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Rate the race: 2019 Monaco Grand Prix

2019 Monaco Grand Prix

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What did you think of today’s race? Share your verdict on the Monaco Grand Prix.

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68 comments on “Rate the race: 2019 Monaco Grand Prix”

    1. Gave it a 4 as well. Had all the elements of an exciting race.. A chance of Unpredictabile weather, battle for the lead, safety car period, etc. But none of it materialised in to anything exciting.

      We just saw lap after lap, a struggling Lewis keeping a charging Max at bay. Just a testament to how poor the racing is at this venue. Maybe the last 8 laps were kind of exciting and so was some of the chaos at the start of the race… Which is why I had to give this race a 4 instead of a 3 or a 2.5.

      I’ve never been one of those f1 fans who wants Monaco off the calendar up until today. There’s probably one interesting Monaco Gp once every decade… Which just isn’t good enough.

      This race just has to be knocked off the calendar.

    2. ColdFly (@)
      27th May 2019, 9:03

      Agreed, a poor race IMO.
      The SC took away all the excitement of when to pit.
      And straight after the race leader went into tyre saving mode.
      And as close and fast as Verstappen was he could not even stage a realistic overtake attempt.

      I should have stopped watching the GP after Saturday quali, which great BTW.

      1. @coldfly
        I’m surprised you found the qualifying exciting. I thought it was the most boring qualifying session of the year as well… with the exception of the humour provided by the Ferrari pitwall.

        1. @todfod, best Q1 with midfield fighting to get into Q2 and one after the other making it.
          Q2 real chance for each of the midfield teams to make Q3.
          Q3 3-way fight for the pole with a super exciting last run (and scary last corner) for Hamilton.
          Yes, I found it exciting.

          The race however was more processionary than usual, with the leader lapping slower than most other cars, and no chance for an overtake.
          I’m still surprised many people rated this ‘race’ 7, 8, or even 9. Maybe Keith should rename this site http://www.processionfans.com

  1. Gave it 8, but for Monaco that was very very good

  2. A relatively exciting race for Monaco’s standards. Not bad.

  3. Kyle (@hammerheadgb)
    26th May 2019, 15:58

    Edge of the seat stuff. A solid 8 from me.

    1. Sonny Crockett
      27th May 2019, 9:21

      “Edge of the seat”?

      Do you mean waiting for over an hour for an overtake that didn’t happen?!

      As Dieter suggested in a previous article, Monaco has become an anachronism. A procession from start to finish with very little ‘racing’.

      Don’t get me wrong, Lewis did brilliantly to win but when the race leader can drive at 3 seconds off the pace (or 5 seconds, like last year) and still end up on the top step of the podium then the world has gone mad!

      1. Kyle (@hammerheadgb)
        27th May 2019, 11:17

        I literally jumped up and shouted when Max sent it.

        It was clear with an hour still to go that Lewis’ position was far from comfortable, watching that discomfort grow was fascinating. The added dynamic of Max’s penalty meant you knew he had to try.

        And he did. It was great drama. Does the fact his attempt was unsuccessful make the whole thing pointless? To me, definitely not.

  4. Panagiotis Papatheodorou (@panagiotism-papatheodorou)
    26th May 2019, 15:59

    6/10. A good race by Monaco standards. Well done to Seb for ending the 1-2 finishes.

  5. Verstappen’s weak penalty ruined it for me, honestly. Isn’t the penalty for unsafe release a drive-through?

    1. Blaize Falconberger (@)
      26th May 2019, 16:01

      I agree it was strange, but he still missed out on a podium…

    2. Also a penalty for causing the collision.

    3. @adamgoh, in the past, the FIA have usually taken a fairly hard line on unsafe releases given the risks of having cars collide in a highly congested environment with a large number of people in close proximity to the cars. Given the FIA have normally tended to be harsher on penalties that breach safety regulations, it is surprising that they went for one of the most lenient penalties that they could impose – they’ve even gone as far as 10 second stop and go penalties in some cases for an unsafe release.

