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Rate the race: 2014 Singapore Grand Prix

2014 Singapore Grand Prix

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Fernando Alonso, Ferrari, Singapore, 2014What did you think of today’s race? Share your verdict on the Singapore Grand Prix.

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2014 Singapore Grand Prix

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146 comments on “Rate the race: 2014 Singapore Grand Prix”

  1. Quite a dull race imo.

    I’m not one of those fans who only enjoy a race when there is a battle for the lead, but there wasn’t alot of action or drama throughout the race… Even for a street circuit.

    On the other hand we have an even more exciting championship battle on our hands!

    1. Sad the ROS retirement…It just ruined the race !
      7/10 only because the last 3 laps. exciting closing on the mid-field.

    2. I must have seen a different race, there was some strategy, a safety car (100% SC at this venue), some good passes (without DRS), a few track limit penalties, some retirements, and some great battles for points.

      Not sure what else you could want?

      1. None of which is actual racing… unless you’re being sarcastic ?

        1. Battles for points and passes are not racing? What is it you want, qualifying all weekend? The rest are also important parts of racing, especially strategy.

    3. +1

      Agree… bit dull… we lost the one chance of some action…. it had a few moments but mostly pretty dull

    4. Quite so @brawngp, I gave it a generous 5, based more on how it affects the WDC and the last 15 minutes having some interest, before that I would have rated it lower in the less than satisfactory area.

    5. Have to agree – the top ten qualifing was almost 2 by 2 which would indicate the teams have found their level for the year, Mercedes first red bull second, bit of a fit between Williams and Ferrari then McLean and Force India. The the race with only Rosberg able to fight with Hamilton for the win having a technical fault just before the race killed off any real doubt about the winner. Plus by the end of the race drivers where going so slowly just holding on (granted Bottas failed to do so) so no real overtaking at the end either (Hamilton with new tires and a much faster car was always going to walk past a struggling Vettel). Race I think was probably ruined by the break down and the safety car

  2. First half a 4, second half an 8. Alonso not getting a penalty when he should have and Rosberg’s DNF ruined the start but the conveniently timed safety car made the second half of the race a cracker.

    1. Yeah, it avereraged an average 6 for me. With Rosberg gone there just wasn’t any real challenge for Hamilton, altough Alonso did get our hearts going a bit and surely made Mercedes nervous to for a bit.
      The SC did enough to at least get a decent last 3rd, but it really shouldn’t have lasted as long as it did.

      1. I found this lengthy safety car really annoying. It saved Vettel’s race but we got no battle in the end for 2, 3 and 4th. Things would have been different, more like Bottas maybe.

        1. @spoutnik

          Without the safety car staying out way too long, a lot of drivers may have come in for another stop. That would’ve put Vettel on faster tires and Hamilton on slower tires.

          Just saying.

      2. Agree with that@craig-o, @bascb, and then the fight for 2nd didn’t really get going either, Ferrari seemed unable to really make the SS work, but at least they seem to have found some general pace.
        Did Love to see Perez get result after Sutil squish, and glad for Vergne too.

        1. I think you mean Ferrari couldn’t get the soft tyre working, the car was alive with the red strip super soft, even Martin Brundle commented on it.

    2. I don’t see how Alonso warranted a penalty?! He immediately gave back any position he may have gained by doing what he did.

      1. He relinquished the position to Vettel, however Vettel and Ricciardo were side by side when Alonso went off track. Had he remained within track limits, he also would have been behind Ricciardo.

        1. What David said.

          It’s the fact that Alonso didn’t even attempt to make the corner which is what got me miffed more than anything. He clearly was not fully ahead of both Red Bulls before the corner, and came out in front of both.

          1. I can see your perspective, but given how harsh the stewards were today (in my view) on many of the drivers, either they had a legitimate reason not to penalise Alonso (i.e. they believe giving the position to Vettel sufficed) or it is effectively being suggested stewards are biased in favour of Alonso and turn a blind eye to his misdemeanors.

          2. I think Alan Jones may have been on the strewards panel and he constantly voices his opinion that the racers should be left to race amongst themselves, he also is a great Ricciardo fan so forget pro Alonso byas. I think Alonso should have been ordered to give RIC his place back. RIC is Alonsos closest rival so letting Vettel go to avoid a penalty was quite smart.

        2. Instead of arguing over this issue, just accept what stewards have done, after all they are experts. If they had penalized him then you will be again saying Stewards are too harsh.
          There is reason why you are not a steward.

