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2013 United States Grand Prix

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2013 United States Grand Prix

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224 comments on “Rate the race: 2013 United States Grand Prix”

    1. agreed. very disappointing. bad for the US fans who dont know much about f1.

      1. Tyres again, surely by now it should be obvious, even to those fans who would applaud anything that stopped Vettel winning, that these tyres do nothing for the race except discourage fast laps and attacking driving, barely a 5 for me.

        1. A small 5 from me as well – there was some good fighting after all, and a few very gutsy overtakes.
          Indeed tires again. I just had a thought while drifting off during the race;
          if the pit lanes were either shorter or the speed limits were higher, the pit stops would be faster, and the advantage to manage the tires much smaller, making it pay to push.

          1. @testacorsa, take that thought to its logical conclusion – no pitstops and tyres that don’t need managing, then it’s a car race, not a tyre trial.

          2. Pit lanes could be designed as shortcuts so that the extra time when driving through would only be an extra two or three seconds.

            There was one race at Donnington (?) where Senna (?) went into the pit lane but then decided not to pit after all. He set fastest lap while doing that…


          3. @hohum I get what you mean, but personally I don’t mind that there is pitstops, as they sometimes contribute to the excitement. It is something both drivers and pitcrew has to be very skilled at. Furthermore, to construct a tire that would last an entire race, at these massive grip levels, without them having to be managed, would be hard to do, I would guess.

            @mike-dee Good thinking! I didn’t know about that Senna story. I bet that raised a few eyebrows when they found out.

          4. @testacorsa, I understand that if you have grown-up with pit-stops as part of F1 it is hard to imagine F1 without them but many successful forms of motorsport don’t have pit-stops, F1 used to be one of them. F1 should always be a technical challenge and I suspect tyre companies would rather be challenged to build a better tyre than to build a bad tyre and I am sure they can build a tyre capable of 300Km of hard racing.

          5. I can imagine them not being there, it’s just that it takes a factor away that has potential excitement, more than it’s tradition playing a role.
            It is possible that it would push both man, machine, and tires much more to the limit with no pit stops, I’m just afraid that the tires would be nursed to make them last 300 km. But if it is technically possible to build a lasting tire that could be pushed very close to the max for the race distance, I´m all for it.

    2. Dull? You’re being too soft, heh.

    3. The race clashed with the early NFL kickoffs. I was watching live streams on my computer so I sacrificed one of my windows to show the GP. After half an hour I turned off the GP and went back to the excitement of the NFL. Judging by the emptiness of some of the grandstands I guess a lot of American sports fans found something more interesting to do this afternoon. I rated the half hour I watched as a 2/10.

    4. Draaaaab . So booooring.

    5. softs and mediums would have been fun and safe

    6. Agreed – 0/10 until about lap 40, then a 6, so averaging 3-ish

  1. 5 or 6/10. Definitely better than the past two races.

  2. The race got off with a pretty slow start, but the second half was full of action, it’s about an 8.

    1. I wish I shared your baseline for excitement. That was awful. There have been more exciting practice sessions.

      1. Agreed… few moves, and those that there were DRS-engineered… mostly the race was a parade with few changes of position…

        I pity the commentators having to try to make it sound exciting, they had to resort to talking about the drivers’ girlfriends ***

      2. All the rate the race results are inflated anyway by the inability to vote 0. To completely ignore 0-0.99 etc as a positive score has a knock on effect to provide higher than true numbers. This certainly wasn’t a zero though. It is also a problem that everything thinks the worst race on earth is still a 4 (or thereabouts), generally people are reluctant to dish out the harshest scores even when it would be perfectly reasonable to.

        I gave this a 6. There was some half decent racing up and down the field. I liked watching Romain take Mark at the start and hold him off at the end. Middle was quite boring though.

        1. @nick-uk My baseline is a 2 or something . I gave this 4 . No more .

    2. Yes, and with the same profile pic, I’ve noticed you too are registered here :)

  3. 1/10 Race was over after the first corner: like most F1 races.

    1. OmarR-Pepper (@)
      17th November 2013, 21:58


  4. Dreadful. 2/10. I’ve had enough.

  5. 7.
    Boring. Just that. I’m happy I went to last year’s race, this was dull as Spain. Extra point for the finish. Webber should watch for his traction on Brazil!

    1. Your scoring confuses me.

      1. I was rating a 6 until the Ricciardo, Button and Gutierrez train and Webber closing on Grosjean.

        1. I mean, why is it so high if it was ‘boring’. Even 6 is high for boring.

    2. Your scoring confuses me aswell especially because you didn’t like Spain.

      1. 5 for me is too low, I rated that for Abu Dhabi. This race was better than that one. Sapin was similar to this race in terms of tyre conservation.

    3. Last I gave this race an 8/10. I hardly ever rate above 7.

      Your scoring escapes me also

      I’d imagine you rate last years race around a 15/10 if you’d rate this one a 7.

      Anyways, I gave 1/10. I’d rate lower if I could. Compared to the racing last year, this year just cannot compare. The highest rating I’ve given this year was 8/10 in Silverstone and Australia.

      I gave 9/10 ratings 5 times last year…. So you see why i’m so harsh.

      1. I agree with you over the action that can’t compare. But i would rather complain to those who are rating this race a 10.

  6. No comment. Heavy eyelid

    1. Usual score for a race without Kimi.

  7. 7, for the world record and for some great drives from Bottas, Grosjean and Hülkenberg – particularly the former. Great last couple of laps between Alonso and The Hulk as well!

    The DRS wasn’t too bad and the tyres generally were quite good at holding up too. Brundle said it all though:

    We are witnessing something really special in sport.

    1. Nomination for overtake of the race definitely, possibly the season, with Bottas on Di Resta Rouen the outside in T2 – brilliant braving it out right on the edge of the track!

      1. @vettel1 I liked JB’s on Ricciardo ! using the slope out of turn 1 very nicely

        1. @fer-no65 me too, I was surprised by that.

      2. @vettel1 watched the race at turn 1 for the start of the race and a few laps after safety car, fans were out of their seats but after lap 10 everyone was just sitting chatting and ignoring race. Only Hulkenberg and Alonso really got persons going again late in the race. Some ppl didn’t even wait until the end of the race to leave, avoiding the traffic was more interesting than the foregone conclusion.

        That said I gave it a six for some interesting battles and maybe some bonuses from being there in person.

    2. @vettel1

      We are witnessing something really special in sport.

