Which of the 2016 F1 tracks do you want to visit?

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Formula One fans have never had a wider choice of tracks to choose from when deciding on their race destinations for the season ahead.

The FIA even had to change the sport’s rules to allow the unprecedented 21-race 2016 F1 calendar to go ahead. But how many of the venues the cars will visit this year appeal to you?

Road circuits or street tracks? Classic venues or new frontiers? Explain what appeals to you most as an F1 fan.

Select which of this year’s 21 tracks you’d most like to visit – or have visited already – and say how you made your selection in the comments.

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Which F1 tracks do you want to see races at?

  • Have already seen an F1 race at Yas Marina (0%)
  • Don't want to see an F1 race at Yas Marina (3%)
  • Want to see an F1 race at Yas Marina (2%)
  • Have already seen an F1 race at Interlagos (0%)
  • Don't want to see an F1 race at Interlagos (1%)
  • Want to see an F1 race at Interlagos (4%)
  • Have already seen an F1 race at Mexico City (0%)
  • Don't want to see an F1 race at Mexico City (1%)
  • Want to see an F1 race at Mexico City (3%)
  • Have already seen an F1 race at COTA (0%)
  • Don't want to see an F1 race at COTA (1%)
  • Want to see an F1 race at COTA (4%)
  • Have already seen an F1 race at Suzuka (0%)
  • Don't want to see an F1 race at Suzuka (0%)
  • Want to see an F1 race at Suzuka (5%)
  • Have already seen an F1 race at Sepang (0%)
  • Don't want to see an F1 race at Sepang (2%)
  • Want to see an F1 race at Sepang (2%)
  • Have already seen an F1 race at Singapore (0%)
  • Don't want to see an F1 race at Singapore (1%)
  • Want to see an F1 race at Singapore (4%)
  • Have already seen an F1 race at Monza (1%)
  • Don't want to see an F1 race at Monza (0%)
  • Want to see an F1 race at Monza (5%)
  • Have already seen an F1 race at Spa (1%)
  • Don't want to see an F1 race at Spa (0%)
  • Want to see an F1 race at Spa (5%)
  • Have already seen an F1 race at Hockenheimring (0%)
  • Don't want to see an F1 race at Hockenheimring (1%)
  • Want to see an F1 race at Hockenheimring (3%)
  • Have already seen an F1 race at Hungaroring (1%)
  • Don't want to see an F1 race at Hungaroring (1%)
  • Want to see an F1 race at Hungaroring (3%)
  • Have already seen an F1 race at Silverstone (1%)
  • Don't want to see an F1 race at Silverstone (0%)
  • Want to see an F1 race at Silverstone (4%)
  • Have already seen an F1 race at Red Bull Ring (0%)
  • Don't want to see an F1 race at Red Bull Ring (1%)
  • Want to see an F1 race at Red Bull Ring (4%)
  • Have already seen an F1 race at Baku (0%)
  • Don't want to see an F1 race at Baku (3%)
  • Want to see an F1 race at Baku (1%)
  • Have already seen an F1 race at Montreal (0%)
  • Don't want to see an F1 race at Montreal (0%)
  • Want to see an F1 race at Montreal (5%)
  • Have already seen an F1 race at Monaco (0%)
  • Don't want to see an F1 race at Monaco (1%)
  • Want to see an F1 race at Monaco (5%)
  • Have already seen an F1 race at Catalunya (0%)
  • Don't want to see an F1 race at Catalunya (2%)
  • Want to see an F1 race at Catalunya (2%)
  • Have already seen an F1 race at Sochi (0%)
  • Don't want to see an F1 race at Sochi (4%)
  • Want to see an F1 race at Sochi (1%)
  • Have already seen an F1 race at Shanghai (0%)
  • Don't want to see an F1 race at Shanghai (3%)
  • Want to see an F1 race at Shanghai (1%)
  • Have already seen an F1 race at Bahrain (0%)
  • Don't want to see an F1 race at Bahrain (3%)
  • Want to see an F1 race at Bahrain (1%)
  • Have already seen an F1 race at Melbourne (1%)
  • Don't want to see an F1 race at Melbourne (0%)
  • Want to see an F1 race at Melbourne (4%)

Total Voters: 275

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Planning your 2016 F1 race trip

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76 comments on “Which of the 2016 F1 tracks do you want to visit?”