    4. I agree; they protect max as much as they can. Meanwhile Bottas lost at least 7 points.

      And afterwards he almost took Hamilton out by a ridiculous lunge.

    5. Agreed that the penalty was lenient.
      But if that ruined the race for you than I don’t think you’ve got your priorities right.

    6. In recent years, there are relatively less incidents of unsafe release causing collision that I could find. But incidents related to unsafe release seem less harsh since 2016.

      (Pascal Wehrlein with Jeson Button, gaining position advantages: 5 seconds)

      (Valtteri Bottas Bottas with Button, clipping Button’s rear: 5 seconds)

  6. Blaize Falconberger (@)
    26th May 2019, 16:00

    Super exciting stuff – a little bemused by the sanctions meated out by the stewards, but will wait to see the reasoning. Max kept Lewis honest, Vettel had a remarkably quiet race considering. 8/10

  7. That was terrible. Hamilton did what he had to do, but that was not racing. In addition to that, inconsistent penalties.

    1. Sonny Crockett
      27th May 2019, 9:22

      I agree.

      Monaco is the opposite of racing.

  8. Adam (@rocketpanda)
    26th May 2019, 16:01

    There was a lot of tension there for a while between Verstappen & Hamilton but like with most of the races this season it ended up fizzling out. Threatened to be interesting as much as it threatened to rain, but never materialised.

  9. That was some great driving from both Max and Lewis. It would’ve been so easy for Max to stick his front wing in one of Lewis’ rear tyres. Lewis on the other hand didn’t crack under pressure. Great that Max gave it a shot at the end. Wasn’t an unreasonable attempt at all.

    Typical Monaco race today. Gave it a pretty low score, but could be worse.

  10. Anyone rating this race less than 6 should stop following F1

    1. @francorchamps17 Agreed. It was tense, and isn’t everybody going on about how we don’t necessarily want overtaking, but rather close racing in which you don’t know where exactly someone might overtake? Well, this was it.

    2. Sonny Crockett
      27th May 2019, 9:30

      Thanks for dictating what we should think!

      The race commentary desperately tried to keep us all excited. “The rain is coming!”; “Spots of rain on our cameras”; “Max is going for a lunge” (no he wasn’t!) etc etc.

      Like Monaco itself, there was very little in this race once you scratched the surface.

    3. If there will be more races like this I promise that I will stop following F1, @francorchamps17.


  11. Tense but not particularly enjoyable. What were Mercedes doing putting Hamilton on mediums? It made no sense sticking him on a faster but more degradable tyre and then expecting him to go slow to eke them out. Maybe I missed something (I missed the actual pit stop). Still good race from HAM to bring it home. Also didn’t get why Verstappen only went into desperate mode on the penultimate lap when it would have made no difference by then had he got past. Leclerc has lost his early season composure apparently, Seb Vettel now Ferrari’s steady driver. And also apparently a lot happier.

    1. I would say (well, echoing what Palmer, and di Resta said), with the temperatures being quite different from Thursday, they probably didn’t really know that (at least for Mercedes, given that Bottas was initially also on that same medium, and only his puncture put him on the hards), and then there was just no choice but to go that way, if he wanted to win and not just take fourth or something.

      1. @bosyber But presumably it was a marginal call as Vettel and Verstappen went for hard tyres, and Mercedes quickly opted for the same with Bottas as you said. So why, when track position is everything, risk Hamilton on tyres that could expose him by the end of the race? Strategically it just didn’t seem to make sense.

        1. Hindsight is 20/20. Also, there were several drivers in the midfield who went faster on old softs than the top-4 on fresher meds and hards.

