Alonso hints at “obvious” plans for 2015

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Fernando Alonso says his future plans will seem “obvious” in retrospect when they are finally revealed.

Red Bull’s announcement last week that Sebastian Vettel will leave the team at the end of the year led to speculation he will replace Alonso at Ferrari in 2015.

But Alonso said those wanting to know where he will be next year will need to “be patient and wait a little bit”.

“Obviously I cannot say anything until everything is completely done,” he told reporters in Sochi, “but it’s good, and I will do the best for my future and the best of the future of Ferrari as well because it’s the team that I love.”

“When you know it, you will say ‘it was so obvious that you will do that’,” he added, but stopped short of confirming he will be in F1 next year.

Alonso said his future has been “set in my mind for some months and now we are finalising everything so it’s not a big thing”.

“And then for the remaining races is just trying to maximise what we have. I think here, this weekend, probably we didn’t extract the maximum from the car because we were very close to the podium in some races and we were not close here so we need to do better next time.”

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    126 comments on “Alonso hints at “obvious” plans for 2015”

    1. McLaren-Honda, obvious because he thinks Honda can do good things.
      Mercedes, obvious because they have the best car.
      Ferrari, obvious because he has a contract there.
      Retiring, obvious because he already said he’s not enjoying this F1.
      (Gap year, obvious because he can look at what Honda can do and then choose between Mercedes and Honda)

      Yes, obvious.

      1. Red Bull is obvious too, because he gets along with Ricciardo so well.

      2. I think you’re onto something there.
        It’s like “whatever evertything would be a better outcome than this”.

        1. The only obvious choice is that a choice will be made

      3. @xtwl – McLaren-Honda, obvious because he thinks Honda can do good things.
        Mercedes, obviously not because they have two superb contracted drivers.
        Ferrari, obviously not because he cancelled his contract there.
        Retiring, obviously not because he knows his is the best and still dreams of a third world title no matter what the current formula.
        Gap year, obviously unlikely since he has had Honda chasing his services for over a year and knows the difficulty he will have after missing a year of driving.

        Yes, obvious.

        1. @william-brierty You’re forgetting one thing. This is F1 and we’ve seen a lot of crazy things happen before.

          1. @xtwl – Exceedingly true, since you are talking to an individual who thought everyone was staying put for 2015, but in motorsport things that make sense do have a tendency to play out, and as a manufacturer backed LMP1 opportunity opened up just as Webber lost patience with F1, a well-backed manufacturer has aligned itself with a top team just as Alonso has lost patience with Ferrari. 2014 was an excellent opportunity for Ferrari because since they are made in the same factory they had the opportunity to maximize the performance from good engine and chassis synergy, but whilst Mercedes has fully exploited that chance, Ferrari invariably have found themselves in excess of a second in their wake.

            1. Alonso to Porsche WEC team alongside Webber in 2015, you heard it here first, folks!

              Obviously, duh!

        2. where is actually said that he cancelled his contract with ferrari? imo its just a speculation… any source please?

      4. and staying in Ferrari? why not? If Caterham, or any other team folds, then 3 car teams… Kimi-Vettel-Alonso? ok, that’s a long shot, but, Ferrari’s car isn’t THAT bad, it’s low on power, and maybe for next year they can close the gap. Besides, what better to show the world you’re a better driver than a 4xWDC than beating him with the same car? he says “the best for the future of Ferrari, because it’s the team that i love” i wouldn’t write him off yet…

        1. honestly, I thought exactly the same – LCDM said last week that Ferrari was planning with 3 cars for 2015 and the 3rd car being reserved for Jules. With Jules accident I do see a good chance of having Vettel, Alonso and Raikkonen in a Ferrari for 2015.

