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2017 Monaco Grand Prix

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208 comments on “Rate the race: 2017 Monaco Grand Prix”

  1. Gave it a 5. Incredibly boring until the last part.
    Super happy for a 1-2 Ferrari however :)

    1. Me too. I watched a 6 or 7 race. Unfortunately sky made it a 0. I wanted Raikkonen to win but I don’t like witch hunts so, I guess I perhaps should have watched C4.

      1. Yeah, C4 was certainly better in that respect. They had Karun Chandhok mentioning that it actually had looked like Kimi had been asking for an early stop himself @peartree. And after that they never really made a point of it afterwards.

        1. @bascb Thanks. Sky is now slowly trying to defuse their own made up story, Symonds went first then they interviewed Horner who didn’t see those obvious team orders, and also the fact they completely dismissed that RB and Merc, pitted Verstappen and Bottas.

      2. If other options are available, Sky Sports should be avoided at all costs.

        1. Sky’s coverage sounds horrendous. I can only imagine the level of claptrap being bounded around between the personnel in their coverage.

          1. It wasn’t too bad, I felt. It’s worse when it’s anything to do with Hamilton, as much as I respect Brundle, he can’t seem to be objective when it comes to Lewis, and you can tell that attitude infects his co-commentators as well (because of course they don’t want to make him look like a fool on air).

          2. James

            I agree. Brundle seems to resent Lewis’ success. Brundle drove for some of the top F1 teams but I don’t recall him ever winning a championship race.

            I liked a little aside by David Coulthard (C4) on the grid, “Oh there’s Nico Rosberg hoping that someone will recognise him”. It wasn’t said in a catty way and it exactly captured how Nico looked.

        2. petebaldwin (@)
          28th May 2017, 21:33

          I quite like Sky’s coverage but there are 1 or 2 people on there who ruin it. If they made minor changes to the team, it’d be really good.

          1. I love Sky coverage, and if I get a choice (Russian/Belgian/UK, and the US a couple of times), I’d pick Sky every time – it’s just miles better than anything else. And Hamilton hate? Maybe I don’t care about Hamilton enough, so it barely registers for me. He is a top gun, so I’d expect extra scrutiny anyway.

        3. Roy Shorter (@themarinesurveyor)
          29th May 2017, 13:16

          Ha! you should try watching F1 on NBCSP, as we have to in the States.
          The actual race is interrupted, despite some of them carrying a minuscule picture in picture by seemingly never ending adverts, but also channel switching should another and more “commercial” event be happening at the same time.

      3. They are an absolute disgrace: seems they should be in celebrity journalism rather than sport.

        I have always been a hardcore Kimi fan, but fact is that Seb was way quicker today. He tried to stay within 1 sec that give him the opportunity to bank on any slip up in pit box or traffic in outlap and it happened. Plus we heard just before the pit stop that Kimi was asking: “are we not making a stop?” After Verstappen and Bottas stopped and then his engineer confirmed the pit stop.

        With the pace Sen showed on super soft the same would have happened if he had done the undercut (bar traffic).

        1. Kimi got slow because of traffic and he only inquired of pit stop and did ask for it. In the post race he was asked the same question Question: “So to be clear, were you asking for the stop or did they call it?”
          KR: No, I was called in and that’s about it.
          He was not told to push or anything by his engineer just called in
          In another question Q: (Ben Anderson – Autosport) Kimi, in the first stint, you seemed to have really strong pace in the early part and then from about lap 20 your pace dropped off quite substantially. Was there an explanation for that? Were you struggling with something in the car?
          KR: Not really. I think the worst place was when we had lapped cars and got stuck behind them on quite a few laps but apart from that the car was behaving well. Not really having any issues. I think we had to take it a little bit easier here and there but nothing to complain really. The most lap time we lost behind the lapped traffic but that’s about it.
          So it seems he could have stayed out and pushed and made easy gap to bottas or ves..But he was never given that chance. they knew if the pit kimi now seb can have fast laps and kimi would enter into traffic with SS and thats what they did. All of us think seb was fast and he put in fast laps and took the lead. Ferrari played really well

      4. Michael Brown (@)
        28th May 2017, 15:40

        Screw Sky. Even with the permanent numbers and helmet rules, David Croft still can’t identify the drivers. Their commentary also drowns out the sound of the cars.

        Glad I no longer play the F1 games because his awful voice is in them.

      5. Had to watch on Sky. Couldn’t agree more about the bad coverage. Planning to watch C4 covarage afterwards, maybe it lightens up the mood a bit. Ben + David still the best!

    2. 5/10 for me as well. It was very boring until the safety car, then it got a bit exciting mostly because of Perez. It was a nice sprint to the flag.

      I have to say, the race was worse than normal because Sky F1 were horrendous the whole weekend long. All the hype with Button and then half an hour with conspiracy theories based on absolutely nothing, as Seb was just faster. So it made the boring part of the race even harder to watch…

      And the podium ceremony was a huge mess. I wonder why they moved the podium to the balcony, but the post-race interview stayed on track. They shouldn’t have moved the podium anyway… it was a very unique feature!

      1. As for the podium, totally agree. These small things makes Monaco, Monaco. A podium like the new one, when fans aren’t below just looks plain wrong. The track-side podium was something unique, and something to behold. Monaco shouldn’t change much, it’s the only thing in F1 still comparable between all the greats. Fangio, Hunt, Lauda, Senna, Schumi and the current ones have the same race. Don’t change that. There’s enough change.

    3. I gave it a 6: how do you even score the Monaco GP? It’s always a boring procession, except for 1984. If it were not for the fact that it’s Monaco and the expectations for excitement are low, I would have given it a lower score.

      Also happy that Ferrari won, but a bit gutted for Kimi. Pole and a win would have been – and should have been! – a fairtytale ending. Maybe he was shafted by a team with its eye on the WDC and the gap to Hamilton, but still disappointing.

    4. Garett Couturier
      29th May 2017, 5:58

      Almost no passing… this circuit is so over-rated it’s not even funny. “oh monaco it’s so exotic”…. i guess if you’re rich sitting on a boat, it’s fabulous. For the average viewer, there’s next to ZERO overtakes and the speed is low. it’s actually quite boring. It’s circuits like this that are ruining the branding of F1 as being an elitist, champagne-sipping Liberal sport.

