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Rate the race: 2021 Saudi Arabian Grand Prix

2021 Saudi Arabian Grand Prix

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What did you think of today’s race? Share your verdict on the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix.

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154 comments on “Rate the race: 2021 Saudi Arabian Grand Prix”

  1. I voted 8 purely for the enterntainment value. For the race and sportmanship – 2.

    1. I can’t rate it. From a pure entertainment POV, it was amazing. However, it’s some of the worst on-track behaviour I’ve ever seen.

      However, I absolutely love the track. It was amazing seeing cars going that fast on a street circuit with walls this close. It’s like someone looked at Monaco and said “let’s make a better version”.

      1. I agree. I can’t rate this thing either..

      2. It’s a tough one! I wanted to vote a 9 and a 1! Absolutely love the track, though.

        1. Genuinely curious, why love for the track?

          Many of the problems we saw today were the result of race control having dysfunctional communications with teams and driver all through the weekend, yes, but no minor part was because of the inadequate racing facilities provided by this venue. For example, why have launchpad kerbs on the outside of corners with short runoffs and poor accessibility?

          T21-22 could be another Wall of Champions if it wasn’t so pointlessly dangerous.

    2. Entertainment? Are you serious?

  2. Farciest race of the season.

    1. No. Spa was.

      1. agreed, but that is like saying 1 poop stinks less then the other

      2. Farciest ‘actual’ race of the season.

      3. Accidentally reported this comment. Sorry.

      4. Spa was a spa. Farcical weekend. Loved Qatar, this one made up for it. Everything went wrong this weekend. Fia cannot run away from this one. After the first restart I think Hamilton was always going to win it but there was no need to be that bias about it.
        The show got what it wanted 2 drivers tied on points.

  3. I’m not sure I can ever remember a race being so badly officiated. I voted 1/10. Masi is like a referee who has lost control of a game of football.

    1. He’s out of his depth sadly @ads21. Although he’s not helped by the FIA and Tilke going to this joke of a track.

  4. It was terrible and insanely good at the same time.

    1. @losd Haha, this exactly I don’t know what to vote…brilliant circuit, totally unsuitable for F1, crazy incidents. Incredible drives from Max and Lewis the multiple starts were amazing to watch, the race start itself was o.k. but 1-1 Max v Lewis on the others. I feel punch-drunk.

    2. Absolutely! The track was both awful and fantastic. The controversy between Hamilton and Verstappen was both awful and fantastic. I went with 7.

    3. I think you pretty much nailed it there yeah @losd. I went with a 6 in the end because while we did get to see some good racing, we also got confusion and the track itself is great to see when a car is running in qualifying on its own, and offers some really exciting thrills, it feels just completely like a huge accident only a smidgen away the whole time, and I am not sure that is what racing needs.

  5. Just bizarre all around. Farcical. Feels like I wasted a weekend watching this.

    1. János (@meandthewanderlust)
      5th December 2021, 20:30


      And the fact that the championship might be decided by awful takes like this makes it feel like I wasted the entire season watching this…

    2. Davethechicken
      5th December 2021, 21:48

      Totally agree IVAYLO.
      That wasn’t sport. As you rightly say, that was a farce.
      After 33 years of F1 viewing , I really can’t find enjoyment in that. The “rules of racing” are now incomprehensible.
      Well done FIA, you reap what you sow.

    3. If they race here again next year, and likely they will, there will be at least one Red Flag stoppage in the race and same in practice. It was like watching an Indy-Car street circuit race with really fast cars.
      At some point there is going to be an enormous shunt. Just hope the injuries are minor, but I fear not.
      I just Fast-Forward through most of it. Pass that on to the advertising trackers.

  6. I think this one will be a little divisive… Entertaining? Sure. From a racing perspective? Utterly ridiculous. The championship? What we all wanted: equal points going to Abu Dhabi.

    1. János (@meandthewanderlust)
      5th December 2021, 20:31

      On point!

  7. I’m still trying to figure out how I feel about the race. For entertainment value, it was great, from a sporting perspective, I just don’t know. Lots to unpack here.

  8. John Toad (@)
    5th December 2021, 19:44

    Awful country, awful circuit, awful race

    1. Awful country, fantastic circuit (!!!), great race :)

  9. Disgusting race… Gave it a 1.

    Track was wrong, racing was wrong, Masi and stewards were wrong.

