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Who better to begin the first Caption Competition of the new year with than the reigning world champion?

Lewis Hamilton clinched his second Formula One drivers’ championship crown last year but this picture is from his final season before graduating to grand prix racing.

Hamilton won the GP2 title that year but a slip-up during qualifying at the Hungaroring, pictured above, threatened to hand the initiative to rival Nelson Piquet Jnr.

Can you come up with the best caption for this picture? Post your funniest suggestion in the comments below. A selection of the best will feature in a future edition of the F1 Fanatic Round-up.

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158 comments on “Caption Competition 66: Hamilton in GP2”

  1. Stupid Renault engine.

      1. I wonder if I will still have the time to take in the scenery during races in F1. This is too easy!

        1. That yellow helmet really looks good. Why did he change it?

  2. “That Alonso guy makes it look so easy in a Renault.”

    1. Keisoglou Alexandros (@)
      3rd January 2015, 12:24

      Nice one!

  3. It was at this moment Lewis decided to never again race Renault powered cars, nor cars with red and/or white livery.

  4. I’d rather sit out than driving a number 2 car

  5. I sure do hope that all of these reliability issues don’t hit me again in eight years time…

  6. Never ever driving a Renault again…

  7. F1 drivers would rather sit on grass than the seat

  8. Lewis predicting the impression that Romain Grosjean would give in 2014

  9. Lewis: ‘He started it.’

    1. Edit sorry: :)

      Lewis: ‘Well he started it…’

  10. “I guess I’m not so blessed after all…”

  11. “Hey cow, why are you staring at me?!”

  12. Talking to his car: “Were not friends”

  13. So this is why Renault drive the Red Bulls…

  14. I’ve got a feeling that this isn’t the last time I’ll have a problem in Hungaroring qualifying…

    1. On that note: “I hope it goes better here next year..”

      1. Or: I can drive better than Nico even without qualifying. Hell! I can even have a picnic her. :)

  15. At least F1 cars will be more reliable…

    1. Keisoglou Alexandros (@)
      3rd January 2015, 12:25


    2. love this!

  16. About the looks: “Still better than Ecclestone’s F1 of the future”

  17. “I wonder what happens when you park a car on the side of the road at Monaco?”

  18. I didn’t want that stupid pole anyway

  19. “Gosh the view here is amaaaaaazing!”

  20. LH: “Oh god, I really need to go to the bathroom. I hope no one’s looking.”

  21. LH: “…and then the officers told me that I had a parking ticket.”

  22. LH: “I am quite hungry in Hungary.”

  23. “I won’t drive that GP2 car as Nico is already in that FW28.”

  24. Lewis now understands why he needs Mercedes power.

  25. If I pull off the track here !
    and sit on the track here !

    That should bring out the yellows !!!!

    1. Good one.

  26. Lewis denied access to Bernie Avenue.

  27. “I can’t believe no one got the irony of having the three pointed star on my helmet, despite being powered by Renault.”

    1. I love your attention to detail :)

  28. “i’m hungrier than Nelson”

  29. I give up…I’ll never find where I parked that damn car!

  30. “Should’ve gone to the bathroom before the race.”

  31. James (@jamesjames123abc)
    3rd January 2015, 12:36

    “I wish Piquet would spin off instead of me someday…”

  32. Even the side pods say it’s dire! I’m getting me a merc

  33. Lewis Hamilton should have thinked twice before saying he didn’t want the number 1 on his car.

  34. After seeing Franck Montagny’s media profile rise, Hamilton admits to “trying grass” in his GP2 days.

    1. …at which point, the sport’s only fan under ten says, “what, grass at a GP track?! I’ve never seen that”.

      1. ..followed by “you must be smoking something ;)” from his older brother.

    2. Haha these are great, “Guys, our car this year is dope”

    3. ColdFly F1 (@)
      3rd January 2015, 18:40

      all winners!

