Fernando Alonso, Jenson Button, McLaren, 2015

Caption Competition 71: Alonso and Button

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Fernando Alonso, Jenson Button, McLaren, 2015

It’s Caption Competition time again and as it’s launch season we’ve got another F1 driver wielding a smartphone.

This time it’s McLaren returnee Fernando Alonso snapping and his new team mate Jenson Button who’s posing.

But what’s being said? Or can you think of a comical caption?

You know the drill: post your suggestions below and the best will appear in a future edition of the F1 Fanatic Round-up.

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  • 149 comments on “Caption Competition 71: Alonso and Button”

    1. “The reception on this phone is almost as bad as the reception we got for our livery!”

      1. Remember this day, Jensen. It’s the only time you will be in front of me till the end of the season

      2. Hey Jens just a reminder who I’m chasing out this season

      3. Hey ‘Zo, I just shook a little turd out of my trousers.

      4. ‘and our suits’ ! :)

    2. “And they said McLaren isn’t stylish?”

      1. Rupert Richardson
        18th February 2015, 10:55

        And, they were right!

    3. Jenson, I said to do your best James Bond impression – not Mr Bean.

    4. Alo – “Hey Jenson, do the boogie”

    5. Enjoy this moment Fernando as its the only time you will get in front of me this season 😉

    6. Alonso: “Hah! Jensen thinks i’m taking a picture of him, but i’m really just taking a selfie!”

    7. Jensen: Put the phone away Fernando, you aren’t sponsored by Telefonica or Vodafone, anymore.

    8. Alonso: “It’s just a photo, I’m not gathering proof for Ferarri like last time.”

      1. Hahahaa nicee!

    9. After one too many health drinks at the McLaren-Honda launch party, Button briefly stops busting a move for Fernando to snap a picture of the green smoothie stain on his lapel…

    10. Alonso taking a picture of Jenson doing the ‘Mclaren-ugently-needs-sponsors-stance’

    11. Jenson: You do realize, Fernando, that the new wider cars are going to have cockpits *this* wide? How are you going to reach both pedals?

    12. Jenson gets ready to try the ‘pull my finger’ prank on his new teammate

    13. Button: Look no flip-flops

    14. SwissEnglishBulldog
      14th February 2015, 12:26

      Still able to move his eyes, mouth and left index finger, Jenson gamely smiles along as he realises Fernando has swapped their suits in the dressing room.

    15. “Jenson, which foot do you use for braking?”

    16. Mclaren presents their new colllection!

    17. Mashiat Lam Gofran
      14th February 2015, 12:31

      FA: Hey Jenson, I’m taking a selfie, but let’s make it seem as though I’m taking a photo of you

    18. JB: “Just take it quick, this suit is starting to itch… Is it a new brand or something?”

    19. Hey look, we have improved our clothing since the last caption competition!

    20. While waiting for Magnussen at the latest McLaren press conference, Fernando quickly takes a picture of a surprise transgressor before he is whisked away by the powers that be.

    21. ”Ok Jenson, show us how you like the balance of the new car”

      1. Or:

        ”Common Fernando, grab it quick before I lose my balance!”

    22. Button: “Sorry mate, I don’t want to bother you but I’ll rather look into the real cameras.”

      1. Damn, I wanted to say “upset” instead of “bother”.

    23. Ever since the Button/Magnussen decision, Jenson can’t stop dancing to his permanent Bee Gees ear worm ‘Stayin’ Alive’.

    24. This year Alonso tries a different approach to remembering who exactly his team mate is.

    25. Mashiat Lam Gofran
      14th February 2015, 12:54

      Alonso shows Jenson a text from Jessica Michibata saying: “Jenson, Fernando is faster than you? Can you confirm you understood the message?”

    26. Mashiat Lam Gofran
      14th February 2015, 12:56

      Jenson Button spends some time with his biggest fan.

    27. Fernando was keen to get a photo of the only driver who had what it takes to beat Lewis over a season as teammates.

    28. Madame Tussauds’ latest arrivals.

    29. ”Give me your best side Jenson, maybe that will get us some sponsors”

    30. Alonso: You’re Late.
      Jenson: A wizard is never late.

    31. JB: “OK Fernando, one more picture then you really have to go see if you can get trousers that fit!”

    32. Jenson Button inadvertently proves that it’s only his driving that’s smooth

    33. Alonso: How do you work this thing?
      Button: Can someone fetch my walking stick?

    34. Jenson: “If I avoid eye contact, it will go away”

    35. Just hold that pose Jenson, I need to pull my trousers up.

    36. It was another 20 minutes before Jenson realised that Fernando was taking a selfie.

      1. Lol. Good one

    37. ALO: “between our suits and our car, I’m pretty sure somebody in a few weeks will make a ’50 shades of gray’ joke about this picture…”

      1. Like:
        ALO: I know Formula 1 needs to whip up some excitement, but that bondage suit is a bit much Jenson.

    38. Alonso can’t resist recording the moment Button uses hand signals to describe the direction ‘Finger Boy’ finds his career moving towards.

