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Kimi Raikkonen appears to have left something in the cockpit of his Ferrari – but what? That’s for you to work out in today’s Caption Compeition.

You know the way it goes: Add the funniest caption you can think of to this picture in the comments below.

A selection of the best will appear in the next F1 Fanatic round-up.

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Image © Ferrari/Ercole Colombo

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203 comments on “Caption Competition 48: Kimi Raikkonen”

  1. must be a throttle pedal in there somewhere lads!

    1. We gotta winner! :)

      1. (man whispering to bearded guy in the background)

        “I told Kimi there was a pay cheque from Lotus in there!” :-)

    2. hugo-the-rabbit
      12th April 2014, 16:35

      Kimi is learning the art of a true taxi driver in checking down the side of his seat to find some lose coin’s

  2. I left my flask… here… I think…

    1. “Is my stash safe & sound?” or “So, the secret drinks bottle is still working and filled up..”

      1. “In case I need some extra motivation” – an ironic one there hehe

    12th April 2014, 11:03

    “Yeah.. this is where I can keep a little bottle of Vodka”

  4. “Did I leave the keys inside?”

  5. Now where did I leave my pay cheque?

  6. “Just checking there isn’t a small Brazillian trying to sneak into my car.”

  7. his ice-cream or his coke?

  8. Idiots! I’ll make the car faster myself then!

  9. Kimi Raïkkonnen still looking for his Lotus payroll.

    1. That was the best of the bunch..

    2. My favorite so far.

    3. Simple and understated. Winner.

    4. GB (@bgp001ruled)
      12th April 2014, 18:11

      in the ferrari???

  10. kimi: looks like there is more than 1 type of crack in this car

  11. Hey look….I found some ice cream!!!

  12. Earplugs?! Don’t need them anymore, might as well get rid and save the weight

  13. There’s gotta be a Magnum somewhere around here!

  14. Fiddling with the buttons on his steering wheel; “I told them i know what i’m doing, but right now I really don’t….”

  15. “Where’s my ice-cream? Otherwise I cannot drive anything”

  16. The speed must be here…

  17. Ummm guys? Where are the buttons for the oil slick and rocket launcher?

  18. If I look deep enough there will be Ice Cream in there

  19. Kimi Raikkonen finds out he can now sleep whilst standing.

  20. Pocket lint, pocket lint, pocket lint, oooh 2 Euro, ok thats mine. What the…Hey which one of u Italians has been eating bruchetta in my car.

    1. Oh it was you Luca. Ok thats fine. No I didnt find 2 euros.

  21. So put button for alonso ejector seat here, and sat nav to the left please. Ooh loose change!!

  22. AMR (@aiera-music)
    12th April 2014, 11:23

    Five years after I dropped it in there, and they STILL couldn’t get that Magnum stain out of the seat.

  23. jsw11984 (@jarred-walmsley)
    12th April 2014, 11:23

    Wonder if theres enough room for some jandals in here?

  24. want to make sure what happened to Fernando’s irritating small doll that I stole and put under my sheet!–yCB6IDT4–/c_fit,fl_progressive,w_636/17nzy27hchmojjpg.jpg

  25. “I wonder where Fernando hid those 6 tenths…”

    1. LOL! :)
      One more serious candidate for the win, if you ask me. :)

    2. AMR (@aiera-music)
      12th April 2014, 13:04

      This one. Just this :D

    3. Has to be the winner

    4. Yeah..I also curious why Alonso was 6 tenths slower in Bahrain.

  26. Alonso must have something special in his car. I bet its here somewhere…

  27. Meanwhile things weren’t going well for Kimi Raikkonen, who tried to fit a nitrous boost button in his cockpit, to improve his top speed of 3 mph in his crappy Ferrari.

  28. “Kimi, your sunglasses are on your hat”
    “Leave me alone, I know what I am doing”

  29. Maybe I left some fairy dust from 2007 in here somewhere?

  30. Ok, itching powder and drawing pins hidden in ‘Nando’s seat, now quietly move back to my own car…… la la la…hum hum….