      Don’t agree, in the same way that I don’t believe Michael was that good, in my opinion this is how legends are made no one can argue that in this era Vettel has been practically faultless, and no one can denied that that is whats “really special” but things can change as they did from 08 to 09, that said the newer cars are probably going to be even more on the rear axle than the 2013’s.

      1. @peartree I strongly disagree: I think Michael Schumacher dominated because he was just so far ahead of everyone else after Häkkinen left. Nobody apart from Vettel-Red Bull has come close to such totalitarian domination of the sport, and I think that’s vastly undervalued due to the perspective that permeates humanity in that underdogs are valued more highly; unjustly so I feel.

        I would argue that Vettel’s 2013 season has been one of the best of any driver in the history of the sport.

        1. @vettel1 I don’t think “totalitarian” means what you think it means.

          Also, regardless of the stats, this period of F1 just leaves me cold. I genuinely don’t believe we are seeing one of F1’s all-time greats here. It reminds me of the crushing Williams cars of the 1990s. Certain drivers dominated, but probably not the best ones.

          1. Thanks for highlighting that @red-andy, the word it was looking for was simply “total”.

            Again, I disagree. I think you really only need to look at the teammates: Barichello and Webber were not even close to their respective teammates. Vettel’s domination of Webber has been just as profound as Alonso’s of Massa, and I’d still argue Webber was comfortably a better driver than Massa over the time period. (N.B. I’m deliberately speaking of Webber in the past tense).

            Schumacher showed his skill in the 90’s and followed that up when he annihilated the competition in the early 2000’s. Vettel I’m sure will prove over and above his Toro Rosso days at some stage that he can cut it just as well when he isn’t in the best car: I don’t doubt a drivers ability just because his car is good, otherwise I’d be saying Jim Clark was average, and that would be foolish.

          2. @red-andy

            I genuinely don’t believe we are seeing one of F1′s all-time greats here. It reminds me of the crushing Williams cars of the 1990s.

            I don’t remember Hill, Villeneuve or Mansell dragging a Toro Rosso-esque car up the grid at the age of 21.

          3. Just a point about the so-called “Toro Rosso-esque” car – a Newey designed customer car with a Ferrari engine. Drag it around? Hardly! Just needed good drivers.

          4. @david-a Given that none of those drivers were even in F1 at the age of 21, it’s a meaningless comparison. But when those drivers were given front-of-the-midfield machinery (as the STR3 certainly was by the end of 2008), they all performed about as well as Vettel managed. Hill even managed to pick up a win in similar conditions to Vettel’s, at Spa in 1998.

          5. @red-andy – I always felt Hill was quite underrated, but even so, his win at Spa was in a race of high attrition- only 8 cars finished the race, as opposed to 19 at Monza 2008. Did Villeneuve perform as well as Vettel? Or even Mansell? The latter was beaten by his teammates in 4 of his first 5 years in the sport and didn’t win a race until 1985. The former hardly achieved above average results outside of 1996-97.

            @luvinf1 – You point out who designed it but then forget that it finished 7th in the championship with Red Bull Racing. That’s with them starting the season with that chassis, while STR started the season with the 2007 car. In addition it wasn’t just a case of slapping a Ferrari engine in there, a theory debunked by Toro Rosso’s technical director at the time- various components at the rear of the car had to be changed. The fact that Vettel finished 8th in the driver’s championship meant he did have to “drag” it there- as he beat several drivers in superior machinery, and comfortably beat others driving machinery on par with his.

        2. Max it is good no doubt you have fact of 8 wins in a row to back your claim up but again i repeat Webber can gain 8 tenths in 1 sector lol when he overtook Ham. I think is arguably the best redbull they have buil by some margin. 2009-2010 Web was good he then dipped with Pirelli or age, now all of a sudden he is onit and no i dont think its cuz he is leaving because the qually gapsto 3rd proves that. You just love Vettel so much thats all its hard for us to argue when your guy is 4 x wc but man this car is something elsee. No doubt someone will come up with that old argument well why dint Webber win if the car is so dominant.

        3. @vettel1 I’am perfectly aware of the underdog situation, but as @red-andy adds, there are only 2 drivers on the same car and often that car is tailored around what is the driver they believe in. All things considered it’s pretty much impossible to think that someone could have driven better ever since they changed the front tyres and even before that even if RBR wasn’t as dominant I’m sure he got almost 100% from the car. What I am saying is that lately you see how good a driver is by comparing his performances across the regulation changes, because sometimes some drivers lose themselves with the new driving style associated with new regulations, meaning that I certainly rate highly the guys that can adapt and do their best from the get-go irregardeless of the car or style of driving, to make a comparison I speak of Marc Marquez, different sports but he found a riding style that he liked and it is fast but no one can beat match him or beat him right from the start of his career, for me Vettel is a question mark on that subject.

          1. Of course we wait until 2014, but I’d be massively surprised if Vettel loses his touch.

          2. I was sure of Vettels talent, first time he raced in F1, standing in for Kubica. I didn’t think that he would for sure become a new Schumacher, but I was sure he had a lot of potential.
            After Vettels first WC in 2009, I was sure he would dominate F1 for a long period to come. The way he nailed his first title, proved that he had the mental strength, and he was in an ambitious team with Newey. And let us remember, this years dominance only came about because the improvements by the competition after mid season wasn’t efficient as RBR’s.
            Some on this forum will never see Vettel as one of the all times great F1 pilots, but now he is starting to crush Schumachers records!

          3. How do you know that the other drivers are just lousy at adapting? For all you know, their cars might be as quick as the RedBull and its the drivers themselves that are not able to extract the performance from them?

    3. 7, for the world record

      Please don’t rate for World Records , FLAPS , Championship win , Multiple WDC . Please rate based on action or excitement ( you would say Vettel winning by just 8 seconds generated a lot of tension in you that he might lose the lead but I am not going to fall for that RBR trick )

      1. @hamilfan note the subsequent points.

  8. A 6 for me. Very boring at times, but a there were “couples” which made it exciting from time to time. The last bit of the race was nice.

    And the message from Vettel to his team was… special? hard to put it in one word, but he’s really enjoying himself out there. And we’re watching something that might not happen in another 60 years.

    It’s a massive achievement for him, which gets easier the more this season lasts and the longer it goes from the other teams giving up on this cars. But still… inspiring.

