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2017 Mexican Grand Prix

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Which Formula One driver made the most of the Mexican Grand Prix weekend?
It’s time to give your verdict on which driver did the best with the equipment at their disposal over the last five days.

Review how each driver got on below and vote for who impressed you the most at Autodromo Hermanos Rodriguez.

Driver performance summary

DriverStartedFinishedRace changeLap 1 changeHighest positionLowest positionGap to team mate*
Lewis Hamilton39-6-17920Not on same lap
Valtteri Bottas42+2+222Not on same lap
Daniel Ricciardo16+5716
Max Verstappen21+1+111
Sebastian Vettel14-3-741916.071
Kimi Raikkonen53+2-439-16.071
Sergio Perez97+2+3584.364
Esteban Ocon65+1+335-4.364
Felipe Massa1011-1+361744.043
Lance Stroll116+5+1410-44.043
Fernando Alonso1810+8+2816-5.072
Stoffel Vandoorne1912+7+610135.072
Brendon Hartley17-11118
Pierre Gasly2013+7+11219
Romain Grosjean1515001116Not on same lap
Kevin Magnussen148+6+2612Not on same lap
Nico Hulkenberg7+348
Carlos Sainz Jnr8+3519
Marcus Ericsson12-2815
Pascal Wehrlein1314-1-41418

    Vote for your driver of the weekend

    Which driver do you think did the best job throughout the race weekend?

    Who got the most out of their car in qualifying and the race? Who put their team mate in the shade?

    Cast your vote below and explain why you chose the driver you picked in the comments.

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    Max Verstappen was voted Driver of the Weekend for the Mexican Grand Prix with 53% of the vote. This is the third time he’s won Driver of the Weekend in the last four races.

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    88 comments on “Vote for your 2017 Mexican Grand Prix Driver of the Weekend”

    1. Poor Verstappen. “All he did” was show up and drive really fast. We tend not to vote for the guy who was “just fast”, but I have to admit, he did pretty well.

      I think Alonso was the one to exceed all expectations, though.

      1. F1 is a team sport, so one can argue the guy that won did so because he had the best team, had the best strategy, and made the best decisions.

      2. “Pretty well”? How much more can you outclass everyone, drive flawless and dominate a field of former and current world champions?

        1. Which current champion did he dominate exactly?

          1. Anon

          2. Why dont you vote for Rosberg? Did you see how relaxed the present WC drove around Monaco this weekend? It should win him the DotW.

        2. Ditto
          “Simply Simply lovely”…
          Where else can you see someone out drag two x 4 WDChumps in three corners…
          and then pretty much laugh about it. (Lewis should have stayed out of that mess;-)

      3. I voted Max. He did a great job. More than just “driving really fast” in my opinion. It was a flawless weekend. Some people say he should have been penalised for blocking Bottas in qualifying, but I agree with stewards decision. He knew Bottas was coming and moved from the racing line on the exit of turn 12 precisely to avoid impeding Valtteri. Fair is fair. When he cut the corner to overtake Kimi, he did deserve a penalty, but not this time.

        As a side note: I think that Vettel should have been penalised for hitting Lewis (I think it was an avoidable contact), but that’s a different story. Great recovery though. He was the one who did “pretty well”, considering the circumstances.

        Other than that I was really impressed by Alonso and Ocon. Not that much by Stroll and I don’t get why he has more votes than Hamilton or Magnussen.

        1. Low expectations, I guess – though he deserves some credit for his massive improvement through the season.

          Ocon looks rather good.

      4. Poor Verstappen? It seems he will win DOTW by miles, so why is he deserved of our pity?

        What about Poor Ericcson. I am not suggesting that he is my DOTW (Verstappen is), but right now (181 votes), Ericcson is polling 1% of the vote. Magnussen is 6% and Bottas, Massa, Hartley and Vandoorne are also on 1%.

        The dude is driving a Sauber! It’s about 2-3seconds off the pace in race conditions. However for a while, he was running 8th! I know there is no love for him as he is viewed as a pay driver, 1% of the vote. I don’t think he is DOTW, but he must should be running 3rd or 4th at worst.

      5. Yep ! I voted for Senor Alonso simply because of the things
        he constantly achieves with that sad, sad Honda package.
        OK….the Mclaren chassis is probably the current best in F1
        but that donkey ain’t so hot, is it ?

