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Cardboard Red Bull RB8

This four-year-old Japanese boy got a very special present this week – his very own Red Bull RB8, made for him out of cardboard by his mother.

Add your caption to the picture using the comments below and look out for a selection of the best in tomorrow’s Comment of the Day in the daily round-up.

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167 comments on “Caption Competition 7: Cardboard Red Bull RB8”

  1. Box, Box!

    1. very Clever

    2. Don’t know what your laughing at son I had to sell the house to buy you that “I’m a living in a box , I’m a living in cardboard box”

    3. Best by far.

  2. How to get outside ?

  3. There was confusion in the media room as news came through that Red Bull Racing had folded.

    1. hahaha Nice!

    2. LMAO. Best one!

  4. Adrian Newey takes origami to a whole new level

    1. My favourite so far, very funny!

  5. Redbull’s new package is proving to be cutting edge.

  6. Pass me the scissors im going to make a z-duct !!!

  7. He’s smiling now, but if you try to take pictures of the back of the car, he’ll set his dog on you.

  8. Rumor has it the newly revealed RB8 was not the real thing yet.

  9. Red Bull Racing have announced their next up and coming talent to join the Red Bull young driver development program.

    1. lol, we both said the same thing at the same time!

      1. That is soooooooooooooooo freaky! LOL
        Great minds think alike :)

    2. Why not, The Finger is already there, they only have to work on the rest now.

  10. Red Bull goes one step further with their young drivers program.

  11. World’s fastest four-year old

  12. Helmut Marko: “If Sebastian damages his car, we’ll fi it with parts from Mark’s car. If Mark damages his car, we’ll fly in new parts from Japan.”

    1. Correction:

      Helmut Marko: “If Sebastian damages his car, we’ll fix it with parts from Mark’s car. If Mark damages his car, we’ll fly in new parts from Japan.”

    2. a clever one! like it!

  13. An anime depiction of the 2012 Formula One season has been announced…

    1. You know, an actual decent depiction with original characters would be quite cool.

      1. True that. Heard of Capeta?

        1. @plutoniumhunter Woah, can’t say I have. Thanks a ton! I’m currently trying to scrounge up some ideas for a future project of mine (being a programmer and all), so this is perfect!

          1. No problem, my pleasure =D Good luck on your project!

      2. Back in the seventies there was also Arrow Emblem Grand Prix no Taka with Niki Lauda as one of the main characters.

        1. Wow, that’s old! I faintly remember reading about it on Wikipedia though.

  14. Maybe I need to practice in the Ariel Atom first?

    1. Can I have a drive at Red Bull now?

      1. If this doesn’t lead to an F1 drive I will not be happy.

        1. The 2012 Japanese Grand Prix will be broadcast live from my house.

  15. Red bulls new upgrade has left every team wondering which direction to go next. Paper or plastic?

  16. Rob Smedley: Felipe baby, you know what I’m going to say now, right?
    Felipe Massa: Don’t even dare…

    In other (half-related) news, it would appear that Adrian Newey was right to be worried about the performance of this year’s championship contender…

  17. Message over the radio – “The Finger, box this lap, confirm, box this lap”

  18. *not going to enter just yet, but lol at the finger XD *

  19. Boy to mom: “now that’s what im talking about!!”

    1. OmarR-Pepper (@)
      27th February 2012, 14:31


  20. My engine has cut out!

    1. ⇧ This ⇧

  21. It’s probabbly faster than the real thing.

  22. Frankly, kid, the choice between inters or wets is something of a moot point.

  23. Red Bull rb8 unveiled to the public in the back of an office corner

  24. Adrian Newey admits being slightly concerned over the crash tests after designing the lightest f1 car ever

  25. Red Bull Racing currently looking for morbidly obese racing driver to reach minimum car weight of 640kg.

  26. HRT may have copied some of the bigger teams design concepts

    1. OmarR-Pepper (@)
      27th February 2012, 14:32

      @chris Or probably HRT should hire this mom, for better results

  27. Lotus signed wooden Raikonnen, so Red Bull signed cardboard (mini-)Kobayashi

  28. Red Bull remain silent over rumours they didn’t notice the small-print in their latest sponsorship deal with UPS packaging.

