2014 Hungarian Grand Prix result

2014 Hungarian Grand Prix

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13Daniel RicciardoRed Bull-Renault701hr 53m 05.058s
214Fernando AlonsoFerrari705.2255.225
344Lewis HamiltonMercedes705.8570.632
46Nico RosbergMercedes706.3610.504
519Felipe MassaWilliams-Mercedes7029.84123.480
67Kimi RaikkonenFerrari7031.4911.650
71Sebastian VettelRed Bull-Renault7040.9649.473
877Valtteri BottasWilliams-Mercedes7041.3440.380
925Jean-Eric VergneToro Rosso-Renault7058.52717.183
1022Jenson ButtonMcLaren-Mercedes7067.2808.753
1199Adrian SutilSauber-Ferrari7068.1690.889
1220Kevin MagnussenMcLaren-Mercedes7078.46510.296
1313Pastor MaldonadoLotus-Renault7084.0245.559
1426Daniil KvyatToro Rosso-Renault691 lap1 lap
1517Jules BianchiMarussia-Ferrari691 lap29.659
164Max ChiltonMarussia-Ferrari691 lap0.504
Not classified
21Esteban GutierrezSauber-Ferrari3238 laps37 lapsERS
10Kamui KobayashiCaterham-Renault2446 laps8 lapsFuel system
11Sergio PerezForce India-Mercedes2248 laps2 lapsAccident
27Nico HulkenbergForce India-Mercedes1456 laps8 lapsAccident
8Romain GrosjeanLotus-Renault1060 laps4 lapsAccident
9Marcus EricssonCaterham-Renault763 laps3 lapsAccident

Image © Red Bull/Getty

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137 comments on “2014 Hungarian Grand Prix result”

  1. Anyone who has ever doubted Lewis Hamilton booya

    1. Daniel Ricciardo is a class act.

      1. thestevanagerocket
        27th July 2014, 16:05

        if merc wanted ham to win he could have won …. how on earth u explain rosberg who was behind him ended up attackin him …. Dan again was lucky … But the true hero has to Alonso
        Ps. Dan did a good job

    2. OmarR-Pepper (@)
      27th July 2014, 15:04

      @tino852 He’s great too, but that defensive move on Rosberg in the last lap was a little over the edge. That’s good racing of course!!

      1. @omarr-pepper Same thing he did in Bahrain if memory serves… I would’ve liked to see some replays of the attempt but from what I saw it just erased any part of me that felt sorry for him yesterday.

      2. Roseberg did the same move on kimi so cant be annoyed!

      3. All he really did was run him onto the kerb, same as several other drivers did while defending position there.

      4. It was pushy, but I can’t see anything wrong with that move.

        Like Martin said, he probably couldn’t have done much more given the state of his tyres at that point.

        1. Actually he could’ve. Besides going so wide that Hamilton himself almost hit the grass he stayed there for as long as possible before setting himself up for the next corner. It is clear how much he tried to stall Rosberg so that he wouldn’t have a chance later on in the lap as well.

    3. @tino852 um?? A lot of the cars he passed were cars in the pits. He had a massive help from two safety cars and ignored the team orders that he used to cry for when it helped him. Doubted him? Naaah.. he’s a decent driver.. but he didn’t pass Alonso and he let Ricciardo by him. Yeah.. good job Hamilton. :)

      1. Ever heard of dead tyres????

        1. Yeah, Alonso’s were dead a lot earlier. Your point?

          1. That’s true, but Hamilton’s tyres were a lot slower and had gone off, but were a tad newer so I think they were fairly evenly matched if anything. However, Lewis should definitely have passed Alonso into turn 1, or at the very least turn 2 on the lap when he was very close. It looked like Hamilton played his position on the track a little wrong, but I’ve never raced anything more extreme than Go Karts.

          2. @williamstuart also Alonso was on the soft compound vs. Hamilton on the prime. And Hamilton is in a Mercedes, which earlier in the race was more than a second faster per lap.

            side note: I was never allowed to try anything extreme. My grandmother didn’t want me to burn and die. :P

        2. Deader tyres than Fernando’s? I think not. Only his hand was deader than Fernando’s.

          1. @eugenius Agreed! Not to mention Alonso was on the soft compound and had pitted before Hamilton!