    1. I think it’s way to easy to put that on the Stewarts or Massi. I saw 2 driver (and frankly especially 1 in a blue car) systematically going for the controversial and dirty move. Gave me the impression they were not even trying to overtake each other in a classic way, ut going straight and systematically for the dirty move. Sorry, but how do you want to police a race like this one ?

      1. drive throughs and stop and go. Both max and lewis had moments where they deserved it

        1. When did Lewis deserve it?

    2. Other than the “offer” fiasco, I think the race was well managed. Safety should always take precedence no matter what. We dont want another incident of a car crashing into a crane.

  10. Rubbish, absolute rubbish.

  11. What a race. Drama & excitement.

    1. @jerejj It was a 9 from me. If this race would have decided championship then it would have been 10

      1. @qeki I also chose 9.

  12. Pat Ruadh (@fullcoursecaution)
    5th December 2021, 19:46

    Mad one but a total farce at the same time. Bad day for the FIA

  13. Gave it a 10….interesting track for F1 cars..but Max brake testing Lewis was a desperate move…he should have been disqualified for that…not sportsmanship..

    1. They had told Verstappen to let Hamilton through, they just didn’t tell Hamilton so can’t really blame either.

    2. Pat Ruadh (@fullcoursecaution)
      5th December 2021, 19:49

      Top down view shows Max left plenty of room. Seems Lewis just had no idea it was happening. It’s the FIA at fault.

      1. Max wasn’t going to let Hamilton through. He actually didn’t let Hamilton through on that lap. Verstappen waited and waived just at the moment Hamilton was close enough to brake-test him.

    3. HAM had 5meters to the left and 5meters to the right of free space, on the straight!!! Nothing forces a driver to keep it behind another driver.

      1. The fact that he had space to BOTH sides shows exactly what Max was doing. If you just want to let a car by, you choose one side and lift a bit (as that’s all that’s necessary).

    4. The funny thing was, Max was al the way down in 3rd when hamilton hit him… that was not a brake test, that was lewis making a mistake after race leaders screwed up. Can i blame lewis or max… not fully, although Lewis should never have hit max even if he wasn’t told

      1. Lol, they don’t change down 4 gears to let someone past, moving side to side in the middle of the track. Verstappen was told to let Hamilton past, but didn’t want to and planned a little collision instead.

    5. János (@meandthewanderlust)
      5th December 2021, 20:35

      “If you don’t go for a gap that’s there, you’re no longer a racing driver.”

      Lewis slowed down behind him and waited. What is Verstappen supposed to do? Wait until Ocon gets them both?

      1. Firstly, given the context of that quote, it endlessly amuses me when people use it to justify poor racecraft.

        Secondly, I think Hamilton probably is still a racing driver. Even if he didn’t go for one gap.

      2. Sorry posted early – obviously Max had chosen the place on track that he wanted Lewis to overtake him at, perhaps Lewis would rather do it elsewhere. I’ve no problem with cycle drome skills – an epic form of racing being brought into f1, but given it’s supposed to be a penalty, Max shouldn’t get to benefit from the move, so maybe, like a drive through, give them three laps and a designated section of the track to let them give up the position.

        1. I think if a driver is giving up a place, that driver should be required to cross 2 DRS detection lines before they can attempt a repass. That would take all the shenanigans like this out of the equation.

          1. Good idea!

  14. 10. Some dodgy stewarding decisions and I wish the lead was decided on track but it was a spectacular circuit and a memorable race. So refreshing to see no run off and still have the drivers pushing.

  15. Does anyone have a clue what actually happened?

    1. @psynrg – Once you’ve decided what happened, we’ll give you a 5sec penalty for it.

      1. LOL @ both of these comments. Not sure what I just watched, maybe an F1 race but didn’t feel like one.

    2. @psynrg – exactly my thoughts!

    3. We saw F1 turn into a Netflix show

  16. Worst of all, the race isn’t finished. We still need to hear what the stewards say about that incident…

    1. You honestly think that pressure isn’t being applied to them right now to preserve the equal points into the last round?

  17. Worst race of the season. What a joke the stewards

  18. This is the closest we have come to WWE.

    1. Seeing this comment leaves me in absolute agreement. I think Liberty have taken F1 as WWE in race cars! The circuit is hideously dangerous and the stewards payed to award entertainment!

  19. 1/10 for been a complete farce.

  20. everything from awful to great in so many ways.

