Lewis Hamilton six times world champion

Hamilton wins F1 world championship title for sixth time

2019 F1 season

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Lewis Hamilton has clinched the Formula 1 world drivers’s championship title for the sixth time in his career.

The 34-year-old Mercedes driver won the title, his third in a row, by taking second place in today’s United States Grand Prix. His previous championship successes came in 2008, 2014, 2015, 2017 and 2018.

He is only the second person in Formula 1 history to have won six championships. Michael Schumacher broke Juan Manuel Fangio’s record of five championship when he won his sixth title in 2003.

Schumacher went on to win a record-setting seventh title the following year. Hamilton could equal that in the 2020 F1 season.

How RaceFans readers saw Hamilton’s first five titles

2008: Hamilton wins title and becomes F1’s youngest world champion

Wow what a finish to the championship. I was a bag of nerves throughout the race. Then when Vettel passed Hamilton I was cursing the FIA because it looked like the Spa and Fuji penalties would decide the championship. But then the complete turn around in emotions in the last few corners when Hamilton passed Glock is what sport is all about.

2014: Hamilton wins second world championship title

An unbelievable season for Hamilton. Did not finish the first race, a string of wins to rake back the points to take the lead, then Monaco to Spa with all the ‘mishaps,’ then raking in the wins again to retake the lead. That took immense character and determination against a very able rival. Must rate even higher than his first championship. Congratulations.
David BR2

2015: Hamilton clinches third F1 drivers’ title

Congratulations Hamilton.

But seriously if Mercedes are going to boss next season, can Rosberg please vacate his seat for a more reliable foe for Hamilton. This domination by one driver has been going on since 2010 and is really starting wear me out.

2017: Hamilton wins his fourth world championship title

Now I think this season he has proved to be a little better than Vettel. I mean, before this season I ranked them as equal. But unless Vettel and Ferrari get their act together (and especially Vettel who needs to improve his starts to avoid hitting others) I think Hamilton is closer to a fifth than Vettel.

2018: Hamilton wins title and becomes F1’s third five-times champion

Congratulations to Hamilton for the fifth title. And today’s race is a further prove that he didn’t necessarily have the best car. It was and still is mighty close between Mercedes and Ferrari yet Lewis made the championship pretty one-sided tells a lot about Lewis Hamilton. Well done champ.

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List of Formula One drivers’ champions as of 2019

1Michael Schumacher71994, 1995, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004
2Lewis Hamilton62008, 2014, 2015, 2017, 2018, 2019
3Juan Manuel Fangio51951, 1954, 1955, 1956, 1957
4Alain Prost41985, 1986, 1989, 1993
4Sebastian Vettel42010, 2011, 2012, 2013
6Jack Brabham31959, 1960, 1966
6Jackie Stewart31969, 1971, 1973
6Niki Lauda31975, 1977, 1984
6Nelson Piquet31981, 1983, 1987
6Ayrton Senna31988, 1990, 1991
11Alberto Ascari21952, 1953
11Jim Clark21963, 1965
11Graham Hill21962, 1968
11Emerson Fittipaldi21972, 1974
11Mika Hakkinen21998, 1999
11Fernando Alonso22005, 2006
17Giuseppe Farina11950
17Mike Hawthorn11958
17Phil Hill11961
17John Surtees11964
17Denny Hulme11967
17Jochen Rindt11970
17James Hunt11976
17Mario Andretti11978
17Jody Scheckter11979
17Alan Jones11980
17Keke Rosberg11982
17Nigel Mansell11992
17Damon Hill11996
17Jacques Villeneuve11997
17Kimi Raikkonen12007
17Jenson Button12009
17Nico Rosberg12016

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61 comments on “Hamilton wins F1 world championship title for sixth time”

  1. Only one to go (two to surpass).

  2. Worthy champion, somehow makes a one-stop work. Roll on 2020.

  3. He’s awesome. But this one was probably the easiest year for him (from the outside). He looked so far above the rest.

  4. Blaize Falconberger (@)
    3rd November 2019, 20:53

    What a legend… Awesome….

  5. Champion’s driver there Lewis. What a race. 10/10

  6. Amazing!
    Get in there Lewis, the chase for 7th starts tomorrow!

  7. 2019 proved that he is in a class of his own. Steadily built up a lead when others faltered in faster cars . Made full use of his car where it was fastest. Great year

  8. Yup… although Ferrari had the best car! It’s a MIRACLE!

    1. More than sure HAM would have won the champ already if raced for Ferrari. Also would have won this race by a 30000000minutes lead.

      1. @mg1982 Been on the beer mate? Why so mad? What did Ham do wrong to you sorry he made you look wrong all them years ago when you thought Vet>Hamilton. Hamilton today shown you what a driver he is in race pace, and yes in the best car today. What a drive though over a pitsstop behind and nearly won it, no one else came close to his lap times on them tyres.