      5. where did he win his championships? where did he go go when he fell out with mclaren? who will be powered by merc? next year alonsos old buddies lotus/renult

        1. he ain’t using mercedes engines, so Lotus is out of the picture

        2. Lotus-Renault is a very good guess, but obvious is not. I think he’s likely to stay put.

          1. Lotus-Merc for 2015 season. Anyway, it’s obvious that he’s going to replace Marco Mattiacci. Or maybe Bernie.

        3. Not obvious, but I have definitely had the same thought.

      6. Could he be off to WEC to join up with Webber? Alonso has said he would like to do Le Mans. It is seen to be some of the purest racing around. They have more time to have a life between races. A LOT less travel would mean he could focus on his cycling team. It’s obvious this is what he is going to do hahahahaha.
        Seriously though, I’m just throwing that out there for a laugh. But I do think that people should not rule out a return to Enstone now that they have confirmed the Mercedes engines

      7. Hang on I think I can obviously link him to every team:

        Alonso would obviously stay at Ferrari because he obviously has a contract.
        Alonso would obviously go to McLaren-Honda because they are paying the most.
        Alonso would obviously go to Lotus because that’s where he’s had his most successful seasons
        Alonso would obviously buy Force India, Torro Rosso, or Marussia because he’s old now and the next career development is team management.
        Alonso is obviously the mysterious money behind the new backers of Caterham because er… he likes green.
        Alonso is obviously moving to Williams because he wants Smedley to use the ‘Fernando is faster than you’ line again.
        Alonso is obviously moving to Red Bull because three car teams are obvious obviously.

        and for good measure Alonso is obviously moving to Porshe because he has a man crush on Mark Webber.

        1. Didn’t they say he said there wasn’t going to be a Mercedes engine in the car hes going to?

      8. He will be a bull fighter at Red Bull obviously

        1. Red Bull confirmed Ricciardo and Kvyat for next season, no? Well, they confirmed Kvyat…..

          Maybe they can’t fit two Dans in the same team

          1. @tonybananas

            Red Bull confirmed Ricciardo and Kvyat for next season, no?

            Yes they did.

      9. Or he starts his own team and drives too. Forza Alonso, buys a couple of Caterham, paint them red and hopes for the best.

    2. Apparently he confirmed to Will Buxton that he wouldn’t have Mercedes power in his car next year, so that limits it even further.

      My guess is …
      He is going to be driving a Skoda Superb in the team car for several cycling events. Heard it here first!

      Seriously, I guess a McLaren seat is now only waiting for them to agree on options and get out clauses in case everything doesn’t go well.

      1. ‘agree on options’

        @bascb I think they are not on the same page considering buying Alonso out of Ferrari, what percentage both parties pay and the lenght of the contract is probably an issue too.

        1. @xtwl, Alonso had a “get out of jail free” clause in his Renault contract (hence crashgate), Vettel has one with RBR, so I imagine Alonso will have one with Ferrari, meaning no buy-out will be required.

      2. UCI has confirmed Alonso has not put offer for WT licence, so his plans for cycling team is on hold.

        1. Just about to post that. There was a question about it in the first presser of the weekend.

      3. @bascb – My educated guess would simply be that his salary is the only sticking point since he moved from a Swiss tax haven to Spain last year and is therefore subjected to plenty of income tax. He is probably looking for some kind of performance clause too, but there can be no doubt over his 2015 destination. I know Jenson quite well, he’s a friend of a friend and I’ve met him countless times over the years, and I see a long face and a heavy heart in the interviews he’s conducted this weekend. It be remarkable from where I’m sat if McLaren’s driver line up is anything other than Alonso-Magnussen…

        1. Button’s body language says he doesn’t have a drive next year, it amuses me that none of the bbc or sky pundits seem to want to call the obvious reasons, even Eddie Jordon who ‘predicted’ he would leaving McLaren won’t say it.

          1. @smiggs
            I think they decline to say it because they hope it’s not true. Button has been driving better than ever this season and doesn’t deserve to get booted out. Looking at his body language after the race it looks like it’s already done though.

            1. @george – yes, it’s horrible but Button’s demeanour and tone screams out the news for anyone with half an eye to see.
              On the BBC coverage, Eddie Jordan tried to say it but Suzi and DC clearly didn’t want it said. I guess that they already knew and had that information in confidence – so they could not just stand there while a colleague worked it out for himself. Trust management is an issue for reporters and journalists.

