Which team has the best-looking car of 2014?

2014 F1 season

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The appearance of the latest generation of Formula One cars has been a major talking point during the off-season for one obvious reason.

Much as happened two years ago, a change in the rules regarding nose dimensions has led to the creation of some very unusual-looking cars.

While the question of aesthetics is ultimately a matter of taste it is a concern that the rules are now so tight the teams have little option other than to produce such unsightly creations.

But some will always be ore pleasing to the eye than others and there are some striking livery changes among the 2014 contenders as well. So for a moment let’s put aside the more important question of which is fastest and pick the best-looking car of 2014.

Red Bull RB10

It’s giving the team a lot of trouble but the RB10 has one of the more elegant approaches to the nose rules.

Mercedes W05

A steeply-sloped nose and a familiar colour scheme on the car which has been a major force in pre-season testing.

Ferrari F14 T

Ferrari added more black to their livery last year and there’s rather a lot of it at the rear of the new F14 T, perhaps to make it difficult for their rivals to spy developments in this sensitive area of the car.

Lotus E22

While the most dramatic feature of the E22 is its asymmetric twin-tusked nose, the arrival of PDVSA branding sees more red on the car as the team continue to move away from the ‘black and gold’ look they began using three years ago.

McLaren MP4-29

McLaren have lost their Vodafone backing and will race in silver and black though they may have a new major sponsor soon.

Force India VJM07

Force India have also got out the black paint, partly to obscure the unfortunate nose of the VJM07.

Sauber C33

Sauber overhauled their colour scheme last year and they’ve retained the look in the successor to the car which F1 Fanatic readers voted their favourite of 2013.

Toro Rosso STR9

Toro Rosso’s latest design has adopted a more curvaceous nose since testing began but the livery remains much the same.

Williams FW36

Williams used a ‘heritage’ livery on their car in testing. Yesterday they revealed the definitive livery for the FW36 after announcing a sponsorship deal with Martini, whose colours have appeared on many great racing cars in the past.

Marussia MR03

Marussia updated their livery last year and have stuck with the same look for 2014.

Caterham CT05

Caterham have updated their style and the CT05’s livery has been revised again since the first test. The yellow of previous seasons has gone, replaced by silver and light green. But it’s the unique nose which attracts the most attention in their latest car.

Over to you

Who’s got the best-looking – or least-ugly – car this year? Cast your vote below and have your say in the comments.

Which is the best-looking car of 2014?

  • No opinion (0%)
  • Caterham CT05 (1%)
  • Marussia MR03 (2%)
  • Williams FW36 (46%)
  • Toro Rosso STR9 (0%)
  • Sauber C33 (2%)
  • Force India VJM07 (2%)
  • McLaren MP4-29 (5%)
  • Lotus E22 (3%)
  • Ferrari F14 T (4%)
  • Mercedes W05 (19%)
  • Red Bull RB10 (16%)

Total Voters: 786

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126 comments on “Which team has the best-looking car of 2014?”

  1. Car- Mercedes W05
    Livery- Williams “for sure”;-)

    1. Yeah I’m not really sure if we’re supposed to base on the livery or the shape. I have quite the same choices as you, though the Sauber and the Williams have rather elegant solutions to the nosecone.

      1. I think people are voting for the livery, for me it’s all about blunting the nose, and I think Red Bull have done the best job. That’s why they get my vote.

    2. yup right now williams for sure but need to wait till mclaren show their before i could vote

    3. Mercedes for me also, but Williams win the best livery award (followed by Force India) and Red Bull win the best nose award IMO.

      1. I agree! voted for Mercedes since the chasis is one of the least ugly and the silver livery isn’t that bad. The best livery is the Williams for me!

    4. Exactly my opinion!

    5. That was my issue, how to interpret “best”? Most aesthetic? Most functional? Most pleasing when considering livery too? I went just on the design and it came down to RBR10 vs Williams FW36. I tipped in favour of the RBR because the Williams’ nose treatment is uglier. Newey has the best design in my opinion, it’s just a pity that it doesn’t work the way it looks!

