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2016 Monaco Grand Prix

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Which F1 driver was the best performer during the Monaco Grand Prix weekend?

Vote for who impressed you the most during the last race weekend.

Qualifying and race results summary

DriverStartedFinishedRace changeLap 1 changeHighest positionLowest positionGap to team mate*
Lewis Hamilton31+2013-93.29
Nico Rosberg27-502793.29
Sebastian Vettel4400411
Kimi Raikkonen11+11011
Felipe Massa1410+4+1613-53.776
Valtteri Bottas1011-1+171653.776
Daniel Ricciardo12-1012
Max Verstappen22+2920
Nico Hulkenberg56-104979.174
Sergio Perez73+40310-79.174
Kevin Magnussen16+11421
Jolyon Palmer18+11617
Daniil Kvyat8-142022
Carlos Sainz Jnr68-20310
Marcus Ericsson17+11418
Felipe Nasr2101321
Fernando Alonso95+4+1311Not on same lap
Jenson Button139+4+1918Not on same lap
Pascal Wehrlein2013+7+11119Not on same lap
Rio Haryanto1915+4+11319Not on same lap
Romain Grosjean1514+1+11319Not on same lap
Esteban Gutierrez12120+1412Not on same lap

Vote for your driver of the weekend

Which driver do you think did the best job this weekend?

Cast your vote below and explain your choice in the comments.

Who was the best driver of the 2016 Monaco Grand Prix weekend?

  • Esteban Gutierrez (0%)
  • Romain Grosjean (0%)
  • Rio Haryanto (0%)
  • Pascal Wehrlein (0%)
  • Jenson Button (0%)
  • Fernando Alonso (5%)
  • Felipe Nasr (0%)
  • Marcus Ericsson (0%)
  • Carlos Sainz Jnr (0%)
  • Daniil Kvyat (0%)
  • Jolyon Palmer (0%)
  • Kevin Magnussen (0%)
  • Sergio Perez (23%)
  • Nico Hulkenberg (0%)
  • Max Verstappen (1%)
  • Daniel Ricciardo (50%)
  • Valtteri Bottas (0%)
  • Felipe Massa (0%)
  • Kimi Raikkonen (0%)
  • Sebastian Vettel (1%)
  • Nico Rosberg (0%)
  • Lewis Hamilton (20%)

Total Voters: 692

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203 comments on “Vote for your 2016 Monaco Grand Prix Driver of the Weekend”

  1. Great drive from Hamilton

    1. Rosberg let him past
      Ricciardo let him past ?
      Hardly outstanding

      1. If you’re daft enough to believe that quality, ultra competitive drivers like Nico or Daniel would let anyone past, then you’ve got some special issues.

        1. Did you watch the grand prix? Nico got team orders to let Lewis past and it was the pit crew mistake at redbull that ‘let him past’ by their mistake.

          There is really no need to make such an obnoxious comment accusing another member of having ‘special issues’

        2. @medman
          Oh, really? Because letting Lewis past was exactly what Nico did. He pulled to the left and went off the throttle on the climb enabling Lewis to overtake him without having to fight the slightest bit. ‘Special issues’ or not, that’s exactly what happened, and it was a deliberate decision for the benefit of the team.

          Ricciardo is a whole different case. His crew screwed up his pit stop badly, so that Hamilton was able to slip through. That definitely wasn’t a deliberate move, but it gifted Hamilton the lead.

        3. @mike

          Thanks for the support lads ,

          I do have special issues , look at my avatar , that’s really me !

          But I’m not daft :)

          Some of my multiple personalities want to cuss you, some agree , so you sit back and I’ll fight this out between my-selves :)

          1. Greg your avatar looks as though she has been down on everything but the offense!!

        4. The Blade Runner (@)
          31st May 2016, 10:23


          Be honest, Lewis got lucky!

          In fairness he was due some luck after recent events but you’ve got to feel for Ricciardo. I felt strongly that Red Bull favoured Verstappen over him in Spain, costing Danny the race, but he was clearly robbed on Sunday.

      2. @greg-c
        After holding him up for how long?
        Would you try and pass rosberg in the wet? You never know what rosberg would do… especially in the wet, AT MONACO!

        AFAIK; this race shined a light on rosberg’s dirty little secret… the man has no balls…

        1. @cm-cm

          … Would you expect Rosberg to just let his main championship rival through willy nilly?

          Rosberg acted incredibly maturely by letting him through. Something you have to remember, he isn’t required to do. He would have been well within his rights to hold his place.

          1. I just wonder, is there anything Rosberg can do that would make you happy?

        2. @cm-cm nonsense. His car setup was a mess, it has nothing to do with ‘balls’.

      3. Right– Getting 31 laps out of a set of full wets with a drying track, and then *47* laps on the new ultra-soft tires… that’s easy. Especially when you’re being chased by Ricciardo, who is no slouch at passing.

        Numerous VSC’s helped Hamilton, sure, but still– you’re seriously underrating the difficulty of what Hamilton pulled off.

        Doesn’t take anything away from Ricciardo who put in a stellar qualifying lap in Q3, and truly did get shafted out of a win by his team (although it could be argued that Hamilton staying on his wets as long as he did was partially to blame for the Red Bull chaos)– but Hamilton drove an epic race.

        Hard to pick a driver of the weekend between the two. They both drove spectacular races.

        1. +1

        2. Yes (@come-on-kubica)
          30th May 2016, 10:29

          And a ton of other drivers did the same stinit length or even more with the Ultra Soft and without the benefit of clean air.

        3. its not easy, but it is the same for all drivers, and this track is know as a one stop track with very little degradation, even in practice drivers would doing that length on ultra soft.

        4. I agree. I based my decision on Ham’s little mistake after the tunnel, I think the decision not to penalize HAm is right even if it wasn’t the most glamorous piece of driving.

      4. MG421982 (@)
        30th May 2016, 6:27


        If Rosberg loses the champ, and I really hope he won’t, well… we can say that the team handed the champ to HAM in Monaco. I don’t buy this “team” reason, the positions should be gained on merit, not because the team ordered one of the drivers to give up his position. I thought the main champ still is the WDC, not the WCC, but it looks like it’s not the case anymore. And when you think that the WCC did not even exist until 1958.

        1. Martijn (@)
          30th May 2016, 9:58

          I don’t think there is a single team that values WDC over WCC. That’s just us, the viewers

          1. @mayrton The money is on the constructors but the pride and publicity is square on the drivers. Everyone knows Hakkinen won in 1999. Does anyone care that 1999 manufacturers champion wasn’t McLaren-Mercedes?

        2. I tend to agree, just because the WDC is firmly a fight between the two Merc drivers and there is no one that looks set to challenge Merc for the WCC.

          Lewis had a great race though, but no one can deny he was really lucky on this one.

        3. Rosberg took way too long to let Ham through.
          The team should’ve started getting worried when the gap between Ros and Ric grew to 4 secs.
          At 6 secs the team should’ve instructed Ros to move over.
          Waiting until the gap was 13 secs was just plain suicidal, unless of course if victory wasn’t the team primary focus.

