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2014 British Grand Prix

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2014 British Grand Prix

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254 comments on “Rate the race: 2014 British Grand Prix”

  1. 7/10, what a great race. What a performance by … *continued in driver of the weekend thread*

    1. Ok race certainly this was good result for the championship, there were great overtakes even though when DRS was activated some of the passes were not that interesting. The attrition early on and the lack of fight for the podium made this one of the least entertaining races thus far, the tack looked empty for most of the race. Nevertheless I did rate it 6/10

    2. @dh1996 I wanted to reply about the DotW not the race so it goes like this. Hamilton wins just for the wording. Respect Ham was a gentleman this weekend and the comment about the trophy just adds up.

  2. 8, Finally lady luck shines for Lewis !!
    Championship back to square again :)

    1. I would give it a 10 if Nico was there for a fight for P1, but on the other hand his misfortune did make the championship more interesting. Plus, lots of fierce battles for lower top 10 places made it a great race, that Vettel vs Alonso battle with epic team radios records was a great display of motor racing.

      1. Totally agree on every point. You just made my comment for me :)

    2. Turns out Lady Luck was with Chilton, he just said a wheel alloy from Kimi hit his nose and front left brake duct..

      1. I guess the Lady Luck was also with Massa and Raikkonen for getting out of that situation with nothing serious. Could’ve been different situation just 20 years ago with same accident.

        1. 20 years ago, there would have been a very good chance that Kimi could have been hurt very badly or even killed. And the tyres flying off might would have been much worse if not for the tethers.
          Chilton was extremely lucky with the wheel flying around. I know this comment will make me very unpopular, but one day someone like Massa (Hungary), Chilton today, James Hinchcliffe (Indy car about 6 weeks ago…hit in the head with debris)…is going to die from a head trauma that could have been avoided by a fighter plane style cockpit cover. When it happens, THEN F1 and other series will no longer run with the open cockpit. I still believe Dan Wheldon might be alive today had he a bullet proof cockpit cover that could have at least deflected the blow.

          Sorry, I shouldn’t be so maudlin after a great race, but seeing how close Max came really scared me.

          1. Henry Surtees was killed in an F2 race at brands hatch in 2009 when exactly this happened.

          2. @cdavman
            I forgot that one as it’s hard to track the F2, F3.5, GP2, etc over here in the US. Very sad…and preventable.

          3. Well 20 years ago Kimi there would’ve been no tarmac for Kimi to just blat his way over and rejoin at full chat.

  3. 5.. dull race

    1. Matt (@hamiltonfan1705)
      7th July 2014, 13:38

      You kidding, third best race of the season for me after Bahrain and Canada and most exciting British gp I’ve watched. I was there at Luffield and much of the alonso/vettel battle happened right in front of us!

  4. Cracking race !! Sad Rosberg retired, it’d have been awesome to see Hamilton oveertake him while he was still moving.

    Bottas and Alonso come back was great, but the dogfight between Alonso and Vettel takes the prize. That was one of the greatest bits of racing I’ve ever seen… if it wasn’t for the constant complaining…

    9/10 for me!

    1. UPDATE}}

      10/10 because Hamilton complained about the rubbish trophies and got the gold one a race winner deserves.

      1. Exactly, isn’t it awkward to get a symbol of international (Spanish origin though) banking company for the price? OMG, could the sponsors draw the line somewhere and let the trophies be atleast unique and not like that!

      2. Yeah, bonus point to Ham for that. The shonky things they gave out on the podium looked even worse than the junk they handed out in previous years.

        Also, once they did find the real trophy – it was pretty amusing that they had a minder following it around snatching it back at every opportunity.

        Cancelled out a -1 for all the red flag faffing around (can’t they organise some sort of bolt-on patch to get barriers back into shape quickly during a race?). For me, 8 overall.

        1. (can’t they organise some sort of bolt-on patch to get barriers back into shape quickly during a race?)

          Barriers are bolt-on patches. I don’t mind waiting if the track is deemed safe. Another impact where the barrier was damaged could’ve had very serious consequences

    2. Alonso also saying that he lost the battery and had a rear wing issue from mid-race onwards… !

    3. Exactly, watching live, the atmosphere was incredible, I was at Stowe, and there were a lot of great overtakes, including a lovely drive round the outside by Bottas, can’t remember who he overtook though. Lewis’ doughnuts were right in front of me which was the icing on the cake. But as said earlier, I would have preferred a direct overtake by Lewis on Nico, followed by Nico’s retirement but it was still incredible.

      1. @williamstuart
        As you were at the race, would you share your thoughts on the noise level of the new engines and whether it affected “the show”. I’m just very curious of those who were live. I’m going to Austin so I’ll find out for myself, but I’d love to hear from those who were already there!

        1. Matt (@hamiltonfan1705)
          8th July 2014, 16:48

          The noise is just incredible, and I got much more of a thrill from this year’s cars than I did last year, because this year’s cars, I didn’t need any ear protection, and I was on the second row of the luffield grandstand, and I got much more of a thrill than i did with the v8s last year where i had to wear ear defenders.

          1. I was sat in the second row of the Luffield grandstand to what seat number were you in? I found the noise to be great too. Cant wait to go to next years british GP. I rated the race an 8 only thing lacking for me was seeing if Hamilton could pass Rosberg on track.

    4. @fer95, better tyres = better racing, Vettel could not have maintained the pressure if Pirrelli had bought the soft and supersoft.

  5. 10/10 BOT driver of the weekend!

    1. I’m torn on Bottas and Alonso….probably go with Bottas but Alonso did a lot with a lesser car once again and he fought like a demon with Vettel to keep that spot as long as he could.

      1. Apparently Alonso had a rear wing issue as well as a battery problem from the middle of the race according to @fastiesty.

      2. Remember that on paper at least the Williams is not great at Silverstone, seeing as it is a low downforce car on a high downforce track. However that didn’t seem to play out, but regardless, what an incredible drive by Bottas

        1. That’s a great point, @williamstuart, I had completely forgotten that while I was commenting but I was even remarking about it myself during the race…so I totally agree with you.

    2. @jedimaster9 Ya but BOT qualifying was crap… Qualy is part of the weekend.

      1. @beejis60 But, in my opinion, it’s a bit hard to judge anyone too harshly in Qualy when changing track conditions make luck as important as skill.

        1. I was about just to say that. It not was his fault and he at least beat Felipe again.

          1. Hey Felipe should get driver of the weekend for not T-boning Kimi at 150 mph.

        2. @daved @patrickl Qualy is during the weekend and is usually among one of the most important aspects of the weekend; this is not driver of the race. If anyone deserved anything, I would say perhaps ROS, RIC, BUT, or VET… But none deserve it and therefore, no one really will get my vote.

