Start, Jeddah Corniche Circuit, 2021

2021 Saudi Arabian Grand Prix race result

2021 Saudi Arabian Grand Prix

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Pos # Driver Car Laps Time/gap Difference Reason
1 44 Lewis Hamilton Mercedes 50 2hrs 6m 15.118s
2 33 Max Verstappen Red Bull-Honda 50 21.825 21.825
3 77 Valtteri Bottas Mercedes 50 27.531 5.706
4 31 Esteban Ocon Alpine-Renault 50 27.633 0.102
5 3 Daniel Ricciardo McLaren-Mercedes 50 40.121 12.488
6 10 Pierre Gasly AlphaTauri-Honda 50 41.613 1.492
7 16 Charles Leclerc Ferrari 50 44.475 2.862
8 55 Carlos Sainz Jnr Ferrari 50 46.606 2.131
9 99 Antonio Giovinazzi Alfa Romeo-Ferrari 50 58.505 11.899
10 4 Lando Norris McLaren-Mercedes 50 61.358 2.853
11 18 Lance Stroll Aston Martin-Mercedes 50 77.212 15.854
12 6 Nicholas Latifi Williams-Mercedes 50 83.249 6.037
13 14 Fernando Alonso Alpine-Renault 49 1 lap 1 lap
14 22 Yuki Tsunoda AlphaTauri-Honda 49 1 lap 4.700
15 7 Kimi Raikkonen Alfa Romeo-Ferrari 49 1 lap 10.079
Not classified
5 Sebastian Vettel Aston Martin-Mercedes 44 6 laps 5 laps
11 Sergio Perez Red Bull-Honda 14 36 laps 30 laps Accident
9 Nikita Mazepin Haas-Ferrari 14 36 laps 22.659 Accident
63 George Russell Williams-Mercedes 14 36 laps 3.572 Accident
47 Mick Schumacher Haas-Ferrari 8 42 laps 6 laps Accident

Fastest lap: Lewis Hamilton

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2021 Saudi Arabian Grand Prix

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138 comments on “2021 Saudi Arabian Grand Prix race result”


    1. Yep, this is fun

    2. Max should be reminded that there are no points for doing the most dirty tricks of the race.

      1. Nofanboysplease
        5th December 2021, 20:12

        You mean the dirty trick of MB of slowing down Max by Bottas is sport?

    3. I don’t know how to comment, or were to comment.

      Both amazing and yet dismaying as a race.

      Masi did not seem to have full control over what was happening.

      As soon as that first safety car came out a red flag needed to come out immediately as that barrier is known to need full repair in a vulnerable zone. Any delay impacts the race. When it didn’t I though it was fine for pits to take place.

      But for it to take 10 laps…..10 LAPS to make the decision was ludicrous and completely changed the race.

      I then said to a friend, expect lots of crashes post restart. Such a dangerous decision which in my view is purely for the spectacle.

      Play it safe…….only to introduce more risk. A restart like that on such a track, with so much as stake is just asking for trouble.

      And then the handling of decisions, the delays, the “penalty deals”. Was just ludicrous.

      Then the miscommunication of the hand over. The following penalties… was just….ludicrous.

      Half the penalty decisions did not seem to go to the stewards!

      I just…..I don’t know.

  2. Why does Sir Lewis Hamilton stay behind Max Verstappen? That’s the key

    1. Crazy race. I got to be honest, I don’t like this track.
      Its not good for overtaking, and downright dangerous.

      1. Agreed on the track. I think it’s much too dangerous. Too much speed on all those blind curves….someone is going to get hurt badly or even killed.

      2. Next gen cars, or lighter or more nimble cars could do better on this track, so there is a reason to look towards the future. Although the cars will not become lighter, nor smaller.

        And I agree, for a street track it was too fast, and with the amount of blind corners it seemed to be dangerous. Many near misses (for example a side impact hinged only only some moments for Alonso when his car stopped in an uneasy position), many big shunts in one race weekend.