    2. @mg1982 What a miracle them ferrari drivers achieved this year in qualifying just how do they do it, Leclerc has most poles and a few wins and near misses in a way slower car… Poor Ferrari drivers, no one should evr take you seriously you thought Hamilton was in the dominant car last year aswell lol. If you cannot appreciate todays drive then i do not know what to say. He had no right doing what he did looking like he could actually win it even. Ferrari should have had about 6-7 wins this year, Hamilton has what 11? The next best on 3 or 4, so yes Hamilton as he showed today is a beast in the race. He as actually lost his edge in qually.

    3. Mercedes had the best car, with Hamilton once again proving himsel, the best driver!
      This is one for Uk sports, one all those UK based constructors, one for the industry of F1, the home of motor racing.

      As for Ferrari, well the writing was on the wall coming into this race when they were forced to change their power units.
      I’m sure that played its part in qualifying and in the race. No special booster modes to help them accelerate.

      Then there was the last minute work on Vettel’s car prior to the start of this race. I’m sure his suspension failure will be traced back to the work done then.

      But back to the 6th time world champion. Starting 5th, finishing 2nd, Imagine if he’d made a better go at qualifying.
      Well Done Lewis!

  9. By far the best in race pace and tyre management levels above, remember the old days haha when he was bad on tyres which was an absoloute myth btw. Horrible strategy from Mercedes like in Suzuka when Ham is behind Bottas he is always having to lose a whole pitsstops worth of time. All he had to do was mirror Bottas i do not get why they done it, he would of got Max im sure. People would have moaned either way if Ham by some miracle had won with 1 stop people would have said he was favourd. Absoloute no way was Hamilton favourd today.

    1. Hey, sent your CV to Mercedes, I’m sure they’ll hire you and give the boot to the current stuff.

        1. Lewis Hamilton 6 x WDC xxxx

      1. @mg1982 So salty i love it how did ya boy do today? Poor vet fans been real tough for them the last few years they thought they had a jump after 2013 the gloryhunters. What is Vet and Hams record this year vs Hamilton sould be way ahead in terms of qually but yeh….

    2. I wonder if Lewis was distracted coming into this race….

      America is like another home from home. He’ll have contacts here in the states who’ll have taken him away from his normal race to race preparations. Lewis blamed himself for not qualifying stronger and perhaps rightly so.

  10. Deserving champion in a dominate team.

    1. He’s part of the team.

      1. Yup, that’s why I wrote “in”… so what’s your point?

  11. 3 words… GET – IN – LEWIS!! What a champion!! No words can do you justice. When you turned up on the grid in 07 as a baby faced rookie we knew you were good. That first corner in Australia showed us what a talent you were but never, in a million years, did I think you would be here now as a 6 time world champion. Whatever happens from here your place in history is well and truly cemented. You continue to fly the British flag with pride and are not given the acknowledgement you deserve by some of your countrymen. This Englishman, however, could not be more proud. Lewis Carl Hamilton – 6 x F1 WDC. Bring on 2020!

    1. @deanr Get in Dean pal, agree completely i remember from qualifying Hamilton the rookie had Alonso on the ropes and qualified a tenth down he was on it from day one, just remeber it was Alonso weaving down the straight in indy trying to get Mclaren to swap the drivers that was like 5 or 6 lol, Ham was even outqualifying him more fuel on board lol. What a driver he has now become in races like Alonso in his later years.

      1. Given how many times posters bring up 2007 that has to be HAM’s best season so I torrented the whole of 2007 and it’s still impressive and also surprisingly enjoyable .
        Massa also got 6 poles in 2007 and only 1 win less than FA and LH.
        As for more fuel on board, ALO lapped faster at Monaco on a full tank that HAM on empty tank.
        2008 Massa restricted LH’s wins to only 1 in the last 8 races. Bottas could do similar this season.

        1. All I’m hearing is wah wah wah Joe. Your Comments consistently try to denigrate anything Lewis has achieved yet its preventing nothing and is obviously causing you distress. This is a 6 x WDC you are trying to pathetically chip away at.
          His achievements will sit in the history books for as long as the human race exists. Your sad attempts to dig at an Incredibly successfull sportsman will appear on a small, fairly insignificant (sorry keith) area of the internet. Bravo. You should be very proud.

  12. Well done. Top-notch drives throughout the whole season and constant performances won him this year’s title, I really don’t remember a weak race from his this season. I hope Bottas can learn a thing or two from this year and stay competitive throughout the European part of the season because that’s where he lost the chance to fight for the Championship. Already looking forward to next winter’s testing and new season (although we still have two races on our hands).