        4. If Rosberg loses the champ, and I really hope he won’t, well… we can say that the team handed the champ to HAM in Monaco. I don’t buy this “team” reason

          That’s ridiculous.

          F1 is a team sport, and Merc need to consider the WCC as well as the WDC.

          ROS was slow as hell. Any team on the grid would have ordered that swap. They had already lost 12 seconds to RIC, and a few more laps would have given him a pitstop in hand, not even Red Bull’s blunder would have won it for them then!

        5. @corrado-dub sorry but in the end of the day both Rosberg and Lewis are Mercedes employees, lost victories means lost points which obviously they can’t afford, it was the right call IMO, Rosberg was limping and was handing the victory to Redbull, in fact he was clearly told to make some effort in term of pace and he failed to do so.

      5. Nico was clearly off the pace, he was 13 sec behind Ric already by the 10th lap (race was started on 7th) so it was a nobrainer decision from the team to let Lewis pass…

        1. ou don’t know what contracts the drivers have in regard to team orders…
          I think the only reason Mercedes gave the position to Hamilton was because Rosberg had a car problem with brakes, if their wasn’t a mechanical issue, I don’t think they would have swapped them and Hamilton would have had to wait till pit stops, and they would have changed his strategy to suit, ie pit him early. in a rain race with safety cars, 13 seconds by 10th lap isn’t much if you have a Mercedes car.

          1. There was no mechanical issue with Rosbergs car he just couldn’t drive at Ric/Ham’s pace

      6. Lets agree on Mercedes and Red Bull let him pass.

      7. Hamilton bad quali Got pole.
        Ricciardo Good Quali loss Pole?

        Hamilton held under race by Rosberg until team reacted to Rosberg (bad car?) Loss 13 sec
        Ricciardo screwed by own team lost leader position.

        I like doing a summary before i call verdict. Ricciardo drive was good, Hamilton drive was better. All in all i give it to Hamilton.

        The pop voters should have given it to Hamilton too beacuse the main thing EVERYBODY has been sayning is that the Mercedes is the superior car and detracted that from everything Hamilton/Rosberg achieve.
        Going by the Pop voter summary Ricciardo drive has even less merit then i think simply because this weekend Redbull/Torro rosso had the better car therefore it cannot
        be the driver.

        That conclusion is not my own just the one i think the forum shoud have had going by Pop voter reasoning.

        What is is what is.

  2. Daniel Ricciardo.

    1. Honourable mentions to Hamilton, Perez and Alonso.

      1. Sviatoslav (@)
        30th May 2016, 10:13

        Why Perez? Because he reached 3d place thanks to the team’s tactic? He lost to his team mate in qualifying and had no chance to get in front of him. But the team decided otherwise.

        1. You are questioning an honorable mention to Perez, not even a vote for driver of the weekend, really?
          Let me tell you that hulk choose tactics first because he was driving on front, and it was Checo’s call, not the team’s decision. He drove superbly and kept Vettel behind, I mean he was third driving a FI, is this not enough to get an honorable mention for you?

        2. Salty, anyone?

    2. Ricciardo indeed. He did everything perfectly. He owned the field, and he’d have won by miles if it wasn’t for that pit stop blunder.

      Even losing 10 seconds in the pits, had him come out right alongside Hamilton, which shows how fast he was in that in-lap.

      Red Bull are usually razor-sharp with strategies, they’ve missed an open goal with Dani here. Last race it was a tough call, and he had difficulties moving on from that. I wonder how this one will affect him: it’s not everyday that a win at Monaco is presented at you like this.

    3. +1 Clearly. What a superb showing. Looks to the best driver in F1 at the moment. Should have had 2 straight wins now.

  3. Daniel Ricciardo. Didn’t put a foot wrong all weekend. Unreal speed on Saturday and superb control on Sunday, only to be let down by the team.

  4. Has to be Dan. Didn’t put a foot wrong all weekend. Just wish I could say the same for the rest of the team.

    1. indeed, he was very fast both on Saturday as well as on Sunday. More than this, in the race, after the pitstop blunder, he kept calm enough to finish the race in second, while being the more mature driver and avoiding an accident with Lewis who kind of made a risky move to close the gap, like Rosberg did in Spain. To me, the move that Lewis made should have been punished with a 5 sec penalty, as he didn’t leave any room while Dan was almost half-way alongside.

  5. Adam (@rocketpanda)
    29th May 2016, 23:24

    Ricciardo. No other choice for me.

    Though Perez and Alonso were heroes. Perez specifically deserves another shot at a frontrunning team.

    1. Perez certainly had an excellent race but as you say it was DanR who made no mistakes all weekend, took pole and would have won but for the cluster…. of the century.

      1. @hohum
        ‘would have won but for the cluster…. of the century’

        Eh, hardly a historic screw-up. It lost him the race, but as far as heart-breaking screw-ups go, I’ve seen much worse than that.

  6. Lewis Hamilton for being the only driver brave enough to make the call to go straight from full wets to slicks. I really wanted to vote for Pérez, Alonso, or Ricciardo but Hamilton was top class

    1. Michael (@freelittlebirds)
      29th May 2016, 23:55

      If he made the call – there should be no vote allowed this week! As phenomenal as Riccardo was this weekend and how gut wrenching P2 is, that call deserves everyone’s respect.

      1. @freelittlebirds He said in an interview with Sky that the team initially wanted him to pit for inters but he told them he wanted to stay out. The team then supported that call.

        At around 1:30

        1. Michael (@freelittlebirds)
          30th May 2016, 0:18

          @blockwall2 thanks for sharing! that call deserves RESPECT especially being made from a driver – I have not seen a better call in F1. The fact that he did at Monaco from P3 in the rain, yeah, it’s one for the books! He won this race, period! Mercedes made a bad call that would have allowed Ricciardo to come in front but Red Bull equalized it.

          1. ColdFly F1 (@)
            30th May 2016, 4:05

            every driver (you don’t even need to capitalise it) determines when to move from wet/inters/slicks!
            They all deserve respect!

          2. No, not period. He’s driving a car prepared by others and benefited by the team asking Rosberg to let him through.

            His team won the race as much as he did.

        2. The team came out with inters for Lewis, and then took them back in the garage– which kind of supports the idea that the team and driver were debating strategy. Last year, the team should have (imho) overruled Lewis, and told him to stay out, because they had information he didn’t– this year, the team listened when they should have.

          But I didn’t believe he could make it to the end on the ultra’s.

    2. Today Lewis showed me that he has reached the zenith of his own evolution and become a complete driver. While all the attention is on the Red Bull screw-up, today’s display by Lewis of both driving prowess and race management is being severely underrated. I know he idolizes Senna, but this was Prost-like. He showed considerably more pace than his teammate on a full wet track, then had the presence of mind and spare mental capacity (indicating he was driving in a calm and analytical state of mind) to evaluate the track as it evolved and make his own judgment regarding potential tire choice. He drew on his experience of the Ultrasofts from practice, and realized, despite what Pirelli had said (and thus led everyone else to believe) that driven properly, they could last to the end of the race. One becomes a virtuoso when one can finally combine talent, knowledge, experience, and clarity of mind to think unconventionally and creatively, i.e. see things others don’t. Following an unconventional strategy requires courage and conviction, and this was a hugely courageous call. Rather than accept second place by making a safe, conventional decision, he realized that a different call would give him a chance to actually win the race. At the same time, it was a risky choice that hinged on his ability to execute it through precision driving on a very narrow dry line without making an error (like Verstappen did) while still maximizing pace, and then under fierce pressure from Ricciardo, driving within himself, managing tires and pace expertly, defending firmly when called for. While RB gave him a godsend of an opportunity, it took all this to take advantage of the good fortune presented to him. He knows it, and I bet he will savor this victory above most of his others.