          1. So nobody can be criticised unless you do the same job as them?

  3. Exciting Race? In Singapore?
    GOTTA LOVE F1 2014!
    Well not so exciting, but the second half was intense. Kudos to Perez, and shame to Alonso.
    This is madness.

    1. It hasn’t produced any exciting race, perhaps even worse than Valencia. Crofty was happy though, not to professional of his, but in the end it’s all even now, the losers have no excuses now, well less excuses.

      1. +1 Like Monaco, it’s not really a racing track. A lot of peripheral glitz, but the circuit just isn’t conducive to racing action, the only excitement comes from crashes and inevitable safety cars. Okay, there’s the skill of avoiding the walls, but when you compare to the amount of racing we’ve seen this year on more open circuits, I think Monaco-like circuit is more than enough. Certainly F1 shouldn’t be thinking of adding more, but since when has Ecclestone followed any logic other than money in his pocket…

        1. The “skill of avoiding the walls” should be the automatic reason not to “[exceed] track limits.”

        2. For me, the shame is more the fact that so many seats are positioned in the 16-19 turn complex. Without that, an easy fix would be to follow Raffles Avenue all the way to the current turn 20. This would create more passing and make the track less tedious.

          All in all, I gave this a 6. If the boring bits were in the latter half instead of the first, I would have fallen asleep in my chair. The fun at the end kept me awake and a happy fan.

        3. I don’t blame street circuits I like them, but I don’t like the Pirelli SS/S combination that Pirelli needs to assign to street roads, the SS does grip but it loses performance very dramatically, in the end the tyre differential provides some overtaking but it’s not enjoyable, it resembles DRS in that aspect, with the difference that the careful monitoring and the time specifics of pit stop are the only triggers for overtaking.
          Tracks where less pit stops where in need provided more battles rather than just unavoidable passes. To makes matters worse these 2014 spec compound the differences between cars, it’s not like the car that’s running slower is saving tyres it’s the opposite, the metal band tyres of 2013 has this “racing” quality among many deficiencies, a gimmick nonetheless.

      2. @peartree I agree that the circuit is not for racing, but today I saw a lot of action compared to the previous Singapore GPs. “Enraged” action by Perez, Nose-tail driving for laps that became pretty tense between Rai-Bot-Ver, tense strategies for the lead of the race, which almost cost Hamilton the race and his subsequent overtake on Vettel, maybe it was the best Singapore GP since 2010.

        1. I don’t think anyone truly believed that Hamilton would not win the race. The pass itself was a formality. Sadly Rosberg’s problem killed any chance we had of a great race. Vet, Ric, Alo could have made it a good race but it never really got going. Tense, yes but ultimately forgettable. I gave it a 6.

    2. F1 2014 is such a great formula, I don’t know what it is, I think it’s the stewards allowing people to race, that must be one of the best decisions the FIA have ever made.

  4. 5/10
    One of the least interesting races of this year, although the way Lewis drove after SC was amazing. Dotw for sure :)

  5. 6/10. Pretty dull race. Some tension with Hamilton after the SC and great changes of positions in the final laps but not a great deal to get excited about apart from Hamilton getting back on top

    1. +1 (Although I missed the first 15 mins so can’t comment on that)

      Great for the championship though :) (As a Lewis fan)

  6. 3/10. Anti-climactic, no battle for the lead, no major drama, and no drivers that stood out. Also, poor stewarding not giving Sutil a drive-through for what he did.

    1. And the safety car was out for far too long, as was Button’s abandoned car.

      1. Yes, the double yellows at 14 reduced the passing opportunities at the end. Looked like it could be dragged back behind the armco without too much trouble.

    2. Although I agree it was pretty clear Hamilton would win, even with the inoportune safety car, and with the stewarding, it was quite enough drama. Maybe not for the lead, but there clearly was drama: Rosberg not being able to start from the grid was already dramatic. I mostly enjoyed Vergne doing the time-attack at the end to keep his points. Voted it a 6.

      1. For me, there was indeed drama @gicu, but not so much excitement

  7. 6/10 – SC and strategy made it interesting as well as VETs and RICs defensive driving. The rest wasn’t that interesting

  8. Should be a 6.5:/

  9. 6/10. Not the race I was expecting. As soon as Rosberg hit problems, that was it. It’d have been incredible had Nico stayed on track with a healthy car. But Lewis got it easy, except for the last bit, which ended up being easy anyway.