        2. Let’s hope James Vowles explains that in their race review video @david-br!

    2. he just didn’t have the pace to pull away. Somehow the Hards ended up being the better tyre to be on. Didn’t matter much in the end as they all finished in the same order)

      1. he just didn’t have the pace to pull away

        At no point in those 60 odd laps was Hamilton trying to pull away

        1. Yeah, that was it really. As soon as he was on the mediums, he was tyre conserving. Given the chance of rain or a SC too, trying to pull away to make a gap doesn’t make much sense anyhow.

  12. I actually really enjoyed that race as I always do Monaco.

    My only criticism is that I wish they had tyres that allowed them to push a lot harder. We all know that overtaking is extremely hard (But not impossible) around Monaco so with them all driving several seconds off what they could do you lose a lot of the spectacle & challenge which is the best part of Monaco & the thing i’ve always loved about it. And you also reduce the risk of anyone making a mistake.

    1. The tyres were the only thing that made that race interesting.

  13. 7. It just proves that it’s hard to overtake at Monaco but it’s enjoyable than last year.

    1. Acute IBS is more enjoyable than last year

  14. How does one rate Monaco? It was good, given track and conditions.

  15. Gave it a 7 because of the “Max – Lewis battle”. The rest was boring!

  16. For a Monaco GP without many incidents, this was very enjoyable. Gave it a 7

  17. Very enjoyable for Monaco, a master class from Lewis and late on in the race always the possibility that something spectacular could shuffle the top 3.

  18. Neil (@neilosjames)
    26th May 2019, 16:37

    Gave it a 7, which is a good score for the track. A good example of a race where an overtake doesn’t get round to happening, but it doesn’t matter because you’ve spent the last 30 laps believing that it could.

    Brilliant drive from Hamilton to make the tyres last – expect it would be hard enough to do it driving around alone, but having Verstappen parked on your rear wing for so long would make it harder still. And also very good from Verstappen to stay so close for so long and to give himself an opportunity to win. Just glad neither of them were taken out in the collision… would have been a huge shame if they’d both ended up retiring after all that.

  19. Dutchguy (@justarandomdutchguy)
    26th May 2019, 16:39

    Not bad. leclerc and Kubica added a little spice to the 1st half of the race, and the top 4 were quite close together. Quite tense for Monaco.

  20. 25!

    Yes we should already switch poll’s point system to F1-standard.

    1. BTW, the poll itself doesn’t work. Tried 2 devices and 3 different browsers… just to mention.

  21. Russian hackers trying to rig the vote!!!! ?

  22. I’m saying a 9 edge of the seat stuff after the early risk taking thrills. Something happening from flag to flag.

  23. One of the best races in Monaco I’ve seen in years. It was tense stuff. When Max made the last ditch move I leaped out of my chair.. Hasn’t happened all year!

    Solid 8 for me.

  24. This is what I get: [poll id=”849″]

    Add my 6.

  25. I give it a 9 – admittedly mainly to annoy the chorus of voices crying for more overtaking (go watch NASCAR, for Pete’s sake). The team reminded Lewis of Senna’s famous victory against Mansell at Monaco but I think Gilles Villeneuve’s win in Spain 1981 was even more appropriate. And that was part of Gilles’ legend that made him great – to keep a rocket of a car (that had no idea how to get around bendy bits) ahead of five great drivers for almost the entire race. If anything, Lewis’ achievement is the greater as his Mercedes had nothing like the power advantage of Gilles’ Ferrari.

  26. This race showed me once again that it’s not the pass alone that is exciting, it’s the build up of watching a driver crawl all over the car ahead and not knowing when he will strike. Watching Leclerc sizing up Grosjean and Hulkenberg in the early laps and Max steaming up behind Lewis at the end was much more exciting than any DRS driveby. Tension of a pass that could happen is more exciting in my view than just opening the wing and sailing past on the longest straight

    1. Gave it 8/10

  27. As the poll doesn’t work : Give it a 5 yawn fest.

    Don’t understand the Edge of the seat comments from several forumers.

    Glad that 2019-Max is more mature. Even so manged to tangle with both Mercs.

