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I’m very pleased to introduce you to the latest version of F1 Fanatic’s design*.

Outwardly the basic layout of the site is similar to before, however the version you are looking at today is based on entirely new code to what you saw yesterday.

While many of the visual differences are subtle, under the hood a vast amount of outdated and inefficient code has been stripped away and new foundations laid on which I hope to build new and exciting elements of the site in the future.

Among the few major changes which are already in place are improved functionality for smaller screen sizes including a new drop-down menu through which the site can be navigated and improved handling of elements such as graphs which previously did not display well on smaller screen sizes.

Within in this drop-down menu – and on the sidebar for wider screen sizes – a new navigation area gives quick access to what’s new, what’s popular, and a range of different sections of the site.

In the galleries, larger image sizes of up to 1920px wide are now available. In the comments, you can notify fellow users more easily as typing the ‘@’ symbol followed by characters leads an auto-complete menu to appear.

The site has been tested on different devices, browsers, operating systems and screen sizes. However there may still be some problems which haven’t been identified yet.

If you believe you’ve found a fault with the site, please use this link to send me all the useful information you can so it can be acted on as quickly as possible:

And please share any other feedback – positive or negative, as long as its constructive – in the comments below.

*As the last layout was version eight this is version nine. Not version ten. That would be silly.

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Keith Collantine
Lifelong motor sport fan Keith set up RaceFans in 2005 - when it was originally called F1 Fanatic. Having previously worked as a motoring...

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  • 149 comments on “Welcome to the new-look F1 Fanatic”

    1. Visually excellent, a big improvement, haven’t found any negatives so far.

      1. Times are repeated twice on every comment. (Eg. on yours, “16th September 2015, 3:08 at 3:08 am”.)

        1. Really, F1 Fanatic? Two full days later and you can’t even acknowledge the bug report, let alone invest a few seconds to fix it?

          (I work in internet media myself; I know it’s not a difficult fix. And my post is the second comment on the page, so you can’t really miss it.)

          1. I’m in the US and I see stamps like this “17th September 2015, 16:32 at 4:32 pm” where it looks like it is showing the first time in 24 hour clock mode and the second time in 12 hour mode.

            You should try being less demanding and obnoxious. While you are right, it is a pretty easy fix, I’m sure Keith has been overwhelmed with little things that need fixing.

            If you work in internet media yourself, then you would also know that Keith probably has a prioritized list of issues he is addressing and that the time stamp issue is pretty low on that list, likely after all the critical functionality bugs.

      2. I like it visually. But…

        The tag function doesn’t work properly tho (the auto-complete doesn’t show all the users) and it was easier to have the tag name next to the user name in the comments.

        What I always wanted is an automatic tag for replies. Like clicking reply to @hohum would automatically insert his @tagname to the comment.

        Congratulations anyway, @keithcollantine ! under the hood it surely was closer to an engine swap rather than replacing spark plugs and HT leads… Well done !

    2. Ow! Congratulations on the site once more, @keithcollantine.

      I am always grateful for all the work you and the other guys put in here. Thank you for everything.

    3. Very nice! I really like the new look :)

    4. Whoa what happened. First impressions are bad but the auto login does work at first trial so that’s a great improvement.

      1. Always wondered if it was just me that had problems with the login. Now I know!

        1. how do you log in? There is no login button/option …???

          1. @keithcollantine Great new layout but login option needs to be on front page.

            1. @peartree @viscountviktor The log-in option wasn’t appearing correctly on some smaller screen sizes. A fix is in place for this now – it’s just going through the system so you should see it soon.

          1. @Keithcollantine I thought the missing log-in was my fault. Thanks.

    5. Travis Humphery (@)
      16th September 2015, 3:16

      Love it, much easier to view on my mobile!

    6. Todd (@braketurnaccelerate)
      16th September 2015, 3:16

      Site looks pretty good. My only recommendation would be to use smaller fonts in every location. I know they’re likely a little larger than normal to make it work on small screens (ie; tablets & phones), but on a desktop, its a little hard to read the larger fonts. Zooming out 1-2x does the trick, so it’s not a huge deal, just an idea.