  21. Wasn’t sure was I watching a Grand Prix or soap opera. Solid 1/10.

  22. Either a 1 or a 10.
    I’m not sure what we saw qualifies as a Formula 1 race.

  23. This race epitomises everything I hate about formula one.

    Awful country to host a race, awful track for a race, completely unsporting and shocking driving by the drivers, unnecessary stoppages and VSC’s, ridiculous artificial drama. What a disgrace. Masi, time to resign

  24. Honestly have no idea how to rate it

  25. Stupid red flag call at first and then bonkers going for the standing start twice again given the incidents this weekend. Glad the stewards didn’t mess around by giving the 5 second penalty as soon as Max tried to only give up the place where he knew he could take it back.

    1. He had to do it twice before Lewis understand what was happening. Utterly amateuristic.

      1. @erikje I agree, amateur like driving from Max.

      2. Wah wah wah. Give it a rest erik

    2. Stupid red flag call at first

      It was not stupid. There was no need to a red flag because the barriers were totally okay. They just saw that Verstappen is right in front of Hamilton after the latter pitted – that’s a great way to help Verstappen without bringing any suspicion on themselves.

  26. 5/10

    We saw one of the craziest races of all time but we lost half the race with VSC….

  27. This race is what happens when F1 turns into NASCAR.

    1. More like GranTurismo. Beginners level.

  28. Josh (@canadianjosh)
    5th December 2021, 19:51

    Wow , very dirty race and a bit of a dangerous circuit. Yas Marina is gonna be crazy. Best season I’ve ever watched.

  29. Very strange race indeed, gave it 9 for the excitement, but I agree stewarding is subpar.

  30. This was horrible all around. Max maybe 1 extra penalty but Hamilton holy eff my guy he NEEDED a penalty for driving into the back of Max. Almost the entire track was available to Max’s left and Ham just “I’m going to drive into him”. This is getting stupid, and he says “things getting thrown at us” ? Wow. There was no sportsmanship in this race at all.

    1. Almost entire track to Max’s left???

      1. @jimfromus Absolutely. Max was slow for a very, very long time — in fact he was slowing while still in the left-hand sweeping corner. And during that entire time, until the last 10-20 feet, Max was to the right. All Hamilton had to do was pass. On the front straight. Like many others were able to do.

  31. Bizzare like a JoJo episode. 10/9 because of championship. Stewards did a horrible job. Camera directors also did a terrible job.

  32. Please make changes to this track. It is purpose-built for crashes and running off the track.

  33. RandomMallard (@)
    5th December 2021, 19:54

    A mixture of awful stewarding and an awful track makes this the worst race I’ve every witnessed. 2/10

  34. Triggered, track is terrible.

  35. Masi definitely isn’t Charlie Whiting, please replace him.

    1. I think the point is its pretty clear its not a job for one person, the role needs splitting up.

  36. I’ve no idea what to think. Far and away the ugliest race I’ve ever seen. Track is just designed for utter chaos, too many interruptions, doesn’t exactly suit a venue for world championship battle. I won’t even get into Max and Lewis…

    I guess it was entertaining in its own way?

    1. Good race but too much FIA meddling.

  37. I wish I could vote a negative number. -2

  38. 1/10 – terrible circuit, Formula 1 cannot race on a track like this. Too much confusion on the track, very slow and controversial decisions by the stewards… too much delay in cleaning the track, too many virtual safety cars that could have been avoided… a shameful day for formula 1

  39. The track is abysmal for racing, I’d prefer they never go back but I know that’s wishful thinking. On track it was a mess, neither Hammy or Max come off saintly.

  40. It was exciting for all the wrong reasons, one of the dirtiest races I’ve ever saw. Something needs to be done about the standard of the driving or someone is going to be killed.

    1. Totally agree. Was I looking at GranTurismo or F1?

  41. The best thing about the race is the FIA negotiating penalties with the teams :
    RBR : We’re fine with Ocon 1st, Verstappen 2nd and Hamilton 3rd
    Mercedes : We suggest Hamilton 1st, Ocon 2nd, Verstappen 3rd
    FIA final offer is Ocon 1st, Hamilton 2nd, Verstappen 3rd : Sold !

    1. Wow. Did the Mercedes’ “offer” really happened? (I didn’t hear it myself)

    2. Although it was farcical @tifoso1989, I think Masi messed up and didn’t realise Ocon was in first, rather than Merc suggesting that. The fact he didn’t know shows he is out of his depth sadly.

      1. @john-h
        Absolutely ! The FIA sadly should really think about its race direction which become farcical to say the least. I think they have contributed massively to transform what was an intense sporting rivalry at the beginning of the season to a bitter dangerous on-track payback. I’m not exonerating anyone from both camps but if the race direction was consistent and had a firm grip on the races, this will not escalate into the situation that it is now.