    Appart from the battle for 7th (and Verge having a Super Saiyan “I’ve just found talent” moment), it was quite dull.

  10. First three quarters about 3, last quarter 8, works out to be about 4.5 ish. Voted 4 because SC was ridiculous.

    1. @philereid a 15+ minute safety car for what should have been taken care of in 5 :( And then you had the nonsense with the backmarkers.

      1. I’d rather they take the extra time getting the backmarkers out the way rather than having them get in the way of the lead cars & kill good racing battles as they often used to.

        1. Waiting until the last possible moment and requiring them to move to the front and drive all the way around the track at a reduced pace is the problem.

          And seriously, if the lead driver laps another under green flag conditions then how is that any different for the second driver as compared to passing after the SC comes in? It’s not. SC gives advantage to everyone who was behind and removes ALL advantages from those in front. Kind of silly.

          1. And seriously, if the lead driver laps another under green flag conditions then how is that any different for the second driver as compared to passing after the SC comes in?

            Because often the lapped car would completely screw up the restart.

            I remember one year at Melbourne where there was a lapped car between Alonso in 1st & whoever was 2nd & the lapped car was so slow on the restart through the final few corners that Alonso was 7 seconds ahead before they had even got the start line for the restart & over 10 seconds ahead by the end of sector 1.

            Lapped cars getting in the way on restarts is nothing but a bad thing & thats why most categories now get them out the way for restarts.

        2. Just shuffle them out of the way. Maybe it would be easier to just call them in once they are lapped to avoid all the later hassle.

          race itself … well, the highlights show isn’t going to be very long. maybe 4 or 5 for the race, -2 for the bumbling around with safety car.

  11. Formula Indonesia (@)
    21st September 2014, 15:08

    Superb entertaiment in the Qualifying, what happen in the race??? lap 61/61 is really good however. But that was 1 out of 61

    1. @f1indofans

      Regrettably there was no 61/61, so I can see why it was “really good” :D

      (Timed race.. 60/61)

      1. Formula Indonesia (@)
        21st September 2014, 15:15

        I was meant 60, thanks for correct me :)

        1. No, you were right, lap 61 was just as good as the rest.

  12. That was highly entertaining, although it was a great shame about Rosberg.

    Long live Singapore, F1’s toughest race! We need more two hour races in Formula 1…

    1. @willwood, the sublety of your sarcasm is masterful.

      1. @hohum Actually, I’m quite serious. I think the challenge of Singapore is fantastic.

  13. 6/10 – first half bad, second half good (not great), one of the weaker races this season

  14. 4/10

    It might have been more interesting if the drivers made the decisions. Vettel and Hamilton both wanted different strategies but were overruled by someone else telling them what to do. At the least we would have had two quick drivers trying to drive through the field.

    1. Yeah, and they finishes 1-2. Sounds like the guy on the pit wall was right.

      1. @repete86 I don’t believe I said the drivers were right. I said it would’ve made for a better race. Now, they may very well have finished 1-2 if they both came in when they wanted to, anyway, considering how everyone else was handling towards the end.

  15. 9! Comment from the race track! That was damn good race but with a lack of overtaking but nevertheless, it was unbelievably unenjoyable, especially where else but Singapore! The atmosphere here and fans are amazing. Feel for Vettel, Rosberg and Alonso. But what an experience!

    1. As long as the people at the track enjoy it then the race was a success in my opinion. How loud were the cars? I imagine they were a lot louder than at Silverstone, where you’re 150-200m from the open track.

  16. “Hamilton and Rosberg set for their closest fight yet”
    Oh yeah this is going to be great! I must watch this!!!

    Well, it didn’t quite go according to plan. This race was so boring!

  17. First 80% of the race was 1/10, the last 20% 9/10, so I’ll give it 3/10 overall.

  18. 3/10. Dull dull dull

    DRS has to go.

  19. 3/10
    First half was a 1/10 as literally nothing happened
    Second half a 5/10 but still was anticlimactic and certainly wasn’t worth the wait.

  20. DRS along with the tyres made the end so depressing as you just know Lewis was going to easily breeze past Vettel as soon as he got there.