      1. it will work rbr will be the best at some point this season

    6. Exactly, W05 looks aggressive with the least radical nose, but that Martini livery just brings back so many happy childhood memories.

      All we need now is a red and white Mclaren

    7. 1. Williams elegant design and excellent livery
      2. McLaren elegant design, innovative, chrome silver is hard to beat
      3. Sauber elegant, neutral livery
      4. Red Bull maybe the best nose solution, but the Red Bull livery is way too busy, too many different colors, blue, red, yellow, purple, silver, white — looks like it was designed by committee –garish and terrible. If it had Toro Rosso’s livery, it might be in the top 2.
      5. Mercedes by a slight nose over the Ferrari, almost the same design, the hard edges and slightly higher nose opening work slightly better. The Petronas green fade gray is dated at best –not good but not as bad as Red Bull.
      6. Ferrari better livery than the Merc, but the softer edges of the nose, and lower opening make it look like a vacuum cleaner or who knows.
      7. Toro Rosso is the best of the fallic nose cars, good livery
      8. Marussia always looks like a junior category car, the best that can be said is that it isn’t horribly ugly
      9. Force India I like what they have done with the livery, and at least they have attempted to de-emphasize the nose member.
      10 & 11 Hard to chose between the Lotus and the Caterham. I love the Caterham green, the nose is terrible. Same for the Lotus, decent color scheme to work with, but they have made no attempt to aesthetically integrate the nose into the design elements of the car. I have to give them both credit for a purist approach, but their noses look horrible.

  2. Williams for the livery and the rear end.. The nose isn’t great it looks like a jigsaw piece.. But overall I look forward to seeing some retro colours in action!

  3. Haha! If this vote was put forward before the Williams Martini launch, there would have been VOTING. Now, it’s hands down winner. Cheers Martini!

    1. The Blade Runner (@)
      7th March 2014, 14:18

      What’s amazing is that most of us love the Martini livery and yet wouldn’t be seen dead ordering the product…

      “Dave, Dave… I’ve changed my mind. Don’t get me a Stella. I’ll have a Martini instead!”

      1. I’d gladly order a Martini over a Stella any day :P

        1. I am with you there @raceprouk!

          1. I agree. Though anyone who knows their martinis knows that Noily Pratt is by far the superior vermouth to mix with your gin. Martini & Rossi is pretty mediocre stuff.

        2. @raceprouk a Martini over a Stella? As a proud Belgium I will have to kill you now.

          1. Well, @ardenflo, Belgium has boatloads of great beers, but Stella certainly is not between them.

          2. @bascb, I’ve had the pleasure to drink over a few hundred different beers. Stella is my favourite average pub beer though. Jupiler to sour and Maes is just not my cup of tea, uh beer.

          3. I agree that Jupiler is clearly behind even Stella, yes. But I rather meant the various special beers. As for the light kind, I really think that beers like Gambrinus and Budejovicka over here are a lot better (not a fan of Pilsner Urquell myself) :-)

  4. If it wasn’t for Martini sponsorship on Williams, Force India would have my vote, but now it is hands down for Williams.

    1. I think the Force India’s front end is almost as bad as the Caterham! Actually, side-on, I think the Caterham is a really nice design.

  5. Voted Mercedes: She is classy.
    The Lotus and the Red Bull are fine too, I quite like the Williams but it just has coloured stripes for livery.

  6. But yes, if I had to select then

    best looking car – Red Bull (I mean how smartly they hid the _____). It’s stunning indeed.
    best livery – Williams Martini and even Lotus is good

    1. I dunno, imagine it with a normal nose and that Sauber is just an amazing shape.

      1. Trouble is that you have to imagine.

      2. Yep, that Sauber gets my vote too (judged merely on shape), but the red bull eleganty designed as well. Livery vise both those cars are a big yawn though, and the Williams-Martini rules them all. The Martini colors and stripes just ooze legend, and even if Porsche got a hallpass, and presented their car tomorrow in Gulf livery, the Martini would win hands down in my book.