  1. I wonder if anybody actually wants to see a race at Baku

    1. @lifew12 They’re only selling 28,000 tickets so they don’t need many!

      1. @keithcollantine really? I thought it was suppose to be a street circuit, not an indoor race at some small town football stadium a la “Race of Champions”.

    2. The country is beautiful and the city is as clean as most and very modern, lots of history in the area – we can’t judge the circuit facilities or racing on the circuit yet – it may turn out just great, that being said, I picked “no”, the reason being that I don’t have enough confidence that it will turn out to be a good venue to visit, not enough to gamble my only holiday on.

      1. I’d go, but more because you’d be able to make it a city break in Baku rather than thinking racing would be great.

      2. @williamjones I’d love to visit the place.

    3. Hmmm… if someone invites me, pays for travelling and tickets and such, then yes, I´d be in. I can´t really get my head around clicking “Don´t want to see”, even if there´s 20 other tracks I´d rather visit.

      That said, after already having seen Hockenheim, Nürburgring, Spa, Hungaroring, Österreichring, next realistic target would be Monza, and that´s something I´d really like to do. Visiting Hungaroring again is always likely, simply for being the easiest to organize and afford from here.
      And then there´s the far-away things, Suzuka most importantly, but also Melbourne and Montreal, which I´d love to do but don´t seem likely this or the next year…

    4. Could be an interesting one, depending on how the track turns out. The tight section for example could be interesting if you can get close to it, but with only 28,000 tickets, perhaps that’s only for a few selected grandstands.

    5. Apex Assassin
      10th January 2016, 17:14

      I do. Why wouldn’t they? Fear? Xenophobia?

      I love street circuits, especially fast ones. That was the only thing about the aborted New Jersey I liked. Fast and challenging.

    6. My wife and I, along with another another couple of F1 fans are planning our trip to Baku. We’ve already seen some of the classic European tracks, Spa, Silverstone, Hockenheim, Monza. So Baku represents a contrast, which is less expensive than attending Monaco, Abu Dhabi, Singapore or those on the other side of the Atlantic etc. On the plus side for Baku, it promises to be an interesting city to visit. And, it’s both a debut race, and a street race. Which is a very rare combination.

  2. Want to watch a Grand Prix everywhere bar Bahrain, Sepang, Sochi, Baku & Abu Dhabi for their lack of racing spirit. Those tracks only see the political side of things with F1.

    1. @jeff1s – Sepang in this category?

      1. Oups, I meant Shanghai. Thanks for the notice @michal2009b.

    2. I concur, but for slightly different reasons. I’d like to see an F1 race at any venue but wouldn’t have a particular desire to travel to any of the aforementioned countries (excluding Abu Dhabi, which I would also like to visit for the architecture).

      For me it is part the soullessness of the venues and part the track record of the governments that host them. Baku is a slight unknown for me so I’m partially on the fence but tending to lean towards not wishing to attend.

    3. I’d like to see a race at Yas Marinas. Not because it’s a great race, but because it always looks spectacular. Also a bit of sun and warmth in November is not to be sniffed at.

  3. I’ve been to Spa twice before(2013/15) and Hockenheim was my very first race (2005). Will go there again this year as weekend tickets were actually cheaper than hotel accommodations! However, I’d love to see races at Melbourne, Montreal, Monaco, Singapore, Monza and Suzuka one day. I doubt I can make them all in my life, but it’s not bad to have some goals :p

  4. The only track I have previously visited is Hungary this season and it was a great atmosphere. I would like to visit Mexico City and Monaco for different reasons. I would like to visit Mexico as a place and to add a grand prix would be great. Monaco is incredible and I could go there in 2017. I wouldn’t like to see Bahrain and Baku.

