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Rate the race: 2021 British Grand Prix

2021 British Grand Prix

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178 comments on “Rate the race: 2021 British Grand Prix”

  1. Well…

    1. @jib
      Tom Cruise was well pleased.

  2. Dutchguy (@justarandomdutchguy)
    18th July 2021, 17:04

    Farcical outcome and not even that intresting too watch

    1. Hahaha Dutch guy finds it boring. How predictable. Your man squeezed Hamilton and paid the price and no amount of whinging by Horner will change that fact. Clearly a racing incident or I’m watching a different sport.

      1. I think most people who like racing found this race pretty awful, dutch or not. It’s good that Verstapen seems to be ok

        1. Wos, really @vecho? I AM a Dutch fan, and yeah off course it is good that Verstappen is fine after that crash.

          But I really had a thoroughly enjoyable time with this race. We had a superb battle during the first lap that ended with neither Verstappen nor Hamilton wanting to give up when arguably both could have and Hamilton should have. We had plenty of good battles throughout the field, we had Leclerc really doing a great job of running away with the race lead for most of it and then that quite remarkable drive to get back towards him and to pass him in the end from Hamilton.

          Not sure why it would be awful really.

          1. Me and the people i know who watch f1 don’t enjoy seeing a race during which a driver gets injured, that’s what i meant

      2. Dutchguy (@justarandomdutchguy)
        18th July 2021, 18:58

        Dude. Everything shows he did not squeeze Hamilton. Hamilton simply erred. and the result felt wrong considering how
        Hamilton (inadvertently) wiped out his only proper competion and how close Leclerc was to winning the race. It’d be farcical if it had been Mazepin in that championship position/car.

        And before you think I got out the orange glasses. I like a lot of drivers, but mostly Norris & Hulkenberg.

        But considering the quality of your arguments, I might be wasting my time here

        1. I disagree. I think Lewis was “more” at fault, but Max also came in at an aggressive angle as well. Lewis should have backed out, but it was his ONLY chance of even getting ahead and he most likely wouldn’t be able to keep it anyway…he wasn’t going to back out.

          If I’m Christian, I’m telling Max to drive a more conservative race right now. Why risk contact when you have a faster car and you’ll have plenty of chances to overtake Lewis later. And even if you lose this one race, RB is clearly faster this year so why take the chance?

          We’ve watched Lewis back out of plenty of situations the last two years because he learned to not take chances when he has the championship in the bag. The young Lewis was just as prone to do stupid/aggressive moves as Max is now. So I’m not blaming Max. He just needs to have more strategic awareness. He most likely would have won the race even if he backed out of that corner.

          And he certainly is on his way to winning his first driver’s title if he can keep a cool head.

  3. Ok race. Shame Hamilton won it due to lap 1 crash

    1. Yes. I also have this feeling they could have won it much more easily, all of the sudden they went 2s faster.

  4. A good race, even if at parts slightly static.

    1. RandomMallard (@)
      18th July 2021, 17:09

      @jerejj Was that bit the red flag? ;-)

      1. @randommallard No, when Gasly and Perez were stuck behind Kimi.

        1. Or the train behind Alonso.

  5. Results of this poll will be interesting…

  6. Well it wasn’t boring was it!

  7. 0/10.

    The most disgusting race since Adelaide 1994.

    1. Hockenheim 2010?

      Singapore 2008?

      Azerbaijan 2017?

  8. There will be enough salt today to supply the entire world.

    1. I am just hoping that it doesn’t get as toxic as other sites are getting – sadly, even some of the forums which used to be more reputable are now seeing floods of pretty horrific racist abuse being posted about Hamilton now.

      The level of tribalism in some sectors is getting rather dangerous, and sadly it is drawing out the worst from some.

      1. In my opinion, unless you can make yourself like the saltyness, it is already to the point that I’ve stopped regularly reading and commenting anon, there’s so little attempt at being objective and ease to feel biases confirmed.

        1. @bosyber it makes me wonder if perhaps it is worth doing the same as yourself – it does feel as if, this year in particular, the level of hostility and abuse that is going around is really getting out of control.

