough at the moment.

    17. Every time Webber has been on pole with Hamilton next to him, Hamilton has won.

      Alonso has 68 podiums, equal to Barrichello, and 4th equal on all time list, next up is Senna with 80.

      1. Thats very impressive. One of the few facts that isn’t distorted by the new points system.

        1. But maybe by the extra number of races.

    18. Nico Rosberg finally took the lead from Heidfeld in the “Most points without a win” statistics.

      1. But that’s only because the points system changed. In “old money” Heidfeld still leads Rosberg 236 to 151 (approx).

    19. In 2009, Button’s first non-podium race result was at his home race – British GP.
      In 2011, Vettel’s first non-podium race result is at his home race – German GP.

    20. No one has finished on the podium for thier home race this year, not including the European GP, despite being held in Spain, Alonso’s home race is the Spanish GP. Otherwise you could say Vettel and Alonso are both European.

      1. Way to confuse yourself

    21. All of this, and Vettel still can’t overtake.

      1. he nailed petrov into T1 and i think a sauber in T7 (fresh tyres)

    22. After ten races, the Red Bull pair are the only drivers to have completed every lap of every race.

      From one of the worst team for reliabilty last year to one of the best this year. I think this is one of the major reasons for their dominance. If it had been this good last year, Vettel would have wrapped the title up much earlier.

    23. Another interesting statistic is that this was the first time Massa’s not been on the podium in Germany for Ferrari, in 7 attempts.

      Europe 2006 – 3rd
      Germany 2006 – 2nd
      Europe 2007 – 2nd
      Germany 2008 – 3rd
      Germany 2009 – 3rd
      Germany 2010 – 2nd
      Germany 2011 – 5th

      1. Good point.

    24. He also led his first laps of 2011, becoming the seventh driver to do so, one fewer than we had last year.

      Was it Buemi last year that’s missing from this year?

      1. Yes, Buemi in Canada last year. I’d say he has his work cut out for him to make it on that list again this year!

    25. Christopher Vissing
      25th July 2011, 18:16

      Seb has his first no-podium finish of the season on home soil..

      it was the same for Button in 2009, you guys remmeber? :)

      And Pastor is yet to finish a full race distance.. poor bloke :(

      1. he’s still classified below liuzzi in the wdc- a 13th versus pastors 14ths

        how long will that indignity last?

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