        For quali it was great and challenging, but it feels like a somewhat megalomaniac remake of the most fearsome street circuits of Indy. On those circuits many bad accidents happened before, and it is even faster.

    2. 9 wins for Max, 8 for Lewis. Tie Breaker goes to Max with even points for now

      1. Oh, right. I forgot about that tie breaker. Thanks.

      2. Valtteri Bottas and Perez gotta show up. That’s what it means.

    3. My guess is he wanted DRS for start finish straight.

      More important point… why on earth did stewards radio Red Bull before Merc about the place switch? Surely tell the car behind first? Yet another joke of a display in communication from Masi/stewards.

    4. You misunderstood the question, folks. Trying to get some conclusions about The Incident

    5. Why does Sir Lewis Hamilton stay behind Max Verstappen?

      Because Max stayed in the middle of the track giving himself the option of moving to either side at the last minute. He has precedent for that kind of behavior.

      In fact, when Lewis did move over at the last moment, so did Verstappen, which is what caused the contact.

      Also, a driver isn’t allowed to slow down that much on a racetrack FOR ANY REASON – except he has a mechanical issue.

      Something definitely needs to be done about Max Verstappen’s driving. It doesn’t help that Red Bull, along with the FIA seem to be enabling him.

      1. Your comment is based on one view. See the sky cam shot which is longer and starts a lot earlier when VER slowed down to let HAM through and HAM did not have any idea what to do to of that.. While VER is not blameless, but so is HAM because he got confused and yet ran into behind VER

        1. Bambino we all have TVs and saw the shots. Verstappen was trying to balk and dummy Hamilton to the inside at just the right moment to take the drs and stay close and keep the racing line and he got it wrong. It was extremely dangerous gamesmanship at the end of a 200 mph straight. We know what he was up to because he tried it two more times. Once successfully. The second time Hamilton got wise to it. That was just one of the crazy dirty things he tried on today.

    6. DRS zone! Max was being… Max… and trying to pick up the DRS whilst also complying with instructions to let Lewis pass. Lewis assumed that was what he was doing and tried to stay behind. I’m waiting impatiently for the stewards report on this. I’ll hold my opinion until ALL the facts are known. That incident aside, Let’s not forget the No of times Max was…Max… in this race. A black flag is not an OTT expectation when drivers perform like he did today. I had no issue with Max, until today. Hopefully Karma plays out. Driver 0f the Day???? The dutch and Saudis were furiously tapping their phones tonight!

    7. Anon A. Mouse
      6th December 2021, 14:50

      One of the overlooked aspects about the situation are a couple of leftward jerks that Verstappen makes during the slow down. If Verstappen intends for Hamilton to pass on the left, making those movements doesn’t make it clear. I’ve drawn the comparison once, but I’ll put it again here: if you see someone jerking left (or right) on the highway/freeway/motorway, are you going to feel safe passing that individual? Looking at the incident from the helicopter view is a non starter because Hamilton does not have that viewing perspective. The talk of Hamilton trying to stay behind through the DRS detection point is just a convenient red herring as he didn’t get any notice that Verstappen was letting him through on that first attempt.

  3. I am lost for words for what I just witnessed. I hope there is no reason for any further penalties.. so we can have the thriller in Abu Dhabi that this season deserves. But I dislike the foul play Max seems to find necessary in defending his championship hopes. I want to see fair racing.

    1. Davethechicken
      5th December 2021, 19:52

      The driving was disgraceful. Absolutely dreadful. There is only one driver who is a champion in this battle. The dirty driving is beyond a farce.

    2. If there isn’t any more penalties, the sport can pack up and go home.

  4. If max was penalized as he should have been, nothing would happen… but again, how will redbul win without masi’s kind heart

    1. How will mercedes win without bottas kind bowling

      1. Again, what does Bottas have to do with this?

        1. János (@meandthewanderlust)
          5th December 2021, 20:48

          He almost crashed into Max again, today!