          1. Please keep the sane and level headed comments coming you guys, and don’t let the nasty kids get you down. Someone has to show by example what a decent online community can be like. Don’t give up!

  9. Adam (@rocketpanda)
    18th July 2021, 17:05

    I really don’t get how you can punt your leading championship rival out of the race, get a penalty, and then still win the race? Nah.

    1. It’s called “being a bloody good driver”.

      1. Adam (@rocketpanda)
        18th July 2021, 17:08

        I mean punting a driver out of the race kinda suggests otherwise but sure.

        1. The key is to punt other cars without damaging your car. HAM is still the best driver out there. VER is a close 2nd.

          1. @jimfromus ‘How to tell a whole forum you’re American without saying you’re American’. Punting off without damaging. How Nascar.

          2. Yeah, he has the best car too. Other than that, it’s a mystery now. I’d say LEC did a more solid job in obviously an inferior machinery.

          3. How nascar? It’s how we drive in the greater Boston area.

          4. He did damage his car, but was able to fix it under the red flag

          5. Or damaging it knowing thayt they will always fly a red flag for you when you need it

          6. You really should see the championship score sometime. You stuck at year 2020. HAM is “a close 2nd” nowadays.

    2. @rocketpanda F1 is skewed. 10 second penalties for front runners mean nothing when the rest of the field half a minute down.

      1. About as effective as a strongly worded UN condemnation.

      2. @hahostolze It’s a slap on the wrist

    3. It’s motorsport. Crashes happen

  10. Miltiadis (@miltosgreekfan)
    18th July 2021, 17:05

    Bar the chase at the end, this race wasn’t good with overtaking being difficult.

    Also,this race gave me a massive feel of injustice for what happened, but anyways….

    5/10 for what we saw today

    1. Dutchguy (@justarandomdutchguy)
      18th July 2021, 17:08

      That chase wasnt that exciting to me either. you just knew one of these cars was much faster and was just gonna sail by on a straight

      1. Miltiadis (@miltosgreekfan)
        18th July 2021, 17:10

        There were some backmarkers in the mix as well,so it gave a slight excitement.

        But yes, Mercedes (Hamilton’s mostly) pace with the hards was too good for Ferrari.

        1. Dutchguy (@justarandomdutchguy)
          18th July 2021, 17:41

          Not only that, but the combination of DRS and a low drag car meant that the overtake itself was never gonna be particulary hard either

          1. Miltiadis (@miltosgreekfan)
            18th July 2021, 21:37

            Yep,since he got into Leclerc’s DRS zone, it was inevitable that the move would happen

  11. Charles and Ferrari deserved this. Devastated :(

    1. Absolutely, at least leclerc should’ve won, would’ve meant the penalty mattered a little for hamilton.

  12. These people voting 1 are absolutely pathetic. Grow up, for God’s sake.

    1. @talcumpowder or it’s a fair reflection of what they saw? How would you rate a football match with goals not given and unfair red cards?

      1. Reminded me the last semifinal and that penalty actually.

      2. Poorly. Whereas ones with fair decisions, such as this one, I wouldn’t rate a 1 unless it were abjectly dire in terms of racing (which it was undeniably not).

    2. We can use the numbers who voted one to calculate the exact number of Max fans on this site :-)

      1. Or it could calculate the exact number of people who just want fair racing and fair penalty decisions?

      2. You can’t. Because I’m British, a Verstappen fan, and I rated it a 4.

        1. Indeed, and I’m italian and I’m a fan of good racing, and who brings good racing? Verstappen and leclerc, and norris.

    3. AJ (@asleepatthewheel)
      18th July 2021, 17:36

      These are the same people who voted Max as DOTD.

      1. Just so you know I won’t vote verstappen DOTD, but leclerc.

    4. I’m a huge fan of Max’s and was desperately disappointed to see him crash out. I still thought it was a great race though!

      I’m still not convinced with the penalty. If Max had backed off, everybody would’ve lauded Lewis’s move as a brilliant overtake. If Lewis had backed off everybody would’ve commended Max on how hard he fought to hold position. Neither of them backed off and there was contact. That’s racing.