      1. On my 18″ flatscreen, the new fonts are great, much easier to read while leaning back in my chair, and the whole appearance seems much more professional, and it seems to load faster.

        1. Hmm, above was a reply to Todd, but that is not as apparent as it was on the old look.

          1. ColdFly F1 (@)
            16th September 2015, 8:33

            @hohum, agree that reply’s don’t ‘hug’ the original comment as much as I’d like it.

            Also in this reply I tried the @ functionality. It seems easy enough (no misspellings), but some users will be difficult to find (e.g. Andy uses @turbof1 as reference!). Also I cannot find @keithcallantine (I get a list of suggestions but Keith is missing)

            Overall I like the clean design, although for my liking the font is too big (especially for supporting info like the HTML info below a comment entry box)

            1. ColdFly F1 (@)
              16th September 2015, 8:35

              and not just because I misspelled @keithcollantine ;-)

            2. @coldfly, The @……. menu only gives me 10 names to select from, 1 being U, and yours is the only the only 1 that shows your @coldfly on top of your post, which is OK for us as our name and @name are the same but what about people like peartree, fastiesty, vettel1 etc.?

            3. ColdFly F1 ( @coldfly ) (@)
              16th September 2015, 9:57

              Mine only shows the @penname as I added it to my user name manually ;-) @hohum
              between brackets as it used to be, and added a space for easy copy/paste-ing.

            4. OmarR-Pepper - Vettel 41 wins!!! For Jules (@)
              16th September 2015, 16:41

              @coldfly you are a clever guy!!! Good on the manual addition of your tag.

            5. @hohum Maybe I will have to incorporate the @coldfly solution!

            6. It would be really nice for replies to have a pebble trail in the header (e.g. Todd->HoHum->HoHum->ColdFly F1->Ian Stephens).

            7. @hohum @coldfly Some changes to the comment structure being implemented now:


            8. ColdFly F1 ( @coldfly ) (@)
              19th September 2015, 15:55

              Thanks @keithcollantine, it looks great – both laptop and mobile. Thanks.

              Also the @penname works a treat now (minor challenge when looking up users with common names like Keith ‘Surname’ – e.g. you do not show up as one of the 10 first Keith’s, and of course the lookup does not accept . Luckily Surnames solves it in most cases).

      2. Very nice new design! I tend to agree with the font size though: on a desktop it could be a bit smaller.

      3. Its always a web designer dilemma on designing fully responsive web. Choosing the right font size for desktop viewing is hard because too many screen resolution out there. Too many css variable to take into consideration.

    7. Oh I really like this new look. Works a treat for both desktop & mobile. Well done, and thanks

    8. Looks great. Congratulations, Keith!

    9. The old version had the article post date on the main page, particularly useful when looking for the Round-Up. And it would be nice to have customizable font size — I’d prefer a point or two smaller like before.

      1. I also miss the timestamps on the articles!

    10. The autocomplete list of members only shows 10 @penname options to select and as their @penname is not shown you cant just copy it in yourself.

    11. First impression is “I must have hit the magnifying glass by mistake”. It feels big, too big ! :)

      1. @t3x, perfect on my screen.

      2. For me too, although you can you can zoom out by pressing “ctrl+scroll down”. Theme is nice but its not easy on the eyes on pc.

    12. Not sure about the technical side. But my reaction to the visuals is negative I’m afraid. But maybe I’m just clinging to tradition :P

    13. Nice new look. My suggestions would be
      1) Smaller font.
      2) Remove bold from all news titles on main page. Infact bolds may not be used anywhere if possible. gives a cleaner look.

      Nice job overall. (Y)

      1. I agree with these, also, as others have said, put the date back at the top, and so it displays on the home page. Finally, display the usernames again, this was incredibly useful for pasting or dragging them into the comment to tag somebody :)

        This is definitely much better for mobiles now! It was a nightmare before!! Thank you :D

        Finally, I love the predictions tab at the top – I won’t forget this time!!