  13. So dissapointing to have Martin “the worst journalist in the paddock” Brundle to interview the guys. Such a letdown for everyone.

    1. @huhhii Better than Di Resta up every Max’s you know what every sentance. He is like Crofty with regards to Hamilton even though i support Ham, Crofty would be unbearable if i supported someone else.

      1. @dan Sky Sports’ workers make up the bottom-5. Di Resta isn’t much better and Crofty is the worst of them all.

        1. @huhhii

          Palmer would have been good.

          1. @bigjoe Absolutely not. He is horrible. The guy who was doing WTCC broadcasting for Eurosport for many years was fantastic, he would be my number one choice.

          2. @huhhii

            The best pairing for me are the Formula E guys especially when the American chips in.

    2. I hope someone plays back the in-car footage as Hamilton crossed the line, and asked him what he was thinking then. Praying, crying, just wiping his eyes, composing himself? Those pictures, in that moment, were telling….

      And then there was his paraphrasing of Maya Angelou, “Still We Rise” – Mercedes?

    3. Wish they would take on Will Buxton

  14. Good solid drive from Hamilton in the race, but more importantly throughout the year he did exactly what he needed to do – and as he’s done in his other champiuonship years- and that’s to get the points.

    Even when he’s not won the race, he’s taken home a good haul of points. In fact, with the exception of just three races, Austria (5th), germany (8th) and Singapore (4th), he finished on the podium.
    He made few mistakes this year, the ones he did make didn’t hurt his chances and he made some very tricksy strategies work surprisingly well. (Monaco jumping to mind)

    Fully deserved championship.

  15. That was good driving from HAM holding off Verstappen as long as he did.
    VER was a tad unlucky with that yellow flag.
    I’m looking forward to 2021. Wolff sounds quite confident they’ll have the best car again next season. Ferrari should just take a year off.

  16. Hamilton has been very consistent this year. He has had the best car over the season, but Ferrari also threw away a lot of chances to make it closer. Hamilton has only had 4 poles this year, but he just doesn’t make many mistakes in the races.

    He’s hard to like sometimes, I’ve supported him since he joined F1 and there have been ups and downs, but most times he seems to me a decent person with his heart in the right place and a great ambassador for the sport. A worthy champion… just hope he joins Ferrari in 2021 and wins one there to cap it off!

    1. @john-h


      I get stick for criticising him but he is a decent person. If his rivals weren’t getting so much flak from fans I’d probably stick up for Lewis in many of his controversial moments.

  17. Congratulation, Lewis Hamilton.

    A worthy champion and a true legend!

    Now for #7.

    1. oh i don’t know … Vettel could still get there first ;-)


  18. @bigjoe Have you been hacked pal? Na fairplay from a critic like you have been that is a nice comment he was very good today, still his qualifying is getting worst but his race pace probably reminded you of Alonso one you’re fav drivers. His race pace and keeping tyres good is on another level

    1. I was just put off by LH possibly crying wolf in the past on his tires, but today he sounded knackered on the radio as he’d been struggling to turn in. That’s what I like to hear and see, a bit of hard work and struggle. After that I was genuinely nervous he might not finish.

  19. Thanks for the 2014 quote! Reminds me how much Hamilton has changed since then, there’s an equanimity to his driving and overall attitude that has just added another layer of difficulty to beating him. Poor qualifying but a calm start that took him past the flailing Ferraris and into third. Then everything to try and switch the race around by working the tyres. In terms of showing his stature in the sport, no dispute. But so disappointing that Ferrari never really made it a real battle. The real challenger was sat back there in third, watching another Hamilton championship unfold, learning how it’s done. Congratulations Lewis.

    1. Poor qualifying? I assume you mean for the whole season, rather than for this particular race. If so, he is 4-5 to his teammate with 2 races to go. That can hardly be described as “poor”.

      However, i get this. It simply shows how we hold Lewis to different standards compared to other drivers, because of his talent.

  20. Thank you Keith for picking my comment for the 2018 Season above.
    Lewis may have lost a bit of ultimate pace in qualifying (maybe age related) but he has gained in other areas like Race pace and tyre management which more than makes up for it. Also his experience and almost going through an entire season without any major mistakes is unmatched right now.
    Lewis really has become into this complete driver and Race master that even if he qualify 5th, he targets race wins. All the talents of Lewis was on show today. Lost a little bit qualifying ultimate pace but gained lot more in other areas.
    And what a beautiful gesture there by Vettel to come and congratulate Lewis in the cool down room.

