Rosberg equals Montoya as Sauber struggle goes on

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Nico Rosberg bounced back from his British Grand Prix disappointment to claim his first home victory in Germany.

Although Rosberg is the son of Finnish world champion Keke Rosberg and lives in Monaco his mother is German and he races under a German licence.

The last time a German driver won the German Grand Prix in a German car was back in pre-world championship days, when Rudolf Carraciola triumphed at the Nurburgring Nordschleife in 1939.

Rosberg took the seventh win of his F1 career, giving him as many as Juan Pablo Montoya and Rene Arnoux.

In the 2005 race Montoya climbed from 20th on the grid to finish on the podium – just as Lewis Hamilton did yesterday – although Montoya made it one place further, finishing second.

Hamilton’s brake failure in Q1 resulted in his lowest starting position since the 2012 Spanish Grand Prix, where he lined up 24th after being excluded from qualifying after running out of fuel. He made up 16 places in that race but went one better yesterday, making it the best recovery driver of his career.

Hamilton also took the fastest lap of the race, which was the only thing keeping Rosberg from achieving his first ‘grand slam’ of pole, win, fastest lap and leading every lap.

Valtteri Bottas became the second driver this season to score the first three podiums of his career in consecutive races. Daniel Ricciardo did so in Spain, Monaco and Canada – having been stripped of his podium finish in Australia. The last driver to do so before them was Hamilton in 2007.

The strong run of form from Bottas has helped move Williams up to third place in the constructors’ championship. They haven’t finished a championship that high since 2003, when the were second.

Bottas also gave the team their 300th podium finish. Only Ferrari (679) and McLaren (485) have more.

On the other side of the coin, Sauber have now gone ten consecutive races without scoring a point, which is their longest ever such streak. They previous failed to score for nine races in a row between the 1995 European and 1996 San Marino Grands Prix – and that was when points were only awarded to the top six finishers.

Adrian Sutil also took an unwanted record in Germany – he started his 119th race without finishing on the podium, breaking the previous record held by Pierluigi Martini.

Sebastian Vettel finished in front of Daniel Ricciardo in a race for the first time this year. That leaves Kimi Raikkonen as the only driver yet to beat his team mate in a grand prix this season.

Review the year so far in statistics here:

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70 comments on “Rosberg equals Montoya as Sauber struggle goes on”

  1. I thought HAM was technically eliminated in Q2..brake failure in Q1 but that his time was better than those eliminated in Q1.

    Also, I like the stat that ROS has now led more layouts than his father.

    1. @scalextric You’re right, he was – have deleted that line.

  2. I thought of a prospective stat during the race yesterday and I checked it’s accuracy afterwards.

    If Nico Rosberg wins the championship, it will be the first time ever that the WDC and World Cup winners have come from the same country in the same year

    1. @walsh-f1 excellent stat. I wonder whether a country has won any major football competition and the F1 World Drivers’ Title in the same year before…

      1. Argentina won South American championship in 1955 and 1957 while Fangio won titles. Can that be called major football competition? I would say so.

      2. Alonso was close in 2010.

        1. And 2012…

  3. Hamilton became the British driver with most podium (62, tied with Mansell)

    First time this year that the Mercedes finished any position other than first or second.

    7th time that Massa retires in first lap, 666th retirement in the first lap in the F1 history

    Only 3 drivers finished in 3rd place starting from 20th
    Rubens Barrichello Canada 2005
    Jarno TRULLI Australia 2009
    Lewis HAMILTON Germany 2014

    Williams scored points at Hockenheim for the first time since 2004.

    Marussia became the team with the most 17º place finishes (14)

    Rosberg is the 33rd driver to start from pole position at home . and this is the 52nd pole of a national driver

    on the starting grid,
    no world champion driver in the top 5
    no British driver in the top 10.
    three world champion drivers out of the top 10.
    all of this had happened the last time at the Malaysian GP 2010

    the record set by Adrian Sutil , has stood since Australia 1994.

    24th consecutive race that only Mercedes and Red Bull won.
    This is the longest winning streak of only two teams since 2006 and 2007 when Ferrari and McLaren also won 24 races in a row

    882th Grand Prix starts for the car # 6 breaking the record of 881 of the car # 2

    1. Maybe with one title he will not be so much underrated anymore.

      1. oops, not intended to be as a reply, sorry :)

    2. This is the longest winning streak of only two teams since 2006 and 2007 when Ferrari and McLaren also won 24 races in a row

      This doesn’t sound right. Alonso won the penultimate race in 2006 for Renault. In 2007 there weren’t 23 races. You’d have to include 2008, up until the Canadian GP, where BMW won with Kubica.