          1. Yeah that’s all lovely, but when do they get the points? So which is most important for the weekend performance?

            Especially seeing how the drivers who did performed best (had most luck) during qualification were the ones that performed poorly during the race.

            At best if it’s a tie between two drivers over the race then perhaps the qualy can make the difference, but you seriously cannot suggest that some bad luck with changing weather conditions makes Bottas’ stellar drive any less worthy of DOW. Or those of Hamilton, Ricciardo and Alonso.

      2. The guys who performed well in Qualy didn’t do so well in the race though. In the end the race is more important so, even with a poor qualifying, it will have to be the guys who performed in the race. Like Bottas, Alonso and Hamilton.

  6. We are only halfway into the season and have already had three absolutely phenomenal Grand Prix. Gotta love 2014.

    1. So true.

    2. It’s been a vintage year. With DRS being less effective we have seen great battles through-out the field. That Vettel/Alonso scrap demonstrated it perfectly. I just hope the powers that be see this and keep DRS the same for next year and beyond. If they make it more powerful i literally lose my _ _ _ _

      8/10 from me.

      1. 8 for me too, that Vettel/Alonso scrap is what has been missing from F1, Pirelli should stick to the Hard/Medium choice for the rest of the season, that scrap could not have happened with the Soft/Supersoft tyres. I disagree about DRS though, in this case the DRS just compensated for the power deficit of the Renault over the Ferrari, if the Renault had the power of the Ferrari it would have been all over in one straight line.

    3. Exactly, I don’t understand all the criticism, it’s a more exciting season than many I can remember, with some absolutely incredible overtakes. I was already convinced Seb was a great racer, and that overtake was the best I’ve ever seen, they were inches apart at points, reminded me a lot of the red arrows that flew over an hour before!

      1. To be honest there have been two exciting Grand Prix’s this season Bahrain and Canada and one really good fight outside of those races, the one we had today. The rest of the time though it has put me to sleep. Malaysia, China, Australia, Austria were very boring races. Even this race I struggled to stay awake for 25 laps in the middle, only the battle woke me up.

  7. The race 9/10 thanks to Alonso and his wonderful performance, BEST DRIVER 10/10 for hm.

    1. And Vettel’s overtake of the season on Alonso ;)

      1. Please….. Vettel was on fresh rubber while Alonso was on quite old tyres… that alone just makes Alonso look so much better…
        What I disliked was the moaning coming from both… at least Alo wasn´t acting like a bit** about the racing.

      2. Maybe I’m wrong, but didn’t ALO made a move exactly like that, at the same corner on VET 15 laps before ?!

        1. I was right, ALO passed VET at the same point, but even greater… with an outside pass ! ;)

    2. yea good battle for several laps , Vettel probably to only true race who can race the frontrunner from behind basically and two best drives to race eachother , last time they were togehter was in singapore ,then it was for p1 and it was the whole race basically k ..

  8. 9.
    WHAT A RACE! One of the best of the year! Spectacular Hamilton, Awesome Bottas, Epic Alonso. Truly Amazing Race! Also the Vettel vs. Alonso fight goes to one of the most epic in history! Pure racing between these two titans.

    1. @ccaine-mackeine I’m just asking. Why does Hamilton his performance deserve the word ‘spectacular’?

      1. His overtakes on both McLarens? Then pushing for Rosberg and then his massive charge for him after the bad pitstop? Hamilton really did what he needed to do take his win at his home race, he deserves it.

        1. He deserves it, sure. But he didn’t have to overtake the one car that would possibly deny him the win…? Did you see how easily both Mercs drove away from Bottas and the rest of the field? By lap 22 they had over a 30s lead.

          1. Yeah, for sure there dominating by a large margin, but how on Earth did Lewis managed to reduced the gap from 6 to 1 second in 2 laps? To a car with equal pace? That was the Spectacular thing.

          2. Did you miss Rosberg mentioning the issue with the downshift shortly before Hamilton started gaining on him @cocaine-mackeine.
            Not wanting to spoil any feelings of how great Hamilton is, but I would say it had a big part in why he was actually faster there.

          3. @bascb And don’t worry about “the feelings” I think I watched the things from a different perspective.

          4. Did you see how Lewis was closing on Nico despite being on the slower tyre (I think?). I believe Lewis would have made it by.

        2. the charge? What charge was that @cocaine-mackeine? You mean where Hamilton was running fine while Rosbergs gearbox was giving up on him?

          1. @bascb Thank you. Oh listen to the BBC


            No luck, all skill today!

          2. @bascb A-Ha….. and that explains the fastest laps he made after he mentioned the issue…..

        3. His overtakes on both McLarens?

          The McLarens were yielding in order to not waste any time in a fight with a car that was gonna finish ahead anyway. Absolutely no fight at all there.

          Then pushing for Rosberg and then his massive charge for him after the bad pitstop?

          Rosberg´s gearbox-issues started lap 21 (at least he said so), so there is nothing to compare Hamilton´s pace with, which means we don´t know whether it was any good.

          1. He mentioned the issues and after that he made fast laps ( so he wasn’t affected by the issue) but then Hamilton pitted and got up in charge and just in that moment Rosberg collapsed.

          2. @cocaine-mackeine They only reason he started doing fastest laps was entirely due to him pushing to the max for the first time in the race combined with having a brand new set of medium tyres.

          3. And he would’ve made faster laps without the issue. You seem to be in disbelief that Rosberg had any issue prior to the lap when he retired? What broadcast were you watching? Overtaking 2 McLarens with Merc is something that everyone expects and it’s nothing there. He didn’t put a finger wrong in race but saying the overtakes on McLaren makes it spectacular is just rubbish.

      2. It’s called “SUPERIOR CAR” with LH’s teammate having downshift problems and that is why he made up 6 sec in 2 laps, there is nothing ‘spectacular’ about LH or his making up time or his flying up the grid at the start. The PETRONAS Mercs are faster and a superior car and that is not because of the pilots as the other pilots in the field especially Alonso and Vettel, would make mince meat out of LH and NR with the same power and performance. It’s as simple as that. The race at the start was a 3/10 until the Alonso Vettel duel which made it scrape in at 5/10.

    2. Exactly Sebby is a true talent and a great guy too, incredible overtake

      1. Too bad Vettel was caught napping when Alonso overtook him in the first place. Necessitating Vettel to go through all that trouble taking the place back again. Also it was bad enough he had so much trouble overtaking a car on older tyres and mechanical problems while driving on a fresh set himself.