    39. Let me capture this look “probably the happiest you’ll ever be – this season”

    40. Fernando chooses the exact wrong moment to show Ron that the ‘big ticket’ sponsor theory is not dead…

      Button, ever the politician, attempts to mitigate the matter by making novel use of the Vettel trademark to show Alonso where to hide the phone all the while subliminally scoring a telling blow by referencing the obvious difference in their feet size…

    41. Jenson tests the new McLaren tailored ‘size zero’ clothing range.

    42. “It’s from Nico…he wants us to think of a caption for their launch picture. What are the chances of that?!”

    43. “That’s enough Fernando … the press has arrived.”

    44. You don’t need to pose like a Lego man Jenson, we didn’t get that sponsorship after all.

    45. I know Ron likes a smart appearance but i’m not sure about our new overalls

    46. Jenson, can you move? The car’s in the shot.

    47. “And I introduce you to my new PR assistant, Fernando Alonso”

    48. McLaren suits line… and also in sizes for children.

    49. Now you’re ready for “50 shades of grey car”…

    50. Fernando: “Can’t wait for Ron’s reaction when he sees I’ve filmed this video on his phone in portrait mode…”

    51. Along gathers proof that Jenson does use head and shoulders.

    52. Button. Jensen But…
      …Zip it!
      ..Zip it good! chhh

    53. “Looking good Jenson but I’m sure Ron said size zero.”

      1. Ah, Suffolk on page 3 got the size zero reference in first.. Forget mine!

    54. Jensom was quick to remind Fernando of the official level of the McLaren Honda expectations for 2015

    55. Hi Jensie, smile… while you are still at mclaren.

    56. “These suits don’t fit nearly as well as the Hugo Boss ones”.

    57. Drivers preparing in McLaren’s state of the art simulator for the many hours of standing around expected during pre season testing.

    58. Okay – another – can’t resist

      Jenson, being the elder statesman of F1, points out the approximate extra width being talked about at the strategy group..

      Alonso, having managed a couple of laps in testing decides to show Ron the benefits of a title sponsor with his vodaphone and records the detail for later use with his next team should things not go to plan…

    59. Fernando: “Hey, Lewis has updated his relationship status!”

      Jenson Button likes this.

    60. Alonso: Say Jerez …
      Button: He he, and how many photos have you taken with you’re Blackberry phone?

      1. Doh! …. should have seen that! “… your Blackberry phone?”

    61. Button hints at future livery change involving a Stetson and six-shooter.

    62. “So this is what a well liked and popular driver looks like”

    63. Jensen: “OK, Fernando, but this is the LAST time! … ‘You put your right foot in, you take your right foot out, you put your right foot in and you shake it all about … You do the hokey pokey and that’s what it’s all about …'”

    64. Alonso: You know, we could have our names on the side pods, like they did once…

      Jenson: Your name probably wouldn’t fit…

    65. Alonso: I got to zoom in, I love that button.

    66. “The reception I’m getting is much better than when I was last here!”

      1. ^ Winner

    67. Alonso is trying to capture two “Size zeros” in the same frame – Jenson’s suit and the new Mclaren

    68. Jensen: now you can take those trousers to an English tailor for proper length………. Thanks, Norris

    69. Alo: show me that doggy poop again!!
      But: Rigth there!!

    70. Alonso visiting the new McLaren- Honda wax museum and taking photos of a giant Button statue next to a 2015 McLaren-Honda car model. Too bad they were not able to put a real car next to the Button statue because the overheating car problem will melt it down.

    71. Buy yourself a button popping suit

    72. And here are the two newest suit colors for racing fans, Engine Cover Silver and Sidepod Grey

    73. At least my shoe passed the crash test more easily than the failed short nose we planned to put originally on the new car.

    74. Jenson: “I know Spain can’t hold up their own pants right now, but man…Fernando should really buy a smaller one!

    75. Alonso: “Behold the Sword of a Thousand Truths!”

    76. When I overtake you fernando, this is my best side!

    77. Not sure if it was done yet but anyway:
      “We certainly have come a long way since we were in Renault, isn’t Jenson”
      “Sure Fernando, they even gave us shoes instead of flipfloops this time”

      a reference to Caption Competition #65, http://www.f1fanatic.co.uk/2014/12/13/caption-competition-65-alonso-button/

    78. Button is struggling with underfit since Hugo Boss left McLaren.

    79. Alonso: Mmmm…McLaren, Jenson, 50 shades of grey

    80. Fernando: At least I’m not drunk like this time last year..

    81. Jenson ponders what McLaren will apply their size zero policy to next.

    82. Alonso and Button attempt to lure sponsorship from Men’s Warehouse by tweeting them selfies.

    83. The name is Button…James Button

    84. FO: “Just your Head & Shoulders? What’s on your mind, Jenson?”
      JB: …Winning!

    85. Hurry Fernando, press the button!

      1. Just beat me to it :p

    86. Hey Jenson, do I press this Button?

    87. We are the Champions..of the tracks
      And we’ll keep on fighting ’til the last laps.
      We need a sponsor.
      So we can be champions.
      No time for losers
      ‘Cause we’ll be the champions again one day.

