Dominant Hamilton wins Driver of the Weekend

2017 British Grand Prix Driver of the Weekend result

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Lewis Hamilton was voted Driver of the Weekend following his utter domination of the British Grand Prix at Silverstone.

The Mercedes driver took pole position and led all the way as he claimed his fifth win at home. He added fastest lap for good measure, breaking the Silverstone lap record as he did so.

Hamilton has won Driver of the Weekend more times than anyone else since the poll began in 2011, and this is his second win this year.

Lewis Hamilton’s British Grand Prix weekend

With his 67th career pole position, Hamilton is now one away from matching Michael Schumacher’s all-time record. It was a peach of a lap too, over half a second quicker than anyone else.

He put the race beyond doubt early on as he set a pace so hot the Ferraris wrecked their tyres trying to keep up. He had 14 seconds in hand over team mate Valtteri Bottas at the flag, but had clearly been managing his pace for much of the event to keep his engine and tyres in good shape.

The reason Hamilton deserves the Driver of the Weekend is the same reason Usain Bolt deserves the gold medal and Roger Federer his eighth Wimbledon. It was an absolutely glorious display of excellence all weekend long.
Michael (@Freelittlebirds)

I had to vote for Hamilton. He had no rivals this race. His win was never in danger. He controlled this so beautifully. Absolutely perfectly executed race. No flaws this weekend. As a Ferrari fan, I can only applaud him.
Christopher (@Chrischrill)

Hamilton, by some distance. Absolute monster this weekend, totally untouchable in qualifying, in the race, grand slam, equalled Jim Clark’s record, what a weekend for him.

British Grand Prix winners and losers

Hulkenberg had a strong weekend for Renault
Many of you voiced approval of Nico Hulkenberg’s weekend. But for a late engine problem he might have been able to hold off Daniel Ricciard for fifth.

There was plenty of praise for Ricciardo’s comeback drive as well, and Valtteri Bottas picked up a chunk of votes after rising to finish second.

Absolutely awesome well controlled race. Could easily be in the place of Hamilton and replicate what Hamilton did. It’s very easy when you have the fastest to perform so well but when you have an average car at best and drag it to sixth and ahead of the rest of the field by 30+ secs.
Yes (@Come-on-kubica)

Hulkenberg was quick in practice, quick in the changeable conditions in qualifying and then backed it up with a sixth place finish in the race, although he didn’t seem to receive much airtime during the TV coverage, given the circumstances this result was best he could have realistically achieved.

Ricciardo started at the back and finished right behind his team mate: great overtakes, great drive.

Lewis Hamilton’s Driver of the Weekend wins from 2011 to date

Driver of the weekend: The Twitter verdict

Plenty more praise for Hamilton – and quite a lot of criticism for Daniil Kvyat. Curiously, there didn’t seem to be as many comments about Nico Hulkenberg’s drive.

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16 comments on “Dominant Hamilton wins Driver of the Weekend”

  1. Very dominant, well deserved. But for me the achievement was slightly tainted by his post on Instagram with photos of sad Bottas and Kimi. when you’re superior you don’t mock.

    1. I assume you mean the photo of them waiting for him at the press conference whilst he was crowd surfing? I thought it was lighthearted comedy… not a dig at the other drivers.

      1. @lubhz @sparkyamg If you’re referring to the same one which was in the round-up, I saw nothing wrong with it:

        Bottas and Raikkonen look bored, not sad, that’s why it’s funny.

        1. @keithcollantine that’s the one! Agreed – nothing wrong with it!

    2. Did you miss the two parts of that photo? Or not actually read the post. The picture of Kimi and Valterri looking bored in the press conference with an empty seat was juxtaposed with the picture of Hamilton crowd surfing. I can tell you the FIA footage of that point of the press conference received a huge cheer and laughter from the thousands in the stands and under the podium at the circuit. It was a great touch from Lewis to stay outside celebrating with the paying supporters.

      1. Ok @ju88sy @sparkyamg @xtwl @keithcollantine with this background story it all sounds different. The post only says “Sorry guys 😂😂😂”, I thought Hamilton was mocking their struggles. I didn’t know he was referring to being late to the press conference.

    3. @lubhz whining on a blog about Lewis posting in social media is ironic.

  2. Hamilton has won Driver of the Weekend more times than anyone else since the poll began in 2011, and this is his second win this year.

    I’m almost surprised.

    @lubhz I didn’t read it that way. It was funny and he wasn’t mocking them.

  3. ILuvSoundtracks (@)
    21st July 2017, 14:58

    I’ve told y’all Hamilton is always (and will always be) immortal.

    1. don’t drink much kiddo.

      1. Take a cider, punk.

  4. Super weekend from Hamilton in front of the masses of cheering fans who according to the media have a ‘brittle’ relationship with him.

    1. geoffgroom44 (@)
      22nd July 2017, 6:49

      Have you noticed that when someone (like the media for example) is having a hard time, how they project their insecurities onto others? If anyone is having a ‘britttle relationship’ with the public in these last 5 years, it is what used to be laughingly referred to as the ‘independent press’.
      Many thanks to KC and a few others who give us a service that is more independent and fair.

  5. Lewis will always get criticised by the media whatever he does/says. Some of it warranted (no-one is perfect) but mostly completely unfair.

  6. Hulk by a country mile, followed by Ric then Bot…stupid poll result on a brit blog

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