    2. “best looking car – Red Bull (I mean how smartly they hid the _____)” Zipper’s up!

  7. Livery = Williams FW36. Best looking livery in years, let alone this year.
    Shape = Red Bull RB10. It looks quick.

    1. I’m with you. The Redbull shape is simply stunning. Shame about the livery and that’s were the Williams steals the show, whilst still producing a very pleasing shape. It’s the overall winner for me. I wish them all the success this year. They deserve it.

    2. That is my vote as well. The Williams has the best livery although it is a simple one, but impossible not to vote for the Martini colours :-)
      The RB10 is the best looking car in terms of car shape, manly because it is has the best nose job of all :)

  8. Mercedes and Red Bull. McLaren’s looks fine enough, once you get over the nose.

  9. Gee I wonder who’s going to win this one…
    Anyways, I’m starting to think that Keith’s putting too much emphasis on the 2014 cars being apparently ugly. People have gotten over their initial reactions at this stage, the variety is something to appreciate after years of too much similarity, and only a handful of them were actually bad in the first place. For what it’s worth, I’d say the Marussia is the best-looking on the grid.

    1. Yeah they’ve certainly grown on me, even the Ferrari…

      1. Last year’s Ferrari was better I think, with the F14 T they tried too hard to put the subliminal Marlboro sponsorship and there’s a clash with red, black and the white wings.

      2. Sorry the Ferrari nose makes even the Caterham’s look attractive

  10. Williams with Red Bull a close second to me.

  11. Red Bull looks great again, nose has been done well.
    Williams livery is excellent- well played.
    As an overall beast? I still like the Silver Arrows! (And just on the quiet I still might place a small wager on Nico for WDC this year!!)

  12. Red Bull with Williams livery <3

    1. +1. Either that or the Williams with the Red Bull nose. Genuinely hope Williams can do very well this year. Ever since the test cheating episode of last year I have a real dislike of Mercedes, so I’d love Williams to knock them off this year.

  13. Car: Mercedes for sure
    Livery: Williams, if they had a nose closer to the red bull they’d be the best looking by miles.

  14. Williams! Not only is it ‘least-ugly’, but it’s actually very good-looking.

    P.S. I don’t get what’s so amazing about the Mercedes.

    1. Nick Jarvis (@)
      7th March 2014, 20:10

      Merc has the highest nose ( I think it’s 75mm higher than Ferrari’s )
      Also, look at the sidepod shape, they’re so smooth and so small

  15. Car – Red Bull RB10 (which I voted for). I did initially think Mercedes but this car has really grown on me. It’s the closest to what this era of cars should look like. Honourable mentions to Mercedes, McLaren, and Lotus for this category.

    Livery – Mercedes W05. I like the turquoise and the black mixing with the silver. Honourable mentions to McLaren (interim), Force India, and Williams for this category.

    Apparently the Martini livery may change a few times throughout the season (the colours of the stripes perhaps).

  16. Car = Red Bull
    Livery = Williams.

    I suspect Williams will win the livery competition by a landslide. It would be interesting to remove all liveries and have people vote on the cars themselves though. I think Red Bull & Mercedes have come up with the most aesthetic noses. Caterham on the other hand … not so much :D

    1. yeah @bealzbob, I think your buddy Borat came up with the Caterham nose! LOL

  17. At first i thought Merc is best looking car but after the month of time i changed my mind. Its Redbull who has best looking car of the year followed by Merc and Williams.

  18. The Williams livery is quite cool but there is too much white and the nose doesn’t look pretty at all.

    I’m a fan of Lotus’ nose but the livery is too black, too depressing.

    The Sauber livery just leaves me indifferent.

    The new McLaren and Ferrari’s ‘vacuum cleaner’ actually don’t look that bad but both cars still make me think about extraterrestrial life forms.

    Force India, Toro Rosso and Force India are simply a bunch of perverts :)

    Marussia and Red Bull deserve praise for clever paint jobs and purple and red always look good on F1 cars.