      1. Very well said, my thoughts exactly. Neither driver backed off and it was going to happen.
        I understand why Hamilton went for it, but knowing Max, he knew he was going to close on him. He took a risk and luckily it went his way… This could have ended the race for both of them easily. People that says that this was intentional or that Lewis is a dirty driver, haven’t watch any F1 or are too angry about the outcome.
        Lewis went for it too aggressively, Max did not backed off, they touched and Max got the worst part. Fair penalty.

        1. Coventry Climax
          18th July 2021, 20:21

          That’s not ‘closing in’ on someone, that’s taking the line that’s yours, because you’re ahead. Proven in two ways: Hamiltons front wheel hit Verstappen’s rear, and Hamilton got the ‘penalty’.

    5. Well said. Sour grapes and sulking little boys.
      The incident was pure racing and Sir Lewis was on him for the entire lap up until then, VAR saw he was in his mirror and thought he could intimidate him like his usual style and squeezed him. Tough sport. Get over it boys and move on to Hungary.
      Horner sounded pathetic.

      1. *VER apols

    6. Well, the people who voted 1 are the majority, so too bad for you. Check canada 2019, check russia 2018, people don’t like shameful stuff.

      1. Just so you know, people who voted 1 are 38% off being the majority.
        The penalty was fair, and the tears are frankly delicious :)

      2. I think you need to check your math on that claim.

  13. Worst of 2021. Nice try from Charles. He was close but team orders robbed him of the win.

    1. RandomMallard (@)
      18th July 2021, 17:10

      @ryanceros Like I’m a Max fan and all but I would much rather watch that race than Monaco again

      1. Yes, this is worth 8 and monaco I think was 6 or 5 imo, can’t remember, but I’m never gonna support stuff like this, shameful team orders and penalties, winning by taking out your opponent, so no matter the score it becomes 1 for me and I see I’m not the only one.

    2. Team orders? Maybe but suddenly going 2s quicker shows merc were taking their time.

  14. Most interesting race and by far the most enjoyable seeing/hearing ham haters to all die inside :)

    Max finally got his dues… he kept cutting and pushing off now he learned a 2nd ham justice :)

    What a great race… For Max fans i imagine :)

  15. I dare say Max’s blood will be boiling right about now. I really feel for Charlie. But great to see a ferrari in a genuinely competitive position.

  16. So. Punting your main rival off the track, passing it off as a ‘first lap racing incident’, get away with a soft penalty, and because you’re in a Mercedes, you win the race, gaining points on said rival.

    I don’t blame Hamilton. He didn’t do it maliciously. Mistakes happen, crashes happen, this is racing. But THAT is not fair. That is a farce. I blame F1 management and their stewards for their inconsistencies and their TERRIBLE judgements.

    F1 is unbearable under current management.

    1. Slavisa (@sylversurferr)
      18th July 2021, 17:22

      +1 x2

    2. What did you expect..a black flag?

      1. No. That’s ridiculous. A drive-through at a minimum, otherwise a 10 second stop/go penalty. That way, Hamilton would’ve had to serve this penalty within 3 laps, would’ve likely come out either last, or at least, well down the field, and would likely have finished near Tsunoda or Alonso.
        That would be a lot fairer.

        1. Coventry Climax
          18th July 2021, 20:24


        2. True, would’ve made more sense fairness-wise, ofc would’ve lost a battle for the lead.

    3. @smartez

      I don’t blame Hamilton. He didn’t do it maliciously. Mistakes happen, crashes happen, this is racing.

      So why complain? It was a racing incident both drivers were pushing hard they are racing for the WDC.
      There is no requirement to just give the place away, it’s a race a competition OK!

      1. @johnrkh

        When I say that I don’t blame Hamilton, I meant that I don’t blame him for the situation; the fact he won the race and was given a soft penalty. That one is on the stewards.