  5. Been to Spa once and Silverstone four times. However, my last visit to a grand prix was a miserable experience.

      1. It was the 2013 British Grand Prix. Saturday was fine but Sunday could only be epitomised as Murphy’s Law. A combination of bad hay-fever, caffeine, beer, pizza, stuffy hotel room with no air-con allowed (Father’s priorities) and nervousness led me to being sick in the middle of the night; All of which meant I wasn’t able to sleep sufficiently for race day. I couldn’t stay awake during the GP so I snoozed through most of it against my own will. It’s going to be of the biggest regrets I’ll be taking to my grave.

  6. Been to Spa many times for several classes and this year also went to the GPs at Silverstone and Yas Marina. In all honesty I like being trackside for me, I don’t care much for the other fans whether they are enthousiastic or falling asleep. I’m there for me. Obviously tracks like Spa and Silverstone enjoy a better atmosphere.

  7. Also, at Yas Marina this year I met a guy who had visited every single GP in one year (’15).

    1. Visiting every single GP of a season was my long-term wish/goal about 10 years ago. :) But times have changed. :)

      1. @f1mre..I feel you pain!

        I said the exact same thing 10 years ago…boy..times surely have changed.

    2. Did he say which race he enjoyed the most?

  8. I would absolutely love to visit the Melbourne GP sometime in the future. The excitement for the new season to start must be immense when being at the actual circuit. Also the weather seems to be really nice and warm most of the time, and the track and racing is pretty good. Normally the regular grid-order isn’t established at the first GP, so inevitably there are going to be surprises.

    1. Melbourne is a great event. The whole city adopts the event which makes if special. It is easy to get to the track by tram. There is always plenty of stuff to do whether it be on track action (V8 Supercars, Porsches etc) or off track. Make sure you book early (About September) if you are to go, then you get some free advantages.

  9. I’ve never been to a race because my job keeps me busy but I still aim to go one day, especially now it’s a bit quieter so that I could hear what’s happening.

    I think of all sports F1 is alot easier to watch on tv. I would love to have the experience of going to a race but I would be watching it on tv straight after to see everything that happened.

    With regards to races that I would like to see the simple answer is all of them as they all have something unique to offer but I voted for the ones that I could see myself going to which are the classic circuits, Mexico for the atmosphere and Baku which looks like something truly unique in a time when newer tracks are built to similar specifications

    1. You can watch everything on the giant screens. The same coverage as on TV. (including replays) You wouldn’t miss anything.

      1. Thanks, I didn’t realise that the screens showed the same feed. With that and some commentary (easy to get radio in the UK) available I had better get saving.

        1. They do but without the overlay and commentary so many times you dont know what you are watching on those screens. Whaaaaaat Verstappen is overtaking Alonso how is that happening? Oh, that happened on a distant corner some laps ago and then Alonso went straight into the pits but they just decided to show the replay of it now out of context. It can get really confusing.

          1. yeah, I wouldn’t count on getting a good overview of how the race was going in the field (obviously the mercs flying away at front is one you’d notice) from the TV screens. Between watching the cars go past in “your” stretch of track replays and a lack of understandable commentary it really doesn’t help too much.

    2. All you need is a timing screen on your phone/tablet, if you check that every now and then you’ll know exactly what is happening.

  10. First F1 race I saw was Hockenheim 2006. Been to Spa many times, it’s only 45 min drive from where I live (except for sunday afternoon…. ;)).

    Would love to see F1 in places like Melbourne, Interlagos, Monaco and Montreal.

  11. Thinking of either Montreal or COTA this year, teamed up with a visit to my family back in Canada. If not,

    1. Doh, phone posted too quickly there. If a North America trip falls through, I might do Germany or Austria.

      I’ve been to Silverstone, Barcelona, Spa, Monza, Monaco, Hungary and Singapore. I try to go to one a year these days.