  42. I hope someone analyses all the incidents and overtakes in a video thoroughly. Would love a detailed explanation of what was right, what was wrong and what was grey.

  43. Bad race and about fifteen laps too long, 2 generous points/10

    Kinda liked the circuit, I appreciate the unforgiving ones

  44. Voted 6. Exciting but way, way too much amateur hour.

  45. Never seen such a spilt in the voting. Lots of 1s , probably for various reasons. Lots of 8, 9, 10s. Not much in-between.

  46. Awful race. And this track is not F1 ready. Too dangerous. Although great for qualifying.

  47. F1 should not race here. This circuit clearly isn’t up to par, the numerous incidents in both F1 and F2 shows it. With the unsportsmanlike driving shown too, this was a low point for me.

    With FIA haggling with the teams on where to start? This is despicable.

    With Lewis and Max being on equal points? That’s a plus one.

    My rating is therefore 2.

  48. I just don’t understand, when you have all the money in the world and you’re building a brand new track, why you would choose to build it like that. The safety cars and red flags were inevitable but to have them one after the other in quick succession like that felt farcical. The gamesmanship and politics left a sour taste in my mouth and my opinion of the race directors has never been lower. I guess I should hand it to Hamilton and Verstappen for finding a way to the front no matter what’s thrown at them but neither of them covered themselves in glory today. Following this sport is so damn tiring sometimes. I’m looking forward to the season being over.

  49. Horrible race
    Horrible place
    Horrible track

  50. A 1 from me, and that’s only because there’s no option for a zero. Was is entertaining, thrilling, yeah sure. But it was an absolute farce from start to finish. Terrible circuit in an horrendous country, awful stewarding and race directorship, a total lack of racecraft. Awful in just about every way, a really bad look for the sport.

  51. Given the red flags of both F1 and F2 the track needs major adjustments.

  52. 5 from me, to many safety cars, virtual safety cars and yellow flags. Not a great circuit for wheel to wheel racing, without the constant string of incidents it would have been a procession.

  53. That was not a race, it was a mess and one that due to bad camera positions we couldn’t properly watch.

    From Bottas blatantly backing up Verstappen, and Hamilton not following under the safety car to the first restart, to hamilton ramming verstappen because he doesn’t understand how to pass a car that is in 3rd slowing down. Or Verstappen being told to give back and still get 5 seconds etc… i really could not figure out what was going on at some point. How should a casual viewer figure out what happened, what was going on etc… Race leadership was detrimental throughout the race in a worse way then i have seen in a decade+ of watching.

    I think the biggest issue was the track itself. No real overtaking possible, down right dangerous blind corners and then a race leadership that must have been drunk.

    Only positive, hamilton and verstappen now are at the same points. Let’s hope they have different stewards and frisk them for hidden booze flasks at the next race, cause this was a good race for all the bad reasons…

    1. This race was as bad as human rights are in that country… Forgot to add the pun

  54. This was like WWE entertainment not world class racing. Poor race. This coming from a Hamilton supporter here. It left a bitter aftertaste, 4/10.

  55. I’m kind of surprised with the reactions here, for me it was the first 10 without any thinking in my life. Of course, Masi and the stewards tailoring the decision under the red flag, that was stupid and unacceptable from the long-term perspective, but solely from the perspective of how this season unravels and how crazy it is, it perfectly fits. 10.

    1. Provocative indeed.

  56. I went for 6. I’ve never felt so deflated after such a crazy race. Bad communication and officiating plus a bad tempered fight. But it has to get some points for sheer madness.

  57. This was a crazy and dangerous and to top that the driving standards were questionable. I cannot even say that the race was entertaining. Bahrain battle between Rosberg and Hamilton, that was entertaining, Vettel and Alonso in Monza, that was entertaining, not this kind of dirty racing. Whether going for impossible gaps or running cars off the track or overaking off the track, what sort of racing is this? Even Kimi and Seb, I mean what is this!
    I suppose credit to the race director for managing the race with much needed race flags. But safety cars would have been a better choice for clearing debris.

  58. 3, and it could easily have been a 1. Don’t think I’ve ever felt so utterly dismayed after a grand prix.

