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Rate the race: 2019 Brazilian Grand Prix

2019 Brazilian Grand Prix

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What did you think of today’s race? Share your verdict on the Brazilian Grand Prix.

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98 comments on “Rate the race: 2019 Brazilian Grand Prix”

  1. I did not enjoy this that much. The race was all about when Verstappen (as front runner) would hit traffic. That made it less about merit and more about luck. See also the SC. BUT: Gasly, who I feel has been way too hard done by, getting his first podium, that makes me very happy. And, you know, Hamilton deserves a penalty, so I hope Sainz gets that final podium spot, he deserves it too. 7/10?

    1. yes f1 is rubbish but within the rubbish it is, this has to be a 10.

      1. Yet you watch it, despite the fact that you think it is rubbish? Cognitive dissonance at its best, methinks.

    2. @hahostolze – Yeah, the good thing is seeing Gasly on the podium, that should put a spring back in his step. The race was a bit meh. The Ferrari double DNF was spectacular, but that was more of “the show” than any good racing.

      Upon the replay, it seems like Albon closed down the line, so the stewards’ verdict might be a bit subjective. Then again, Ricciardo picked up a penalty under roughly similar circumstances, so who knows how they’ll swing?

      1. @phylyp haven’t studied the Albon one enough, but the Ric one is a slam dunk. He went wide because he took too much kerb. And collided. That’s worth a penalty.

      2. Hamilton did say he was totally to blame – fair enough.

        1. Thanks for that update, @magon4

          1. Still don’t know if they will punish him, though…

    3. That made it less about merit and more about luck

      Probably, but entertainment valuewise it was a solid 9 for me.

  2. 9 purely for the finish

  3. 10/10. Thank you Lewis and Seb for those mistakes. What an awesome set of final laps.

  4. If you want a laugh go to the f1 reddit page to see how clueless they are. They are actually blaming Leclerc for vettel crashing into him. Ferrari need to dump vettel and fast he has held the team down for way too long

    1. @carlosmedrano yes time to go. he keeps crumbling under pressure.

    2. Yep. That was horrible. Should definitely have yielded after turn 1. Charles on fresher tyres, absolutely pointless fighting back. Seb just needed to drive in a straight line to turn 4… shame for Charles but very happy for Gasly! A race that had everything! 10/10

    3. @carlosmedrano On German TV the presenters were also trying to blame Leclerc.

      Until they saw the replay from the front where you see Vettel just slaaming to the left into Leclerc.

    4. IMHO it was just an extremely unlucky outcome of a very light touch. Racing incident, although if I were obliged to blame one of the two, it would be Vettel.

      1. I feel bad for Seb. He is collapsing in on himself.
        He has always aggressively squeezed his competitors…See Singapore 17, Mexico 19…to name 2 obvious incidents. He HAS to cut that out. Beginning of the end for Seb?

        1. Some of us do not need to see a replay…Seb always squeezes other drivers..although the touch seemed soft but not the damage caused…Seb has never been a team player..Albon left too much room for lewis..and I was pleased for Gasly…noticed Dr Marko never shook his hand…a 9 from me

  5. WHAT. A. CRAZY. RACE. Outstanding from Verstappen, overtaking Hamilton twice en route to victory. But in all seriousness, people may say that Alonso comes with a lot of baggage and potential issues, but tell you what, it can’t be any worse than having Vettel in your team with Leclerc. Vettel certainly is a crash risk at all times, which is far worse. At least one is a world-class competent driver.

    1. Bring Kimi back, alongside Leclerc, maybe? No baggage, and he can be the Bottas to Leclerc.

      1. @phylyp Perhaps, but personally I would much rather see Hulkenberg in the Ferrari more so than Raikkonen. Raikkonen sadly isn’t cut out for the top level anymore, and it was quite clear that he was really struggling with motivation at times as a number 2. Let him be in Sauber, he seems comfortable there. Ferrari should sign somebody who is hungry to win but still has the sensibility not to crash with anyone the moment they race another driver. My choices would be Alonso, Ricciardo, Hulkenberg, or Sainz. Alonso would only be a short-term option if Ferrari want to go all-out for 2021 and 2022, but the other options are likely more sensible long-term. But with the exception of Hulkenberg, it may be expensive to buy them out of their contracts.