          1. And Perez almost took Verstappen out in lap 1. But they both didn’t happen. I don’t know what your point is honestly!

      2. Desperate.

    2. I think we saw the result of him not getting a penalty in Brazil. He now knows he’s allowed to do this crap.

      1. Come on, Lewis did the same on Max pushing him wide. But, unlike Max, Lewis just got a warning that he couldn’t drive Max of the road.

        1. But Lewis was on the track. That makes one hell of a difference.

      2. János (@meandthewanderlust)
        5th December 2021, 20:49

        The actual problem – in the bigger picture – is the awful lack of consistency.
        At this point nobody knows what is allowed anymore…

  5. What a race. Questionable stuff, but justice won in the end.

    1. Driving in the back of a redbull is stil under investigation.

      1. Which should come down against Max. Belgium 1998 comes to mind, when David Coulthard slowed in the middle of the track to let Michael Schumacher past, with the inevitable consequences. To which David admitted 10+ years later that he was wrong and that you should never do that. There’s no excuse for Max here, unless race control really didn’t tell Mercedes 1st that Max was going to be told to give up the place.

        1. @skydiverian
          That was in a total wet race. Michael couldn’t see David.
          Lewis could see Max clearly. Lewis chose to stick behind Max instead of overtake him.

          1. That was a total brake check on Michael. I loved it, but it wasn’t an accident. Max’s seems bizarre, but he is just a petulant child who has never been told no.

      2. A person somewhere
        5th December 2021, 20:07

        According to the Sky Sports commentators it is Verstappen who has been summoned to the stewards in relation to that incident.

      3. What was clear was the lack of intention to let Hamilton pass when after the collision he romped off into the distance and failed to return the place in the preceding laps.

        1. János (@meandthewanderlust)
          5th December 2021, 20:51

          So slowing down massively on a straight under a green flag is not a clear sign of letting someone past?

          Come on!

      4. Max is under investigation, yes.

  6. Wow Max. that was a whole lot another level of dirty driving.

  7. I did not respect Verstappen as a person for his stupid comments. But I respected his speed and relentness. After three things he did today, he deserved a DNF.

    1. And I lost any respect for him today. I never saw anything like that in F1 since 2007, when I started watching F1. The way FIA handled it… it’s crystal clear they want Verstappen to win.

      1. Davethechicken
        5th December 2021, 20:00

        Will they be consistent and give max at 25 sec penalty for repassing Lewis like Lewis got at Spa 2008?
        Of course not.

        1. Thought of that as well. The precedent was set at that race with the FIA clarifying afterwards that you have to wait until after the next corner before you can attack. I’ll be concerned about the impartiality of race control if Max doesn’t get the some kind of penalty for that (as he did, albeit many laps later, give the place back).

          All of which likely would have been academic considering that Max’s tyres went off in the final 5 or so laps.

        2. Let’s see, but I thought about that as well. Will the FIA scrap that rule or stick to it and penalize Verstappen?

        3. Will they be consistent and give HAM a more consistent penalty or a race ban for Silverstone?? I mean, GRO got 1 race ban after 2012 Spa… and that was based on consequence… yet they said they don’t give penalties based on outcomes.

  8. We don’t need Netflix to this.

    1. Race can speak by itself. That was as dramatic as it could be.

    2. @qeki

      Quote of the day. Sack the lot of them!

  9. Well done mercedes lewis and bottas

  10. Cheatimg max ahould have been disqualified. He needs to be penalized for the next race because of his brake testing.

    1. More like a stupid move by HAM. 1st, nobody forced him to keep it being VER, plenty of free space to the left and right. 2nd, he noticed VER was slowing (and he slowed down too), why did he kept going right behind him? HAM has the traits of a cheat too, wouldn’t wonder if he did it on purpose to get a penalty for VER. The ”brake test” reason is an excuse good enough for HAM.

      1. Sikhumbuzo Khumalo
        5th December 2021, 20:09

        So you mean Lewis was risking his car and taking himself out.

        1. Yes, could be a tactic: trying to inflict some penalty to the guy in front (5sec is the minimum) in order to get in front. Mercedes/HAM showed they’re doing anything they can with BOT on the formation lap of the restart.