    2. Stroll or Ocon. Either deserve this 100%.

      1. Agree.
        Stroll has improved dramatically since the first races.

        1. Oh, come on.
          He was a second down in qualifying for the third race in a row, running three places behind Massa after the start. That was representative of his performance. The rest of the race was another Baku: He made no significant mistakes (like everyone else, with the exception of Vettel), but his result he owes to the gremlins that befell the cars in front of him, namely tyre damage (Massa and Sainz), as well as engine-related failures (Ricciardo, Hülkenberg), as well as the VSC (free pit stop to get ahead of Pérez), and the collision between Vettel and Hamilton.
          Like in Baku, his own performance was good enough to finish more or less where he qualified (i.e. 12th), but he lucked out, and especially his team mate’s bad luck makes his performance look a lot better than it really was.
          Yeah, I know 6th place looks great and all, but come on, there’s more to F1 than just looking at results.

          1. COTD that.

          2. Exactly. He just keeps the car on the road.

          3. You’re right about qualifying, but his race pace was actually pretty good and consistent. I think on reflection he shouldn’t be put in the same bracket as Ocon though.

          4. You know what, not making mistakes while driving fast enough is not that easy to do.
            A four time champion with a red suit, for istance, still seems not able to do that.
            If you couldn’t see Stroll’s progresses and praise him, maybe you are biased.

          5. OK you explained why you think Lance S did not deserve a vote. So why did Alonso F get twice as many votes as Lance?? I voted for Lance by the by. Thanks, Racer Norriski PS I like and always hope that Alonso will do well but he is getting tiresome with too much whining. I fully realize he has endured more frustration than most on any team.

        2. It’s underdog time so Stroll or Ocon get my vote and before I get hate mail, Ocon’s car is not exactly top drawer, so underdog. He’s consistently out driving the car AND Perez which is definitely worth a vote! For all those saying that Stroll ‘didn’t do anything’, of course he did! He brought the car home safely in 6th without damage and with fuel in the tank. It might look entertaining, but getting involved with car breaking wheel to wheel bumper cars is not necessarily the sign of a good drive from the team’s perspective.

    3. Max, for sure, it almost seemed he crashed his two main rivals out of the race by third corner.

      Took out both of their front wings.. And have the presence to exclaim: “Loveley!”

      1. You seem to think, like many others, that Max was poking fun of Seb taking Lewis and himself out. I must remind you that the moment his comment appears on screen is at least 3+ seconds after the message was heard by the team.
        If you calculate back you could know that this message was expressed right in the moment that Max knew his overtake would stick. It was only after that The Main Rivals clashed.

    4. I went for Alonso – had some great single-lap pace that he never got to use in qualifying, and managed to drag a McHonda into the points from near the back. He was one of the few drivers to (somehow) hold Vettel back for a number of laps and his defending against Hamilton was a massive reminder of what we’ve been missing for several seasons now.

      Honourable mentions to Verstappen and Ocon, who were also outstanding.

    5. So, basically Vettel has votes for:
      a) losing pole position (again)
      b) making contact wth Verstappen (again)
      c) driving, probably on purpose, into his championship contender. (this at least is a news).

      Funny enough.

      1. @liko41

        Whats all the hate? He got some real overtakes today, Hamilton only managed half of them. Also losing pole doesnt mean much, remember last race with lewis?

        Also try to put some logic and dont start conspiracy theories with the last point please, the comment readers deserve more than that.

        1. Even if he didn’t do it on purpose, it’s still crappy driving.

        2. Did you happen to notice that Vettel was able to finish the 1st lap much quicker than Hamilton.

      2. @liko41 “probably”

    6. Hamilton didn’t do much wrong. Quicker than his teammate in qualifying, seized a chance to gain a position and was the victim in the collision. But he didn’t have much margin over Bottas, and I can’t help but feel like one of his special qualifying laps could have put it on pole. Nothing wrong, but not the driver of the weekend.

      Vettel gave a fantastic qualifying, but lost a place, and then either carelessly or purposely hit Hamilton. Neither deserving of the driver of the weekend.

      Verstappen gave a fantastic qualifying, unlucky not to secure pole but from Ricciardo’s performance seemed to have a far from ideal car to do so. Took the lead like it was his all along, and had whatever pace would have been needed from him in the race.