    1. I liked that radio message. But still dry race .

  9. Oh, how I miss the excitement of motorsport. A rather lovely early evening snooze – 4/10.

    1. I gave it a 4 too.

  10. Nothing compared to last year US GP ,but still a pretty good race considering that all the teams are almost on same strategy,really a matured drive from grosjean.i give it 7

  11. 7.
    Agree with (@vettel1 that DRS wasn’t too OP here. Well balanced out. Diving moves from Rosberg, Webber and Bottas on Guttierez were spectacular to watch. Mercedes still 2nd in the constructors!!!! YES!!!

    1. @krichelle Rosberg was fantastic .Lewis maintained well and crucially held off Fernando in the end . Mercedes almost nail 2nd place . YES YES YES indeed !

  12. that was a boring race, god im so sick of vettel i know he is a damn great driver but in the end of the day his car just has more grip, bite to the race track.

  13. 6 out of 10. Sleeping was sometimes interrupted by Crofty’s voice going louder with the attempt of an overtake.

    1. Lol.

      This was the first race in a while that actually put me to sleep, but I got woken up by annoying ads constantly.

      Great tyre choice for this race and what an unpredictable result for the win. -> 2/10

  14. I actually liked it. Yes Vettel won once more but DRS felt just about right. Passes were not the usual “have DRS and i fly by” but one had to work for it. Gave it an 8 because there was a genuine contest for places after 1st.

    1. @nmsi DRS was the only good thing in the race . Correct distance , correct advantage and no free pass overtakes :-). But the race itself was a procession. The only thing more worse than that would have been a Sutil train at slow speed .

  15. 8/10 – it wasn’t the greatest race and DRS was too much. But all in all good battles even more so on the live timing app because the director of the international feed had never seen a race before.

  16. 5. Yawn-worthy.

  17. Too much tyre management again which killed the racing AGAIN!

    Watching drivers running around to a lap delta saving tyres, Having to ask the team if they can push or not (As Lewis did) is boring.
    Watching Webber close on Grosjean & then drop back to watch the tyres was boring.
    Watching Webber’s tyres fall off because he was pushing to try & pass Grosjean was boring.

    Formula tyres in general is boring & to be frank im not sure how much longer im going to stick with it :(

    1. Uhhh no, tyres were ultra-conservative this weekend. The one stop strategy was what everyone aimed for and almost everybody succeeded with ease. Seeing the onboards, it was quite clear they could push the cars the whole race.

      1. No the 1 stop strategy had them hanging back and not pushing or racing until they got near their planned pit stop or races end.

        1. If that had been the case, there would have been more two-stopping teams. We have seen races this year that one or two teams have been able to pull one-stoppers but this time it seemed like everyone, even Mercedes and some other teams that have always been struggling with tire wear were able to do it with minimal pace management.

          Obviously they were nowhere near to what they were in 2005 for example but in terms of Pirelli tires, this was a conservative choice.

  18. Watched the beginning…….came back half way ……cars in same positions………..came back for the end………..cars in same positions……saw webber nearly overtake someone!!………saw alonso get overtaken!!! then he took the place back!!….then it finished…….did I miss anything while I was away?

    1. Not really

    2. I would have missed something, but those who merely seeks entertainment probably didn’t miss anything.

      1. I do know where you are coming from, but if you don’t watch it for entertainment why are you watching it? Are you scouting it your next chauffer?

  19. Cheerleaders were my favourite part. Where are the cowboy hats for the podium???????????

  20. A decent 6: Pretty dull at the beginning but it did warm towards the end, with battles throughout the field. Webber as usual useless when it comes to making the overtake that matters.

    1. I hope one day somebody arrives at your work to tell you how useless you’ve been. Stay polite.

    2. You mean he couldn’t pass the guy he was half a second quicker than because because close racing was ruining his tyres.

      1. +1 @hohum that could describe any race this year, and certainly describes what is wrong with f1.

  21. 5 – Good race

  22. I gave it a 5, and that was generous. God that was boring, can’t wait for a Brazil that puts all the missed excitement of this year in one race

  23. Ill give it a 10 just for history, you cant deny its a great achievement i said yday its lucky to have this gd reliability im really wrong about that, you make your own luck. This car is special though guys i no we keep saying it but its undeniable, Webber is not better than Lewis and he took 8 tenths in 1 sector when he got past its unheard of. And that was Webber and we know he is not as good as Seb, so outstanding achievement but its also quit frustrating. Do Vettel fans even enjoy the races alot? I m not going to lie i want Ham to win another championship but not in this way, no driver on the grid has had this car advantage. Hopefully next year is different. I would personally like new tyr supplier, i just cant wait to see back off them they have done something i just dont like,. Today Ham must have been driving to a delta you can hear frustrations in their voice they cant risk pushing. Its no secret they have not helped Ham’s carear imo. But again well done Seb clearly a great driver but it will take a while yet to find out how good, Ric wont hold a candle to him has no race pace.

    But 1 thing id like to say is well done to Hamilton you have beat your teammate in yourr first attempt have more poles should have a win more aswell, sure you have been inconsistent at times but thats the tyres and traffic making him look bad. People say Ros has had retirements, well look at Hungary for insstance Ros retired 2 laps to go in 9th so he lost a measly 2 points lol. He was 6th in Aus and behind Ham. Ham had 12 point loss in Silverstone and retired in Japan. So you have defo finished above him on merit. This wkend i said look at last few races Ham as just been unlucky he as made some great starts and been unlucky today he was not unlucky.

    1. Ham unlucky, Ros bad driver ladie da.

      Must be said though, this is the first season Lewis ends with less wins than his teammate.

      1. Huh what you mean with first sentance. Wh cares Ham beat Rs in his irst year. Ros hamerd Schumi, still looks good even though Schumi was old.

        1. Ha ha my keyboard is awful i can spell trust me.

          1. I have been watching F1 since 2007, I am an avid Lewis fan, so I rarely care about anything bar his race, other than where Nico finishes, being his team mate, and his position in the championship.

            It has been painful watching F1 since 2009, bar a couple of instances where it has looked like he could have had another championship under his belt (Mid 2010, Points in 2012) I feel I can take something positive from this year, he has certainly been far more consistent this year with Mercedes, bringing home points regularly despite only 1 win, and all being well in Brazil, 3rd is the highest position he has finished in the championship since his WDC in 2008.
            I feel he has another couple under his belt, But I have never felt it’d be under this wide winged, DRS, Pirelli tyre, Vettel dominating era.
            There is still hope for us Lewis fans just yet, chin up mate!

      2. @ardenflow good point . But again ‘crappy tyres’. He should have won silverstone .