        Really really smooth, clean, nice update!

        1. @keithcollantine Just hoping to provide some constructive feedback, I do rather miss the ability to be able to see how many pages of comments there are, and indeed select one. The new comments page system feels clumsy and slightly confusing to use :)

      2. Ability to edit one’s own comments, at least right after posting them…. for spelling mistakes etc.

    14. I imagine it’s very functional on mobile devices, but I wish a lot of website redesigns that trend toward accommodating smaller screens would also include a desktop option. Everything takes up a little too much real estate, but, that being said, the site looks very clean and tidy.

    15. OmarR-Pepper - Vettel 41 wins!!! For Jules (@)
      16th September 2015, 6:29

      Congratulations @keithcollantine! The only flaw so far (from a galaxy s4) is that your logo doesn’t appear complete. Google Chrome over here! I agree witg others that the round up and other posts should still show the date.
      PS. I haven’t try the charts yet. In the old version they were always chopped on the right side.

      1. Travis Humphery (@)
        16th September 2015, 15:38

        Yes, I have just noticed the same issue.

      2. Same problem on HTC One with Google Chrome. Chopped halfway through the “i” in “Fanatic”.

    16. Excellent work, very nice design. Looks great!

      My only suggestion would be to highlight the Round-Up maybe by a different colour as it’s been always difficult for me to distinguish it from the articles. Thanks.

      1. ColdFly F1 (@)
        16th September 2015, 8:54

        I’d have Round-up as one of the (top) options on the side menubar. @mariano

        1. @coldfly Yes, I agree with you. That would be a good option.

      2. This is a good idea

    17. Would it be possible to have an option to switch from mobile format to desktop format and if there is one can I be directed to it? I like desktop formats for my iPad but the mobile for my iPhone.

      The look is better, it’ll take some getting used to!

      1. ColdFly F1 ( @coldfly ) (@)
        16th September 2015, 23:05

        It’s an option in your browser. @AmbroseRPM
        In Chrome in the triple-dot pull-down menu.

        1. Is it on Safari for iPad?

    18. Really like the new look, nice and colourful! Biggest improvement I’ve noticed so far is definitely readability on mobile – not perfect, but much much nicer.

    19. Looks much better on my screen at home and at work, where I always have problems with websites because it runs on a remote secure connection. Loads faster too! Good job!

    20. Looks great Keith. Big improvement on mobile.

    21. My first impression with all the blue colour was that I had accidentally highlighted everything with my mouse, then I realised that it’s a new design:) Also agree with the others about displaying the dates for the round-up and articles on the main page. So far I’m happy with the site, looking forward to using it.

      1. A couple of more things I thought about:
        The menus at the top push the main content down when you open them, it’d be better if they’d hover over the content instead.
        In the comments section you can now only choose to go to older / newer comments, I preferred when there were numbered pages that you could click on to go to a specific page and also because it gave a quick overview of how many pages of comments there are.
        Just tried using the @ feature but nothing happened, didn’t get any auto-complete menu. Perhaps because I’m using Chrome?

    22. I like the new look — very clean and colourful without overdoing it! The comments section is especially improved, I think. Seems to load smoother as well, which is always good.

      I do find the font too large, as others have noted, but it’s not nearly as bad in that respect as some mobile-friendly redesigns I’ve seen recently; it’s still readable, just somewhat larger than I’d prefer. The main section is all the way at the left on my screen now, which will take some getting used to, but isn’t a problem (I still have a 5:4 monitor, so this is probably not even something most people are experiencing).

      The only possible issue I’ve noticed is that the dropdown menus, when expanded, push the main body of the site down instead of overlaying it. I’m not sure if it’s intentional or not, but it does get in the way somewhat with the longer ones.

    23. I think the new and the old site has 2 very odd flaws.

      One is the place where the comment box (where users write their own comments) is placed. On the bottom of the page. The box is placed on the bottom of the page even when you reply to someone else’s post. Imho the comment box should be placed directly below the article. And if you respond to someone else’s post the comment box should appear right there where the “reply” button is. Not in the bottom of the page.