      I can’t wait for new ownership… F1 has been mismanaged for years.

      1. Monaco IS F1. It can be boring sometimes but so can any other track on any given year. Monaco isn’t great because it’s ‘exotic’ it’s great because it’s unique, it’s small but there’s just as much going on as a larger track. And a beautiful back drop. Granted the people living there are all tax dodging snobs but silverstone is full of inbred farmers but we still love it.
        Monaco suffers from being missbranded, the press focus on the glitz and glamour of its location but the circuit itself is where the actual charm lies with this track.

  2. That has to be the worst race I can remember for a long long time..I know Monaco usually has few overtakes..But not..One..Single..Overtake..Wow

    1. Also the only two real attempts at an overtake ended in crashes..

      1. Ocon passed Stroll at the re-start, but of course the tv-director missed it.

        1. There was also very few, if any, overtakes in Barcelona but I think here it didn’t ever seem like it was possible which meant there was less tension which is the key to a having a good race with no overtaking.

          1. I thought Spain was quite entertaining, not a classic.
            Not having any overtakes doesn’t mean a bad race, not having any attempts at an over take makes a bad/boring race.

    2. There was some overtakes, The director just missed them.

      Perez overtook stroll on track for instance, We just didn’t see it.

      1. Perez did not overtake Stroll on track. There was only 1 overtake: Ocon on Stroll at the re-start.

        1. Perez overtook stroll on track on lap 35.

        2. If Perez did not overtake Stroll then it must’ve been wizardry them swapping places without a pit stop ;)

      2. So one overtake due to the safety car and people don’t seem to know if it was even Ocon or Perez? Must have been exciting..

    3. only one that we’ve seen on TV, Perez past Vandoorne, who went eventually in the barriers, but i believe there was no contact.

    4. Monaco is terrible… pathetic showcase for jet-setters

      1. AGREED

    5. The tv missed the handful of overtakes, it was better than Russia.

    6. Even before the race started I decided to keep an eye out for successful overtaking maneuvers. I didn’t see a single one, but that could have been for the unusually poor TV coverage.
      Its a pretty poor race when the only real action is in the pit-stop strategy
      Its time to say goodbye to Monaco. For many years we’ve all suspected it and this race cements the fact that F1 has outgrown it.

    7. It’s the same tyre-wear/clean-air problem only worse because Monaco is a track where the cars have to be very close to take advantage of an error to make a pass.

    8. Absolutely. Atrocious race. Some action around the pit stop, the rest was skippable.

      Glad they’ve ‘fixed’ F1..

  3. 6/10. It was your typical Monaco race. The pit stop period made this race OK.

    1. Stuart Brierley
      28th May 2017, 17:23

      That’s what makes a Monaco race. Pit stops, as on track overtaking is pretty much nill. But with no re fueling and the current tyre situation we don’t even get pit stop and therfore different strategies. Monaco can’t provide an exciting race with these rules. Ditch Monaco or change the rules drastically. 15 laps max for tyres?

      1. Ditch Monaco? Never going to happen. As crap as it is as a race, it’s still held to be the jewel in the crown for the F1 circus. It’s probably something like the Tower Of London: all F1 drivers would have to leave Monaco before it falls off the calendar. It will always be a boring race, excepting the occasional Senna-in-84 spectacle, and I guess that’s what keeps the faithfull, non-international-playthings watching.

  4. “Ah but the history!” “The heritage!” “Theres nothing like it!” “It’s a historical track!” Blah blah blah.
    Time to move on.

    1. +1 Monaco to me just feels like a race for the rich to show off pomp and wealth. Unless they can find a way to widen the track slightly I can’t see it being any different from here on, to me just feels like it’s lost relevance. Each year it just feels like modern F1 cars look more and more out of place on this track.

      1. Yes modern F1 cars look out of place in Monaco, the fault is with the cars not the track.

    2. Simon (@weeniebeenie)
      28th May 2017, 14:58

      It’s not a popular opinion apparently, and it’ll never happen for the reasons in your sarcasm lined quotes, but I would’ve canned Monaco years ago. Replace it with another street circuit if you want to keep one, but a better race track than this. This event is all about everything happening outside of the race.

    3. +1 this race needs to go now

    4. Maybe move it to january, the same time period as the rallye monte carlo. Would bring a good motorsport-crossover for fans, and have better weather for a bit more exciting races. Also, they need to fix the bump that cost us the overtaking spot after the tunnel.

      1. On a more serious note, when talking about the monaco event as a whole, one should not forget this is typically one of the best qualifyings of the year, and the onboards around the tabac/swimming pool were quite spectacular again this year. It is just the sunday race that tends to turn into a snoozer if no outside influence helps it. And even the races could be better if we gave drivers incentives to try something rather than to prefer safely finishing. While into St. Devote, Mirabeau, Loews, before the 2nd part of swimming pool, into Rascasse are all not “safe” overtaking places, trying something is doable (and has been done in the past). A points system with points for top 6 and a void-results-rule, and you could see them trying, and some succeeding.

        1. “the onboards around the tabac/swimming pool were quite spectacular again this year”

          Indeed, NBC were staying for whole laps with the ‘players’ and it was breathtaking,..didn’t see much of the same in the race.
          Gave it a 5, maybe Bernie’s sprinkling water on the track would make things less predictable.

        2. +1. It’s more of a qualifying spectacle than a race. And the drivers, understandably, love it. It’s one of the most extreme tests of driving talent there is. I’ve long said that motorsports is not a spectator sport (admittedly, only really understandable if you’ve spent any time as a competitor) and Monaco is the race that proves the point. But for a participant, it’s the best (not that I’ve ever participated at Monaco, I hasten to add).

    5. It does give us the best quali of the season

    6. Ah, but the history!

    7. Maybe this is a good candidate for a non-championship race. Let’s the people interested in the razzle dazzle get their kicks, though motorsport fans won’t bother catching it if it has no bearing on the championship.

      That said, the onboards were spectacular – every time they switched to that view, I felt myself push back in fear at the speeds being done in such close confines!

  5. Terrible circuit, no safe place to overtake. I get no pleasure from seeing crashed cars. I dislike this circuit despite the media hyping it up. It doesn’t suit these cars, and it provides a poor spectacle for F1 fans who want real racing.