          1. What are you talking about @mg1982? What did Mercedes allegedly do with Bottas?

          2. This is used as an example when defining the term “grasping at straws”.

      2. Max was trying to give the place back in a position that he could just pop DRS and repass. That is not allowed. Max has fantastic talent but he needs someone to mentor him other than the toxic bunch at Red Bull.

  11. Given the state of Max’s medium tires at the first red flag, why would they put them at the last red flag and hope he could finish the race?
    Ultimately the faster driver won, but this race doesn’t look good on the FIA unless entertainment is their only goal.

  12. Can FIA auction next starting grid. I would like to be there too

    1. @qeki
      That was hilarious ! Negotiating penalties with the teams…

    2. János (@meandthewanderlust)
      5th December 2021, 20:53


      This was something so utterly farcical that made me want to stop watching races.
      Are we now negotiating the restarting grid over the radio? Seriously?

  13. Lewis rammed Max but take about keeping it clean

    Typical hypo crisy

    1. Do you have stocks in aluminium? You should…

    2. Bit late for a bag of glue on a Sunday Paddy

  14. RandomMallard (@)
    5th December 2021, 19:51

    Take this comment, mark it, save it do whatever, but this is the moment I denounce any support for Max until he learns to race properly. He’s insanely quick and very talented, but has no race craft whatsoever.

    I went into this season supporting Max and it stayed that way until Brazil, when I became a neutral, but now I’m switching allegiance to Lewis. He’s just a much more complete driver.

    Some of Max’s moves in this race were indefensible. The right person won today.

    1. So you support who you think is the best.

      That’s not supporting, that’s following success

      1. ?

        If you don’t support whoever u think is best, what is your criteria? Most handsome driver? Most interesting helmet? Most high pitched voice? Maybe think a little before writing these

        1. I support him because he’s Dutch and fast. I’m following F1 since the mid 90s and we never had a successful driver and it adds so much excitement for me. And I don’t hate other drivers but I probably have a bias.

          I can’t understand people that switch to a different driver if they are passionate fans. I do understand the position of @randommallard

          1. So, you forever will be an admirer of somebody no matter what they do on track? Your favorite driver is not like your family, you know. You can get turned completely off them by their behavior. Heck, even families break apart based on other’s behavior. F1 fandom is nothing compared to that.

          2. RandomMallard (@)
            6th December 2021, 9:25

            @rockgod I don’t mind that mindset either. If you are a very passionate fan of some team or person in sports, you will support them no matter what they do. There are still plenty of Juventus fans in football despite them being found guilty of involvement in a match fixing scandal and stripped of 2 Serie A titles for it in the relatively recent past. I’ve changed my preference because I don’t like what Max has done. At the same time, people are still entitled to support who they want, and I do understand why you wouldn’t want to change allegiance.

      2. RandomMallard (@)
        5th December 2021, 20:47

        @anunaki I cannot support a driver who is consistently significantly overstepping the mark in discipline.

        That said, my initial comment was written in a rush and I can rephrase it better. I’ve always been a McLaren fan pretty much since I got into F1 a couple of years ago. Therefore technically I “support”. I wanted to see Max win because it would have been nice to see someone else win. But his behaviour on track recently has been appalling, so now I want Hamilton to win. Maybe supporting isn’t the best word. But my preference for the driver’s title has changed.

      3. I get your point but Max is a Helmut.

        1. RandomMallard (@)
          6th December 2021, 9:26

          @deanr I think the real Helmut is Marko ;-)

    2. That’s what happens when you arrive in F1 and have no race craft. Even Mazipin won more disciples.

      1. @randommallard

        Well said. The fact that Verstappen skipped some junior racing categories hasn’t helped him. The things he does now at the top level are what the youngsters do before they get to F1. Mazepin being a prime example with his crazy F2 stint. Some say it’s an age thing, but this is Max’s 8th season!