      1. actually win streak of Ferrari and McLaren have been since the last race 2006 (Brasl) until the 6th, 2008 (Monaco).

    3. Raikkonen came from 20th to 3rd in Bahrain 2006

      1. Raikkonen started in 22th at Bahrain 2006.
        Takuma Sato was the one who started in 20th

    4. Correction on the Sutil stats this weekend: he hasn’t actually broken the record, he has equaled it. Both are on 119 starts now.

      But the stat can’t be called before he ends his career, in my opinion. It’s “most races without podium” and Martini will hold that record if, one day, Sutil finally ends up on the podium. But then Sutil will still be able to rejoice in the fact that when he does, he’ll obliterate Martin Brundle’s record of 91 starts before first podium. :)

    5. Martini’s last race was germany 1995.

      1. I’ll explain .
        Martini’s last race was Germany 1995 but he had set the previous record in the Australian GP 1994 8 races before ending his career.

  4. I thought Rosberg was born in Germany (when it was still split up) and grew up in Monaco?

    1. Don’t get me started, parentage or place of birth do not define nationality.

    2. @bosley Yes, he was born in Germany.

      @w-k Bosley just refers to the error in the introductory paragraph


      1. I was referring to anyone who assumes parentage or place of birth defines nationality.
        If anyone asks me “Where do you come from” i answer, “I’m just a crazy mixed up kid”, I have three birth certificates.

        1. jsw11984 (@jarred-walmsley)
          21st July 2014, 23:26

          The only way to define nationality is by what passport you hold. That means you are a citizen of that nation and therefore that is your nationality.

          1. Unless you’re Canadian and can have dual citizenship.

  5. Paul di Resta has scored more points (10) and out qualified and out raced his team mate more often (4 times) than Pastor Maldonado has in the last 14 Grand Prix, and he hasn’t competed in 10 of them… Haha, I’m well aware Pastor’s in an inferior car to the VJM06 but still, I think the team mate stats are pretty enlightening seeing as we’re going to be having some more crashtor antics for at least another year. I was wondering when Sutil was going to beat that record, I hope no one asks him about it next week, he’s got enough on his plate, like keeping his drive…

    1. Pastor Maldonado has been the most unluckiest driver this year, probably alongside Jean Eric-Vergne. There’s not been a race weekend where he hasn’t had major problems with the car at some point in regard to reliability. So before criticising him, just keep that in mind.

      1. I wasn’t denying that, the Lotus is a complete dog, but I was mainly pointing out how poorly he’s done against Grosjean (9-1 in qualifying) and that the only race where the Lotus was genuinely fast, his team mate qualified 5th and Maldonado crashed in Q1. Now that is criticism, but lets face it it’s pretty justified!

    2. With Maldonado failing to score so far this season, the statistic of Michael Schumacher scoring more points than Pastor Maldonado in the last 50(!) races, despite competing in only 20 of them, still stands.

      Bad luck or not, that is a pretty poor stat, as they only share a win a podium between them and the win wasn’t Schumacher’s.

  6. I’ve always thought you could play the racing nationality rules to breaking point. Going and getting patronage in return for, say, racing under a Brunei licence.

    But now as i understand it, only people with mixed nationality get the right to choose the flag that they race under, and that its not the johnny-come-lately free-for-all i’d once assumed?

    1. Indeed. Quoting the Wikipedia article on the FIA Super Licence:

      “The nationality that appears on the racing licence is the same one that appears on the driver’s passport. This is not necessarily the same as the country issuing the racing licence. A Frenchman living in Germany can race with a German licence, but the nationality displayed would still be French. In order to race as German, the driver would need to have German nationality as well. Drivers with multiple citizenship choose their “official” nationality.”


    2. Johnnny Come Lately is trying to decide which nationality he wants to race as. Jean Venir Récents (French), Gino Venuto Ultimamente (Italian), Hans Letzter Zeit Kommen (German), or Johan Jön Mostanàban (Hungarian). Correct me if my translations are terrible!

    3. I do believe Jochen Rindt was a german citizen racing with an austrian license and therefore being officially the first austrian world champion

  7. First ever 1-2 finish for Finland (talking nationality here, not licences). Previous best result was a win and a third place (2008 Hungary).