        1. @patrickl Ferrari engine versus Renault engine, nothing more.

          1. Had nothing to do with the engine. Col tyres maybe, being held up by the car in front (Magnussen?) maybe. Engine, no.

            Either way, it was way too easy for Alonso to overtake him there like he did.

  9. The wrong whiner on the top spot. F1 is now officially as boring as NASCAR.

    1. @gpwa3 You’re wrong.

    2. Don’t revolve your race score over 1 driver retiring. Maldonado retired at the end and how would that affect people’s scores?

      1. I kinda want to see Maldonado in a NASCAR-short-track race right now. Just a spontaneous thought.

        However, he was an innocent victim today.

    3. Chris (@tophercheese21)
      6th July 2014, 15:58

      Oh please.
      Formula One is a Stratovarious violin. NASCAR is some fat sweaty bloke banging some pots and pans together.

      1. well put :)

      2. A “what” violin ?
        “Stratovarious” ?

        I don’t know if you are joking… but that’s not the name of the great italian Master !

        1. A combo violin/electric guitar !

          1. A Gibson !

      3. Haha exactly

        1. pedants :p

      4. F1 was a Stradivarius and now its ended up a “Stratovarious” without any strings…lol

    4. Nathan (@il-ferrarista)
      7th July 2014, 1:15

      Your’re very very very wrong mister.

  10. Zantkiller (@)
    6th July 2014, 15:34


    Rosberg out might have robbed us of a battle at the front but the battles down the rest of the field were amazing.

  11. It should have been 10 but -1 because of lost battle between Nico-Ham.

    1. ALO-VET

  12. Brilliant!

    Shame Rosberg’s car broke down, otherwise we’d have had a brilliant battle for the lead, and the red flag period was frustratingly long, but other than that not really any complaints with respect to entertainment value.

    And thank you Alonso and Vettel for the radio and track battle – that was thoroughly entertaining!

  13. I think this classy race deserves a 9. There were some good passes (particularly by Bottas), nice battles, great comebacks by Alonso and Bottas and a fantastic battle between Alonso and Vettel. What is more, the race result has made the title fight interesting again.

    It’s a pity that the strategic battle between Rosberg and Hamilton came to a premature end but otherwise it was a great race.

    1. What about Ricciardo? have you missed his outstanding performance of racing on one set of tyres for 36 laps? where were you?

      1. Agreed, that was a fabulous performance and Ricciardo outperformed Vettel again despite starting six places behind. He’s definitely a strong candidate for the driver of the weekend and one of the best drivers of the season so far.

  14. Absolutely loved the battle between Seb and Fernando. Real wheel to wheel stuff. Amazing drive by bottas and I sure didn’t have Ricciardo down for a podium before (or during) the race! That race had just about everything. Gave it a 9. Probably would have been perfect if the battle for the lead wasn’t hampered by Rosberg’s unreliability.

  15. 9. That’s all I really want from a race – great wheel-to-wheel action, several teams with similar pace, a couple of young chargers on the podium and some doughnuts.

    They don’t need to improve the show, because that was great!

    1. Precisely. We don’t need gimmicks we just need good tracks, preferably with spectators too……

  16. 9/10, simply incredible. The battle between Vettel and Alonso really just made it unbelievable. Alonso’s charge was incredible, so was Bottas’, Button had a nice race, unbelievable accident in the beginning and to top it all off a home winner. Simply amazing!

  17. Loved it! Well done Lewis, Valtteri, Daniel and Jensen. They all raced brilliantly.

    1. Oops, that’s Jens’o’n.

  18. Gideon Hadi (@)
    6th July 2014, 15:38

    One of the best British GP, and possibly better than Bahrain. Cars overtaking and Team Radio Wars. Unfortunately Rosberg was out. But it still a stellar battle. 9

  19. Great race, thank you Seb and Fernando for this epic battle, wheel to wheel stuff. I just hope that the FIA will encourage this kind of battles instead of focusing on reminding the drivers with the track limits over and over again

    1. Ha, that one really was blow for blow both on track and on the radio @tifoso1989!

      1. @bascb
        Just imagine what would happen if Vettel joins Ferrari by 2013

        1. sorry 2016

        2. Those 2 in one team would be a smasher

  20. Just asking to everyone who is of that opinion:

    Why was this a spectacular, awesome achievement by Hamilton?

    (Ben Edwards)

    I need enlightment. For it could’ve been that if he had to pass Rosberg.

    1. Well it’s always impressive to see a driver win from well down on the grid even with the car advantage that Lewis has. Add to that the pressure of driving in front of your home crowd and getting on with the job after a poor qualifying. I suppose it was pretty spectacular. Perhaps not as visually spectacular as Bottas and Alonso carving their way through the field throughout the race.

      1. @tommy-c If I beat a one-legged man in a running contest by 20s, is that spectacular? Even if I gave him a minute advantage?

        1. @xtwl

          Well Yeah , if your like me , 120 kg
          Bad back , birn in the 60’s
          Still strong as an ox but couldn’t win a running race against a one legged man !
          Jeepers !

    2. For me many drivers coming from far back on the grid .
      First time since 1975 that a win outside top 5 quali ,
      The redbull ferrari fight . Except the whinging .
      Crickey ! Vettel had some pace late !
      Sorry for Nico as i wanted to see that fight .

      1. Coming from 6th is hardly the “back of the grid” though @greg-c. Unless you meant Bottas and his drive to 2nd with that.

        1. Yep
          Bottas and Fred

    3. Was it?

      IMO it was a really good race, and Hamilton did everything right today. But there was no spectacle involved at all, nor was there much to awe at. The spectacle was coming from other cars (Bottas, Alonso, Vettel all had their moments), or on a different, not too positive note, Kimi had a spectacular moment, and it was Awesome to see him get out by himself.
      But not Hamilton, be it he had an emotional race result at a very good time of the year for the championship

    4. @xtwl just get over yourself. A home win by any driver is always spectacular, regardless of the means to the end.

      Why don’t you instead focus on what you did like in the race (if anything) instead of trying to bring things down for others.

      1. @psynrg I voted it a 9 for several reasons. I was just wondering where the comments like ‘9/10, brilliant race by Hamilton’ came from. A fair question to ask as several agree with me I guess. This is afterall a forum to discuss and talk about the race.

        It’s very cool for him to win but was it really that awe-inspiring performance?

        That is what I don’t agree with.