    2. ‘Ill give it a 10 just for history’

      Are you kidding me ? how can you rate a race for historic things . Rate it based on excitement and action .

  24. Not happy I got up at 5am to watch this race. Totally confusing how people have voted the last few races so highly. Gave it a 3 for the tiny amount of action there was, a grand total of five or so minutes of excitement (if you could call it that) in two hours.

    1. I agree. I cannot understand how some people vote so weirdly. Here’s an example

      7. Boring. Just that.

      So if it was boring, how does that get a 7?

      1. Lol saw that too. My three was quite generous in hindsight. I should have given it a two

  25. 4, a 5 if I was feeling really generous.

    Hearing Martin and Crofty sound like they have lost most of their will to live during a race is never a good sign (Though that could have been for the race director being absolutely terrible).

    The few interesting moments there were did not make up for the long periods of boredom we had to endure.

  26. Happy for Seb on podium he looks really happy talking to the crowd and you can tell the boos do affect him i think he is humble.

    1. @danclapp Where there boos again? I didn’t catch the podium interview.

      1. @svfan

        No, there were only real fans in Austin.

  27. Ignoring Vettel , solid battle second, it was amazing to see Webber hunting down Grosjean i’ll give it a 7.

  28. 1/10 fell asleep because of the boredom, 2014 can’t come fast enough

  29. these rubbish tyres are really killing f1, i wont be watching next week.

    1. I agree, Pirelli should have been more aggressive with their pick ;)

      1. More aggressive tyres just means more pit stops not less tyre management.

        1. I know. And that’s what has made me more interested in F1 the past two years. And that’s what I’d like to have in future as well.

          “Tyre management” only makes a cosmetic difference in terms of what some people call the purity of F1 (which I doubt even exists). For me, the pros are greater than the cons.

  30. Really boring. There were a few good moves and battles (like Bottas at Turn 2 and Alonso picking up a few places), but overall the race lacked any kind of excitement. When the top 5 are all separated by 5 second gaps after ten or something laps, you know there is something wrong.


  31. A solid 6. I call that ‘solid’ after the last one got 2.

    Quite boring but action here and there kept it going for me (unlike Abu Dhabi which I had to turn off)

  32. 5. Some good moments but all in all just not good enough. Kudos to Bottas, who had a fantastic weekend, and Grosjean, who beat a Red Bull fair and square.

    1. with a little help from the other Red Bull.

  33. I rated this 8. HULK and VET had a good day out. I think HULK made a mistake trying to hold up ALO on the apex of T1, ALO was a little more wise to that move.
    There were overtakes up and down the pack, GRO is feeling mighty in that Lotus, and I think perhaps that he will go from strength to strength next year as #1 at Lotus. Lets see if Lotus has the money to give him a car to contend the season with

  34. This is not rate the race if Vettel won.

    We seen some good attempt of overtaking and kudos to Grosjean for good defending.

  35. I vote based on RACING, not based on some pre conception of how I expect a modern f1 race to go. Compared to other forms of motorsport, f1 has become totally irrelevant and boring. Next year better be more exciting or I imagine a large portion of fans will turn off. I know I will

  36. I gave it a 4, and it was a bit generous, The longest ever season for me since i have been watching F1, now i feel what the other fans felt in 2002/2004

    1. At least there was actual racing going on in 2002/2004.
      Yes Ferrari/Schumacher dominated but behind drivers were racing hard, Pushing & overtaking which led to a lot of exciting racing going on.

      I’ve been watching F1 for 35 years & because of these crappy tyres & DRS this has been the worse season ever. No real racing, No real & exciting overtaking, Its all been DRS highway passing & tyre management…. Boringly ridiculous!

      1. which led to a lot of exciting racing going on.

        Not really.

        1. Well if you find the rushing cars with loud sounds exciting , then for sure . No passing manouvers but still drivers pushed ,which was good to see rather than this coasting and lifting and just a procession of fast cars going at snails pace.

          1. indeed, no passing because they only did that in the pits with the refuelling.

      2. Absolutely this! I haven’t been watching f1 quite as long as you, but I feel the exact same way. People refer to teams being closer than ever, but forget that its due to regulations being tighter than ever. Wing aero dependency has killed wheel to wheel racing, and the stupid tyres and drs are a daft attempt to fix it, instead of fixing the underlying problem. 2009 reg change was meant to reduce aero wake and bring back wheel to wheel racing, but its gotten worse since and there simply is NO wheel to wheel racing anymore. We see all too often cars closing in at a second or more a lap, only to get within one second and lose downforce, making it impossible to close up anywhere other than a drs zone, and ruining the fragile tyres. When was the last time we saw f1 cars racing “bumper to bumper” or ” wing to wing” as it would be, like you see in ALL other forms of motorsport? I’ll give it one more chance next year, if it doesn’t improve, ill turn off till they get their act together.

        1. When was the last time we saw f1 cars racing “bumper to bumper” or ” wing to wing” as it would be


          1. @tmekt not quite: never, since I can never recall F1 cars having bumpers ;)

            Although I do think aero dependency still needs to be reduced, or at least redirected towards ground effects which are less affected by turbulent air than wings.

          2. @vettel1 replace wings by active suspension and traction control? :)

      3. Me too, Boyo. and @fangio85.

      4. Spot on. DRS and tyre management are doing a lot of damage to this sport. I’ve never felt so frustrated than i do right now and i’m very close to giving up on the sport i’ve obsessed about my whole life. I have a feeling that 2014 might be the last year i watch and if DRS and tyre management is still the name of the game for 2015 then i’m out.

        1. @tmekt the cars cannot follow each other closely enough due to turbulence, there was no nose to tail type racing, the .001 of a second before a drs pass doesn’t count. When a car is able to follow another nose to tail, hunting for an overtake, like other race series’, it will be exciting. As it stands, and has done for ages, cars cannot follow each other within a few car lengths for long without ruining their front tyres. And, once within a second of the car in front, it becomes a procession, as the following car loses too much front downforce to maintain any advantage that got them that close to begin with.