    1. I agree. Although the first reason for this is the cars that make it impossible to overtake.

      1. @damon And still you find a way to blame the cars,…?

        1. @xtwl Of course. Why would I not if it’s them at fault just as well as the track?
          It was worse than last year, wasn’t it? Yes it was.

          Watch the F3000 race from 2000 with Alonso, Wilson, Webber, Bourdais etc.

          Those cars were as wide as today’s F1 cars with huuuge tyres, yet they were able to overtake in 4 or 5 different places around the track. Awesome.

          1. @damon, In that era, Formula 3000 cars broadly followed the technical regulations of Formula 1, albeit simplified significantly – so when Formula 1 reduced the maximum width of the cars in the late 1990’s, Formula 3000 also followed that route.

            That meant that the contemporary Lola chassis of the time had a wheel track that was about 1480mm at the front and 1410mm at the rear. The rear tyres at the time were about 380mm (slightly wider than a contemporary F1 tyre), whilst the front tyres were about 265mm (slightly narrower than a contemporary F1 tyre) – so the Formula 3000 cars in that video clip you have linked to were in fact just slightly under 1.8m in total width.

            That means that those cars were in fact narrower than the current F1 cars, whilst also having narrower tyres than they do today – so I am afraid that you are wrong on both counts.

      2. @damon I love Monaco but it’s undeniable it’s harder to overtake with these cars. There were 0 overtakes in Russia and in here, whilst there were the monegasque director showed none. Make the wings smaller in surface area.

      3. @damon, it is indeed the cars that are the problem, mostly its the tyre-wear in turbulent-air problem but the extra width is not helpful either, in the BUT WER incident the extra 40cm (16inch) combined width definitely contributed to WER believing that corner was “no place to overtake”.

    2. eta, gave it 1/10, shame there wasn’t a 0 option. Worst F1 race I’ve ever watched, despite the final result.

    3. i guess it’s time to add those sprinklers, like Bernie wanted :))

      1. Yes! Make it so..

  6. What a bore fest
    No overtaking

  7. 6, not quite a 7 for me. An amazing track that showed just how tough it is towards the end when the race started to come alive as well but the lack of overtakes and very slow start was disappointing.

    Also worth mentioning the excellent fast work by the marshals.

    1. What made it a 6, not a 5 or a 4 though for you? How was this race better than one you’d give a 4?
      I gave it a 2.

      1. @Damon Despite the lack of action for two thirds of the race the cars always look impressive at Monaco unlike wider tracks with run off where a race needs something more so that immediately makes it more interesting for me. Add in the incidents at the end and I enjoyed it overall but not as much as other races which I’ve rated higher recently.

        As for the number it’s just a comparison to other races and as long as there’s cars and drivers being pushed on decent tracks and something to discuss afterwards (overtakes, failures, good performances, crashes et) I’ll always rate reasonably high as that’s why I watch.

  8. 6. Some good stuff at the end.
    Ferrari played Raikkonen out of the picture, but nevertheless Vettel made some great laps when it mattered.

    1. If I am not wrong, it was Kimi who was asking for an early stop and then Ferrari called him in. I would have loved to see a Kimi victory, but credit must be given to Vettel for those blistering fast laps before boxing.

      1. I gave the credit. But they played Rai out. Vettel did his part brilliantly flying on track.

  9. 1/10
    1.Most boring race EVER unless it rains or they introduce Bernie’s sprinklers.
    2.Ferrari just can’t help them self and just let Kimi win when he deserved it on pace in just 6th race of the season.
    3.Remove this useless excuse for race track and excuse for rich snobs just to show them self on their boats and balconies.

    1. @dex022 Kimi did not deserve it on pace. Vettel was able to close up/pull away at will.

    2. number 2 just couldn’t be further from the truth.

    3. @dex022 I couldn’t agree more. Monaco has no place being a race for the F1 circuit. When the drivers get interviewed after the qualifying most are deflated knowing the race is going to suck due to very limited chances to overtake. Scrap it to the history books. Can’t stand to see these rich snobs flaunting their tax free haven wealth. BS. I gave it a 6 meaning it Sucked the big one.

  10. A straightforward race for the most part, but the SC period caused by the Button/Wehrlein incident made it a bit more interesting for the last 8-10 laps.

  11. Even by Monaco standards, awful.

  12. Typical Monaco raceday. Rated 4/10. Sans the late drama, it was more or less a snoozefest.

    1. Yes, me too.

  13. petebaldwin (@)
    28th May 2017, 14:42

    2/10 F1 race. 6/10 Monaco race.

    It really struggled to keep my attention because so little happened! The pit stops were interesting I suppose…

    1. petebaldwin (@)
      28th May 2017, 19:59

      Just realised I hadn’t actually voted – just left a comment. Unfortunately, it’s downgraded to a 1 because of the stupid penalties handed out to drivers attempting to race as this anti-racing track.

  14. No surprises at all. Dreadful, pointless procession. Some great drives VET, RIC, HAM worth a 3 rating. Otherwise a no score from me.

    Anachronistic so called, ‘Jewel in the Crown’. Unfortunately we’ll never see an end to this tax haven advertisement.

  15. Not the most exciting race ever. Pit stop time was entertaining but there was no chance of overtaking outside of that so there was maybe 5 minutes of real excitement.

  16. Just a 3 am afraid…..no overtakes during the race??? either the cars now are not suitable for this track….or the track is not suitable for these cars…

    1. @jop452 There was some overtaking, The awful local director just missed them (As usual).

      1. What was there overtakes!! That’s really awefull i gave an 1 because i didn’t saw any overtakes, i saw only trains driving around.
        It’s was really boring so boring most drivers missed turn 1 because they were falling asleep.

        If they continue with these cars there must be sprinklers systems in Monaco and Always turned on!!

        1. I gave an 1 to compensate the 10 giving … who did that has clearly no idea of racing.

  17. Adam (@rocketpanda)
    28th May 2017, 14:46

    5 from me.

    Pleased to see a Ferrari 1-2 but the race itself was rather dull. Monaco may be historical but the races are stunningly processional.

  18. Melbourne – Sochi – Barcelona – Monaco -> it’s clear the 2017 cars are fine for strategy battles, but not for real racing. Let’s hope it rains for the next 15 GP’s.