        2. @William-brierty – I couldn’t be more jealous of you right now.

          But I totally agree, and I find it quite sad.

    3. I still remember him saying he would like to do Le Mans one year, and with Nissan coming in next year (still no announcements on their drivers) I think that’s still a genuine possibility.

      1. With his old mate Webber??!

      2. Please Lord, make it happen. That would be some properly epic stuff. Especially if the car would have 1990 livery.

      3. Hmmm I’ve been thinking that WEC is a possibility but with his mentioning Ferrari so much I think that would only be with the GT team if at all.

      4. With him always saying he’ll do the ‘best for Ferrari’, trying to with the WEC with another manufacturer (especially Porsche) doesn’t seem to make any sense, and I cant see him driving a 458.

        I also got the impression he’d like to try Le Mans, it’s just a pity Ferrari don’t have an LMP1 car for him.

    4. I’m sure it probably has been, but has it actually been 100% confirmed he is leaving Ferrari? I mean could he actually just turn around in a few weeks time and say he’s staying put and was all along and all of this dithering over where he’s going is just hype?

      Personally I’d rather he stayed put.

      1. i think the same, besides, he already trashed Kimi, why not doing the same with Vettel with a better Ferrari for next year?

      2. @rocketpanda

        “I will do the best for my future and the best of the future of Ferrari as well because it’s the team that I love.”

        It can be a bit dangerous reading between the lines of a non-native English speaker, but I would take that to mean that Alonso’s future and Ferrari’s future are not one and the same.

        Would he really be able to speak like that if he was moving elsewhere on the grid? I wouldn’t be surprised if he was taking a year off, racing in a different series while he gauges the relative strengths of his 2016 options. Mind you, I’ve been wrong before: I said there wouldn’t be any major changes just before Vettel announced he was leaving Red Bull…

        1. You can also read that as him doing the best for Ferrari as he will stay, so I don’t think we should read into this one too much

    5. Sumedh Vidwans
      12th October 2014, 14:58

      Lotus – Mercedes then?

      1. Oh, God, no.

        1. this is the one

      2. He’s already said that it (the car) will not have a Merc engine in it.

    6. McLaren have said numerous times they want Alonso. Alonso happens to be available. Unless there’s some sort of disagreement over pay then I can’t see how he’d end up anywhere else.

    7. Driving Ferrari WEC perhaps?

    8. May be retirement from F1. You know sport is strange. You lose interest sometimes.

      1. At no point this season has he looked like he has lost interest in F1. Ferrari maybe, but he has been leaving everything out on track. He knows full well we all think he is the best/one of the best. He isn’t going anywhere for a year at least. Personally think he easily has another 2 WDCs in him in the right car.

        1. There are many drivers who looks like deserving of championship but they don’t get it. When he won 2nd WDC in 2006 who would have thought this day will come. 1st he was beaten by Hamilton in rookie season so he moved away from Mclaren after just 1 season. Then Vettel comes along who no one cares at that point (2007) and wins 4 titles.

          And Alonso is still trying for 3rd. Sometimes it’s not just there and he may feel that way and realise that he will be happy retired.
          After all he has all money and fame in world and only thing he wants is 3rd WDC which he has not got.

          1. Beaten by Hamilton ?? Last time I checked they finished even on points that year.

            And if you want to get picky about the count back, I’d say winning Monaco (which many regard as the most prestigious race of the season) has more merit which puts Alonso as the actual winner of the 2 in 2007.

            Basically what I’m saying here is…. Alonso got beaten by NOBODY to date.


            1. Hamilton finished 2nd, Alonso finished 3rd. Hamilton beat Alonso.

            2. OmarR-Pepper (@)
              12th October 2014, 18:02

              @deej92 but when me or others mention Hamilton was beaten by Button on points, Lewis’s fans say that’s not true.
              Have a nice day
              … and yes, Vettel has been beaten by Daniel. That’s another claim every Ham defender brings to the table as well.