        I do, however, completely blame him for the Verstappen collision, that is obvious. Max gave him plenty of space, Hamilton still hit him. It’s not a racing incident, it’s Hamilton’s fault. Because I like fair racing, I don’t believe you should be able to punt your rival out of the race and still win the race. You should be given a penalty that prevents this, like a drive-through or a 10 sec stop/go. That is why I’m complaining.

      2. Coventry Climax
        18th July 2021, 20:29

        There ‘is no requirement to just give the place away’ is also the exact reason why there is a (should be a genuine) penalty for taking a place that isn’t yours. That’s why the race line into a corner is for the car that’s ahead. Maybe Hamilton did not do this intentionally, but that does not make the penalty he got less ridiculous.
        And no, I’m not from Holland.

    4. “Because he was in Mercedes” Lemme’ show you this fact: Norris forced out from track Perez, and Perez did same with Leclerc twice. It’s not “Mercedes is cheating”, it’s “the penalty system is soft”!

    5. I agree, and Ham’s demeanour is wrong, he understeered into Max, it is his fault, so much so I can’t be sure the move was not on purpose, the bad move not the crash.
      F1, the fia, racing incident or not they must balance things out better. 25 points and a completely broken car, he might have penalties incoming for the broken PU parts.

  17. Hamilton winning due to team orders again. I can’t count the times he did so anymore.

    1. Well, Max wouldn’t have won France were it not for Perez’s orders.

      1. Coventry Climax
        18th July 2021, 20:31

        @talcumpowder: Well said. And the count on that is? Exactly, 1.

  18. Yes (@come-on-kubica)
    18th July 2021, 17:09

    Woeful stewarding. Unlucky charles, that was an unreal performance by possibly the fastest driver on the grid. Dont think there was anyone else on that grid who could have done that performance in the 4th best car.

  19. I thought the poll was going to be a normal one…

    1. As a long time formula one fan this race left a very bad taste in the mouth. For a driver to push their biggest rival and likely winner off the track which would be considered a professional foul. Then to receive a penalty that was pointless as the only likely person to be able to beat him was already out of the race. Hamilton doesn’t deserve this win it feels very much like the Schumacher Hill crash

      1. As Senna said, if you see a gap and dont go for it you are no longer a race driver, racing incident hence the 10 sec time penalty.

        1. Senna said it to justify taking out prost purposefully!

          1. You mean the race the FIA fixed for Prost to win by moving the pole grid slot to the dirty side of the track, the year after Prost drove into at the same track.

            Nice try…

  20. Nice race, but can’t get over the fact that the only competition was taken out on lap 1…. Gave it a 4

  21. Potentially great race ruined by a clumsy move and a joke of a “penalty”. Somewhat entertaining, but knowing what could’ve been–and seeing how it completely changed the WDC complexion in favor of the driver who caused a massive accident–makes it a 4/10 from me.

  22. A solid 4 from me. A walled championship leader from the 2nd and only 10s penalty is a farce race from me but what happened, happened now and i blame FIA for this and their artificial equalizing scenarios and actions.

  23. Booo, such a disgraceful win! FIA should have intervened long time ago to stop making BOT such a joke in F1’s history. It’s really outrageous that for years Ferrari/Schumacher/Barrichello were shown as the black sheeps, but this is far worse… and is labeled as normal… because it’s a different strategy!

    Incredible job by LEC and unexpected positive pace by Ferrari. But they have so much work to do, they lack consistency: in some races they fall even behind AlphaTauri (not only McLaren), in some other races they’re the best of the rest. Whatever is happening, it’s going to take a lot of work to fix.

  24. Best comment section of the year. The salt is delicious

    1. @moshambles watch out for your kidneys, especially with this heat

    2. Best race of the year followed by the wailings of Max fans…Gets Popcorn for all the salt.

  25. Farcical race, the guy is shamelessly celebrating his victory after putting hospitalizing Max.

  26. Mercedes has discovered the formula for winning the championship. Begins research on stronger front wing for pushing Max off the track.