  31. Whoopee cushion in Alonso’s car: check!

  32. Might as well sprinkle the magic dust Fernando gave me. Apparently, it is worth six tenths.

  33. “I thought I left my sunglasses here in the car!”

  34. Kimi Räikkönen takes the phrase “looking for a few tenths” a bit too literally.

    1. Good one. :)

  35. N J (@jewishjarvis)
    12th April 2014, 12:07

    Time to change the damn dust filter again.

    1. Chris (@tophercheese21)
      12th April 2014, 15:35

      Haha love it!

    2. not bad :)

  36. Ferrari have started keeping the ice cream in the cockpit to keep Kimi running away from the car.

  37. Kimi: So this was Massa’s car before…

  38. “Let him sleep, he’s just come out of the press conference.”

  39. No drink bottles in F1? I’ll stash my hip flask here and nowone will notice!

  40. Having being turned away from the nightclub, Kimi thinks he might have left his ID in the taxi…

    1. Not bad, not bad. :)

  41. “Guys this isn’t funny… where’s my pay cheque?”

  42. “When it says drink, does it contain vodka?” *adds vodka, team asking why* “Leave me alone, I know what I’m doing”

  43. The Ferrari crew leaves a dazed Kimi to it, as he searches for his sunglasses.

  44. We spotted Kimi immediately after being told that it was time for a press conference.

  45. I wonder if I can find the podium in here?

  46. I know what I am doing

  47. Ferrari recharge the Kimibot with 2 power cables between sessions.

    1. winner!

    2. Brilliant!

  48. KR: “Okay so I want the fridge freezer installed here…”

  49. A mechanic identifies and tags the problem with the F14T.

  50. I’m getting paid this year, but I can’t believe that I have to fix my own car… Hang on… Why doesn’t Alonso have to fix his?!!?!?

  51. FlyingLobster27
    12th April 2014, 13:07

    “Ow my head… I fell asleep at the bar again… But… why am I in the garage?”
    “Because you didn’t even make it to the bar Kimi.”
    “Owww, you may be right. And I thought I’d just dreamed that Luca was serving the vodkas…”

  52. Gareth Jordan
    12th April 2014, 13:11

    I know we hit the cliff with these tyres. But I keep hitting Walls with mine.
    (They make ice cream)

  53. “Here Fernando give me your hand, let me help you”

  54. “Hmm…this fare calculator is not gonna fit in here”

  55. “Heck, I finally got them working on my car so now they better not see the receipt for trading in my LaFerrari for an SLS….”

  56. They told me there was more power in the car but I can’t find it.

  57. For the first time I don’t know what I’m doing!

  58. They won’t find my ice lolly there!

  59. “leave me alone i know what i’m doing.”

  60. No wonder the brakes don’t work, I left my vodka in here!

  61. If I just act if I’m working, those stupid journalists won’t come close to me

  62. “If you want me to stop drinking before the race, you should not hide my vodka in Fernando’s cockpit!”

  63. Richard Hill (@)
    12th April 2014, 14:06

    Trust us Kimi, you won’t find any pace in there.

    1. hahaha very good!

  64. hmmmm…. Rum raisin or Daiquiri?

  65. “So that’s where the magnum freezer is…”

  66. ” Some say that the reason why we have lost the pace must be somewhere there, between the steering wheel and the seat. But I can see nothing here ! “

  67. Guys, this vacuum cleaner is dysfunctional :(

  68. Kimi looks for his press-conference crib-sheet, but can only find Ke$sha’s phone number.

  69. Kimi sabotaging Fernando’s car before the Bahrain Qualification Session.

  70. Engineer- Kimi, we need that part
    Kimi- just leave me alone, I know what I’m doing

  71. Kimi climbs into the cockpit, having had his legs removed to save weight.

  72. OK, just let me get my horseshoe out, light the match and burn the damned thing

  73. Now where on earth did I put those sunglasses…. I could swear I had them a second ago.

  74. Kimi takes the request to try and find more speed in the car a bit too literally

  75. Rupert Richardson
    12th April 2014, 14:45

    Nope, I just can’t find that extra second…

  76. I Want Chicken.

  77. “we made “him” think he is faster, you can come out now, Felipe!”