            3. @omarr-pepper I wasn’t going to argue with you don’t worry. And Vettel having one difficult season hasn’t lowered my opinion of him. Ricciardo is a top driver.

      2. Yep, could be.

        1. @omarr-pepper perhaps because you’re stat does not show Ham was out performed it was 2-1 what is you’re point. Ham was far better than the 2 pt gap in 2012 suggested.

          And Punchy lol, Alo lost 6-2 in poles to a rookie and he was a 2xWC. I love how you think Monaco means a 2xWC edged it. Ham had no buisness being as good as Alonso and he was from the get go. Hamilton is only driver who as been close to Alonso shows something for both of their ability to me. Hamilton should have won it that year was making Alonso look silly in China in the wet until he beached it.

    9. The obvious choice is Mclaren. Neither RBR nor Mercedes want/need him, and neither have seats available. The only other top team worth considering is McLaren, naturally, especially since they are gunning for a significant change of fortunes with the new Honda partnership. As good as Williams may be at the moment, it’s hard to see them having the money for Alonso, and it’s hard to think that he would see them as a serious prospect for championship success, even with the sort of performances they’ve put in this year. Not that you’d rule it out, but you certainly wouldnt say it was likely.

      1. @mazdachris, a way out there thought from left-field, Toto ships Rosberg back to Williams with Bottas, Alonso gets the chance to re-write 2007 at MB-AMG, then maybe goes to Haas for 2016.

        1. But then with Rosberg at Williams MB might prefer Vettel and Ham.

      2. if santander is around, money shouldn’t be a problem, but anyway, he’ve said he ain’t driving a mercedes engined car, so, it’s down to McLaren or staying put at Ferrari (as i see it, that’s his better option)

    10. I think hell stay at Ferrari. Kimi will be bought out. Again.

      (I read somewhere that Alonso and Kimi demand different things from a car. I also think ive seen mentioned that Kimi and Vettel have more similar demands of the car. For Alonso to get Vetttel as teammate in a car that is to his taste- and therefore beat Vettel next year might be a good enough motivation to continue.)

      1. Yeah, it’s often said Fernando prefers understeer. You can see he uses lock quite early on in the corner to introduce the understeer. (Spain 2005)
        Early on the anchors, early turn in. That’s what I think of when I think of his driving style.

        Kimi is a fingertip driver and prefers to put smaller inputs into the wheel. James Allison talked about how the E20 was too heavy for him. You can see how differently he drives the same track as the Alonso clip.

        It would seem to me, at least, pretty hard to reconcile those two driving styles. Sensible move for Ferrari/Alonso/Kimi all round.

        1. what was their car setup on the day of each of the videos? the best drivers can setup whatever car they have to best suit them, and even alternate their driving styles. preferring small inputs on a wheel is one thing, but if the car doesn’t offer that, don’t take 15 races to work out a different way.

          1. I agree, mostly. The biggest disappointment in Kimi’s return to the sport hasn’t been his speed – he’s won two races and claimed multiple podiums – but his inability to adjust to the car when it’s not quite how he wants it. He seems to be perennially trying new set-ups, but he obviously just hasn’t been able to get it right this year. The only other thing that can change in that situation is his driving style.

        2. Mate, 2005, Michelins and Renault was ages ago. Now he is more like Raikonen. All that stuff been writen about how much he likes understeer is total nonsense. As a natural kart racer, he hates understeer, but that Renault with those tyres was the fastest way to drive.

          1. Not so sure about that. I still think that is his default. Would aggree it was a long time ago, but if you look at Kimi 2011/Alonso 2012 you can see there is a huge difference in approach.

            Fundamentally the point remains, I do not think they are both suited as team-mates. It is better for everyone if they are at different teams.