          1. I say, two element front wings, narrowed further than the 2014 regs, and much shallower rear wings, coupled with ground effect floors, would produce the racing people want to see. The floors can be heavily restricted to prevent too much downforce, then widen the track width back to 2000mm and widen rear tyres a bit and mechanical grip will play a larger role than aero. If I had the money I’d start a series based on this

      5. @AlanBoyo
        It’s not only me then, great to have the same point of view with an old watching fan of this sport, i know that back in 2002/2004 the racing has never been boring like today especially when there was refueling ,V10 engines, right tyres, less aero …….
        The problem is with the people running the sport, i seriously don’t know if they are watching the same races we are watching now

  37. Not terribly exiting, but there was some good battles late in the race and a few surprising results.
    The reason I give it a 7, is because I felt the DRS was good. If we have to have it, it should be like this. Giving chances, keeping things going, without the usual free overtakes. I liked that.
    And while I didn’t mind a 1 stop race for once, I felt there was still too much tyre saving going on for a 1 stop race. Then I would rather have a two stop race with a bit more tyre saving, but with the added excitement of the extra pitstop and strategy.

  38. As a lifetime fan of F1, I must say that I’m simply bored to death of this sport now and I can only hope that next years huge changes make for interesting racing again. One man’s dominance is merely hiding the truth that the sport has lost all appeal. The tyres use to be so marginal that it made for great races, but now the teams have learnt to manage them which has meant drivers having to pace themselves…this is crazy, this is not an endurance race, this is effectively a sprint. How can Vettel or anything one being told to slow down and manage the tyres be racing, it is complete rubbish. DRS is just pointless, KERS is great, but what F1 need to focus on is preventing the air behind the cars being spoilt to allow close racing…not the usual of a car catching quickly then getting stuck behind because the of dirty air…fix that problem and allow 100% flat out racing and you have F1 back! Oh, and let us have some talent back, sick of paid drivers taking the places of the more deserving (PS – less Helmet Marko too, the arrogant f@@@)

    1. More or less exactly what I just said above you mate, agree 100%. I don’t hate one driver or team dominating. I hate the fact that no real racing happens.

  39. Welcome to Formula tire saving where the you can breeze past the driver ahead at the push of a button.


  40. Not much action, the action there was, was brilliant, real skill and balls being used! Even if next year’s cars are ugly again, I’m looking forward to it more now!

  41. Great passing moves by Bottas and Hulk through the rattlesnake esses, solid defensive work by Grosjean, and near perfection by Vettel (his lap to lap consistency is outstanding). On top of that, what a track! Just the cure for Yawn Marina. 7 out of 10.

  42. I hope everyone else enjoyed the fruits of “real” racing this weekend with conservative tires we had. Because I didn’t.

    1. @tmekt, you obviously have never seen real nose to tail F1 racing or you would know what is missing, regarding the tyres; as explained above the attempt to get more close racing by reducing the size of the rear wing has failed miserably because the remaining turbulence doesn’t just slow down the following car it destroys their crappy tyres! The one policy was totally destroyed by the other policy.

      1. @hohum

        you obviously have never seen real nose to tail F1 racing

        You may very well be right as I’ve only watched the sport on a more regular basis since 2002-2003. And I was a kid back then but, strangely enough, I don’t feel nostalgic at all.

        Call me crazy but to me it seems important that the sport tries to create itself again all the time, even with the risk of failing miserably. Eventually all the old purists die and if the sport doesn’t change along with new audiences, it will die too. Just look at what happened to Kodak, IBM, or Nokia, for example.

  43. when i want to see racing i watch the BTCC
    when i want to cure my insomnia i watch F1

    1. +1
      Next time they are head to head I’ll be watching BTCC. Next time MotoGP is head to head with F1 I’ll be watching MotoGP. F1 is a joke.

    2. Haha, must admit to saving some recorded races to watch when I can’t sleep

  44. Another race which sent me to sleep this year (the 6th or 7th). I don’t understand how I used to love watching Schumacher dominate 2000-4, but not appreciate Vettel’s obviously incredible era now.

  45. I really think that the past six or so races have dealt a a hammer blow to the popularity of F1 racing.
    Don’t get me wrong; it’s nor Seb’s fault, it’s not Pirelli’s fault, but something awful has happened to F1 racing even at one of the most exciting tracks in the world.
    Based on the costs accumulated by all the teams divided by the number of races this year, we just witnessed the expenditure of many tens of millions of dollars at a single event and it was bloody boring.
    No wonder the global TV audience is falling.

    1. I think it’s noone’s fault, next year there’s a big regulation change, Vettel and Red Bull won the championship very early, so there’s no reason for Ferrari, Mercedes and Lotus to bring the fight to them. Everyone is focusing on next year’s car and the results have been quite predictable in the last few races: Vettel dominating, Webber second, third or DNF, Grosjean on the podium, Mercedes in the top 5, Ferrari struggling and so on.

      I think it’s normal that the last few races have been quite boring.

      1. The thing is, because Red Bull started wrapping the championship up two or three races after the summer break, they too started focusing more and more on next year’s car, and even more so after winning the championship in India. So It’s likely that they’ll remain competitive next year, not dominant, but at least competitive. I for one just hope that it doesn’t translate to the somewhat boring racing we’ve had for the last few events.

        1. @toiago Yes , We don’t need a Brawn GP type scenario in 2014 for Red Bull. Then I will bid good bye to f1 for some time .

    2. It may not be Pirelli’s fault but it is certainly, mostly, the tyres fault, whether they are trying to get the softs to last 8 laps, the mediums to last 20 laps or the hards to last 30 laps, the result is the same; “slow down”, ” drop back, suggest 2 second gap”, “we’re not racing him, save your tyres”, “you’re looking good, don’t worry about being passed”.

  46. Overall the weekend was pretty good. The race itself was not very exiting, almost boring at moments even. But qualifying compensated a bit for that. The shootout between Vettel and Webber in Q3 was the highlight of the weekend for me. Also friday was quite good, the Sky team had alot to talk about after all the anouncements this week. Overall 7/10.

  47. I think Keith needs to include a rating guide in the rate the race pieces. How anyone can vote these last few races above five is baffling.

    A rating of 10 goes to a race that is so perfect, so… complete that it leaves you screaming at the TV throughout, speechless for hours afterwards and makes you reflect on it for long into the future. A nine is a race that comes close to achieving the feats of a 10, but perhaps with some unwanted controversy, or maybe a brief lull in activity somewhere in the middle.

    I’ve seen the odd comment here and there over the last few weeks saying, ‘solid 7’, ‘I’ll give it an eight’.


    1. Even more bizarre are the people who say ” boring” but rate above average, like 7 or 8, weird.

    2. Or just let people vote in whichever way they like. I don’t think it takes anything away from the usefulness of the result as a single individual is likely to vote on the same principles, whatever they are, every week making different results just as comparable with each other.