    I just hate it when a pass for the lead is made so easy with DRS/Tyres that its not worth even getting hyped up about :(

  21. Hamilton’s hair was the best part of the GP.

    1. Oh another good thing was hat today all conspiracy theories are out of discussion.

      1. I’ll start one cuz I’m bored !

        Mercedes intentionally broke Nico’s car since all the previous conspiracy theorists caught on to Nico’s “off” at the previous race, in order to let Hamilton win. :P

        See? It’s really not that hard to come up with nonsense.

  22. 3 points, boring race, nothing interesting.

  23. First half a little uneventful, but the second half made it all worth watching. I give it a 7/10.

    Has a little whiff of Hockenheim 2008 about it – Hamilton winning never looked in doubt but the safety car meant he had to work for it. My main criticism would be that ludicrous safety car period. >15 mins for a broken front wing is appalling. That lapped car rule needs to be chucked out. The race had to be shortened so that Chilton & co. could regain a lap. Stupid, stupid, stupid.

  24. The first lap was spectacular, but then things really started to fizzle out. For the most part (with the rare exception of a precious few choice moves in the midfield) all the cars were too far apart for any true battles for position to materialize, especially near the front. The tactical/strategy battles weren’t too entertaining. Safety Car didn’t re-invigorate the race by much, in my opinion, as the drivers soon eased apart once more without much drama. While the final mix-up between Vettel and Hamilton, not to mention Vergne’s eleventh-hour save, did give a welcome burst of energy, it was a matter of too little, too late. I gave it a 4.

  25. If the safety car didn’t let all the backmarkers unlap themselves we would have not had a timed race.

    1. Add another vote against the ‘lucky dog’ style of safety car un-lapping. Those laps that saved the tyres and the lack of the final lap interfered too much for my taste.

    2. Martin Brundle always complains of this, and I’m inclined to agree with him. Maybe he should be responsible for all of the rules from now on…

  26. 6.5/10. Most boring race of the whole year, but still better than the whole of last season.

  27. Feel for Rosberg. Deep down, he probably knows that the Championship is gone from him.

  28. 5/10 – Lowest I’ve given a race in a looong time. So boring. We’ve been spoiled with all the action so far this year.
    I’ll be voting for JEV DOTW just for puting a spark of entertainment in the race!

  29. I think half the problem was the big difference between tyres & the higher (Compared to rest of the year) tyre deg so we were back to the early 2013 levels of drivers cruising to manage tyres most of the time.

    Yes the High-deg made the last few laps interesting but with races where the tyres are like that you get no real action for most of the race with only stuff happening at the end when some drivers tyres start to fall off the cliff.

  30. 6/10 Great charge from HAM after the SC, eventful but effective drives from Perez and Vergne.

  31. I’ve voted a 6/10 this year for races that I felt had more potential, but ultimately didn’t deliver. This time out, however, I always felt the top 4 after SC was going to go to the end, and it did. This track is simply uninteresting and frankly, the lenght of it is the only reason there’s any challenge. If it wasn’t for Suzuka and Interlagos, the last part of the season does really have the poorest tracks and often, races..

    1. I voted a 5/10 here. Might have wanted to point that out!

  32. After the best Q session of the season we got the most boring race of the season. Not the SC or Vergne could make it a real race to remember. Once more it shows how much pace the Merc really has compared to others. For a moment I thought Vettel might be a challenger in Suzuka but that idea is gone now. In fact I now wish the SC had not come out, then I wouldn’t have wasted that much time watching this boring race.

    It was kinda like a movie in which the plot really develops at halftime and even then still dissapoints.

    Also the championship is now a bit more ruined. HAM always was the faster of the two so it was worth pondering on whether he could close the gap, now however…

  33. voted 5. Which is low compared to other races this year, but on long-term it´s quite normal and average… the middle between 5 and 10 ^^

  34. Formula Indonesia (@)
    21st September 2014, 15:21

    Probably the first lap and the last lap are the highlights of the race, other than that Nothing.

  35. 6. It was dull in the beginning because ROS got a DNF, but the safety car made it very interesting. Especially to see if HAM will be able to overtake VET. Too bad ALO didn’t try to overtake RIC.

  36. Kinda dull… maybe a 5?

  37. Firts part it was boring. After the safety car was a good race.

  38. 4/10.
    Feel somewhat anti-climactic – was looking forward to a big scrap between Rosberg and Hamilton and again didn’t get it. Hamilton really not under threat at all from anyone.
    Battles in the mid-field were nice but felt like it was constantly threatening to be exciting but never quite reached it. Great news for the championship to keep it tense but wasn’t a terribly exciting race.