    My ideal result was to have the two title contenders as close to equal as possible going into the last race (both have driven great seasons and would deserve it), so I got my perfect outcome and the actual racing wasn’t awful. But the race was just depressing and exasperating… the first red flag, the constant interruptions due to the circuit design, the inability of the race director to notice most of the action and the potentially horrific accident that happened as a result of the first red flag standing start. Made worse by them insisting on another standing start straight after it.

    And above all some appalling driving on display, the ridiculous mess at the front, the boring pit wall visits and the mind-numbing FIA radio stuff. Felt like watching WWE scripted by whoever writes the Kardashians programme.

    1. LOL. That last bit summed up the day…quite well.


  59. Wildly entertaining yet wildly frustrating at the same time. The track is beautiful and makes for some interesting racing, but it’s much too dangerous in my opinion.

    Way too much dirty driving, mostly from Max on this one. He doesn’t possess the temperament for this yet. At this point, he may be the fastest driver in F1 as I don’t think Lewis is quite as “raw quick” as he was when he was younger. But Lewis shows so much racing craft now and his judgement may give him the championship.

  60. János (@meandthewanderlust)
    5th December 2021, 20:28

    What a disgrace.

    Highly entertaining but come on!

  61. Verstappen is a dirty racer… Almost every race there’s problems because of him…
    He’s a brat child that needs some spanking in the ass!

    1. János (@meandthewanderlust)
      5th December 2021, 20:45

      Now Lewis slowing down and running into the back of Max is Max’s fault?

      1. If Max pressed the brakes whilst watching Lewis in his mirrors, yes, it’s his fault. If he didn’t press the brakes, it’s Lewis’ fault. If max didn’t look in his mirrors, but did press the brakes, racing incident

  62. Ok, few points here:

    – first (double) pitstop of Mercedes was very dirty from sportsmanship perspective, they received full karma when Verstappen got free pitstop under the red flag
    – the move on Hamilton after the first restart was stupid yet life-saving from Verstappen. Had he stayed careful on the brakes, Bottas would have very possibly hit him, and I’m not sure it would be fully unintentional. Say what you want about Verstappen’s move, it saved the championship battle for us.
    – deciding about the grid under the red flag was farcical. Yeah, Verstappen should cease the position to Hamilton but we’ll leave Ocon ahead because…? Very bad decisions from Masi. On the other hand, crying about the first red flag is unsubstantiated since the barried was really badly damaged.
    – three virtual safety cars were totally unecessary and mismanaged from the race direction perspective. One full safety car would fully clear the track in four laps.
    – and the dance towards the end from Verstappen mainly…well, you have to give something to him. It’s very easy for us to judge from TV, but I can imagine how hard it was to keep such a frantic pace on the mediums, and the snap of understeer for which he received a 5 second penalty can be atributed to that. Brilliant racing from Hamilton. He escaped DNF thanks to his masterly reactions 2 or 3 times today.
    – and that ceasing of position…well, that was shambolic. No one really knew what was happening and I don’t fully get why the penalty was given when Verstappen gave Hamilton the position twice. But seeing those reactions in the Mercedes garage, that was absolutely unreal. This is once in a decade season.

    1. János (@meandthewanderlust)
      5th December 2021, 20:42

      I was suprised nobody mentioned Bottas almost wiping Max of the race track at the first restart.

      Glad you saw it as well!

  63. 1/10.
    Complete farce. Black flag for Max Verstappen was not shown.

  64. János (@meandthewanderlust)
    5th December 2021, 20:40

    On a different note:

    Can we PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE see the cars overtaking each other – Bottas hunting down Ocon & 1 Ferrari being withing 2 tenths of the other – instead of watching Lewis cruise home for the last 4 laps?

    Come on F1, get yourself a more capable director…

    Also the amount of Hamilton team radios we’re getting in comparison to everyone else’s is becoming ridiculous!

  65. A lot of stupid moves, very little racing goin on…Crashfest 2021. Lousy season.

  66. I do not like crashes, and improvising, on-the-fly-inventing by the race director.
    I do not like debris on and around the track. The track was a bit too fast for a street curcuit with many blind corners so it felt more dangerous than many other tracks. Therefore I can not rate it as high as many.

    I do not have as much problems with Masi as many, but the negotiation/offering was something new and “interesting”. Broadcasting it and some former similar negotiations, begging-like efforts from no matter which team’s managers, is even worse, reality show-like, not helps the sport’s reputation, and surely is not welcome by many.