    1. There’s been plenty of ‘real racing’ this year & i’m really enjoying the racing this year.

      1. Yeah, where? 2016 was a battle bonanza compared to this season.

        1. 2016 was a show of DRS passes with guys in front usually on much slower tyres, due to the teams being allowed to choose different compounds. If that’s what you enjoy no problem, but this year has brought us real racing again, at least at the tracks that make it possible for these cars.

          1. +1.

            2017 is SO much better than 2014-2016.

      2. This year has been fantastic; Best it has been since 2010 imo. I’m also astounded at the amount of negative comments aimed at the lack of overtaking today. I’m sorry, but anyone who was expecting overtaking today is truly an idiot. This was always going to be a strategic battle and that is exactly what we got.

      3. petebaldwin (@)
        28th May 2017, 20:06

        @stefmeister – Yeah I agree. The tracks are so different that there is no perfect solution for them all.

        When DRS came in and was stronger, the races at tracks like Singapore, Valencia and so on got better because overtaking became a possibility. It ruined tracks like Canada and Spa though.

        Now DRS is weaker, Canada and Spa will be epic but others will be processional.

  19. 5/10, usual Monaco TV viewed race! Poor Kimi with the same look on his face on the podium as Daniel Ricciardo in 2016!

  20. 7/10 from me.

    I love Monaco, One of my favorite circuits & always one of my favorite races.

    Yes fine you don’t get much overtaking & all that but that isn’t what this race is about. Monaco is racing as racing used to be, A challenge for cars/drivers. There was a time when there wasn’t this more recent obsession with overtaking, wheel to wheel action & stuff…. Racing was designed to test cars, To test drivers & people used to find that in itself interesting & entertaining. Circuits never used to be designed with any consideration at all to overtaking, They were designed purely to be a challenge & that is a big part of what I love about this sport.

    1. “Monaco is racing as racing used to be, A challenge for cars/drivers. ”
      How is this kind of precession a full challenge for drivers? What racing “used to be”?!? Are you new to racing or what??

      It is a challenge for drivers when they have to tame hard-to-tame beasts (stht the modern F1 cars are not), and when they have to tame them under the pressure of the car behind them wanting to use any mistake of their’s to get next to them compromising their line through the corner, pushing them to brake as late as possible, despite the lack of grip and demanding handling of the car. THAT’s a challenge. And then you have to overtake the car ahead of yourself, fighting to squeeze yourself into a corner, braking later than what you thought was possible, kissing the walls on worn off tyres. THAT’s a challenge

      Just needing to drive the car arund the track is only 50% of the challenge car racing has to offer.

      1. Why are so many people on this site now so hung up on calling people who disagree with them new? @damon you could have literally clicked 3 times and seen his profile says he started following F1 in 1989.

        Why does everyone have to have the same idea of racing and what makes it exciting as you do?

      2. @damon, I agree with both you and @stefmeister, but you really hit the nail on head with your 2nd. paragraph, I hope @keithcollantine selects it for a well deserved and topically important COTD.

    2. I’ve switched channels and am currently watching the magnificent Autodromo Nazionale di Monza where a real nailbiter of a race is going to take place. The reason the last stage of the Giro d’Italia is going to be a spectacular affair, is because we don’t know who is going to come out on top. There a five riders with a reasonable chance of winning the Giro and after 3000 km of cycling it will be decided by seconds. That’s what makes an interesting sports match.

      Monaco, well F1 in 2017, has nothing of this. The championship will undoubtably be very close in a mathematical sense. But it will be decided by qualifying results and the timing of pit stops, not by drivers going mano a mano. I’m an engineer, I like the technical challenges in F1, I enjoy a clever strategy, but as a viewer I also want to be entertained. In the end, the races we remember are the heroic battles, not the clever strategies.

  21. Only about 8 laps were interesting during the safety car and pit window making it a 5 instead of a 4. Shame Kimi did not win which possibly would have made this better. Did Sky go mental about the Ferrari strategy calls between Seb and Kimi? C4 seemed to be calm

  22. machinesteve
    28th May 2017, 14:52

    I paid for Sky on NowTV and then switched back to Channel 4….good grief Sky commentary is truly dreadful. Dull flat tone and absolutely no excitement injected into the race whatsoever. I switched back to Sky at the end for the post race analysis….especially that of Ted who is always a delight. But Croft and Brundle are well out of tune with times…..two middle-aged blokes moaning about stuff. It’s like being at work!

  23. I was asking myself “when will the safety car leave” when I realized it had left 3 laps ago. Terrible race. Probably the most boring race I’ve seen in the last 20 years (bar Hungaroring)

  24. Scuderia-Racing-Or-Ping-Pong (@)
    28th May 2017, 14:53

    3/10. Seriously it’s going uphill and downhill every time!

  25. Gave it a 4, which I feel is generous and sentimental. Nice to see Ferrari get a 1-2 (Though would have preferred Raikkonen to win it.) Was also hoping to see Hamilton come charging through the field but this track just doesn’t allow exciting racing unfortunately, not that there’s much of that anywhere in F1 anymore… The result certainly should make the rest of the season more exciting though! Hamilton vs Vettel for 1st, Raikkonen vs Bottas for 3rd should be fun to watch unfold.

  26. gave it a one .
    cuz, l.hamilton finished in only P6 ( want hamilton to win )
    and also vettel won the race
    and also that button crashed

    1. Now all that needs to happen is Alonso DNF at Indy500 and my weekend can’t get any better.

      1. While i don’t like Alonso but wishing that he dnf in the Indy means that he could be serious hurt and i don’t ever wish to any driver.

    2. Face palm.

      1. Jimmie in LA (@)
        28th May 2017, 17:01

        Obviously baron is troll out to get goats.

  27. May as well make the race 3 hours long and turn it into a race of attrition as it’s effectively impossible to pass.

    1. @emu55 Well, it is actually a shorter race in race distance compared to the other races. I believe this is to get it to finish inside 2 hours. Therefore, if they just made the race last the fuill 300km as per the regulations for other races then it might just last 3 hours. Didn’t it last for 6 hours or so during the time of Fangio & Moss?

      1. @ijw1, no, it was closer to around 3 hours back in the 1950’s, whilst by the time that Moss retired in the early 1960’s it was closer to about 2h 45 minutes.