          2. HAM’s tyres were over 15 laps older

          3. TED you might want to look up your stats, again…

          4. My mistake but clearly regardless of age, the options were clearly the better tyre

      2. Everybody cries for team orders. These made absolutely no sense. If he’d have let Rosberg through he would probably have finished a position lower, with his championship rival 1 or 2 positions higher.

      3. lol the teamorders was a joke you must know that.

    4. He gets two safety cars, can’t pass a Ferrari without tyres and gets passed by a superior driver in a worse car. :D

      1. @eugenius +1 Hamilton is my favorite driver, today. Mercedes mechanics somehow crashed both the Caterham and Force India and managed to keep Nico out on worn tires, too long. Then they bribed Ferrari to risk the soft tires for nearly half the race distance… Also they spun Vettel…

        and Hamilton finished third.

        1. I don’t know what you’re prattling on about … this race proved to me there’s only one Fernando. I don’t especially like the Alonso but damn, you can’t help but respect him. Or maybe beating Hamilton without tyres in a crap Ferrari is not such a great achievement. :)

          1. I was prattling on about sarcasm and silly nonsense conspiracy theorists, yesterday, saying Hamilton’s season has been compromised by an outside force.

            No, I agree with you about Alonso 100% :)

        2. And don’t dorget Lewis’ mechanics have managed to tame Mother Nature too.

          1. I think that’s part of their MGU-K system.

      2. At this point in the season, the merc’s advantage is only evident in clean air. Remember he started in pitlane and spun on lap 1. @eugenius Stop hating and marvel in the magnificense of the drive by Lewis. He even held back his teammate who was on much newer tires.

        1. @tino852 for how long, exactly? one lap? Yet he couldn’t pass Alonso who was on failing soft tires — older tires. The magnificence of passing retired vehicles and making a timely pit stop and getting two favorable safety car periods are very clear in mind. :)

          1. @neiana lol you harping on about Ham not passing Alo, eh you miss Ros not doing Vergne who is in a much slower car? Both Merc struggled on straights with DRS dude. Softs Ham would have used cars pace, did you see Ham vs Alo on soft he bought lead right down when he overtook JEV, Alo tyres went off at end same with LH, so LH on softs woulda been better. You’re post is wel ironic aswell, i mean Alo did not benefit today from SC did he…

        2. Hamilton just had a lucky race despite making a mistake again. All the ducks jumped out of his way today. I can’t see how not passing Alonso and being passed so easily by Ricciardo is a magnificent performance. Magnificent was Fernando. And after him, Ricciardo. Hamilton was a distant third to them.

          1. @eugenius Did you listen to the commentary or pay attention to anything that was happening in the race? The Mercedes ran a higher downforce package than mos the other teams therefore sacrificed straight line speed, therefore, Hamilton and Rosberg struggled to overtake cars that had similar tyre wear to them. On the contrary, in the tight twisty sections of the track, Hamilton was all over the gearbox of Alonso.

            Your just labeling his drive as poor because you don’t like him, which is fair enough. You don’t have too, but I don’t understand why you have to bring your negativity to these forums.

          2. @eugenius Truth is we have no way of knowing whether dead primes or dead options was worse. I appreciate Alonso’s drive was awesome, but it’s a shame you can’t do the same for Hamilton.

    5. No matter how much emphasis the media put on the WDC, F1 is a team sport.

      if you wanna go out “booya-ing” you should have done that a week ago, when he drove a stormer and it was well deserved. Today he drove a mediocore race and all the bad luck he had so far turned into good luck and all the pieces fell in place with the safety cars.

      Booya for not being able to fight with an inferior car and Ricciardo.
      Booya for not being able to fight with an inferior car and Alonso.
      Booya for ignoring team orders and turning his team’s 2nd and 4th (or maybe 1st and 4th) into 3rd and 4th.


      1. Now let’s all just calm down a minute and appreciate that Alonso, Ricciardo and Hamilton all drove very well today and those are the drivers that ended up on the podium. It’s nice when that happens.

  2. OmarR-Pepper (@)
    27th July 2014, 15:02

    Ricciardo is such a phenomenal beast!!! What a race!!!