      1. What an utter load of nonsense!

        The regularity with which Hamilton makes the incorrect tyre choice is laughable to say the least. On the VERY RARE occasion that he gets it right you hail him as a virtuoso??!! LOL – oh my GOD! Stop it, stop it! My sides are literally hurting from laughing so hard!

        Well, had it not been for his team mate LETTING him past and RedBull stuffing up Ricciardo’s stop, your ‘virtuoso’ would have been at least 6-8 seconds behind Riccdiardo on 1 lap older tyres.

        My God, give us a break!

        1. sure, you are better driver than a 3 times WC…
          and if teammate is slower that a leading car by 4 sec per lap-he MUST let his partner to pass

          1. … No, he doesn’t.

          2. Michael (@freelittlebirds)
            30th May 2016, 17:55

            @mike yes he does – the Mercs could have been lapped by Ricciardo at Monaco in front of Dieter.

          3. @freelittlebirds

            .. We’re going to have to disagree. I watch F1 to see racing. If we start deciding when drivers have to let each other past then what’s the point?

          4. Michael (@freelittlebirds)
            31st May 2016, 19:45

            @mike but Nico was much slower – he couldn’t race against Lewis. He could have taken him out as Lewis tried to pass but that’s the only thing he could have done. He couldn’t build a lead and keep it if you’re suggesting that like Lewis did over Daniel.

            If Nico could have kept the position, he would have. Taking out Lewis would have consolidated the previous crash as his fault. Letting Lewis make a pass would have made him look weak. The team order was the perfect out for Nico – he grabbed it and will use it to get a massive raise.

          5. @freelittlebirds

            “If Nico could have kept the position, he would have.”

            And he did. Lewis was stuck behind him, why on earth would Lewis wait behind for so many laps if he could make a pass? What you are saying makes no sense.

            To be clear, this is what I am saying,
            A) Nico did the right thing by the team and by Lewis.
            B) Lewis could not pass Nico without assistance, as shown by the fact that he didn’t.
            C) Nico was in no way was obliged to let him past. The idea that a racing driver must let his championship rival past is absurd.

          6. Michael (@freelittlebirds)
            2nd June 2016, 15:25

            @mike think about it

          7. @freelittlebirds About what? What you said makes no sense.

            Lewis obviously couldn’t pass.
            The idea that a racing driver is obligated to let another past is absurd. Especially when they are fighting for the championship.

            I think what Nico did was certainly considerate to both his team and Lewis, but the idea that he had to do it? Ridiculous.

          8. Michael (@freelittlebirds)
            3rd June 2016, 14:32

            @mike Scenarios

            1. Let’s say that Lewis “chose” to stay behind for the whole race and the pit stops also made sure he remained behind. Rosberg finished 93 seconds off Hamilton’s time – surely Ricciardo would have finished over that and likely lapped Rosberg and Hamilton.

            How do you think that would have played out?

            Scenario 2
            Let’s say Hamilton tried to pass and Rosberg blocked him taking one or two cars out. The 2nd time he blocked with a slower car. 6 month race ban? He’d have a hard time avoiding it.

            Scenario 3
            Let’s say Hamilton tried to pass and Rosberg didn’t defend. He would have looked weak being passed at Monaco.

            Scenario 4
            Let’s say Rosberg ignored the team order, Hamilton tried to pass and they collide… Probably the worst scenario.

            Some of these scenarios are career ending scenarios for Rosberg and certainly the end of his championship contention – a departing driver would have a much harder time winning the WDC. Like I said, Nico is one lucky dude he got the team order and he grabbed it with both arms:-)

        2. Michael (@freelittlebirds)
          30th May 2016, 17:53

          @nick101 funny stuff – 44 wins, 52 poles, 29 fastest laps – 3 Championships with 2 Teams

          Like the call to move to Mercedes when everyone thought he was out of his mind leaving McLaren:-)

          The guy has no clue what he’s doing just like Ronaldo and Messi – the 3 of them really suck:-)

          1. “…funny stuff – 44 wins, 52 poles, 29 fastest laps – 3 Championships with 2 Teams…”

            Wow, amazing stats – except when you look at the actual facts.

            50% of those wins have come while he was driving the most dominant car in F1 history in a period of just 2 and a bit years.

            Over 40% of those pole positions have come while he was driving the most dominant car in F1 history in a period of just 2 and a bit years.

            Over 55% of those fastest laps have come while he was driving the most dominant car in F1 history in a period of just 2 and a bit years.

            Over 66% of those championships have come while he was driving the most dominant car in F1 history in a period of just 2 and a bit years.

            The only way you could compare this to Ronaldo & Messi is if Messi amd Ronaldo were running around with boots on while everyone else was barefoot with both hands tied behind their backs!

          2. Michael (@freelittlebirds)
            31st May 2016, 14:19


            You’re correct that he’s seen most of his success with Mercedes. That means nothing. And I’m pretty sure that 2 days ago he proved that he can beat the faster car with a 13 second deficit. Ricciardo was upset at many levels.

            You are incorrect about Messi and Ronaldo – they score the most goals because they play on the best teams. If they played on a bad team, they wouldn’t see the ball as often.

        3. +1000
          Rosberg in Hams position yesterday would not have won the race.

      2. Duncan Idaho (@)
        30th May 2016, 4:33

        He impressed JB too.

      3. Hamilton obviously pitted too early for slicks, or his outlap was an awful performance from him – he cut the chikane and lost 10 seconds to Ricciardo on that lap alone. 10 seconds! Hardly a drive/call from a champion…

        1. I think that when Dan and you also are 3 times world you can question Ham over what is champion like or not. In the meantime Ham is champion and therefore championlike until proven not so and Dan and you are not.

          Dan is a very good F1 and drives for RedBull and OEL F1 writes on F1 Fanatic a site dedicated for fans of F1.

      4. Reminds me of his call to move to Mercedes in some ways, in this instance that was a far more unique call than this which has been done by many drivers in changeable conditions. People call it lucky he moved to a winning car but I still think he had the foresight to see McLaren were always going to be 2nd at best as they had been for much of his time there. But he gets strategy very wrong too, Hungary 2011 springs to mind, and on setup (e.g. Spa 2012). As an aside, do we still think Jenson is the best in changeable conditions? I can’t remember the last time he made a tyre call better than everyone else.

      5. So, a three-time world champion, the fastest driver on the grid, peerless in the wet and the best overtaker is only now a complete driver in your eyes?