        1. @mashiat – good list of options there.

      2. Bring Hulkenberg. If he’s faster than Ricciardo, who was faster then Vettel, compared to Leclerc, at a far less error-prone time, he should be first driver.

    2. VER & RB were superb this weekend – shame they only show up when everything is finished…😀 just kidding. Well done Max. Superb speed all weekend and perfectly judged aggression when needed – from a HAM fan.

      1. Kinda true for a number of years though

  6. Nothing too special, but still decent.

  7. F1Fanatic readers: that Verstappen never stops running into people
    Also F1Fanatic readers: Hamilton never does rash things anymore.

    1. Thanks for the one data point.

      Agreed however; rash from Hamilton.

    2. when you fight with others you are prone to mistakes. HAM is probably the best of the current grid. but he has been flatered by his Mercedes all these years.

    3. When nothing is at stake. He could be squeezed VER in turn 1 but gave him space…you have one incident, When zero is at stake, and you lynch him? Behave yourself! Hadnt been fohnd st fault either…just to clarify

      1. Hehehe he has now 😀

  8. Are those Mercedes strategists for real? what awful strategy throughout.

    1. @amg44 Even the best have their “off” days.

      1. they are not the best at strategy, I do think RedBull are. Mercedes have Lewis who can play to perfection almost any strategy they give him. James Valve’s most acclaimed strategy this season was in Hungary, when they extra-pitted Lewis when he couldn’t pass Max. But that was actually the safest strategy, a no brainer really, as they couldn’t lose the 2nd place they already had, such was the gap behind. But with a lesser driver, who couldn’t slice through the backmarkers like Lewis did, that strategy could have not worked.

        1. *James Vowles* not Valve… sorry, autocorrect :)

    2. Hope Toto found a console to bang at Davos or wherever he vacations lol.

    3. @amg44 And in fairness, they did do their bit to get Hamilton ahead of Verstappen in the first stint. They couldn’t have done anything about Verstappen re-taking the position. I don’t recall them making a single strategic error this whole race, bar perhaps the final stop. But, to be fair, Hamilton may have been a sitting duck to Albon on the restart as it takes the mediums much longer to get up to temperature, and would likely still have finished 2nd if not for the incident. On reflection, I don’t see anything wrong with Mercedes’ strategy today.

  9. If you want any proof that red bull didnt give max and gasly the same car this is the perfect race. Gasly is literally faster in a toro rosso then the red bull number two car

    1. Have you considered becoming a professional F1 TV analyst?
      I’m pretty sure Albon would have gotten his first F1 podium ahead of Gasly if Albon and Hamilton hadn’t come together.

    2. Dutchguy (@justarandomdutchguy)
      17th November 2019, 19:02

      Let’s just ignore Albon was fighting with the Ferraris, ran P2 and got taken out by Hamilton

      1. ” got taken out by Hamilton” ?? TBC

    3. Not really…

    4. @carlosmedrano Someone is guilty of just looking at the race results…

  10. What an ending. Overall, a decent race, although the two SC-periods had a significant impact on it.

  11. Lol at gasly stealing the thunder from max. Red bull were dominant and only managed to score points with one car karma for red bull

    1. Dutchguy (@justarandomdutchguy)
      17th November 2019, 19:01

      could you pipe down a little? I’ve seen you do nothing but rant.

      1. @justarandomdutchguy
        Judging by his avatar Carlos is a honeybadger fan. Please cut him some slack, as Daniel’s season has been a bit of a minor disaster.

        1. Dutchguy (@justarandomdutchguy)
          17th November 2019, 20:29

          That might be, but I’m still not seeing raging Kubica fans, salty K-mag fans or pouting Grosjean supporters mocking or belittling other teams and drivers pretty much non-stop.
          It’s silly, and I wish he’d stop

  12. Victor (@victorandrei1999)
    17th November 2019, 18:51


  13. 9, brilliant race from Verstappen, appalling race from Mercedes strategists – and Vettel? taking both Ferraris out in one go. Amazing.