  3. Had Ricciardo not pitted I think the result would have been the same. Hamilton just couldn’t pass…

    Also, I’d like to see all the conspiracy theorists claiming Hamilton’s car was being tampered with to explain how Merc’s mechanics managed to tamper with the Caterham and the Force India. As well as nature. Ya know.. because otherwise Nico would’ve driven away…

    1. lol @neiana the weather is now reliability i see…, you said yesterday when i did not take you’re post as sarcasm i was silly yet you’re just on about Hamilton all the time negatively

      1. I wasn’t being sarcastic, yesterday. Today proved that yesterday I was stupid.


  5. What a race. Sad for Alonso not to win it obviously but Richardo got the job done when he needed to. 2 wins for Richardo and keeps beating his team mate. I wonder how Vettel is feeling right now.

    1. OmarR-Pepper (@)
      27th July 2014, 15:13

      @aimalkhan don’t worry for Seb. He at least has FOUR reasons to be satisfied for himself.

      1. @omarr-pepper Five. 4 WDC and a finger.

      2. He already had his doubters. This only goes to strengthen their views that it was the car and not him.

        1. OmarR-Pepper (@)
          27th July 2014, 15:19

          @aimalkhan oohh, let’s become doubters of the Mercedes Boys then!!! Give Rosberg and Hamilton a Force India and ask them to win almost all the races of the year!!!
          Seb did very well what he was able to do with the tools given. The same goes for Rosberg and Hamilton.

          1. @omarr-pepper
            I think you are deliberately missing the point.

            The point is that in that Red Bull, Vettel hasn’t won any races while Ricciardo has won 2 already.

          2. @kingshark

            Which means absolutely nothing seeing as Vettel could have won those same races if he had Ricciardo’s luck and, more importantly, todays cars are in no way the same as the cars of last year.

          3. @baron-2

            Which means absolutely nothing seeing as Vettel could have won those same races if he had Ricciardo’s luck

            And Webber could have won most, if not all of Vettel’s races in 2013 “if he had Vettel’s luck”. See how easy that is?

            todays cars are in no way the same as the cars of last year.

            They are harder to drive, sure ;)

          4. OmarR-Pepper (@)
            27th July 2014, 16:09

            @aimalkhan let me tell you I have found a real doubter just above these lines.

          5. @kingshark And you were expecting Vettel to win this race? The front runners were all just really unfortunate with how the safety car affected them.

            As for Canada, that was a pit error from Red Bull which cost him position, otherwise he would have won.

          6. @vettel
            Just to let you know, Alonso got shafted by the safety car just like Vettel. In the restart on lap 13, Alonso was 8th and Vettel was 7th. Alonso finished 2nd and came within 3 laps of winning the race, whereas Vettel finished where he started after the SC (7th) and 40 seconds behind the leaders.

            And the RB10 is a slightly better package than the F14T too.

        2. Sounds like Jenson Button in 2009. For half of the season the BGP 001 was so much better than everything else. But when they (Red Bull) started to catch up he didn’t look nearly as good and to be honest he hasn’t looked as good since. Although, I have to wonder how his race in Hungary would have gone had McLaren not make a complete mess of their tyre strategy.

          1. Jenson has never looked good in my opinion. Except 2006 Hungary and 2011 Canada races.

          2. So you didn’t watch the rest of 2011, most of 2004, or a good deal of the races in 2009, plus the odd strong races in 2010 and 2012?

      3. OmarR-Pepper (@)
        27th July 2014, 15:16

        Or if he is sad, he can do this!!! :P

          1. Pathetic attempt to divert attention from the real point to say the least..

      4. He probably felt satisfied with this four reasons. LAST YEAR.
        Not anymore. Not being beaten like this to a newcomer.

        1. OmarR-Pepper (@)
          27th July 2014, 16:10

          a newcomer that can beat Vettel, Alonso and Hamilton.

          1. But most of all, Vettel, who’s his team mate.

  6. Rosberg and Bottas were very unlucky today, without safety-car they would have been 1st and 2nd. But that’s racing.

    1. Also, although I like Ricciardo, Alonso would have deserved victory with that performance. Those 2 are the real stars of this season IMO.

    2. @diceman I think it would’ve been close between Bottas and Vettel but you’re right, Hamilton’s mechanics did a good job with nature today. ;)

      1. @neiana Ham was faster though after safety car Ham took 1 lap to overtake Jev(not even DRS), they had great duration on Softs, Ham could have won if he went Soft, Alo only failed near end and Ham pitted 2 laps later. Primes were bad today. Ros unlucky with saftey car i agree, but he should have got Vergne. And about team orders you said in a diff post you have to be kidding me? If anything that gives people with a conspiracy theries even more ammunition

        1. lol so why didn’t Hamilton pass Alonso? Why did he let Ricciardo by and how come Ricciardo passed Alonso so easily? And how come the ~only~ part of the track Hamilton lost grip at was when Nico tried to pass?