  39. Gave it an 8 for the excitement after the Safety Car. Stunning driving by Hamilton to generate almost a pit-stop in about 20 laps! This kind racing makes you understand why Ecclestone wants his “fake rain” and the other ridiculous ideas. I don’t support him – much better when it happens for real, I just understand.

    Great finish by Vergne too.

    And it couldn’t have been better for the Championship! Basically all-square with 6 races worth of points up for grabs :)

    1. I sincerely hope the fake rain and other ‘Hunger Games’ gimmicks do not happen.

      1. @anilsk2013 I know! Like my post said, I don’t support it, but you can’t deny that races get more interesting when something unpredictable* happens. I’d just prefer it if they were just that – unpredictable!!

        * You can argue that a safety car at Singapore is predictable, but the timing is unpredictable. Most of the time!

  40. 6/10. The first half was nothing special, mainly thanks to Rosberg retiring. The SC spiced things up, because it allowed the Red Bulls to go to the end with a two stop. The last few laps were a bit crazy, they were lapping two or three seconds slower than the start of the race, but it was fun to see Vettel, Ricciardo and Alonso battle for 2nd place, even if it was very difficult to overtake.
    I have to say that the SC period was way too long. It was just some debris, why did it take so long?

  41. Just a comment on the length of the Safety Car.

    Remember that there was a lot of tiny shards scattered all over the track so there was a lot of sweeping to do to ensure the track was completely clean.

  42. I think it was a pretty cool race for singapore, but could be 15 laps shorter as it’s too long. Moment of the race had to be JEV suddenly deciding to drive like it was his last ever race and I’m happy to see Hamilton take the lead again. No idea what Sutil was thinking this race, maybe he didn’t take water into his car with him like he did in other races as he clearly wasn’t concentrating. pretty solid 7, couldn’t drop to a 6.

  43. 4/10 Just below average.

    -Prospect of a battle for the lead was ruined by Mercedes reliability once again.
    -Felt that DRS has totally eradicated the purpose of defensive driving. I’m not one that usually cheers for Vettel but it was boring the see Hamilton just cruse past him with the DRS and literally nothing Vettel could do, goes to show that sometimes a leading overtake isn’t always what F1 fans want to see.
    -The track itself is awful and the novelty of it being the only F1 night race has now gone with Bahrain and Abu Dhabi also doing the same things. Its had its chance time to find a better circuit.

    -The tension to see if Hamilton could pull out a gap.
    -The last 5 laps with Vergne and Perez charging up the field saved it from being a 2/10.

  44. 4/10

    Boring race. Thought safety car would mix things up a bit, but it really didn’t. Very few overtakes in the top 10, and the ones that happened took place in the last few laps and were down to massive tire advantage.

  45. Worst race in a while, and I have previously enjoyed this two-hour endurance race. Rosberg’s non-start ruined the race pretty much. Then it was just cars going round with at least three second gaps for 30 laps, a competition caution, and repeat. The safety car ruined some of the strategies, and Mercedes’ pace ruined the excitement for the lead. And once again, it was impossible to overtake without a huge difference in the tyres.


  46. Tough to rate this race: the only real on-track overtake I saw in the first half was Vergne on Kvyat and that was it. The strategies weren’t looking too interesting as well, standard 3-stop except for Button, Perez and potentially Gutierrez.

    The safety car really shook things up: the drivers on the options got a massive disadvantage, so most drivers on options pitted for better tyres, while all drivers on primes decided to take a risk and try to make it to the end. It provided some entertainment for the second half, but in general the battle for the first five positions was never really on, which was a shame.

    Behind there, it was chaos. Massa and Bottas tried to survive on the showbizz tyres, Button and Raikkonen tried to capitalise and Vergne and Perez DRS’ed their way through the field on newer tyres. It’s not what F1 is supposed to look like in my opinion.

    So yeah, not very memorable. Still, I love this track and enjoy watching cars on it. 7/10 from me.

  47. Great start, great end, and perhaps a bit boring in the middle.

    It was just right.

  48. That battle for the lead between Lewis/Seb at the end would have been so much better without DRS.

    Go back Pre-DRS (And High-Deg Pirelli’s) & I’d have been proper excited about the prospect of seeing 2 of the best drivers in F1 fighting for the win with a few laps left, Yet today there was little point as it was blatantly obvious the tyre advantage on-top of the DRS would result in an easy pass.