  78. Guys we need to fix this crappy sound system !!!

  79. Lost my motivation, maybe I can find it here.

  80. “Fiat Panda parts? Guys I thought honoring FIAT would go no further than naming the car F14T”

  81. Did I leave my beer here in this Taxi-Cab ?

  82. Tickle the horse where? Here?!

  83. Mechanic ”So Kimi can you take us too the airport after the race”
    Kimi ” Do i look like a taxi driver”

  84. Hopefully Fernando doesn’t notice that i had a wee in here earlier….

  85. “hey guys, why is the VIN missing?”

  86. “Guys, see when I said we need more horsepower? Adding more stickers isn’t what I meant”

  87. Kimi: So this is what was pinching me all the race

  88. Kimi desperately trying to find the brake bias adjustment on his car.

  89. Guillermo Deutsch
    12th April 2014, 16:16

    Hey guys!! Look what I found!! Team orders!!!

  90. After all their hard work, the Ferrari mechanics have finally created the perfect f1 superhero driver. The time has come to unplug the cables from his back and finally awaken “The Iceman”.

  91. alonso’s telementry

  92. Well, that’s Fernando’s ejector seat installed …

  93. ‘Hang on a second… This isn’t the freezer’

  94. “Alonso’s driving my car so I’ll just take my throttle pedal.”

  95. who the hell keeps sticking gum in there?

  96. Now if I could just find where Alonso hid that ballast…

  97. What does this switch do?

  98. lotus-Grosjean
    12th April 2014, 17:11

    Oops, where is the trophy I left in the car before I left Ferrari in 2009?

  99. Lotus-Grosjean
    12th April 2014, 17:12

    I told them there should be a handbrake so I can drive a rally style.

  100. “Great tip Seb, let’s see how he beats me without his KERS.”

  101. Can’t seem to find this “performance” everyone is talking about…

  102. Hey wait.. Is that overtake Kimi button ..!!!!???

  103. GB (@bgp001ruled)
    12th April 2014, 18:06

    Try number 1:
    “yes, yes, yes. leave me alone! i know what im doing”
    try number 2:
    “oh! my bubble gum!”
    try number 3:
    “oh! my jack daniels!”

  104. God I love this mini-fridge

    1. hehehe good one!

  105. Monty: “What’s happened to the car?! Where’s our speed gone?!”
    Kimi: “It’s in here somewhere, I know it…”

  106. “Years of experience have taught me to always check for phones before I leave the pits”

  107. “I’ll tilt the throttle an inch to the front; that way the taxi would get some more top speed…”

  108. Team: Kimi, we can adjust your seat, leave that to us!
    Kimi: Just leave me alone, I know what I am doing!

  109. Mechanic: Why everytime he wants to puke, he does it in Nando’s car?

  110. Guys I’ve found more downforce, the Dyson that sux more than the others was not turned on

  111. “Why is there a big spider on my arm?”

  112. Kimi Raikkonen finds Narnia…

  113. Kimi Räikkönen is left with the task of tending to Ferrari’s innovative batty charging mechanism. Codenamed “Hammy the hamster”.

  114. Kimi is finally picking up his diapers

  115. Where is my flask?!

  116. “Kimi you can’t leave your ice cream there”

    “Shut up, I know what I’m doing…”

  117. Someone shouting: “No Kimi, you cannot carry an icecream box in there.”

    1. didn’t see the prevoius one..

  118. The mechanic in the background is whispering to his collegue: “Oh oh, he is studying the VIN number of the orginal FIAT Scudo Taxi we build his car from!”