  29. Candence Braking
    25th February 2012, 11:37

    After leaked photos are released Charlie Whiting is to investigate irregularities in the RBR testing program.

  30. In 2012, Red Bull Racing have taken the flexing bodywork debate to a whole new level……

  31. A spy shot of the HRT F112. It turns out they have a new sponsor for 2012 as well.

  32. The real Pokemon shows Seb the ‘one finger’ salute!

  33. Can’t think of an original caption, but the significant graining on the front tyres could be an issue this season.

  34. Red Bull Racing today unveiled the results of the new RRA.

  35. Cardboard Copying the RB8: Kid (7) confirmed Assistant Designer at Ferrari, “fits within our designing philosophy seamlessly”

  36. Candence Braking
    25th February 2012, 11:53

    If you pull my finger your`ll hear my V8.

    1. Love it.

  37. Ferrari went to extreem measures to copy the latest Red Bull

  38. Webber’s new team mate is even younger than his last one.

  39. ‘Aggressive’ Origami

  40. Neweys EBD (Efficient Box Deign)

    1. Sorry typo (design)

  41. NO Ferrari..
    Painting you car in RedBull livery will NOT make it go faster..

    1. Though it looks as though they have made a good choice in replacing massa

  42. Vettel, please short shift 2nd and 3rd. Your BOX is over heating!!!

  43. To hell with humor; there’s something very moving about this.

    1. True–he’s got one super-amazing mom!

  44. A-Safieldin (@)
    25th February 2012, 12:11

    This just in racing design genius Adrian Newey was fired a midst a new “spy scandal”

  45. Red Bull are renowned for their excellent packaging.

  46. Sebastian Vettel, 2012

    25th February 2012, 12:16

    Red Bull reveal car that failed safety test.

  48. Turns out Vettel also scored in the Japanese Grand Prix after his famous win in Monza.

  49. Young driver programs were really getting out of hand…

  50. “Thanks Mother, but we need to work on our wet weather set up!”

  51. Helmut Marko: You can’t make the cut and just your mum can is not enough to get a seat at RBR

  52. It’s official, gaffa tape really is Formula 1’s favourite quick fix.

  53. Still more competitive than HRT.

  54. Hey Mum – check out the size of this bogey!

    1. Haha, yes! If you’re watching in HD, you’ll see that Vettel’s still saying that. His mum never told him his head would cave in.

  55. Rumour has it that Red Bull are sandbagging


  57. Secret testing of finger operated DRS begins!

  58. After growing suspicions, Sebastian Vettel and Jessica Michibata (ex-girlfriend of Jenson Button) have finally had their first child.

  59. CARTON-fibre chassis on PAPERelly tyres!

  60. “Mum, I’ve got a problem with the engine, it won’t start!”

  61. After a string of displeasing testing times, Helmut Marko announces Daniel Ricciardo’s replacement

  62. This is the second chassis, following unfortunate events in the wind tunnel…

  63. “Kamui, WATCH THIS!!”

  64. RB8 is quick straight out of the box!

  65. “This front wing looks a bit flexible o_O”

  66. Teams such as Red Bull have been experimenting with this season’s tyres and how to make the best of the undercut.

  67. is it just me… or has the platypus nose brought back the box-like look and feel from the 70’s?

  68. Suspicions that Webber’s car is not quite up to par with Vettel’s may be true.

  69. The Red Bull academy, young drivers program… Giving you the Vettel’s of tomorrow.

  70. This entire pay driver situation has gotten completely out of hand!

  71. This cadboard version of the RB8 actually went faster than the HRT

  72. Winning in a Red Bull gives the winner a severe case of Sebastian Vettelitis. One major symptom of this illness has the patient thrust their pointer finger skyward uncontrollably.

  73. Since the outlawing of customer cars, Torro Rosso’s efforts had always lacked a certain something

  74. My mother is cooler than yours.

  75. “In our cost cutting efforts, we’ve begun using alternative materials in our 1/3 scale wind tunnel tests.”