      There would be a problem if same people voted on completely different basis on different polls, principles varying from side to side every other week. But really I doubt that’s the case, even if other people’s opinions don’t always please you.

      The school grades from where I come are from 4 to 10, 4 being a fail and 10 being excellent, so it’s difficult to me to adjust to 1-10-system in which 4 would suddenly be the average. It just seems very harsh to me to give anything below 5. I hope I’m not destroying the poll with my weird voting :(

      1. @tmekt, reminds me of the “News from Lake Wobegone, where all the school children are above average” #garrison Keiler.

  48. This race only encourages American’s to watch NASCAR.

    F1 ain’t getting anywhere in the USA running races like this.

    Why watch F1 if it’s this boring?

  49. I haven’t watched a GP for a while. Doesn’t sound as if I’m missing much.

  50. 4/10. Only the last few laps saved it from a 3. I even got the ironing board out after 20 laps.

  51. I am with the 5% I guess.

    I give it a 1, its so boring and you know what is going to happen from the very first corner.

    F1 without drivers pushing is not F1 at all

  52. The national anthem was sung with admirable restraint, almost with grace, I’d say. ‘The Star-Spangled Banner’ is so often performed at sporting events with embarrassing trills, gulps, down-home glissandos, and talent-competition warbles. It has become tradition: the American way. In fact, I have my doubts that the singer was even American. (Yes, I guess I’m a Danielle Bradbery ‘birther.’) I was impressed.

    A 3 for the race.

    1. Really? I thought it was the usual USA tacky promotion as always. I found myself saying “Let’s play ball…” just as she finished singing!!!

  53. Very, very poor event today. No excitement, no entertainment and if F1 carries on like this there will be no fans and no sponsors. Redbull and Vettel are destroying F1 and if it continues like this I can see top drivers and teams leaving F1 and TV stations refusing to show future races due to the lack of interest. F1 is dying.

    1. @superbillkent

      Redbull and Vettel are destroying F1

      You’re absolutely right. This would have been far more exciting with a Ferrari streaking away at the front……

  54. 5, and the NASCAR ‘finale’ was a 2.

  55. Probably isnt fair to rate a race which i slept through….

  56. I’m not going to post a vote for rate the race, as I didn’t bother watching.

    That in itself is enough of a comment on it, if you want to take it that way. The result for this race like the last 3 or 4 races was well known in advance. Vettel get pole, wins, podium is Vettel + (Webber)*+Grosjean. *Insert other Mercedes/Lotus driver if Webber’s car fails.

    While I personally am not excited by stats and record breaking, the fact that a record was broken isn’t particularly relevant to whether or not the *race* was any good. Unless you’re at the track, then your participation in watching a record get broken is not significantly different to reading it in the paper the next day/on a website afterwards.

    I just don’t get the point of being excited by something when you know what is going to happen beforehand. It’s like listening to the same joke for hours on end. While there is still some speculative interest for the F1 fan (why has Button started slacking off/reverting to crap qualifying, has Hamilton caught Button disease, what is going on with Lotus, will Hulk get a decent drive, given that he’s done more to deserve one than half the grid (grosjean included)? The fact remains you don’t need to watch a race to get involved in all of that.

    1. @hairs, I had to miss this race last year but I heard that the slick surface and hard tyres made for a great race on what seems to be a great track so I was looking forward to this race with great anticpation. I was bitterly disappointed in the race, now that the track is a year old the surface has lost its shine and so has the race, Lewis was being told to save his tyres so early in the race it almost seemed like it was behind the safety, car and that was how the race went till the end.

  57. I pretty much always rate races above a 5, as my criteria for a race being below that is something I genuinely didn’t enjoy and think my time would have been better spent in doing something else, which isn’t the case very often.

    1. Yeah, much the same for me really. Thing is, I really WAS doing something else with the race in the background (last time I did that was about a decade ago), so going on that I would rate it below a 5. But then again I had glimpses of great racing from several drivers that lifted it up a bit to be about an average race in the greater scheme of things (a 5-6)

  58. Wow, what a race! Too bad it wasn’t televised.
    By the way, was there anything worth watching in F1 today?

    On a more serious note, I watched the first few laps until the restart and watched last 4 or 5 laps. I really couldn’t watch the whole race and it’s not like I had anything better to do.

  59. Back in my hotel room in Austin before flying home to the UK tomorrow.
    Pretty boring race. Only a two from me.
    Ferrari race was the best of the day, and that ran for half of the laps behind the Safety Car!!

  60. I recorded the race this morning, but from what I have heard, I should just delete the recording, yet another minute, or ‘country mile’ win from Vettel, as Crofty says. It gets a little boring when the same person is winning over and over and over again. So a little dissapointed

    1. @kieferh4 not a minute, just 8 seconds or so in front of Grosjean which is interesting. But incredibly boring anyway.

  61. I actually got a kick out of this one. Bottas overtaking Gutierrez on the switchback and Button doing the same later, frequent wheel-to-wheel racing at the end of the straight, a strong battle between Grosjean and Webber, and Hulk and Alonso.
    Sure, the fight for first was dull, but that shouldn’t surprise anyone. The Red Bull is over-developed and Vettel is driving like a mad man. Given all the action on track, I can live with that. 8 of 10.

    1. Button’s and Rosberg’s overtakes were the only ones to write home about . Otherwise I didn’t get any kick out of it at all

  62. Wow, surprised to see such low votes, normally I choose the most popular option but I gave this one an 8. Great battles through the pack, some brilliant overtakes and wheel to wheel dicing, and an exciting finish with the battles for 2nd and 5th.

    The only downsides I can think of are that there was no battle for the lead and the DRS zone on the back straight was slightly too long.

  63. well. the interesting or rather disturbing thing about the race was the gap between the cars. Most of the time the cars had a 1 to 2 seconds gap between each other. Even if some one other than Vettel had won this race it will be as boring as it was today. I find that this race track is completely a procession race. With the tire choice being ultra conservative, the entire race became highly predictable. The only thing that went unpredictable was that Vettel did not get to his grand chelem when Grosjean stopped 2 laps later than Vettel.

    This race did not do any justice to the race fans in the US. If FIA is serious about making F1 popular in US there should be serious changes to probably some elements of the track or there should be more variables with tire choices to make it interesting. With very less possibility of rain at this time of the year in Austin, the race could be same next year too. The only events that made last year’s race better than 2013 was the Gear Box tampering of Massa and the brief wheel to wheel DRS racing between Vettel and Hamilton for a couple of laps.