        Mind you, back in those days that was because they ran the race to a full race distance, which meant that they did 100 laps – they dropped that requirement back in 1968, when the race was shortened to 80 laps and just below two hours instead.

  28. Nope, nope, nope. Time of my life wasted.

  29. as usual, the qually in Monaco is a far better spectacle than the race. But this year, cars couldn’t even get close to an overtake, 1 sec behind was the best they could do. Gutted for Kimi and Max. Gave it a 3.

  30. Horribly boring. I understand that Monaco is more a marketing exercise than a race but one overtake can’t be considered acceptable under any circumstances.

  31. Simon (@weeniebeenie)
    28th May 2017, 15:01

    Monaco in the dry will always be the same. Positions change only in strategy/pit lane, only overtaking attempts are desperation moves that more often than not end in a crash. Without rain, this event will never produce a good race. It remains on the calender for everything but the actual race itself.

  32. 4 out of 10. Interesting at the pit stops but track action was dire and always is at Monaco. Only attempted overtakes ended in crashes.

  33. Gave it a 4 (that’s a 6 for Monaco).
    Highlights of the race:
    “What a beepbeep disaster.”
    “Is Wehrlein ok?”
    “Does it look comfortable?”

    1. Almost forgot:
      “I’m gonna pee in your seat.”
      It doesn’t matter how Alonso’s Indy adventure ends, but that was brilliant.

  34. Now off to INDIANAPOLIS boys and girls!! Let’s make this evening worthwile!
    For anybody who’s never watched it – you’ll see what racing is all about :))

    1. Crashes, cautions, Safety Cars and pure randomness?!

      1. Indy is rubbish year in year out. Will watch this one as predicting Alonsos Honda engine to blow up. Will make the perfect day after double DNF for McLaren and Ferrari 1 2.

        1. petebaldwin (@)
          28th May 2017, 20:55

          So which did you enjoy more? Indy 500 or Monaco?

        2. Will watch this one as predicting Alonsos Honda engine to blow up.


      2. Jimmie in LA (@)
        28th May 2017, 16:59

        You don’t know Indy

        1. I do know Indy. Just needs a lot of luck more so than any other form of racing. I suppose it needs to be judged in its own context as does Monaco. Watching right now and Monaco race today excited me far more

  35. I watch formula one for the last 20 years but Monaco is the most boring race in any category of motorsport purely decided on pits and traffic. IT IS SOOO BORING THAT I VOLUNTEERD TO HELP MY WIFE WITH LAUNDRY INSTEAD OF WATCHING THAT CRAP. I CALL MONACO GP A PARADE NOT A RACE. After ten laps I switched the channel and watched scooby doo with my kids since my wife did not want me to get all her whites pink. Lol Much more fun. This kind of racing if you can call it that will never be popular here in the USA. Thank God we got Alonso in Indianapolis 500 today.

    1. Aa I mentioned before Indy did not disappoint and Alonso was just brilliant. You can tell he was waiting for the last 15 laps. But as his luck has it the engine gave up on him. But at least he got a stand innovation from 300 000 spectators.

  36. Miltiadis (@miltosgreekfan)
    28th May 2017, 15:13

    6/10 Till lap 61 it was a pretty boring race,thankfully with some strategic gambles.After lap 61,the Monaco mayhem returned creating action in the midfiled.An usual Monaco race pretty much

  37. The biggest loser today was the new awards ceremony. Talk about sucking the life out one of the best ceremonies in sports. I’m sure the royals loved it, all the pomp and stuff, but it just underscored how out of touch F1 can be, the distance between the fans and the money/ruling elite.

  38. Was this race really so bad? So many 1s, just like many 10s in Spain, even though the only difference was an on-track pass for the lead (and Hamilton in the lead fight). Average Monaco race, still better than I expected after an uneventful start. 6/10 seems a fair score.

  39. Somehow I think if a certain other team finished 1-2 almost all rating would have been 5 or below..Actually paints a pretty clear picture of how many Ferrari/Vettel fans voted lol

  40. I feel sad for people that don’t understand the Monaco Grand Prix.

    1. John Toad (@)
      28th May 2017, 21:20

      I feel sad for people that think races like Monaco will attract new fans

  41. Ferrari 1 and 2. McLaren double DNF. Like watching cars at speed between the walls despite no possibility of overtaking. Clear 100 out of 10 but Merc again lucky safety car so 99 out of 10.

  42. I shouldn’t review Monaco, I have hated the circuit from the start, I guess its the race to go and see in person but on Tv its two hours of cars driving round not overtaking.
    Good on Kimi and Seb for the one two
    Button peeing the seat comment was the best part of the race.
    hated the podium and dumb ass Rossberg was the final switch off for me.

    1. @jackobite, I thought Rossberg did a good job, asked intelligent questions.

  43. I’ve been a pretty staunch supporter of the Monaco GP over the years, but I’ve gotten to the point now where I’d just as soon see it disappear. Never happen though.

  44. John Toad (@)
    28th May 2017, 15:46

    OK lets break down the score by category:
    Excitement = 0
    Interest = 1
    Racing = 0
    Scenery = 1
    Giving a grand score of 2
    Monaco has the unique ability to make the fastest and best handling cars on the planet look clumsy and awkward.
    This track is long past it’s sell-by date and it it was proposed today as a new track today the powers-that-be would still be laughing out loud.

    1. @ceevee, perhaps the “fastest and best handling cars on the planet” look clumsy and awkward because they are not racing on a track designed specifically for them to look good on.

  45. The race really started when Red Bull called Max into the pits.

    But after that, I am satisfied. We have a lot to discuss the next days.


  46. Lacked a bit of emotion but it wasn’t that bad, actually i missed some fights through the midfield that where not caught by race direction, same happen with the Wehrlein/Button incident (2 o 3 mins to replay the damn crash…). Felt sorry for Kimi but he just hadn’t the pace with SS, and for Checo because he was way too aggressive with his pink panther, he tried to pass madly.

    There are a couple of corners that need a reshape for this cars, that seems evident looking at the video from f3000 at 2000 there, the track looked cleaner, less start-stop, more flowing.

    1. Jimmie in LA (@)
      28th May 2017, 16:56

      I think Kimi had the pace, but after the team sold him out for second, he did his job and held up anyone charging.

