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Interactive: Compare the 2017 and 2016 Ferraris
The first pictures of the new Ferrari SF70H for 2017 have been revealed.

Ferrari says it has “concentrated its efforts on finding the right compromise between downforce and aerodynamic resistance, or drag” with its new car.

Many of the changes on SF70H are a product of the new rules for 2017. The new design includes both a shark fin, which several other teams also have, and a mid wing similar to that run by Mercedes yesterday.

Shortly after its debut Ferrari gave the car its first run on the Fiorano test track.

Video: First run for the Ferrari SF60H

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    109 comments on “Pictures: Ferrari’s new F1 car for 2017 revealed”

    1. A red Ferrari, my word. Those sidepods… I am in love.

      1. Ugly, vomit inducing sidepods…. The ugliest car so far.

        1. Each to their own, there is substance to style in aerodynamics,

          1. Looks slow. All that stuff sticking out; all that stuff hanging down from under the nose. But what do I know. I think in theory and the wind tunnel it might be fast. I hope I am wrong because I would love to see them at the front.

    2. That is seriously one of the best looking cars of all time. The sidepods, the rake, the Coke bottle…

      1. I didn’t like it at first but the more I look at it the more I get the feeling that Ferrari did their homework right.

        1. I don’t understand how could anyone like it. Ugly and uglier. This is going to be most ugliest championship ever. So far only Mercedes looks somehow decent.

          1. @regs Finally! This Ferrari is disgusting. From top to bottom.

            1. @damon we get what think, you’ve said it twice now and I totally disagree with you.

          2. Did you watch 2012 season?

      2. I for one don’t like it at all. But I must admit those sidepods are intriguing!

        1. Just goes to show there’s no accounting for taste

      3. Best looking?! With that nose, that fin and that…messed up color scheme? Are you serious?

      4. Haven’t seen the coke bottle sidepods…but now I do. I’m loving the side of the shark fin to keep the white in there…But why not let it bleed on got the rest of the car…It needs it.

        1. Plus I love the way that all these extra wings are Opening out of nowhere…Not quite as bad as 08 but heading back down that road

          1. That is not a good looking car……at all…especially the nose.

      5. And the barge boards, stunning

      6. I find it pretty hideous. The sidepods are interesting, but aesthetically I really don’t like them. And I never even considered somebody would think rake looked good.

      7. McLaren rake too, wow! Can’t wait to see redbull, anticipating it to be most interesting aero wise.

    3. I thought that people working in Ferrari thought that having more white on the car brings them bad luck! But nevertheless, it’s basically the 2016 car with a shark fin and with slightly different dimensions

      1. Take a better look, this is by fart he most aggressive and different looking cars shown to date.

        1. Do try to keep the flatulence under control.

          1. huh? I’m sorry I did not mean to come through as being rude or condescending. English is not my first language so some nuances may be lost on me.

            1. “this is by fart…”

              just a typo ahah

            2. Lol now I see it

        2. Thanks, I just snorted tea out of my nose :(

      2. I apologize for coming to a hasty conclusion. It is very different indeed, although in my defense, I had only seen the picture of the car zoomed out.

        1. true, the nose does look like a carbon copy of last year’s car, so it does look the same for afar

      3. It seems to me Ferrari have copied Red Bull’s rake.

        1. Shorter tea-tray area means most cars will probably have a lot more rake this year. The area around the sidepod inlets is what gets me, most aggressive solution of the cars we’ve seen so far.

        2. Hopefully that’s a good thing. Red bull seem to have a much better idea when it comes to aerodynamics

    4. Those sidepods are sexy though!

      1. That shot from above is great, I’m in the strange position of finding that Ferrari looking alluringly attractive!

      2. Overall sexy. I am hoping this is a winner from word go. Best of luck to the reds.

    5. As a fan of Star Wars, and for the love of red stormtroopers, I approve!

      1. @simeonoff have to agree that the sidepods do resemble storm trooper eyes from the front :-)

    6. That’s it?? I was expecting interviews, more views of the car, etc…

      Aside from that, those sidepods look great! The air intakes are so narrow! I’m really glad they did something different. Also, what’s with the extra “wing” on the tip of the shark fin?