    1. That was the upgrade of the car they were talking about? Next one is spikes from the rear I guess.

  27. Comical penalty for trying to kill someone and after that, yeah zero competition Max ain’t there. Pretty fail.

    1. Trying to kill someone? Honestly, the comments here become worse by the race. Get some perspective.

  28. From a racing perspective I really enjoyed it, but it was a soft penalty. Great recovery drive from Lewis though.

    Great drive from Charles,absolutely gutted for him.

  29. @ryanoceros and that can work, this causes quite a hit to the budget to repair, keep doing it and red bull runs out money in the cost capped season.

  30. Great race.

  31. A 10 second time penalty was far too lenient for that sort of incident.

  32. A farse. Mazepin should have won DOTD to round it.

  33. If the sprint race is more interesting than the actual GP it is detracting from the GP just as most feared it would.

    Qualifying on Friday means I can’t watch live which is disappointing as I love the current qualifying format. And then watching it delayed lacked a lot of the excitement & anticipation out of it so that is another negative. Then it not deciding the grid for the GP & Lewis not been awarded the pole is yet another negative.

    Having a race build-up/start yesterday took a lot of the anticipation out of todays start so I went in not as excited as I usually would be so there is another example of the sprint detracting from the GP.

    And outside of Alonso making a good start & Sainz falling back not much else happened in the sprint so it’s a bit of a pointless negative.

    And then Red Bull pitting Perez to get the fastest lap point off Lewis just shows how artificial & gimmicky the games we are going to see around that will be. Imagine that been a title deciding thing, Awful gimmick.

    Overall I went into the first sprint weekend open minded about this new sprint format & have come away hoping it’s something they don’t repeat as for the reasons i listed and several others it’s a format that simply doesn’t work imo.

    1. Comment of the day material here.

  34. There is something very wrong with motorsport when one driver ends up in hospital from an incident and the other driver involved (who is determined to be at fault) goes on to win the same race.

    This is far from sour grapes and I would say exactly the same if the outcome was reversed.

    I’m not a LeClerc defang, but, he did a superb job today and felt for him with his problems, which, I am certain cost him his victory today.

    1. Indeed, absolutely agree on both counts.

  35. A good 6/10.

    I enjoyed the cold war between Ferrari and McLaren. Almost a memorable win by Leclerc, maybe if that wheel nut on Norris’ car had cooperated…

    Hamilton got away good today, no damage to the car and win, profiting on Norris’ misfortune and the good old Wingman (though this time it was a no-brainer).

    LEC, NOR, SAI and ALO all deserved better. The last 3 got so unlucky in the pitstops. Shame.

    PER and VET were the embarrassments of the day.

    The championship is alive!

  36. And that’s why He’s the GOAT and gets paid the big bucks, probably the greatest most nerve racking race I’ve ever seen 11/10.

    1. @f1-plossl you’re confusing him with Conor McGregor

    2. It shows he races dirty!

    3. You haven’t seen many races, have you?
      Hamilton is not GOAT, that Mercedes car is. It’s hard not to win when you’re only competing against 2 other drivers.
      The last time Lewis had a competetive teammate, he lost.

      1. Lol I was probably watching F1 before you were born ;-)

        1. You show great experience and maturity using the word “lol”. Either you are lying, or you fall asleep while watching f1

    4. +1. Only a truly great driver could win a race after bunting off his fastest rival, passing his teammate with team orders and overtaking a stricken Ferrari, all with the fastest car on track. Truly a masterclass!

    5. How come?! That red flag session present from his compatriots really kept him in cards for the all the way. He had the best car, that Ferrari wasn’t that fast anymore on a different set of tyres (absolutely no wonder!), he had just a 12sec deficit to recover. Nothing special.

  37. Even the red flag was perfectly time to not drop Hamilton to the back of the grid. Great work.

  38. A 10 sec. penalty means nothing in a field where only 4 cars are competetive.
    Verstappen was not there, whilst Bottas had to move out of the way when ordered to.

    So yeah, the race was Hamilton’s for the taking.