  21. Congratulations Lewis on your champion’s drive today! Well done on WDC # 6.
    I have never doubted this driver and his talent. I could almost feel his frustrations in 2012, but the stats I was tracking at the time still showed him ahead of Vettel and Alonso who, in the middle of that year, each had 2 WDCs to Lewis’ 1. Today on that table, Lewis stands at number 3, headed only by Fangio and Ascari. But Lewis is clearly well above any other F1 drive of the past 50 years. I don’t think the competition (from other drivers) has gotten any easier, so Lewis remains my GOAT (to date).

  22. Hamilton just beat Schumi’s record of most years between first and last title.
    More records are likely to crumble over the next two years presumably.

  23. A white person wins Wimbledon once and gets a knighthood. Another white person wins the heptathlon world champtionships three times and Olympics once and gets a knighthood. Another white person wins a single Tour de France and gets a knighthood. The list goes on and on. A black person wins the F1 world championship six times with two different teams and gets…?

    1. Was nice to hear Martin Brundle’s words of calling him one of the best ever British sportsmen ever, surely a statement truer than ever given his continuing ascendancy, slightly embarrassing if his tax residency should be the determining factor on receiving a worthy knighthood given his status as such a global figure and ambassador… for the country where he was born in.
      Given what we have seen with Antoine Hubert this year, and Jules Bianchi before, surely a national recognition is due?

    2. Brutal but true!

    3. Er….Mo Farah…?

      1. Mo Farah, I believe is tax resident in the UK but could be wrong, Lewis I believe has been resident of Switzerland for over 10 years. Given his sporting achievements if compared with fellow F1 greats/peers of same nationality, he outclasses them all… which begs the question if his (tax) residency of Switzerland is apparently a deciding factor in whether he is worthy of a knighthood despite being at the pinnacle of motorsport for much of a decade.

        1. Sometimes they are even given to non-British people who have never lived in the UK – such as Stormin’ Norman.

    4. A case must be made for the higher ‘gongs’ to go forward, and I suspect that you would be lucky to get more than a couple of luminaries from motor sport to put forward and argue for Hamilton getting one. Obvious names like Stirling, Coultard and Nigel, yes. But most members of the BRDC and the motor sport establishment, definitely not. He simply is not a member of the right ‘clubs’ or went to the right schools.
      Its why a 6 x WDC has the lowest award possible and someone else who was given daddies team to run into the ground has a higher award for services to motor racing. It does help if you schooled with the minor royals. :)

  24. I watched Michael Schumacher win 5 in a row. Based on the years that immediately succeeded that era, I never imagined that Michael’s record would ever be broken, and yet, here we are. I’m confident that Lewis will equal the 7 at minimum, but I’d expect him to surpass.

    Seen lot of negative comments floating around, which are all uncalled for. I’m no fan of Lewis, but credit where it is due, take nothing away from this achievement. There is no doubt that he has been in the strongest team, that probably preferred him slightly, but they maximised their advantage an won. Unlike Ferrari, who had all the same tools (if not more), but failed, miserably at that.

    Well done to Lewis and Mercedes. Would be nice if it goes right down to the wire next season, hopefully with Leclerc, Verstappen, Bottas and Vettel (maybe) giving Hamilton a run for his money.

  25. Could well be the best ever. Congrats to him

  26. roberto giacometti
    4th November 2019, 4:45

    Well let’s keep everything in perspective here. Lewis has 6 yes, BUT , look at the car he is in. He , like Fangio before him, just happened to be in the right car (which had been developed by Rosberg and Schumacher don’t forget). Now if , for example Nico Hulkenberg had gone to Mercedes instead of Hamilton, we would be celebrating Hulkenberg’s 4th or 5th…!!!
    Ultimately , this is Formula 1’s perennial problem – how do you say someone is the best , when the car is in , is streets ahead of everyone else?
    The best are the ones who win , even with inferior machinery – like your Jim Clark. Cannot include Senna here because he was at times unscrupulous in his on track behaviour.
    The Great ones – are the ones who win with inferior machinery, no political hang ups, follow their team orders dutifully and respectfully,and just go about being the fastest son of a bitch out on the track – which narrows the field to one – Gilles Villeneuve WAS , IS , and will ALWAYS be the best.
    The stats obviously say otherwise , – but there you go.!

  27. If you had told me five years ago that a F1 driver could win six world titles and not impress me, I would’ve called you raving mad. But I guess time makes a fool out of many of our notions. Congratulations are in order, but if I look at the list of drivers with two or more titles, I rank virtually all of them ahead of Hamilton.

    1. @klon It’s ok, not everybody can understand greatness.

      1. @f1osaurus, I think the problem is more that I actually do understand greatness and know that I have not seen it.

        1. @klon Bwahahahahaha

          I hope at least you have been enjoying Hamilton racking up the WDC’s. None of those oldies will beat him anymore and the current field is way below Hamilton’s level.

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