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Williams driver Lance Stroll and McLaren’s Stoffel Vandoorne took on each other at table football during the Hungarian Grand Prix weekend.

Which of F1’s 2017 rookies came out on top? That’s for you to decide in this weekend’s Caption Competition.

Can you come up with the best caption for this picture? Post your funniest suggestion in the comments below.

A selection of the best will feature in a future edition of the F1 Fanatic Round-up.

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88 comments on “Caption Competition 135: Stroll vs Vandoorne”

  1. Peppermint-Lemon (@)
    12th August 2017, 12:01

    Having just scored a fluke goal Stroll declared he has earned his place at the table.

    1. Nasty, but I thought the same when I read his comments… :)

    2. This has to win, lol.

    3. Hahaha, brilliant!

    4. Lance: Stoffel, your keeper is upside down! You want me to win again?
      Stoffel: That’s tactics Lance. I want you to take a strol in the park and get lost.
      Lance: Haha.. rookie, you don’t upset me old boy. I will ram this next one into your pit-box!
      Stoffel: Nervous Stoffel?…..Stoffel?!…..Stoff…are you there?

    5. @peppermint-lemon first post winner!

      1. Peppermint-Lemon (@)
        14th August 2017, 12:47

        Thanks @offdutyrockstar and everyone above!

  2. Stroll: “How do you keep smashing it past my defence? I don’t get it!”

    Vandoorne: “Practice makes perfect!”

    Sainz: “If you hate losing games like that, don’t verse Kvyat at Battleship!”

    1. I know Ferrari don’t care who Vettel’s teammate is, but is this really the way to award a drive in the famous red car?

  3. A rare occurrence 10 laps into the GP, Stroll and Vandoorne were only just starting their 2nd game.

  4. After scoring one lucky goal past Vandoorne, Stroll believes that he has proven to everyone that he deserves to play the game at the highest level.

    1. Nice!

    2. Great!

  5. -Stoffel:”Yeah,another goal,i think we need to stop,i have humiliated you!”
    -Lance:”I guess you are right but remember something”
    -Lance”You still drive with Honda engines.Thats humiliation!”

    Couldnt think of anything better😆😆😊

    1. To reflect their power units’ performance, Stroll was allowed to start 9-0 up…
      Vandoorne still won 10-9…

      1. 😂😂

  6. I know you’re used to spinning, but that’s considered cheating here.

    1. Why is that cheating?

      1. According to international table football rules, the bar is not allowed to be turned by more than 360 degrees in one movement (or something to the same effect).

  7. Blue money vs red talent

  8. So this is how the ROY will be decided?

  9. With just 10 minutes to go before first practice at Spa, Paul attempted to look casual as Lance realised his fingers had been superglued to the handles.

    1. haha good one @neilosjames, good use of environs on that photo and recent history.

  10. As the rest of the experienced grid goes and plays charity football matches, the young rookies of F1 2017 play on a pretend set instead.

  11. Vandoorne: “This is incredible! We’ve been playing for 5 minutes and the table hasn’t broken yet!”

    1. Got a laugh out of me haha

  12. In their search for something that handles as if it’s on rails Lance goes for more rear grip while Stoffel opts for a more responsive front end.

    1. really funny!

  13. Look who’s coming… Hide the balls!

  14. As things stand, this is the closest these drivers are going to come to pole positions.

  15. Vandoorne: Alonso’s 16-1 to Massa in 2013, 2-1 against me and Massa’s 5-0 to you means that i should win this game at least (16/2 – 1 +infinite squared – 5) * 0 = easily 21-0.

  16. STROLL: My dad was thinking of buying one of these for our family.

    VANDOORNE: What, a table football table?

    STROLL: No, an actual football team.

  17. Lance: ANOTHER Goal! I’m so good I could go professional doing this.
    Stoffel: I’m sure your father wouldn’t mind.

  18. “Hey dad! Have you written that check for Neymar yet?”

  19. I will get daddy’ to buy you one!!!

  20. Stoffel: I’m winning 5 -2!!!

    Honda Engineer’s Voice: I’m sorry Stoffel, we are going to have to retire the table, repeat, retire the table”

    Stoffel: ………….

    1. +1 very good

  21. Stroll: “I do not understand why I am losing, my dad paid for the whole team!!!”

  22. Stoffel: Is it ambition that I’m playing for the honour of Ferrari? YES! Goal! Maurizio … here is my contract.

  23. Whoever wins get’s Kimi his seat at Team Red!

  24. “You’ve no chance Nico, my Dad bought me one of these to practice on….”

  25. “Yeah, my dad bankrolls the company that makes these tables. That’s why they let me drive …. I mean play it.”