  39. 7/10
    It was a good GP and thankfully the tyres held up. First of all it was good to see Max was all right, it was a big shunt sideways. But Red Bull would be utterly bitter – a bruised driver, damaged car and no points. Second, this rear wing from Mercedes and the upgrade package is working very well. A good drive from Lewis, even factoring in the justified penalty. A top drive from Leclerc, except that twitch. Good drive from Alonso, he is getting back in the groove. Another point to look into would be Bottas’ relatively clean weekend compared to Perez, who is clearly struggling. So, when it comes to second drivers and team player, Bottas is doing a much better job.
    Also, I wonder why the teams call up Massi? Is it because they know, it would be broadcast?

    1. Solid comment, I also gave it a 7 @pinkaghosh; And yes I do think that Red Bull went on radio (and hoping it would be broadcast) to vent their fury, and also to sway public opinion (certainly worked in NL I see, but then, that is a given with Ziggo, and looking at this thread also in wider world), so then Merc were sort of forced into countering I suppose.

      I tend to be critical of Masi, but the way he went ‘yeah, yeah, get your point of view that is why stewards looking’ to RBR and the ‘Toto I do not read my email during the race’ (indeed!) was sort of a special spectacle which he handled well, though as a thing a bit laughable too.

      1. Even Masi doesn’t check his emails during a race!

  40. John Toad (@)
    18th July 2021, 17:22

    Perfect illustration of why Max isn’t going to be World Champion.
    He still doesn’t know when to ‘live to fight another day’ and is still obsessed with winning this corner, this straight, this lap.
    The world championship is about accumulating the most points over a season.
    Max has still to learn that lesson.

    1. And Hamilton you mean knows this? his action in Cobbs gave you the impression that he has the brain after all this championships in his back to not try to win in the 1st lap?

      1. Well @bluechris, HAM was lucky but even a double no score would have been better than Max winning, so maybe? See Perez being told to drop the point for tenth to take FLAP from HAM.

    2. @ceevee You expect that an 7 time world champion would not attempt a manoeuvre like that!

      Hamilton hit Verstappen’s rear wheel and put Verstappen in the hospital and you say that is on Max! I think that is on Hamilton is nothing more than a cheat in this race!

    3. And now we know what was Hamilton practicing in the simulator all weekend LOL.

    4. @ceevee I must not be following the championship too closely then because….. Max is actually leading it.

      1. John Toad (@)
        19th July 2021, 0:33

        The championship is decided after the last race of the season.
        Max is currently leading but, unless he changes to being a smarter driver, he won’t win the championship, ever.

  41. lewis really is the goat. insane skills of destroying other cars while keeping his intact. 2020 austria, now, 2018 italy…

  42. Lol Bottas is behind Norris now in the championship


  43. We’ll, we’re not talking about tyres at least.

  44. Masi is too solid if it’s about penalties. 5 sec for track limits, collide without dnf and push the driver from track and 10 sec for a collide where each driver is out, but stop-n-go because there was a team member on the grid?

    7/10 anyway. Norris and Sainz had a pit stop fail, Verstappen is out, Hamilton’s car was faster than Ferrari and Bottas didn’t fight with him. :/

    The first half of the race was kinda dull but the second half was more entertaining. Poor Leclerc :/

    1. Team members cannot be in the grid for safety. Hard and fast rule, and for good reason.

  45. Surprised no one has mentioned Max going wide at turn 1, coming back on and hitting Lewis’ left front. Might have cracked the rim there.

    Lewis certainly rode his luck. The contact was minimal and could have been deemed a racing incident under other circumstances but a penalty was always likely. If only Max had opened up the steering slightly, he would probably have won. One or both of them could have easily been eliminated in that incident.

    Great start and end. The middle went into tyre management as this track often does.

    9 for the race. 10 for the comments.

    1. +1 See how LEC handled the same situation, if there was no contact Max would of run wide and Ham would of took the position anyway.

    2. ” 9 for the race. 10 for the comments.”

      Best comment. Cracked me up

  46. If we count out Suzuka 2014, this has to be the worst race I have personally witnessed. For years my passion for the sport has been decreasing thanks to various reasons like DRS, tire-lottery, inconsistent stewarding and all the weird little stuff like that qualifying-fiasco at the start of 2016 or the new sprint-race format. But after today I can no longer honestly claim that F1 is sport. It’s just a show. Maybe that’s how it has always been and it just took me this long to admit it to myself. I don’t know. And I don’t really care anymore. But I have given it enough second chances during the past 10 years. Time to move on to something else to fill my Sundays with.