        1. RandomMallard (@)
          6th December 2021, 9:29

          @blazzz I think F2 managed their stewarding fairly well this weekend (certainly better than F1 but that wasn’t difficult). They were pretty clear cut: if you overtook or gained an advantage off the track at T1, you got 5 seconds. It does seem like F1 stewards in general are hesitant to penalise (and not just Max, Alonso definitely gained am advantage off track at T1 early on as well for example).

  15. Brasil legacy at its best in turn one this race.

    Verstappen on the inside: I am running you wide.
    Verstappen on the outside: I am running out of tarmac and return on the track to block the rival.

    1. And make up my own wtrack while I’m at it. Fact is if there was a wall there he wouldn’t have done that. But then again didn’t Max try to pass Lewis at the bus stop chicane in Monaco 2016 when there was a wall? I stand corrected.

    2. Verstappen on the inside: I am running you wide.

      Be fair and write this part for HAM too (cause this is what HAM did to VER at the start of the race).

      1. Lewis was clearly ahead and took the racing line. Max passed off track, he wasn’t pushed off track.

      2. At no point did Hamilton run clear off the track to take or keep a position. Which is not what happened at the start of the race or at anything time. Sometimes the narrative just can’t fit a good story for one side.

        1. Well, didn’t say that. I even quoted a certain part: running wide another driver. Which kinda seems to be the case at the restart with HAM. They were side by side when VER had just 2 wheels off-track. Nothing wrong so far. My problem is with the part where the drivers are supposed to leave space for the other driver when side by side. And this is something HAM didn’t do, and he had at least 3 cars width of free space to his left. VER had no choice but to continue, braking just to keep the car completely on the track (and let HAM in front) = hit from behind by BOT. Also, don’t get the hype against VER for that move, the race was red flagged seconds later, they didn’t not had the time to issue any penalty. At the 2nd restart VER was placed behind HAM, which is the usual penalty for something like this: give the place back.

      3. And stayed on track. BIG difference

  16. I have been watching formula 1 for 33 years. Max Verstappen is beyond Senna in terms of dirty driving. I never thought I’d see the day I’d say that with the way safety has moved on since the late 70s when Stewart was a big advocate. But this guy. This makes me view Monza in a totally different way.

    1. @blazzz it’s been pretty clear for a few years that his driving has been over the line but some people think it’s fine and have let him get away with it. The knock on effect if this continues is every driver will have to adopt the crash or pass philosophy which is not racing.

      1. That’s the problem: beyond Max this kind of driving shouldn’t be encourage. You’ll see drivers in junior categories do the same – with all the crashes attached to it.

    2. Both he and Hamilton have the same style of aggressive racing and pushing wide. Unfortunately it doesn’t work against each other.

      Not being the driver you support doesn’t make the moves any worse…

      1. @glynh

        Have to disagree. I’d say in Hamilton’s earlier years- yes. But after his crash sewn 2011 season he changed his approach. Also, Lewis races hard but fair but he has driving standards. He wouldn’t doddle in the middle of the road while being asked to “let a a rival by”.

        1. Spot on. And all Hamilton fans, in 2011, agreed he needed to sort himself out or say goodbye to any chance of adding to his then one WDC.

          Kimster, Vettel even his team mate Riccardo have all questioned Verstappen’s race craft and simply have a ‘get out of the way’ philosophy – because if you’re in a vastly inferior car, why on earth do you want to end up in the wall.

      2. Pushing someone wide and staying on the racing line is one thing. Running someone wide and continuously going wide yourself… another thing entirely! Max thought he was being clever today… twice he let Lewis pass with the clear intention of picking up DRS and retaking his lead… Lewis knows from 08 that you cannot do that! If it was the odd one or 2 incidents then ok but Max is continually involved in these incidents. It hasn’t just started this year either! The guy has immense talent, but he is devoid of any racing IQ. Its win at all costs… just like Schumacher.

      3. Hamilton’s “aggression” ended during that terrible 2011 season, where everyone (quite rightly) told him to sort himself out and fast.

        He’s arguably had no aggressive moves since then, until Silverstone and that’s because he’s battling with someone who does it all the time.