    It would have been so much more exciting had Lewis really had to fight for the overtake by good race-craft & a bit of late braking or something rather than just getting there, opening DRS & then just going easily past.

  49. It contained some of the most entertaining 10-minute spells of the season, but the first hour and 20 minutes was incredibly dull. Gave it a 6/10.

  50. 10 to 15 laps were intesresting (3 first laps and last 10-12ish). Good battles, the championship is back on course, some good eye catching drives (PER and VER) and at last a good result for VET. But… Not a great race by any measure. The SC was so long (I really believe this rule of allowing slower teams to unlap themselves is dumb. I’d actually think it less dumb for them to slip back and get advantage of one less lap in hte tyres) that I almost dozed off.

  51. Can’t rate it.
    Fell a sleep for 45 minuts, didn’t even new there was a safetey car until i read it here.

    1. I guess you should rate it pretty low then :)

      Not that I would agree, gave it a 7

    2. Why on earth would you sit down to watch an F1 race and then come onto website for F1 fans telling us you fell asleep?

      You are clearly not an F1 fan, possibly just a sports browser who flicks between sports channels or just a simple herd follower.

      Or you worked the night shift last night?

      If you’re not into F1 – don’t watch it and certainly don’t let us all know you don’t like F1. Ultimately I really don’t care – but this particular post just grates. Pathetic.

      1. Been following / watching it since 1984 , just fell a sleep. Although i do think F1 has seriously gone down hill since 2009. Ps. If I wasn’t a fan I probably would have rated it.

      2. I can sympathise with jdd. I have been following F1 since 1982; that makes for many, many races. Most of that time was in the Pacific Coast time zone and anyone who has to wake up at 5am on a Sunday is going to sleep thru at least part of a race once in a while.

      3. I fell asleep during India 2012. It happens sometimes. Some races are boring to some people.

  52. it was a good race a bit boring in the middle and a little disappointed red bull didnt have the pace to challenge for the lead so a solid 8/10 from me

  53. Nope. I had to try very hard not to fall asleep in the beginning and I did regret not taking a nap by the end.


  54. Despite his dominance, Lewis was by no means certain to win……the strategy involved was excellent….kept me rivetted….and what was Verne on….8 out of 10

    1. I completely agree with you. Laps 38-53 were time that anyone of the top 5 could have won the race and there were many possibilities. HAM really drove well and built that 24+ sec cushion to give himself a chance to win. I rate this race highly 8+.

  55. Lewis, Perez and JEV were simply sublime today!

  56. the first half of the race wasn’t really exciting. caught myself almost falling asleep for a second, so i turned down the volume and started commentating myself (i tend to do such things when i’m bored). after the safety car it became much more interesting and the last few laps were greally great to watch. the battle for 6th especially. it’s a shame there were no overtakes for the first 5 positions (except for pit stop passes).

    all in all, a 7/10 for me, may even be a 6/10.

    great drives from alonso, vergne, perez and ericsson. (the latter for beating both marussias and giving a stricken rosberg a good fight)

    1. That’s actually a pretty cool strategy. I think I’ll try that myself if I’m too bored or tired! Though, I guess it would have to be when I’m home alone or my wife and kids would think I’m crazy 😀

      1. Rope them in as your co-commentator, pit lane reporter and steward. Sounds like a great family bonding activity!

  57. Not a good race… Retirement of ROS spoiled the race. No battle for lead, way easy pass over VET by HAM… VER (don’t know what he was on though) and PER were good. Really thought ALO would challenge at end. Only positive’s that the WDC is open once again.

  58. 8/10
    I don’t know why but I enjoyed it. Perhaps more for what could have happened than what actually happened but I was watching very carefully this time. It was an eventful race even if only for Rosberg’s troubles. We didn’t get to see his potential for a single lap but Hamilton didn’t run away, Vettel held off Ricciardo, strategies mixed up and the Safety Car made the end very good. Perhaps the battle I was most sad not to see was Vettel-Ricciardo-Alonso at the end, while at the same time Bottas’ defensive driving kept me enthrilled. It seemed like something was happening all the time, so an eight is deserved in my opinion.