    Interestingly enough Jimmie Johnson won the 6th NASCAR championship today but I never felt the race was monotonous like F1.

  64. I’ve seen much worse races, but I’d never watch this one again. It just never got my heart racing. Even though Vettel’s streak is impressive, I can’t see why this contributes to the entertainment value. After all, anyone who hasn’t been living on Mars could’ve predicted that Vettel would win today.


  65. I voted a 5. While I gave the same to Abu Dhabi, it’s for other reasons. I didn’t mind the tyres that much and DRS only gave us one or two dull passes (Rosberg being involved in the last 10 laps or so and another I’ve forgotten), but in general, it reminded me of races we had a decade ago, especially before the pitstops. The field on a string, nobody overtaking, the lead 3 or 4 cars 10 seconds ahead of the next group, then another 10 seconds to the midfielders and another 20 seconds to the backmarkers.

    Probably done little to create excitement for US fans, too, but that’s not included in the rating. It’s just a dull affair, regardless of Vettel’s world class driving, Grosjean’s coming of age drives, some decent overtaking and virtually no tyre or DRS frustration, I wasn’t excited for a second.

  66. didnt watch it. dosent seem as if I missed much. time well spent sleeping is a 10

  67. boring. I was in Grandstand 15 and actually felt like having a snooze. Except for the 4-abreast pass around lap53 (gotta check the replay) which happened right in front of me between turn 15 and 16. Three guys overtaking and one poor guy wondering *** that train was that passed him. Then back to boredom.

  68. i fell asleep -_- so not fair for me to leave a rating really, but from what i did see it was awful, not interested in watching a replay

  69. I was staying up just to watch the race as I am an f1 fanatic . But there were times in the middle where I just wanted to sleep badly . Boring tyre conservation while the leader constantly sets flaps . There was some overtaking by Rosberg,Guttierez,Alonso,Button, which actually managed to evoke in me some interest but overall it was as they say it ‘snoozefest’.
    4/10. I am like Maldonando in the sense ” just one more race ” .

  70. 5. a boring boring race. but I dont think it would deserve less.
    Grojean did a great job. Kovi was dissapointing, but that was expected. I cant believe the TV coverage hadnt a better angle for the Sutil crash! beautiful track: I really love the circuit, but it was a boring race.

  71. I am finding the most interesting thing about F1 at the moment are the WAGs. The on track action is beyond dull. Been a fan for over 20 years and seriously starting to consider not bothering. I watched the first 8 laps over my lunch break today and after Vettel had his comfortable lead decided not to bother watching the rest.

  72. Gave it a 2.
    Bottas scored some points and Vettel broke another record.
    Worst GP if the season for me. Monaco was better and Monaco sucks.

  73. I switched off the TV after Grosjean’s pitstop. The race seemed very boring. Plus,it was past midnight in India so no point

  74. very disappointing, had thought it might have been pretty good, but it turned out to a bit of a procession, by the time the overtakes were happening I was already nodding off

  75. Hey Keith,

    With all these realistic but negtive comments, you might want to find yourself another job!))

    1. I don’t know what you mean?

      1. Keith, can you maybe consider an article on the disappointment of F1? Negative press from an F1 website granted, but the comments in this post alone sum up how fans of F1 feel at the moment and someone needs to take notice. F1 should be about racing from start to finish, this isn’t endurance; and improvements need to be made to prevent the air being spoilt behind the rear wings to allow the opportunity for overtaking without this daft DRS method.

        1. Endurance and racing aren’t mutually exclusive.

  76. I feel I’m being generous to give that a three – as predictable as a pantomime but without the innuendo. Roll on next season (or tie one of Vettel’s arms behind his back.)

    1. as predictable as a pantomime but without the innuendo.

      +1. Brilliant analogy.

  77. Not a thriller, but it was a proper race around a great track – not the fake parade of gimmicks we had last time at Abu Dhabi. Like Silverstone, it’s a track that compels overtaking drivers to defend through two or three croners before the move is complete, so the class and bravery on display from Alonso, Hulkenberg and Bottas stood out – even if there weren’t many of them.

    DRS was good for once – it maybe set up an extra move or two into turn one, but the other guy could still defend.

    1. corners – not crooners.

      1. a crooner contest could’ve been more entertaining :)

  78. 3/10. Worst race so far in my opinion. Half of the race there was absolutely NO ACTION in top 10. Bad indeed.

  79. 4/10. I fell asleep. I hate 1 stop races; the tire choices were wrong. I think, perhaps, they could have used a softer compound tyre to encourage more pit stops/strategy.

  80. I would be surprised if this race gets anything more than 4!! Every race weekend I read comments from fans who say that the tyres and DRS are killing the races, there’s no real overtaking, being tired of Vettel’s dominance, etc.. Now I understand why. No, i have no issue with Red Bull and Vettel being dominant. They are doing something that others are not. And they deserve it. But what killed yesterday’s race for me was that there was hardly any race at all! I mean apart from Bottas overtaking Esteban and Alonso defending Hulkenburg, it was a total drab. I would give a 9 to the track, its great, but for the race, a generous 3!

  81. 4/10
    I’d usually give it a 5 because I enjoy every race anyhow, but what are the other numbers there for? Apart from the boredom, the lack of any seriously thrilling battle, though Alonso did what he could to make overtaking interesting, the incompetence of the race directors who failed to give us any decent camera angle on the Maldonado/Sutil or the Vergne/Gutierrez incidents, but brilliantly switched to the rotating camera on Bottas’ car (who we never saw from the t-cam) made what was already a boring race unwatchable.

  82. I felt Brundle and crew were trying to fill the naturally occurring dead air since they wasn’t alot to really get excited about. Did enjoy Alonso’s defiance and Bottas’ point post. Gave it a generous 6/10

    1. there*

  83. Boring. The first eight were more or less predetermined by the starting grid:
    Grid Finish Driver Gain/Loss
    1 1 Vettel 0
    3 2 Grosjean +1
    2 3 Webber -1
    5 4 Hamilton +1
    6 5 Alonso +1
    4 6 Hulkenberg -2
    7 7 Perez 0
    9 8 Bottas +1
    I watched my first F1 race more than 60 (yes, sixty) years ago, and have followed it very closely ever since then. From 1962 to 1975 I served as a marshal and several times as an interpreter at more than seventy F1 races. F1 is no longer motor racing, it’s a financial circus like WWE (professional wrestling.)

    And it was not helped in North America by the scandalous TV coverage by NBC — more than 50% advertizing, useless commentary, no awards ceremony, no post-race podium interviews.