  14. Screw you F1 for not calling a 5 second penalty before the podiums and especially screw you Hamilton.

    1. @us-brian At least Vettel took out two cars to help Gasly gain two more positions.

    2. Hehehehehe 6 x WDC xxxxx

    3. Blaize Falconberger (@)
      17th November 2019, 19:43

      @us-brian Dry your eyes mate…

  15. Kudos to Lewis for admitting fault for the Albon incident.

    1. @mashiat I got the impression Lewis was deliberately holding back before the finish to give Gasly 2d place.

      1. For a brief moment i tought the same, but in the replays from both cars that was a fair drag race, all the merc powered cars struggled today in power, something about design philosophy about the turbo size.

        1. @jpvalverde85
          It has more to do with the design philosophy of a broken frontwing.

  16. Ruined by over-extensive use of the safety car to create false excitement.

    1. +5…

    2. It worked though

    3. There were machines on the track, I don’t think they had a choice.

    4. @gnosticbrian The first SC was dubious, the second was necessary though because of all the leftover bits of Ferrari on track.

      1. Blaize Falconberger (@)
        17th November 2019, 19:45

        As the SKY comentators noted, a VSC would have left the cars all over the short track with no opportunity to recover the stranged Mercedes safey. Full SC allowed the field to bunch up and be on one side of the circuit leaving a gap in which to recover the car. Makes perfect sense and is why they are in charge.

  17. “we want hard racing and drivers who push”
    *Hamilton goes for a obvious gap*
    8/10 for me.

    1. Someone saw a clear gap, someone a clear lock-up which totally destroyed Albon’s race. Should have been given a penalty immediately, they were quick enough to react when Verstappen overtook Raikkonen off-track two years ago. Shame for McLaren.

      1. There was no lock up from Hamilton! It was unusually risky from Lewis but that’s because he is usually fighting for a championship. Today he wasn’t, so took risks. Albon took a massively wide line into the corner and Lewis was very much along side while albon continued to head for the apex of the corner. Albon shouldve given more space but hey…. If we are apportion blame then Lewis gets it 55-45 as he was the aggressor. We will see what the stewards say but I don’t think anything will happen and neither should it.

    2. Crucify….? Ric got 5 seconds for racing hard. So should Hamilton then.

    3. Even Hamilton admitted it was his error. We want to see hard racing, not someone bulldozing another car mid-apex.

  18. This race was a 10, then the Ferrari’s collided and the last laps cranked up to 11!

  19. Have to rate the track a 10 too. Bonkers races, bonkers fans, best atmosphere. Beats any newly made track.

  20. Boring until Bottas’s car rolled the dice.

    From the impact between Vettel & Leclerc, I’ve never seen such a light touch cause so much damage. Hamilton should be given a penatly for punting Albon off. Albon did so well. Pretty heartbroken for him. Mental for Gasly grabbing 2nd and good on him for holding on to the end. Well deserved.

    Verstappen was just peerless today.

  21. Interlagos delivers again, OMG what a good race and crazy finish!

    1. And without the rain….

  22. Dutchguy (@justarandomdutchguy)
    17th November 2019, 19:03

    We had overtakes. at the front.
    we also had drama, an unexpected podium finisher and a winner who did not drive for Mercedes.

    Gutted for Albon though. he deserved that podium.

  23. How about that, guys racing for the win without a care for the “championship(s)” and we get this.

    1. @uneedafinn2win I’m not sure what Liberty is supposed to do, remove the driver’s and constructor’s championships?

      1. @mashiat Maybe just give the title to Hamilton and get the inevitable out of the way?

      2. Yes, @mashiat

        remove the driver’s and constructor’s championships?

        …from the financial considerations. I’ve been saying this quite publicly for the last ten years, in these here (and other sites) forums and in all F1- fan questionnaires.

  24. 8
    @ Instant Karma for Ferrari, you put that Minnow crap on your cars deal with the consequences… ?

  25. Pretty entertaining, so 7/10. The ending was great, it had a solid midfield battle, but at the front it was all about just the right strategy, and I did not find it particularly exciting just waiting for a pit stop by Hamilton to have him covered by Verstappen who seemed to have the pace all weekend.