  59. 4/10 booooring

  60. I give it a 7. Really feel for ROS. Good result HAM. RIC still in c’ship hunt. This could get interesting.

  61. Not a very good race overall, so I gave 6.

    However, it was quite typical Singapore race, first stint has been boring in most outings. Towards the end there are always few drivers who have much fresher tyres than the others and are making crazy charges just like Vergne today.

  62. I gave it a 8. Yes, the final 20laps gave the best real racing. Nico’s DNF added to the drama of the drivers championship and put pressure on Lewis to capitalise on the opportunity.
    Now we have 6 drivers mathematically in the hunt with 5 races left, the Singapore race has left us in good stead for an interesting end of season.

  63. There was a few minutes of fun near the end when JEV made some impressive moves, but other than that, SEB and RIC were the only real entertainment.

  64. Matt (@hamiltonfan1705)
    21st September 2014, 19:30

    Great race! One of the best of the season!

  65. Terrible race. Even the drivers on the podium looked bored.

    Just watched the highlights, and even they were too long. The formation lap was more exciting than all of the rest of the race put together.

  66. 3/10 for me. Dreadfully dull overall.

  67. Ok, just to chime in with my thoughts. I was watching the race, seated at the Padang straight. Incidentally, also the exact spot where Perez’s wing decided to disintegrate. For the people who were saying the safety car period, was too long, I have to say it was required. Lots of bits of carbon fibre was spread all over, and the marshals stationed there did the best they could. Got some videos taken, going to figure out how to get them on Youtube and will post the links here.

    As for fan experience, the Singapore GP is one that caters to ensure even casual fans are entertained, so in terms of making the race a success, in terms of ensuring that tickets are sold, the organisers are the tops. After all, which race can boast a after race concert for each race day? :)

  68. I truly enjoyed the race, but cannot give it more than a 6 out of 10.
    Thanks to Vergne and Perez (and 1x Hamilton) there was some overtaking at the end, but how disappointing to see drivers like Raikkonen and Alonso stuck behind cars and not even trying to overtake. One Monaco during the season is enough.
    And then the safety car staying out way too long (I actually went away and did something else). It cannot take more than 1 lap to remove the little debris. This then took a lot of potential action out of the race. We could (and should) have had issues with tyre wear and fuel consumption at the end if the SC period was shorter.
    And a 60kph and long pit straight!! pit stops take way too long (almost 30sec net loss). We would have seen more late pit stops and overtaking if the pit stop loss would be less.

  69. Couldn’t the backmarkers just drive through the pitlane to make this annoying process quicker?

  70. I gave it a 9 because it was good to see SVettle in the mix, I think Alonso got lucky just having to give up just one spot as he clearly would of not stayed ahead of DanielR if the stayed on the track due to having to lock up to do so…. It broke my heart ot see NicoR sitting there on the start grid….. Buttons was unlucky with a DNF it seems if he is doing OK something happens … Glad to Masa and Kimi somewhat in contention …. there just might be some hope that either Filipe or Kimi can win a race this year…. GO NICO ….

  71. Forgot to comment on the race? track. It might be a great time for the attendees but as far as racing this track is just a dismal excuse for a real race track, by its very nature it makes for a train ride for most of the cars and drivers. Unless your car is extra fast you probably will not pass anyone and if you do running off the track is very possible as witnessed by the several penalties for cross over the white line… Monaco of the east does not get it for me.

  72. I rated 6, it was interesting.

  73. Well, If that was a “7”, then we are happy with very little. We are happy to see a few passes on cars with dead tyres.

  74. 5/10

    Going to prove to be an interesting chapter in this years championship story but like Monaco, even under thus years regulations just doesn’t provide entertaining racing.

    Sure there were overtakes, but watch them back. They aren’t intense when to wheel battles, it’s just drivers with nothing to lose aiming their car at a gap and hoping for the best which is why you didn’t see experienced drivers doing much on track passing.

    Kimi sat behind Bottas waiting for his tyres to go off because the championship points were too valuable to jeopardise. Vergne on the other hand, with everything to prove made some some very brave passes, passes that may have gone very wrong against certain drivers on the grid.

  75. It was ok, I guess. Not something close to previous races but it had a couple of battles, a good finish and some interesting strategies. It also gave more drama to what is a great championship battle. I was expecting more action for the lead though, especially after a fantastic qualifying session.

  76. 6/10 for me.
    That long safety car got a little boring and then letting the back markers through and waiting for them takes too long.
    Why don’t they tell back markers to feed into the pit lane as the train goes past the pit entry? They will feed in, in order, and emerge behind the train.
    Then they can go at the end of that one lap?
    Right? am I missing something? ( I must be as the powers that be are smarter than me!)