    88. Jenson, dude! Don’t scratch your rear while I’m taking a photo!

    89. “I shouldn’t have bought a new phone – it runs even slower than my old one.”

    90. Fernando shows his generous side by helping JB with his CV to help him move out of F1 and into the corporate world.

    91. “OK this should appeal to the Rolex wearing, UBS clients that can afford to follow F1, next shot we’ll get the mohawk and put on those gold chains and diamond studs to pull some of Lewis’ fans.

    92. Ok Jensen, give me your best ‘size zero’ pose!!

    93. Jenson; ” Is this natural enough”?

    94. The 2015 is still yet to begin, but already speculation grows on Jenson Button being on Strictly Come Dancing when he retires from F1

    95. Alonso – ‘1 more combinations away fr…………..YESSSSS candy crush completed!!!’

    96. Jens:
      Shall I tell him that pointing upwards like that is considered very rude in japan?

    97. Jenson reminds Fernando that they are there to the promote McLaren’s new title sponsor: the colour black.

    98. Jenson Button has been named the new James Bond, his first film will be called “Quantum of Front Locking”…

    99. Jenson: I am taller than Alosno, so I will be the number 1 driver!!

      Fernando: Yeah! I sport a bigger beard than Button, so I will be the number 1!!

    100. Hurry Fernando, before this ends up on the Internet

    101. JB: “Sorry but he said freeze”

    102. “No need to pose Jenson, I’m taking a selfie.”

    103. Jack (@jackisthestig)
      15th February 2015, 6:09

      “Hang on Jenson, my Teflon fingers are playing havoc with this touch screen.”

    104. “hey Jenson, Nico just updated Lewis relationship status”

    105. Alonso trying to sneak a photo of that tight rear end

    106. “Darn my new phone broke down after only a couple of minutes of use, I knew I shouldn’t have switched”

    107. Alonso’s thinking, “Geeez, this new ‘Control your Teammate App’, really works!”

    108. tgu (@thegrapeunwashed)
      15th February 2015, 8:53

      Jenson looked apologetically towards the press as his newest superfan gatecrashed another media event. It was getting tedious, but he didn’t think he should be the one to tell the little fellow to buzz off.

    109. Fernando and Jenson pose in the new “corporate collection” for McLarens new title sponsor Littlewoods/ Gratton.

    110. McLaren Honda going for the Royal baking powder effect.

    111. Laughing heavily, Fernando composes himself and reaches for his phone
      “okay okay, hang on, alright, say it again!”

      Jenson pauses, taking in a big breath before looking down the barrel of Fernando’s phone and performs his latest hollywood one liner
      “Lewis? Is that you?”

      Humour Reference

    112. Due to its new larger screen, Jenson Button and Fernando Alonso mistake the new McLaren steering wheel for the latest camera phone

    113. Jenson, If you really want to beat my record and be my teammate. You gonna gonna drive harder. Oh Selfie McLaren

    114. … And Durex as title sponsor, now?

    115. Kevin, wish you were here….

    116. Car: “You guys can take pictures with me now, as I’m NOT going to wear a combination of any of your suit colors for you in the near future. Phew!”

    117. JB: “Ok, Fernandino, I’m gonna stand in this stiff position until you learn how to say Champions.”
      FA: “But I’ve already said it: Sampions, for sure.”
      JB “I give up”

    118. JB: “Sorrry, they put too much starch in my suit at the dry cleaner.”

    119. my caption would be “Hurry up Fenando, I’m busting for a pee…..”


    120. Fernando Alonso testing new Instagram filters.
      “This is a very challenging time for all of us in trying to succeed with this project, but I am very excited to be part of the Instagram family after many years in F1,” said Alonso.

    121. Jesus Christ Jenson only ten minutes in the autoclave fool

    122. Keep that smile Jense, a few more pictures and you can go to the restroom!

    123. At least we don’t look like a boy band in this photo shoot. And we get to wear shoes.

    124. Once I’ve zapped him with this neuralyzer, he won’t remember how to drive a car.

    125. But: On my first year Ron said that I can be F1 driver as long as I can fit in this trousers.
      Alo: Smile, because this will be your final year!

    126. But: Alonso, don’t tell them that suit has been ripped open on my right side.
      Alo: Oh, this will be perfect for blackmailing!

    127. FA: Now pretend that we are in the wind tunnel!

    128. Alo: So you thought that “tightly packaged engine” was Ron’s request for dress code!?
      But: No, just want to show that I can still fit in my wedding suit!

    129. Pete van der Spek
      16th February 2015, 6:21

      Take your best shot Fernando!

    130. Alonso: See if we can take a better picture than Nico or Lewis
      Jenson, now let’s see that victory dance.

    131. Fernando:

      May be you can use this picture in your resume for your 2016 racing seat search ….

    132. Let’s take selfie of us old bloke! Its been a while any of us beat Vettel. And now Lewis is taking charge.

    133. Hang on while I change my status …. In a relationship with McLaren.

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