      1. @gordess it is a seagull, scavenging for remains after the shark’s kill

        1. you can see here in more detail:

          I like that they have this bits and pieces there, that make it different from the others. Amazing looking car as are the others. Like what they did with the shark fin.

          the sidepods look angry, like that

    7. What time is the McLaren launch?

    8. Ferrari released an Mp4/10 !

      1. HA! I didn’t even think of that comparison until you mentioned it!

    9. The horror…..

    10. Hmm unsure about this years Fez.

      Livery is amazing, the sidepods very interesting but the rest just seems……average.

    11. If there’s somebody who does not know anything about the basics of aerodynamics it’s me, but such level of details in this car: the small fish fins just in front of the cockpit, the extra little wings on shark fin, the ranch next to the sidepot, the small air intake, etc. Here’s to hoping that Ferrari actually made an aero-competitive car for 2017, but it’s Ferrari so I’m not so sure about that.

      Over the winter the word was that Ferrari was looking for a breakthrough in the engine department, so to see the work they put in for the chassis is satisfying.

    12. Everything else looks OK, but that shark fin and T wing look hideous.

      1. Tommy Scragend
        24th February 2017, 9:29

        Seems we are definitely back in the age of ugly aerodynamic appendages. 2008 was the nadir, then with the new regs in 2009 we were supposed to get cleaner-looking cars without all the horrible sticky-out bits, but they’ve been creeping back in ever since.

      2. Pat Ruadh (@fullcoursecaution)
        24th February 2017, 10:15

        Can’t see these T wings lasting too long

        1. Agreed, I bet its just on there for testing. It doesn’t even look secure!

        2. T wings need moar wings! Since the shark fin already is the disproportionately largest plane surface of the car, the T wing adds a little visual distraction. Just not enough. Need to add some V wings to the T wings. And some strakes.

          Pretty sure Red Bull will give us more wings on Monday.

          Looking forward to this new season of F1: Panel Van edition.

      3. Are those “T” wings legal?

        1. @w-k, currently, they are legal because an amendment to the regulations in October last year, almost certainly by mistake, left a small gap between the rear of the engine cover and the start of the rear wing that was open for development, hence the T wings. However, as other posters have noted, it is likely that this loophole will be closed reasonably soon.

    13. Doesn’t do anything for me. looks very similar to last years underwhelmer. Hope its a runner though, Id love Monza to be packed with braying tifosi when I go. Hayho another year of naval gazing for Rari-s top brass

    14. It looks very good. Very aggressive and mean. The sidepods on it are really tight and the rake looks something out of RBR’s playbook. It looks like a lot of thought went in it. Hopefully Ferrari are competitive aero wise this year. Always big expectations

    15. These cars are looking proper fast. I have a suspicion that this is the ultimate expression of the FIA’s lack of direction and knee jerk fiddling with the rules. They will start stripping aero off the cars again from 2018 on the grounds of safety and overtaking
      It’s going to be an exciting year. Fast cars and no Bernie

    16. From the front angle those side pods look the eyes of a car about to break in to tears. Maybe that’s what Seb’s face will look like mid season.

      On a serious note, Hats off to Ferrari for really revolutionising their design. A lot of space below the side pods for airflow, a really tightly packaged rear end, innovative side pods and a little wing added on the shark fin!!!. Got to hand it to Ferrari for really trying something new.

      I’m hoping they can be regular podium contenders with this car… more so because I can’t handle another season of Vettel crying on the radio.

      1. To me the side pods look like stormtrooper visors more than anything else.

    17. That does look beautiful.

    18. That is very different looking, the extremely thin sidepods and small airbox is a surprise, it looks like Ferrari believe their cooling is ok, the bargeboards and sidepod vanes and deflectors are complex, there’s a midwing that yesterday everyone was lauding Mercedes for and the nose, even with a thumb tip, looks great

      1. @sam3110 I though the same about the airbox, but after looking at last year’s car it is bigger. It doesn’t seem to be as big as the ones we have seen until this point but still. There is also an air inlet below it, that was there in 2016 as well but also suffered a size increase

    19. Winglets EVERYWHERE

    20. An instantaneous addition to the top ten best looking F1 cars of all time. Those perforated bargeboards. That “coke-bottle” rear bodywork. Those stripes on the shark-fin. Those little winglets on the bulkhead. I think I need a lie down…

      …I have not been sold on the aesthetics of the cars to date – even striking the W08 looked a bit like it was an F1 limo – but now I am sold. I am so, so sold…

    21. Somehow it doesn’t flow like the others, maybe it’s the way the pictures are shot or the lighting, but especially the side view it’s a box next to a box next to a box. Like each element were designed separate to maximize allowed space and then put together.