            1. If you like to compare the two better look at this season with the same car ;) Alonso is more flexible and is able to trash around an understeering car as well as more refined driving like with the mclaren and last year’s car in the beginning of the season. Maybe that’s his handicap in a way

    11. Jonathan Sarginson
      12th October 2014, 15:37

      …money shouldn’t be a problem wherever he goes as he’ll come with Santander, who pay his salary…oh to see those chrome and red Santander McLarens back on the grid…

      1. Red and white McLaren-Hondas, thanks!

        1. TheLegendOfMart
          12th October 2014, 17:46

          I wouldn’t bet on it, the red and white scheme was for Marlboro not Honda.

          1. OmarR-Pepper (@)
            12th October 2014, 18:07

            Honda used red and white (for Lucky strike, but) after Marlboro times. Maybe “earthdreams” (why was good in my opinion) should come back.

            1. @omarr-pepper
              The only thing earthdreams was good for was humorously setting fire to itself at the end of the season :P

              I think Honda racing colour is white, but red and white makes sense as it’s the Japanese flag colours.

          2. Santander red? Would create quite a stir if they went back to an old livery.

    12. Has anyone even considered the fact that he might stay at Ferrari? He says it’s obvious so you’d think more people would have thought of this option…

      1. @ciaran, based on his interview with Buxton this morning, I can’t imagine he’s staying at Ferrari, otherwise, he never would have said those things

    13. In Spain they’re reporting Ron Dennis is making his return harder by not accepting the 1-year opt-out clause Alonso has demanded.

      He’s very close to McLaren but the amount of uncertainties could give Lotus an opportunity to land a driver of known quality who can bring a ton a cash via Santander or others.

    14. McLaren is too obvious for Alonso to say it is. Vettel hasn’t been around saying “it’s obvious where I’m going” despite it being obvious, while I think Alonso may have a surprise in the pocket and likes to play around with it keeping people wondering.
      Also, how can he “do the best for the future of Ferrari” by changing team? Either he goes to a Ferrari-powered team (but Sauber and Marussia would be out of question) or changes sport. Ferrari run in the WEC and while they’ve said Le Mans is out of question that may be the reason he’s going there. If Ferrari isn’t among the opposition he can’t do harm to them by racing for another team!

      1. that is just his broken English, and he means he will give his best for Ferrari until the end (of this year).

      2. jsw11984 (@jarred-walmsley)
        13th October 2014, 6:35

        What about this for an idea, he’s staying with Ferrari but not as a driver, instead he’s becoming team principal, replacing Mattiaci?

        1. oooh that would be amazing

    15. If i make u the summary of what Alonso has said:

      He has said he wont race with Ferrari next year (told to spanish tv).
      Has said he wont race in a Mercedes engine powered team (no Lotus, no Mercedes, no Williams).
      Has said he will be in f1 next year.

      So… McLaren-Honda only team. Other teams or two bad, or with lineups closed. No more chances… End of discussion. Sorry for breaking your speculations but honestly is too much thinking strange things, that he will continue in Ferrari. Ferrari signed Vettel when Alonso was already released from its contract, nobody is so stupid to sign somebody and announce it without releasing your problem.

      1. the only thing that might change is the possibility of teams having 3 drivers, so there is still a chance of staying at Ferrari, but im with you, McLaren Honda.

    16. “I will do the best for my future and the best of the future of Ferrari as well because it’s the team that I love.
      That’s the bit I don’t get. I’m sure Dennis wouldn’t employ a driver who says in every single interview how much he loves Ferrari, which might be acceptable at somewhere like Lotus, but at McLaren? They are historically pretty much the biggest rivals. But as @bascb mentioned, it won’t be Lotus as it’s a Mercedes-powered team…
      Next week should be exciting then with Marchionne’s appointment.

      1. He has said lot of things during the years. He said he will never race with Ferrari because it was so easy to win with the best team… lol. He said his dream from kid was drive with McLaren, that Ferrari is a cheater team and lot of more awful things he said. That he wont miss Schumacher (when Schumacher retired), that he will be remember as a cheater driver and bla bla bla. Lot of things. We can write a book with all the stupid things he said all this years. So take care of his words, he says two different things in less than 10 minutes, i saw that depending on which tv channel interview him. So his words most times are lies or unexact words. So… what he says 90% of the time dont pay attention to them. Just an advice.