    7. Ocon. He drove wheels off the car in qualifying, putting his most competitive performance alongside home hero Perez and drove a calm race to fourth, avoiding trouble and keeping the gap behind.

      1. The Skeptic (@)
        30th October 2017, 8:53

        +1 Occon and Verstappen were clearly the stars of the show.

    8. Vettel, oc course. Another great weekend. Also good by Stroll and Ocon.

        1. @jorge-lardone

          Alonso was a lot better..

      1. I don’t know if hitting his main rival was “great”. If not for that incident, which was clearly his fault, he’d probably get my vote. It was great watching him climbing through the field, but as it stands I vote for Verstappen.

      2. Of course. He targeted his championship opponent and took him out with a german precision.

        1. I’m not sure about the “precision” part, as he took himself out in the proces :)

    9. I’m not normally a fan of KMag, but his pace and defending in this race were excellent. Got my vote this time.

    10. 69% for verstappen? Me included? Now that’s as dominating as the race! Others I believe who had a good race considering stuff they had control about were hamilton, vettel, stroll, magnussen, alonso, ericsson, ocon imo.

      1. Ah, and obviously hulkenberg also had a good race until the mechanical problem came, it’s really insane how many problems he’s having lately, it used to be the most reliable renault of the 2.

        And also, insane unreliability in general for renault this weekend, think I’ve seen gasly and hartley having problems on at least 2 sessions each, ricciardo being very slow in qualifying, then penalty, then race ended very early again due to a problem, hulkenberg fine in general, then problem in the race, sainz ended up behind, at least that I think is due to a contact, only verstappen had stuff right with a renault engine here, probably normal considering kvyat was demoted for the last time!

    11. ¡El mejor piloto en México hoy debe haber sido Ocon, por supuesto!

    12. Michael (@freelittlebirds)
      30th October 2017, 2:27

      Gutted for Hulk… again

      Wow, how the tides have turned for Checo… Ocon is the end of his F1 career.

    13. Max V for sure. Totally dominant drive.

    14. MAG did what shouldn’t be possible in the slowest car on the grid – quote Steiner:”Kevin did a magnificent job”….

      Voted for KMAG!!! Again:-)

      1. I agree. Taking the slowest car pre-race to P8 is impressive and deserves recognition.. Managing ALO -who in turn tried to manage HAM – made it great fun to watch. Excitement is certainly also found midfield!

    15. We all knew Verstappen was talented, but this weekend he has really made it.

      Firstly, he is the clear DOTW. His quali was extremely strong, had various fastest laps whilst cruising to a 20s gap over Mercedes and Ferrari. But what really impressed me was how only he found a way to lock his tyres inside the curb to carry more does through some turns.

      Secondly, he is now part of this elite group (with Hamilton, Vettel, Alonso) in which even if you have a perfect weekend some ‘fans’ ignore it and think it was just the car that got them there.

      1. It’s an carting technic but fair enough even Vettel used those curbes…

        1. I noticed some of the slowmo’s of Vettel doing the same.

          It could be entirely subjective on my part, but it looked more fluid when Verstappen was doing it, like he was dancing the car through the bend.

    16. Verstappen definitely.

    17. Max

      Superb qualy performance, overtook Vettel on track and cruised to a comfortable lead and win.

    18. Max, Ocon, Ericsson. And how does Seb get votes? Lap 1, turn 2-3 was stupid from him. Ocon also beat Perez at his home race. I can see him replacing Valterri if he does not do any better in 2018.

      1. And how does Seb get votes? Lap 1, turn 2-3 was stupid from him.

        Quali was perfect
        Lap 1, turn 4-last,
        Lap 2-71, some extraordinary racing
        No he was not my DOTW, but he deserves some credit.

        ‘And now for something completely different’
        Hamilton was far from DOTW, but I commend him for doing a ‘Rosberg’. He only needed 9th for his WDC and that is what he did (Rosberg did the same in the last 4 races last year). I think it is a smart move if for a crown you do not risk more than what is needed to get that crown.
        No DOTW, but DOTS.

      2. @krichelle

        I guess because he did exactly what he needed to do to stand a chance at the championship without drawing a penalty for it. It was nearly genius!