      But it’s different, and the rear is packed tight as can be

    22. Looks to have a much shorter wheelbase than any other car launched so far, or is that just an illusion? In any case the car looks awesome in side profile!

    23. I like it.. I just don’t love it and I’m not quite sure why. Can’t put my finger on it. If that makes sense.
      It looks very busy despite the basic livery.
      Looks fast. But so does my dog.. and that thing’s the laziest Dog I’ve ever met.

      Hopefully not as fast as the Merc ;)

      T-Bar is interesting, I’m assuming Merc’s will look identical once they implement the fin!?
      Side pods look like they’ve been bolted on the wrong side, but I like them :)

      Another day closer to Melbourne! Looking forward to McLaren even more now!

      1. I think its the livery that’s ‘killing’ it for me.. I know its good to see a (nearly) all Red Ferrari but.. that’s literally just it. some different hades of Red here and there may have helped I dunno.. maybe I’m just being picky..

    24. I think its the livery that’s ‘killing’ it for me.. I know its good to see a (nearly) all Red Ferrari but.. that’s literally just it. some different hades of Red here and there may have helped I dunno.. maybe I’m just being picky..

    25. Of course fans will almost always wax lyrical over their team but what is it with the people responsible for the livery? This far only one car has had a livery that enhances and fully harmonises with the lines of the car; Sauber, with Mercedes a close second. Why does Ferrari always go for a flat red, bleurk? Why couldn’t they have chosen a deep, metallic candy apple red? Still it’s miles better that the horrid disaster that is the botched Renault livery or the downright ugly step-nose of the Force India.

      1. The renault livery is awesome, can’t wait to by a die cast model of the car. Love the force India also, the teams don’t build cars to look good. They build what they believe will be fast, I like the contrast of the force India, it is one of the great things about f1, the cars can still look different even with stringent dimensions to work to.

    26. Is not very nice, again the same awful nose of last year, im hope its fast

      1. Yes, going with the thumb nose again is disappointing. I was hoping it would be more like Mercedes. The rest of the car looks great. Will be hard to work today as I will be staring at the pics all day.

        1. Can’t believe so many people car about the nose, 1% of the car. Maybe I’ve watched f1 too long to care about such a little thing, having seen hundreds of different designs over the years.look at the rest of the car, it is a marvel to look at this years new cars

    27. Well, that looks like an interesting take on the rules. They certainly seem to have worked a lot on getting it right, the nose looks like right on the edge of what goes, the sidepods look very interesting and they have the same clotheshanger wing bit Mercedes tested yesterday.

      I guess the livery looks a tad better too (why can’t they use darker red, that would be nicer), but the nose in its boxyness and that stump up front mean it will not be a great looking car to me. But if it is fast, that would at least be a good step forward :-)

    28. Is it me or has Ferrari actually tried to be daring for once with their design and pushing the aero dynamics

      1. Pat Ruadh (@fullcoursecaution)
        24th February 2017, 9:53

        Love it!

      2. Looks that way. Very happy to see it.

    29. So may things to talk of:
      Alfa Romeo brand
      Wings on the fin
      Wings by the sidepod
      Wings where the nose dips

      1. The exhaust area at the first glance seems to have some changes too.
        Ferrari really has given some thought to the aero development. Lets hope all the parts come together and make the car effective and reliable.

      2. The exhaust area at the first glance seems to have some changes too.
        Ferrari really has given some thought to the aero development. Lets hope all the parts come together and make the car effective and reliable.

    30. Well they do say that beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

      Good lord it’s UGLY!!!

      When was the last time Ferrari made an F1 car that you looked at and go, “damnnnnn that’s sexy?” To answer my own question, nothing since the F2008.

      They better hope its quick or the airwaves won’t be the only thing that gets the Seb bleep treatment.

      1. Well, my thought was about this car was litterally “dayum that car sexy!”

        I have been very dissapointed with how the new cars look (including the elongated Mercedes boat, although that in my opinion was the best looking one up to yesterday), but this Ferrari looks really agressive to me. Not a fan of the thumbnail nose and I don’t like sharkfins in general but Ferrari did a good job with both relatively to expecially the Force India.