          Hamboys used to be more clever back when he didn’t have a fast car…

          1. @neianaHam could not overtake him what is wrong with that, you just wanted Nico to win, Ros would have won if he overtook Vergne my friend, way to cautious he was alongside twice.

            Ham was not even on Alo pace for alot of the stint it took Alo tyres to completely go to make him close, yet Ham was also running out of tyres. Prime were bad today mate you have to agree?. You’re hilarious thinking Ham should just let Nico drive past lol. Why am i even wasting oxygen responding, you think Ham should have let him past like Merc said, that proves you’re agenda. Was he close to overtaking?, no he was not unlucky.
            Ham overtook like 3 cars in a sector with a bad wing he drove his heart out yet you blast him, you can’t even say about Ros slow stop either because Ham was as as slow

          2. I’m quite fine with Ricciardo winning. I would’ve been pleased with Alonso winning, as well. In fact, I prefer either of them to Nico. Don’t try to deduce me, you just look silly.

            Yeah you are right I didn’t mention Nico’s slow stop because Hamilton’s was also slow. Why would I argue something that doesn’t support my position? That’d be plum stupid!

            I’d like to point out you can’t waste oxygen responding to an internet forum. Maybe carpal tunnel onset? But not oxygen — we aren’t actually talking ;)

            So let me ask again why was Hamilton’s pace so poor against Alonso? Prime’s or not, Hamilton has the best car (alongside Nico) and had to rely on Alonso’s tires failing to even have a chance. And again, the RBR of Ricciardo didn’t take too long driving along the outside of Hamilton in the same corner Nico tried and Hamilton drove Nico off but was rather polite with Ricciardo.

            I have no agenda, btw, just reality.

          3. @neiana You’ve clearly ignored reality. Hamilton’s position in relation to Rosberg was more important. Two cars on dead tires can be a recipe for disaster. If something had happened in a situation like that, people like you would be the first here saying that Hamilton wasn’t “intelligent enough”.

            Hamilton finished in front of Rosberg and cut into his championship lead. That’s a much better outcome than he or anyone could have expected.

          4. @neiana Those primes were terrible all weekend. I can’t believe how you’re not acknowledging that to be honest in your ‘analysis’. Saying “Primes or not” doesn’t really cut the mustard.

            I take nothing away from Alonso though, driver of the weekend for me.

    3. @diceman

      I’d add Jenson to that list, but due to a strange contra-call to put him on new Inters.

      Had he gone for dry tyres like the rest, he might have been a part of (probably towards the back, mind) of the Daniel, Fernando, Lewis, Nico battle.

    4. Very sad to see Bottas’ race get completely destroyed by the team.

      He got to the pit BEFORE Alonso and Vettel, but got out behind both of them and on top of that lost extra positions in the process. From there on it was all about mitigating damage.

    5. Alonso was cought out by the first safety car just like Rosberg. So why did Alonso make it on the podium and Rosberg didn’t? Rosberg couldn’t make his tyres last long enough and he couldn’t overtake Vergne. Rosberg threw away this race all by himself.

  7. Hamilton you legend! :)

    1. Ryan (@ryanisjones)
      27th July 2014, 15:16

      Agreed. Rosberg lost the race by not getting past Vergne. Had he done that I think he would have finished above Hamilton.

      1. @ryanisjones

        I think that’s a fair analysis.
        If Rosberg got past JEV, he might have been in a position to win.

  8. Overtakes from Dan… Just amazing stuff. DOTW without a doubt for me. everyone else was just trying and sizing opportunities when he just went for it.

  9. Ricciardo got extremely lucky.

    Another race where Vettel was faster all weekend & ahead on track until Ricciardo had the luck to be able to pit when the safety car came out & that is what got him the advantage which helped him win the race.

    1. You see Vet mistake?

    2. Vettel threw it away when he span though. Yes, he was already behind by that point, but he was ahead of Hamilton so would probably have been right in the mix at the end.

    3. Ricciardo was a bit lucky with the first SC and the second gave him the chance to have fresher tyres without having to lose too much time. But, truth be told, Vettel was in the same situation as Alonso after the first Safety Car, he should have been a bit more agressive. He lost the race there, even without the accident he would have finished P5 I think, so not great.