      Similarly when you reply to a post the site just reloads the page. It should reload the page and focus/show the post you just made. Also why is there no edit button? Why can’t we quote other posts?

    24. Looks good, excellent job @keithcollantine

      Looks very clean and easy to read. As a web designer myself I always find user comments interesting. There are so many design choices to be made and no way to please everyone. So, if most people are happy, that is a good accomplishment.

      One thing I notice is the choices for page nav being click to dropdown instead of hover. Hover seems to be de rigueur, but can be annoying sometimes and there is always a different and maybe better way to do things. The other thing about the nav dropdown is that they push the content down rather than cover the content below. Not bad, just different than the usual.

      This site version is definitely more mobile friendly. The previous version on smartphone was difficult to scroll down to the actual content, this is much improved. This is so important since estimates of over 50% of web traffic is now mobile. Some estimates run even higher than that. I also appreciate having virtually the same site on laptop/desktop and mobile devices. Having two distinctly different sites is a bad tradeoff in my opinion. Sites should be responsive, as yours is, not different.

      At the same time viewing the site on desktop I do not notice the body font being much larger than previous, maybe one point. I find it easy to read on desktop or mobile.

      As a web professional I understand the huge amount of time and commitment such an arduous undertaking as this requires. Well done and thank you.

      1. Also, the sidebar “More” widget is very functional and cleanly done. Nice!

    25. First impressions were… ugh!

      Second impressions were a little less extreme but still negative. Might look nice on mobile but the old format was far better on the clunky old desktop I use to access the site. Another beautiful site lost to responsive design…

      But I can live with it.

      1. Ah, just discovered that if I zoom out twice it actually looks quite lovely.

    26. Look great a bit too much on blue but maybe that is the bold what is caused?

      Can we select a font through our profile?

    27. Looks very sleek Keith! I like that auto fill function for the @ but i am a bit flustered about how it works, because I get the impression it doesn’t show everyone in there (I tried myself for example and got offered only “badgergp” and “bananarama” after typing b and a in for example)

    28. No. No. No.
      Ten is the new Nine hence Windows 10 :)
      Still looks great, very refreshing…

      1. Just a suggestion, @keithcollantine ..
        It would be nice if you use Ajax Login plugins so any of us who haven’t login doesn’t need to go to wp-admin page.

    29. Looks great on mobile now.
      But at the cost of desktop/tablet viewing… I agree with the other views that the font is too large (and there’s no way I can control that on iPad-Safari), and there’s sooo much empty white space, particularly around comments, which just means more scrolling…

    30. Love the new design Keith! Well done!

    31. Is that some geek humour I detect at the end of this article? :P @keithcollantine

      1. @tonyyeb It’s the only kind of humour I know :-)

    32. The Blade Runner (@)
      16th September 2015, 8:46

      I really like it Keith.

    33. @keithcollantine Can we have a darker shade for the replies to the main comment to make it more distinguishable. Also it looks very big on pc, the previous font sizes very good. Overall its nice.

      1. *previous font sizes were very good.

    34. The sidebar is way too big.

      It’s nice otherwise.

    35. Looks great @keithcollantine! Crisp, clear and visually appealing, just like your articles!!

    36. Looks very nice! Is this the latest version of WordPress, then?

    37. I have done a few web pages in my time, and while I can say it can be a big thing and a lot of work, a few things which I think should be taken in to consideration are:

      1. login, something at the top, easily accessible
      2. don’t let the page expand too far horizontally as it causes the page to become heavily magnified and looks off, maybe not on a pad or mobile but it looks hideous in firefox.
      3. find a way to load the page elements with out them popping up at the beginning of page loads
      4. the menu at the top is a little crude, find a way to fill it out better, make it look a little fuller, not so ‘text-based’.