      2. Just an example. 2 months ago: I will never leave Ferrari i will finish my career in f1 with Ferrari, its crazy to think that because im not winning that i will leave Ferrari. I prefer not winning and be in Ferrari where everybody reconizes and cheers u, than be in other team winning and not be reconized. One week ago: if i dont win im not happy and i prefer be winning than be wasting my best years in a not winning team. So one day he says one thing, the next diferent.

      3. @hunocsi
        Alonso’s commitment is with Honda and not Mclaren who were pushing for his services since their return announcement. Dennis will never satisfy Alonso’s stratospheric salary which was also refused by Mattiacci.

    17. What if he retires and says we should have all seen it coming since years ago?

    18. He must love all the speculation surrounding his future and many people are happy to oblige. While he is one of the greatest drivers ever in F1 and a top two driver currently in the sport, his ego must be very bruised because it looks like, this time, he was outmaneuvered and he is NOT in charge and control of the best options for himself.

      Vettel’s announcement that he was leaving RBR and (Horner leaking) leaving for Ferrari threw a wrench in Fernando’s plans.

    19. Maybe he’ll be driving the safety car next year.

      1. No, because that has a Mercedes engine.

    20. not sure it means anything, but on the Silvia Hoffer Frangipane (McLaren Press Officer) facebook public page, she posted a photo of Alonso captioning it as “The next one?”. Not sure this is an official page, although the page has a lot of pictures of her, and some of them look like personal pics that only her could have taken.

      Anyway, this is the link:

    21. Ron has never liked Button, that much is obvious. He’s out i’m afraid, small chance he’ll get a seat at Lotus next year, but unlikely.

      People slate Jenson, but remember, he outscored Lewis when team-mates, he send Perez (future star apparently) packing, and he’s outclassed and outraced Kmag all year. Not much more the man could do.

      1. I wouldn’t call a 7-9 score in qualifying against a rookie teammate for “outclassing”. Nor a 3rd place best versus the 2nd place best of a rookie teammate for “outracing”.
        But yes, Button has done what he does best: Grapped a lot of points without setting anything on fire.

        1. You should just keep in mind that in races they’ve both finished JB has KMAG 12 to 2. That would have been 14 to 2 if they hadn’t retired in Bahrain and Singapore. But, yet, as if on purpose, you only mentioned their qualifying records.

    22. The obvious choice is clearly Mercedes… Or Red Bull… Or Williams… Or Ferrari… Or McLaren… Or Caterham… Or fishing… Or LMP1…

      I’m unsure of this ‘obvious’ plan that he is on about. I thought that he was off to McLaren but if he says it is ‘done’ and Ron Dennis is ‘yet to sign’ any drivers, it doesn’t really add up.

    23. Haas has a Ferrari engine and gerbox. Take a timeout for developing the car for 2016? That would fit the “best for Ferrari ” quote.
      And perhaps driving Le Mans for kicks?

      1. That’d be the least obvious option for him I think, so, highly unlikely.

      2. I’d put him going to HAAS in the short list of potentials.

    24. Alonso’s off to Sauber, read it here first ;)

    25. if i didnt know better i would say boss of the Ferrari F1 team.

      1. Sort of…

        He’s buying Caterham and turning them into a Grand Tour team…

    26. Maybe he’s going to that Romanian Ferrari team that was mooted a while back?

    27. I had this strange feeling Alonso might fool us all and go to Williams. maybe Williams have a plan which he believes in for next year, and he is the kind of driver they need to push them forwards. and they have the mighty Mercedes power unit. but then I realised they have 2 contracted drivers for next year. McLaren-Honda it is, hope he gets Ron Dennis’s support more then he did in 2007. in the way it all unfolded, and with spygate, it is hard to believe they could work together, but like Martin Brundle said today, Dennis always has wanted the best available drivers in the McLaren, and Alonso is as good as they come.