  47. Pretty sorry race, and the people obviously talking and laughing during the minutes silence really got my goat.

    1. 1 minute silence was dumb. Should have rolled out an old V10 on a dyno and left it at full throttle for 2 minutes….much more fitting tribute.

    2. Not that it excuses them entirely, but commentators on German RTL mentioned that the minute came earlier than planned. Considering the messy podium ceremony, I wouldn’t put it beyond the Monaco organizers.

  48. When the C4F1 commentators spend 3 laps talking about the finer details of the pit boards and the staffing of them I think it’s safe to say the race was very dull. I agree the track should be dumped.

    On the brighter side tho….Canada next!

  49. A 3. It was a 1 before the first pit stops, but the fact that there were literally no overtakes and that only the two occasions in which someone tried it resulted in tears make this the most boring and lacklustre race in at least 5 years. The only reason I gave a 3 and not a 1 was the pressure both RB’s put on the cars in front and the awesome strategies in some cases.

  50. Andy (@andybantam)
    28th May 2017, 16:46

    Hard to see how you could rate a race with, as near as makes no difference, no overtaking, and a winner decided by, at worst, a team order and at best, cynical strategy, more than a one.

    Poor race. Let’s move on…

  51. Jimmie in LA (@)
    28th May 2017, 16:48

    Too many posts to read and see if anyone shares my opinion. But I do think Ferrari screwed Kimi out of a win. It just seems typical that they always favor their #1. And if you don’t know by now to let your leading driver stay out longer, in Monaco, when the pitstops start, then you don’t have a very good stratigist.

    I gave it a 4, if only for when the safety car deployed and bunched them up for the end. Kinda made it interesting.

  52. I thought it was a 5/6, voted a 7 because of the people who go full caps in the comments and HIGHLIGHT certain WORDS to make it seem like EVERYBODY CARES ABOUT THESE THINGS THE SAME WAY I DO SO I CAN PRESENT MY OPINION AS FACT.

    It was a typical Monaco affair but I thought the ending was pretty spicey, unlike 2011 where despite a late safety car/restart I knew nothing would happen, Ricciardo, Bottas and Verstappen are all drivers who have proven to be able to catch a sleeping competitor.

    I find it hilarious people are always complaining about Monaco and have the gall to use ‘commentators are explaining things’ as a reason why. How dreadful does that metric make the Le Mans 24h? Whenever the Indy 500 is on, commentators tend to explain a lot of things to new viewers too, that must mean the race is boring and I shouldn’t watch!

  53. I really enjoyed it. I did not expect, and do not need, overtakes to have a good race.
    But there was some real racing going on between the top five to either build a gap or reel in the car in front. Just have a look again at the Ricciardo laps when VER/BOT pitted. And then the nervousness after the SC.

    To me this was a lot better than Sochi

  54. When the cars are flat out its great when they saving this that and that it’s awful. The race would inevitably be more eventful if they were driving permanently on the limit.

  55. 2/10. no racing apart from 2 overtakes? I’m just not an [almost all] strategy person; so the thrill of watching timing and scoring/pit stop deltas with basically 0 on track battles makes for an extremely boring race IMO.

  56. Typical Monaco, so 5/10. Some tension during the pitstops and some craziness during the latter part, but otherwise nothing special. Minus one point for the TV director who seemed to miss the two (?) on-track overtakes and focused on cars driving on their own when there were some battles going on (Vettel is closing on Räikkönen! Let’s show Bottas driving alone for a few laps!).

  57. So boring. Watched the start, went off to make Sunday lunch for the family came back and halfway through the race nothing had happened. Incredibly dull. . Was so relieved to see Wehleirn climb out of the car safe.

    1. Had you forgot to switch the oven on?

  58. How can people keep on giving 6/7s to these bore fests. You just can not race behind these cars because of the aero. All season eveyone keeps getting all exited when a faster car catches the guy in front but it means nothing. There is no point in challenging, just settle back to 2 seconds behind and wait for the end! utter crap.
    And spending 2 hours watching teams wet nurse the engines and tyres to the end is not entertaining. Why not more mandatory pit stops so that they can hammer the tyres without loosing an advantage, that would mean more racing less tyre saving.

    1. Cooperpj, correct observation, incorrect conclusion, that would only result in a procession of pit stops and fast cars in slow traffic.

  59. It wasn’t a bad race, but the most interesting thing of the race was the strategic aspect. How long would the purple tire last and such things. It turned out that tire degradation wasn’t as negligible as predicted, so the teams felt they had to react to a possible undercut, while in truth it was better to stay out. Räikkönen got it wrong, Vettel and Ricciardo got it right. Sadly it’s impossible to overtake with these cars; in the early Pirelli era (2011-2013) that was at least remotely possible.

  60. I only watched race start… Booring as hell, I was in high hopes Kimi would win, but it seems Vettel is much faster in the race. Daniel Ric 3rd good to see.

    Watching Indy now, amazing Alonso running in. 5th, different than Button starting from the pits…

  61. You know it’s a dull race when they have to talk about pit boards for five minutes (C4 coverage). I know it’s a bit of a spectacle and has history, but it really is a track that shouldn’t be on the calendar in my opinion.

  62. Michael Brown (@)
    28th May 2017, 19:42

    We got the faster lap times we we’re promised, but for racing, the new aero regulations have been a disaster. It somehow made the Russian Grand Prix even worse, and I have to think back a few years when there were overtakes here in Monaco.

  63. I think every overtake ended with someone being out of the race. Overcutting and undercutting is boring and not racing.

  64. I gave this a 5 compared to Russia which I gave a 4. At least there was a bit of excitement here with the safety car towards the end.

    I remember the days when there used to be some overtaking at Monaco. The cars could not even get close to each other today. The new regulations have definitely done no favours for this race.

    This is really not a good example of competitive motorsport.

  65. I’ve noticed rather a lot of people giving this race a 1, probably down to the fact that Monaco is Monaco mixed in with rather childish Kimi Raikkonen fans accusing Ferrari of team orders.

    On the first point – It was never easy to overtake in F1 for a start and Monaco was never supposed to be easy to overtake. Yes, the regulations have made it harder to overtake, and Monaco might seem a bit outdated. That’s just the way it is.

    On the second point – I’m a Kimi Raikkonen fan, but Sebastian was just quicker than Kimi in the race. It’s as simple as that. Sky’s coverage was sensationalist and appalling from the start.