  35. AMR (@aiera-music)
    3rd January 2015, 12:46

    “I really should have saved that phone number for the AA..”

  36. I’ll just wait here for Ron to come and pick me up

  37. Renault can’t build good engines,they’re not hungry enough !

  38. ..they’ll catch up eventually

  39. *sigh* At least it’s not on fire

  40. Just when Q3 looked like being a washout.

  41. Hopefully one day I can do this in China.

    1. “This is how I imagine racing in China”

  42. I will give you all a 2 lap head start!

    1. Nice one

  43. “So I guess it was my fault…”

  44. The “GP2 2006” playstation game suffered some surprising driver glitches

  45. “I’m going to win the GP2 Series! Its going to be a piece of cake because Nico won it. That reminds me now i want cake. Im just going to sit here until i get cake!

  46. Step 1 to becoming Senna, pose like Senna. Even if the car is a little bit white.

  47. This qualifying session may have not gone to plan, but there is always next year…

  48. “Erm Lewis, the car’s over there mate”

  49. “Maybe if I sit here quietly it’ll come closer.”

  50. “I just know my F1 cars will be more reliable…”

  51. Don’t know if it was posted before:

    “We’re not friends anymore, Renault.”

  52. “Don’t know how I did it – completely lost the car during qualifying, again…”

  53. “Nelson did it on purpose”

    1. Nice one.

  54. Hamilton is scolded, and handed a “time out” penalty for blocking.

  55. Jack (@jackisthestig)
    3rd January 2015, 14:57

    I must stop sulking after bad performances in future…

  56. I’m sure Kimi said the way back to the track was this way!??

  57. ‘No gloves-no play-no fun today’

  58. No, this accident ain’t gonna put me off Brembos.

  59. “The mid-race meditation break was thankfully scrapped by the FIA after just one season.”

    1. @graham228221 – Best caption!

  60. Damn! Should have used the #44

  61. Who let the dogs out?

  62. Hamilton is looking for HORSE power..

  63. Poor Stevenage boy, stranded with only his unreliable Mobil1, Marlboro renault car.

  64. After hitting trouble once too many times, Hamilton realises that the grass is greener on the other side…

  65. Hamilton was still a kid back then… “8, 9, 10… Ready or not here I come!”

  66. New solution to make f1 crowds appear bigger…

  67. “I wonder how far Nico can pee?”

  68. “Something was in my glove!”

  69. The Renault says: “Is it something I did? Why won’t you talk to me? Have you found someone new?”

  70. The Renault: “Me and him are finished! he’s been flirting with some tart called Mercedes!”

    1. Good one.

  71. Thinks…The Pussycat Dolls – When I Grow Up… Who needs this; I gotta get into the music business…

  72. maybe it’s ’cause i’m black?

  73. oh on, Hamilton has had an argument with his car… again

  74. Driving on these Bridgestones feels like driving on ice. I hope they get rid of them when I join F1 in the future.

  75. “Hmm, the grass is greener on this side of the track…”

  76. Hamilton and his car are searching for the SILVER SPOON!!

  77. Daniel (@mechanicalgrip22)
    3rd January 2015, 18:26

    Feeling confident in his lead in GP2, Hamilton takes the opportunity for sone quiet reflection.

  78. Let me relax a little while, the tortoises are long way back

  79. ColdFly F1 (@)
    3rd January 2015, 18:42

    Even when Nico is in another series I cannot get on pole!

  80. “I’m soooo hungry…”

  81. How on Earth could Seb have won four titles with this engine?

    1. Nice one.

  82. And one more :-)

    – Lewis, the snail is faster than you. Confirm the message!
    – Just leave me alone, I know what I’m doing!

  83. Renault engines… Bah! Never again!

  84. Lewis trains for his new role in The Tortoise and the Hare

  85. Lewis seems a bit distracted…

  86. Lewis, after misunderstanding the pitwall instruction “the gloves are off now mate”, immeadiately thinks of something better.. but it will take 7 years to find an engineer prepared to say “it’s hammertime” in public

  87. Dad, come and get me!

  88. Richard Hill (@)
    3rd January 2015, 21:45

    ”Well I hit my marks, the least the pit crew could do is show up!”