      I am sure this site works a lot better on mobile, and it’s a lot of work and should be commended, but there is always room for improvement. Getting load times down, the horizontal magnification thing (you can check for browser/platform in javascript, if that tickles your fancy) and an easier way to login and I think it would be twice as good from a slow pc user with firefox. Hope I am not being too negative. I recommend always testing on slow machines, (try virtualbox with low ram, single core, etc…).

      1. ps. you can hover the divs over other divs with out pushing the other divs down the page. divs work great, but they don’t need to interfere with others. Don’t know how good you are with divs but you can do quite a lot of things with them, including hiding content (set your menu div’s to height 0 so that when the page loads it doesn’t expand and push the rest of the content down). Javascript+div’s work wonders. Getting the CSS3 right off the bat saves sooooo much time.

      2. last comment, you can put a div around your menu options, and expand the menu on-hover of the div, instead of “clicking” the arrow button, it would work more like a wordpress on hover menu down kinda thing. Good luck with the site. Stack Overflow is a good resource, as well as google especially when figuring out web pages and javascript.

    38. Kudos to the entire F1Fanatic team, excellent job guys..

      1. @egorov On this project that was just me :-)

        1. @keithcollantine : Are you like a human robot / terminator?

    39. Pat Ruadh (@fullcoursecaution)
      16th September 2015, 10:18

      Glad you stuck with the distinctive blue-green theme. Looks nice and sharp I like it.

    40. Shocked on first view but getting to like it. Speed is MUCH better. Biggest concern is that the font is too big. Set my browser (Firefox) to 80%, still too big. Set to 67% and it’s a little too small and the full page is just less that half the screen width (1920*1080)
      Also would would prefer less white space so that more text/images are in the view at a glance. Agree with previous comment about preferring less BOLD formatting.

    41. *As the last layout was version eight this is version nine. Not version ten. That would be silly.

      Hey! Microsoft had to show users that it was just as good as Mac OS X… and also get away from Win 7 being widely used, so ppl think oh I’m 3 versions behind, better upgrade.

      As an IT Manager, there is a lot of white space, but it means that the site is cleaner and clearer to read.

      @keithcollantine My suggestion is that you should look to do more with the white space in the borders on the left and right, like a really faded out image of a grandstand, or Eau Rouge or maybe you in a bikini leaning up against a pole in a sexy pose, lol :P

    42. nice design. not sure why people are saying the font is too big? it’s normal, small size on my pc

    43. mattfarr1990@hotmail.com
      16th September 2015, 10:47

      Generally good, but the replies don’t seem very staggered. I can imagine it sometimes being difficult to work out if a series of comments are all stand alone or linked to a previous comment.

      Also, the default font size seems massive.

    44. @keithcollantine

      Works well on my Samsung tablet and phone, no problems so far.

    45. It looks fantastic but where does one log in now? Searched everywhere – cannot find it..

      1. @Baron Found it! Well. you try searching a 28″ screen from a foot away….. Can’t find jack!

    46. Any chance of an edit function on the comments?

    47. I have slightly mixed feelings about it, the fresh clean look is certainly appreciated but it seems like the mobile/tablet design has been focused on more than the regular desktop, as in some respects it’s a step backwards for desktop users.

    48. As a PC user I’m often perplexed by these kind of site updates; optimization for smaller screens often results in a less pleasurable experience for larger screens. But this isn’t bad at all, I can still use the site in the same way, the only negative is that I may need to scroll down more due to the text area being a bit narrower. But that’s just nitpicking lol

    49. I quite like it, aside from the ‘More From’ element, which seems a bit random stuffed off to one side. The inconsistent horizontal gaps around the main element and the ‘More From’ element are a bit jarring – I would make them the same (i.e. make ‘More From’ a bit wider and move it left slightly). I faffed around with Safari’s page inspector to mock it up and it looked a lot better.

      I think I would also rearrange it slightly – at the moment, there are green buttons on the left and a series of links for additional stories on the right. When I first saw it, I thought the links were related to the buttons, but they aren’t – more separation would be helpful. Perhaps move the green buttons below the main menu area (and make them less green) and have the ‘More From’ just for additional stories you can click on.