  12. The “M”‘s…Melbourne, Montreal, Monaco and Monza.

    I think it would be especially cool to be at the circuit in a far-away country (for me) for the first race of a new season.

  13. I’ve put all of them except Monza (I’ve been there already), Bahrain and Sochi. Bahrain and Sochi don’t look like great places to visit, but I may be wrong, especially with Sochi. Besides when F1 goes to these countries the atmosphere doesn’t feel right on TV, maybe it’s better in person.
    A couple of other choices that were not obvious were Baku and Abu Dhabi. I don’t know much about Baku, but watching the first F1 race ever in a country can be interesting, I think. As for Abu Dhabi: it doesn’t excite me too much, but it’s the last race of the season and sometimes they do tests after the race, so I guess it wouldn’t be a bad experience.

  14. Daniel (@mechanicalgrip22)
    10th January 2016, 14:48

    Would love to make it to Montreal this year and make it back to COTA. 2015 U.S. GP was my first, and what a race it turned out to be! Definitely worth three days of standing out in the rain.

  15. I am surprised Sepang is rated so lowly. I also thought it is a good layout with many overtaking spots.

    1. Apex Assassin
      10th January 2016, 17:19

      Best Tilke circuit on current calendar imo.

      1. Cheapest race to attend as well and only a few km’s from one of the most popular tourist cities on the planet. Not the top of my bucket list, but I’d love to go.

    2. Yeah, that surprises me as well. I’d much rather head to Malaysia than Singapore, its a proper race track that promotes good racing, the weather usually plays a role and it is relatively inexpensive (once you get there obviously).

  16. Apex Assassin
    10th January 2016, 17:19

    Montreal is a great time, every year so that’s the circuit I’m most likely to attend this year – plus it’s on the right continent. Texas, Mexico do nothing for me.

    I’d love to do Brazil and most of the other circuits except Bahrain and Abu Dhabi and Singapore. I just don’t find them interesting or the racing there that great… I’d be more inclined to go Hungary if I wanted to see a race at a track that can be boring. At least there is plenty to do… unlike Magny Cours. Just added that last one as reminder to those who constantly whinge about it being off the calendar. I do think France (and Germany) need a race but not a Magny Cours.

  17. I have been to Hockenheim in 2010 and Spa in 2013. I am going to the Hungaroring this year. Hopefully it will be not too hot! Would love to go to Montreal, Suzuka, Interlagos and Monaco.

  18. Very interesting to look at the responses so far. Seems fans put a lot more preference on the quality of racing rather than the location – just look at how poorly Catalunya is doing. I’m surprised at the poor reception to the Hungaroring and Sepang though, they both produce decent racing and don’t seem to be well liked? I don’t think people realise how cheap the latter is for general admission tickets!

  19. I’ve done twelve of them now, and a calendar shuffle is needed for me to be able to do new ones. Why can’t Singapore go early or late in the season? The weather is the same all year round!
    So it looks like I might go back to the one everybody loves and visit Montreal again in June.

    1. The Singapore GP has only been held in September so far, and it’s a good time of year to race there.

  20. I’ve been to the Nürburgring and Hungaroring for an F1 race and in general it was a good experience.. but the price. I love Formula 1, I love watching the races live from the track, but why waste 100s of Euros on a single F1 ticket when you can buy a handful of WEC weekend tickets instead? A general admission for the 6H of Spa is 5 times cheaper than general admission tickets for the Belgian GP, and for that you get more cars, more variety and more track action. An absolute no-brainer, in my opinion.

    1. @andae23 I’ve been to Spa countless times and I don’t think there is anything that is better value for money than the WEC, except the WSR of course because they are free…

  21. Have been a fan since I was 19 when by chance I went to US Grand Prix at Watkins Glen ( now 69 ) and have been fortunate to able to travel to many venues ( often with family members) Planning on Monaco, Montreal, Spa & Monza this year. Have been to Hungary, Silverstone, Magny Cours, Monza, French at La Castellet, Hockenheim ( 2Xs) , Nurburgring, Monaco ( 5xs), Montreal (20 Xs), US GPs COTA, Indianapolis F1 (7Xs , including 05 debacle) Watkins Glen ( X3) Spa (13Xs) All I can say is I loved them all but SPA is the epitome of F1… hands down !

