2014 Italian Grand Prix result

2014 Italian Grand Prix

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144Lewis HamiltonMercedes531hr 19m 10.236s
26Nico RosbergMercedes533.1753.175
319Felipe MassaWilliams-Mercedes5325.02621.851
477Valtteri BottasWilliams-Mercedes5340.78615.760
53Daniel RicciardoRed Bull-Renault5350.3099.523
61Sebastian VettelRed Bull-Renault5359.9659.656
711Sergio PerezForce India-Mercedes5362.5182.553
822Jenson ButtonMcLaren-Mercedes5363.0630.545
97Kimi RaikkonenFerrari5363.5350.472
1020Kevin Magnussen*McLaren-Mercedes5366.1712.636
1126Daniil KvyatToro Rosso-Renault5371.1845.013
1227Nico HulkenbergForce India-Mercedes5372.6061.422
1325Jean-Eric VergneToro Rosso-Renault5373.0930.487
1413Pastor MaldonadoLotus-Renault521 lap1 lap
1599Adrian SutilSauber-Ferrari521 lap11.784
168Romain GrosjeanLotus-Renault521 lap24.206
1710Kamui KobayashiCaterham-Renault521 lap30.529
1817Jules BianchiMarussia-Ferrari521 lap13.106
199Marcus EricssonCaterham-Renault512 laps1 lap
2021Esteban Gutierrez**Sauber-Ferrari512 laps9.117
Not classified
14Fernando AlonsoFerrari2825 laps23 lapsERS
4Max ChiltonMarussia-Ferrari548 laps23 lapsAccident

*Five second penalty for forcing Valtteri Bottas off the track
**Twenty second penalty for colliding with Romain Grosjean

Image © Daimler/Hoch Zwei

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45 comments on “2014 Italian Grand Prix result”

  1. I only saw 10 mins of the race (round about lap 20). The McLarens were doing good at that point…what happened to them afterwards?

    Btw, I’m surprised to see the race has finished. Thought I’d see the last few laps at 9,30pm.

    1. Formula Indonesia (@)
      7th September 2014, 14:31

      Seb jumped ahead of kevin at pitstops and then Ricciardo charges through the field, an overtook both McLarens, and then Sergio overtook Button and Magnussen given a 5 second penalty which forced him to 10th after forcing Bottas off the road (btw i think it was too harsh)

  2. I wonder if Nico’s off had anything to do with the real punishment at Mercedes. I certainly saw plenty of others have trouble coming into that chicane and only Kvyat didn’t attempt to make the turn.

    Hamilton would have given him trouble, for sure and with DRS I don’t think a pass would’ve been problematic. I don’t think it would have changed the finishing order but it’s certainly a lot easier to make it look natural as opposed to staged.

    1. And as an aside, how stringent are the jumpstarting regulations, these days? If Nico had jumped the start and won the race, Hamilton fans would’ve been … highly agitated.

    2. I like the second chichane fix wolff put in to jump hamilton ahead of rosberg, that must have been decided behind closed doors a rosberg discipline hearing

      1. Just like it was fixed for Lewis to jump Nico in Canada by Nico making almost an identical mistake anytime Lewis put pressure on him right?

        1. but Nico didn`t lock up today

          1. That’s why he navigated the barriers – he did not want to flat spot his tires to hard brake in time to make the chicane.

  3. Anybody else feels the Magnussen-penalty this time was wrong? He was on the inside, he was ahead, he was taking his line.

    1. @crammond he wasn’t ahead by any stretch of the imagination. In fact, he was marginally behind and he kept the line. Last race was the wrong penalty, this was the right one.

      1. Neah, I think the penalty this time was kinda wrong, and last race deserved. He was penalised for pushing ALO off track with 2 wheels at the Kemmel straight, but he pushed ALO off-track totally at Bruxelles although ALO was side by side… and pushing another driver totally off-track is a surething penalty. I think the penalty from last race was deserved for the “overall performance”, but not this time. I mean, although behind, he wasn’t allowed to regain his position ?!? Then, Ricciardo’s move against Raikkonen was quite identical: come from behind, brake a lot later, get the inside and push the other driver almost off-track. So, if MAG deserved the penalty, then Ricciardo should have been penalised too.