  119. Kimi having a Shakespearean moment: “Speed, oh speed, where are thy?”

  120. Kimi bows his head in shame upon the realisation that, actually, he does not know what he’s doing.

  121. Oh, so this is the……… MULTI-21 button !!!!”

  122. Kimi struggles to open the new on board freezer

  123. Kimi Raikkonen’s lost his tongue

  124. ‘What’s all this lead?

  125. Alonso (looking in the background in the picture):
    Soon Kimi, soon… you will deserve the number 2 status.

  126. “I am not sure this car is identical with Alonso’s”

  127. “I need a cup holder mounted here.Taxi driving is thirsty business.”

  128. I think I left my sunglasses in there. Has anyone seen my sunglasses? I need them for tonight!

  129. Dam… where is my ice cream ?!…. #$%&#$%&

  130. Better reclaim my Speed before the mechanics find it

  131. “Where did I leave that pay check of mine”

  132. Where is my vodka?

  133. Remember when Alain Prost said his Ferrari is like a truck? Well, Kimi Raikkonen secretly believes that his F14T is like a boom boom car. “For sure, it’s like a boom boom car, but currently I still can’t find where to insert the coins to make it faster,” he said.

  134. “Damn, they always hide the choc ice’s at the very bottom.”

  135. It can only be the seat belt! It disrupts in high speed corners, low also and especially on the straights!

  136. So that’s where Alonso keeps his six tenths

  137. “Told you there was something stick under the accelerator!”

    1. *stuck


  138. No seriously guys, where’s the power.

  139. Bruce (@mountainbiker)
    13th April 2014, 0:43

    Hmmmmm, if I peel this sticker back… What the heck??? “Toyota Prius”???

  140. Wait a minute… Is this a handbrake?

  141. Let me remove that rat before it chews the entire brake wire.

  142. What the hell is doing Massa’s driving licence here?

  143. Rahul Kapoor
    13th April 2014, 4:48

    “Where is my Ice-Cream? i Swear i put it here”

  144. Must’ve dropped my wallet in here somewhere…

  145. Kimi is trying to find competitiveness, but cannot seem to find it.

  146. Give me tissue, i dropped my magnum!

  147. damn!! i have a massive butt print!!!

  148. In b4 the ice cream captions… oh wait.

  149. Jennie Kempson
    13th April 2014, 12:26

    I know I left an ice cream in here somewhere.

  150. Oh that’s where the handbrake is! No one tell Nando and I will give you guys a cut of my pay check when Lotus pay up!

  151. So THAT’s what I was sitting on !

  152. We are going to need to pull a rabbit out of this hat I think!

  153. I hope they restocked the mini bar in here.

  154. ……where is the speed in this thing?

  155. I am not doing much on track, so let me try my hand off track.

  156. “May I ask what’s the hole in the floor, I can get cold”

  157. Kimi looks for a quiet location to have his pre-race nap.

  158. “No boss, it’s not a hangover”

  159. “I’ll do anything to avoid talking to Fernando.”

  160. what are felipe’s shoe doing under the seat

  161. Is there a space for my ice cream ?

  162. So if we install a speaker here we can get more F1 sound.

  163. I knew I should have taken that weight reducing enema earlier….

  164. How to say “speed” in Italian? Dammit where’s my Italian-English dictionary?

  165. “Where’s the nut behind the wheel they keep complaining about?”

  166. Kimi: I think Felippe forgot his lucky charm and now I know why I sucked through out the season.
    Now I will remove this curse and start driving better.

  167. Kimi contempleting: “at least it’s still red”

  168. “maybe it will be faster if I just push it instead”

  169. “after this season I’ll make a jacuzzi in here”

  170. “They tell me that this car has lots of ers crammed inside, yet I cannot find it, not even the wrapper.”

  171. Engineer behind the bearded engineer thinks that
    Kimi lost his marbles.

  172. So that’s the flux capacitor

  173. Where is that Ferrari manual? I should have taken-up dog sled racing. drmrs 4/23/2014

  174. i dont care if we are slow, im keeping my ice-cream fridge in the car.

  175. KIMI: Tequila — Check. Peeing jar — check . . . Hey! Where’s my pot?

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