      1. @yobo01

        But unlike Alonso Vettel didn’t have the top speed to pass anyone on similar tyres. Alonso AND Hulkenberg breezed passed Vettel at the restart. With that terrible engine Vettel’s race was always going to be difficult.
        Ricciardo had no one in front and also didn’t have a much faster car behind him so he could a healthy lead.
        When that SC came and Vettel couldn’t pit right away I knew that was the podium gone. Without it he could have been second with only Rosberg in front.

        1. @baron-2 The same engine that Ricciardo won the race with? Oh no, it wasn’t because otherwise, you might have to concede Ricciardo beat Vettel fairly today.

          1. OmarR-Pepper (@)
            27th July 2014, 16:14

            @npf1 @baron-2 I concede Ricardo beat EVERYONE today. If you don’t believe me look at this:

    4. Good thing Vettel finished in a position where the pit stop alone explains the gap.

      Oh, wait, he didn’t. I’m not saying Ricciardo is the better driver, but he was better today. Stop throwing around the word ‘luck’ when your favorite driver doesn’t beat his team mate.

      1. @npf1

        A gap that would not have been there if Ricciardo hadn’t been out at front, driving in free air.
        Just look at the beginning, Ricciardo could not get passed Button.

        1. Yet Daniel did pass Hamilton. Seb held his own to both Mercs as well, but made a mistake and ultimately fell behind. Seb spun which cost him a lot of time as well, but apparently the implications of the change of track position (and lack of free air) of that mistake is completely negated by the pitstop?

          If he would have ran behind Rosberg for longer, who knows what would have happened.

          Being able to pit during a SC isn’t luck. It’s an opportunity one has to grab, which can backfire. Not getting an opportunity isn’t pure bad luck.

          1. It was luck in this case. Ricciardo was so far ahead that he could pit without losing too many positions. Vettel meanwhile was right in the mix, had he pit during the second safety car he would’ve fallen to the bottom of the pack.

  10. I think Rosberg played it too cautiously today, he could have overtaked JEV but didnt, when Lewis got the chance it onlt took one lap to overtake JEV, so why should Lewis give the place back so easily. I was thinking when I heard the order, that Lewis would not fight if Nico came to overtake, but Nico was very far back and never made a challenge, then he started pouting.

  11. maarten.f1 (@)
    27th July 2014, 15:13

    Wow, what a race! So many good drives out there, Hamilton doing great, Alonso putting in a mighty effort. And the way Ricciardo took the lead! Right there before the end, and with style! And I suppose we can call Vettel the luckiest driver of the race, still can’t believe how he managed to keep that one out of the wall. And good recovery drive from Raikkonen too.

    @keithcollantine Esteban Gutierrez is in the results twice, once as not finished and once in 12th.

    1. luckiest driver of the race

      Yeah, he was so lucky when the safety car came out…

      1. maarten.f1 (@)
        27th July 2014, 15:34

        He could’ve not finished at all.

  12. Great driver from Alonso and equally as good recovery from Raikkonen. Easily Ferrari’s best race of the season, more like this after the summer break please!

  13. Ros is unreal and so are Merc, a soft that is 1 second faster and a prime that was awful yet Nico would been let through got 5 seconds then finished ahead. Merc should have just bought them in and done same strategy, clearly soft soft was the strategy. And Ros was not even close to passing yet Merc orderd him through. Ham overtook Vergne straight away unlike Nico

    1. Yes, incredibily weak race by both Rosberg and the Merc-strategists. Ham had a weak (at first lap) and a strong (overtake on Vergne) moment euqalling each other out, so at least he was performing on a normal level, but everybody else at Merc seemed to have a really bad day.

      1. That was indeed a bit poor from Hamilton at the start. Am I right in thinking that was his first lap both in that car and in those conditions though?

        1. Yes, you are right. Which is exactly why it would have been totally fine to take a very cautious approach.

  14. That overtake from Ricciardo to Alonso WOW!!!!:D
    Williams dissapointed a little bit but the didn’t suit the car that well and the strategy wasn’t the best but Spa should be better..

  15. All the time this reminds me of how bloody good Alonso really is! Held off a Mercedes with newer tires!
    And he is doing to Kimi (and im a Kimi fan) what he did to Massa. This guy is a legend. This also shows that class cannot be deduced from the number of titles. Because Alonso is way better than his results show.