    1. How was the atmosphere at the 2005 US GP? We have all seen it on the Internet or on TV and it seemed really horrible. How angry were you and the other people there.
      If you haven’t yet I do recommend you get to Melbourne for the GP. I was there last year and it was a great event!

      1. Yes, my son & I were there…Some very disgruntled fans at the track… a significant amount of water bottle & debris throwing toward the track. We stuck it out because we did not have to make flight out until evening. We actually met and talked with Ross Brawn at the airport that night. He was rather unphased, matter of fact and seemed to be pleased with race result.Sort of ” people have to do what they have to do” attitude.

      2. George Webster
        21st June 2016, 20:05

        I had mixed feelings. First, I tried to understand how the tire problem had arisen unexpectedly and the inability of the Michelin runners to race while no one — promoters, Ecclestone, FIA — was able to bite the bullet and impose a chicane for reasons of ‘force majeur”. And I knew I was seeing a historic event.
        Second, once the race actually started, it was a joke and we left about half-way through. This bad event was not the cause of Indy losing the F1 race, but it didn’t help …

  22. Have already seen an F1 race at Bahrain (0%)

    Has anyone ever though?

    1. @hunocsi It’s up to 1% now…so a couple of people who voted have been. ;)

  23. ColdFly F1 (@)
    10th January 2016, 22:09

    Want to see an F1 race at Spa (79%)

    Let’s build an F1F party there this year.
    Best race I know to camp out and have a great weekend. I’ll be there!

  24. Would be good to have recently used tracks or other tracks F1 could go to for reference.

    COTA and Mexico City the only interesting new tracks for me but they’re not places I really want to holiday at the moment.

    Will be going back to the WEC this year though as we can make a week of it somewhere nice for what it would cost a weekend at the F1.

  25. I’ve been to Silverstone but found I enjoyed the coverage from home on tv better.

    Big screens yes, but the digits at bottom were blurred so I was unable to know what time who was setting, when the cars whizzed by i didn’t know which driver it was.

    Maybe it’s better when you’re with a bunch of fans and a lager.

  26. I can tell you one I wouldn’t recommend, Abu Dhabi. I lived in the UAE between 2010 and 2015 and attended the races in 2011 and 2013. While I was excited to be at the race and loved every minute of the weekend, hindsight tells me that is because I am an F1 fanatic and the thought of watching F1 live practically anywhere in the world fills me with glee. While Yas Marina Circuit is a terrific venue and the event runs fairly smoothly (if you ignore the buses from the car parks before and after the race) the overall lack of atmosphere is disappointing and ruins the event. In 2011 and 2013 the Friday sessions were dead, Saturday was busier but still lacked atmosphere and come Sunday the place was mobbed, not by race fans eager to watch a great race but by people who knew nothing about racing and were only there to take a selfie, be seen to be at the biggest event happening in the region that weekend and attend the after race concerts/parties. To illustrate this fact, I give you an example: The seat next to me in 2013 was empty all weekend, 5 minutes before the race start a guy turned up kitted out in brand new McLaren team kit, flumped himself down, took a selfie, made a call to his mates (in a Dom Jolly-esque manner), obstructed my view of the start, watched the track with a bored expression on his face for 5 laps before checking his phone one last time, getting up and leaving, never to be seen again. The amount of empty seats around me in the grandstand at the end of the race tells me he wasn’t the only one to do that.

    I’d rather make a pilgrimage to Monza or Spa, or spend a weekend in a freezing puddle pretending to be a campsite at Silverstone than go back to Yas Marina, just because of the terrible lack of atmosphere. Watching the race is only part of the experience, but sharing your passion for the sport with thousands of like minded people must be amazing and is something I can’t wait to do.