  28. The page is misconfigured It is impossible to vote.

  29. I’ve gone for 7.

    Leclerc and the first stops were entertaining and then you had the tension of Lewis’ tyres to the end, plus Max being advernturous.

    If his tyres had fallen off the cliff then it could have been a 9 or 10 :p

  30. The overtaking, or lack thereof, was disappointing, the penalties were inconsistent (which was, ironically, consistent), and the rain failing to make an effect was painful. However, it was tense at the end, even if Max couldn’t win even if he overtook.
    I’d rate it a 6 or so if it weren’t for the farcical coverage. Can’t wait for Silverstone or for Sky to implode.

  31. cannot vote also… but it as a 4 for me

  32. 7 from me. So much better than the last race when you knew the finishing order due to car performance. This time Ham had to do so much more than just win the start.

  33. Great race in a wonderful scenario. Hamilton is the best driver in formula 1 this days.

  34. Went for a 7. This race reinforced my opinion that just overtaking is not the be all and end all for a good race. It is the possibility of an overtake which creates the tension – in this race there were no more overtakes than many races which I’ve rated lowly, however having the top four following so closely meant you knew at any point someone might try a late lunge, meanwhile you know the leader is using all his skill to defend. Admittedly at Monaco the defence is mich easier than other places, but that means you know if a car does try an overtake it’s likely to be am exciting one. Imagine if Monaco had a massive straight with super effective DRS and the faster cars could just breeze past. There would have been so many overtakes but I don’t think it would have been a better race for it. I would take this race over the last one any day despite probably having similar number of overtakes. Having said that, if every race was like this it would get old quickly and it’s good to have some variety throughout the calendar.

  35. I rate the race a 3. Did anyone seriously think Max could get by Ham without punting him? Danny proved last year that you can win the race with a slow damaged car.

    I would agree with the comment that it is not necessarily the overtake, but the potential for the overtake. Unfortunately, there was no way Max could overtake with out Ham blowing a tire.

    For those that wanted real drama with racing and overtaking, the Indy 500 provided it in spades.

  36. Very much mixed feelings. Seeing how the pace of the leading pack disappeared after the first pitstops made me really think about this track and the not-so-good tyres we have: the first ten or so laps were a prime example how fast the cars could lap, but then they cruised three seconds slower for the rest of the race. How is that exciting?

    The last ten laps made for an good viewing, but overall the tyre managing was not my cup of tea this time.

  37. I gave it a 6.
    I’m not a big Monaco fan because I hate a race where there’s no legit chance of an overtake I’m a huge HAM supporter and the tension that Lewis might not be able to hang on with the tyre screwup kept me watching. If it that had been anyone else at the front, I would have been very frustrated with the lack of action and given it a 3 or 4 at best…so I should have been honest with myself and just given it a 4.

    I know Monaco will always be part of the calendar because of all the tradition, stars… and other malarky, but for me I’d MUCH rather watch the race at another Spa or Monza.

  38. Good race, 7, definitely not bad for monaco and for 2019 standards, I gave 6 to last year’s monaco race, which also was fairly exciting and thought this one was better.

  39. 7/10 for me. Compared to races in recent years in Monaco this was quite good. Enough action but not much actual overtaking. However there was then the tension of the Lewis/Max battle.

    To echo other comments, it does go to prove that it’s the battles or the chase rather than (easy) overtakes which make things exciting.

  40. i think it was a good formula 1 race. In my opinion, we finally saw glimpses of pure driving. Everybody, rightly, paid honor to Lauda but sunday i had Gilles in my mind. Leclerc trying to catch up (Zandvoort 79). Hamilton holding everybody up (Jarama 81). No comparisons of course but.. i mean, is a REAL motorsport fan interested in a race with a lot of overtakes? We love it because of things the random tv viewer doesn’t even see. Should F1 care about getting more audience betraying his spirit? I don’t think so.

    A good race. People got bored? who cares.

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