    About the negotiating/offering: As Red Bull, I would have refused the offer, unless they were sure by that time, that Verstappen and the car is not quick enough to nullify a 5seconds penalty if being ahead in clean air after the restart. Probably to do so they could have chooose the hard tyres, and they have ccoose the mediums as a result of accepting Masi’s offer, as they wanted a quick overtake attempt soon after the restart. Hamilton did well, and kept it clean at most of the times, but the first red flag, was not entirely unlicky for him as the mediums on which he started on was used for 7 laps before the race, therefore he might have had a shorter stint than the others. Counting on that, RB could have gone for an early undercut, given their pace was not bad, and the midfield was falling back quickly, so maybe there would have been less problems with traffic than ususal. But with the many many incidents and interruptions we have not seen how plan A plays out strategically for the teams.

  67. This race was a joke, the track was a joke. Stewarding is a joke.

  68. 10 lap VSC to let Max keep his yellow tires fresh was a good try by race control. Tires still went away.

  69. Dutchguy (@justarandomdutchguy)
    5th December 2021, 21:05


    Poor stewarding, the single dumbest accident of the season and a track that produces poor racing and might be dangerous to boot. What the hell was Masi bargaining for? just give the penalty or don’t. And that’s not to mention the whining on the radio and bad sportsmanship from Mercedes (Bottas’ pitstop) and Verstappen (turn 1 antics). Things were slightly up (apart from the whining) around/after the first red flag but everything got really stupid – and honestly, tiring – after the restart.
    F1 should not return to this track and reflect on what happened here.

  70. 10/10 for entertainment, 0/10 as a sporting event. You cannot simply make rules up as you go and barter with the team bosses, Mercedes should have told Masi to apply the rules fairly and consistently, but it seems he isn’t able to do that.

    This is bringing the sport into disrepute and I fear we will see a collision in the final race.

  71. I can quite understand people voting for 1, I graded it as a 4 because there was lots of good racing, but what happened at the front of the race was definitely disgraceful. It’s what I said before, does Max want to win the WDC with class or not?

  72. Drama and action: 11/10
    Sportsmanship: 2/10
    Race director: -1/10

    1. Masi “offering” Red Bull a position at the restart! What?? Farcical to say the least. So unprofessional. Missing Charlie Whiting.

  73. Sadly, Max’s behaviour is discrediting the F1 racing series, and possibly this season’s results.

    1. Folks It’s opposite day. Fia, fom, f1 have no power, they always go towards the biggest pull.

  74. Big fat 1. Turned the TV off for the first time ever. What a farce.

  75. 10/10
    Sportsmanship or not, history is being written here. This will be the race we will talk about for years. FIA must make the rules clear and penalties consistent. But finally, it is not the cars but human competition why I watch this sport, and it is pushed to the extreme in this season.

  76. Embarassing. Having the fia radio filling in the blanks even makes it more blatantly obvious. Nothing but politics.

  77. Fabulous entertainment, action & drama : 10

  78. I cannot put that into one number.
    The conversation between Massi and RB about the restart grid order was sickening. Just apply the rules publicly, transparently, and consistently (too much to ask?).

  79. Eoghan (@eoghanwburke06)
    6th December 2021, 0:15

    Very odd race. Even though I voted a 9 just because of how entertaining it was, I can see where people are coming from, voting it a 1. Race direction was very poor.
    I also think that the circuit is getting the brunt of the hate for some of the moments in the race, I still think that it’s a great circuit. If it has a problem, it’s not raceability, it’s the crash and safety car potential.
    Oh, and t1 & 2 need to be reprofiled. They’re even worse than at Monza.

  80. Having seen the other votes I am unsure I voted on the right basis (having voted low). I mean I realise the poll conditions refer to entertainment and excitement, but I still applied this in the context of ‘pure racing’. I mean they could have put the race in a microdot in the corner of the screen and shown a new unannounced star wars movie and I would have found that entertaining. In other words, yes, there was drama and excitement, but not of the nature I would like to become common to Grand Prix events.

  81. I didn’t watch on TV, as I refuse after Brazil – but from some snippets on you tube and the radio commentary, it was a good job the second car in the fight was an experienced hand – or someone would’ve gotten hurt.

  82. I went a little low with 7, mainly because red flags take off a good amount of points in my rating.

  83. Not sure whether a 1/10 is low enough for this one since I don’t have a clear view of what I was watching. Is it the intention of Liberty and FIA to build this sport into a circus or festival?

  84. -1. Never forget what I did to the enemies who constantly used namecalling against both Verstappen and Hamilton. Every single one of the offenders were dealt with, all by myself.

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