    1. I’m planning to go to the Abu Dhabi GP next November, and I don’t really mind about ”the overall lack of atmosphere”.

  27. A different perspective —- Being a gentleman of a certain age I used to regularly go to Silverstone and once visited Brands Hatch (I joined the good natured chanting for Hunt to restart so you can work out how long ago that was!). Practice days were also a regular feature and I used to get very excited at the sheer noise of Cosworths popping and banging, which you could always hear long before you got in place at the circuit. Paddock walkabouts were always an interesting feature and affordable as we used to buy tickets (possibly used) and then after our visit loiter at the foot of The Dunlop bridge and resell them for half price (or whatever)! By comparison my last visit was to accompany a friend whose boss had bought a weekend package in a charity auction and nobody in his office wanted the tickets!! We sat in the stands at Woodcote and couldn’t hear the pa (we didn’t have any audio either), and didn’t keep lap charts.As a result we weren’t sure who had won until we left. I went home and watched the race on tv!! Still watch every race and miss the atmosphere of the live event but don’t hanker after a race day visit.

  28. This poll reminded me that I’ll be entering my 19th season as a fan and I haven’t yet been to a race. I came close to going to Spa in 2010, 2012 and 2015, but it never quite came together for me financially. Though my enthusiasm for F1 was probably at a high point in 2012, I still thought travel, accommodation, tickets and other expenses were too high to see F1 in action. I’ve been to numerous races in the Netherlands between 2000 and 2007, but even at upscaled events like the DTM or Masters of F3 at Zandvoort, the prices were very modest compared to F1. At that, I did get to enjoy a handful of then-current F1 cars during demonstrations, so I do know how a V10 feels/sounds.

    Spa or Hockenheim are the most likely destinations for me because of travel, but apart from Bahrain, China, Singapore and Abu Dhabi, I’d be willing to go to any race. Monza and Monaco I’ve looked into as well, but as a student for many years and now unemployed, I can’t bring up that at all.

    Music is one of my other big hobbies, but it’s much cheaper/easier to go to a show or even a festival than it is to go see F1. Maybe I’ll choose an F1 race over a big festival this year, depending on the racing (and finding a job in an economy where many retailers are going bankrupt and my degree seems to be worth little).

    Honestly, I wouldn’t be surprised if I fell out of love with F1 before I ever go to a race.

    1. This poll reminded me that I’ll be entering my 19th season as a fan and I haven’t yet been to a race.

      @npf1 You’re coming with me to Spa mate, no ifs!

      1. @xtwl If I do get a job and some savings in, I might just take you up on that. ;)

        1. @npf1 Have you been to other races like the WEC? Or does that not interest you?

          1. @xtwl In the past I went to nearly everything Zandvoort had to offer, from national GT racing to DTM, amateur endurance racing to Formula 3, but I haven’t been there since 2010 I believe. Le Mans is definitely a place I’d like to go, but I’m holding out for the starts to align and do a double header with a music festival in the same region of France which sometimes comes the week before.

            Perhaps somewhat ironically I have been to Spa and the Nurburgring, but not during official race weekends. I’d like to see WEC and am somewhat peeved I never got to see the World Series by Renault in full power, but typically the travel and accommodation is more of a problem for me than ticket prices or motivation..

            Would you recommend going to F1 or WEC first? I’ve been close to going to the Spa 6 hours at the last minute for a few years now, if it’s recommended I might take the plunge sometime.

    2. Perhaps I should have read the entire comment before reacting but still, you should visit one.

  29. I’ve been to Monza (2010), and Hungaroring (2012) so far. I’m planning to go to Abu Dhabi next November.

  30. I went to the inaugural race at COTA in 2012, and went to the Shanghai Circuit in 2005 but no for an F1 race, great venues both. Looking forward to go this year to my home race in Mexico city. Didn’t want to go last year because I knew it was gonna be too crowded mostly by people that haven’t seen an F1 race in their lifes, even on tv.