    1. @sohebbasharat I remember when people hated Alonso the way they hate Vettel. This was back when I was a big fan of his. I guess in 8-10 years people will suddenly remember why Vettel was good, too haha

      But for sure.. Alonso is one of the best!

      1. I guess you never know how good a driver is until he drives a dog of a car. You can’t judge when someone is always winning whether it is the car or the driver. But a slower car gives much more perspective.
        About vettel, people might remember him for how good he was IF he gives some good performances in a slow car (like this year?). But if he gets beaten comprehensively then i doubt it.

        1. Yes and no. People could tell back in 1992 that the FW14B Williams-Renault was the class of the field bar none and that Mansell, while a very worthy champion, wasn’t the best driver. But most generally agree that if the MP4/7 McLaren-Honda had at the very least its equal, Senna would have walked it in. Conversely, the McLaren-Honda was streets ahead of the competition in 1988, yet there has never been a suggestion that any of the drivers that year were as good as Senna and Prost.

          The jury is still out on Vettel. Yes the Red Bulls of the last 4 seasons have been the best cars, but he still had to drive them fast enough to win and managed to do that a lot more than Webber did (I’m an Aussie, that was painful to type). The last few races Vettel’s been putting in better qualifying efforts, but other than Britain and Germany, Dan is getting the better results and has been all season (except Malaysia).

          1. Monaco and Austria were taken away from him by technical issues as well.

    2. Primes were very slow, Alo was faster than Ham for most of stint, Ham could have stayed out another 5 laps and done a soft to end, he done 24 on softs and his tyres were in great shape check the Vergne overtake for proof, a non DRS pass that Ros could not do. Ham would have had a better shot going to end on softs it took ages for Alo tyres to go off, he could have gotten ahead on softs then Alo would backed Ric up.

      1. Dan you really need a different argument. One pass on Vergne and you hold Hamilton so highly. His tires were newer than Alonso’s plus he has the Mercedes/superior vehicle and he couldn’t pass him…

        1. So what was ROS excuse for not passing a VER ?

          1. While we’re at it… what was Hamilton’s excuse for driving off course? Oh yeah.. thinking his brakes gave out. Except they were not going out…they were just warming up.

        2. Newer? By one lap!

        3. One pass? Maybe you forgot, but Hamilton started from the pitlane.

        4. @ neiana Ham colud not overtake with DRS i have said it may times dude, Ham is lucky with the weather/saftey car i am on board with that, but Ros struggled on DRS aswell, and come on dude, Ham was faster than Alo but could not overtake so Alo is backing him up. You think Ros would have defo won you do no Ham could have done soft soft and been ahead right?. Alo was slow round rest of track you will know that so he was backing Ham up. Did you miss him struggling vs Vet early on?, Merc usually cruise past a red bull don’t they. Even Alo said the Softs were more grippy in these conditions, it is a fact that softs grip better in these conditions, would you agree Ham had more shot on softs?

    3. However, as we can see at Williams, Massa is no star driver, and this car was developed more for Alonso than Kimi so it’s not comparable.

  16. So, the verdict of the most spectacular race so far in 2014. Well done to Ricciardo, who clinched his 2nd victory. He’s very prolific on his first red bull season. But, my man is Alonso, who prooved his sheer class, in a fantastic race for him. He stayed for 31 laps on softs, defended his first place untill the end and kept the two Mercedes behind him. He prooved all of us how a world champion drives like, and had he got a more powerfull drivetrain, he would claim his 3rd title. Anyway, glad not to hear once again the German anthem…

  17. Absolutely mega, loved Danny boys moves, had me on the edge. Alonso is beast but luck was just too much in this. A lot of people just found themselves in positions they were no where near the lap before.

    BTW Keith, think you have Gutierrez classified as 12th, should be Magnussen.

  18. So I come on to see how people found, what was for me, a brilliant race. To find people such as @eugenius and @neiana moan about the luck of one driver that they clearly don’t like and talk as f they are professionals of the sport. For me the top 4 drove a really good race all for different reasons, Rosberg for the unfortunate timing of the safety car, Hamilton for his misfortune yesterday, Alonso for hanging onto his tires and Ricciardo for his aggressive yet sensible decision making.