    1. Wow, @paul-a 60 years including your participation…intriguing. I started in ’78 when Gilles’ signing with Ferrari caused the CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation), the BBC’s equivalent, to televise F1 for the first time.

      I hear you about the NBC coverage, however here in Ontario at least, we got an hour of pre-race as well as the trophy and interview session.

      For years I had access to U.S. channel SpeedTV, later changed to Speed, who are now defunct, and I was never impressed with the coverage, always watched on CBC and then TSN, who both used the British feed of coverage ie. Murray. Speed were clearly not at the races and were simply commentating on the same pictures we were watching, and half the time I’d see an accident, an incident, or something in the background, or something in the time differentials that would indicate some action on the track, before they would notice. Especially when I used to watch with the live timing on my laptop beside me. Not the ideal way to promote F1 in the US. Far far away from infectious Murray Walker. That’s a high standard I admit. He covered a race like there was nothing more important going on in the world.

      1. Thanks. You say: ” however here in Ontario at least, we got an hour of pre-race as well as the trophy and interview session”. I’m in Ontario (with Bell satellite after my cable co. – Eastlink – said they couldn’t give me TSN2 during Wimbledon) and I can assure you that NBC started in the “dressing room” (3 drivers just chatting) with a terrible dose of “mains hum” and went to advertizing — that was the end of it. They tried once to go back to the FIA feed, mains hum, advertizing…

        And yes, Murray Walker — one of the greats of all time, enthusiastic, knowledgeable. NBC had Will Buxton who tried to be over simple and pander to “general American public” and it sounded like Dave Hobbs in the background having a terrible day.

        If Bernie E. thinks that this USGP and the NBC will promote F1 in the USA, he’s sadly wrong. The US motor sport viewers will go on watching NASCAR and see F1 as a petty pantomime.

  84. Still there is 3% of people who gave a 10… I wonder how this race could even have any rating? They have a strange conception of an ideal F1 race!

  85. Total waste of gasoline………….

  86. Was quite boring, but had a few saving graces. Some nice late-braking action which doesn’t seem to happen in F1 these days, Bottas on Gutierrez and…

    That’s about it. Lots of tyres, lots of procession and no fight for the lead. I think I gave it a 5.

  87. The general apathy and negativity expressed in these comments shouldn’t just be swept under the carpet. The people who are passionate enough about F1 to have an account on a website called F1 Fanatic are the sport’s most loyal fanbase. So if this is what we think about the sport then goodness knows how F1 hopes to attract new people.

    1. I totally agree. As a money intensive sport, F1 has got to appeal to a wide audience otherwise it will atrophy back into the ‘specialist sport’ of the fifties, totally devoid of public attention or money.
      But how do you entice a new audience into supporting a sport that is almost bereft of excitement and that has increasing arcane and intricately restrictive rules that seem to stifle innovation and differentiation? I really do not know what the answer is, but an answer is desperately needed.
      Several weeks ago, I wrote that I thought F1 was constipated. Sadly since then a ‘senior’ driver has found a place at a ‘senior’ team instead of making way for someone new and we have endured two alleged races that promised lots but delivered little. And if that’s not the definition of constipated, I don’t know what is.

  88. I was pleased to see so much action in the stadium section, that is so often considered not a challenge. Lots of people dicing it out after the long back stretch made it really enjoyable for me. Wish those battles had been for the top finishing positions, but were still entertaining.

    Also wish the stands were more full. Hopefully attendance picks up in years to come.

    1. American consumers have short attention spans and demand action in spoon-sized pieces. American Business wants lots of advert breaks to promote whatever the latest product is they are pushing. Look at an NFL match. It’s nominally 90 minutes of action on the field but the programs usually last about 3 hours. Lots of intense action, broken up my formation changes, timeouts, advert breaks and expert analysts who are very articulate and knowlegeable. F1 currently is 90 odd minutes of mundane boredom with commentators who think that talking excitedly means will convince the audience that something exciting is happening. It will never catch on in the USA because not enough action happens on the track to get and keep the channel-surfer hooked. I was watching several NFL streams on my computer Sunday so that I could follow several matches in real-time. I sacrificed one of my streams to watch the race but turned off after hald an hour and went back to watching an extra NFL match. More excitement in the next few minutes than there had been in 30 minutes of F1. Unfortunately F1 is in competition for TV-eyes in the USA with NFL, NBA, NHL, Nascar and IndyCar and it won’t convince anybody wo is a fan of one of those that F1 has anything to offer. Without the audience numbers the channels won’t bother with promoting or showing any sport.

  89. Luth (@soulofaetherym)
    18th November 2013, 19:50

    The definition of snorefest. I was fighting my eyelids in Abu Dhabi, but this, this was just terrible, with the only mildly exciting moment being Alonso passing Hulkenberg for the 500th time this season…
    It’s sad that the only fights we got were for positions outside the points… If only Webber had actually attacked Grosjean more than once, perhaps this would’ve actually been worth it, but it was the most horrible race of the season for me. By a mile.

    1. Yes but I understand he said the tyres would not allow more than one half hearted go before they turned to jelly. Next year they will be saying I could of raced him but I only had enough fuel for one DRS full Kers.attempt before the fuel warning light came on and that was on lap three. Looks to me like 22×1 for 2014.

  90. The race was a 5, tired of watching 2 very fast cars out run all others. Props to Grosjean for a great race. Love Vettel, but anyone with a very fast car can win from the front.

    Hope that 2014 is more challenging.

  91. I’d change the rules significantly. Relax the rules. Encourage fan cars. Entice the 6-wheelers. Hope for the toxic fuel 1100BHP-runs-for-3-laps quali engines. Refueing? Why not if you want to- it livens up the strategy. Single tire supplier- pah! Tire wars were FUN. Tires with postage stamp sized footprints? Forgeddaboutit- gimme some serious slick rubber. Single-supplier electronics? Huh? I dare ya for better s/w & engine maps. No traction control? Are you kidding?

    Just limit the amount of fuel per event- not in litres, but in the amount of energy in the allocated fuel. And make sure a human drives the thing.

  92. I gave the race a 5.

    Another dull race, I thought it was better than Abu Dhabi but that wouldn’t be hard.

  93. So, I played a game on my computer during the race(we paused for the start), with the race in the background, and I same some bits of racing, I don’t think I missed anything; haven’t watched any of the recording. I suppose we had worse races, but this was certainly one I could do without.

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