    1. Did you miss the 2 overtakes of Verstappen on Hamilton? You must have dozed off…

  26. Ok. Now that I cooled off a bit…
    I give this race a 9/10. Really a 9.5/10.

    But shame on the FIA stewards on getting this all wrong at the end. The door was open for Ric when he hit K Mag and they got a swift 5 second penalty for Ric.
    Then to say wait until after the race with the Hamilton and Albon collision is not right. They pulled Verstappen out of the Cool down room prior to the Podium. So why special treatment for Hamilton.
    If they do end up giving him 5 seconds, it’s not fair to Sainz to not give him the proper first podium.
    Obviously I don’t like Hamilton. But in this case i really am upset with the FIA.

  27. In any other sport,’instant replay’/VAR or whatever, 5 minutes would be a lifetime to make a decision.
    Look at the video and make a call.

    @Yeah Max was spectacular.

  28. Says a lot about how good it was when a collision between the two Ferraris that took both of them out is relegated to a side story. Gave a 9, because it wasn’t that much fun early on.

  29. Ohh, I had fun! Surely one of the best races of the season, yet I gave 8/10: that first SC was absolute rubbish! Totally unnecessary, ruining HAM’s chance for the win. Anyway, interesting tactics by BOT: have we learned his great plan for 2020? 😂

    Btw, great showcase of drivers cRacKinG uNdEr pReSsuRe: RIC, VET, HAM, what a day for the psychologists!

  30. This should not be called race anymore. It is a F1 family event.

  31. Blaize Falconberger (@)
    17th November 2019, 20:27

    8 for me… F1 is full of surprises. It’s hard to know what some people want out of F1, because I thought that was very entertaining.

  32. It felt like they called the first SC to make the race more interesting, which of course it did but no way did that require an SC.

    Contrived overall, it was starting to get interesting as Hamilton seemed quicker on the Mediums than Verstappen.

    But plenty of action so I give it a 7.

    Sainz was DotD for me.

  33. Was a race that really caught fire towards the end. Up until the first safety car I think it was in 7/10 territory but the safety cars really made a difference. So in the end I have given this a 9/10.

    As others have said I am not really sure the first, full safety car period was justified but from then on it got very exciting. Great drive by Verstappen and I was really pleased to see Gasly get his podium. He has really made the best of things since going back to Torro Rosso. Albon was very unlucky with the Lewis incident but then he did give Lewis way too much encouragement.

    Brazil often seems to produce good races so I hope they keep the race at Interlagos. One of my personal favourite circuits. It’s a shame that the final race of the season is not held here anymore.

  34. 12 out of 10. And I’m a Hamilton fan

  35. Amazing race! 10 out of 10! :D Maybe more than 10, I did not know F1 could have such close racing anymore.

  36. In the beginning I expected a dull race with Verstappen keeping the lead until the end and so he did. But then things started to happen and the race became more and more spectacular. But that last 15 minutes was almost a 10. What a finish between Hamilton and Gasly. So an overall 9 for me.

  37. A race totally decided by the stewards. There was no requirement even for a virtual safety car for Bottas’s breakdown, waved yellows would have been sufficient.
    The Ham/Alb incident was a racing incident. And not to investigate the Ferrari implosion and not to punish Vet for moving across was a big mistake. Let’s hope the Ferrari team bosses do the right thing.

  38. For people that gave this a 10, what would you give races that are better than this? Because there has been a lot

  39. I rated it an 8 because it had interesting events. But, let’s be honest. The bulk of the events were not the race but safety car related issues, and crashes. If Bottas’ car was pushed back and Vettel didn’t drive like a child, it would have been much less exciting at the end. Solid race, but blown out of proportion by the events near the end.

    What I do think it proves, though, is that we need the formula to allow more cars that can challenge. Because it is way more interesting to see a bunch of cars/drivers with opportunities to get a podium and defend rather than just seeing the same 3-5 drivers every single race.

  40. Fun race, gave it a 9. Can’t get excited about Gasly and Saenz. Too much luck.
    Imagine if Bottas had not stopped, Ferrari not crashed, Albon not spun, Ham no penalty points. They were gifted 5 yes 5 places….

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