        1. he is not peerless in the wet – Rosberg and Button have beaten him in the wet previously, you only remember the wind. best overtaker? did you see 2011? and spain? 3 times champion? well he had chances in 07,08,10,12, 14 and 15, that is only a 3 out of 6 rate – 07 and 10 were his own fault for failing with errors at the end of season.. while a driver like vettel won 4 out of 5 available championships. great driver yes, complete? no way in hell. in the ultimate drivers circuit Monaco – Hamilton has 1 pole and 2 wins in 10 attempts, while always having a great car. and both those wins were not perfect, and he wasn’t the best driver in the race. while the one pole was with the most dominant car maybe in history.

        2. Fastest driver on the grid?

          No he isn’t.

          Peerless in the wet?

          No he isn’t

          The best overtaker?

          No he isn’t.

          A complete driver?


          1. Michael (@freelittlebirds)
            31st May 2016, 14:32

            @nick101 Great points! Well argued and extremely conclusive!

    3. @blockwall2 Wehrlein went from full-wets to slicks as well.

    4. Duncan Idaho (@)
      30th May 2016, 4:09

      He made the call on tyres last year too.

    5. Perez call it right too on tires change, but as hamilton was out score by team mate in qualifying. Hamilton was lucky his team mate let him thru and he make couple of “mistakes” cutting chicanes to stay ahead of Daniel, the one at Daniel’s pits stop felt like cheating but then the redbull terrible pit stop. Daniel on the other side did everything perfect, awesome pole position and perfect race no mistakes.

    6. Hadn’t people already gone from wets to inters to dries by then? They’d already shown that the track was suitable for dry tyres, so Lewis going straight to dries is hardly heroic.

      1. @jules-winfield The heroic bit wasn’t going out on dries but staying out on wets for so long. They clearly weren’t the right tyres for the conditions, but Hamilton managed to keep it out of the wall and kept Ricciardo behind him.

        Hamilton did pit one lap early for slicks (the wrong decision) but I can imagine that was a very difficult call to make considering that he was already on the wrong tire and did not have an optimal feel for the track as a result.

        And yes, Hamilton has made some bad pit calls before but he has also made some brilliant ones such as at Silverstone in 2015 and Monaco in 2016 and he deserves praise for those calls. Of course, Hamilton also made another absolutely brilliant decision in his career and that was to join Mercedes in the first place. Most people (myself included) thought that move was silly when he made it.

  7. Peppermint-Lemon (@)
    29th May 2016, 23:34

    Daniel Ricciardo. Possibly the best driver on the grid.

    1. Hold your horses.

  8. I nominate Lewis Hamilton. If he hadn’t been held up by Rosberg in the initial stages of the race, the RBR cock up would simply be an academic argument. I believe Lewis had the pace in hand to win this race; irrespective of that cock up. He always responded when Ricciardo when he put him under pressure – the only exceptions being the VSC restarts when the Ultra’s took longer to switch on.

    More so, he made an unbelievably gusty tire call himself, and even managed to flummox the commentators for a while. On that basis alone, he should be nominated.

    A honorable mention has to go to Ricciardo. He drove a brilliant race and was only let down by his team. And Perez has now cemented his place as the king of alternative strategies and tire management. A very well done to all three of them!

    1. Good points but LH never made the time on DR that DR made on LH.

      1. I don’t understand your point? This is monoco it was never about making time it was about tyre life and track position.

        1. Duncan Idaho (@)
          30th May 2016, 4:42

          Is the point that RIC was able to gap or match or catch Mercedes at will and the time that he could and did make devastated HAM’s ‘sublime’ tyre choices (either or both wet & u/s just before his final pitstop) and would have yielded the track position too had his crew agreed?

          1. No the point is that this Monaco, qualifying in pole is king. Talking about being gifted this and that is meaningless.

            Lewis was screwed in qualy again.
            Dan got screwed under the race again. Both are bad.

            Talking about who derserved what and who is better without taking into account the qualy and the race is like discussing with Usain Bolt about how if you could afford shoes you´d beat him in 100 m. Not that you couldnt but the assumption that its black and white is.

        2. James, James, James, track position depends on making time, if Dan had made that gap 1 second smaller he would have had track position even with that disaster of a pit stop, had the pit stop been average or better Lewis would not have even seen him again, let alone get ahead of him, just look at the lap times.

          1. Lewis had US while Ric had SS… so in worst case for Lewis he would be directly behind Ric on softer tyres, with plenty laps to go…

          2. @blakk76 And do what? Pass?

            Don’t be daft.

      2. Lewis did make up time on DR, when both were on wets towards the end of their stint Lewis was almost a second faster than DR. That might have been one of the reasons that Red Bull switched him onto inters.

        The reason DR made time on Lewis was because he was on 20+ lap newer tires and also on the faster inters.

        Having said all this Ricciardo was still the DOW, he did everything right in the race and would have won but for the pit stop blunder. In fact he would have won inspite of the pit stop blunder because he was so fast in his in lap.

        1. I dont agree with you, if you assume something you have to assume all of it. What if Lewis had taken pole, the your first assumption would´have died in the water.

    2. Rosberg held him up for far too long.
      The team should’ve acted much sooner there.

  9. Ricciardo for me. He had a stunning qualifying and drove a clean yet aggressive race only lost the win due to bad luck. Perez is a very close second.

  10. Daniel Ricciardo. The fact that the team screwed up, doesn’t mask the fact that he was head and shoulders above everyone else all weekend long

    Hamilton, Perez, Alonso, Hulkenberg and Sainz all had a good weekend too

  11. Perez, a Force India don’t belong in the podium, didin’t make a single mistake, very consistent 8th in fp1, 8th in fp2, 8th in fp3, 8th in q1, 8th in q2 and 8th in q3, started 7th with the Raikkonen penalty, and make a the right soft tire call when he saw the massa-vettel-hulk train in the TV on track.

    1. Michael (@freelittlebirds)
      30th May 2016, 0:22

      @juanmelendezr1 if Perez decided when to pit then yes he deserved P3 but if he did not and the team made the call, then he deserved 8th. A lot of people mistake circumstances as skill – I’m not saying Perez is not good, I think he’s the king of alternative strategy and he belongs in a mid-tier team because he can get much higher results occasionally and get a podium where it’s not possible for those teams – point wise, he evens out with a good driver. Unfortunately most races can’t make use of the alternative strategy so he falls short there.

      1. Perez did make the call to stay out in extreme wets when he saw the cars on the track TV’s, he just say it on an interview, obviously the team did a great job as well with the pit stop work, also he kept a four times world drivers champion behind, and perform several lap records to do so when needed, he is a very good driver, he just said he doesn’t know why European press tend to minimize his results, six podiums on a midfield car don’t come only by luck, he has more podiums than McLaren since he left, I think that if they give him a car to fight for the victory he could fight for the WDC

        1. Michael (@freelittlebirds)
          30th May 2016, 1:34

          @juanmelendezr1 yeah his ability to bring in podiums for midfield teams is absolutely remarkable. he was unlucky to be promoted to McLaren too early but then again at least he got that chance. Hulkenberg wasn’t so lucky and Hulkenberg with a fast car can run with the fastest.