    1. Just having a Finnish father doesn’t make Nico Finnish.

      1. Totally agree. And Keke was born in Sweden.

      2. It most likely does. See

        A child acquires jus sanguinis Finnish citizenship at birth if:
        – the child’s mother is a Finnish citizen;
        – the child’s father is a Finnish citizen and the parents are married;
        – the child’s father is a Finnish citizen, the child is born out of wedlock, and paternity has been established;
        – […]

      3. Nico has dual nationality. It is not a matter of opinion, it is a fact.

        1. So Nico may be Finnman or Germish ?

          1. @greg-c lol

            It’s really neither here nor there, isn’t it? Who cares under what nationality a bloke is racing. Does it really affect anything? I have no problem respecting that since NR was born in Germany to a German mother, and he obviously speaks the language, why shouldn’t he race as a German? It is only an issue because LH brought it up.

            Jacques Villeneuvene was born just outside Montreal to Canadian parents and spent his first 5 or 6 years traveling throughout Canada and the US in a motorhome while his Dad Gilles raced skidoos and cars until F1 picked him up and they moved to Monaco where JV grew up. But he raced in CART as a Canadian and always claimed to be Canadian when he was in F1 and yes there were some who questioned if growing up in Monaco and going to school in Switzerland made one a Canadian, but in the end the vast majority accepted he was Canadian. Why not? That’s where he was born and where he considered home.

          2. And actually Lewis didn’t bring it up. He was asked a question about. Nico even confirmed that the quote was taken completely out of context.

  8. I’d feel sorry for Sauber but they chose the line-up of Sutil and Gutierrez, arguably the most uninspiring line-up in F1 history.

    And to think they used to be so likeable.

    1. I’m *really* surprised Sutil wasn’t ditched when they found he was still to big to get the car under the weight limit. Surely even Simona or the Russian Kid would be better at this point – smaller frames AND more sponsorship!

      As it stands, it’s just embarrassing.

    2. @tommyb89 Well, there was Bruni/Baumgartner, Kathikeyan/Montiero, Sutil/Albers, and that’s only recent years. Imagine something like Deletraz/Noda in a likeable team…

  9. Bottas achieved 300th podium for Williams. McLaren’s 300th podium (*) was achieved by Mika Häkkinen, who is working on the background of Bottas.

    (*) McLaren had 299 before Hungarian GP 1999, where Häkkinen and Coulthard finished on the podium. As Häkkinen won with Coulthard 2nd, I count Häkkinen’s achievement 300th and Coulthard’s 301th.

    It was Massa’s third first-lap retirement of the year. Previous drivers to experience that were Liuzzi (CHN/JPN/ABD), Kobayashi (AUS/CHN/ITA) and Hülkenberg (AUS/MON/JPN) during the 2010 season.

    Previous season with two flips (first was Gutierrez in Bahrain) was 2006, when Albers flipped in Imola and Heidfeld in Indianapolis.

  10. First time this season that a Mercedes driver has finished in a position not first or second. Williams equalled their Silverstone result, Bottas P2, Massa out on lap 1 due to a collision with a Nordic driver. Hulkenberg, Alonso continue to score in every race. In Germany and Austria, Bianchi, Kobayashi, Chilton and Ericsson were 15th, 16th, 17th and 18th respectively. Bottas becomes the first driver to achieve three consecutive podiums for Williams since Montoya in 2003 (a streak of eight) and the first time Williams were in the top three in the WDC since the 2008 Australian Grand Prix. Maldonado celebrates his confirmation of driving for Lotus in 2015 by equalling his best result of 12th this season. Vergne suffered his fifth technical failure of the season, a personal record. Toro Rosso suffered their ninth technical failure of the season. They now have more DNFs than they had throughout the whole of 2013.

    1. Not sure what I was talking about regarding Vergne, he finished the race (for a change!)

  11. Just curious… from where do you know that Nico Rosberg “was born in Monaco his mother is German and he races under a German licence.” ? Because if we born in Monaco he would have a different nationality. Also on his birth certificate there’s typed a city called Wiesbaden, who’s for sure in Germany. I know that most UK people are not his fans but smart people undersatand what a birth place means and that it’s very very important to respect it even if one doesn’t like it. And yes Nico grew up in Monaco but we still born in Germany and for sure he’s as german as any any other german born in Germany. So maybe… there’s no need for this descrimination?

    1. Yes, I thought he was born in Germany and then moved to Monaco a few weeks later…

    2. I want to see his Long Form birth certificate.

      1. @dmw lol, what is a Long Form birth certificate.?

    3. The nationality of F1 drivers are important out of a sponsorship issue. It is much easier to get a good sponsor deal if You come from a large country or a country with large business units. Apart from that You don’t need to define Yourselves based on the GPS coordinates of Your mothers whereabouts when you was due:-)
      Another important issue is the date of birth: The earlier in the year You are born, the better the chances of getting better training and equipment up through the junior series, because You drive against other juniors born in that same year. Thus a driver born on the 5th of january would have competed with kids born in december that same year – of course being almost a year more mature gives an advantage.