    1. Brundle always says the same. From a technical standpoint they wouldn’t be unlapping themselves, they’d be letting themselves be lapped by the other cars.

      I’m guessing with standing restarts next year it won’t matter, they’ll just form up in their current grid position.

  77. Horrible race. Always boring. Singapore is an awful circuit, especially for TV viewers. The organizers try to compensate the lack of scenery with “pyrotechnical” effects (lights and fireworks). I hope FIA cancel it very soon.

  78. I’m a bit confused by many of the comments here. They’re claiming to be fans of racing, but don’t seem to actually know what racing is. Instead, if there’s not loads of overtaking they call it boring.

    If you have two cars the spend the whole race 4s from each other, that’s the closest racing you can get – matching each other lap after lap. Far from having it easy, the lead car has to perfectly predict how quickly to use up his tyres, how much risk to take on each corner, when the chaser is going to attach, etc. The chaser has to stay out of the dirty air, while still nailing lap after lap, plan the right moment to attack, maybe take a risk on strategy. Watching two cars trade sector times lap after lap is fascinating to me, especially when the two cars/drivers have different characteristics. But no overtaking? Must be boring.

    Yesterday I watched Vettel and Hamilton have a close battle. They might have been no-where near each other on track, but every tenth between them each lap would count towards the final positions. Yes, in the end it turned out the Hamilton took the place comfortably, but we didn’t always know that. It was a genuine joy watching Hamilton pull out over 3s a lap to begin with, full in the knowledge that this was burning through his tyres quicker. Had he got the pace right? Would the tyres last? How wide can Vettel make his car? Hamilton made that move look easy, but it was easy because he’d done the hard work earlier. THAT is racing, not this infantile obsession with overtaking.

    1. Here’s the thing, @fluxsource; this track does not allow overtaking, plus the safety car made short work of any driver not stopping afterwards having any realistic chance of improving position. While cars following each other closely is exciting in most cases, Singapore is a track that simply creates problems for attacking drivers in these circumstances.

      After the very lengthy safety car, I might as well have put on a race in 2003 or so. 2003 is a prime example of exciting racing with little overtaking; but strategy mattered much more back then, to the point it sometimes was the only overtaking you’d see.

      But with the track not allowing overtaking outside of the DRS zones or HUGE differences in tyre life, plus Vettel, Ricciardo and Alonso not stopping again, from my experience I knew there was never going to be any difference in position in the top 5 come the final part of the race. It reminded me of the races in the refuelling era when there was one dominant driver all weekend, he made an extra stop and people thought the guy inheriting the lead on older tyres would be able to hold off a storming Schumacher/Hakkinen/Raikkonen/Montoya/Alonso despite the latter having everything in his favor.

      Monza last year didn’t have that much overtaking, but there was a lot of close racing, so I liked the race, but mainly because there was the possibility of people overtaking or people getting their strategy wrong in the end. While Button’s car expired and Bottas ran out of tyres, we have Felipe Massa saying he drove like a grandmother, but was well in front of Bottas and Raikkonen when Bottas went off.

      Frankly, looking at the laptimes, the tyre life, there was no question for me Hamilton could stop any time he wanted, overtake whomever got in front of him and win, because I’ve seen it a dozen times before. That is why I found the race boring, not because of statistics.

  79. I gave the race a “4”

    the live feed was HORRIBLE !!

    very little wheel to wheel action shown BUT lots of bit stops????

  80. I rated the race a 6.

    Maybe we have been spoilt with the quality of races we have had this season but overall it didn’t seem that good with most of the action coming at the end and that was only because some cars were on fresh rubber and some were struggling with old tyres.

    Rosberg’s car problems meant we didn’t get to see an on track battle between the two Mercedes drivers, but it does mean the championship battle is effectively reset now.

    I was surprised that Alonso was told to give back more places at the start after cutting the corner.

    Also I thought Mercedes had made a mistake with their strategy for Hamilton firstly by not changing to softs at the same time as the Red Bulls and then not pitting during the safety car like Alonso did, but the pace of the car meant Hamilton managed to pull a big enough gap before his final stop to still be in position to take the victory.

  81. Looks like around 6.44.

    That’d be surprisingly low. Or I made a mistake during the calculations which is entirely possible.

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