    Also if I remember, the teams and media were talking about how the duration of the two compounds were identical which is why nobody wanted to run the medium tyre for the race as it was slower and didn’t last as long. Plus Mercedes stated in the first quarter of the season that they wouldn’t impose team orders and let their drivers race, they clearly need to make the rule clearer otherwise they will have problems later int he season.

    All in all, I enjoyed the race, although not a classic, it created that unknown of who will win. Which is quite nice in a season being dominated by one team.

    1. Regarding Merc team orders I don’t think Hamilton had a problem with making it easier for Rosberg to pass him as they were on different strategies, but the team were out of order expecting one driver to slow down by over a second so the other can pass.

    2. I guess ranking Lewis third behind Alonso and Ricciardo counts as moaning for a Lewis fan. He passed nobody of note, made a big mistake at the start and his greatest achievement in this race was keeping Nico behind for ~10 laps when Nico wasn’t really attacking him. Oh, and he passed a Torro Rosso. That was it. If you’re going to get magnificent thrown at you, you need to do WAY more than that. Like putting a 2014 Ferrari on the podium. :)

      1. @eugenius If your going to reply to someone’s comment then at least read that comment. I never said his drive was magnificent, I didn’t even say it was top 3. So the fact that the whole of your comment is trying to downgrade Hamilton drive just justifies that your doing it because you don’t like him. Shame that you can’t just see that he did well to go from pit lane to third, instead of being blind and calling the whole drive lucky.

  19. Did anyone notice that Rosberg started on pole but finished behind his team who started dead last. All things being equal and no mechanical issues on both sides of the garage.

    1. Did you notice that Nico was dominating the race until the Safety car & that Lewis only got near Nico because of the SC?

      Also both ran different strategies so it wasn’t ‘all things equal’.

      1. Yeah and do you know if they did things equal soft soft Ham would be ahead?, Ham came out ahead on primes so if he done soft soft how can Ros be ahead

      2. Did you notice that neither SC put Hamilton ahead of Rosberg? Did you notice that Rosberg’s strategy gave him the pace to beat Hamilton but he couldn’t do it? If by dominating you mean, stuck behind an STR, then I’m not sure what you mean by dominating. Rosberg got schooled again here, just like Bahrain. It’s almost a proper bookend–in Bahrain, Rosberg got the gift of an SC and the better tire strategy and still got beat.

        1. Nico was dominating before the 1st SC, He built a 10+ second gap before the SC came out & was the fastest car on the track by nearly a second.

          And yes he did get stuck behind the STR, But Lewis was also stuck behind a Red Bull as well as Nico & the STR at the time.
          The track was still wet offline at that point of the race & we saw many cars sliding off & spinning by going offline onto the wet so both drivers were been cautious.

  20. *teammate*

  21. Lewis should get a 5 second penalty as he clearly didn’t leave a car width for Nico & you saw from the incar shot that he clearly turned to the right to force Nico off.

    The rules are clear, You must leave a car width & cannot force other cars off track.

    1. So I guess Alonso doing the same to Vettel means that he should also get a 5 second penalty ?

      1. Indeed he should.

    2. Then Rosberg should get a 5 second penalty for forcing one of the Force Indias off the track. And render both penalties useless.

    3. Then Rosberg should get a 5 second penalty for forcing Bottas off the track? Your argument is invalid RogerPGR

    4. That’s not a rule. The one-car width is for when you resume your line after a block. This is the Schumacher-Rule from Monza a couple years ago to prevent an effective double-block. Drivers can take their line in a corner. That has always been the rule.

    5. Yes rules are clear…why then Alonso wasn’t penalised for cutting the chicane on lap 63 and gaining an advantage over Lewis? Lewis would have been 2nd if Alonso was penalised.

      1. Because he didn’t gain an advantage.

        1. Clearly he did the guy could not make corner,

  22. What is Ted on about, saying Ham cost Ros 2nd place, how silly. Ham does same strategy soft soft Ros would be behind.

  23. @neiana how silly you feel everyone saying Primes were bad call

  24. Where did Magnussen end up? He is not in the list of cars that finished there, nor is he mentioned as having a DNF @keithcollantine.

    After a closer look at the results, it looks like you put Esteban in there instead of him!

    1. ah, its changed since I last updated the page!

  25. Rosberg should have won the race, if pitted earlier ahead of Ricciardo…much time wasted trailing Hamilton. Amazing laps with the softs for #6 though. Till next race!

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