    But I’m voting for Mercedes. I don’t like grey but I believe the car has the cutest shape of the 2014 ‘ladies’!

  19. Lol, before looking I thought it would be between Williams and Mercedes, and I picked Williams and sure enough it is between them and Mercedes for 71% of the vote combined. I guess great minds think alike. Or do fools seldom differ? Maybe we should have a vote.

  20. I understand that Williams livery is pure awesomness.
    But how is not the Merc number 1. Its the only car with a “normal” nose.

    1. The Blade Runner (@)
      7th March 2014, 13:34

      It’s not “normal”! It looks like it’s sniffing-out truffles (like the Ferrari)!

      1. The ferrari looks really bad but the mercedes has a regular slope and the width of the nose is constant. But that livery is boring as hell and the red number just look out of place

        1. the width of the nose is constant

          That’s the problem, it’s broad, flat and shapeless It looks blunted at the end.

  21. The Caterham has to win this one, it is the only truly green entrant.

  22. The Blade Runner (@)
    7th March 2014, 13:18

    The Williams-Martini is the stuff that dreams are made of as a package and reminds me of the toy F1 cars I would play with as a kid. Overall, for me, it has to be the winner.

    The RB10 is probably the best looking car but I have an issue with anything that looks as though Red Bull has thrown-up all over it. The livery RB used at Silverstone in 2012 was fantastic (lighter blue made up of faces).

    A lot of people have been complimenting the new Force India livery and I have to agree. The problem is that it’s covering a vehicle that appears to have a camouflaged proboscis monkey at the front! I blush every time I see it (and the Toro Rosso).

    As a McLaren fan it’s a shame about the nose on the MP4-29. For me it would have been the pick of the bunch if it weren’t for its “one-eyed snake”…

    It’ll be fascinating to see what these cars morph into over the course of the season as teams get used to the new regs and augment their cars accordingly. Maybe Caterham have got the design right and we’ll end up watching the World Porpoise Racing Championships!

    1. The Blade Runner (@)
      7th March 2014, 13:32

      As a reminder, RB’s 2012 Silverstone livery HERE

      1. That’s far better than the one they did before that (Coulthard’s last race?).

      2. Dude, you should have given a warning to put on sunglasses before pulling up that image :)

    2. Mark Smith of Caterham told Ted Kravitz that they’ll be going with a Lotus-style nose from Spain onwards.

  23. the williams is very pretty

  24. Chris (@tophercheese21)
    7th March 2014, 13:27

    From a physical perspective, I think it’s between Mercedes, Red Bull and Sauber. Honourable mention to Williams.

    From a paint job perspective, it’s Williams hands down. I like Caterham’s metallic green colour scheme, and Red Bull’s pearlescent purple and blue just looks terrific.

  25. Mercedes!

  26. Caterham in front of Sauber and STR so far :D.
    1. Mercedes
    2. Ferrari
    3. RB

  27. I like both the Mercedes and Williams especially with the return of martini but Marussia win this for me hands down. their colour combination of black and red has always been a favourite of mine and the way the have designed the livery this year looks even better. in terms of the worst looking it has to be the lotus (not a fan of the twin tusk nose)

    1. Marussia have a great paint job, really smart and sharp looking.

      Lotus is just awful. The paint job is just a mess now, it looked great a couple of years ago in its retro guise, now it just looks bad.

  28. Williams

    The Williams – regardless of the Martini branding, looks great in white.

  29. I guess beauty is on the eye of the beholder (except for caterham that car is universally ugly), but i really like the shape of the new McLaren, looks purposeful! I cannot let that martini livery go unnoticed though, It really shows how simple designs like in old timer race cars look absolutely great, mainly because they let the bodywork show.

  30. Paul (@frankjaeger)
    7th March 2014, 13:48

    Livery – Williams
    Car – Mercedes or Red Bull

  31. Best looking car? Red Bull. Their keel nose solution is pretty well hidden, and pretty neat.
    The overall shape of the car is absolutely beautiful. The front is nicely sloped, and as usual the rear bodywork is stunningly well shaped. When they cut holes in it that is.
    Mercedes is okay, but the way the nose drops is quite awkward. Same with Ferrari.
    Best Livery? Certainly Williams. But I just can’t get over the nose. It’s still nasty.