          1. There is no more blind of who do not want to see, Perez been moping the floor with Hulkenberg. I agree terrible timing that in result he was not promoted to Mclaren, that actually was a downgrade, but he pretty much match Jenson and beat him in Qualy. Not even Alonso or Button can do anything with a not performing car and is ridiculous Perez has more podiums than whole Mclaren Team since they part ways.

            Perez could be in Ferrari next year some of his sponsors been already making the move since last year. Perez never have drove a race winning car but if he gets a chance he will be up there fighting for wins every race.

          2. nickpkr251

            agree with your comments, Perez is very under-rated
            the only only thing i would disagree with is the comment that “even Alonso or Button can do anything with a not performing car”

            Button , yes needs the car as he likes it, however, Alonso is the the best at getting the most of out of a crap car! He did it at Ferrari constantly, he did so again yesterday

          3. Michael (@freelittlebirds)
            31st May 2016, 14:30

            @pav78 @nickpkr251 you guys do realize that Sainz was robbed of P3 in the pit stops by Toro Rosso and Perez practically lucked into P3 for the umpteenth time in his career, right?

      2. @freelittlebirds, just because Pérez delivers and do extraordinary things with a midfield car doesn’t mean that he belongs in a midfield team, he has to do this things to overcome the difficulties of having a car that has no winning capability. 6 podiums already, so we can rule out by now that it is merely due to luck. I think he deserves a real shot in a top team and then he can be properly judged.
        IMO he has proved more than Hulk and Bottas, and he is more or less at Grosjean’s level.

        1. *these things

        2. Michael (@freelittlebirds)
          30th May 2016, 15:34

          @drrapg he had a shot in a real team but Jenson Button beat him. He had 3 podiums in 2012 and Kamui had one – he still only managed to beat Kamui by 6 points. Without Malaysia where he managed 0 passes for P2 he would have been outscored. He’s never conclusively beaten his teammate and when he gets on the podium he gets there by alternative tyre strategy. His points show that he can’t win consistently and even his podiums don’t make up for his subpar performances over the rest of the year. BUT he does get on the podium and that is a boost for midfield teams, hence why he’s a good midfield runner.

          In fact IMO his biggest accomplishment is outscoring Hulkenberg last year and Russia and the following race account for those points. So does he deserve to be in a top team? Probably as much as Hulkenberg, Grosjean, Sainz, Bottas, Massa and even Kamui do.

          Does he deserve a second shot? Definitely not unless all those drivers get one.

  12. Michael (@freelittlebirds)
    30th May 2016, 0:05

    As phenomenal as Ricciardo was this weekend, Hamilton’s call while he was racing deserves the respect of every F1 and racing fan. This is a moment where everyone just tips their hat off to the person and even Lauda says “boy was I lucky to win 3 WDCs…”. This might be the greatest call in F1made during racing.

    1. Totally agree. I’m amazed it is not being given the kind of air it deserves. Far greater than his 2015 Silverstone call….

    2. @freelittlebirds Calm down, he went from second to first. It’s not like he gained 15 positions by doing so. It was a smart call but we’ve seen more brilliant strategic masterstrokes.

      1. Yeah, it was a good call, but, come on, we’ll see better calls this season, let alone in all time. If we actually knew all the decision making going on, it probably wasn’t even the best call of the race.

      2. Brave… not so sure…. What other option did he have? Follow Riccardo in? Definite second place? Do the opposite and have a chance of victory? I think it in a no brainer….

        What I would like to see more info on was Hams first lap out the pits on the slicks…. I mean how was it still close with Ric after a completely botched pitstop?

        1. Am I the only one that heard Wolff describe how it was the whole team working together that made the decision for ‘LH’s call?’ That is after all what happens. The teams decide collectively based on their info that telemetry is telling them as well as the drivers input, almost always. Given Wolff’s comments after the race this was not one of those rare times when the driver makes his own call and it works out.

        2. Michael (@freelittlebirds)
          30th May 2016, 15:55

          @Anthony Hamilton had a relatively slow pitstop (4 seconds) and he was sliding after he came out with the ultra softs (bad choice of tyre probably) because Lewis was almost as fast with the supersoft in Q2.

          Mercedes should have brought him in when Red Bull brought Ricciardo in. The decision to pit before Daniel was not right and the choice of tyre wasn’t either but Hamilton made it stick with Red Bull’s help. Both teams made 2 mistakes but ultimately the call to stay out prevailed and we’ve seen Hamilton make decisions or question decisions in a way that no other driver does. He seems to be an extremely good tactician considering that he’s racing when he does it.

          1. @freelittlebirds Really? All drivers question calls and weigh in on them, this is hardly a feature that only Hamilton possesses. I do not mind at all you being a bit fanatical but lets not act like he is the only driver on the grid capable of thinking next to driving…

      3. Michael (@freelittlebirds)
        30th May 2016, 15:48

        @xwtl he gained 22 seconds over the leader and ended up in P1. I think Ricciardo couldn’t believe his eyes when he realized that Hamilton was ahead of him after he’d gotten a 13 second lead over a slow Rosberg.

        He just went from P2 to P1 – that’s hilarious:-)

        1. Sorry guts, but Lewis started 3rd and finished 1st.
          Good call on the tyres, but still, Rosberg moved over for him when ordered and Red Bull lost the race for Dan.

          1. Michael (@freelittlebirds)
            31st May 2016, 14:26

            @pav78 no, Red Bull did not lose the race for Dan. They had a chance to make up for Mercedes’s error to pit Hamilton before Ricciardo on lap 31 and they failed to capitalize on that. Big difference, there! The reason they didn’t capitalize was because of Mercedes’ error – Hamilton went on the ultras and had a bad outlap on the cold tyres in the wet trying to push, Red Bull decided to put Ricciardo on Supers to give him an edge – KABLAMO!

            Now play that back and see who won – the whole question is how did Hamilton get in front of Ricciardo who enjoyed a 13 second advantage? That’s the magic.

  13. I voted for Alonso. Q3 and 5th place should not be overlooked in that dog. A touch of class fitting for McLaren’s 50th anniversary.

  14. Perez. Also good weekend for Ricciardo, Hamilton, Wehrlein, Hulkenberg.

  15. Ricciardo; pole, fault free run in tricky conditions, made no errors, Hamilton did make a big one, got away with it; definitely Daniel was the class drive. Agree he may be the best in the biz right now.

  16. Perez. but an honourable mention to Alexander Rossi just because

    1. Me and a lot of voted JB but I was meaning JB (Justin Bieber). He was right at the podium (nº1), he drank Champ (before anyone did) and i didn´t hear sing, Did You??

  17. I could easily have given this to Hamilton, Ricciardo or Perez. Hamilton loses it for me in what was a pretty unsporting block. Oh and he shared champagne with that absolutely spanner Bibby or what ever he’s called so I’m now not a fan.

    Ricciardo was great in qualifying, and had the race taken from him by the pitstop. Other than that he was flawless, and avoided a very near accident that no one would have blamed him for so despite losing the win, he was the driver of the weekend for me.

    1. After the stewards’ ruling in Spain on the Nico block against Hamilton, it is obvious that those sorts of blocks will become a normal part of racing. Can’t hold it against the man for simply applying what the stewards have allowed.

