Marcus Ericsson, Daniel Ricciardo, Carlos Sainz Jnr, Monza, 2015

Caption Competition 85: Ricciardo, Ericsson and Sainz

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Marcus Ericsson, Daniel Ricciardo, Carlos Sainz Jnr, Monza, 2015

Daniel Ricciardo flashes that famous grin during the press conference at the Italian Grand Prix.

What’s going on in this picture? It’s over you to see who can come up with the best caption.

Post your funniest suggestion in the comments below and a selection of the best will feature in a future edition of the F1 Fanatic Round-up.

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  • 102 comments on “Caption Competition 85: Ricciardo, Ericsson and Sainz”

    1. Ericsson: Hey look Sainz. Ferrari are giving you their engine.
      Sainz: Hey thats great. Oh look Dan Honda are giving you their engine.

    2. The drivers practise for the next time reporters ask them what they think about Pirelli.

      1. Kudos for being the first to link this to the Pirelli gagging order!

    3. DR: Hey guys, Pirelli wants a happy drivers photo, come on, join me!

    4. We need to grin harder for the Red Bull seat

    5. Ericsson: Hey is that a text from Webber, what’s it say?

    6. Smiling race… Daniel won Pole Position!

    7. Driver reactions to news that Honda’s ICE makes more horsepower than Renault’s

    8. Ricciardo risks Ecclestone ire tweeting “Pirelli tires are great …. NOT”.

    9. Monza’s grid penalty competition results are just about to get announced.

      1. I really liked this one. Hahah

      2. This one is actually really good. Well done!

    10. And here’s one of me eating an apple !

      1. Hahaha brilliant!

        1. referring to the pepper ;)

    11. “Look, Hamiltons posted a pic of his new hair”

    12. The trio come across an interesting scene on Chat Roulette.

    13. Ricciardo, Sainz and Erricsson are like little schoolboys as they hide behind the pit garages looking at a naughty magazine…….

      ……..Mercedes Monthly!!!

    14. The first times come in after Honda’s new 150 bhp upgrade.

    15. Ricciardo shows Ericcson and Sainz Jr the incredible whitening power of Colgate Total.

    16. Look guys Seb and Nico holding hands

    17. Hey, guys, look at all these matches on Tinder!

    18. Antonio (@frosty-jacks-racing-team)
      12th September 2015, 12:52

      Nico Rosberg annouces he will retire at the end of the season

    19. Look Felipe is turning grey, he realy is old.

    20. Marcus will most likely be disappointed with the results of the inaugural ‘F1’s Goofiest Grin’ contest.

    21. Look Massa is faster than Alonso

    22. Ericsson tries to fit in with the others, as they laugh at Hamilton’s blonde hair.

    23. Bernie says: Smile when they ask about Pirelli.

    24. When Mercedes’ Engine Fail…

    25. The podium celebration for the biggest smiles

    26. After a warning from Bernie the drivers attend a meeting with Pirelli.

    27. Look……….Massa has felling in sleep.

    28. Ericsson, Ricciardo, and Sainz try out FOM’s mandatory new App for ways drivers must now respond to Pirelli related questions.

    29. DR – Look guys this is the pic I took when I walked in on Vettel and Ecclestone the month before his Ferrari deal was announced. I’ve never doubted his commitment since!

    30. This is how Bernie told us smile when talking about Pirelli

    31. This is how Bernie told us to smile when talking about Pirelli

    32. hey, nico’s just tweeted that he still thinks he’s got a chance this year

    33. This is what happens when Toto Wolff video calls a driver

    34. Ricciardo, Ericsson and Sainz are reading the comments to this weeks Caption Competition.

      1. Thanks a lot… I’m trapped in an infinite loop here!

    35. Ricciardo sees the news that Red Bull are chasing a Mercedes engine supply

      1. I think this was accurate at the time, but Mercedes have since said no

    36. Drivers attempt the “Try Not To Laugh” challenge.

    37. I’m about to do a press conference but first….. Let me do a selfie.

    38. And when we push here on the air valve we can release just a tiny bit of air from Lewis’ tyres.

      1. the F1 racers’ version of Ding Dong Ditch.