  32. I agree,
    Red bull for design and Williams for livery!
    Vote has gone to the RB10

  33. Red Bull and Mercedes have the prettiest noses, the W05 looks pretty badass overall… very much a car that looks ‘quick’. However, the Williams’ always looked clean and tidy to me, and I never saw what the fuss was about their nose, and the Martini livery has topped it all off.

  34. Williams.

    Yes the livery could have a bit more to it, but it reminds me of their BMW days.

  35. Pjams (@jack-burton)
    7th March 2014, 14:25

    And I have issues with each of those cars, but they’re the least offensive. F1 has completely lost sight of itself and it’s taken an incredible amount of money and oversight to do so. I don’t think there is a single thing the sport does that I can point to and say, “look, that is how it’s supposed to be done, this is the benchmark”. (IT and logistics aside)

  36. The Williams livery is a beautiful thing. Vaguely reminds me of the Stewart cars at the end of the last millennium, which I was also a fan of.

  37. The retro Williams Martini FW36, without a doubt! :)

  38. I’m surprised that Williams is winning. For me, the nose is more noticeable and horrible since the change in livery. So although the livery is nice, it doesn’t rescue the aesthetics of the front of the car, which are probably most important for me.

    The Red Bull is the classiest looking one for me. The finger isn’t very obvious, and the shape of the rest of the nose is lovely.

    The Mercedes has too blunt a nose and the silly looking camera mounts which prevent it from being my favourite, but it is nice to see a low nose that isn’t hideous (Ferrari). It is a bit flat though, whereas a nice looking low nose needs more of a curve, particularly in profile.

    McLaren is interesting. The finger looks like an insect proboscis. Certainly not pretty at the very front, but I find it more weird than ugly.

    Marussia is a fairly clean design, but it just looks a bit bulkier and more basic than the others- it doesn’t look as fast to me.

    I don’t hate the Sauber either. It has a fairly prominent finger, but it looks more purposeful than the Williams’ and the livery fits it better.

  39. OmarR-Pepper (@)
    7th March 2014, 15:34

    Just an opinion, but that Martini livery is quite overrated actually. It’s quite similar to all the other serious-mood Williams they always make.

  40. conway stern
    7th March 2014, 15:45

    which one’s the best? how about none of them.

  41. Williams for me. Beautiful in blue and perfect in Martini colours.

  42. Shape: Red Bull or McLaren.

    Livery: Williams.

  43. These cars have really grown on me over the last few weeks. Merc, Ferrari & Williams look much better with the low nose and no step.

  44. Force India livery + Mercedes chassis = BEAST!

  45. Corrado (@)
    7th March 2014, 16:29

    RB10… by far. Just look at the nose and you’ll see it’s like the only car that seems to be from a different season/year.

    I don’t see the hype about the Mercedes. Has a slightly better looking nose than Ferrari.

    Best looking liveries in my opinion: Williams, McLaren, Caterham, RBR.

  46. Best looking car: Red Bull. The new rules haven’t had a bad effect on it, looks-wise at least.
    Best looking livery: Team Enstone. Just because.

  47. Graham (@guitargraham)
    7th March 2014, 17:00

    Williams Martini of course. its a classic livery and the car itself is very tidy

  48. Conspiracy theory #486 about Ferrari. I still prefer the 2014 to the 2012 or 2013, the step noses were much more OCD sensitive.

    1. Indeed, and they were a lot worse-looking than the 2014 noses, except Force India’s, Toro Rosso’s, and Caterham’s.

  49. I don’t know, it’s a difficult choice. The RB10 is really elegant, the problem is that I don’t like the Red Bull livery.
    I have a soft spot for Mclaren. It’s weird, but I kinda like it. It’s a shame that the livery is so boring at the moment, otherwise I probably would have voted it.
    The FW36 is certainly a very good looking car, shame about the nose.