  76. “I only asked for a can of energy drink, mum…”

    1. FlyingLobster27
      25th February 2012, 17:16


  77. Adrian newey’s new thinking is outside the box……..

  78. “When I grow up, I wanna be just like Daniel Ric-card-o!”

  79. Red Bull once again suffers from heavy blisters on the front tyres.

  80. “Next on Blue Peter…”

  81. Adrian Neweys only comment was

    ‘we wanted to use leggo but unfortunatly Ferrari had purchased the entire world supply’

  82. A new Vettel had been discovered. He has the same “finger”.

  83. With the FIA making the regulations ever tighter Adrian Newey comes up with new concept.

  84. Designed by Adrian Gluey.

  85. On paper, the Redbull looks good…

  86. Red bull took cost cutting measures to a whole new level

  87. Box,box!

  88. Redbull gives you Wii n Gs

  89. Candence Braking
    25th February 2012, 20:12

    Mum, this is brilliant but I like Ferrari Know, Red,red,red,red…….

  90. Kobayashis have high expectations for son.

  91. Candence Braking
    25th February 2012, 20:40

    In the voice of Stewie from Family Guy….” Ha Ha It may be carboard but I have the finger”

  92. And so if I just stick this last bit on… Perfect, looks like a Red Bull, crumples like an HRT.

  93. Is the rra going to far?

  94. Red Bull shows her full support on the pay-per view model.

  95. According to team principal Christian Horner the new RB8 incorporated some completely out of the box ideas that will make the competition feel boxed-in.

    1. According to team principal Christian Horner the new RB8 incorporated some completely out of the box ideas that will make the competition feel boxed-in.

      Damn, i need an edit button.

  96. Oh no – RAIN!

    1. FlyingLobster27
      25th February 2012, 23:32

      Nice too.

  97. The latest Red Bull Academy member has adapted to the Red Bull star’s winning gesture.

  98. RRA, the extreme version.

  99. Mike Coughlan’s protege revealed to be Japanese lady with child.

  100. Kobayashi says he will answer the question re making the move to Red Bull after a good nights sleep.

  101. Mum asked Uncle Adrian to make me a paper plane…

  102. “Embarrassing gaff as Red Bull’s latest young driver holds up the wrong finger to everyone else.”

  103. Adrain Newey has clawed back so much downforce despite the ban of Exhaust Blown Diffusers he can now make the car out of anything.

  104. Red Bull’s latest R&D step (Recycling and Deforestation) falls outside the resource restriction agreement.

  105. Webber fears his RB8 was the brainchild of Marko… ;)

  106. Looks older than Vettel.

  107. Verne & Ricciardo whining about losing their Red Bull seat.

  108. That’s very impressive.
    Have a look at this model of the RB7.
    The detail is amazing:

  109. Newey: It looked good on paper.

  110. Or

    It looked good on paper but had trouble passing the FIA crash test.

  111. The RB8 was put together by duct tape and glue this year and the tyres won’t last in wet conditions!

  112. Aahh, me Sebastian Vetter in mu Led Burr.

  113. Has the FIA’s resource restrictions agreement finally gone one step too far!

  114. That’s really creepy,. ;[}

  115. Best mother in the world this happy kid has, at least for me it would be.. oh my good amazing!

  116. Adrian Newey and Red Bull are confident that the RB8 is the complete package(ing).

  117. Ferrari has just hired my Mom!

  118. Typical! Buy them a toy and all they do is play with he box.

  119. kenneth Ntulume
    27th February 2012, 10:59

    Red-Bull! “thinking outside the box”

  120. Eduardo Malheiros
    27th February 2012, 12:41

    “Damn mom, what’s with the ugly nose? Did you ran out of boxes?”

  121. go go Vetter!

  122. Red Bull goes ‘Green’ using only recycled materials!

  123. All I need now is my Frank Sidebottom papier-mache helmet and I’m good to go.

  124. vinny meredith
    8th March 2012, 4:35

    could you make me one more so I can race someone.

  125. Kejie samples the wind speed, pondering yet another rear wing failure.

  126. ronald plain
    11th March 2012, 6:04

    Hey Hami, i be faster than you.. ha ha

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