  21. I liked it. Very enjoyable, with some great drives by many drivers (especially Bottas and Alonso), quite a lot of overtaking action and the battle of the year and one of the greatest of the last years in F1.
    My only setback was the somewhat disappointing retirement of the leader as it cost us a-possibly- great battle.

  22. 6/10

    If we count out the epic battle between Alonso and Vettel, that was rather boring one.

    1. Agree completely. Even Bottas’ climb somehow seemed effortless and unexciting.

  23. Well, with wet qualy yesterday, I though we were in for a soggy and miserable weekend. But that was quite special. It would have been perfect if Rosberg hadn’t broken down, but it was still damn good.

  24. 8/10. I still can’t believe Vettel found his way to be behind Daniel at the end……

    1. Very bad strategy calls from Redbull 3x already.

    2. Really bad strategy. I guess they didn’t think that most people will do a one-stop.

  25. Scary crash with Raikkonen, seeing him limp out of the car was pretty terrifying. In the early of the race, seeing Alonso and Bottas storm through the field, as well as Hamilton passing the Mclarens and chasing Rosberg. In the mid of the race things became a bit calm, only to drama unfold as Rosberg’s car breaks down and Gutierrez rams Maldonado. By the end we had everything: Vettel and Alonso in an enourmous fight over 5th place, something we rarely see nowadays, as if it was taken from the 90s (I’m thinking Schumacher defending from Hill in wet spa, as in a slower car hardly keeping the faster one behind); a last minute push from Button to challenge for the podium. Brilliant race, all in all.


    1. Scary crash with Raikkonen, seeing him limp out of the car was pretty terrifying.

      Hmmmm, seeing him limp out of the car was rather relieving to me. I expected him to be carried after those hits.

  26. 8/10, would’ve been a 9 or 10 if we’d got a battle between Nico and Lewis. Still absolutely fantastic battles throughout the field. Bottas, Alonso and Vettel were all great to watch. Certainly spices up the championship.

  27. Rick Lopez (@viscountviktor)
    6th July 2014, 15:50


    Excitement at the start, good fighting throughout, enjoyed the Vettel-Alonso battle

  28. 8/10. Enjoyed the battles and great overtaking, but do feel we were robbed from a scarp for the win. If we had that, it’d had been an easy 9. Still, I’ll think about that Alonso-Vettel battle for many years. :)

  29. Funny how many people are rating this 9s, 10s. Sure we had some really good passing as well as really good defending. But the race was decided by a gearbox issue, apart from that the fights were for lower spots.

    I enjoyed the radio showoff between Vettel and Alonso, and it was a very decent race overall, but not epic at all. Or is it just me being tired?

    1. @bascb I agree with you. Voted 9/10 because I really enjoyed it after two boring football matches. It was a very good race. But as I try to say in my other posts, nothing of that had to do with Hamilton his just normal, ‘expected from him’, performance

    2. @bascb agree about disagreeing with those who complained about the radio showoff.

    3. @bascb, I gave it 8 (my highest score) mostly because we saw some good passing, a great battle between Seb and Fred of the kind we haven’t been getting for years, and thanks to the restart and the harder tyre choices not a lot of tactical pit-stops breaking up the action. Pirelli should stick to the hard/medium combo for the rest of the season to give us more of this.

      1. agree on the tyre choice @Hohum, its clear that the tyre needs a bit work from the drivers to get up to temp but it can then be taken really far without having to worry about a cliff overly much.

  30. Great race.
    Some amazing drives: Hamilton, Bottas, Ricciardo, Button, Vettel, Alonso and Bianchi.
    Shame for the race that Rosberg retired, but great for the championship.
    Just one thing, Vettel did to Hamilton what Alonso did to him, and he complaint? Ludicrous.
    A 9/10.

    1. A one of is not the same as constantly. Alonso constantly doing it.

  31. 8/10
    The battle between Vettel and Alonso probably added one point or two to the score. Shame that there was no battle for the lead, and I would have loved the race to be one lap longer, just to see Button and Ricciardo fighting for the podium.

  32. Gave it an 8! I say, what a magnificent battle between two great drivers, Alonso and Vettel! In the end, we saw that a “for-several-commentators-not-a-legendary-driver-like-Alonso” DID beat Alonso, a “legendary” driver, fair and square. Beautiful :) Unfortunately, the effort, time and tires, spent, were too much for Vettel to fight for 4th or 3rd position.
    As for the rest, well done for Bottas. Luck for Ham.

    1. The only reason he beat Fernando was because the Alonso’s tyres were 10 laps older and had already fallen “off the cliff” just like Daniel Ricciardo’s tyres at the end. Oh, and might I mention that Vettel had ARGUABLY a faster car.

        1. Faster in corners, slower in a straight line, arguably.

      1. @mashiat, no, no… Leave the tires out. Vettel beat Alonso, as an amazing driver he is. Period.

        1. I seriously can’t tell if you’re joking or not, but tyres are almost everything in this Pirelli era. Tyres that are 10 laps younger, especially in a circuit like Silverstone where there are plenty of fast corners and traction zones. And Alonso was suffering with a stalled rear wing, battery problems and fuel consumption. So, I’ll let everybody viewing this comment decided, who the amazing driver is.

          Big Hint: Alonso. Period.

  33. solid 8. good fighting throughout the race, yet it was missing something.

    1. @rigi Do you still think Bottas doesn’t deserve DotW? Solid race, 8/10

      1. @huhhii very hard to decide as he had a horrid qualifying. bottas was definately driver of the race, but weekend? i’ll sleep over it but i think i’m going to give it to button.

        1. @rigi But the weekend was screwed by the team, it wasn’t Bottas’ fault. Massa had the same faith in qualifying.

          1. @huhhii i can see your point. but i’ve said this before regarding the penalties for unsafe releases, the driver is a part of the team. they screwed up together. i stand by my point, i don’t think bottas deserves the vote. (and i’m no bottas hater btw, i think he’s brilliant and i’m a fan of him)

    2. not missing without it , the race was concluded with a certain aspect of the race excluded.

  34. As the Battle of Lead is gone off Racing gods gave us another battle by making RBR to destroy SV strategy and putting him to fight with FA , What a battle reminded me of good old times no one want to give up and no one is desperate to break , Bernie and FIA are you watching this , this is kind of battle we want to see for majority of season, Hope you understand this and stop messing the F1 more

      1. Indeed, better tyres make better racing, just like they used to in the good old days.

  35. 8 out of 10. Smashing race. Great result for the country and the championship.