  89. Someone passed me under yellow flags…

  90. “Well, at least my car didn’t catch on fire.”

  91. Between hopping out of the car and sitting down on this grass I had enough time to break up with my girlfriend, get back together and break up with her again.

  92. The Hungary games started in here.

  93. The grass is always greener on the other side….


    Do I really have to sit this one out so the others can catch up?

  94. “Still I Rise!”

  95. I’m going to win the championship any way so I guess I’ll sit this one out and enjoy the scenery…..

  96. Hamilton is disqualified from a lawn mower race as the FIA deem his lawn mower to be illegal.

  97. AMR (@aiera-music)
    4th January 2015, 9:11

    I wonder if anyone will look back on things like this in my career and think “it was fair”

  98. stefan hans wetzel
    4th January 2015, 9:16

    I’m bored… Think I’ll have a rest and wait for everyone else to catch up… I could really go for some pancakes right about now… Why does my ass smell like ham?

  99. …Happiness is a cigar called Hamlet

  100. Gaston (@gastonmazzacane)
    4th January 2015, 9:39

    ”Just waiting here for others to finish…”

  101. “I know a man who can”

  102. Lewis thinking to himself: These Bridgestones have so much more grip than the Pirellis that I can’t even lift my rear from the grass!

    1. A little improvement:

      Lewis thinking to himself: These Bridgestones have so much more grip than the Pirellis that I can’t even lift my rear from the grASS!

  103. This was not fair, but it will be in 2014!

  104. Overtaking is so difficult at Hungaroring…except for me! There is no chance for Nelson to win both races here.

  105. Hamilton starts silent protest against tarmac-only run-offs.

  106. There’s no way I’m being number 2 driver. I want to number 1 like it says on my helmet.
    I’m gonna sit here and look as sulky as Roscoe until you change it.

  107. Lewis “we’re not friends “

  108. … one day…. one day…. ALL this will be MINE !!!!

  109. Pat Ruadh (@fullcoursecaution)
    4th January 2015, 13:05

    These ten minute penalties are excessive man

  110. I better just sit here, I don’t have my paddock pass

  111. “Bloody embarrassing, that. I’ll be soooo happy when I get to F-1 and don’t have to experience this again!”

  112. How embarrassing … I’ll be soooooooo glad when I get to F-1 and don’t have to experience THIS again …

  113. Let’s see … go to Carefour and pick up the bread, milk, eggs, Wheaties, a couple Wimpy Burgers and a diet Pepsi …

  114. Ham: Note to self, never drive a renault

  115. I’m not getting back in that car until it admits responsibility for taking us off the circuit..

  116. ‘Not bad for a number two driver.’

  117. At least these cars sound good!

  118. I’m not moving until I hear from Nicole

  119. Lewis checks if the grass is greener on the other side

  120. lost ART

  121. I’m sure Renault will come good for me one day.

  122. “Why me?”

  123. LH to the car: “No. I am not talking to you”.

  124. “Man, I’m never going to win at this track.”

  125. “Maybe this will red flag the session… Hope noone does this to me in F1..”

  126. Matthew Abbott
    5th January 2015, 12:35

    I’m not driving this thing until it’s a Mercedes

  127. Can I get the Mass Damper too?

  128. Hard parked, like a boss.

  129. I’ve already put that mistake behind me !

  130. Patrick Traille
    6th January 2015, 15:02

    Another year like last year and people will expect me to win everything. I’ll just sit this one out so people will know I’m human.

  131. Is this my papa’s lap.

  132. “And they said racing was fast….”

  133. I KNOW somebody overtook me under safetycar! But “Noooooooo…” I mislead the stewards”.

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