        Yes, he’s had crashes that could have been avoided Barcelona with Rosberg and two which poor Albon was the unfortunate victim, but these were clumsy. They weren’t someone thinking they have a right to be in the lead no matter what.

    3. How? As if it wasn’t clear already Monza was foul play.

      1. @spafrancorchamps

        That was as professional a foul as it gets along with Brazil. Regardless, that’s not the first time Max has driven with gutter standards. Make your pick from this race alone.

    4. János (@meandthewanderlust)
      5th December 2021, 21:03

      Monza happened at Monza.

      There is no logical reason to see it differently now.

  17. Wow, giving a position back, and overtaking immediately the next corner!

    YouTube: Spa 2008 Räikkönen vs Hamilton – Hamilton got 25 seconds for doing that!

    1. That’s reality – F1 doesn’t live in reality anymore.

    2. You could argue Verstappen knows his classics ;-)

      Slowing down on the racing line to let a driver past: Coulthard vs Schumacher Spa’98

    3. GRO got a race ban after 2012 Spa… and they say the outcome of the incident doesn’t matter. Well, GRO only went 2 wheels on the grass and things went crazy. For 2021 Silverstone HAM got 10sec penalty while in dominant machinery. Yes, F1 is a disgrace these days.

  18. If there is any justice and they want to stop Max’s dodgy driving then they need to give him a 30s time penalty for dangerous driving.

  19. It’s a shame that in such a great season with two amazing drivers people have to insult them. Both Hamilton and Verstappen made some borderline moves but they also had great races.

    Hopefully it lasts for next year to and we can all enjoy the positive elements.

    1. @glynh what borderline move are you referring to for Hamilton. He wasn’t even under investigation unlike Verstappen who was looked into for 3 incidents. Its not insulting to point out 1 driver was blatantly driving dirty today and for once the FIA pulled him up on it. I’d still rather Hamilton have a point advantage because I wouldn’t put it past Verstappen to take him out in the last race now.

      1. @slowmo I was referring to the whole season. Although Hamilton was told he would have a driving standards flag if he pushed Verstappen wide again.

      2. ….and it all started with BOT on the formation lap.

        1. It WASNT a formation lap

      3. Ehm, Silverstone, nothing? He got punished too little for that.

        1. LOL!! You keep telling yourself that and the rest of the paddock, who thought the penalty for Hamilton was ridiculous will still think differently.

          Explain to us, if it was such a light punishment why the stewards said Verstappen was also partly at fault?

          Do you think that, like the rest of us normal human beings, they were astounded why someone would risk giving up a 33 point lead, with such aggressive defensive driving?

  20. Had my fun today, exiting in many ways. Ferrari international assistance is now being payed by Mercedes😀😀😀

    1. Let me correct that for you. *paid* by Red Bull.

      1. If they’re blamed by both sides the general rule is that they’re not biased.

        1. And the other general rule don’t expect malice when it can be explained by incompetence

  21. Unbelievable race with to much interference of the FIA at the wrong times and to little at other moments. Mercedes is just allowed to make big gaps during safety car and formation lap. Then Lewis just rammed Max. I mean, Max could also have had engine problems.

    It’s clear that the FIA doesn’t want to interfere to much in hardness of penalty’s but the result is the opposite.

    1. It WASNT a formation lap!! It was a restart. They are treated differently

  22. this is just stupid, the fia needs to address the “take you out of a corner issue”, to many times drivers leave no space in corners. max had no space, and many other drivers had been in the same situation, where are they supposed to go, to the air?

    1. Fam, max was behind then straight up passed the car on the inside by running off the track. Where are you supposed to go? There are white lines and curbs to guide you.

      This was just like Brazil and the result of that non investigation is what we saw here. Max putting his hand in the cookie jar again and we were lucky it didn’t end it tears.

  23. Let the Max hate begin, you guys are so biased. Lewis is definitely not an angel either.

    1. I dint know and don’t hate anyone of these strangers driving f1 cars on TV. I know dirty driving when I see it. I’ve been watching this sport since well a very long time and haven’t seen a race leave such a sour taste for me.