  36. We were just denied a battle at the front (sort it out, Mercedes) and the perfect result of Button nabbing 3rd at the end. But to rate the race, not the result: there was always something going on, and some classic moves through several corners that Silverstone does so well. And a memorably scary crash. It flew by once it got going, shame about all the faffing around getting it restarted once the barrier was fixed. 8

  37. If I could just unhear those radio-messages from Alonso and Vettel… that would be exactly how a battle should look like. Every move from both seemed deliberate, allways placing the cars well, no one outbraking themselfes on desperate unplanned tries, this is how real top-class driving looks like.
    And we had some pretty good other overtaking moves from Bottas and Alonso, too.

    1. It’s easy for us to judge that when we sit in an arm-chair. I think their complaints were totally okay, it was in the heat of the moment. Perhaps, for Alonso it was even more difficult as he had a heap of problems with his car.

  38. 9. Would have given it a 10 but for the lack of battle between HAM and ROS and the amount of whining over the team radio during the battle between VET and ALO, however that was an absolute cracker.

  39. is this Formula 1 ?
    Mercedes cars every race above 30 seconds gap
    this is ridiculous
    in an other Formula 1 , Bottas should be win the race , as he was competitive
    but not in this Formula 1
    Red Bull era came over now begin
    Mercedes era
    i’ll enjoy competition most later with Indycars

    1. You forgot the Ferrari era.

  40. The problem, in my mind, with the MSC and VET years was that generally they ran away with the races/seasons and even though I was/am an MSC fan, the bulk of the races were boring up front. The plus of this season is that even though MERC is guaranteed to win every race, barring Montreal-like failures, and the championships, there is an actual intrateam battle to determine the WDC.

    BOT cut through the field well, and ALO vs VET was a good scrap (though a bit whiny for 6 WDCs between them), but the race fell flat as soon as ROS dropped because the finish was decided.

    I gave the race a 5, and while others will deviate from my opinion, I honestly don’t see how the bulk of people are rating this up there with the best races of the season. It wasn’t even close. I’m hoping that this was just a rush of HAM/UK fans and that the average will settle down.

    1. People just get too emotional about certain things such as the fight or Hamilton winning and they forget to look at the big picture. I gave it a 6 because of the fight, the rest of the race I was struggling to stay awake.

      1. I agree . I only gave it 6. Lewis passing both Mclarens , Jenson said in interview that he just let Lewis go past

    2. It’s the whole race that counts, not just the winner.

      1. @hohum – Agreed. For me, a mid-points battle (VET-ALO) was not enough to justify a top rating. Everyone else should vote as they see fit. I simply noted that I don’t understand giving it an 8, 9, 10.

        1. @hobo, I thought I was tough on scoring.

          1. @hohum – I see 8+ races as ones I would watch again. While I’m no old-timer with 4 decades of F1 under my belt, I just wasn’t impressed by this weekend’s offering. That’s all.

  41. 4/10.

    No battle for the lead; the race winner result obvious since one of the two possible competitors retired, useless red flag stoppage that set the race back 1 hour for a trivial reason, was half-asleep during most of it.

    Should have been 1/10, but I’m adding a point for Alonso’s early charge and two points for Alonso/Vettel battle.

    1. @einariliyev No, just no. I can only guess you closed your eyes when there was no Mercedes on screen?

    2. useless red flag stoppage that set the race back 1 hour for a trivial reason

      Good to know you care so little about driver, marshal and spectator safety.

      1. @raceprouk I understand the reason for the red flag and a subsequent race stoppage. But it took too long. Even Niki Lauda agrees with me – and the guy almost lost his life in an F1 crash.

        A damaged barrier in one tiny stretch of an F1 track is a trivial reason to stop, and then proceed to hold back an F1 race for an hour. The probability of someone hitting that same spot down the straight (it wasn’t a corner-barrier) is about the same as someone’s torsion spring hitting you in the helmet. It would’ve taken a freak accident which tend to happen anyway and cannot be guaranteed against.

        I also do not understand the reason why the barrier couldn’t have been fortified instead of repaired – maybe by a tyre wall. It would’ve taken 15 minutes to fortify it, but a full hour to repair.

        1. It doesn’t matter how slim the chance is. The fact is someone hit that barrier. And last year that same barrier was hit in a Trofeo Lamborghini race. That means it had to be repaired for the track to be deemed safe to race on.

          Did it take too long? Of course. But that doesn’t make it a trivial matter. If the barrier had been left, then someone hit it and was seriously hurt, then Silverstone could have been potentially liable for failure to exercise sufficient safety precautions.

  42. 9 for me; would have been 8, but for ALO/VET battle; would have been 10, if I hadn’t had to listen to VET whining like a schoolgirl.

    1. @jonchalk Alonso did his fair share of ‘whining like a schoolgirl’. If you want to mention one doing it, have the balls and respect to mention all doing it. Perez, Button also complained plenty.

      1. was great whinging by both of them! but I’d say Vettel’s was more “school-girl” :) Real racing in anger, like the old days.

      2. If I’m not wrong, VET started “IT” and by doing that he was asking for a penalty ! By not responding at all to VET, ALO (indirectly) would have admitted he’s at fault… even tho all he did was to do some real racing.

        1. Do you have direct line to all the onboard messages to say that?

          1. No, but it’s not really needed. VET started to complain 1st because ALO did not gave him enough space (to overtake). ALO was shutting the door when VET thought he passed. Go watch the fight again. So, VET started the complaints fight.

          2. Ah, as I suppose, you don’t know.

            And watching the fight again won’t give me more onboard messages that the first time.

            But don’t lose the opportunity to bash our “beloved” driver

        2. @corrado-dub You’re right. Vettel said something about Alonso cutting him off. However about the track extending, the thing what this is all about, Alonso clearly started.

          1. @xtwl agreed.

            in addition, it’s not like Vettel or Alonso hear what other drivers are saying. Vettel only knew Alonso was complaining about track limits because he was warned about them, and he knew it was coming from Alonso. So he decided to make the same comments back.

            Not to mention, we don’t know when the first time Alonso started in on the track limit thing, it could have been the second or third time before the F1 feed director picked up on it.

            Also, while both were angry in the race, afterwards, both drivers accepted the humor of their comments and how it came across.

            So thanks to Alo and Vet for the epic battle and for their post-race comments – keeping it fair all around. If only we on the forums could do the same :).

  43. awesome race, for the right reasons. Some excellent wheel to wheel racing. Alonso once again showed his supreme ability to get the best out of any car and situation. Well done Lewis. Superb whinging from the German who can’t seem to handle not having the stand-out car. Much throwing of toys out the pram :) Great result for Bottas too, well deserved after the bad luck for Felipe. 10/10!