    Ps. I hope Hamilton doesn’t get any stupid social media posts or stuff like that. He ain’t the direction where criticism should be pointed at.

    1. Worst along with Bahrain 2020 and Baku 2021 too…

  47. Seems a lot of people have forgotten or choose to ignore Verstappens very aggressive driving in the past. He has had no issue with pushing other drivers wide or shutting them out expecting them to move out of his way. I’m glad he is OK but he knew Hamilton was there he moved in knowing that, he payed the price.

    1. You mean for example when Ham had to leave the track in Spain? to avoid a collision when Max dived down the inside of him T1. Can’t remember to many demanding Max get a penalty then who seem very upset about the reverse now?

    2. Yep. I was concerned over the first few corners he was pushing his luck with his usual aggressive moves. I feel like Hamilton normally gives him space and he tried to here but they both misjudged it by inches.

  48. Saving tires. Boringggg.

    The incident… no consistent penalties

    The engine allowed to a higher setting to overtake norris amd leclerc… RIGGED

    The teamorder … unsportsmanlike

    Great show… bad sports

  49. 6
    Apart from the first lap, it wasn’t all that amazing. A lot of nothing going on with everyone stuck in dirty air.
    Aero ruined this one, just as it has done for so many others.

  50. 1/10. Disgusted by this. Turned off before the end.

    1. Yes, could’ve done so as well.

  51. 7 and that’s being generous. The outcome was inevitable, and the close fight for the lead early on wasn’t really exciting as you knew Mercedes was just biding their time. Same with the end.

    Even the midfield didn’t have much to offer. Norris out of position to challenge people. Sainz and Perez were, but nothing to get the boil up.

    On reflection, I should probably have decucted 1 or 2 points just for the length of time it took to remove a car and rearrange the tyre wall. Come on. This is not the first time I’ve been irked by poor marshalling here. Raikkonen’s crash some years ago also took forever.

  52. I dare to bet it was intentional. Masterminded by this creep ToTo and “sir” Lewis.

    They just can’t bear the thought of being outclassed by others.

  53. A midfield DRS train and Hamilton being #blessed.Gutted for Max and Charles.

  54. Worth ignoring the 24% of people who are irrational enough in the controversial aftermath of this race to vote ‘1’. FYI, I gave it an 8. The race was a 7, but the scenes after the finish were historic in themselves, given the backdrop of covid, to justify me popping an extra 1 on there.

    1. We can also say it’s worth 8 and vote 1, fine?

    2. Also canada 2019 and russia 2018 already paid for this, and well, russia was horrible but canada was otherwise a good race, it’s one of the worst races of the decade on f1 fanatic now, not its fault though.

  55. Weird seeing people giving it 5/10. I mean I’ve seen far more boring F1 races in my life. Even that first half a lap had more excitement and drama than most. Shame about Leclerc having no answer to Hamilton surging through, but fair play to Hamilton especially given the 10 second penalty that I honestly thought should be declared a racing incident.

    I do feel like they hand down penalties for the outcome of an event but not for the actual action at the time. In another race you could see an identical coming together but both drivers staying in the race and no penalties would be given. Because Verstappen had a dramatic and dangerous off it feels like they fee a necessity to hand down some kind of penalty. Poor stewarding to be honest, as it feels there has been for some time.

  56. 8/10 for me. We’ve all seen it. There were quite a few interesting incidents! However, on track the action was a little limited apart from at the two starts and the final few laps. Good but not great.

    I do admire Hamilton most of the time, but not today. I think there should have been some kind of acknowledgement of the incident in his post-race comments. He did get a penalty after all.

    I felt quite sorry for Charles as he did every thing right that he could but still got caught. Would quite liked to have seen him win. And I am British.