  31. Well, all I can say is that those results aren’t surprising. The traditional circuits with the history, in the countries with the heritage and the fans, are the ones that have the crowds and that people want to go to. Funnily enough, people don’t really want to go to a modern circuit with little character, be the some of the only people in the stands, and see nothing on track other than F1. Compare that with the Australian Grand Prix (which I have now been to several times). The atmosphere is awesome (for example, this moment in 2014), you get an excellent variety of support categories (V8 Supercars, GT, Carrera Cup, historic parades) and even the off track entertainment stuff is pretty good – even if I don’t particularly care for that stuff, it adds to the atmosphere.

    I could be being unfair – seeing as I’ve never been to a Grand Prix in Bahrain, Abu Dhabi, Sochi and the like – but that’s not the impression I’ve got from TV coverage and reports.

  32. If I could, I’d go to:

    1. Melbourne
    2. Montreal
    3. Silverstone
    4. Monza
    5. Singapore
    6. Suzuka

    I’d love to go back to both Spa and Interlagos some day.

  33. I’d love to see the race at Baku. It might not be a terribly interesting race, but then again few races are terribly interesting when watched as a spectator at the track.

    We were looking for somewhere different to go for this year, and really wanted to consider Baku. In the end we just didn’t have enough confidence that the race would actually go ahead so had to look elsewhere. Instead we booked to go and see Singapore – not the greatest race on the track but as a spectacle I think it is a venue that every F1 fan should want to attend.

  34. Living in Singapore, I’ve been to every race in Singapore so far. And i’ve been to Sepang quite a few times as well. Im excited im heading to Melbourne for this year’s race but i really want to watch a race at one of the classic tracks some day in Europe. But with plane and race tickets so expensive these days, i doubt it will happen anytime soon. But which races in Europe are the cheapest in terms of tickets though?

  35. I don’t think I could justify going to an F1 race at this precise moment if I was paying for it and no special circumstances were applicable. However, if the race packages got cheaper, the F1 got better, I get a year with fewer “other” events I need to pay for and/or one of a certain number of unlikely-but-theoretically-possible triggers occurs, I could see that stance changing quickly. The places on the list I want to see F1 races at during some part of my life are Silverstone (went in 2009 and thoroughly enjoyed it apart from the camping), Canada, Spa, Monza (all three are apt to produce good racing), Hungary, Singapore (I have some very good friends who live there), Suzuka and Interlagos (good racing).

    @delsonnnby Think Germany and Austria for cheap races in Europe. Monaco has some of the cheapest tickets in Europe, and is surprisingly cheap if you’re doing it as a day trip, but you’ll pay so much for a hotel if you stay overnight that you won’t save money overall if you want a full weekend. If you do want to visit Monaco Grand Prix, take the train to the furtherest place you dare commute from that is on the same line as the Principality – Nice or west of there, or Ventimiglia (over the Italian border) if eastwards looks more attractive. Spain, Hungary and Monza may be good choices, depending on what sort of hotel deals you can get. On no account choose Silverstone or Spa if low prices are a necessity to you, as they are among the most expensive places in the world for the full-weekend package.

    I will be going to Silverstone three times in 2016… …for the World Endurance Championship, a 10 km running race and the Blancpain Endurance Series. Also, I will go to the Hungaroring once… …for the World Touring Car series. I may even get to walk the track at Monaco. Never will I have been so often to F1 circuits without planning on doing an actual F1 race this year.

  36. I live in Sydney, and have been to most of the races that I can get to for a weekend escape – Singapore, Melbourne and Malaysia. Any other race becomes more than just a weekend and involves much more planning and time away from business and family. But here is my dream list:

    1. Monaco (my wife said she’d take me for my 30th… 2018 baby!)
    2. Spa, right at the top of Eau Rouge.
    3. Abu Dhabi. Don’t know why there is so much Yass Marina hate from fans – it is the sexiest GP on the calendar IMO.
    4. Japan – because Japanese people are the best. Although apparantly Suzuka can be really hard to get to…
    5. Montreal. Always a good race and I hear the city is beautiful.

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