  44. 9/10
    Drivers storming through the field, different strategies, extensive battles, mixed up order – only missed a battle for the lead!

  45. I gave it an 8.

    It was a great race, and it’s a huge shame we never got to see the Rosberg-Hamilton battle develop. It would have been fascinating. We had some good racing throughout the field, with the highlight being the stunning battle between Alonso and Vettel. The footage from that is going to be on every F1 tv intro package and highlight reel for the next decade. I could have done without both parties whining though, maybe there is some merit to removing radio transmissions from the tv broadcast after all!

  46. Fantastic race 9 / 10
    * Massive drive from Bottas, A future Champion in the making.
    * Great recovery from Alonso and Bottas
    * One of the greatest fight in modern F1, Alonso and Vettel shows what championship drivers really are.
    * Good victory for Hamilton, Sad for Roseberg, though happy that the championship fight is back.
    * Good Weekend for Tororosso. And an overall great week for Marussia.
    * Little sad for Force India, their Aero Dynamics work is worrying. Hope they will take the fight to big guns next races.
    * McLaren got a good race too. Defending their starting position.

    1. *WHAT ABOUT RICCIAROS EFFORT? 36 of the last laps on one set of tyres, oh but then again that is nothing of note.

  47. 7/10 because a Brit won, fantastic battle between Alonso and Vettel and because the championship is close again.

    1. That’s a bit near the knuckle. You down voted because someone of a particular nationality won? Dodgy ground there mate.

      1. We can take it…..

      2. Funny, I don’t see anything saying he downgraded his rating.

        1. I was just about to say same thing, how do you suggest he’s downvoting because a Brit won, @f1bobby ?

      3. @f1bobby Might have even given it +1 or +2, big assumption on the downgrading, might have upgraded?????

  48. Solid 8 from me.

    Alonso-Vettel fight was the best bit of this race, but I don’t like at all Vettel’s constant complaint. In my opinion that was like pure racing and haven’t seen something like that in ages. Vettel complaining every lap for not giving space and asking even for a penalty for Alonso is kinda dangerous because if FIA finds that he was “right”… we can say real racing is DEAD.

    1. Be careful or PorscheF1’s opinion-police will be all over you for actually having one that he doesn’t agree with ! :

      9 for me; would have been 8, but for ALO/VET battle; would have been 10, if I hadn’t had to listen to VET whining like a schoolgirl.
      Avatar Image
      PorscheF1 (@xtwl) said on 6th July 2014, 16:03
      @jonchalk Alonso did his fair share of ‘whining like a schoolgirl’. If you want to mention one doing it, have the balls and respect to mention all doing it. Perez, Button also complained plenty.
      ReplyReport user

      1. @jonchalk Opinion? What opinion? A fact is not an opinion! It’s not like I don’t agree Hamilton won today…

        You clearly mentioned one driver moaning while both were doing it. I pointed that out and now I’m the opinion-police?

    2. Both of them were complaining in every lap, why do you blame only VET?

      1. heh @jonchalk, how true :)

      2. and actually if you were really listening/watching you’d have seen/heard Vettel bitching alot more than Alonso. I bet the radio transcripts will attest to this. :)

        1. Radio transcript won’t tell anything because the FIA don’t put all the messages.

          And if you actually were really listening, the fact is that both of them were whining almost in all the laps not only Vettel as the OP was implying.

          1. nonsense, what we heard was alot more from vettel. :)

          2. Alonsos complaints didn’t matter because they were true !

            Substitute Vettel for Alonso if you are a Vettel fan.

        2. Both drivers complained about each other and that’s that. I think it’s quite useless to see who complained more and who complained less.
          Seriously, we have just seen one of the most thrilling battles of the last few years and we are here arguing about who complained more over the radio?

          1. i’m not arguing, just winding up @oletros & @xtwl while discussing with some like-minded racing fans what was, as you say, a most thrilling race :)

          2. @bsnaylor (@jonchalk) I’m not saying either did more, I’m saying both did it. If you complain about a driver moaning whilst both did it complain about both of them and not just the on you dislike. I too thought it was a great race nontheless.

          3. @xtwf, both complained, both left the track, good racing and no point penalising both of them was I imagine the stewards POV.

      3. I actually blame the race-stewarding of recent years. It is now a must for drivers to do this, a part of their job. Which is a shame.

        1. At least you don’t see F1 drivers diving like on a World Cup football pitch. I think that trash talk is more for team motivation than for the stewards attention. The stewards are watching, and they can see more than the drivers can these days. I for one was amused.
          Actually, I think that tennis players should be miked up for the big matches too. All that muttering gone to waste.

    3. Did you miss the part where Alo was doing the exact same thing? This is how the sport is played, you cannot expect people going inches from eachother at 200mph to keep a completely clear and rational head.

      1. They had a clear and rational head. Constantly complaining about any possible rule-infringement by others is a part of doing everything possible to finish in the best position, so as long as the stewards listen to that and can at times be activated by that, a driver just has to complain.
        And yes, I do very much agree it sounds awful and takes a feeling of epicness away as you watch that battle and have to listen to this. The way to change it would be stewards only listening into team-radio once they have started investigating.

  49. I’ve given it a six. This may require some explaining.

    There were some absolutely fantastic battles up and down the field, notably between two drivers that share six World Championships between them, and there were some very good strategy calls made today.

    However, we were denied any sort of battle for the race lead due to Mercedes’ gearboxes, and we had a very long delay in which I did honestly get quite bored. It’s a fantastic result from a British perspective, yes, but from a purist point of view it was a pretty mediocre race.

  50. Loved it. 9/10.

    Impressed with Massa’s skilful, avoidance tactics after Kimi went off. One (well known) person interviewed after the race said Massa “locked up”. Beg to differ. It looked like he deliberately wrenched the car sideways to avoid t-boning Kimi’s car; imho it was skill and quick reactions, not an error. Comments made by knowledgable people, immediately after the incident, support that opinion.

    Bottas and Alonso: just wonderful racing. I’d be hard pushed to say which of the two deserves best driver of the day award.

    Many overtaking moves, some wheel-to-wheel racing, lots of drama. Vettel showed he really can mix it when required. His wheel-to-wheel battle with Alonso was very impressive. Allegations of going off track limits (made via radio) pure, comedy gold. Loved watching this race and I’m delighted to see F1 can still deliver the excitement.

    1. hear hear, respect to Felipe for fast reactions. The on board shot shows just how close he was when the Ferrari appeared in his view. I doubt anyone other than an F1 driver could have reacted so quickly. A tenth of a delay and he would have t-boned Raikkonen, and i don’t want to even consider what that may have caused.