  66. Excellent racing, exciting passing moves, wheel to wheel action, some flashy crashes and a last lap fight for the victory! I give this race a 10!!!

    Oh right, I was watching the Indianapolis 500… IndyCar showed this weekend that at least one oval race can be more interesting then the Monaco borefest that has no reason to keep existing…

  67. Button’s quick chat with Alonso and the Ferrari 1-2 bumped it up to a 6.

  68. Duncan Snowden
    28th May 2017, 21:18

    I’ve been watching F1 for over 30 years. As I’ve said several times here, every era I can remember has been criticized as “boring”, “processional”, and not-as-good-as-some-other-series by someone or other, while I’ve always defended it. Just like a no-score draw in football, there’s usually some interest, tension, and competition to be found somewhere. But honestly, two of the dullest races I’ve ever seen anywhere have been in F1 in the last few months. Apart from two or three laps during the pitstops, that was painful. (Probably not helped by terrible TV direction, but then that’s part of the problem.)

    And I’ve just watched the Indy 500. The difference is night and day, folks. Night and day. While I’d never want F1 to become a spec. series like that, Chase Carey and Ross Brawn need to start banging some heads together, and quick. I defy any impartial observer who knows nothing about the tradition and history to correctly identify the “pinnacle of motorsport” from watching today’s two big races. What an absolute embarrassment.

    But look: there is history behind Monaco, and despite today’s race – and the unlikelihood of it ever improving much with today’s technology – I’d hate to see the back of it. Maybe it’s time for special one-off rules for the race? Indy has them, and so does Le Mans, so why not the third “leg” of the Triple Crown? It occurred to me today that two mandatory pitstops would have spiced things up, for example.

    1. John Toad (@)
      28th May 2017, 21:29

      If I remember rightly teams used to build special cars for Monaco, I’m talking pre-WW2 here.
      Perhaps F1 ought to relax the rules and allow completely different spec. cars for different circuits.

      1. Duncan Snowden
        29th May 2017, 17:05

        I’m not sure that would fit very well with all the cost-cutting that’s supposed to be going on, but different sporting rules would certainly be feasible. As another example, I wonder if it could be made safe for drivers who are trying to overtake to be allowed to cut the Nouvelle Chicane. It’s no more artificial than DRS. Arguably less so, since I don’t envisage anything like the 1-second-behind restrictions, just a relaxation of the track limits regulations for drivers trying to make a pass.

        1. I like that, they could make them smaller, have the driver sit up a bit more and cut it down to two wheels! no wait thats a bike :(

  69. Just about nothing happened in this race. Even the outcome of the pitstops was quite obvious except for the Bottas and Verstappen thing. I did not even see any tries with a reasonable chance of a take over.

    A 3/10 for me. Install sprinklers on this track, or just don’t come back with these wide cars. A race cannot live on heritage alone.

  70. If almost 60% of the 327 people who rated this race gave it a score of 5 and less…and we can assume these are keen F1 supporters(or they wouldn’t be registered)…..then the powers that be should be made aware of this statistic as its truly shocking….we need to see good racing at all tracks……and we need tracks capable of giving good racing, which Monaco will never be…more downforce, wider tyres equals almost no overtaking at this track…(so unless we use special tyres for this event..say half the current width)…racing has died at this track
    Please F1 take some notice

    Rant over

  71. If almost 60% of the 327 people who rated this race gave it a score of 5 and less…and we can assume these are keen F1 supporters(or they wouldn’t be registered)…..then the powers that be should be made aware of this statistic as its truly shocking….we need to see good racing at all tracks……and we need tracks capable of giving good racing, which Monaco will never be…more downforce, wider tyres equals almost no overtaking at this track…(so unless we use special tyres for this event..say half the current width)…racing has died at this track
    Please F1 take some notice

    Rant over

    1. Never going to happen – Monaco is driven by MONEY and you need lots of it for F1. So in this case the race is for the wealthy to show off how much they have…. and then some flows towards F1.

  72. Year after year Monaco is the most boring race of the season. Honestly, I don’t get why it keeps that senior status. I don’t watch races to see history, I watch them to see cars actually race and compete. For me Monaco could be removed of the season if you just value the race itself, not the special environment it obviously has.

    1. “I don’t get why it keeps that senior status” – MONEY!!! Rich people live in Monaco and like to show of their wealth at this race. That is it in a nutshell – pure and simple.

  73. 8/10 .Great to see a race in a place like Monaco, one of best places in the calendar.

    1. John Toad (@)
      28th May 2017, 23:40

      I think you’ve just committed an offence under the trades description act by calling that a race.

      1. Saurabh (@sksahukanker62)
        29th May 2017, 17:05

        you are right

  74. Not bad by Monaco standards. But I’m knocking a point off for every time I looked at the lap counter expecting it to be like 2 laps from the end from how long it felt like I’d been watching only to be disappointed there were more than 10 laps left so 5/10

  75. 5 for me. First half was boring but the second half was pretty disappointing. Disappointed for Kimi but happy for Seb!

    1. *Exciting

  76. I love F1 because there’s variety. There’s a bit of old school and a bit of the new. Monaco is never going to be a track for lots of overtaking; and lots of overtaking is not all that F1 is about. Monaco GP is older than F1 itself, and deserves its place on the calendar, where drivers need to be inch perfect and the barriers define the edge of the track.

    I know this is rate the race, but to have the top three split by less than 0.05 seconds in qualifying is incredible; Vandoorne pushing too hard and stuffing it in the barriers in qualifying, that’s the commitment I want to see, because its the drivers making the difference over a lap, not just the machinery. And it was good to see drivers actually push all race in Monaco, something we haven’t seen in years like in 2013 when they were lapping 5 seconds a lap slower than they could have done. There was a sprinkling of overtaking attempts, some crashes, some strategy played out and this Monaco GP compared to the last few years was great, so I gave it an 8.

    1. But that’s the thing, they aren’t going flat out. All this commenting about it being great to see ‘racing’ because they are all really tested and going flat out all race…

      They had about 5 laps around the pit stops where they were all flat out and then they were circling a couple of seconds off their ultimate pace for most of the race. Even DC commented on how they were driving with the wick turned down and plenty of margin.

      That’s why you didn’t really see a lot of people making real mistakes only silly clumsy brain fade ones possibly because they were bored, no longer engaged or frustrated.