    19. Pat Ruadh (@fullcoursecaution)
      30th October 2017, 8:34

      Shout for K- Mag. Legitimately beat both McLarens, and a Williams in arguably the worst car on the grid this weekend

      1. Well is is pretty clear why he beat one of the Williams. It is very likely Ericsson will have beaten Massa too if he didn’t have to retire. Massa had a front right puncture and had to trail around slowly and then box near the start of the race.

        1. Pat Ruadh (@fullcoursecaution)
          31st October 2017, 12:33

          @thegianthogweed yes I only realised the Massa tyre situation after posting. Nevertheless avoiding incidents is part of the game so still a fair comment of sorts

          1. Fair enough. Avoiding incidents is easy if you don’t attempt to do risky overtakes. Such a thing that Verstappen often does. But I can’s say Massa can keep out of trouble when a piece of debris comes flying into his path.

    20. I would have gone for Alonso had he overtaken Magnussen but that was not the case. Having the new front wing I’m pretty sure Vandoorne had to let him by but he failed to overtake Magnussen, like Vandoorne. The McLarens being distanced by the Haas despite an open DRS is painful to watch.
      Anyways I went for Verstappen, very nice performance all weekend!

    21. Kevin Magnussen. Think about it, the Haas cars qualified behind both Saubers. On merit. He then finished P8. Very strong.

      Shoutouts to Stroll, Verstappen, and Ericsson.

      1. I can understand voting Magnussen since Ericsson didn’t finish, but Magnussen did do as you say in qualifying, which is a negative point. And then boxed during the VSC which gave him some advantage. While Ericsson boxed well before this and didn’t gain the advantage. Ericsson was unlucky here and I would probably say their performance was about equal or considering how bad the Sauber is, possibly Ericsson slightly better until he had to retire.

        1. You can hardly blame the car on the driver…

        2. Agreed. Ericsson was running behind Magnussen before VSC. Let’s toy around with the idea that Magnussen finished P8 and Ericsson P9. I probably would have voted for the Swede if he bagged two points for the Saubers. No, I definitely would have. For sure.

          But as it turned out, he was unlucky with the timing of his pit stop and also with a broken turbo (or whatever failed on his car) and that plays into it. I struggle to vote DOTW if you fail to finish, even when you cannot be blamed.

          Still, Ericsson had an incredibly strong weekend and he beat Wehrlein both in quali and in race (until retirement) despite Leclerc driving Ericsson’s car in FP1.

    22. tgu (@thegrapeunwashed)
      30th October 2017, 10:03

      Hamilton for me. He chose to attack at the start when there was no need for him to do so, pulled off a great overtake only to be clobbered by some inept driving from Vettel – the fallout from which made for a far more interesting race. That’s the way to win a WDC!

      Verstappen was superb (as usual) but his opposition was hopeless – Raikkonen only finished one place ahead of Vettel!

    23. Congatrulations to Lewis. DOTD Max. Lewis couldn’t have done any better because his Mercedes aerodinamics are not configurated for driving in traffic. The car is totally made for driving in clean air. Still he deserved a better finish in Mexico.

    24. Congratulations to Lewis.

    25. Verstappen is now in that group of Lewis and Fernando. Vettel can be there when it all goes his way but his largely own making self destruction this year has been horrible viewing if you are fan.

      I would be interested to know out of all the champions(especially multiple) who has had the most first lap contacts. I would imagine Seb is right up there if not first. Any stat people know?

      1. I don’t imagine Hamilton would be far behind. Other than this season I don’t recall an abundance by Vettel.

        The difference I would say though is Vettel’s are typically his own doing. Hamilton is often a passenger in his.

        1. Michael (@freelittlebirds)
          30th October 2017, 15:50

          @philipgb That’s a great point – Hamilton generally speaking doesn’t hit other cars. He’ll push but it’s a very controlled and measured push – the exact opposite of, say, Nico’s kamikaze push. Vettel pushes without a care in the world about making contact.