    2. I agree, what a quick and fully committed move by Massa. If the tires were hotter he might have even avoided Raikonnen. I imagine that Massa doesn’t have enough Finnish fans, so I hope that they noticed!

  51. Fight between Vettel and Alonso, in my opinion, was highlight of the race. They fought for every milimetre of the track, the duel was just titanic. Pity, drivers couldn’t avoid whining, because they’re such great drivers and should put their energy into racing.

    1. it shows how much they really care, and I don’t think either of them could have put MORE energy into that race! it was titanic. I’d happily have that in return for real wheel to wheel racing like that every round.

  52. 8/10

    This was a proper Grand Prix, action, suspense, a Ferrari finally able to challenge the cars around it, my favourite driver having one of the best scraps this year, a British driver winning on British soil, a driver challenging the stupid Santander trophies.

    Just wow!

  53. Who voted one-out-of-ten?! :roll eyes:

  54. 8/10. The first half was thoroughly entertaining, but it’s a shame we were denied a HAM/ROS battle, which seemed to be shaping up so well. Still, the second half was enjoyable lower down the order, especially with the epic battle between Vettel and Alonso, despite the fact it was more a dob-fight than a dogfight… and that’s probably my only criticism. The FIA have made real progress by making the stewarding softer on collisions – I was getting sick of hearing drivers complaining to Charlie over the slightest of bumps. But now that the FIA have tightened up rules on track limits, we’re hearing even more drivers grassing on each other. This blame culture really needs to be sorted out before F1 becomes like football.

  55. For me it was a brillian race. A bit dull to start off but then seeing Lewis fight back after a bad pitstop and gaining ground was excellent to watch but, the cherry on the cake was the ALO-VET fight. The only turn off was the whining but VET ultimately seemed to be the bigger “lady” of the two complaining about the hard fight put up by ALO who was on older tyres and a slightly inferior car. EPIC stuff nonetheless!

  56. Good win for Lewis. Fantastic job by Bottas in the Williams. Not a podium given on a plate, but fought for and won. Good drive by Ricciardo and Button made the top slots all well deserved. Shame about Rosburg but thats racing and it makes the season more interesing. But the fight just behind between Alonso and Vettel was spectacular. Real wheel to wheel racing. This is what its all about. Not the “I’ve got pole and wlll lead a procession for 2 hours til we can all go home” kind of day at all. Loved it. Well done Silverstone, the teams, the stewards, the marshalls, and most importantly this weekend…… the weather.

  57. 8/10 even though I accidentally hit 7

    1. Nice watching Bottas and Alonso work their way through the field. mores the pity we also didn’t see Kimi and Massa. probably would have been a 10/10

    2. That’s ok. I hit 8 even though I thought it was 7/10. We evened it out.

  58. Just read this in BBC: “It’s all crazy,” Lauda said. “To stop the race for one hour because one of the barriers is damaged is ridiculous.” But if it hadn’t been fixed and one of his drivers had inadvertently been injured at the same place he would be the first to shout about unsafe practices and the fence should have been repiared. I wonder sometimes how these people think. In F1 it’s “Safety First” above all, and Lauda ought to be one of the more outspoken supporters of that, he’s been a victim. Unbelievable…

    1. He may have meant it was crazy it took an hour to fix it

      1. Exactly. I think that there should be a barrier repair crew at every track that is drilled like a proper pit crew. I bet if this happens next year that it will only take half as long to fix. on the other hand, I bet they sold enough beer in that hour to pay for a mile of Armco.

        1. The odd thing is that last year, that barrier was damaged in a Trofeo Lamborghini race. That should have been enough of a trigger to improve the barrier and/or repair procedures.

  59. petebaldwin (@)
    6th July 2014, 17:36

    8/10. Really good race but imagine if Rosberg had carried on – could have had an absolutely epic fight for the lead that could have made it a 9 or 10. Great watch though.

  60. Many people voted Canada a 10, but here there were more overtakes, more people racing, and there was something happening on every lap, unlike Canada.

    Fantastic race, 10/10.

  61. I gave this a 10 today, I’ve been careful so far giving 8’s and 9’s waiting for the 10 that may never come, but thinking about it this season has been epic, I don’t enjoy one team being so much above the rest but it is nice to see it being more than one driver. The 10 comes from Alonso’s moves, Bottas’ progress, Hamilton’s victory and Eddie arguing with Lauda.

  62. Good battles behind P1, mostly because Rosberg retired. Good close driving, stewards of the race not interfering. Whining on the radio (FIA should introduce a radio ban if you whine too much :)) Hamilton ridiculing the trophies by a never to be named again bank.

    Good for the championship too.


  63. I find it strange how many people here seem to be over excited about the race, as I think it was one of the worst races of the season so far. Well maybe I should re-watch it tomorrow when I’m a bit less tired.

  64. 8/10 Very interesting. Gutted for all the drivers who didn’t see the end, especially RAI and MAS.

  65. Wow, Alonso was incredible. All those troubles with the car, older tyres and yet, he defended so well. He is incredible racer.
    Shame for Kimi. His start was thrilling: so many overtakes until that wall. Alonso should learn from his team-mate how you need to start nowadays from his team-mate.
    Bottas is starting to impress me. But let’s see what happens in the next races. If he can keep his sturdy fight – yeah, he learned something.

  66. 9/10

    4/4 : Qualifying – Fantastic, dramatic and unpredictable qualifying.
    5/6 : Race – Would have been a 4, but the VETvALO battle +1. Might have been another +1 had Rosberg been battling with Hamilton, regardless of the outcome.

  67. 8/10

    Highlight of the race definitely goes to VET-ALO battle. Those wheel-to-wheel racing is what F1 needs right now.

    Be it Alonso or Vettel got that track position ultimately, both of them put up a good fight. The one who got in front ultimately won, but the one who lost the place was a big loser as well. At least he made the one overtaking him worked real hard for it.

    Putting their differences aside, and the radio (which most drivers would try to whine to get ahead for track positions) it’s just perfect. The best to it was that, after the race both Vet and Alo just laugh it off at their whines and on track actions. Well, there will be a heated moment during the race when cars were so close.

  68. I don’t know how well the tv coverage showed the race. But as a spectator, it was one of the best British GP’s I have been to. The support for not only Hamilton. But for Button and Chilton was fantastic.
    The Kimi crash delay just heightened the expectation of the crowd.
    Bottas was brilliant. The battle between Vettel and Alonso was brilliant too. Involving Magnusson too for a number of laps.
    There were battles all the way through the field. A cracking race.