  77. Gave it a solid 3. Below par race until safety car. Actually didn’t really improve much after that. Ferrari got what they wanted a 1-2 finish with Vettel in front ;)

  78. The formula is getting simple. Make your rating vote the number of passes in a race.

  79. I give this a 6, a fairly standard race by Monaco standards.
    Nice to see Ferrari win and the channel 4 commentary was good.
    I do however give the Indy 500 a 10 since it was edge of your seat right to the end.
    The commentary however isn’t good.

  80. hIghlight of the race was Fernando calling Jenson from Indy!

  81. I knew most people would call the race boring but I enjoyed it. Monaco has to be taken with a grain of salt. Watching the cars go round this track in itself is pretty awesome and we got lots of beautiful slowmo shots of the cars brushing the barriers on the limit. The pit stops were very exciting and resulted in quite a few position changes although It would have been nice to see some passing on the track. Loved the radio exchange with Button. You could tell he had no idea Alonso was going to call.

    Just to add I watched my first Indy 500 today and it definitely won’t be my last. I can understand Alonso’s decision… it was a lot more exciting than today’s race in Monaco!

  82. Wer’s car flipping on its side was honestly the highlight of this race…
    completely boring apart from that except for the ferrari soap opera

  83. I’ve think they should do something different at Monaco, as well as the race have a time trial or something. They could make a team time trial even. One guy does a standing start and a lap, as they cross the line the teammate starts from the pit lane and does a lap. Fastest win constructors points only. Wouldn’t affect WDC and we get to see team mates actually be team mates…..

    1. Duncan Snowden
      29th May 2017, 17:09

      That’s exactly the sort of thing I’m thinking of. :)

  84. Pretty standard Monaco. Boring and glamorous. So I’ll give 6.

    However it needs to be said ..

    Indy 500 is 500 miles better than Monaco

  85. Gave it a four – it was definitely worse than an average race, worse even than an average Monaco GP.

  86. Officer Honkengoose
    29th May 2017, 9:26

    I love all the people ‘oh, let’s get rid of Monaco’, but any time anybody there’s a threat to the flat, featureless wasteland of Silverstone (which rarely generates a decent race unless it’s wet), there’s an outcry.

    Yes, Monaco doesn’t generate overtaking (when has it ever), but it is a unique challenge – there is nowhere else like it.

    1. Yes I agree – Monaco is uniquely BORING. I also agree there is nowhere else as boring as Monaco.

  87. The Monaco GP should be scrapped – it is boring and the cars are too big for the track. No one ever overtakes because it is simply impossible. The only time drivers change positions is when a pit stop takes place or someone goes out of the race. BOOOOOORING. The only reason the race is held in Monaco is for the rich people. It’s more of a chance to show off how weathy you are than the actual race.

  88. The Monaco GP is simply an exercise on paper. If you can keep the car going for 78 laps then all you are doing is timing pit stops to gain an extra place or two. Boring.

  89. Gaurav Sahu (@gauravsahu-whimsical)
    29th May 2017, 16:08


  90. I have no idea why Monaco is still considered a race… cars are already arranged in a queue in which they are going to finish… super boring

  91. Saurabh (@sksahukanker62)
    29th May 2017, 17:00

    They should introduce a new rule next year for all the races, drivers trying to overtake will be disqualified…
    Most boring race. BAN MONACO. forever

  92. 6 for me. Procession as always at Monoco. But I’ll say that Button coming back and the weird wrecks with Wherlein and Ericsson, the Stroll “playstation” comment in FP, and Mercedes struggles made it a little more interesting.

  93. I thought the race was boring so only gave it a 3.

    I never have high expectations for a dry race in Monaco, it may have lots of history, be a big test for the drivers and be the most glamourous but the race is normally among the dullest of the year and just a high speed procession.

    The 2017 race wasn’t quite as predictable as expected, the pole sitter didn’t have a straight forward victory with Vettel getting past Raikkonen via strategy, we also had Ricciardo getting a podium using the same strategy and staying out longer during the pit stop phase.

    There were a couple of crashes later on with some drivers, Button and Perez, making some amateurish moves going for spaces which were always going to disappear.

    But even those deviations from the normal script were not enough to make the race enjoyable to watch for me.

    I know Ferrari have denied favouring Vettel with strategy but unless Raikkonen had to stop when he did then Ferrari definitely gave Vettel the better strategy

    If it had been another driver in second behind Raikkonen and Ferrari were fighting another team for the victory would they have pitted Raikkonen when they did knowing that with the 2017 tyres staying out longer to try the overcut is now a viable option especially when tyre degradation was so low this weekend.

    Ferrari would also have been able to see where Raikkonen would have re-joined the race, in traffic, which were guaranteed to hold him up even if they were lapped cars as there are fewer opportunities for them to get out of the way in Monaco.

    Even though Verstappen, just like Raikkonen, was unhappy at finishing behind his teammate due to the team’s strategy this was a case of the team not having much to lose and so choosing alternate strategies for their drivers to get the best overall team result.

    Red Bull told Verstappen to do the opposite to Bottas in terms of pitting knowing that it was the only realistic chance Verstappen had of getting ahead, Mercedes then had to respond on the next lap to cover Verstappen. This left the way open for Ricciardo, in clear air, to go longer and attempt to get past both of them, which is exactly what happened.

    The times when Mercedes have used team orders have arguably all been when they have been trying to maximise the overall result for the team, when one car has been slower and so was told to let the other through. In Monaco Ferrari were due to achieve a 1-2 finish anyway but even at this stage of the season have seemingly already decided that they are putting everything into Vettel’s title bid at the expense of Raikkonen.

    It will be interesting if Mercedes now decide to do the same and request Bottas to move aside even if he is quicker than Hamilton.

    It was mentioned in commentary that the TV footage is controlled by a local director and I don’t think they did that good a job, for example in qualifying there were a few times when they focused on a warm up lap rather than a fast lap. Also in my opinion for the TV viewers the area where Monaco can be the best is the on board footage, with how close they are to the barriers watching on board footage around Monaco is normally the highlight of the weekend but there was hardly any during the race.

  94. Gave it a 5. A typical Monaco procession. A few battles (mainly strategic) kept some interest, but nothing worth more than the average mark.

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