    2. Hamilton did not block Daniel it was a dummy which worked. Did you not wonder why the stewards didn’t give Hamilton a penalty? Watch it in slow motion the gap never closed to less than a cars width from the wall the hamiltions tires. Daniel stepped his back end out also which made it look like it did but it doesn’t.

      1. In fact, it was a beautiful dummy! I cannot understand why people cannot see this.

    3. Err he keft a cars width as required. It just looks more brutal because the barrier is there.

    4. You know what looking back at it you guys are right, he does leave a big old chunk of space. I’m still sticking with Ricciardo though as I just can’t forgive mingling with Bieber.

  18. One of those days where I find myself gobsmacked by the level of talent in Formula 1; anyone who manages to get through a wet Monaco Grand Prix in one piece has surely earned their money. But as for the top dog, it’s the same as Spain for me – Daniel Ricciardo. Superb qualifying lap, in the perfect position to win but was ultimately let down by the team. Again. His performance in those opening laps was stunning.

    Top driving as well by Perez, Alonso and Hamilton.

    1. @jackysteeg At the same time you look at all those drivers who made such stupid errors and wonder where all the talent has gone.

  19. Lewis Hamilton, easily.
    Great call to stay out on the wets when everyone was running for the inters (including Ricciardo).
    Defended beautifully against a seemingly faster Ricciardo who had better tyres.
    Fantastic drive ending in a deserved victory.

    1. @rantingmrp

      Defended beautifully against a seemingly faster Ricciardo who had better tyres.

      It would have been quite an achievement if he managed to not defend his position around this track.

  20. For the whole weekend, to me it has to be Ricciardo. Others performed very well on any given day — Pérez and Alonso come to mind on Sunday, for example — but I think Ricciardo was the best over the whole weekend.

  21. Daniel was a star and Sergio outperformed expectations. But Lewis was in maximum pressure situation; had issues in Q3; started behind; insane strategy; and it all *just* worked (with a good dose of luck – thanks to RB). I vote LH.

  22. Simple, Mr Ricciardo by a mile!

  23. Perez.
    And an honourable mention to Sainz & Alonso

  24. *Lewis first pit

  25. Chris (@tophercheese21)
    30th May 2016, 3:38

    I loved seeing Hamilton win since I’m an unashamed super-fan lol, but I couldn’t look past Perez. His drive was stunning!

  26. Ricciardo, that was his race.

    1. Michael (@freelittlebirds)
      30th May 2016, 4:33

      @mattrc You are right that it was Ricciardo’s race to lose but he lost the race not just in terms of final result – he was beaten today by a better driver. If Ricciardo had defied his team’s strategy and stayed out then he would have deserved the win. If he had managed to pass on track without damage, he would have deserved the win. This was masterclass driving from Ricciardo but a masterclass victory from Hamilton which makes it an even more impressive and deserved victory. Ricciardo was robbed by Red Bull but Hamilton robbed Ricciardo and Red Bull with skill and strategy. He made a better call than his entire team – the mighty Mercedes with 1,200 people – while driving in the rain at Monaco! I’m gutted for Ricciardo for his situation with Red Bull but that can’t take away from the brilliance that we witnessed. It just adds to the brilliance of that call because Ricciardo drove phenomenally to try and beat Hamilton and Hamilton wasn’t kidding when he said that he used every inch on the track and every morsel of rubber on his tyres to win today.

      1. @freelittlebirds eh? “Defy his team’s strategy”? Had Red Bull provided tyres for RIC when he pitted, he would have come out some 8-10 seconds in front of Hamilton. Easy win. Was he supposed to expect a +10 second pit stop?

        1. Michael (@freelittlebirds)
          30th May 2016, 17:31

          @chrischrill – I agree that Red bull screwed up but wasn’t Hamilton in front of Riccardo before they pitted? You’re blaming Red bull but by then Riccardo had lost – granted multiple mistakes were made in pitting by Mercedes and Red Bull but they fortunately washed out. They came out as they went in…

          1. @freelittlebirds: Ricciardo exited the pits just behind Hamilton, within one second of him. Had the stop been normal, he would have come out before the Mercedes. I think Hamilton either had a very bad outlap, or Ricciardo had a very quick inlap.

          2. Michael (@freelittlebirds)
            31st May 2016, 14:39

            @chrischrill Mercedes made a mistake in pitting before Ricciardo and Ricciardo had a 10 second advantage on 1 lap. Red Bull tried to capitalize on that and that’s what caused their error. Had they gone to ultra softs, Ricciardo would have won BUT they saw that Hamilton was having a hard time pushing on the ultras (a horrible time to say the least) and decided to got to supers. The supers were in the back, isn’t that what Horner said:-) KABLAMO! They tried to capitalize too much and lost the race for that.

            BUT it’s 2 errors from both teams allowing the drivers to go in and come out in the same exact order and distance. In fact, Ricciardo came out on the better tyre with many laps to go so Red Bull did somewhat capitalize but being Monaco it wasn’t enough.

            So not much advantage gained in those 2 pit stops.

      2. Brilliantly said no matter the other comments.
        To stay in front under pressure FOR 30 LAPS is what world champs are made of.
        The only driver that would have also did what Lewis did is Alonso and maybe Vettel

        1. Or Nico Rosberg 3 years in a row.

      3. @freelittlebirds Hamilton’s single qualifying run was nothing special and we’ve seen amazing single runs in the past from Vettel and others before. He then can’t pass a massively slow car in front and nearly bins it in Stowe in the early laps. He then runs off the track while fighting, gets handed a win, and now it’s a masterclass drive and DOTW when Ricciardo nails both qual and race without putting a foot wrong? And what’s that about Hamilton making a better call than his entire team when the team has already stated it was a joint strategy decision (Hamilton’s part only giving feedback about the track)? And Ricciardo only deserving a win if he defied team strategy? Should Ricciardo somehow realize the tyres were not ready? That’s such a crazy statement to make.. We understand some are fanatical about some drivers, but presenting obviously made up and plain weird stuff doesn’t help your driver and is so outside the normal discussion here.

        1. Michael (@freelittlebirds)
          31st May 2016, 0:34

          @balue Ricciardo could have made the same call to stay out on full wets and then gone straight to supersofts… But he didn’t – if he had questioned the call, he might have won. Not plain, not weird. We’ve seen Lewis lose dozens of races from bad calls and bad pit stops or other crazy things…

  27. DR for the strategic quali in Q2 and pole, pulling away from Mercs with fastest laps until inters, catching LH then keeping himself composed after the pitstop to sniff any opportunity for a pass. After the race he was a fraction too vocal about the events out of his control here and Spain but you win and lose as a team. He has every right to be angry but need to take the edge off in public and release in private.

  28. Lewis.

    Ricciardo had a good race, and neared a win…

    But he handled the post race activities like a spoiled 12 year old…

    1. @cm-cm you can’t blame him mate, his team screwed him twice consecutively, letting a child beat him in Spain and Lewis finishing him in Monaco.

  29. Daniel Ricciardo, amazing pole, amazing pace. Honorable mentions to Hamilton (kept his head throughout, I’ve become a fan), Alonso and Perez!