  26. Stoffel: “Did you have to pay to be part of this team as well?”

  27. Vandoorne – “Lance.. we haven’t got a week for you to adapt to Foosball. It’s about time you figure out which players are yours”

  28. Despite being down 11-1, Stroll believe he has made his point about his talent…

  29. Sainz: what are those two doing?
    Di Resta: Who cares. Kids these days!

  30. VoiceOver:
    You lack skill? You lack practice?
    Come to the ‘hand-eye-coördination’ summerschool and save your F1-carreer now!
    * because of US-regulations Russians excluded

  31. On this particular game, Vandoorne strolls to victory.

  32. Sainz turns around: ‘I can’t believe I am competing with these guys..’
    Di Resta: ‘umm.. yeah… (sigh)’

  33. Having spent all of their money on a race seat, the Stroll’s were left with little budget for a drinks bottle.

  34. Lance, “Aah! I’d told dad to buy these plastic dummy players….anyway, now I’ll prove that I belong in fuss-ball”

  35. And in the blue corner, coming in at just over 20 million pounds ….. LANCE STROLL

  36. Vandoorne: “Three of my players have already had heart failures”

  37. Sir David Attenborough voice: Every year about this time a Team has to select the drivers who are best adapted and skilled for the subsequent season. Here a game of Table Football is being used by Ferrari to eliminate those who lack the aggression and dominance to race as their Number Two driver.

  38. “I knew we should have tried to get onto the table before K-Mag and Hulkenberg, look at the state of that ball…”

  39. Lance, I think K-Mag took the balls again. Oh no, here comes…run!!!

  40. Though unable to turn the tables on their teammates at least Lance and Stoffel are having a ball…

  41. “The winner gets Sainz’s seat.”

  42. Playing on a table purchased by his dad stroll believes his 2nd place finish confirms he is ready to play more championships consisting of up to two players.

  43. After a rather poor first half of the season for Stroll en Vandoorne, the FIA had to find alternative ways of awarding rookie of the year.

  44. Sainz: Why don’t they let me play?
    Whoever wins I’m just as good or maybe better.

  45. SaturnVF1 (@doublestuffpenguin)
    13th August 2017, 2:00

    Stroll: “I wish my dad had bought me better players.”
    Vandoorne: “If mine had real legs, I could be winning.”

  46. Stroll and Vandoorne practice blocking and weaving on the new Lap 1 Simulator.

  47. Vandoorne and Stroll quietly draw out their game to avoid the awkwardness at the ping-pong table.

  48. “Oh man! He got me,” said Lance Stroll after conceding a goal against Stoffel Vandoorne in a competitive Fuzbol match.

  49. Vandoorne: “Goal scored by Keisuke Honda!”
    Stroll: “That’s the best Honda you’ve had this year, isn’t it?”

  50. Lance and Stoffel play on, blissfully unaware of the use their mouths will be soon put to with KMag lurking in the background.

    1. Just no.

  51. The colour of Stroll’s urine sample raises the question of doping in F1.

  52. Van Doorne thinking: *If only Honda could find some more horsepower, then I could win championships.*

    Stroll thinking: *If only my dad could find some more dollars, then I could buy championships.*

  53. Lance:”Esteban,come here,please. I want you to help me.”
    Esteban:”I’m coming,mate”
    Stoffel:What the…? 2 vs 1? I’ll bring Kevin if I want.”

    Carlos:I want to play with them,but…
    Paul:Don’t worry. Leave them alone.

  54. Playing for Team Red, Van Doorne hopes to emulate earlier F1 champions like Prost and Alonso who went from MacLaren to Ferrari in search of doubtless championship success – wait, there is something wrong with that plan…

  55. Leaked photos show Honda performing secret engine dyno testing.

  56. K-Mag: i hope these guys didn’t see me.

  57. Both: Hey, get your hand off my pole!

  58. My Dad’s money may have got me a seat at the table, but I will prove I can play at this level.

  59. Turn the bottles around so we can see the logos, then lets shoot it again…yeah, you kinda twist those things

  60. The closest to “Team Red” these two will ever get in the pit lane.

  61. “Remember that the in Friends?”
    “Me neither.”

  62. Stroll prepares for the annual paddock game with extra time on the simulator.

  63. stroll: let me win & my dad will let you drive his ferrari’s at mont-tremblant
    vandoorne: oh, like brundle & herbert. that’s why everyone is saying “give him time” while for me it is sink or swim

  64. stroll: let me win, or i will rip my shirt off, turn green & start flipping things over

  65. In a rendition to the famous McDonald’s commercial featuring Michael Jordan and Larry Bird, Lance and Stoeffel will battle for a Belgian waffle breakfast plate. The rule is simple, First 1 to miss, must watch the winner eat.

    Lance: Thru turn 1, slice, 3 bounces, rubbing Tost’s nose, split the goal posts.

    Stoeffel: Off the pit box, thru Kimi’s Helmet, rubbing Fernando’s cheek leaving a burn, split the goal posts.

    Charles Barkley in the background: Hello boys!!!

    Lance and Stoeffel together: NOOOOOO!!!

  66. Stroll,” Tell me again how to activate the DRS .”

  67. Before Stroll(ing) to the finish line, lets have some fun!

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