    In the end I’m voting the RB10, but I guess that my opinion could change. Afterall, I remember that I hated the new Sauber livery last year, but by the end of the year I loved it.

  50. 1) Merc – Aggressive and Elegant
    2) Williams – Sporty and Fun
    3) RBR – Subtle and Classy

  51. And the Oscar goes to… Red Bull Racing for best makeup.

    Got to say Mercedes looks decent and Williams has the best livery.

  52. And the Oscars go to:
    Best livery goes to: Williams
    Best Nose: Red Bull
    Best profile: Sauber
    Best overall package: Silver Arrows!!!

    I do admit…that bloody Red Bull looks TIGHT. If they ever get their engine working, they scare me.

  53. Keith,

    We should do an Ugliest Car vote next! Yes, I know it’s mean…but it would kind of apply this year. LOL

    1. Lotus have won. Or have Force India? Or maybe Caterham.

      Actually The Force Inida and Lotus look crap from every angle, the Caterham looks kind of ok from the side/ back…

  54. Red Bull – Best shape (the side pods and nose solution are very elegant) Williams – Best livery (the good kind of retro) Overall best is the Mercedes, fast and nice to look at. FI and TR are hideous.

  55. The results are going in exactly the order (at least for the top 5) I predicted!

  56. I really like the Mercedes and Williams, but in the end I voted for Marussia: a modern livery that suits the beautiful car perfectly.

  57. Are we talking about livery or body shape? It’s williams in 1st case and red bull in 2nd case, to me.

  58. Toro Rosso STR9 not too popular

  59. This is interesting, Nico Hulkenberg is yet to complete one racing lap at Melbourne in his three appearances there… Talk about bad luck

  60. Call me crazy but I voted for Lotus. I always liked their livery and they seem to have the most inventive design. I like the E22.
    Second is Marussia followed by Mercedes and Williams.

  61. They are all still ugly

    1. joc_the_manjoc_the_man
      8th March 2014, 15:43

      …all cars look ridiculous all because of the studid rules set by the FIA. Again, they do not obviously care the least abt looks and seems to forget abt the fact that all sponsors want nice and cool looks to open the wallet. The FIA heads are soo stuck in their ivory towers and have forgotten who is paying them. Scandal. Sad times.

      1. The FIA heads are soo stuck in their ivory towers and have forgotten who is paying them

        The teams, by way of entry & license fees.


        No, just lack of foresight.

  62. I’d rank them….and I am no Red Bull fan….
    Red Bull – Best looking car by a mile and a decent paint job to boot
    Williams – Not a bad looking car but a great paint job
    Sauber – Its got a nose that is swept in, looks like part of the car, pretty paint scheme, a good looking car.
    Mercedes – Inoffensive to the eye, not exactly beautiful but not ugly either
    Marussia – Great colour scheme, nose isn’t the worst either
    Mclaren – Not the best, not the worst, just boring and really very mediocre looking.
    Ferrari – It just looks odd shape wise, too much black and white, looked better in all red in 2007/9.
    Toro Rosso – Horrid car, saved by the paint job
    Caterham – Horrid car, at least its a nice green.
    Force India – Horrid car, nasty paint scheme, total mess.
    Lotus – Horrid paint scheme – totally missed the point of the black and gold, nose – awful. This years bottom of the class.

  63. Easy: Red Bull, it is the unique car that has a decent design and not silly jokes that go ahead with most of the cars. Mercedes and McLaren come into a very close second, and I don’t know why the Ferrari it’s starting to look great for me, especially in that incredible shot to vote.
    Another thing: I’m surprised that more people voted for the Caterham than for the

  64. Williams is the best for me this year. It reminds me Lancia Delta in WRC with the Martini livery

  65. Overall impression must be Williams, but we don’t now the final livery of the McLaren yet.

  66. Sauber looks really good. The bad thing is that contrast against the track is not good. But I would change a good looking car for a winning one.