      1. But the one born in December would surely start racing nearly a year earlier if that is right? @palle

        1. @hohum: No, if they start in the year they turn 5, then they start at the same time. But when evaluating who is the best, most talented, best rate of progress and decide who is going to get the elite training, the one born early has a clear advantage. This goes on every year untill the elite level mostly consists of youngsters born in the first quarter of a year, thus we are loosing potentially half or more of the possible talents., where the fact is described for Hockey players in North America.
          I have made the analysis on F1 drivers also, its a bit scary.

          1. @palle. Interesting !

  12. ‘Sebastian Vettel finished in front of Daniel Ricciardo in a race for the first time this year. ‘

    Didn’t Vettel also beat Ricciardo at Malaysia?

    1. @davef1 Ricciardo didn’t finish.

      1. The comment says ‘Vettel finished…’, it doesn’t have to refer to Danny finishing or not. Does it?

  13. The last time a German driver won the German Grand Prix in a German car was 1939 Keith. Carraciola won that one too though ;-)

    1. @sphinx source please?

  14. Just a though, according to wikipedia and f1db, Pierluigi Martini also has 119 starts. Therefore Sutil has equaled the record but didn’t break it.

    1. I think the difference is made of 1995 Brazilian GP where Martini retired on the warm-up lap.

  15. The first time since 2006 that there was only three different race winners in the first ten races, the last time there was a full season with only three race winners was in 1988, when McLaren dominated but Berger won one race when both of them retired.

    Valtteri Bottas has scored 91 points so far this season, more than any Williams driver has scored in a single season since Damon Hill in 1996 and should take the top spot from Nigel Mansell, who scored 108 points in 1992 in a couple of races, maybe even in Hungary if he wins or is second.

    He has also scored 51 points in the last three races, only Lewis Hamilton has scored more with 58, Rosberg has scored one less than Bottas. Bottas has also scored more than the two Red Bull drivers combined, they have scored a total of 49 points.

    Bottas also became the fourth Finnish driver to score three podiums in a row (he was also fourth to score two in a row). The other three have all won a world championship.

    It was the first time that the front row had two drivers with Finnish nationality.

    1. “It was the first time that the front row had two drivers with Finnish nationality.”
      Perhaps ‘a Finnish parent’ would be more accurate.

      1. How would that be more accurate? Nico has Finnish nationality so there is nothing inaccurate about my statement

  16. @keithcollantine According to his Wikipedia entry, Rosberg was born in Germany, not Monaco.

  17. Some stats on Martini vs. Sutil:
    Point finishes: 10 vs 28
    Points: 18 vs 124 (Sutil has scored most of his points under the 2010 points rule)
    Amount of podiums scored by team during stay: 0 vs 1 (Fisichella’s 2nd place finish at Spa 2009, Perez’ obviously scored the podium after Sutil left Force India)
    DNFS: 66 (4 DN(P)Qs) vs 37

    By all means Adrian Sutil has had the more favorable position to actually end up on the podium and arguably he should have at the 2009 Italian GP. The only thing that ‘excuses’ Sutil’s new record is his beginnings being miles away from the podium and his teammates (in the shape of Liuzzi, Di Resta, Hulkenberg and Gutierrez) have amassed the same number of podiums, albeit in less time. ;)

    Personally I feel Pierluigi Martini’s performance is incredible, to score that often with Minardi’s. Meanwhile, there have been several windows for both Adrian Sutil and Force India, but they have managed to miss them all. To me, it’d be the same as someone managing the same statistics of self-inflicted DNFs as Andrea de Cesaris..

  18. 300th podium for Williams (as a constructor) and for Mercedes (as an engine manufacturer).

    No change to the Drivers’ Championship order following this race.

    And some more from

    First time there have been 10 consecutive Mercedes-powered pole positions (previous best 9 in 1998).

    2 years without a pole position for Ferrari.

    First time both Force Indias have reached Q3 2 races in a row.

    Vettel’s longest winless streak since he started winning.

    Hamilton and Coulthard have now managed the same number of podiums.

    First time Hamilton has officially been overtaken this season.

    Force India’s 10th consecutive points-scoring race – equals their record.

    1. Hamilton was overtaken into turn 1 bahrain by rosberg, who held the position until turn 5.

  19. wow vettel has never beaten ricciardo this year when both have finished??!!

  20. Wah wah wah ( crying noises) Is Nico German or Finnish Nobody has given a thought to how the poor car feels ?

    “Hallo, Im einem W05, Hallo! Kann jemand mich verstehen?”

    How does that work ?
    A German car born in Brackley (attempt at humor)

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