    50. I do fear for the long titles!

    51. Can you tone down the whiteness of the website, please; or at least offer the user the ability to change the background colour and maybe the font colour as well.
      The reason I ask, is that I am partially-sighted due to a medical condition and find websites with a lot of white “difficult”.
      Other than that, it looks nice.

    52. @keithcollantine Great addition!
      My two cents as a web developer:
      – main great improvement: mobile menu accessibility (menu was unusable on mobile)
      – I can’t login on my mobile (the black top bar is entirely black)
      – menu on desktop should overlay the site content, not make it go down.
      – some details like the truncated f1f logo on mobile, or some bold fonts, but that’s aesthetics

      Good effort, it will be much nicer to read on mobile!

    53. ***** Five Starts.
      Nicest look, good old info! Congratulations!

    54. Works much better on my mobile. It’s more pleasant to read. Haven’t tried a tablet yet.
      Desktop and I was like “Woah! That’s a big crayon title font”. But like the crazy aesthetic changes that go onto F1 cars, I’m sure I’ll get used to it.
      …and the login is working better.
      Thanks Keith.

    55. Every time I load a page I briefly see all menus expanded. Quite annoying. Chrome 45, Win7.

    56. http://achecker.ca/checker/index.php reports 242 accessibility problems. Most of them are repetitive, but you should at least check the new design to see what will stop disabled users from accessing it fully…

    57. As a desktop user I have not really seen improvements yet, but I recognise that you can now develop the site.

      Apart from bugs already mentioned, I notice that polls don’s seem to work. After voting, or when I try to view results of a closed poll, I get the home page included in the poll page.

    58. New design is excellent Keith but the font sizes are too large. Looks a bit odd, tougher to read quickly. (1920×1080 22″)

    59. Much better, very nice look. Everything that’s different takes a while to get used to, reading the text with different fonts and backgrounds and such, and just where everything is, but you can usually tell when something is better.

      Things I would like to point out though:

      – It’s hard to tell which of a comment chain is the parent comment. Before all reply’s to a comment were on a greyed background, so something to distinguish between the parent and child is always good, and helps with the flow of reading the website. It mostly helps when quickly scrolling through to see where one chain ends and another begins.
      – It would be much better if the ‘follow F1 Fanatic’ and the ‘more from F1 Fanatic’ side bar followed you down and up the screen, instead of being fixed to the top.
      – The ability to have the ‘Leave a Reply’ comment box to be at the top of the reply’s and also at the bottom, where it is currently located.
      – Bring back the ability to see everyone’s @’tag’ after their names. The auto complete function is great, but some peoples tags bare no resemblance to their usernames, and as such would require us to remember far too many tags. It also doesn’t seem to work too well at the moment, with it only showing some people’s tags.

      These are some things I would change. However, like I said at the beginning, I really, really like this new look. Reading articles seems a lot easier, and in general the articles themselves better laid out. Also, the colours in general make it look far more up to date without committing to the usual error of making things overcomplicated by over designing things. Good job @keithcollantine

      1. Also perhaps a tiny bit smaller font.

    60. I posted a comment 6hours and 26mins ago according to my activity log on this very page but it isn’t here?! Did it get deleted or am I missing something? @keithcollantine

    61. Liam McShane (@)
      16th September 2015, 15:23

      I think it needs to be more obvious which comments are replies and which comments are standalone. Before there used to be a beige shade behind replies.

    62. Great, I can finally have my orefered username!

    63. Great, I can finally have my prefered username!

    64. @keithcollantine I just got round to reading the open cockpits debate article, and I’ve noticed two issues. The ‘Click to reveal’ button doesn’t work at the part where your opinion is written, and upon clicking the vote button the home page loaded inside the article (so a page within a page). I’m on firefox on desktop.

      I like the new design and it seems neater. It should be more compact in my view though, everything is too far apart.

