2011 Hungarian GP: complete race weekend review

2011 Hungarian Grand Prix

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Jenson Button, McLaren, Hungaroring, 2011

Find all the F1 Fanatic Hungarian Grand Prix coverage in one place below.

From Friday practice to the post-race review plus all the pictures and analysis.

Race results and reaction

2011 Hungarian Grand Prix review – Button claims dramatic win in his 200th Grand Prix

Hamilton apologises to Di Resta after penalty – “I didn’t see him so I had absolutely no clue”

Button thanks team for ??great call?? in the pits – Button pleased with timely switch to soft tyres

Fan video gives new view of Heidfeld’s Renault fire – Close-up view of the fire which ended Heidfeld’s race

2011 Hungarian Grand Prix result – McLaren, Red Bull and Ferrari on the podium

2011 Hungarian Grand Prix championship points – Vettel’s lead now up to 85 points

Race analysis

Vote for your 2011 Hungarian GP driver of the weekend – Pick the driver who impressed you the most this weekend

Rate the race: 2011 Hungarian Grand Prix – Your verdict on the race

2011 Hungarian Grand Prix stats and facts – Button is 11th driver to hit double century of starts

Detailed analysis of every team and driver in the Hungarian Grand Prix

Red Bull – Vettel says he had the pace to win
McLaren – Button made call to stay out during rain
Ferrari – Alonso salvages podium after Webber delay
Mercedes – Rosberg also loses out in the rain
Renault – No points for first time since 2010
Williams – Intermediates switch foils Barrichello
Force India – Di Resta claims best result so far
Sauber – Two-stop gamble fails for Kobayashi
Toro Rosso – Buemi races to eighth from 23rd
Lotus – Kovalainen races in midfield before stopping
HRT – Ricciardo shines during late rain shower
Virgin – D’Ambrosio spins in the pits

Race data

2011 Hungarian Grand Prix lap chart
2011 Hungarian Grand Prix race history chart
2011 Hungarian Grand Prix average race history chart
2011 Hungarian Grand Prix lap one position change
2011 Hungarian Grand Prix pit stops and tyres used
2011 Hungarian Grand Prix fastest laps


2011 Hungarian Grand Prix qualifying – Vettel beats Hamilton to pole position in Hungary

Vettel: ??I’ve got my confidence back?? – Vettel happy after beating the two McLarens to pole position

2011 Hungarian Grand Prix qualifying analysis – Massa beats Alonso for first time in almost a year

2011 Hungarian Grand Prix pre-race analysis – Vettel on pole but Hamilton has tyre advantage

2011 Hungarian Grand Prix grid – Buemi relegated to 23rd after penalty


First practice report – Hamilton fastest as Webber crashes in practice

First practice analysis – No sign of Red Bull’s 2010 Hungaroring superiority

Second practice report – Hamilton stays on top in Hungary

Second practice analysis – Front-runners close on race stint performance

Trulli ??very happy?? with steering breakthrough – Trulli turns a corner with power steering update

Third practice report – Vettel back to the front in Hungary

Season statistics

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Driver form guides

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  1. How can Hamilton not see Di Resta when there face to face, bad excuse!

  2. I honestly can’t think of anything that you could do to make the coverage better, Maybe more picture-centric, you have brilliant pictures and you should showcase them more.

    Thinking about it as the coverage is so great and you are getting rising visitor numbers this must mean you’re about to go behind a paywall right? lol

    Congrats on doing a great job Keith.

    (Though I’d love live timing without having to go to the wreck that is F1.com)

  3. Seeing in list form all the articles produced over a race weekend we really are very lucky to have all this insight to the Grand Prix! Thanks!

    Another great race and looking at the polls for driver of the weekend it would appear we are looking at a British 1-2-3! Let’s hope for the same in Belgium! ;)

  4. Trulli turns a corner with power steering update

    I see what you did there.

    1. I thought it was a bit cheesy, but what the hell :-)

      1. I give it 9.5. You stuck the landing, though.

      2. Also: “HRT – Ricciardo shines during late rain shower”


        1. Funnier would have been “Ricciardo cleans up during late shower.”

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