        1. For me it’s too boxy and that then gives it a very bulky look. There’s not much sweeping lines or curves. Really don’t like it.

          Yes the Mercedes is long, but looking at how it’s packaged, it doesn’t look bulky. Until we see the Red Bull &Torro Rosso, for Mercedes looks the best all round package.

        1. That can get a pass

    31. I love that. It’s by a distance the best-looking, most aggressive, most ‘Formula One’ car released so far.

      It might win stuff.

    32. front veiw – trun off – its back to all red from the front and i dont like that.
      side veiw – Italian s**y – may oh my what a good looking car. and effective use of the shark fin.
      also very interesting sidepods – not sure on them just a the moment – so no other coment that interetsting.
      Rear Veiw – as shapley as the rest – but boaring livery. very disapointed int he livy – VERY

    33. They’re hiding the difuser area quite a lot! It should be interesting!

    34. Holy BWOAH! That’s a looker! Aggressive and revolutionary. At least Ferrari tried something new with this design.

      1. I’ll agree with that. Even if the front still has the same thumb nose

    35. Looks like a Force India in disguise.

    36. Like the more red. And most of the car apart from the nose and 1 more thing: Ditch the fins! The FIA should be on the case of the fins straight away. Without the fin the car would be seriously beautiful

    37. Underwhelming from Ferrari….

    38. RE length of the car (RE COTD): en profile the Ferrari looks far more proportionate, less elongated. Maybe it’s the shark fin or something, but this looks far more in proportion than the Mercedes

    39. There’s still too much white and black combination. In my opinion they should have picked one (white, because it matches their sponsors), and stuck with that. Get rid of the black stripe at the bottom.

    40. Question for everyone: why haven’t we seen more teams go for the U-Pod approach McLaren used in ’11? I’m a Mercedes fan but really love that Ferrari got creative with their side pods. IMO, the best so far. Having now seen it, I’m wondering if they or anyone else in future will go with this approach but try to incorporate a ‘V’ or ‘U’ configuration.

      1. @72defender, part of the reason why the U sidepods are less attractive is because of tougher side impact regulations introduced since 2011, which would make it harder to make that design work.

        Asides from that, most teams have found that there are more performance gains to be made from directing the airflow beneath the sidepods and across the top of the floor instead of trying to channel it in the way that McLaren did. It also has some drawbacks with regards to the packaging of ancillaries in the sidepods for cooling, which mostly offset the aerodynamic advantages.

    41. I am sorry. Anyone who has looked at this aesthetic horror and thought it looks good either hasn’t seen the pics and/or is blind. That car looks just as bad as the 2016 car- and no F1 car is as pretty as the 1990 Ferrari F1 car, IMO.

      1. 1990 was best season for colour and design across the whole grid for me. In context of what we have seen last few years I think this years Ferrari looks great but after the horrible F.I and foul looking McLaren it may just look good in comparison. Others seem nice but Merc looks like a Maybach in side profile.

    42. Leave it to an “all Italian” outfit to atleast design a beautiful car. I love it.

    43. There is a lot to look at here on this car. Looks fast looks different. But I cannot seem to shake off the feeling I had since 2012… They just do not seem like a world championship winning team. Looks good enough for second place though I must say. But Red Bull could correct my statement for me.

    44. For me, best and most interesting of the bunch so far, by miles.

    45. So happy they have got rid of that awful, awkward black that has been painted on the car the since 2013.

    46. Ugly, veeeeeeeery ugly. Anyway, I hope they have a ggod race pace.

    47. Michael Brown (@)
      24th February 2017, 18:15

      I wonder how it would look if there the mid-wing extended across the entire shark fin

      1. Probably awesome.

        Even better if they opened up the regs a bit and allowed them to strap rocket motors on either side of the shark fin. Nothing says high performance racing panel vans than rockets! ;-)

        I’m just sad that the aero boffins who developed the new spec, would have considered the implications of the lower rear wing – didn’t see the shark attack coming?

        If the rear wing was mandated to the same height as the top of the advertising billboard (shark fin) then the shark panel would not have looked so hideously out of proportion. And a higher rear wing would have obviated the aero need for the eye-trapping panel. I’d be ok with that too.

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