  30. It’s between Ricciardo and Hamilton. For me, pole position and Justin Bieber tips the scale in favor of the australian.

  31. Ricciardo.

  32. Though to decide. Wanted it to be Hamilton. But nah – not when he was so Bieberish at the podium.
    Ricciardo, yes did fantastic, but he should have taken Hamilton or take some more risk.
    So went for Perez. Did fantastic. Didn’t beat hulk in q3, but to get third in front of Vettle and Ros. That’s just good driving.

  33. Yes it was a good call by Hamilton but he was outqualified by his team mate and was gifted the win by Red Bull and his team mate.

    Slam dunk win for Ricciardo. Although both Alonso and Sainz also deserve applause.

  34. There was close fight between Lewis Hamilton and Daniel Ricciardo for the race lead on Sunday, and that is something not seen frequently in this Mercedes era. While Hamilton committed to a strategy that involved calculated tyre management, he also had to defend his position from Ricciardo.
    Riccardo stayed close to the lead car despite a pit-lane blunder from the team (which may have caused a potential race win) and tyre graining (I remember the tyre issue being talked about by the commentators). Sergio Perez and Fernando Alonso both drove really well on Sunday.
    My vote for the driver of 2016 Monaco GP weekend goes to Ricciardo. He looked to be on the edge throughout the weekend and did a storming pole lap. He also had good outings in FP 1 and FP 2 and several drivers talked about the pace of the car.

    Couple of what ifs:
    a) It would have been interesting to see how Ricciardo’s qualifying time would have fared had Hamilton been able to execute a proper banker lap in Q3.
    b) If the fight for the lead was on a different track

  35. MG421982 (@)
    30th May 2016, 6:36

    Crashstappen. You know why…

  36. Ricciardo by the length of the Monaco straight. Best F1 driver right now. Hamilton would not of got within 15 seconds if redbull didn’t stuff up.

  37. It’s a +1 for Daniel Ricciardo this weekend. Honorable mentions to Lewis (winning in Monaco from second row is not a small task) and Perez (I mean.. Perez!!). Yup, basically the top 3 finishers are who I would label the top 3 drivers of the weekend. How about that?

  38. The podium trio deserves equal credit for the race. However, as this is about weekend, it has to be Ricciardo thanks to his pole position.

  39. Ricciardo and Hamilton are the obvious ones so they deserve every vote. One of them will win it so I’ll go with Sainz. Ran as high as third and if the Torro Rosso team had a more slick pitstop he would have been in the same place as Perez instead of just that one second later meaning he had to slot in behind the Massa-train.

  40. Lewis Hamilton without a shadow of a doubt, technically Ricciardo got pole but let’s not forget Hamilton’s woes with Q3 and his loss of power, now it’s one for one, Merc handed the victory to RedBull in Spain and RedBull has done the same in Monaco, this grand prix proves once more that Rosberg does not deserve – at least most of the time – his wins, he was like a snail in the rain, it proves also that 2014 and 2015 Monaco wins were plain luck for Rosberg.

    1. MG421982 (@)
      30th May 2016, 11:48

      Yeah, right…

      Rosberg was slow indeed this race, but HAM still couldn’t pass him on merit! Then, if HAM’s win wasn’t “plain luck” too (’cause of RIC’s unlucky pit-stop), then ROS’ wins weren’t plain luck either. Plus, it was Monaco… almost impossible to pass, otherwise I strongly believe RIC would have passed HAM if it was a normal circuit… and make it 1st to the finish line. So, another lucky point for HAM – the circuit. There’s no doubt HAM is one the greats already, but I fail to see his spectacular performance this race. ROS was asked to move over, then RIC hits problems during a pit-stop, then again the circuit helps so muuuuuuuuch in keeping behind much faster cars. Nobody praised Massa for his “Sennaesque talent”, while on Wets, in keeping Vettel behind who was on Inters, and which in my opinion was the part where VET’s race was destroyed, losing 3rd position to Perez.

    2. @abdelilah Somebody who wins 7 races straight with a teammate like Hamilton is hardly someone whom you’d describe winning thanks to luck. All three his Monaco wins were executed in the very same way Hamilton won two thirds his tally…

      1. @xtw short memories, cheating to get pole in 2014 makes Rosberg incapable to win on merit, nonetheless Rosberg is still a decent driver more or less like his father was but with the best and most reliable car on the grid, hence he just need his teammate to be in trouble to get the win which happened several times this season for Lewis.
        Poles means victories in Monaco and Lewis was stripped from the pole in 2014 by CheatBerg and lost his pole advantage in 2015 due to strategy error while Rosberg did not get pole in those years so will understand my statements about his race craft.

  41. Riccardo was a man possessed all weekend, it was his in the palm of his hand. What a shame. DOTW

  42. I love reading all the different viewpoints. That’s the idea, isn’t it? For me Saturday belonged to Ricciardo, Sunday to Hamilton.

    Danny drove well in the race, but got bluffed out of the pass by Lewis, lost his cool a bit and had a couple of lockups at Rascasse. Lewis’ race was a thing a beauty, in that car that was basically fast but didn’t want to warm up its tyres, which he did then switched to nursing them while still being fast as he needed. Danny deserved a dry race after his Q2 gambit, and a proper pitstop, but arguably Lewis should have had two Q3 runs and not been 13s behind once these two were finally racing each other.

    It’s close. Pity we can’t choose both as others have said. Afterwards Danny was a bit sulky perhaps but after all a honey badger isn’t supposed to be as cuddly as it looks. Lewis had to go on about God, which drives me up the wall. I thought it was quite cool he ignored the officials for his mate Justin, though. Hmmm… Danny, just. Top bloke, top drive.

    1. bluffed out of the pass that means ou missed the most important part of the race, where Ricciardo should have been ahead of Lewis. everyone knows it is impossible to pass in Monaco, but in fact it is Ricciardo that put the pressure on Lewis at that moment such that Lewis made a mistake and short cu the chicane.
      also I don’t think Hamilton would have beaten Ricciardo to pole even with 2 attempts, he might have beaten Rosberg though just.

  43. Lewis was screwed by the team last year, so now fate has returned its debt…
    otherwise-perfect race from Lewis in any aspect.
    only down moment-when Nico let Ric away for more than 13 secs, before moving his slow car away

    1. only difference is Lewis had a say in the pit stop last year, so it is not fate returning its debt – and that is a wrong philosophy, because it hurts other drivers achievements.

  44. Melchior (@)
    30th May 2016, 12:10

    Ricciardo gets my vote…….Was dominant all weekend but 2.5 pitstops lost it for him

  45. Lewis Hamilton. Because he prayed on Saturday night and God answered him
    Pray always.

  46. Making my ratings out of 10:

    Lewis Hamilton – 9/10
    Nico Rosberg – 4/10

    Sebastian Vettel – 7/10
    Kimi Räikkönen – 4/10

    Valtteri Bottas – 5/10
    Felipe Massa – 6/10

    Red Bull:
    Max Verstappen – 4/10
    Daniel Ricciardo – 10/10

    Force India:
    Sergio Perez – 9/10
    Nico Hülkenberg – 8/10

    Kevin Magnussen – 4/10
    Jolyon Palmer – 3/10

    Toro Rosso:
    Daniil Kvyat – 2/10
    Carlos Sainz Jr – 8/10

    Marcus Ericsson – 4/10
    Felipe Nasr – 3/10

    Jenson Button – 7/10
    Fernando Alonso – 9/10

    Rio Haryanto – 4/10
    Pascal Wehrlein – 6/10

    Romain Grosjean – 5/10
    Esteban Gutierrez – 6/10

    1. @chrischrill
      Ricciardo should be a 9.5/10 – he’d deserve a 10/10 if he had passed Hamilton for the lead.