  57. Very good race. Another demonstration of the greatness of Hamilton, and the quality of Leclerc and Norris.
    Good result for Riccardo, Bottas as eternal second driver and Sainz.

  58. Pretty bad race. The cars are not made for racing, all the more so at a fast track like Silverstone. Some of the early race shuffles were lost due to the qualifying race yesterday, and thus the finishing positions were mostly down to the pitstops. Then the race ends up decided by team orders, a driver crashing his opponent off, and an awful crowd cheering on said behaviour. Not a great weekend for F1.

  59. Negative points cannot be given, so I’ll pass this one

  60. I vehemently hate unfairness, injustice, dishonesty and stuff like this and in cases like this I will ALWAYS send a message, I did in canada 2019, russia 2018 and I will now:

    1 (22%)
    2 (1%)
    3 (2%)
    4 (6%)
    5 (4%)
    6 (5%)
    7 (13%)
    8 (21%)
    9 (14%)
    10 (12%)
    Total Voters: 209

    I’m glad I’m not the only one cause if you evaluate the on track action this is a race worth 8 at least, and that’s also my true rating, but I obviously went with 1 cause this is just unacceptable.

    If hamilton got a dq it’d have been an 8, however also true that there wouldn’t have been an interesting battle ahead, leclerc would’ve easily won.

    Probably a 15 sec penalty, but that would’ve made the battle for the lead exciting (doesn’t even exist as a penalty I think), but would still have rewarded hamilton heavily for the crash.

    Bottom line is leclerc deserved to win, and hamilton didn’t deserve to gain as many points as he did out of the crash.

    Otherwise, interesting ferrari performance, although most of that was leclerc, interesting fights between ricciardo, norris, sainz, quite some recovery by perez, but then lost through excessive pit stops after being stuck in a drs train.

    And a few more overtakes in the midfield, overall a good race if only the penalty was appropriate for the damage caused.

    Indeed, 1, the rebellion mark, and 8 were the most voted by people too at this time.

  61. Pathetic race. Total farce that such a lenient penalty was given to Hamilton for pitching a driver into the wall at 300kph.

  62. F1oSaurus (@)
    18th July 2021, 22:16

    Amazing race. Good that Hamilton finally shows that there is a limit to Verstappen’s bullying which he will accept.

    Leclerc a great P2 and shows what Verstappen should have done in that lost position.

  63. How to rate this race? I wouldnt know where to start. A 1 wouldnt do it justice, not even a zero. If this is the way forward I have to recalibrate what I am looking at exactly. Mercedes has brought a lot of negative sentiment to the sport. Initially just with their unprecedented domination. But this year they have taken it to another level. And Silverstone is happy to facilitate all of this as is FIA. As said many times before I feel it is time to kick out FIA and start a new industry association. Its not like they have exclusive rights, its just an old boys hierarchical network holding hands and being in total imbalance with society. Integrity is not one of their values, thats for sure. So, nothing against the organisers of the GP or Silverstone as a circuit but today everyone bar Mercedes lost. It is further from being a sport than it has ever been

  64. I understand Max’s fans being upset, if Lewis had been out of the race in that incident I too would have rated the race very low. I also understand their disappointment that their driver was put out of the race and the other, deemed to be more at fault, went on to win; but Max was also at fault – the stewards laid more blame on Lewis, NOT all blame. With my Lewis coloured spectacles I actually thought Max was more at fault, he did turn in instead of opening his steering and living to fight another day, but Lewis showed that he can get his elbows out when required, and hopefully Max will now learn that he is not the only one who will hustle, and maybe take a bit more care next time, instead of leaving the responsibility for safe driving to everyone else. My worry is with all the rhetoric about Max being hospitalised and Lewis overcelebrating. Max was taken for a check-up and even Horner said continually that he was fine. Lewis checked even before parking up that Max was fine. Lewis did a great job to win that race after a 10 second penalty and had every right to celebrate.

  65. I am here since times and I have rated races 2 or 3 at times (South Korea, Abu Dhabi, Hungary, Sochi, and one of the Chinese GP too) but never have I ever rated a GP 1/10 , this one deserved it.

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