    28. Alonso will drive a Ferrari in 2015, only a different Ferrari. An Le Mans Ferrari.

      1. Sorry to dissapoint u, but Alonso has no longer contract with Ferrari, he is free agent.

    29. I’m going to put it out there and say I think Alonso is going to Marussia. He says the car won’t have a Mercedes engine ruling out many teams and marussia is a team he can build around him and a team which has a lot of potential if they have the money. He has also said its obvious where he’s going but I think he’s playing tricks on us just like vettle did by going to Ferrari. Now to just wait and see for the announcement.

    30. Has anyone asked Kimi what his plans are looking like for next year?

    31. Porsche obviously.

    32. If he wants to drive a Merc it will have to be the safety car.

    33. Kimi is getting the boot, due to performance clause in contract, Alonso is just having fun with the silly season. That’s my prediction

      1. sounds likely, but i’m wondering if Ferrari is sandbagging kimi’s car then… Anyway, it would be thrilling to see Alonso and Vettel in the same car. He used to say “give Seb a normal car and we’ll se what kind of a driver he is…”

    34. He is obviously going to the most obvious option.
      The most obvious option, obviously won’t be running Mercedes, which obviously means he will not be driving for MB.

      That obviously leaves him with 3 obvious options. Ferrari, RBR or McLaren. He is obviously not going to RBR. So his decision is obviously not so obvious.

    35. My guess, and I know others have mentioned WEC before:

      Fernando goes to the WEC to spearhead a Ferrari effort competing in the Prototype class. My guess is also that disagreement over putting Ferrari into competition in the WEC is why Marchionne forced out Montezemolo. I’d bet that Montezemolo said Ferrari = F1, and F1 = the pinnacle of motorsport, but that Marchionne’s perspective is that Audi’s gotten a lot more mileage out of the WEC than Ferrari has out of F1, and that if Ferrari’s moving to ramp up consumer appeal that success in the WEC, which has more tech that translates directly to road cars, is going to start to be a more valuable effort than F1, with its comedy tires and inflexible overregulation.

      So I’d say Fernando to the WEC w/ Ferrari – makes the “will be obvious in retrospect” and “I love this team” comments work together.

    36. Hope Ron Dennis follows RBR and totally disregards this guy.

      He’s been very arrogant lately.

      1. Ron isn’t a fool. He wants to win, and Alonso is the best chance he’s got

    37. Ferrariinsider
      13th October 2014, 12:06

      Vettel to Ferrari. Alonso wants Mercedes drive. Hamilton was rumoured to be going to McLaren, but recent form has him staying at Mercedes. Alonso and Mclaren is not a done deal. Alonso has lost bargaining power. McLaren want him but are but can’t meet his price and Ron know’s the situation he now finds himself in. Most likely he will end up at Redbull.

    38. The only way Ron Dennis would take Fernando Alonso back is if he convinces Bank Santander to pay the $100 million back

    39. Alonso to Mercedes is gathering pace at the moment

    40. People, OBVIOUSLY Alonso is going to Audi for their LMP 1 program:

      He said he wants a world title…he didn’t say which series.

    41. Two options I see …

      He stays at Ferrari, with a 3 car line up: Alonso, Kimi, and Vettle.
      Or … he goes to mold the HAAS team for 2016, using Ferrari engines.

      One of these two is going to be the answer!

    42. What is obvious, as Alonso likes to call it, is:
      1) I will do the best for my future (by going to McLaren, but with a buy-out clause which will leave the door open for Alonso to return to Ferrari in 2016 to fill Kimi’s seat, IF the Scuderia show enough signs of improvement in 2015); and
      2) I will do my best for Ferrari as well (by signing a contract with McLaren IF they allow him to race a Ferrari at Le Mans in 2015).
      Why would Ferrari want a return to Le Mans? Possibly to test components of the F1 drivetrain, as they can’t do it on track as often as they used to in the Schumacher years.
      So, here’s the bit that will be so “obvious”, once it has been announced: Ferrari back at Le Mans in 2015, with Alonso behind the wheel.

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