    1. @ragwort I was there too, the atmosphere was truly incredible! Every time a British driver came past everyone cheered, whether it was hamilton or chilton!

      1. considering you guys were there with all the moaning about sound and speed what are your thoughts on these???
        just asking, thanks in advance…

        1. @ragwort @breesegp
          Like, @lethalnz, I would love to get your impression of the sound of the engines as you were personally at the race! If you would share your impressions of the engine noise level and whether it affected the “show” would be very much appreciated.


          1. @ragwort @breesegp

            Thanks very much for the feedback! I was going to Canada but got sidetracked when we sold off part of the company and I was a little “busy” that weekend prepping. Hopefully nothing will interrupt my plans to be in Austin so I can see/hear for myself :)

        2. The noise is just not the same. I was at the Austrian GP too. So have heard them for a total of five days now. The GP2 cars, AND the GP3 cars are both louder than the F1 cars. The Porsche Supercup also!
          Ear defenders are not essential more. You can hear a lot of the race commentary over the speaker systems. Or with a radio and headphones you can hear all of the commentary. F1 has definitely lost something. It was well proven during the lunchtime display when Alain Prost drove last years Red Bull.

          1. I certainly heard a lot of people around me complaining about the noise, however the quality if the racing was such that I didn’t really find myself minding. I liked being able to actually hear the commentary at the track, and so while the old noise was great, the new noise is good too, for me it didn’t really affect the show.

  69. Better than average, I gave it a 7. If not for the good work of the producer showing the battles throughout the field it would have been another snooze. I have to wonder what scale some people are using rating this higher than a 6 or 7 considering some of the races we’ve had in the past. I haven’t been on the edge of my seat for years when watching an F1 race or come away thinking I’ve seen something that people will talk about for years.

    1. What do you expect from an F1 race to give more than 7, to see battles like that between ALO-VET all over the field ?!? Come on, that’s impossible. Not even half the field can “handle” such battle. Do you see Massa/Magnussen/Perez/Grosjean/Bottas carry a fight like that over the same amount of laps ?!? I hardly believe that. Look how ended Massa’s attempt to pass Perez 2 races ago. ALO and VET fought wheel to wheel for quite some laps w/o a single touch. Then, let’s be honest, even back in the 80s and 90s, many races were pretty boring and the distances between the drivers were more ridiculous, like the first 5-6 drivers finishing in the same lap.

      1. So you’re giving the entire race a high score because of one battle between two drivers that lasted about 6 laps? Again, what scale are you using? If this race rates above a 6 or 7, what do you give to the 2005 Japanese GP, the 1988 Japanese GP, the 2008 Brazilian GP etc etc?

        1. So right “Velocityboy” I truly agree with you as I’ve been watching F1 since the mid 60’s but people forget or just don’t know or read or see the F1 archives.

  70. Nine out of ten, for a great drive by Bottas, an exciting duel between Alonso and Vettel, and a feel-good story for Hamilton. All that, and Nobody Was Killed! Seriously, a 47G impact and all that debris… it could have been a real tragedy. Thankfully it was merely a great race.

  71. 8/10 for me… would have been better if Ham didn’t have a 45 second lead but the passing was great.

  72. 7/10
    It was a great race and it seemed like a great qly.
    But the reason im not scoring it higher is because qly really seems a waste of time now. Faster cars get throught he field way to quick nowadays.
    i.e Bottas and Alonso

    Gone are the days of Enrique Bernoldi holding up Couthard. Its simply too easy with DRS , and for me this lessens THE SHOW

  73. I rated 10/10. My favourite driver and team have not been got good results, otherwise I think this was a very exciting race.

  74. Gave it 9/10, was a very interesting race but disappointed with the long delay and the penalty for Alonso, he clearly gained nothing from the start and infact went backwards so i dont know why the FIA punished him. Also glad to see Kimi is ok and Gutierrez didnt make Maldonado barrel role

  75. Definitely an 8/10. Great race overall. Lots of great overtakes, Vettel and Alonso battle was golden, Bottas proved once
    again that he is one hell of a wheel-to-wheel racer. Things keeping it from being a 10: 1-hr red flag period and the
    lack of a true Rosberg vs. Hamilton battle that was surely going to be a cracker.
    I’m starting to have serious doubts regarding the abilities of Kimi Raikkonen these past few GP’s. As soon as I saw a red lump of Ferrari debris flying across the track I instantly thought Raikkonen. Alonso didn’t even come to mind.

    1. Corrado (@)
      7th July 2014, 5:24

      I agree, RAI performance this year makes some of us wonder about his racecraft. Dunno, maybe he started to “lose it” too, but the car is problematic for sure. In the corner prior to the accident, the car snapped twice, the 2nd one making him go off-track (which resulted with an accident). So, the car is problematic indeed and to a certain degree I understand his lack of competitivity compared to ALO.

  76. I guess that there are two sets of rules in Charlie’s world – one for Vettel, one for the rest. How many times did Vettel have all four off the track?!!!!

    1. Almost as many times as Alonso.

  77. Neil (@neilosjames)
    7th July 2014, 4:06

    Gave it a 9 – one of the best battles I’ve seen in a long time between Alonso and Vettel, Bottas putting in a beautiful drive and plenty of action wherever you looked.

    Shame we lost the chance to see Hamilton v Rosberg, but the rest made up for it.

  78. Darren Danga
    7th July 2014, 12:25

    Will NR incur grid penalty if gearbox gets changed?

    1. I was wondering that myself.

  79. I thought it was a great race, there seemed to be plenty of action throughout the race

    Firstly with the mixed up grid due to the weather on Saturday there was quite a few drivers out of position so we got to see them make their way through the field.

    Then we had Hamilton closing in on Rosberg and I was expecting a good battle for the lead, sadly we didn’t get that due to Rosberg’s retirement but I think this result is the best for the championship as it closes it back up.

    Without Rosberg’s retirement I think there could have been an entertaining fight between the two Mercedes drivers, Hamilton had the pace to catch him but whether he could have got past is always a different story but I thought he would manage it and expected the crowd reaction to be like Mansell overtaking Piquet in 1987.

    I loved the battle between Alonso and Vettel and I was laughing at the radio comments from them as it seemed every lap one one of them was complaining about the other one, hoping that a penalty would be handed out.

    I wasn’t sure whether to rate the race an 8 or 9 as 9 seemed slightly too generous, but it felt like an 8.5 and I normally round up those type of scores so gave it a 9 in the end.

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