    2. And then Button pushes Perez off and gets away with it.

      The stewards have set a precedent by not punishing drivers who do what Button did. Only now does Magnussen get a penalty.

      1. Formula Indonesia (@)
        7th September 2014, 14:57

        And also its did not effect Bottas race either. The stewards became really weird especially, it should be warning for Kevin, 5 sec penalty for Nico or a reprimand, and drive through penalty for Perez

      2. In fairness I think Button got away with it because Perez still gained the position.

    3. @crammond I thought it was a fairly minor infraction which deserved a mild penalty. Five seconds is about right. My problem is that last week someone else got the same penalty because their team members were on the grid as the cars were pulling away, which was dangerous and deserved a more severe penalty.

      1. @keithcollantine
        And of course Nico actions last race completely ruined Hamilton’s race, yet he didn’t get penalised at all. It’s the inconsistency of the stewarding that is unacceptable.

      2. @keithcollantine

        Absolutely agree on the spa-grid-thing, especially since it encourages teams to do the same in future, as they are better of taking the penalty.

        About Magnussen today: When it´s a battle of late-braking, I think it´s difficult for the one who´s on the inside at entry to not run to the outside of the corner on exit. Unless the inside driver is coming from far behind, there shouldn´t be a penalty in my opinion. However, I can see Magnussen somehow had it coming, as he very aggressively chose his line to defend as late as possible on several occasions. Maybe they just wanted to calm him down.

      3. @keithcollantine I have exactly the same problem. All consistency, common sense, logic and reason has been thrown out the window it seems.

  4. Perez has done a very good job

  5. Rosberg really threw that race victory away, poor performance by him cutting the chicane to give Lewis the victory. If Lewis wins and Rosberg retires, Lewis will lead.

    1. I think in rosberg discipline hearing that was decided as hamilton had threw his dummy out of the pram..

      1. You can’t seriously be suggesting that Rosberg made the ‘mistake’ to appease Hamilton can you?

      2. What about the first lock-up at the same chicane? Was it also decided that Rosberg should ensure massa had an equally fair chance at winning because massa is low on points now? Seriously, how does whatever you said even make sense to you?

        Rosberg screwed up. Deal with it.

    2. Nico wouldn’t agree to that in the first place. And he could always use the excuse that Lewis had a bad start so he just had to get on with it. So I don’t see that as a punishment. Another reason I don’t see it as a punishment is. Nico made a lot of mistakes this year under pressure; In Australia he locked up in qualifying and messed up one of his Q3 laps, which made him late for a final dash lap. In Malaysia he messed up the second to last corner. In Canada he locked up and jumped the chicane, in Austria he locked up in the last lap and also a in the middle of the race when Botas was chasing him. So because of all those mistakes, which ironically are lock ups under pressure, I don’t see how he can manufacture a lock up in the race to let Lewis pass. Another reason is, if Merc wanted they would have somehow done it in the pit stops.

  6. Whoever wins championship, rosberg is the true champion in my eyes, not a dummy thrower, wolff must go and lauda shortly after…

    1. It’s a good thing that the Championship is not decided based on what your eyes see. I have never seen such a horrible case of hallucination! You need help!

  7. I’m going to leave this here, don’t mean to sound conspirational but…
    Rosberg messed up turn 1 early on in the race with a safety gap to hold onto the lead, just like Piquet Jr. spun out on the formation lap in Singapore 2008 – practising. Then when Hamilton was going to catch him, rather than being passed he decided he was going to let him through – with a “mistake” – to equal things after robbing Hamilton of the Spa win. He handed the win back so they’re even, although of course Rosberg earned 11 points in these two races.
    What confirms this theory: Wolff laughing while this happened, Rosberg not in any way angry with himself. Two journalists I heard raised the same concern, Fisichella was asked about it but obviously decided against saying he agreed, whether he actually did. To see a race leader of Rosberg’s calibre make twice such a silly mistake – which I doubt he made the whole weekend – is strange, and for it to happen after the consequences of Spa makes it worse. Don’t blame me, blame the fate if this is a coincidence!