    65. OmarR-Pepper - Vettel 41 wins!!! For Jules (@)
      16th September 2015, 16:43

      @keithcollantine just curiosity… I saw in the “newest pictures” that this version of F1F has a 9 besides… so is this the 8th tuning you’ve made? Maybe you can include the pics of the other versions you ran…

    66. Another little issue, the replies don’t have that grey box around them like they used to, so it’s a little bit difficult to know if a comment is a reply to another one or just a separate comment.

      I can see that they’re justified a little to the right but I don’t think that’s enough, when there’s dozens of replies and you scroll down a lot you don’t know where the replies end.

    67. I only visit via iPhone and the improvement is massive! No menu to scroll away without accidentically clicking on an item and lots and lots faster!
      Keep up @keithcollantine

    68. ILuvSoundtracks (@)
      16th September 2015, 17:45

      “More from F1 Fanatic” looks great!

    69. Loving it Keith. Good stuff!

    70. @keithcollantine: Little suggestion: The logo is not really visible, as the green portion of “The Independent F1 Blog” does not really gel well with the blue background. Have a border or something to “split” the colours apart?

    71. 1. I’ve noticed in the Singapore race preview is that the drivers are sorted by their team’s position in the constructor’s championship (i.e. Mercedes first, then Red Bull, then Williams). It would be nice to be able to sort by the different columns as well, e.g. by average qualifying position.

      2. If you want to post a new comment, you have to scroll past all the existing ones to get to the ‘Leave a reply area’. Could an HTML anchor be added above the comments that will jump to the reply box?

      3. Please can we have page numbers for comments? ‘Older comments’ and ‘Newer comments’ don’t tell you where you are page-wise. Locating by page number is easier than looking at dates and times of comments.

    72. Thought our beautiful blue-and-green world had fallen off its axis for a moment, but I’m liking it a lot. Particularly like the New,Popular,etc menu, and it’s all bigger, more colourful and much easier to find your way around with an iphone.

    73. Liking the update. Normally it takes a while to get used to an update on a site you know well but I immediately liked this. Looks like it was designed with both mobile and desktop platforms in mind. Seeing as I access the site on both, I approve.

      Nice work.

    74. looks great! fresh!

    75. I’m very like the new design!

    76. Looks great.

    77. On the drop down menu button beside “Info”, none of the links work. However, clicking “Info” itself opes up the page.

      Also, there seems to be no link for previous seasons – 2014,2013, 2012, 2011, etc.
      The only link that says “Seasons” opens up a page with – “History repeating: F1’s three-way title deciders”. This issue existed with the previous site as well.

    78. Hmmm, gotta say it feels… pastel and chunky : /

    79. @keithcollantine
      More feedback, when trying to read the newer comments, i have to click on “newer comments” a few times before reaching the last page, it’s time consuming and anoying.
      How about page numbers?
      Also, everything is still too big after a few visits, I’m on a pc and this is a device site only it seems.


    80. Looking great!

    81. Didn’t test it on mobile.. only chrome desktop. Find it quite odd when the page loads, I see the menus expanded/open and then they close/colapse.

      Besides that, it looks great. The logo might need some work to match this new modern look.

      Good work Keith!

    82. Love it! Always the best site for content, now it looks really good too.

    83. Nice, clean, flat design but the logo isn’t hi-res, Keith, so it looks really fuzzy on retina screens.

      Either replace it with a larger logo image scaled to 50% (which will double the resolutuon) or swap it for a .svg file, which will look pin-sharp on all screen sizes.

    84. Nice Keith! Looks great on an iPad. Thanks for keeping the site “fresh”, now if you can get some of the sporting regulations changed… :)

    85. Great improvement on mobile!! I have to say, it even better than on desktop. :)

      I couldn’t find the login option.

      Good work Keith!

    86. *As the last layout was version eight this is version nine. Not version ten. That would be silly.

      A Windows 10 reference I guess? It’s a nice touch haha :D

      As someone who always resist changes (I hate the new Google logo for example), I only had a ‘meh’ feeling when finding the updated site … which is good I guess? Mobile browsing is improved a lot and the ‘you have to log in twice’ bug has disappeared.