    2. A lot of hate for VER, and most of them have only seen one shot and believe whatever HAM said on the radio.

    3. @stefan554433

      I’m a Hamilton fan and I will gladly admit to his flaws. But Max goes beyond. The weaving on DRS straights, passing on the outside, crash and burn because you won’t get by. Max drives like he’s playing F1 on a game or simulator.

      1. *passing on the outside of the track

    4. János (@meandthewanderlust)
      5th December 2021, 21:07

      The Brits here are very picky when it comes to remembering the “sins” of their beloved Lewis.

      COTA 2015 comes to mind. Lewis has run people off the track in the past and every world champion has at some point.

      1. He tends to stay on track when doing so though! Which is on the limit. Pushing someone out with no intention of making the corner yourself… another thing entirely
        I had alot of admiration for Max.

  24. Honestly. Is there anyone that feels that a driver that races that dirty on track should be worthy of a world championship?
    This is not the local karting league people, it’s F1. Max still thinks he’s kart racing. Being a world champion material is more than just being quick.
    Not in favor for any penalties for Max’s antics today, but if he wins the world championship I will be disappointed. There is just no hope for the guy…

  25. Another loss for the sport, because the FIA is simply not capable of upholding the regulations at any single point in any single race in a season.

    Its tiresome and exhausting that every race there is avoidable drama and chaos.

    1. Yup. RB and Merc are running the show – the rest is just covering their asses and scared of any backlash.

  26. Wow that was the dirtiest driving I’ve seen in a long time outside of NASCAR where I guess that’s just driving.

  27. Also interesting Hamilton claiming Verstappen brake testing is exactly the accusation of cheating, he was calling out about before the weekend.

  28. A lot of hate for VER today here on RaceFans. I beg to disagree that only one side is to be blamed. BOT slowing down so that they are able to make double stacking work during the safety car, HAM slowing down a lot and joining the grid late are all deliberate tac tics even though completely legal.

    A lot of people are blaming VER for what essentially a Stewards mistake – they should have informed Merc that VER is going to let HAM through or may be, as Masi said, he did communicate but MERC end wasn’t hearing them as they were on another line. VER left a s hit tons of space but HAM did not know what to do.

    Perplexingly, HAM decided to stick with VER instead overtaking from left when could. He was confused, and when at the end of the road. I don’t say VER did not act naughty, yes he did but that was after he already gave him a fair shot at regaining the lead.

    Poor Stewarding, to be honest and I would blame Stewards and MERC for the contact more or less, and bit surprised that HAM he should have stayed clear instead of getting confused.

    1. Couldn’t agree more, don’t forget Bottas almost bowling Verstappen out of the race at the first restart.

      1. You want to add to the record Bottas not almost doing something he didn’t do? I submit Sergio Perez actually almost hitting his teammate at the start. And that’s your jersey.

        So many straws will be grasped in this next week.

        1. PER almost hitting VER was because BOT ran wide and got back in, forcing VER to break, and thus so PER. It was start, so as in with most cases, it is often forgiven and yet it doesn’t make it right. Next week it is going to be, in most cases, dirtier.

  29. As an entertainment event it was fantastic as a sporting event it was shocking so many childish back and forward attempting to get penalities or down right poor sportsmanship. Multiple red flags and VSCs made it a stop-start affair but that would have been fine if the racing was close and fair but the racing was a disgrace from both Max and Lewis

  30. I know this with Lewis and Max being tied on points…don’t put it past Max and Red Bull to get Max or Sergio (or one of their junior members) to wreck Hamilton in the finale to prevent Mercedes taking driver’s and constructors, because Max holds the tiebreaker based on wins. I wouldn’t put anything past Christian “I blame rogue marshals for my troubles” Horner and Helmut “I don’t even know what’s going on anymore because I’m a fossil” Marko.

  31. Maybe you lot would like to eliminate Max from F1, and then what? A season of 1-2 Mercedes podiums? Max is the only driver making this sport worth watching. Good luck with a boring Mercedes parade season after season.

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