          For instance yesterday, Verstappen should have crashed into Hamilton and would have done so, had Hamilton not avoided the crash. Verstappen would not have won the race yesterday if it weren’t for Hamilton’s skill. In fact, that might be the main reason he won the race. He should have been a little more grateful for his 2nd win courtesy of Lewis:-)

    26. Max for me. So exciting and so much more to come from him.

    27. Has to be Verstappen, text book win, great quali and ‘outclassed’ his teammate. Maybe the last bit is not fair as Max had the new Renault spec all weekend and Ricciardo only in the race, but I doubt the performance difference is 0.9 sec a lap. I hope we get to see both Bulls battling for the win in Brazil and Abu Dhabi, but it requires Ricciardo to step it up a little, it’s not Ricciardo like to be slower in Q3 than in FP3.

      1. but I doubt the performance difference is 0.9 sec a lap

        According to Renault it is 0.2 seconds; according to Red Bull it is not measurable.

    28. ILuvSoundtracks (@)
      30th October 2017, 13:11

      Max Verstappen.

    29. Why no more votes to Magnussen? I’m one of the first to say that I don’t think he have the skill to be in F1 but he drove the slowest car on the grid to 9th.

      1. You forgot the Saubers….

      2. No not –!!!

        Im more and more a fan of MAG – loves his midfield fights and his pace is better than GRO… he deserves to stay in F1 – worth every dollar!

    30. Voted for Ocon. Very rarely this season we’ve seen car other than Mercedes, Ferrari or Red Bull qualifying in top 6 but he did it. Was unlucky with VSC but still managed to take 5th.

    31. Michael (@freelittlebirds)
      30th October 2017, 15:57

      It’s a tough one – Hamilton’s push was brilliant but his ability to avoid the crash with Verstappen has not been mentioned. Verstappen was NOT supposed to win yesterday – he only won because Hamilton avoided the crash and Max would have had another incident destroying his race. Max was on course for a car retirement at the start of the race yesterday.

      Lewis even positioned his car making it impossible for Vettel to hit him without Vettel trying to do so. It was a low stab in the back unworthy of Maldonado, not a 4 time Champion.

      1. Of course it hasn’t been mentioned, because it’s ridiculous.

        1. Michael (@freelittlebirds)
          30th October 2017, 19:54

          @Robbie yes but Max would not have won if he had smashed into Lewis, had Lewis pushed his car next to Max’s and we’d be talking about how Max is involved in some many incidents at the start of the races. A few more and he’d look like Kvyat and would be waving “Goodbye to F1”, no matter how quick he maybe… This was Lewis’ victory for Red Bull, not Verstappen’s – he was headed for a crash again.

          He’s really got to sort his driving out in the 1st few corners. He would have definitely gone for the crash if he were in Lewis’s shoes.

      2. if’s and then’s are not counting…

        so in the continuing of your thoughts:
        If Vettel did not caused a collision, Hamilton had not have a puncture.
        .. if Verstappen was able to jump Vettel before turn 1 it would be another race..
        strange way to discuss some topics here.

        Verstappen clearly DESERVED the win, why?
        to cruise (with turned down Renault PU) to the finishline with a 20 sec. lead over Bottas is outstanding.

    32. Magnussen was fantastic dragging that Haas into the points so my vote is for him. Although I was tempted for Max and Stroll.

    33. MV : pushed Vettel to the limit and made him lose the title.

    34. I voted for Max, which is the first time i have done so.
      I think he showed a maturity this weekend, he hasn’t done so far.
      He was quick and competitive all weekend,almost got pole and drove a flawless race.

      Special mention to Magnussen especially, who did extremely well, as did Alonso

    35. Next year holds quite some promises. All out battle between Lewis, Max, Alonso and Vettel. Max will be able to show his skills amongst 10 years of World Championships!

    36. My driver of the weekend was Ocon with Verstappen second.

      Ocon had another good weekend, he wasn’t just best of the rest in qualifying as he managed to beat Ricciardo in the Red Bull to be sixth quickest. For a while in the race it looked like he might even get his maiden podium but he just couldn’t compete with the race pace of the Ferraris and had to settle for fifth.

      Verstappen was dominate in the race and won by a big margin even though he backed off and didn’t push throughout the race, even if Hamilton and Vettel had not had problems I think Verstappen would still have taken the victory, however despite looking good in qualifying and on course to get his first pole he could not put a lap together when it mattered most in Q3, this stopped it from being a great whole weekend performance in my opinion.

      A mention for Magnussen, Haas had a poor qualifying and so it was expected they would struggle in the race as well, but Magnussen put in a good driver to finish in the points in eighth.

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