      I think it’s now harder to see which comment is a response to another comment. It’s harder to see if a comment is of second, third or fourth ‘order’. You could increase the difference in width between different ‘orders’ of comments. Especially on a 1080p screen, there is a huge blank on the left side which could have more use.

      I was expecting a slower website because it looked more ‘fancy’ but thus far performance has been great, so thumbs up for that. :)

    87. Here is my feedback regarding the new look.

      I only view the site via a desktop computer so can’t comment on how it works on other devices.

      I normally don’t like website redesigns as I think most of the time they are done just for the sake of being done rather than there being anything up with the original design.

      Having said that I don’t mind the new-look F1 Fanatic, I admit I haven’t used it that much but most of the changes do not seem so big that they are not easy to adapt to.

      One thing I am not that keen on is having the article date at the bottom of the article. Personally I think it is better at the top under the title on both the article itself and also on the main index page.

    88. @keithcollantine One annoying feature I have found is ; everytime a page opens it starts with the dropdown menu open, and the blue vertical columns displace the content down the page before they close just as I doubleclick to open a story.
      I use Firefox (for Linux) on default settings on a 20″screen, and
      Chrome (Asus chromebox) also default settings on my TV.
      For me the font size is perfect on the 20″ monitor, but could be a tad larger on the TV, and I am longsighted, not shortsighted.

      May I repeat my request for a “return to top” or “return to home” box at the bottom of the page, hot topics can wear out my finger on the scroll wheel.

      1. ColdFly F1 ( @coldfly ) (@)
        21st September 2015, 13:25


        May I repeat my request for a “return to top” or “return to home” box at the bottom of the page

        Clicking at the black login-bar at the top will do that for you!

        1. @coldfly, thanks, wish someone had told me that a few years ago.

    89. GB (@bgp001ruled)
      19th September 2015, 3:50

      way to go!!!! looks really good!!!!

    90. One little problem that I have found is that the font in the RSS feed is very small. Any chance of increasing the size?

    91. The new look is great.
      I do not mind the larger font, it fits with the design of the page. When I want to read a larger article, I hit Ctrl- on my browser and I am fine.
      The only real gripe I have (and it is fairly annoying) is that now it is very hard to distinguish whether a comment is independent or replies to a previous post. I understand the reason for making the indent smaller (too often we ended up with cascades resulting in comments five letters wide), but perhaps we could augument this smaller indent with some prominent mark in the header of comments that belong to a thread, say, an arrow pointing left or something.

    92. Wow @keithcollantine!! Well done :) I love how it looks, bolder and cleaner. Everything seems to be working fine. I used to get a cookie error message when logging in and I don’t get that anymore. Everything is clearer to see and find. Maybe a more easily accessible live chat button that can be added during the GP weekends to make it easier for newer people to find? Just a thought..

    93. Keith, new looks works fine on most pages, but the “Live” page the right side blocks “Follow F1 Fanatic” and “More from F1 Fanatic” pushes the live comments to the middle. Better if had only two columns with the Live comments on the right. Otherwise on small screens the is not enough width to read the Live comments.

    94. Great improvements to the look and legibility of the site, well done!
      The only feature that I miss is the second greyish background tone that used to be given to the replies to previous comments. Maybe a third or even fourth colour for comments to the comments section would make the comments section more legible? I am a big fan of efficient legibility :).

      1. Also, I prefer that the oldest comments to a story are posted before the more recent ones.

    95. @keithcollantine – Thanks for the horizontal line dividers between comment threads, that really does help a lot.

    96. Anthony Blears
      7th October 2015, 1:31

      Please hide the submenus on load so they don’t flick in and out as the browser loads the page assets. Also you could switch to using position:absolute for the submenus so they don’t push down the page content when active which is really disorientating.

    97. @keithcollantine
      With the new look i can’t access the Extended Notes on the Driver’s Rankings.

      I also can not see the old-format comparison tables.

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