    1. When Rosberg leaves Mercedes he will make this public if it ever happened. Just wanted to be able to go back to today and say: “I said it first!” Sorry!

      1. @fixy I said it first. Twice. ;)

        1. OK… “I thought it first but waited till I got home to post it” ;) @neiana

    2. @fixy I would say that if anything, Wolff “laughing” proves it was definitely not an order! You really think he would sit and laugh if he knew it was happening, and therefore knew the cameras would focus on him? I read it as a small smile of relief that it wasn’t going to be fought out on track.

      1. @jleigh I hadn’t thought of it that way as it happened. And I wasn’t saying Mercedes planned it, more that Nico did. Meaybe he said “I’ll make it up to Lewis” and Toto smiled for the way it happened. But as I said, it’s just a combination of events which is stange, I wouldn’t bet my money on it being the truth.

  8. Nico stumbled with the weight of the pressure. Well deserved win for Ham. Massa did a good job. DRS helped a lot Bottas, but he is proving to be a great driver too. Too much bad luck for Alonso. And I wonder what happened to Vettel. Again, Ric overtake him without any difficulty. I still think Vettel changed tyres very early, but even so, Ric is so much faster then him…

    1. Michael Brown (@)
      7th September 2014, 16:52

      They changed. Vettel’s tires early because they wanted to put him in a clear track, but like most of Red Bull’s decisions for Vettel, it backfired.

  9. well, how many times have danni ricciardo got ahead of vettel this season is simply astonishing, shows that ricciardo is much much better than vettel as an overall driver, adapts extremely well to new environments, and very fast also.

  10. The result was fixed for Hamilton to win
    Rosberg’s 2 “braking mistakes”
    Where too well controlled to be mistakes
    F1 publicity again!!

  11. I was at Monza today, up by the second chicane.
    Yesterday Nico PRACTISED going through the runoff chicane.
    Today Nico was comfortably pulling away from Hamilton – about .2 – .3 of a second per lap.
    He made the “mistake” twice today. Does anyone really believe that one of the best drivers in the world, driving one of the fastest cars in the world, would make the same rookie mistake three times?
    I leave all to draw their own conclusions.

  12. Am I the only person that saw Rosberg jump the last red light at the start, he was rolling before the last light went out, did anyone else see it.

  13. Fantastic race by Lewis ,Massa , Bottas,both Dan’s ,Sergio and many more . Lots of good racecraft, clean overtaking a good race . Good pitstops for once too , for Lewis and Massa. Enjoyable race ,well done to Lewis on keeping his composure when things go extremely wrong at the beginning of the race . Poor guy even had a problem on the grid with his front wing damaged,not the best start,then race start button doesn’t work ,not good.
    For him to have a decent run at this championship these finger problems will have to stop..
    Also can we just give the guy his dues he was clearly faster than Rosburg as shown when he did race run in FP3,and in qualifying .Its so sad that the media run to conspiracy theories instead of reporting what really happened in the race.
    Not sure i appreciated the post race chatter in Italian very petty of Rosburg to do that. i understand trying to appease the audience but i’m afraid it totally backfired. What would have been nicer a handshake and genuine congratulations ….

  14. I notice the ‘fastest laps’ articles have ceased. Or am I just going blind?

    1. Actually now I see the problem. The article naming formats have changed. Now the fastest laps stats are all hidden within an innocuously titled article “Rosberg admits Hamilton was quicker this weekend”

  15. Does anyone have the speed trap figures from the race?

  16. Found the speed trap figures from the race, Ricciardo fastest at 362.1km/hr not bad for a Red Bull LoL


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