    39. Red Bull Racing unveils Oral-B as new sponser.

    40. Ricciardo shares the news his new upgrade will be faster, have better battery life and be ready in time for the Japanese GP. Ericsson isn’t impressed because he’s always been an Android guy.

    41. Ricciardo to sainz: Look we will be getting the same spec Ferrari engine as Ferrari in 2016!

      Ericsson (thinking to himself): Yeah right same spec as we are getting now!!

    42. Look, Lewis has made a videoclip

    43. Allright, for the last time this is how you smile!

    44. Daniel and company enjoy the highlights of Vettel’s final laps at the Belgian Grand Prix.

    45. Oh, great!! A new race in Azerbaijan! Thanks Bernie!

    46. Strangely, for the first time in F1, tooth size is directly proportional to earnings…

    47. News that Pastor Maldonado might lose his seat in a Renault buyout of Lotus is met with shock by his colleagues.

    48. “Ericsson Ricciardo and Sainz, watch Sebastian Vettel speak to Paul Hembery, after the Belgium GP.”

    49. “I can play two Nintendo DS at once!”

    50. Red Bull tests new grin and bear it media policy

      1. Oh my God I can’t remove this from my head…

        1. OMG – if they are looking at that no wonder they are laughing and look a bit stunned. I’m sure that’s what I look like now!

      2. Wow, I wasn’t expecting that. Notice Ginger Spice wasn’t his fantasy date, would have been funny if he had said Victoria Beckham.

      3. Thank God we can’t see Horner’s horn…

    51. Reaction of some drivers during the Italian gp press conference when Rosberg talked about closing the point gap to Lewis.

    52. Newey says I get a little more downforce if I do this.

    53. News comes in that Bernie is delayed because of a flat tyre

    54. DR: See … right here at the start … the lights go out … and Nico is already off the podium.

    55. “And then Mclaren said they could get a podium!”

    56. Daniel is trying to show off his new glow in the dark teeth.
      Trying to impress Ferrari and Mercedes.

    57. Hey guys, let’s show Mark Webber how much we love F1.

    58. They just realized that Pastor finished a race with no accident.

    59. And a free seat in Ferrari for next year goes to…

    60. ‘Colgate considering big-money driver endorsement’ appears in the F1 Fanatic round-up.

    61. Ericsson: – Is that the new Xbox F1 2015?

      Ricciardo: – Yeah! It’s grrreat! Just try and get that number 13 Lotus through a lap without crashing!

    62. “Wow… that’s one honey of a badger.”

    63. Bernie announces reverse grids for 2016!

    64. “DR scrolls the Reddit thread revealing the name of the latest Rosberg”

    65. Suzie wolff has done a glamour shoot, look boys…….

    66. DR: Look my fans are obsessed with Seb…. And not in a good way.

    67. The new performance enhancing drug had some unexpected side-effects.

    68. HAHA look, Maldonado id *it* again!

    69. So rosberg can still win the title, eh?

    70. I vant to chew more tires

    71. contenders audition for the Oral B Go Pro sponsorship deal

    72. Daniel, Marcus and Carlos are rehearsing for the new Colgate commercial. Bernie told them to who ever smiles best during the commercial will get a seat at Mercedes.

    73. Laughing gas leakage from Pirelli tyre!

    74. Hey guys. The timing screen says that both Maclaren have a ninety five place grid penalty. At this rate even Manor will be in the points.

    75. “Look Nico’s baby is just as blond as …erm… Hamilton.”

      “And sounds the same”

      1. Leave Nico’s baby alone – he knows what he’s doing.

    76. Erricson: ” Look guys Renault is still better than Honda”

    77. Ericsson is fooling no one with his reaction to the news that RBR have Mercedes engines for 2016.

    78. Ricciardo: So, you know how you two think this video is funny?
      Ericsson: Yeaa hehe
      Sainz: Si, man. jaja
      Ricciardo: I don’t! I wish i could stop smiling..

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