      1. @Traverse:
        Well, yes but in Monaco I don’t expect anyone to overtake anyone else. If they do, it’s because of the driver in front making some sort of mistake. Lewis just didn’t make mistakes at all.

    2. Fair and agreeable.

  47. Correction(s):

    Rosberg – 5/10

    Vettel – 7/10

    Wehrlein – 7/10

    1. Why 5/10 to Rosberg – he was a shadow of himself. Rare to see him that awful – We were sure he had a technical problem.
      Ericsson got a load of points in my book for teaching Nasr a lesson to remember;-)
      Kvyat keeps on showing very bad judgement, definitely not belonging in F1.
      Daniel must work on his willpower to call the bluff or teach Lewis not to block him, when he is half on his inside anyways. Senna or Schumacher had at least clipped Lewis rear right with the frontwing instead of breaking or kissing the wall…

      1. @palle: In regards to Rosberg, he did outqualify Lewis. Over the whole weekend, 5/10 seems fair to me.
        Regarding Ericsson, he was clearly faster and has been driving very well this year. Then again, teaching your team mate a lesson is a pretty bad thing to do on track. Had he stayed behind, and finished behind, the Sauber team would have been super angry with Nasr. THAT would have been a better lesson. Ericsson knows he is faster than Nasr.

  48. I would give ricciardo driver of the weekend over Hamilton because:
    1 – he didn’t make major mistakes like Hamilton in the race, Ricciardo made a few lockups which mean nothing in this low tyre degradation track, while Hamilton made 3 errors cutting over chicanes, which could warrant a penalty, but they were at different parts of the track.
    2 – Ricciardos quick reflexes saved his and Hamiltons race, in the previous race, Hamilton banged on about having a wheel insides Rosbergs car, and so to him Rosberg should have given space, and the following race he shows how 2 faced he is by not giving Ricciardo space (after also short cutting a chicane), ricciardos attempt was far more of a potential pass then Hamiltons lame attempt on Rosberg in Spain where the whole world could see the block was coming, in this case it was in an accerelation zone. Ricciardo could have kept his foot in and taken both out of the race like Hamilton did in Spain with Rosberg, but reacted perfectly.
    2 – Ricciardo would have won not for team pit stop mistake
    3 – Ricciardo does not have the best car like Hamilton has
    4 – Ricciardo grabbed pole position in a slower car then Hamilton
    5 – Hamilton required team orders to get past his team mate
    6 – Alonso and Sergio Perez probably drove a better weekend and race then Hamilton, if you compare car performance, with less errors – ie as good as Ricciardo.
    7 – Ricciardo was plain and simply the star driver of the weekend, I felt his disappointment on the podium – but he will be back, watch out for the street circuit of Baku in 3 weeks, here is a preview : .

  49. Lewis Hamilton was brilliant, he gambled on staying with the wet tyres to gain track position instead of going for the safe choice of inters. He who dares wins.

  50. ILuvSoundtracks (@)
    30th May 2016, 14:25

    Sergio Pérez did all the best he could to take a podium spot.

    1. Michael (@freelittlebirds)
      31st May 2016, 16:26

      @iluvsoundtracks yeah and he would have been behind Sainz in P4 if Toro Rosso had not had slow pit stops… You can’t vote for Perez before voting for Sainz. He qualified better and beat his teammate and made the same calls but the team bungled it during the pit stops.

      It’s very questionable if Perez actually beat Hulkenberg in this race… You can throw a coin and it would probably tilt in Nico’s favor especially with the last pass.

  51. Super easy vote for me.

    After watching onboards from FP1 forward Daniel was the best. He did the best driver role all weekend.

    So that is that.

    Hamilton was second best for getting in position to get lucky, and Perez did his usual… Perfect execution of opportunity that presented itself to him.

  52. Voted: Daniel Ricciardo

    No voting needed for this race really. The obvious winner, practice, qualy and race all had superb performances from him. If this was Team of the weekend voting, that would have been a different situation altogether.

  53. In GP2, one-lap pace is the main weakness of Haryanto, who has now out-qualified Wehrlein 3 times this season.

  54. Ricciardo. He drove great all weekend and drove like a champion in the race but his team let him down.

  55. I’ll give it to RIC, however I do think his attitude towards the team stinks. But then again, name anyone
    of these top drivers who handles losing very well. Clearly not Daniel, definitely not Lewis, definitely not
    Vettel and most definitely not Alonso.

  56. I think, Lewis.

  57. Uddipta Jana
    31st May 2016, 0:23

    How it is possible that max get 1% vote where hulk get 0% after doing everything right throughout the week???

  58. Every man on the podium deserves it.
    Hamilton race was amazing, had other driver made this would be flooded with compliments, but since is him..
    Hamilton takes my vote for the decision of staying on full wets.

  59. Ricciardo

  60. Lee Porcelli
    1st June 2016, 6:34

    Riccardo,Riccardo never put a foot wrong all weekend. As for Lewis sharing his bottle with the bliebberr / never want to see that again.

  61. My driver of the weekend was Ricciardo. The advantage he had in practice on Thursday was a surprise but he backed that up in qualifying with a great performance to take pole and some good planning to set his best time in Q2 on the super soft tyre so that if it had been a dry race he would have started on that tyre when everyone else was on the ultra softs.

    In the race he was all set to take a deserved win until his team’s mistake at the pit stop of not having the tyres ready cost him a certain victory.

    I thought both Force India drivers did well, Hulkenberg was the quicker in qualifying but the way the race went with it was Perez who finished ahead in the race and got a podium.

    Also I thought Sainz again had a good weekend

    Hamilton won the race and has got quite a few votes but I never initially considered him for driver of the weekend even though he did put in a good performance.

    He was on the pace straight away in FP1 going significantly quicker than his teammate, and it looked like he could be set to dominate the weekend and make up for last year.

    Then came another car problem in Q3 which messed up the runs he had planned, and I didn’t understand why he did so many warm up laps before his quick lap when he did finally get out. Hamilton said without the problem he was confident he would have got pole but I am not sure he would have beaten Ricciardo.

    In the race although he was a lot quicker than Rosberg he was never going to get by until his teammate was ordered to let him through, by then I thought the gap to Ricciardo was just too big, and it would have been without the mistake by Red Bull at Riccirado’s second stop.

    I was impressed how Hamilton only made the one stop from the full wets straight on to dry tyres as at the time I didn’t think there was the window to do this and he would have had to have used inters, on a circuit where track position isn’t so important and it is easier for cars to overtake this may not have worked even with the Red Bull pit error, but then if that was the case at a different track then Hamilton’s decision would have been different.

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