  67. For me it’s a toss up between the McLaren and the Mercedes. I find both have great, unusual, fast looking shapes and loads of interesting details, plus the chrome actually lets you see those details. The Williams livery is waaaay overrated – I mean it’s mostly white. And there’s just been way too much focus on the noses – they’re miles better than the steps we’ve the last seasons.

    1. +1 on Williams livery. Still a bit plain. Could of spiced it up somehow and still retained a traditional Martini theme.

  68. If you’d asked me a week ago, I would’ve said the Merc was easily the best looking car, hands down. But now I say it’s the Williams. Why? I’m not entirely sure. Based on pure design, i.e. if all of the cars were a plain colour, it’s still the Merc, but the Martini livery on the Williams looks absolutely fantastic, and in fact I think it even somehow makes the “finger nose” more tolerable. I can’t quite put my finger on it (not a pun), but I think it’s because whilst some (like Red Bull/Force India) have tried hiding it with dark colours, having it there in bright, white paint makes it look like it’s supposed to be there on the Williams. Maybe it’s just the fact that I love the Martini livery anyway, maybe I’m just growing to not mind the new noses, but that doesn’t matter – I still think that the Williams looks the best.

  69. Don’t like to say it but people are picking Williams because of the new livery, not because its the best looking car. This wasn’t a best livery pole.

  70. Ask the same question after all the hype about Williams new livery is over……way too soon to ask due to their recent unveiling IMO.

  71. Unless McLaren shows up a blast of a title sponsor and livery, the Williams Martini colors are a welcome and fresh blast from the past of F1! :)

  72. Wow, I’m surprised this poll has such a decisive winner. For me it is hands down the Mercedes as the best looking car – livery and design combined. The Williams is definitely not the best looking car from a design point of view, and ignoring for a moment the nostalgia of the Martini colours, the Williams livery is actually quite boring, with far too much white. Excessive white on liveries being one of my pet hates.

  73. David not Coulthard (@)
    8th March 2014, 7:59

    Red Bull for me, thoguh a few a smaller airbox would’ve made me opt for Caterham (which has probably got something to do with how much I like green).

  74. David not Coulthard (@)
    8th March 2014, 8:22

    The FW36.

  75. Yeah, I voted for the Caterham. Marks for originality, plus a solid minimalist colour scheme. Sure, it’s no Jordan 191, but what is this year?
    I also preferred the Williams testing livery of dark blue with white decals to the Martini one. I’m sure Ken Tyrell would have loved both.

  76. Still voted for Mercedes. But Williams in the new Martini livery is now a close second.

  77. The Red Bull has the nicest of the protruding noses, the Mercedes and the Ferrari with the slide ont he nose don’t appeal to me very much. The Marussia is once again clean, but the Williams with its livery stands out!

  78. Mercedes W05 and Williams FW36.

  79. “Mirror Mirror on the wall, who is the ugliest of them all “

  80. Martini – Williams…
    Next please! :)

  81. The new cars with those noses are not going to come near the top of any polls for best looking F1 car ever and I think they even make the stepped noses look good.

    I think the term anteater nose seems a polite name for this generation of noses rather than some of the names they have been called, so I will use that.

    I couldn’t vote for any of the cars which have the anteater type of nose as the best looking, although Red Bull have probably done the best job of hiding it using the livery.

    The Williams Martini livery is good, but I don’t think it is as good as some of the fan designs doing the rounds before the actual design was revealed.

    Out of the other cars I think the Ferrari vacuum cleaner nose is almost as bad as the anteater ones.

    I do quite like the Lotus twin tusk but I think I will have to vote for the Mercedes as overall best looking car.

    My views may change after a few races as I have mainly so far only seen photos of the cars and not much TV footage.

  82. I can’t understand why people are saying that the Red Bull has the prettiest nose! It’s got a big bump hanging off the end of it. Having said that it’s still a good looking car.
    My vote though would have to Mercedes, it looks sleek and fast and doesn’t have any weird appendages hanging off the nose.

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